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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 80

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 80
« on: December 06, 2020, 05:36:06 AM »
Our opening match is Breann who weighs in at 150 and is wearing a red two piece. Her opponent is Laura who weighs in at 170 and is wearing a floral print one piece. Breann was looking to get back on track after several tough losses. For the first minutes of the match she would gain control. Breann would be able to work on Laura’s legs. But Laura would put up a fight as she would reverse an Irish whip and send Breann into the corner. From there she would land several punches and kicks to Breann’s belly. Laura would then attempt a splash. But Breann would move at the last second leaving Laura to crash chest first into the turnbuckles. Breann would then take advantage of the mistake and sling Laura down to the mat. From there she slap on the ankle lock. Laura would begin to scream out in pain and attempt to get to the bottom rope. Sensing that Breann would quickly latch her legs around Laura’s body. That gave Laura no other choice but to tap out. Breann would let go of the hold and celebrate a much needed victory. While Laura would lay on the mat and whimper out in pain as the ref checked on her ankle. Your winner of the match is Breann

Our final match of the night is Brittany who weighs in 160 and is wearing a green and blue two piece. Her opponent is Tasia who weighs in at 145 and is wearing a white two piece. After recovering from a knee injury Tasia makes her return to the ring. And she looked like she never skipped a beat. As she would take Brittany and trap her in several holds for the first few minutes. Brittany would momentarily take over when she was able to slip out of a headlock. She would then send Tasia into the ropes and try to connect with a clothesline. Tasia however would duck it and when Brittany turned around Tasia would meet her with a huge super kick to the jaw. Then Tasia would easily hook the leg and grab another win. After the match Tasia would briefly celebrate then she would check on Brittany who was having trouble keeping her balance. Your winner of the match is Tasia.

Next time on LPW we will see Megan in action and in our main event Gretchen takes on Hailey