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Cousin Timothy vs His Grandmothers in a Handicap Professional Wrestling Match

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“Dude, I’m so bored,” my cousin and tonight’s tag-team partner Tim yawned. “Who likes this crap?”
“Quiet,” I shushed him. We were on in the second match of the quarterly family wrestling expo, and the opening one was already underway in the full size ring, being watched by cousins, uncles, aunts, moms, dads, and grandmas and grandpas in the stands. Usually the opening match is a slow-paced one between older members of the family, and tonight’s was no different, featuring Grandma Jane against Grandma Edna. They were just over ten minutes into a classic pro-style match from when they were in their prime; this was the kind of slow-paced match where a suplex was a big spot, and one of them might be down for thirty or forty five seconds after taking a devastating back rake.

I liked the old school stuff, so I was enjoying it, but I could see how someone could get bored quickly. What I didn’t anticipate is that not only would Tim be bored, but he wouldn’t shut up about it. He perked up a little bit when Grandma Edna removed Grandma Jane’s top, but two minutes into Edna choking Jane out against the bottom rope he finally had enough.

"Borrrrrr-ing!" Tim yelled. "Would you take it home, grandma? There's actual good matches I want to see!"
"Dude, shut up," I elbowed him. "They're going to hear you!" It was too late; Edna had left off choking Jane and was glaring at her grandson: "What was that, Timothy?"
He missed the warning tone in her voice even as I slid away from him in my seat.

"Can you two finish it up already? I don't want the ring smelling like stinky old lady pussy during my match!" he yelled. Well, that did it. They called him down to the ring, and over my protests he got up and stomped down the stairs; I watched him hop the ringside barrier and slip underneath the ropes as I felt our tag match going down the toilet.

Edna had helped Jane up, and the two of them went face to face with my cousin, angrily scolding him. I wanted to run down there myself and deck him as he challenged them to a two-on-one handicap match his grandmothers angrily accepted.

I took a deep breath trying to calm down and appraised the fighters quickly. Tim's in great shape - half the reason I wanted to team up with him, despite his shitty attitude - six one and ripped with strong arms and legs, wide shoulders, powerful pecs and a six pack. He'd been wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans, but stripped down to just the tiny black thong he'd be wrestling in later as he sneered across the ring at his grandmothers. He had a fairly typical build for some of the men in our family, as well as the usual dark brown hair, green eyes and long nose. (I tended towards the other side of the family with a much slimmer build, blonde hair, and dark eyes; I figured we’d work well together, Tim as the power and me as the speed.)

Admittedly, I could see why he was confident compared to his opponents. Grandma Jane, from mom’s side of the family, is five six and very soft looking - flabby arms and legs, big drooping tits (uncovered after Grandma Edna had ripped her bikini top off) and a doughy stomach. Her pale skin looked even whiter under the ring lights, and she was covered in sweat from the match, her chin-length blonde hair disheveled and her small sky-blue bikini bottoms hiked up her buttcrack in the back. Grandma Edna, from dad’s side, was a little taller at 5'8" and in slightly better shape, although she still looked quite soft compared to her grandson; you couldn't look at her without your eyes going to her absolutely massive tits, each one bigger than my head. I knew for a fact they got in the way of her fighting, and even though they were still nestled in her deep-cut orange bikini top, I'd already seen her having trouble pulling some moves off in her match with Grandma Jane.

"You think you're so strong, Timothy?" Edna raised her hands offering him a test of strength. With a dismissive scoff my partner stepped forward and accepted, grunting as he started pushing against his grandmother. He began forcing Edna down almost immediately, but he missed Grandma Jane going around behind him. She tried to get him in a full nelson, but was too slow; Tim realized what she was doing and bent over, throwing his grandmother over his back.

Jane crashed into Edna and both of them went down in a heap. Tim dragged Jane up to her feet by the hair, then whipped her into the ropes; she turned and hit back-first instinctively, coming back at Tim, and he took a half step to the side and hit her with a monster clothesline. His grandmother did a full 360 before slamming heavily into the mat on her back with a moan.

Tim left her there and turned to Edna, who was just starting to get up; as he came in on her she aimed a slap at his face, but he easily knocked it aside, bending her over with a gut punch. He whipped her into the ropes as well, but Edna had seen what happened to Jane, and managed to preempt my cousin with a dropkick. Edna used to have a beautiful dropkick - the first time I’d ever seen the move live was her knocking Aunt Samantha into next week with one - but that was years ago, and she could no longer get enough height. Instead of kicking Tim in the face, she got him in the chest, and he just kind of stumbled back a step as my grandmother flopped to the mat.

"What the fuck was that?" Tim snorted as he advanced on her. "This is why you old bags shouldn't be in the ring! Get up, I'm going to finish you right now!" He leaned down to pull Edna up and she spit in his face; whatever he was going to do went out the window as he went apeshit on her, holding her head in place with his left hand buried in her hair, his right hand delivering vicious face punches.

After two hits I could see my grandmother’s eyes rolling back in her head; a third set her bleeding from the mouth, and I was just about to get out of my seat and get in the ring to stop Tim when Grandma Jane tackled him from behind. She hit him low, her shoulder impacting the rear of his right knee and buckling his leg; as she kept going he fell awkwardly over her back. Jane then tripped over Edna and all three fighters were down for a second.

Tim got up first, angrily rubbing his knee; Grandma Jane was up next, panting hard and glaring at her grandson. Edna stayed down, one arm draped over her face. Tim and Jane squared off, the older fighter attacking first as she came in aiming a punch at Tim's midsection. He braced his abs and her fist basically slid off.
"Yeah, how's that?" he barked. "Go ahead, give me another!"

"Fine," Jane snarled and kicked her grandson in the balls. Tim bent over with a scream, covering himself, temporarily defenseless as Jane went around behind him. Tim's hands were only protecting his crotch in front, and his grandmother reached between his legs and started squeezing his nuts. "How's this feel, Timothy?" she hissed as her grandson sank to his knees, screaming.

She released the hold, roughly cuffing Tim in the back of the head, then braced her foot on his back and pushed him down to the mat on his chest. She sat down on his lower back, draping his arms back over her knees, then locked her hands under his chin and pulled, applying a textbook camel clutch.

Grandma Jane had great form, but I don't know if this is the move I would have picked; Tim thrashed under her for a minute as she wrenched his back, but after he took a few breaths and calmed down to think, he managed to unseat her by bracing his legs and pushing off the mat. Jane went off him with a grunt as he stood up, glaring at her. By now Grandma Edna had recovered, and all three fighters stood, the two older women eyeing Tim warily.

My cousin’s eyes were fixed on Grandma Jane, and he charged her with a scream; even seeing him coming, she was too slow to get out of the way, and he took her down to the mat hard, laying on top of her. She managed to scissor him around the waist, which he ignored as he reached back for a punch.

Edna scrambled after him, but she was too slow as well, and Tim landed a vicious face punch to his blonde grandmother, who was laid flat with a groan from the impact, her legs falling off her tormentor’s body. Tim pulled his arm back for another punch, but Edna managed to intervene before this one landed, grabbing his hair and pulling his head back. Tim flailed back blindly at her, and when this didn't work tried to turn to face his grandmother. He managed to turn away from Jane, but ended up still on all fours with Edna straddling his midsection, a strong grip on his hair.

Tim started crawling forwards towards the ropes, and his grandmother whooped as she reached back and started spanking him. Tim gritted his teeth and kept going until he reached the ropes, grabbing them and pulling himself up as Edna had to get off him.

Tim was facing outside of the ring, and as he turned to face his grandmother he took a tremendous slap; I could hear the ringing skin on skin impact from as far back as my seat as Tim's head went flying around. He sagged back against the ropes, and Edna measured him up, then drove her elbow into his stomach; unbraced, it sank in deep, and I could see his eyes bugging out as the hard tip hit his solar plexus.

Tim bent over a bit - as much as he could with his arms over the top rope  - and Grandma Edna squared up in front of him. She started giving him her famous chest chops; I'd seen a lot of family members fall to these over the years, and she still knew how to deliver them very effectively.

Tim screamed with each hit, his big pecs turning red as his grandmother kept delivering the knife-edge chops. I could see him try to come off the ropes a few times, but each time he'd be blasted back by another chop.

While Edna was busy punishing her grandson, Grandma Jane slowly rolled over and sat up, moaning and holding her face. She looked over and saw what was happening and left the ring, walking around on the thick blue mats outside until she was behind her grandson. She made eye contact with her partner, who gave her a quick nod; with that Jane reached below the bottom ropes, grabbing Tim's ankles and pulling.

He tipped forward as Eda smoothly stepped aside, the young man crashing to the mat on his chest. Edna ignored him, squatting down to help pull Jane back in the ring. Tim had time to get up, but he looked pretty winded as he faced off with his grandmothers.

They both advanced on him, and he backed up; they started working him into a corner. Tim looked behind him quickly, realizing he was being trapped; he charged desperately at Grandma Edna, and although she braced her feet and tried to catch him he barreled her over, trampling over her as he ran to freedom.

Grandma Jane followed him, slowly; she was in no hurry, as she just had to wait for her partner to recover and get up and they'd outnumber their opponent again. Tim seemed angry and embarrassed and closed with her quickly, aiming a fast left jab at her jaw. She took the hit as best she could, and Tim grabbed a handful of her blonde hair with his left hand, burying his right fist in her soft stomach. She tried to back up, but he used his grip on her hair to pull her forward, into another gut punch.

Grandma Jane gasped, covering her midsection, and Tim wound up for a knockout punch with a sneer. I could barely stand to watch, peering horrified through my fingers as Tim landed an overhand right straight into our grandmother's face; she fell straight back, crashing heavily onto the mat on her back. Grandma Edna had just started getting up to her knees, and she looked on in open-mouthed shock before turning her gaze up to her grandson.

"You spineless little prick," she growled as she stood up, putting her fists up in front of her face. "Why don't you try fighting someone your own size?"
"Who's that, grandma?" Tim rolled his eyes. "Are you going to get some muscles and lose fifty pounds out of your tits to be my size? Come on, let's get this over with." He came at her with a sneer, opening with the same punch he'd just hurt Grandma Jane with.

Edna ducked under this, coming up with a quick uppercut; it wasn't quite quick enough as Tim faded back and her hand wooshed past his face. Her grandson came back in quickly, wrapping his arms around her body and lifting her off the mat in a bearhug. Before he could do much damage she grabbed his head and savagely pressed her thumbs into his eyes.

Tim dropped his grandmother, turning away from her and screaming as he covered his face. With an angry snarl she went around to his side, bending him over, one hand gripping his hair, the other braced on his back as she started slamming kneelifts into his stomach. He clearly wasn't ready for the first one, and although he tried to flex his abs, it looked too late as his grandmother forced the air out of his lungs with repeated strikes.

After the sixth she let him go, and he fell to the mat on his chest, gasping. Edna ignored him, going over to help her partner; Jane had managed to get to one knee, but looked out of it with her eyes glazed over. Edna helped her up, making sure she was able to keep going, giving her a hug before both women turned back to their opponent.

Tim had just sat up, looking a bit stunned himself; his grandmothers stalked him. Edna made the first move, running in and nailing him with a side kick to the back of his head as it looked like he was going to get up. The blow knocked him over on his chest again, and the women pounced; Edna sat down on his butt facing his feet while Jane sat down facing his front, her back pressed against her partner's.

The grandmothers applied a combination camel clutch/boston crab, and this time with his legs trapped, Tim couldn't escape. They bent him until he looked like a U, Jane pulling up on his chin while Edna yanked his legs back as far as possible. With both his arms and legs controlled, all Tim could do was endure. I could only imagine how much this must hurt.

I felt like he deserved this and more, and watched satisfied as his grandmothers destroyed him. I think he was done long before they were, and I almost started feeling bad for him before reminding myself he’d brought this on himself.

Tim’s torment ended only when his grandmothers got tired of this hold; they switched, releasing  Tim and climbing off him slowly, ready to pounce if he tried to escape, but the extent of his resistance was a tired moan and rubbing his back. It looked like Tim was finished, Edna pulling him up on all fours as Jane pulled down her bottoms; she balled them up, then leaned down and rubbed them in her grandson's face.

"How do you like that 'stinky old lady pussy' now, Timothy?" She tossed the bottoms to Edna, who pulled Tim's hands behind his back and expertly tied his wrists together with his own outfit. Jane laid down on her back in front of her grandson, opening her legs wide with a smile as Edna scooted forward, pushing Tim's head into his grandmother's naked crotch. "You'd better start licking - oh!" she gasped. Tim had apparently had enough and was getting started before she could even finish her threat, she leaned back with a happy sigh as her grandson ate her out.

"I think he likes this just fine," Edna giggled as she reached between his legs, squeezing his hard cock through his thong. She yanked his thong down and started giving him a slow handjob, her other hand spanking his bare ass. She kept him dancing on the edge, and I could see his leg shaking as she denied his climax. Jane, on the other hand, had a very long, loud orgasm, reaching down to push on the back of Tim's head as she rode her peak.

When she came down with a happy sigh, Edna flipped Tim over on his back, then rolled him up; she pointed the tip of his cock down at his face and expertly finished him with a few quick strokes, painting his nose, cheeks and mouth with his own cum as he helplessly shot his load.

Giggling at the sight, she let him down until he lay flat, panting, too tired to even wipe the cum off his face. If he thought he was done, it looked like he was mistaken as Edna stripped off her swimsuit, pausing to blow some kisses to her family. She put her foot on her grandson’s face, grinding her heel against his cummy cheeks.

“Why don’t you start by kissing nana’s toes?” Edna commanded, holding her foot in front of Tim’s face. He started greedily sucking on them, his grandmothers seeming to have broken his will; he was eager to please the two old women he’d been shit-talking before, not even bothered by the globs of cum Edna had picked up on her feet when she was rubbing them on his cheeks. Her point proven, she moved her foot away and purred “Why don’t you say, ‘I love licking stinky old lady pussy’?”
“I love licking stinky old lady pussy,” Tim mumbled.
“What was that?” Edna cupped her ear like Hulk Hogan.
“I love licking stinky old lady pussy!” Tim screamed.

“Well, I think we’ll give you another mouthful then. After all,” she bent over to pat his cheek condescendingly, “we need to take good care of our grandson.” With that she sat on his face, her back to his feet, bracing her hands on the top of his head. She started riding his face aggressively, roughly pressing her pussy against his nose and mouth; this looked uncomfortable, but Tim started quickly getting hard again. Grandma Jane went to his legs, picking up his ankles and spreading them in a large V, giving her grandson a footjob.

Tim lay there as they worked him over until Edna came; I wondered if it was possible to get your nose broken like this as she slammed her hips into his head, moaning deeply as she finished herself. When she came down she didn’t get off Tim’s face, although she did stop moving and flip around to face his feet, watching the show as Grandma Jane sat down on the mat between her grandson’s legs, draping them to rest on her shoulders, scooting forward and fingering his ass.

Tim’s entire body jumped like he’d been tazed as her index finger slid up his ass, and he started squirming as his grandmother ravaged his butthole. With her other hand she applied a slow handjob, in no hurry to end Tim’s punishment; Edna cackled, reaching down and playing with his nipples as he convulsed. It took a while, but the outcome was inevitable; Tim was forced to a body-shaking climax as his soft grandmother fingered his ass and jerked him off, finishing him on his belly.

Even this didn’t seem to be enough; Edna climbed off him as Jane scooted up, squatting over his shoulders. She reached down and gently patted his head.
“Ooh, were we too rough on you?” her voice dripped with fake sympathy. “Well, why don’t you thank me for interrupting my match with Edna to teach you a lesson, and maybe grandma will be nice and pin you.”

“Thank you granny,” Tim gasped. Jane got off him, rolling him over on all fours, as Edna stood in front of him, facing away.
“Now why don’t you thank Edna for teaching you a lesson, too? Honestly, Timothy, do I have to tell you what to do?”
“Thank you granny,” Tim managed again. He looked up at Jane, eager to please. She nodded at her partner’s ass and Tim leaned forward to kiss his grandmother’s butt.

This was finally enough and the two women flipped Tim over on his back again and pinned their grandson. Edna got on his left side, Jane on his right, both women leaning back so just their shoulders covered him, Edna on his chest and Jane on his legs; they turned to face each other, chatting about the weather for a moment before idly noting that must have been three at least. They got up, each woman taking one ankle and dragging Tim to the edge of the ring, where they pushed him out to land in a heap on the blue mats outside, then hugged before leaving the ring themselves.

To my astonishment, the two cousins I was supposed to wrestle in the next match started heading towards the ring; Colleen, the older wrestler, saw me trying to slink unnoticed to the back. She ran over to grab the house mic and started yelling into it.

“Ahhhhh, no you don’t! Nate, get down here! Yes, you! Nathaniel, co-oome oo-on dooo-ooown!” With a sigh I started heading to the ring; this was going to be a mess. I stepped over the comatose, sweat-covered, cum-spattered softly breathing form of my partner and slid into the ring to face off with my two cousins.


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Thank you for a wonderful and well-balanced story
 - good to see the rude, young upstart get his come-uppance at the hands of the mature ladies!


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This was hilarious yet sexy!  ;D :D Good to see the cocky cousin get defeated ...  8) ;)
Proudly butch and living as a 'man'. In this catfight fantasy there are no losers, and in the end all should be winners!