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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 82

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 82
« on: December 20, 2020, 02:07:01 PM »
Our opening match is Kelly who weighs in at 120 and is wearing a black and pink two piece. Her opponent is Caroline who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a green and brown two piece. Kelly would offer a handshake as the bell rang. But Caroline would not only decline she would start the match by kicking Kelly right in her stomach. From there Caroline would spend several minutes dishing out several blows to Kelly’s body. But Kelly would eventually turn the tide when she would duck a clothesline and nail Caroline with a dropkick. Kelly would then take Caroline and whip her in the corner. Then Kelly would climb to the second rope and start laying several big punches. But the rally wouldn’t last as Caroline would grab a handful of Kelly’s bottoms and throw her down to the mat. Caroline would then stalk Kelly as she was laying there. Once Kelly was able to get to her knees Caroline would go behind her and quickly slap on the dragon sleeper. Caroline then began to scream at Kelly to quit. Kelly would swing her arms wildly trying to escape. But once she realized that she was close to being unconscious she would tap Caroline’s shoulder. Caroline would then just drop Kelly to the mat and pose for the crowd. Then she reach down and grab Kelly by the hair and sit her up. Caroline would tell the crowd to get a good look at Kelly’s face because all of the girls in the LPW will end up looking like this. Your winner of the match is Caroline.

Our next match is Misty who weighs in at 185 and is wearing a brown one piece. Her opponent is Lacey who weighs in at 170 and is wearing a navy blue one piece. Before the girls could lock up. Gretchen would run into the ring and attack both girls. First she would hit Misty within a clothesline and then throw her out of the ring. Then she would grab Lacey by the hair and repeatedly slap her in the face. Gretchen would then strip Lacey naked and begin to claw at her breasts and crotch. Lacey was just screaming out in pain as Gretchen would start screaming out that she wanted another match with Hailey. Gretchen would then take Lacey and stick her head between Gretchen’s legs. Then Gretchen would take her nails and rake them across Laceys bare ass. Finally she would hoist Lacey up and spike her with a piledriver. Gretchen would then look at the crowd and tell them that she is going to start hurting girls like Lacey until Hailey agrees to face her again. The refs were finally able to get Gretchen out of the ring as they would check on Lacey and Misty who were both knocked out.

Our main event is Heaven who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a blue two piece. Her opponent is Allie who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a lavender two piece. Before the bell rang Heaven would extend her hand to Allie. Who would decline the offer Allie then told Heaven that her time was up and girls like her are the future. Heaven simply shook her head and told her that they will both find out. For the first few minutes of the match Heaven would frustrate the rookie by trapping her in a side headlock. Allie would finally slip out of it and slide out of the ring to regroup. Heaven would stand in the ring and tell her to get back in and show her who the future is. Allie would finally get back in at the nine count. Then she would attempt to put an arm bar on Heaven only to have it reversed. When Heaven would whip Allie into the ropes and hit her with a backdrop. Allie would then slid over to the corner and beg Heaven to give her a minute to recover. Heaven wouldn’t hear it and quickly stood Allie up in the corner. From there she would unload with several chops to Allie’s chest. Heaven would then tell the crowd that it was almost over. As she would whip Allie in the ropes for the rear view. Allie however would move out of the way as Heaven was in the air. And when she came down Allie would meet her with a huge elbow to the head. With her opponent down Allie would quickly pick Heaven up and give her a suplex. Allie then told the crowd that Heaven was finished. As she climbed to the second rope. Allie would then come down with a big leg drop right to Heaven’s throat and chest. From there Allie would quickly go for the cover Heaven and get the three count. While grabbing a handful of Heaven’s bottom. After the match Allie would sit on the mat with a big smile on her face. She then told the crowd that she was right about being the future and that she’s going to enjoy laying out the girls around here. Then she would look down at Heaven who was trying to catch her breath with her hands on her chest and throat. Allie then told Heaven that she still won’t shake her hand but she would give her something. With that Allie would simply pat Heaven on the head despite the pleas for her to get away from Heaven. Your winner of the match is Allie

On the next episode of LPW we will Dena and Katie in action. And in our main event we will see Kelsi take on Becca