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4 SISTERS - - - Part 2 --- Kelsey vs Rita

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4 SISTERS - - - Part 2 --- Kelsey vs Rita
« on: October 02, 2020, 06:02:08 PM »
As usual pics below. Enjoy and cum! :-* :-*

The next 3 weeks were full of sexual tension and Anne hit the gym several times a week. She got a bit of body tone back that she lost during the pregnancies, but remained all curvy. We fantasized a lot how the fights would go, what would be allowed and what not.
She made me empty her massive tits twice a day, and when the fight day arrived she gave more milk than ever before. She had secret chats with her sister which she didn`t want to talk about, which got me to the boiling point and made my imagination never stand still.
So this morning, she had left for work, I dialed Victoria’s number.
“Oh hey William! How are you?”
“Fine  Vicci. Ehm…I wanted to talk about the upcoming stakes with you. Did you talk to Anne about it?”
She laughed and chirped: “Yes my big boy. We did. Why do you ask? Getting hard thinking about it?”
I blushed what she could luckily not see and replied: “Victoria I want to make a proposal…but I need to know first what you two agreed.”
“Promise me you won`t tell her?”
“Sure Vicci.”
“Well, the loser will be the toy of the winner and her husband for one hour. No limits. Also no sexual limits.”
“Wow….holy shit….I thought about some ass slapping but this…..”
“Will? Are you hard?”
“Yes I am. Rock hard.  Ehm…I wanted to propose a milking penalty. I can bring in a milk pump.”
Victoria moaned on the phone and I imagined her to finger herself right now. She finally managed to say: “Damn Will I really don`t know what to say. That`s an awesome idea. And I really don`t know what I should do. I mean winning or losing is both so appealing. If I lose I will get your cock?”
“Be Sure Vicci that if you lose we will be very creative.”
“Oh my gosh….”
I noticed her voice was trembling and she must be horny as hell. Then she suddenly ended the call.

The sun was already down, the kids sent to friends as we were heading into the driveway of Wilma`s house. Anne had gotten quite silent, tensed up to the max with the upcoming fight. She carried a sports bag with her outfit. She did not tell me what it was.
As she rung the bell her mother, 65 year old Wilma, opened in a jaw dropping outfit. Wearing a red half mask, red lipstick and a heavy leather skirt with slits at both legs that it would make it easier to lift and expose either her big butt or thick bush. She was wearing a leather shelf bra, exposing most of her fat tits.
“Mom!” That`s all my wife could say, finding no further words for this unexpected situation.
I got hard instantly. I knew Wilma as a caring mother in law for many years now, but to see her like this was rather unusual.
“Come in. You are the last to arrive. You can change in the lower bathroom.”
My wife headed into it, and slammed the door shut. I was a bit disappointed not being able to watch her change, but instead Wilma took my hands and placed them on her fantastic tits.
“Not that bad, aren`t they?”
“My gosh…..” I fondled them and got a feeling of those big knockers which were still firm. She took my hand and guided my downwards were John, Mark and Kevin already waited.
“Hi guys. You`re alright?” We shook hands and I was surprised to find the guys already “prepared”. They had put on just sexy Speedos which allowed Wilma to have a good view on their packages already. Neither of them was close to my size. They were already partially hard as they witnesses Wilma showing off her mature body.
I felt slightly overdressed and hurried to get down to my pants. Wilma smirked as she saw for the first time in her life how big I was.
We had some drinks until Wilma took over and introduced the fighters of the evening:
“Welcome first my beautiful eldest daughter – Rita -  standing 5”7 with lean 120lbs and a gorgeous 34DD bust!”
We all applauded, watching as the blonde mature cat came down the stairs. She wore nothing but a mesh bikini, revealing her nipples as well as the small landing strip of her pubic hair. She was all fit and toned, even showing some abs and biceps.
With each step her super firm tits barely jiggled at all. Her skin had a deep tan showing freckles from head to toe. How the fuck could a woman her age look that good?
She got in the ring, bending down presenting her tight ass in that bikini thong. Her pussy lips nearly on full display. John groaned and rubbed his cock and checked if we, the other husbands, were also getting an eye of his candy wife.
Damn we were all hard already.
Next to arrive was Kelsey. I always knew her as a cheeky loudmouth, but for sure she was a stunner as well. She entered in a mesh body that was matching her opponent`s mesh bikini. She was far curvier, untrained but still damn sexy.
“And now here is Kelsey, standing 5”5 with gorgeous 170lbs with a nice set of 38DDDs”
Kelsey smiled confidently, her huge saggy tits with those large areolas swaying like there was no tomorrow. Her ass matched her tits in size as she entered the ring. Her fat pussy lips on full display.
“Damn we could run a brothel with our wives and would be billionaires’!”, Mark said.
Everybody laughed about that rude comment. But we knew how it was meant: We were all more than lucky having married stunning women like ours.
Next were my wife Anne and Victoria to enter. They got down the steps hand in hand. Maybe Victoria had chosen that option to help Anne over her fear.
Both looked absolutely incredible as they wore nothing like string leotards that were completely open at the fronts. Their huge tits were full and firm, jiggling in front of them.
The other lad`s mouths dropped as they saw how full my wife had become. She was nearly fully engorged and her huge tits had gained even more size since we last met.
“And here come the second fighters of the evening: Anne standing 5”6 with 160lbs and 38H cups versus her older sister Victoria with 152lbs and 36G tits.”
That applause was not the loudest but we stood simply in awe, basically drooling, cocks hard and bulging our pants. The sisters had a satisfied grin on their faces when they saw the reaction they had caused.
We sat down on a leather covered milking table, a very kinky furniture of Wilma`s dungeon. Anne rested next to me, pressing her swollen orb on my arm.
Victoria took a seat on the gyno chair, spreading her legs for all to see. Her vagina was barely covered by the thin fabric of the leotard. Her puffy lips forming a sexy camel toe. Her husband was behind her, fondling her big tits causing her to moan in pleasure.
Meanwhile in the ring Rita and Kelsey circled each other. I still didn`t know what kind of fight this would be, assuming either a catfight or a titfight.
While we were all comfortable, Wilma positioned herself at ringside, not to miss anything.

First of all Rita and Kelsey smashed chest first together in a test of strength. Their fingers interlocked, arms struggling above their heads. Their busts did honestly not meet each other since Kelsey`s pair was hanging significantly lower. But Rita overpowered her rapidly, being much fitter and stronger.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kelsey groaned in frustration but was pressed down to her knees.
They separated, Rita took a step back and SMATTTTTTTTT….smashed her right shin across her big soft DDDs to floor her unceremoniously and brutally.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kelsey was sent onto her big behind, causing the whole ring to shake. She held her aching tits, killing her sister with her eyes.
“What`s up Kelsey? Your saggers can`t take a kick?” Rita did not wait for an answer but grabbed her locks and pulled her back to her feet. Taking her into a side headlock, she wrenched her fit biceps around her neck. Kelsey was paraded through the ring, her thick body shaking in all the right places.
Anne was slowly stroking my 10 inch cock while watching her sisters struggle.
Meanwhile Rita got momentum, rotating with her sister faster and faster until she let go and Kelsey impacted into the turnbuckle closest to us. WHAM! The ring was shaking once more when the curvy vixen impacted back first, sliding down to her ass.
Rita grabbed her mesh body, ripping it apart over her left tit. KRRRRRRKKKKKK….the fabric was torn releasing the heavy udder. She got hold of the tit meat, crushing and lifting it in her left hand. Kelsey protested, but all to soon felt Rita`s bare knuckles driven into it full force.
My cock twitched after the impact, making not only Kelsey moan in pain but also me in lust. But suddenly it was Rita who screamed as her sister was kicking into her sweet pussy from below. She howled, holding her kitty, stumbling backwards.
Meanwhile Kelsey got back to her feet, grabbed Rita`s arm, Irish Whipping her into the ropes. Rita connected and was sent back to the middle of the ring, only to be met with a devastating elbow to her full and firm DDs that floored her. WHAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”
That move turned me on since it was very close to a professional move. Something that I had not expected from chubby Kelsey.
“Ohhhhh, your tit`s can ‘take it?” She said mockingly referring to Rita`s earlier comment.
But it got even better when Rita was on all 4s and Kelsey punted her right foot into her dangling breast with a force, that would have cracked a rib if she connected a bit lower. It was brutally flattened, all her amazing glands crushed by raw brutality. Her whole body lifted from the floor, turned mid-air and landed on her back. WHAM!
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH!” I t was not only her screaming, but also all spectators. John, pants down and fully hard, go up and hurried to the ring in fear that move might have caused severe damage.
“Rita love are you ok?” She nodded, her face a mask of anger and pain. Her mesh bikini top had been dislocated, leaving her hit boob free. Those freckled round DDs were covered in a light sheen of sweat.
Kelsey grabbed her hair to pull her up. But Rita, besides the pain in her chest, rammed her bare knuckles into her sister`s flabby belly. SMATTTT……SMATTT……two punches only and Kelsey bent over in pain. She was an untrained housewife, having no abs at all.
Rita straightened her up with a knee lift into her right tit, just to go around her. She grabbed around her waist, lifting all 170lbs with quite some effort, only to lift her and SMASH her down onto her knee in an ATOMIC DROP. “WHOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Kelsey screamed and held her pussy that hat gotten the most of the impact.
She tried to rescue herself into the ropes but was followed by her older sis who was not willing the loose control once again.
Rita was on her very soon, tackling her right shoulder into that soft curvy belly. The impact caused Kelsey to moan and fold over that shoulder, DDDs mashing against Rita`s back. The fit blonde simply grabbed her sister`s waist again, lifting her over her shoulder to execute a nice high impact throw. WHAM! Down went Kelsey with her soft tits shaking like jello when she hit the canvas hard.
I forgot to say that all women were wearing proper wrestling boots, which made the next moves even nastier.
While Rita was stomping the shit out of her sister`s tits, Anne made me lay down on my belly onto the milking table. I turned my head to be still able to watch the ongoing fight, while she was getting down to her knees to work on my shaft and balls. I balled my fists so horny I was. The other men had the same problem: John and Kevin were both at ringside now, supporting the wives and yelling for them while Victoria and her husband were making out on the gyno chair.
My huge cock and balls were hanging down through the opening of the milking table and Anne was softly caressing them, running her tongue over them so sensually and slowly, that I was nearly cumming.
In the ring hell broke loose and Kelsey`s naturals had been stomped dozens of times and were turning black and blue. If I imagined my wife`s fight being equally hard, I`d have a bad time with her tits in the near future.
When she saw how rough the boobies of Kelsey were handled she winced: “Fuck William my poor boobies! They are so full! I can`t fight like this!”
When I looked down she was sitting between my spread legs and her teats had started to leak significantly, forming puddles of her milk under the milking table.
“I have a milking machine. So if you…ahhhh….want….”
“Shut up! That`s what I am gonna use on Victoria!”
When my attention turned back to the ring, Kelsey was flat on her belly with Rita on top. She was pulling her into a Camel Clutch, putting stress on her back. However, her tits were still resting on the canvas thus they were a nice pairs of saggers.
Kelsey chin was hooked and she tried to support her weight, but Rita`s sexy tight ass was resting on her rather curvy behind pushing her down. Suddenly Rita latched her right on the right tit, and the left hand onto her opponent`s left. She did not hold the chin anymore, but turned the move into a kind of “Double Tit Clutch”, pulling her busty sister back by her orbs only.
In this moment I came hard while my wife milked my cock sensually and firm. Endless jets of my sperm drenched Anne`s hands and tits.
“Yes Will! Give it all to me……yeessssss….”
In the ring Kelsey was meanwhile put into the next hold, as her bruised tits ended up in a tight scissor hold. She frantically grabbed Rita`s thigh, burying her fingers into her muscles.
Both grunted in pain and I watched in awe as her big soft tits were crushed even more and spreading all across her chest. Kelsey lathed her free right hand onto Rita`s firm breast, sinking in her nails and crushing them. Rita cried out in pain and it turned out to be a test of endurance. Who could take more? Rita`s DDs which was oozing between Kelsey`s fingers, as her own DDDs were crushed by her strong legs.
This went on for nearly a minute and both bodies were by now soaked in sweat. Kevin and John were cheering, drumming the ring apron with their balled fists. It seemed that both let go at the same time, rolling away from each other and sucking in much needed air.
The hand imprint on Rita`s freckled breast was clearly visible, while Kelsey`s tits had gotten the worst: The were all angry red, swollen und bruising had started.
“Fucking Bitch!” Kelsey hissed. “My poor tits!”
“You saggy cow! Look at these!” Rita was proudly thrusting her perfectly round boobs out. She looked as if she had a boob job, but there were no scars or similar. She must be all natural.
SLAPPPPPPP! Kelsey had connected with a stinging slap to her right tit, dragging it all across her chest into the middle. The delicate tit meat jiggled, but stayed mostly in shape.
SLAPPPPPPPPPP! The returned blow followed just seconds after, lifting Kelsey`s bruised left with tremendous force. “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” The much bigger orb swayed and returned to its shape, taking much longer than the firmer pair of Rita.
The beating in the bust department she had taken so far, was far worse than what Rita had to endure. Thus her tits were much more sensitive.
But she came back with a fury of own slaps: left----right----left----right into her sisters bounce DDs. Rita took them bravely, although they must have hurt her. This went on for quite some minutes now. The fighters were alternating between back- and forehand slaps to their racks, causing the tit meat to deform and bounce in all directions.
Anne and I had changed positions for now, with her being on the milking table. Her massive engorged tits were hanging down, all swollen and veiny and it was not getting any better. Her sisters were battling now for quite some time and she was getting fuller and fuller. I only needed to run my hands along the side of her mammaries to get the milk flow running. It was suddenly Victoria`s husband who asked if her could join and get some milk as well.
Anne felt a bit slutty, but allowed him to get under the table. He was all naked with his seven inch cock rock hard. I milked my wife`s teats hitting his waiting mouths with torrents of milk. He groaned with lust and started wanking. The warm milk sprinkled his face and body all over and it did not take him long to come loud.
Victoria did not seem to be very pleased by this as she was left alone in the gyno chair. “Get ready cow to be milked in the ring! When I am done with your udders you will have nothing left!”
Vicci was fuming! Marc`s loud orgasm had somehow distracted the fighters and Kelsey was leaning in one corner after endless minutes of breast slapping. Rita was also quite sore right now so decided to swap tactics and her fit frame allowed her to perform an roundhouse kick that hit Kelsey`s left breast like a train.
SMATTTTTTTTT! A sharp fleshy noise filled the basement as her tit was hit and dragged across her chest. Her eyes wide in shock, no sound escaping her lungs, I was sure some glands had been ruptured internally. I would give 1000$ if I had a slow motion video of that blow.
Kelsey collapsed with tears in her eyes and everybody knew, that this was the end. She lay on the canvas holding that breast that was just developing a massive black bruise.
“And the winner by tit KO is RITA!” Anne`s mom applauded, raising her arm in victory while Kevin rushed into the ring to check his wife. She could climb through the ropes on her own and slowly walked over to us for a drink. She killed a glass of Vodka in one go, before Rita and John took hold of her wrists, guiding her over to the X-cross.
The tied her wrists and ankles, putting the beaten sweaty MILF on full display.
“What have you agreed as stakes?” I asked.
Rita smirked, lifting one of Kelsey`s swollen tits. “We agreed to 69 whip strikes to the bust.”
I sucked in air when I imagined those swollen udders receiving such a massive penalty.
Kelsey was also shocked, closing her eyes and pleading for the stakes to be changed. “Please sis! My tits can`t take it anymore!” Rita went to John and while stroking his hard-on, she whispered something into his ear.
“Ok then. We accept to have that fat ass instead.” So Kelsey was turned and her curvy sexy ass was revealed. She was slightly bent over, and she was shaking in fear.
While John and Rita were decided which whips to choose, Anne and me got in front of Kelsey and asked her if we could feel up her tits. She weakly nodded and then each of us lifted one sweaty DDD cup. I had never touched her boobs before but was impressed by the weight. Although they were much softer than Anne`s, they were still gorgeous. They felt really hot compared to the rest of her body, swollen and bruised all over.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I first thought our fondling had caused that scream, but Rita and Joh already took turns in whipping that fat sexy behind of hers.
Her gorgeous ass cheeks jiggled with the strikes, turning redder and redder. I don`t know why but we still held her tits in our hands, maybe to pretend them from swinging violently in all directions and causing further pain.
But although her ass received the penalty whipping, we noticed how hard her nipples hat gotten. Her saucer sized areola had shrunk significantly, forming a massive nipple. Kelsey was turned into a screaming slave bitch by her sister and her husband and Kevin had to hold back not to interfere.
After 30 strikes they switched the multi tail whip to a single tail which was even harder.
Her whole body shook in agony as suddenly John directed us away from her. Her big tits slapped onto her belly and as Rita continued to whip the shit out of her ass, John got in front of her tits with Wartenberg Wheels.  The stainless steel spikes of the small torture devices were all shiny glistening in the lights.
John got in position, lifting that left tit and running the wheel over her erected nipple. Kelsey shuddered and screamed while a new wave of pain set in. Johns cock jumped while he worked her over, but what surprised me was that Kelsey suddenly went silent. John and she were kissing deeply and she was moaning into his mouths.
Rita had reached a count of 68 strikes and there was only one left. She spread Kelsey`s legs wider, so her fat pussy was on display from behind. She aimed well, moving the whip through the air and connecting with her labia full force.
This was when John came and hit her shaved pussy and thighs. Rita came over to a panting Kelsey. “I regret we did not agree to some pussy eating, because I am horny as fuck right now!”
But suddenly she switched her attention to Kevin. He looked furious but was still hard.
“Lay down!” She commanded. Kevin had to get down on the floor while she lowered her ass onto his face, starting to ride it. “HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”
Kelsey closed her eyes, not wanting to see how her husband`s face was used as a sex toy in front of her. But she heard the moans and his struggle for air as Rita was face sitting him with her sweaty asshole and dripping wet cxnt running over his nose over and over again. It did not take long for her to reach climax and what we did not know of course was, that she was a squirter. When she climaxed she bathed Kevin`s face in torrents of liquid, leaving him completely drenched.


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Re: 4 SISTERS - - - Part 2 --- Kelsey vs Rita
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Some more pics