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A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16

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A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
« on: December 23, 2020, 06:19:51 PM »
Ho ho ho, meeeerry Christmas, everyone! It is time for yet another BFS Holiday Special!

Rather fittingly for the season, this story is told from the point of view of Kristian, a foreign exchange student who's been (briefly) mentioned in BFS Tribute chapters 1 (Cheerleader Showdown) and 12 (Cougar on the Prowl).

I'll also add a few reference pics of the characters to the end of this post, for all those readers who like have some further visual stimulation...

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BFS Tribute 16

A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister: Between boobs and a hard place

I still couldn't believe this was really happening.

Less than an hour ago, my girlfriend and I had been on a night out, enjoying a few drinks at a night club that was pretty popular among college students such as ourselves. It being a Friday, there'd of course been plenty of older twenty- and thirty-somethings around as well, wage slaves, gig workers and corporate lackies alike letting off some steam - and burning some hard-earned cash. One of the party-goers, however, hadn't quite fit the bill.

I'd already noticed her earlier in the evening, eyeing me up from the bar. Or well, 'eating me up with her eyes' was probably a more accurate way of putting it. I was of course no stranger to getting lustful gazes from older ladies, but usually, they only served to make my skin crawl. This particular mature woman, however, had appeared to belong solidly in the 'sexy milf' category, her deep, fleshy cleavage on full display as she'd leaned over the counter and given her bountiful chest a quick shake. There was no doubt in my mind the show had been meant specifically for me, the chesty blonde's sly grin indicating she knew she'd gotten my attention, just like she'd wanted. Though given the apparent size and composition of the rack she'd been flaunting from across the room, I would've challenged any red-blooded male not to look.

Now, she was no longer in the bloom of youth to be sure, probably in her mid-forties if I had to take a guess. But the blonde's physique, which was wrapped in a snug, almost skin-tight maroon cocktail dress, looked plenty tempting enough. Not quite the perfect hour hourglass figure, I thought, but featuring ample, luxurious curves in all the right places without looking flabby or out of shape. In one word, voluptuous.

Was I not already taken, I might've actually been tempted to walk over and chat her up. Mature women weren't really my thing in general, but this particular housewife was obviously game, and seemed to have a body built for sex. Ideal for a no strings attached one-night stand, or even a more recurring 'booty call' type of arrangement. Hot and steamy action for casual fun. Definitely attractive.

But since I WAS very much seeing someone, all that had been purely academic. My girlfriend, a college sophomore like me, was more than a match for the blonde in the looks department; her taut but curvaceous figure, sensual, dusky olive skin and beautiful face, which was topped by silky smooth black hair, made for one positively smokey and seductive package. On top of all that, she also had a pair of truly magnificent breasts. They were very firm, pert and round, and fairly sizable to boot. Sabrina was a total babe.

Befitting those slightly exotic, dark looks, my girlfriend did have a bit of a temper as well. So pissing her off by making eyes with some big-titted milf was a definite no-go.

Oddly enough the blonde-haired mature had seemed to agree, laying off a bit once she'd caught my attention and waiting patiently until Sabrina eventually had to use the restroom. The minute she'd seen my girlfriend get up and head off, however, the cougar had pounced. Almost literally. My eyes had followed her approach all the way from the bar, the mature woman swaying her full hips deliberately and making those substantial assets on her chest jiggle with every step. Her eyes had been locked into mine the whole while, and though I hadn't quite realized it at the time - my brain having been somewhat short on blood due certain developments elsewhere in my body - the blonde had had the look of a carnivore stalking its prey as she'd traipsed toward me.

To cut the story short, Sabrina had found the shapely forty-something practically sitting on my lap, flicking her curly strawberry-blonde hair and leaning forward to let her hot breath land against my neck as she rubbed those large, ample mounds into me. She'd had me hard in seconds. Patricia, as she'd introduced herself, was not exactly shy, and knew exactly where her greatest appeal laid. I hadn't noticed my girlfriend's arrival at first, the cougar's highly provocative actions and deep, fleshy cleavage having distracted me quite effectively. To say Patricia had come over to flirt would've been an understatement.

In any case, there'd been some fireworks as you might imagine, Sabrina quickly yanking the blonde off me and proceeding to reward her brazenness with a slap or two for good measure. The older woman had been remarkably quick to recover from the sudden interruption and given back as good as she got, managing to catch my girlfriend with a nasty-looking open palmed blow to the temple before I'd had time to get in between them. Even then, it had been a struggle to pull the two hellcats apart, and it'd taken a mighty chest-bump, Patricia ramming her big, meaty rack against Sabrina's and causing the surprised brunette to recoil backwards right into the seat of the opposite booth (luckily unoccupied at the time) to bring about a cease in the hostilities.

As my girlfriend had lain there, sprawled on the bench seat, gathering her bearings, the stacked mature woman had issued a challenge to her. In no uncertain terms, she'd demanded that the brunette either prove she was woman enough to keep me - by facing her tit-to-tit in a proper match - or, and I quote, 'slink off home to mommy so you can stuff a bit more padding into that bra'. Sabrina's top was somewhat less revealing than the blonde's, but still displayed a fair amount of cleavage, and made it easy to discern that her assets weren't quite as substantial as Patricia's. Her dark eyes blazing with furious indignation, my girlfriend had accepted immediately.

So here we were. In Sabrina's dorm room, at her sorority house, getting ready to decide my fate. It felt odd to be a trophy to be fought over, I have to admit. But not necessarily unpleasant. My member was still at half mast.

The brunette had calmed down significantly from her earlier, rather enraged demeanor, and was regarding the blonde-haired woman with a cold, catty or derisive rather than angry expression. Frankly, I thought Sabrina looked a bit snooty just then.

Though given how much more prone to jealousy and neediness the girl I'd dated before her, Samantha, had been, I reckoned a bit of haughtiness was more than tolerable. Especially in these circumstances.

My girlfriend was resting her hands on her hips, her head held high as she ran her eyes up and down the older female's body, a contemptuous smirk marring her otherwise very attractive face. Sabrina was still wearing the same outfit as before; a black, flimsy silk shirt with a close fit and rather generous neckline, plus a pair of even more snug-looking jeans. Compared to Patricia, she was pretty much dressed like a nun.

The full-figured blonde's cocktail dress looked somewhat redder in the bright lighting, its shiny surface sparkling slightly, and seemed to cling to her like a second skin. Its straps were thin, and the front provided quite an eyeful into the cougar's lavish, creamy cleavage. The dress looked almost obscene, and probably would've been a disaster, did its wearer not carry it so well. While Patricia was not exactly slender or lean, she did have nice proportions. The phrase 'thicker than a bowl of oatmeal' came to mind.

My girlfriend, whose gorgeous college-girl body was also quite shapely, but visibly more toned and compact than the milf's, did not appear to share that view.

"My god, no wonder Kristian couldn't tear his eyes away. You look like a total fucking train wreck," she sneered, shaking her head at the highly suggestively-dressed housewife in overt condescension.

"Any bets on how long it'll take me to get those droopy things all flattened out?" Sabrina asked with a snicker, her gaze meeting mine for a moment as she flashed me a saucy grin. She looked supremely confident as always. And with good reason, I knew.

"Ooh, someone's feeling their wheaties. I love deflating conceited little bitches like you," the blonde shot back, pursing her plump, red lips into a rather sly-looking grin. "Makes the whole stud-hunt that much more satisfying. We'll see how cocky you sound when you're on your knees, pleasuring my better breasts with your tongue while your guy gets ready to shoot his load on your loose, beaten sacks for one last time."

"I like my boy-toys to last more than a few seconds on the first round, you see. Taming them is easy enough as it is," the cougar murmured. Her smoldering eyes locked onto the visible tent in my crotch, my treasonous, quickly-hardening cock making a jolt as she licked her lips, slowly and sensuously.

"Mmm, not bad... not bad at all... You boyfriend's going to be thanking his lucky stars in the morning, that big cock totally drained by a real woman's mature, experienced pussy." Patricia's purr was low and positively feline, and her eyes seemed to burn with pure, confident lust.

"He may have the looks of a fucking Greek god, but once I'm done taking that young, muscular body apart, his voice will be hoarse from screaming out my name, and the only things still coming out of his pretty mouth will be whispers like 'yes, mommy' and 'please fuck me some more, mommy."

"Well aren't you a horny old tart..." Sabrina sputtered, sounding bemused, perhaps even a bit impressed. The nonplussed expression on her face displayed no concern or worry whatsoever, and more surprisingly, I couldn't spot too much anger or irritation either. The brunette appeared to treat her opponent's taunts about bedding her man - me - as little more than pre-match entertainment, obviously convinced of their emptiness.

"I hate to break this to you..." my girlfriend trailed off, pretending to be at a loss as she tilted her head in mock bewilderment. "But you seem to be suffering from a serious case of delusion. Or dementia, take your pick."

"I'm sure your rack's a real menace among the housewives, and may even have managed to flatten some weaker-titted college girls in the past. But those days long gone now," Sabrina sneered, her tone catty and dismissive.

"Your saggy old pillows aren't going to last more than a minute against my firm tits."

"Oh, I think you'll be surprised by how much punch they still pack, missy," the blonde replied, stepping forward and bringing her substantial, fabric-covered mammaries into contact with Sabrina's somewhat less ample pair. I looked on with great interest as the women pushed their clothed racks together, both flashing small grins at their rival as they felt their big boobs meet for the first time.

My eyes were glued to the action, staring at how each pair struggled against the pieces of lingerie surrounding them, pale and tan flesh spilling and bulging out of the cups as the women ground their breasts together gently. It wasn't difficult to tell whose jugs morphed more.

"See? My boobs are pushing those fat udders out of their support bra already,” Sabrina smirked spitefully, her expression smug as ever. “This is going to be a cakewalk."

"Sure hope those toyboys of yours like having tit pancakes for breakfast," the brunette laughed. "'Cause that's what'll be on tomorrow's menu."

That small smile on Patricia's lips, however, didn't appear to be faltering. I watched her thrust forward with greater force, shoving her expansive bust against Sabrina's. Hard. I could hear my girlfriend's surprised grunt as more of her dense, full jugs began to squeeze out, compressing from the increased pressure as the blonde's deliciously plentiful mature mounds squashed against them.

"I'd pay closer attention to your own tits if were you. Those perky little teenboppers you've got trapped in your bra seem to be trying to escape. Unlike you, they can tell when they're outgunned," Patricia sang, her voice light and musical.

"Take a good look at your girl's cute boobies while you still can, pretty-boy," the blonde called out, glancing over in my direction and giving me a wink. "My bigger, sexier jugs are about to pancake them against her chest.

"You seem to be blind as well as senile, bitch," Sabrina snorted, pushing against the pressure confidently. "One set's pancaking, alright, but it isn't mine."

Like the figurative kid in a candy store, I gawked at the way all four breasts kept ballooning out of their bras, their partially-exposed titmeat ebbing and flowing with each shove. Still, my girlfriend definitely had a point, I thought, noting how the blonde's pale, ample flesh appeared to be molding noticeably more than the brunette's firm orbs did. Just as I'd expected them to.

What confused me was Patricia's serene, almost bored demeanor, the buxom cougar continuing to regard her opponent with that knowing smirk.

"Oh, you'll be singing a different tune soon enough, sweetie. I can promise you that," the blonde intoned softly. Her murmur was a strange mix of threat and amusement, appearing to contain both in equal measure.

"First, these thick, powerful jugs are going to squeeze your school-girl tits flat, squishing them like the cute little marshmallows they are," Patricia continued, her voice lowering and becoming more predatory. "And when you've finally paid the proper homage to your betters with that nasty, stuck-up mouth of yours," the blonde added, practically growling now, "I'll make you watch as I mount your tasty teen-dream hunk in your bed, wrapping my wet pussy around his big, hard cock like a vice and riding him like he's never been ridden before. His roars will turn into moans, and then into whimpers as I slowly take him apart. He's going to cum hard enough to see stars, time and time again, all night, until he'll forget he ever even knew you."

"I'm going to conquer your boyfriend the same way I'll conquer your precious young boobs. And you, you will get to see me fuck him to within an inch of his life."

"How's that sound, miss bitch-tits?

WOW. Just wow. I don't know about Sabrina, but to me, that sounded like an awful lot of fun. If this milf's dirty-talking was any indication, she ought to be a total beast in the sack.

It's just too bad it wasn't ever going to happen. I'd seen my girlfriend beat some seriously impressive college-age knockers before, and highly doubted this (admittedly rather attractive) cougar had what it took to take her down. Patricia seemed to have a nice rack, but I knew you'd need a truly EPIC pair of breasts if you wanted to match, let alone surpass, Sabrina's perfect set. As much as that scenario intrigued my oversexed young mind, I knew there was simply no way this busty housewife could hope to out-boob my girlfriend.

Sabrina, quite unsurprisingly, was thinking along the same lines.

"You should've told me you were a comedian," the brunette muttered, shaking her head in genuine if a bit baffled amazement. She seemed to be entirely unfazed by Patricia's vividly detailed description of her intentions.

"If I'd known you were a professional jokester, I might've taken your ridiculous attempt to chat up my boyfriend, and the even more far-fetched challenge to titfight over him, as nothing more than improv stand-up." My girlfriend guffawed, but her tone was anything but friendly.

"Would've saved those hangers from a world of hurt," she added coolly. "But as it is, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on going ahead with the ceremonies."

"Fine by me."

Patricia's laugh had a tinkling, almost fey-like ring to it, I idly noted, watching the full-figured blonde take a small step backwards as she first discarded her slinky dark-red cocktail dress in one clearly practiced, fluid motion, and then started to remove her bra. The lingerie she wore was beige and quite sheer, making her appear practically nude. I felt another lurch in my groin. She was one sexy housewife, alright.

A quiet 'snap' announced the clasp's release. Patricia's lacy garment slowly began to slide off, and my eyes followed two pale, jiggling globes as they fell on her chest slightly. Well aware that my attention was now fully on her, the mature woman pursed her lips seductively, grinning at my vacant expression as she leaned forward to free her breasts completely. They thudded down, shaking, and I could practically feel my eyes widen. Before me was a pair of breasts that seemed to be fully competitive with those of my previous girlfriends in attractiveness, and had all but one of them beat in size.

Making a soft, almost girly-sounding giggle, the voluptuous blonde cupped her large jugs as she slowly straightened her back. She flashed me a playful smile, letting those two glorious mammaries drop again, their denseness slapping against her chest with a dull, meaty thud. Each breast shook rather than wobbled, I noted, marveling at the lavish display. While you wouldn't call them 'perky' or even 'round', Patricia's large teats had far less sag than I'd anticipated, maintaining an ample and only moderately pendulous shape. Despite their age, each breast was located relatively high on the woman's torso, looking ripe and full.

And as a certain engorged, rapidly throbbing organ reminded me, also very, very arousing. While my mind was vaguely aware of the fact that those boner-inducing jugs belonged to a woman who was easily old enough to be my mother, 'the junior' downstairs did not seem to care one bit about such trivialities. I swallowed, craning my head towards Sabrina while I tried to look as sheepish as I possibly could.

It turned out I didn't have any reason to worry about invoking my girlfriend's wrath. The brunette's eyes were transfixed to Patricia's thick, heavy breasts, drinking in their unexpected fullness in silence. She blinked slowly, still offering no verbal reaction to her opponent's reveal, though her facial expression did tell me a story of some considerable surprise. Not that I could blame her; this mature broad was stacked like a page three girl. Sabrina quickly followed the blonde's lead and started to take her own top off. I watched her yank off her snug, thin blouse, flinging it to the side before she reached behind to remove her bra. Instead of leaning over like Patricia had, Sabrina cupped her big, round tits at the base, pulling them completely out and giving them a substantial shake.

My eyes locked onto a sight I'd gotten to ogle several times before, but which I knew I would never grow tired of. My girlfriend's pert, flawlessly-shaped boobs jiggled enticingly, their considerable firmness evident from the way those minute ripples swam across the tanned surface. When the brunette finally let go her breasts and allowed the dense titmeat to settle down, it did so almost immediately, all bounces and jiggles dying out after a second or two. She raised an eyebrow at her rival.

I noticed that Patricia had also gently palmed her own tits, cupping those large jugs from below for a moment as she stared down the young brunette. When she released them, both plump and mature mammaries fell with a delicious yet solid-looking bounce, two stiff, red nubs pointing directly ahead. If the cougar felt intimidated by my girlfriend's perfect college-babe boobs, she hid it remarkably well.

Now that their pairs had finally been unclothed, both women paused to give the other a once-over - and more importantly, to assess their opposition. I joined them eagerly.

Sabrina's full, just about ideally-formed teardrop tits sat high on her chest, seeming almost perky despite their size (a medium D-cup, I knew). They weren't as large Patricia's jugs, which could probably fill a low-to-mid range Double D bra if my guesstimation was correct, but still looked plenty big enough. You'd certainly count her in the 'busty' category when ranking the girls at the college. In any case, my girlfiend's prodigiously solid orbs had precious little visible hang, jutting out proudly like two slabs of marble. They looked absolutely magnificent.

Her dark nipples were growing larger in the cool air, and I took a deep, shuddering breath as Sabrina palmed her pert breasts again, this time lightly caressing both hardening tips. Her skin, boobs included, was much more tan than Patricia's, whose creamy complexion looked rather pale next to my girlfriend's olive-ish tone. Sabrina's nubs were sticking out of two dusky, half-dollar sized areolae, located dead center of her firm boobs. The bounce she'd given her breasts when showing them off to the blonde was not indicative at all. Without that deliberate effort, they barely jiggled.

Though Patricia still had that smirk on her face, I wondered if she was starting to realize she'd bitten off more than she could possibly chew. I knew that my girlfriend's boobs not only sat nice and firm, but would become veritable wrecking balls when she wanted to use them to dismantle someone else's lesser teats. They were also extremely well suited for grinding out the opposition, the enviably thick tissue inside her breasts able to wear down and overpower pretty much any pair they might come across. I'd heard she had even tamed her sorority sister Tiff's queen-bee boobs with them before, and having seen those particular wonders in action at the Beta O - Hooters charity event, where the college girls wiped the floor with their opposition, I could certainly appreciate just how big of an achievement besting 'the legendary tits of Tiffany' was. Sabrina had a hell of a rack.

I saw Patricia glance down at her own jugs, almost as if trying to picture what they'd look like with my girlfriend's perfect set spearing her paler mammaries. I know I did. It was an intensely arousing mental image, and one that I suspected I'd get to witness in real life, with my own eyes, in just a few minutes.

Though to be fair to the blonde, her at least two decades older pair did seem like it might be able to put up a bit of a fight. Patricia's breasts did have some hang and bounce to them, sure, but still looked very appealing, ample and full, and actually put to shame most twenty-somethings when it came to sheer sexiness. The vast majority of them, in fact.

As I compared those succulent teats silently in my mind to those of my ex back home, I had trouble deciding whose rack was bigger. Maybe Patricia's, by just a tiny bit? What was more impressive, the mature blonde's breasts also appeared to have slightly less visible sag, their shape a little rounder, nicer, more pleasing to the eye. And based on the relative lack of wobbles when she'd jostled them, the tissue inside those meaty jugs was probably denser as well. To think that at the time, I'd considered my ex to be 'blessed' in the boob department... Now I knew better.

In short, this cougar had a highly fap-worthy pair of boobs. They'd probably feel amazing to fondle, too.

Next to Sabrina's epic tits, the blonde-haired milf's chest of course appeared less impressive, especially in terms of perkiness, but there was no denying that those vintage breasts seemed to have plenty of heft to them, and that their internal composition was anything but loose or soft. I could still hear the massive thud they made as they fell onto her chest in my head, watching with lust how the blonde hefted her left breast in her left hand. Its pale flesh was obviously thick and pretty densely packed, and though I was confident that my girlfriend had the better pair, there was a good chance this mature man-eater would be able to give Sabrina's boobs a nice, hot workout before the brunette's young, firm set inevitably overwhelmed those plump udders.

I silently hoped Sabrina would let me fuck the blonde's tender, luxuriously abundant jugs afterwards. That creamy cleavage looked so fucking inviting.

Sabrina stepped forward first, shifting her gaze back onto the blonde's face and looking satisfied she'd won the first, esthetic phase of their contest quite convincingly. In any visual comparison, her big and remarkably-shaped natural tits were very difficult to match, and harder still to beat. In private, she'd revealed to me how much she loved watching her opponents' faces fall when they first caught glimpse of those flawless orbs, instantly sending the other female into a more defensive, cautious mindset. It was a bit of a turn-on, I had to admit, knowing that my girlfriend enjoyed the fear and intimidation her boobs tended to instill in other women.

On this occasion, however, her rival did not appear particularly rattled. I could see Patricia eyeing my girlfriend's pert, round pair with a healthy degree of guarded respect and vigilance, but her expression betrayed no apprehension or worry. Instead, the blonde's face continued to be adorned by a small, self-assured smile, her plush, red lips closely matching the two nipples below.

"Ready to get those droopy fat-sacks handed to you?" Sabrina asked in a slow drawl, sneering at the two slightly pendulous-looking breasts facing her.

"Oh they're practically raring to go, sweetie. My bigger, better boobs are going to pound that puny set of yours to paste," Patricia announced eagerly, smirking at the brunette's eye roll.

"You may not believe me yet, missy, but these jugs have taken down little bitches like you many times before," the mature woman cooed. "Some of them I've pummeled flat, while others have gotten their sets slowly ground out, their arrogant young boobs turning to mush in the hug as they surrender to my stronger titmeat."

"Hah, fat chance of that happening today," my girlfriend chortled, starting to approach the blonde with short, measured steps. "These big, firm titties will batter your overaged skank-udders to a pulp."

"I bet I can spear those floppy things with one good shove."

I watched Patricia square her shoulders, the older woman's body language just a hint cautious, but her face looking no less confident than before. Had she really beaten women like my girlfriend, I thought. And not just in her youth, but more recently?

I knew that breasts began to soften with age, and that Sabrina's now-perfect breasts would not look this nice and perky forever. Patricia's larger jugs were obviously heavy, yet still seemed quite solid, and it was not difficult to believe they might've held a shape very similar to my girlfriend's back in the day. But they couldn't hope to match them in a titfight anymore, could they?

My internal musings were cut off rather rudely. Rather than respond to her opponent's dismissive taunt with another verbal counter of her own, the blonde-haired housewife chose action over words. I could only stare as Patricia slung her big and meaty jugs from the left, sending a sudden, massive shot right into Sabrina's unsuspecting right teat.

The brunette yelped in surprise and pain as her dense breast compressed, shaking from the impact. Both ample breasts flattened at the point of impact, and I noticed how Sabrina's big boob got pushed up and out, away from the center of her chest. The blonde's weightier mammary deformed somewhat more obviously as it compacted against Sabrina's, the pale flesh splaying out and wobbling mightily, but didn't seem to lose too much of its full, pleasantly rounded shape. Clearly those meaty milf-tits were just as thick and succulent as they looked.

Sabrina grunted as Patricia's right breast slapped more gently against her corresponding orb, the momentum slowing as the blow connected. My girlfriend's slight wince indicated that she still felt some discomfort, and I watched her pull away, preparing to launch a slam of her own. Unfortunately for her, that thrust was met with another heavy tit-punch as Patricia twisted her full hips and sent those big, fat mounds thudding right back into Sabrina's left breast from the other side.

"Shit!" Sabrina cursed. I saw Patricia's lips curl into a grin as she dragged her hefty jugs across my girlfriend's somewhat smaller boobs. The blonde was careful to ensure that both of her hardened nipples flicked against Sabrina's stiff, dusky peaks, and the brunette winced again as she felt them scrape past her sensitive nubs. I could tell Sabrina was getting frustrated, not liking how the match had started out at all, and her temper quickly boiled over. I watched Patricia twirl to begin another swing, preparing to smash her large, lavishly pendulous boobs into my girlfriend's set once more, but Sabrina, her pretty face now a mask of annoyed ferocity, turned her own torso and slammed forward. Her aim was excellent, and I grinned as the brunette's pert, firm boobs slammed into the sides of Patricia's swaying teats.

A loud slap echoed throughout the room, and each woman grimaced as they felt the impact. Only now the cougar's reaction was more pronounced. Neither seemed willing to back off an inch, however, twisting and turning their bodies, the fighters' supple asses appearing to jiggle in rhythm with their tits. Well, mostly the blonde's, my girlfriend's jeans-clad behind being visibly more taut. I licked my lips, admiring how the two masses of thick, ample titmeat melded together as Sabrina did her best to pin Patricia's shaking vintage breasts with her own, a bit more compact but also firmer-looking pair.

Patricia let out a groan as those exceedingly solid college-girl boobs pressed into her big teats, not seeming to enjoy the fact that Sabrina had managed to effectively trap her tits in place from the side. Sabrina's smirk was wide and positively wolfish as she continued to push and prod, grinding away at Patricia's more plentiful breast tissue and forcing another groan from the buxom blonde. Those mature mounds were resisting my girlfriend's attempts to spear them for the moment, the pale flesh straining against Sabrina's olive-toned orbs and spilling out sensuously as the younger pair sought to burrow their way in, but there was little doubt about whose rack was denser. The titmeat in my girl's perfect boobs was definitely packed more tightly.

Her earlier smile now gone, Patricia desperately fought to free her embattled mammaries from their predicament. I watched her twist her torso and shoulders violently, pulling those large, jugs to the left, and heard both women grunt as they felt their big breasts slide and grind against each other. I'd been hoping for a good show, and sure as heck appeared to have gotten one.

Trying to find a more comfortable position on the couch, my rock-hard cock pulsating in my pants in an almost painful manner, I could only look on as Sabrina and Patricia kept mashing their best assets together. Pale flesh spilled over tan flesh, jostling for an advantage, and I failed to hold back my moan as I watched my girlfriend's pert, sizable sorority-babe boobs compress against the mature woman's larger, more abundant mounds.

Though my girlfriend's pair certainly seemed to be the firmer of the two, her round breasts boasting a perkier appearance and also maintaining that impressive shape better in the grind than the blonde's ample, slightly pendulous teats did, they weren't quite dominating their much-older counterparts like I'd thought they would. Sabrina tits did dent Patricia's jugs visibly, and at points even appeared to sink into the mature woman's pale and plentiful flesh for a moment if the brunette made a particularly hard thrust. But it was a real struggle, and I could see my girlfriend's own, dense college-student boobs bending from the pressure as well, having to strain for every inch of progress as they fought to overpower the blonde's substantial bosom. For a forty-something housewife, those big jugs seemed to boast remarkably thick breastmeat.

Patricia made a soft grunt, no doubt feeling as well as seeing the brunette's solid orbs try to force their way deeper into hers. I watched mature woman's large, full jugs beginning to spread from the center out, yielding some ground and allowing Sabrina's firm pair to nestle in a bit further, but the blonde stubbornly pushed back, thrusting her meaty bosom against my girlfriend's and causing both sets to compress and to reshape. The paler set of breasts once again continued to flatten more noticeably, losing more of their already less spherical form, but based on Sabrina's tense facial expression, the sensation wasn't exactly comfortable for her, either.

This was turning out to be a proper titfight, instead of the relatively quick beatdown I'd anticipated.

As the fighters turned slightly in the embrace, blocking my view of their dueling busts, I used the opportunity to get a better look at Patricia's posterior. She seemed to have a pretty nice ass, after all - especially for an old bird. And those sheer, lacy panties didn't hurt.

It wasn't what you'd call tight or compact to be sure, or even particularly taut for that matter, but I'd learned there was just something about bigger, fuller butts that got my blood flowing. To certain parts of... ahhh you get the picture. Anyway, the example in front of me definitely did the trick, ticking all the boxes and having just the right amount of jiggle. Of course, Sabrina's rear was objectively nicer and more attractive; it sported a very appealing, supple and rounded shape, and looked both moderately sculpted as well as bountiful. Still, like every guy, I liked variety, and wouldn't have minded getting a chance to grope both. Maybe even at the same time? Cop a feel of those lush, mature cheeks with one hand, and hold my girlfriend's tighter behind with the other for comparison?

Forcibly dragging my eyes away from the cougar's surprisingly fine booty, I let my gaze wash over the rest of Patricia's anatomy. Her wide hips and thick, meaty thighs were working hard as she continued to spar with my curvy-yet-toned girlfriend, and I noticed that a light sheen of perspiration had appeared on both their skins. The blonde shifted to the left, and Sabrina rotated accordingly, the fighters' movements bringing their glistening chests back into view at last. I watched greedily how the older woman ground those full, heavy jugs against Sabrina's, each female grunting as their big breasts shifted. I especially enjoyed the way the blonde's pale, more abundant flesh seemed to roll and ripple, bulging out visibly as my girlfriend's pert breasts pressed on.

Patricia's muffled groan suggested she didn't find the sight or feeling nearly as pleasurable as I did, and I saw the blonde look down at their busts in apparent frustration. Her mature mammaries were, slowly but surely, getting pushed further back, unable to resist their rivals' imposing firmness as the smaller set of boobs burrowed in. Sabrina glanced down as well, and her lips curled into a smirk.

"Hmm, you know, those actually aren't too bad for a pair of retiree titties," Sabrina quipped, offering her opponent a quick, condescending smile. "Almost made me break a sweat."

"The best rack at the bingo hall, no doubt."

Without pausing to wait for a customary indignant, angry retort from her rival, the brunette kept thrusting her chest forward. My girlfriend appeared to be, for the lack of a better word, 'pumping' her firm, round college-girl boobs into the opposing set, causing the blonde's massive jugs to wobble deliciously. Patricia grunted in rhythm with the thrusts, undoubtedly feeling Sabrina's set displace more and more of her substantial set, the pale flesh visibly starting to cave in.

It'd certainly taken a while, but the brunette looked set to deliver on her earlier promise. A pair of speared, juicy milf-udders, coming right up.

As if she'd heard my lustful thoughts, the older woman groaned. Loudly and gutturally. She reached up, and with a disgruntled huff, shoved my girlfriend away by the shoulders. I watched Patricia step back, the blonde disengaging from contact as she sought to give her embattled breasts some relief, but Sabrina, smelling blood, took her rival's retreat for the obvious sign of weakness it was and immediately lunged forward. Patricia grunted as the brunette's big, firm tits slammed into her more malleable mammaries, and I licked my lips, watching my girl's perfect orbs begin pushing their way into the larger pair once more.

I hadn't really expected the blonde-haired milf to have an actual chance against Sabrina, and in all honesty, getting a hot, private titfighting show - hopefully followed by a quick hand-job before I came on the cougar's tenderized, droopy teats - was a much better ending to this night than I could've asked for. I knew I was a lucky son of a bitch.

Patricia tried to withdraw again, but as Sabrina leaned back, preparing for another head-on ramming attack, to my great surprise, I saw the blonde grin. The top-heavy housewife moved like greased lightning, ducking and then slamming her jugs upward into the base of Sabrina's set just as the brunette was about to launch her own ram. My girlfriend's firm, round boobs shook violently, and Patricia reset her feet. Before Sabrina had even finished groaning, another heavy blow barreled into her reddening orbs, sending them into waves of wildly-shaking titmeat once again.

Patricia kept her big, hefty mammaries in contact with the brunette's breasts, appearing to enjoy watching her flesh roll and swim over Sabrina's buried set. The brunette's face was a mask of discomfort, and I could see her normally pert tits reshaping noticeably under the weight.

"Yeah, get a good feel of these," Patricia hissed, flashing a satisfied smirk at her groaning, slightly stunned-looking opponent. "This is what real, powerful breasts are like. Not like your weak little half-boobs that barely fill a bra."

"Oh fuck you, I'm a 34D," Sabrina snapped, appearing to recover from her initial shock and snarling at the blonde's jibe. "Hardly what anyone'd call 'little'. Besides, it's not like those ugly old saggers are THAT much bigger than mine, anyway."

I saw Sabrina thrust up, and admired how their breasts compressed against each other, splaying out from the pressure as they struggled to subdue the opposing set. Patricia's pale, plentiful flesh was displaced somewhat more obviously despite its position, small ripples of titmeat jiggling across the surface, but the blonde's smile didn't falter.

"Why don't we see whose jugs your boyfriend will deem 'ugly and saggy' after the fight, sweetie? I'm going to enjoy crushing your spirits almost as much I'll enjoy taming him," the cougar promised with a purr. "Wanna guess who he'll say is the better fuck afterwards?"

Not waiting for a reply, Patricia slid her tits down, under Sabrina's, with the obvious intent to slam up. This time Sabrina beat her to the punch, however, and shoved her pert boobs downward. Patricia groaned as she felt the brunette's dense breasts begin burrowing onto the tops of her own boobs. Their pale surface had acquired splotches of pink discoloration, and would no doubt be bruising pretty spectacularly come morning.

"They make such great pillows for my better pair," Sabrina hissed, though I could see her own tits had been reddened from the heavy, swinging strikes Patricia had managed to land. "You're not taking that filthy whore-cxnt anywhere near his dick, who knows where it's been. Be happy I'll let you lick my firm, perfect tits after they've wrecked your sad udders."

My lust-riddled mind immediately rushed to picture the scene; an image of the voluptuous blonde on her knees, suckling on Sabrina's superior tits hungrily. Their tanned skin shivering as the mature woman murmured her admission of defeat against them, describing to us how much nicer, perkier and more attractive my girlfriend's young boobs were.

And they certainly were all that. Quite possibly the best-looking pair of tits I'd ever seen.

I allowed my hand to discreetly creep a bit closer to my crotch and admired how Sabrina seemed to be trying to flatten the milf's breasts by simply drilling them with her own set, grinding those firm sorority-babe tits into the larger rack from above in a forceful, rousingly dominant fashion. With my brain busy creating images of Patricia servicing my girlfriend with her tongue, acting all demure and submissive while those massive jugs hung below her, tamed and broken, I almost failed to notice the voluptuous older woman suddenly make her move.

Patricia crouched down slightly for a fraction of a second, Sabrina's brows starting to furrow in confusion but the brunette having no time to react as the blonde immediately rose back up and jumped. Patricia's feet seemed to  actually leave the ground briefly before the voluptuous woman began to careen downward, bust-first. Sabrina's mouth fell open, my girlfriend feeling the housewife's heavy, dense mammaries slam against her own pert boobs, their tightly-packed titmeat deforming and spreading out from the force of the blow. I could barely make out Sabrina's stunned, breathless groan as she got shoved backwards, the massive impact having apparently knocked the wind out of her. Patricia stayed on the attack and followed up with a swinging blow from her right, sending her large, ample teats into my girlfriend's exposed boobs. The older woman scored another brutal hit, and I winced instinctively, watching how brunette's sore right jug was violently thrown against her left boob, causing both firm breasts to wave and quiver. But Patricia, it seemed, was just getting started. Without pausing to survey the damage, the mature blonde pulled back and leapt up in repeat of the initial breast-slam.

"Fuuuuccckk!" my girlfriend cried out, a deep and pained gurgle leaving her still open mouth as the cougar's bosom crashed into hers. I could see her firm, round boobs reshape against Patricia's for a moment, both women's racks molding together and splaying out violently. My eyes remained on Sabrina's dense titmeat as it waved out from the center of her chest, pushed inward by the opposing, more expansive mass of thick yet supple boobflesh. The top-heavy blonde leaned away briefly in order to ram her chest forward, thrusting those big, mature mammaries against the brunette's jiggling pair.

Sabrina cursed again, grunting as Patricia's attack forced her to back up a step, but managed to meet the next blow head-on. Both women groaned, and a loud smack of flesh meeting flesh erupted from their visibly displaced racks. While the milf's paler mounds did seem to morph around her rival's smaller breasts slightly, the brunette was pushing against the pressure in obvious discomfort. Patricia half-smirked, half-grimaced, sliding her big, hefty mounds from left to right and back, and I could see my girlfriend's boobs compress and shift as the larger set of breasts made their way across the space between them, both women's best assets moving more fluidly than before.

Having finally regained her bearings and her feet, Sabrina reached for the older woman's waist, pulling the blonde closer. Their ample busts smashed together more tightly, both pairs of breasts yielding some real estate. Patricia, whose ability to move was now greatly hindered, threw a short jab with her left breast, catching my girlfriend's right orb and causing it to wobble enticingly. That small distraction gave the buxom mature just enough room for a more powerful strike, which she took immediately, slinging her substantial jugs from the side and slapping them into Sabrina's still-shivering breasts.

My girlfriend didn't take long to start responding in kind, and I watched the fighters trade blows for a while, pounding their teats against one another with wild abandon until one particularly sharp, stinging slap from the milf caused my girlfriend to lose her grip on Patricia's waistline. As Sabrina stumbled slightly, the blonde, true to form, sprang forward and landed another solid blow with her full, weighty chest. My eyes followed the buxom - and obviously very skilled - housewife closely as she rammed ahead, tits-first. The forceful collision caused each woman to groan, and their sizable boobs to balloon out noticeably.

Both fighters looked down, and I noticed that Sabrina's expression was somewhat more pained, her rack having of course taken the brunt of the impact. As I followed their gazes downward, however, another possible explanation for the difference presented itself; the two large, meaty pairs of breasts seemed to meet at the same point, compressing against each other and slowly spilling away to the sides in an almost perfect mirror image. A small, strained smirk crept onto Patricia's lips as she took in the sight, and I saw her begin to twist her hips slightly, the blonde rolling her torso from side to side in a lazy rhythm. It was obvious to everyone in the room that the larger, somewhat more pendulous set of mammaries had managed to soften up their pert rivals quite a bit, Patricia's greater mass pounding and pummeling the thick breast-tissue in Sabrina's big, solid-looking tits and causing them to lose some of their usual cohesion.

It was a classic contest that pitted size and weight against youthful, springy firmness, and as I watched their breasts continue to meet each other evenly, waves of supple flesh ebbing and flowing back and forth with every push or shove, it was starting to look like the blonde's hefty jugs might actually prove too much for the brunette's perkier pair to contain. I could hear Sabrina trying to stifle a string of grunts and groans as she ground her boobs against Patricia's larger mounds with more vigor, their dense, meaty busts continuing to duel in a virtual stalemate despite her efforts.

"What's the matter, missy?" the blonde breathed out confidently, narrowing her eyes into a mean, almost predator-like look. "Don't tell me my big, strong boobs are turning those teen floppers to mush already?" Her sugary tone was laced with unmistakable smugness.

"Just what are they feeding you kids these days? All that cheap, fatty over-processed crap seems to be making your racks a lot softer than they look," the blonde grinned, emphasizing her point with a chest-bump that sent both sets of breasts into a delicious cascade of wobbling, ample titmeat.

"Mmm, they're so nice and comfy now," Patricia murmured throatily as her eyes drank in the scene below. "Much sexier than before. Your bouncy little jello-tits are going to look amazing covered in spunk."

"Oh, as if, you dumb whale," her opponent spat with an annoyed, unfriendly hiss, though I did think I could see Sabrina's cool expression betray some concern. She appeared to be losing her main advantage in this match, after all, and would need to find a way to turn the tide quickly.

Clearly determined to re-establish some control over the mature woman and her unexpectedly potent vintage mammaries, Sabrina forced herself back on the offensive. I watched her lean away for a second before ramming her still quite firm-looking, nicely rounded boobs into Patricia's substantial rack. The fierce piercing attack hit its mark dead-center, and Patricia let out a loud grunt, evidently feeling her rival's solid tits dent her own jugs slightly. The brunette kept her boobs there, allowing me to take a brief mental snapshot of their busts - my girl's tan, pert pair appearing to dig in and displace the more massive set of mammaries by just a bit - before Sabrina coiled her back, thrusting forward as she started to force the issue in a very intimate way.

"You've got a big mouth, granny," my girlfriend hissed through gritted teeth, her expression dangerous. "But do you really have the jugs to back it up? Why don't we see if these overaged fun-bags can hold off mine in a proper grind?"

Patricia's only reply was another grunt, and I could see Sabrina's taut upper back and shoulder muscles flex visibly as she turned up the heat. The brunette seemed to be doing her best to stab, shove and drill her boobs straight into the mature woman's pride and joy, making full use of her breasts' smaller size and pert shape. I watched in dully throbbing arousal how my girlfriend's dense titmeat slowly pressed forward as it sought to burrow its way into the blonde's plentiful flesh.

"I'm gonna fucking end your big, fat udders," Sabrina growled under her breath. She sounded slightly winded from the exertion, but her opponent's gasps and groans told me all I needed to know about who was controlling the space between them. I found myself idly wondering what the sensation was like, feeling your tits yield to another pair? To feel them slowly loosen up as the tissue inside lost its resistance, before finally breaking down completely and melting around a superior pair?

It did look like Patricia might be getting to experience all that pretty soon, I thought, watching how Sabrina worked her big, firm boobs further in. The brunette was sliding those impressive orbs across and against the blonde's fleshier pair, trying to force Patricia's large mammaries to part for her own. And appearing to make good progress with the attempt.

My imagination instantly conjured up a scene with Sabrina stroking my cock until I went off, jets of white spunk shooting out and landing on Patricia's loose, beaten udders as I coated the mature man-eater's soft bosom with my cum.

That little day-dream not only made my already painfully hard erection lurch violently, but also very nearly caused me to miss the blonde's counterattack. I only barely managed to drag my focus back to the present to see the older woman leaning down to sling her heavy teats upward - possibly for the second or third time?

In any case, the massive uppercut struck the underside of my girlfriend's sizable bust, deforming both of Sabrina's pert, solid breasts and propelling them to fly toward her chin. The brunette groaned loudly, clearly stunned by her opponent's powerful blow, and appeared to be still recovering from both surprise and pain when another slam, this one from the left, sent her round left breast crashing into her right one with a wet, meaty smack.

With another deep groan, Sabrina looked down, and I was sure she'd never seen or felt her big tits quiver like they were at that moment. Patricia's full, pendulous jugs were like boulders, it seemed, crashing into the brunette's firm but rapidly reddening teats and making them splay out and displace significantly. Not for the first time in this match, I wondered how my girlfriend might react to getting out-boobed by this voluptuous housewife. Despite their obvious age difference, the blonde's meaty jugs seemed to be giving Sabrina's perfect sorority-babe tits a serious workout, and if I was entirely honest, had so far proved themselves every bit as sexy and powerful as their college-student counterparts. This old bird must've been a right catch in the tit department back in the day.

Ahhh, who was I kidding. She still was.

As the buxom mature readied herself for yet another blow, appearing eager to keep whittling away the firmness in her opponent's boobs, Sabrina finally found an opening. She twisted her torso to the left violently, and I watched the tips of Patricia's mammaries - elongated from the centrifugal forces as she slung them outward - miss almost completely, brushing against the sides of my girlfriend's round tits as they barreled past. The brunette's grunt indicated that she'd felt Patricia's hard, thick nipples scrape across her visibly discolored skin, and I saw Sabrina wince as her big, tender boobs pushed in slightly from the glancing impact, jiggling on her chest and looking blotchy and sore.

Patricia cursed, her somewhat more pendulous set bending from the power she'd put behind her unsuccessful blow. I licked my lips, admiring the way the blonde's large, heavy jugs slapped back down with a wet smack and wobbled like two fleshy water balloons. Her once pale skin had turned bright red from all the pounding and grinding, but I couldn't really gauge much of a change in their shape or composition. Each ripe, feminine breast still stood proudly on the blonde's chest, hanging a bit from the weight and decades of gravity, but also looking decidedly majestic. Not to mention attractive.

Holy shit, I was no longer sure if I even wanted my girlfriend to win. The thought of seeing this milf's big, meaty breasts slowly overwhelm Sabrina's perfect tits was intensely arousing, and I couldn't resist picturing how the brunette's mouth opened into a silent moan as she felt her firm, young flesh getting pushed in, those once-unyielding sorority girl boobs spreading out gently as they reached their limit and started to make way for the mature woman's thick, powerful titmeat. My girlfriend's stunned, disbelieving gaze drifting down to witness her prized but by now badly worn-out breasts flatten and pancake against her chest, the brunette's outmatched pair at last losing the grueling contest of endurance and slowly succumbing to the blonde's more robust, dominant vintage rack...

Oooh fuck. Apparently, I could not WAIT to watch my girl get her epic tits flattened by some busty housewife!

Well okay, not by 'some' housewife. This particular old broad was seriously stacked. Now, she wasn't incredibly well-endowed in terms of pure size - larger than Sabrina of course, but nowhere near as massive as that top-heavy sorority sister of hers, Tanya - but clearly, those sexy, seasoned milf-jugs were made of impressively stern stuff.

Struggling to shake myself back to the present, I noticed that both women seemed to have chosen to take a moment to catch their breaths and to recuperate, each fighter squeezing and kneading their bruised breasts carefully, appearing to gauge their condition. All four mounds had sustained plenty of observable battle damage, looking red and tender. Even Sabrina's perfect boobs, which still weren't droopy or anything, certainly looked softer and more pliable than usual. I could only imagine how exquisite my girlfriend's young, nubile flesh would feel against my palm if the cougar actually managed to break them.

Out of all the breasts my greedy hands had gotten to grope and caress so far, Sabrina's were by far the firmest. Or, well okay, I guess Samantha could just about claim parity in that area. But since the Hooter babe I'd been dating briefly earlier this year was a tad smaller up top, it wasn't quite as impressive of an achievement. In addition to being smarter - and more importantly, way less prone to bouts of insecurity or enviousness - Sabrina also had her predecessor beat in pretty much every other beauty category, the brunette boasting both a prettier face and a more pronounced, strikingly svelte hourglass body. I had to admit that aside from Sam's thick, well-muscled cheerleader's thighs, which did hold some appeal, dumping the blonde for Sabrina had been nothing but an upgrade. My girlfriend was a bona fide stunner.

Which made it all the more curious that I now found myself lusting after a busty, full-figured milf who was over two decades her senior. Oh well...

Their short break now over, the two females stepped closer again, each large, full bust bouncing deliciously as they jutted out at the opposing pair in an obvious challenge. It was every man's teenage fantasy come to life, I thought, watching Sabrina and Patricia gently bring their breasts to meet nipple-to-nipple. My girlfriend's much younger pair still sagged less, maintaining a more rounded, pert shape, but looked sore and had lost quite a bit of firmness compared to their usual, just about ideal teardrop appearance. The cougar's slightly pendulous mammaries, in contrast, also appeared to have softened up from their initial state, and certainly had more noticeable droop and hang than the brunette's, but the difference between the two sets seemed to be smaller than at the start. Not a particularly encouraging sign for my girlfriend, I thought.

Sabrina was not on the same page with me, however.

"I'm going to wreck your sad, saggy boobs, you overaged skank," she sneered, sounding a lot more self-assured than I would've expected. Then again, she'd won all three matches I'd been to, including the one against that black Hooter girl, and certainly had quite a reputation within her sorority. In short, Sabrina seemed to have every reason to put a lot of stock in her tits.

"Oh really?" Patricia chortled, raising an amused eyebrow. "And just how were you planning to achieve that, sweetie?" she quipped, glancing down between them and giving the brunette's boobs a long, hard look. "Those sure aren't going to cut it. Your perky little tits put up a fight, I'll admit that, but they're on their last legs now."

"Speak for yourself, you wrinkly skank," my girlfriend spat back, her nostrils flaring in anger as she regarded the blonde's calm, confident face with cold fury. "You can't seriously think you can take me? These boobs have crushed some of the nicest and firmest racks around. Nearly all of them, in fact. You're dealing with one of the top girls in town."

"Yes, emphasis on 'girls', I'm sure," the older female noted, a wry smile caressing her lips. "Sweetie, my superb, womanly breasts have flattened more sets than you could ever dream of taming, and will outlast those teen dreams without much trouble," she breathed, her deep, husky tone full of promise.

God, I was so fucking hard. Never in my life had I lusted after a milf this badly. In that moment, I would've probably given my left nut for a chance to bang her. And to get to grope those gloriously ripe melons. Instead of spraying them with my spunk, I now found myself wanting to cum inside her. Holy shit was this old broad hot.

"I hope you're good at sucking tit, missy, 'cause you'll be doing a lot of that later tonight," I heard Patricia taunt the brunette, clearly loving her enraged expression. "Your hunk can join in, too, after I've fucked his brains out. Shouldn't take long, considering how horny he looks."

Oh thank you God, thank you! I could practically feel the cougar's strong, velvety cooch clamp around my dick and milk me dry. The need to fill this milf with my seed was so intense it hurt.

Sabrina was seething at the busty blonde, but took a deep, calming breath to regain her focus. It definitely wouldn't do to let rage fog up your concentration against such an experienced (and stacked) opponent. My girlfriend glanced down to see their breasts lined up, and pushed forward without further ceremony. Patricia grunted as she felt the brunette's tits trying to burrow again, and I saw Sabrina reach up to grab at Patricia's forearms. This time, the contact was slow and languid, almost erotic, as both women brushed their nipples against each other. Neither was able to hold back the soft groans from leaving their slightly parted lips, and I could only imagine all the tingles and shocks passing through their breasts. The sensations had to be close to ecstatic.

A close visual observation of the action seemed to confirm my initial assessment, and I took in Patricia's turgid, exceedingly stiff-looking nipples flicking across my girlfriend's. The cougar let out a low purr, her gaze sliding down to watch the younger woman's equally thick nubs rubbing against her own tips and dueling with them for a second before sliding to the side and starting to dig into her sore boobs, Sabrina's hardened nipples pushing the soft flesh inward.

Sabrina's eyes were on their chests as well, and she let out a groan when her own tips seemed to bend slightly during one pass, then sighed as she felt her turgid nipples pop free. I watched both pairs of big, meaty breasts pull back a few inches as each woman cupped their tits briefly. Without any warning - or even eye contact - the women thrusted their ample chests into the opposing pair at the same time. The resounding thud was dull and damp, and both fighters groaned as their large, tender boobs flattened at the point of impact.

A slight wince appeared on Patricia's face as Sabrina kept her tits in contact, and I watched my girlfriend begin to reach her arms around the busty mature, attempting to wrap her into a hug. She was clearly feeling confident about her chances in a close grind, and I had to admit that the brunette's tits had so far seemed to have her opponent's impressive but much less youthful rack at a disadvantage there. As thick and resilient as the tissue in Patricia's mammaries undeniably was, she couldn't quite match the college girl in sheer firmness. 'A' college girl, sure - I reckoned these big, premium-vintage breasts were at least as dense as that that blonde hooter babe Sydney's, maybe even better, despite having a more pendulous shape. Come to think of it, the two blondes appeared to be almost exactly the same size, though Patricia was of course easily old enough to be the hooter girl's mother, making it only logical that her rack, even if it did have superior density, would sag more obviously.

Besides, it's not like they were droopy or anything. More like... ripe and succulent? Their shape was full and plump, fairly rounded, and those big, mature jugs certainly looked very, very delectable to me. Oh shit, here I was again, fantasizing about a 40-something instead of that modelesque hooter blonde. And to be sincere, just then, if I'd had to choose, I may well have picked the cougar over the gorgeous teen. Sydney's bikini-model looks and beautifully curvaceous body be damned.

Speaking of figures, Patricia's own measurements were actually quite competitive in most key areas, I thought, watching her struggle against my girlfriend as the latter tried to pull, and the former sought to push. Apparently, the mature female had no interest in meeting her rival in a close-quarters tit-grinding engagement right now, and was instead doing her best to create some space between their sweaty, heaving chests.

I used the opportunity to drink in Patricia and Sabrina's half-naked bodies, letting my eyes wash over every arch, curve and contour. The older woman's physique was of course fuller and more voluptuous than my girlfriend's, and she had less visible muscle-tone. I could tell, however, that the blonde was in good shape, especially for her age, and there was no denying that even from a purely objective viewpoint, she looked more fuckable than most chicks at the college. This was one seriously hot housewife.

"Going somewhere, bitch?" Sabrina's labored but distinctly menacing voice asked. "Can't those mushy old pillows handle my firm boobs?"

"Unnh, just you wait," the blonde-haired milf groaned, panting a bit as she continued to fight against my girlfriend's lean, deceptively strong limbs. "They'll be pummeling your cute puppies to paste in a sec."

Neither seemed to have enough of a lead in upper body strength to overpower the other, at least this far into their taxing encounter, and I had to admit that Patricia's heavier yet still rather solid frame did look like it'd be quite effective at negating my girlfriend's greater visible athleticism.

"Hah, keep telling that to yourself," Sabrina smirked in spite of the exertion, her arms trembling slightly as she struggled to bring the busty mature in. "I'm gonna enjoy feeding those saggy udders to you."

"Oh you're much more likely to end up suckling on your own droopy, emptied sacks, you little bitch," the blonde retorted. "I've made women with bigger and firmer tits than yours cry for their mommy after my set's taken their precious racks apart. I suspect you'll start weeping a bit earlier, begging for mercy as my stronger breasts pound your once-firm flesh to a liquefied puddle of boob.

"Those bouncy things will be flopping all the way down to your navel once I'm done with you."

"What an absolute, deluded old hag... It's gonna be so fucking satisfying to finally flatten your arrogant granny-tits," Sabrina hissed, her gruff voice low and murderous.

This whole match, it'd been clear that Patricia knew what she was doing, I thought, looking on as the blonde continued to push against my girlfriend's arms with a strained but determined expression. And even if her full, hefty mammaries weren't quite a match for Sabrina's in tissue density, they made up for that shortcoming by simply sporting more of said titmeat. It wasn't a huge difference of course, but neither was the disparity in firmness.

To my girlfriend's great annoyance, I bet. And to my even greater arousal.

In any case, the cougar's large and almost enviably ample chest - which would've understandably had trouble grinding out the brunette's first-class sorority girl boobs in a hug - was, however, perfectly well equipped to meet them in a more violent, slugging-focused contest.

Which is exactly the approach Patricia opted for.

I watched the busty, mature housewife twist her torso to the left in a short but sudden motion, appearing to put all her bodyweight and energy behind the blow. Her big left breast slung out and slammed into Sabrina's right tit, forcing the latter's tenderized flesh to reshape as it got pushed outward. Noticeably. Patricia's heavy right jug, in its turn, impacted against the brunette's smaller but more pert-looking left teat, sliding over it and causing each mammary to displace, their full breasts molding together deliciously. Both women groaned, but one's complaint was more vocal, and her voice tinged with surprise.

I noticed that my girlfriend's arms had stopped moving, no longer trying to pull the blonde to her, and saw Patricia pull back. As the brunette tried to recover and regroup, Patricia took advantage of her momentary stillness and began to roll her shoulders from the right, sending her hefty boobs into Sabrina's in short, blunt jabs. My girlfriend grunted, but began to shove back and meet the milf's tit-punches with thrusts of her own. Rhythmic thuds and slaps filled the room as the women smashed their big, ample teats against the opposing rack. The exchange looked like a draw to me, neither set of breasts gaining much of an advantage over their rivals. The older female appeared to agree, since I soon saw Patricia, an impatient grimace on her lips, whip her entire torso around from the hips. The quick blow caused Patricia's larger jugs to slam square into Sabrina's tits, and the brunette cursed.

I winced, watching my girlfriend's tits fly up toward her face, and then crash back down against her chest with a loud and wet smack, their bruised flesh wobbling violently. Sabrina let out a deep, pained moan, and the older woman smirked, clearly taking great pleasure in her opponent's pronounced reaction. The blonde didn't break her rhythm, though, and soon had my girlfriend groaning with each new slap that impacted her sore tits. Their normally olive-toned skin was visibly red and discoloured, and I swallowed, struggling to stop myself from touching my raging hard-on. It wouldn't do to cum in my pants when I could be expected to perform at any minute, I thought, my breathing only becoming more erratic as Patricia began to slowly shove her big mammaries against Sabrina's trembling rack, their tenderized flesh jigging deliciously.

"Oh fuck yes," the blonde panted, her voice low and husky, almost like a growl. "I love the feel of firm, young tits giving way to my breasts. Especially ones as nice as these."

She cut off my girlfriend's no doubt heated retort with another sudden jab, and I greedily drank in all the sexy ripples of titmeat waving around as each expansive bust shook and wobbled freely, their flesh loosened by the constant and consistent abuse.

"Seriously, you've got a damn impressive rack. One of the nicest I've faced in a long time," Patricia added in a breathy whisper, gazing into the brunette's eyes. "Might've given me trouble even back when I was your age."

"It's a real pleasure to get to break you."

"Fuck. You." Sabrina hissed, her sweat-covered face a mask of anger and determination. "Your sad, old udders are gonna be hanging down to your waist once I'm done with them. My better, firmer boobs will squeeze you flat." She, too, sounded tired, but perhaps thanks to the age difference, or just due to her superior conditioning, was breathing a bit less heavily than Patricia. With a grunt, my girlfriend wrapped her arms around the blonde.

"Save your bullshit taunts for someone you can actually beat. It's time to put your money where your boobs are."

Apparently done with the earlier pounding attack, the mature woman seemed happy to oblige, allowing the brunette to pull her into a close, intimate embrace. The fighters had clearly reached a silent agreement to end the match with one final bearhug, and I heard each woman make a grunt, feeling their sore, bruised breasts compress and distort as they melded together.

"Mmm, cocky to the last, I see," Patricia sighed, mirroring my girlfriend's movements and starting to grind her substantial bosom into the brunette's. "Then again, with tits like yours, you should be."

"The previous college babe whose best assets I flattened wouldn't have had a chance against these," the cougar murmured, glancing down at their straining bosoms and giving my girl's deep, sweaty cleavage an appreciative nod. "She was a bit bigger than you, but not by much, and definitely fell behind in perkiness. Well, she did before the match, anyway," she smirked, looking up and Sabrina's blazing eyes. She didn't appear to be the least bit fazed by the figurative daggers my girlfriend was shooting at her.

"You can still avoid her fate, you know," the stacked cougar offered helpfully. "If you give up now, I won't have to squash your nice, juicy tits completely. Wouldn't want to watch you nurse a pair of loose, saggy udders in your hands while I ride your guy's brains out, after all. Sexy round ones are much more pleasing to the eye."

The mature man-eater did have a point there, I thought, my overstimulated mind racing to picture the arousing scenario she'd just painted. I barely had time to imagine Patricia's large, ripe mammaries bouncing up and down above me before a loud growl interrupted my musings.

"The only ride you'll be getting from him tonight," Sabrina hissed, her voice dangerously low. "Is in the backseat of his car when he drives you back to the retirement home. But first, I'm going to send these old, wrinkly fat-sacks to the fucking cemetery!"

"You're certainly welcome to try, sweetie," Patricia replied in a more silky tone. "But it'll be your own tits' funeral. My stronger, meatier jugs will squeeze them flat."

Locked in that close embrace, both well-endowed females appeared eager to start forcing their full busts tighter together with increasing pressure. I watched my girlfriend's big, dense breasts push against the blonde's even more plentiful flesh, advancing for a moment until they reached the thick inner tissue and began to lose their spherical shape, the younger and older set of breasts splaying out in unison. The cougar's eyes were glued to the action, and judging by that strained smirk playing on her plump, red lips, she seemed to like what she saw. If Sabrina felt at all discouraged by the sight, Patricia's mature 40-something jugs meeting hers so evenly, she didn't show it, continuing to turn up the heat.

Both women alternated between grinding and shoving. Each breast met the other about halfway, their busts gently molding together as the titmeat inside struggled to resist the opposing mass. The normally unyielding, perfectly-shaped orbs on my girlfriend's chest seemed to shift more and more as they rubbed against the blonde's somewhat bigger and more heavy-looking, yet also undeniably thick and powerful mammaries. I saw Sabrina's breasts slide up and actually get lifted by Patricia's large teats as the older woman shoved her rack upwards, the college girl's grunts telling me she did not enjoy the sensation at all.

"Still not ready to give?" the blonde cooed, smirking at her young rival's audible discomfort and arching her back to stretch the brunette's tightly-packed flesh as much as possible. With a growl, Patricia forced those tanned orbs to rise toward Sabrina's face, causing the Beta O to wince visibly while she tried to push against the pressure.

"You really want me to flatten these little pillows in front of your stud?" the mature woman taunted with a vicious snarl. "We can both tell they're starting to go soft on you. Last chance to throw in the towel."

Sabrina's only response was a hiss, the brunette continuing to strain to wrench and push her boobs back down.

"Fine, have it your way... He's not going to be yours for much longer, anyway."

The pained expression on my girlfriend's face turned into one of enraged fury almost instantly. With a mighty shove, she at last managed to slide her sore, sweaty boobs around and across the cougar's expansive mammaries, each set now molding to the other with deliciously lazy suppleness.

The fighters' gazes were locked together as they began to slowly thrust their full, heaving chests against one another, each female grunting and gasping with every pass. I could see Patricia's weighty jugs bounce and wobble a bit more obviously than Sabrina's, but the voluptuous housewife responded by tightening her grip, the increased pressure compressing their combined mass of titmeat further. I watched my girlfriend roll her shoulders to the right, trying to pull her boobs through the opposing rack, but the blonde quickly caught on to her plan and followed her example. Soon both women were mirroring each other, their large, full breasts rubbing and pushing over and under their rivals.

"I'm gonna fucking bury you and your saggy tits, skank," Sabrina snarled, her dark eyes appearing to burn with barely-controlled anger as she stared at the buxom older woman. She didn't stop grinding, though, and actually seemed to be pushing her chest forward with even greater ferocity as the brunette sought to overpower the milf's best assets with her own bust.

I could hear a small, breathless moan leave Patricia's lips while her ample mammaries reshaped against the brunette's, their thick, well-seasoned titflesh straining to hold off my girlfriend's firm college-babe boobs. To my immense arousal, they did appear to do just that, the larger pair continuing to resist Sabrina's efforts to take over the space between them. I could see each set of boobs getting pushed in noticeably, the females' ample chests appearing to compress and spill away to the sides.

I was so ready to fill this milf's pussy with my hot, fertile young spunk. She could have every last drop for all I cared. I just needed to cum. So. Fucking. Bad.

Their combined mass of flesh trembled enticingly as the brunette, looking more and more frustrated, tried to pump her tits into Patricia's with vehemence. The mature blonde's jugs bulged out, jiggling wildly and yielding a bit, and I watched my girlfriend's lips curl into a smirk as her dense, nubile breasts at last appeared to be starting to burrow into the opposing pair. The older woman looked down as well, perhaps feeling her large, heavy breasts move more freely than before, I thought. That notion was quickly dispelled, however, since Patricia returned Sabrina's smile, looking confident. Her boobs only obliged for a moment before repelling the brunette's invasion attempt and starting to regain their impressive, full shape, the dense inner tissue refusing to budge.

The sorority girl huffed, her own smirk faltering a bit, and a powerful counter-thrust from the voluptuous housewife wiped it from her face completely. It didn't deter the brunette's efforts down at bust-level, though, and I watched Sabrina keep drilling her breasts into the blonde's, grinding those firm orbs against Patricia's mature mounds. The cougar matched her efforts eagerly, each big, meaty jug mashing into their more compact coed counterpart with rhythmic thrusts. The intimate attack caused my girlfriend's boobs to bend and morph visibly, yielding precious real estate to the milf's much-older mammaries as they struggled - and failed - to maintain their usual rounded shape against the pressure. Sabrina's face, likewise, was not quite able to hide her discomfort.

Both women were rubbing their breasts against their opponents' teats with growing urgency, each powerful pair straining hard to gain dominance over its rivals. I could see their busts melding into one single mass of tender, freely wobbling titflesh, and as the fighters felt their proud, bountiful boobs squeeze together tightly, their loosened flesh spreading out in a truly delicious manner, a pained, guttural moan escaped the lips of one woman.

Both exhausted females had closed their eyes, panting in the embrace while their sweaty-looking foreheads hovered barely an inch or two apart. As I brought my gaze back down to their chests, it looked like my girlfriend's breasts had almost disappeared into the blonde's ample rack, Patricia's thick, plentiful flesh surrounding them from all sides and hiding their contour from view. My cock was pulsating violently in my pants as I began to realize that Sabrina's pert young tits must have finally collapsed under the strain from their weightier rivals, their dense tissue breaking down and deforming as the blonde's mighty breasts squished the smaller set against my girlfriend's chest, enveloping as well as eclipsing Sabrina's perfect boobs.

But to my confusion, the cougar's tired face did not turn into one of smug, victorious triumph, nor did the brunette's strained expression seem to project shock, disbelief or horror. Ever so slowly, Patricia's eyes slid open, and her gaze lowered to their sweaty breasts. I watched the mature woman's blink slowly, appearing somewhat disoriented, and then let out a shuddering gasp. Her younger rival, on the other hand, took a deep breath. I could see that Sabrina's eyes remained closed while she gently massaged her breasts against and into the blonde's substantial mammaries. The rounded shape of my girl's boobs was distorting visibly as shoved her chest forward, but Patricia's larger mounds actually ballooned out, flowing backward and parting for the smaller set. The older female moaned, gurgling in both pain and surprise at how her full, meaty breasts suddenly seemed to fold, giving way to another woman's best assets.

With every push and shoulder-roll from my girlfriend, Patricia's tenderized teats appeared to lose more ground, the tide progressing with each wobble between their racks. Sabrina's set pressed further forward, while the blonde's breasts widened and flattened, slowly mushrooming to the sides. All our eyes were glued to the scene as those thick, ample jugs seemed to compress and open up, the larger set of breasts allowing Sabrina's denser orbs to nestle deeper into them, their structural integrity softly fading away. The brunette continued to grind their busts together, watching the milf's mature mounds mold to her own, smaller but less pliable boobs as the tan titmeat inexorably pressed the opposing mass of flesh flat against Patricia's ribcage.

The busty cougar actually whimpered as she felt her tits fail her, those once-impressive globes splaying out and melting around the brunette's supple breasts. Sabrina took in the sight in silence, a small but satisfied smile playing on her lips. Her own breasts weren't retaining their once-pert, now rather plump and ripened shape all that well either, but the difference was clear. My girlfriend showed no mercy as she kept sinking her boobs into Patricia's loosened, freely-shaking teats, methodically dismantling the last remaining pockets of resistance inside them. I watched Sabrina shuffle her big breasts up and down, the blonde's flesh rippling and waving around, and
admired how the milf's vanquished titmeat appeared to simply ooze away, looking totally wiped out.

"Oh fuck yes..." I was barely able to make out my girlfriend's half-sigh, half-murmur, and noticed that her words appeared to have broken the spell; the brunette's expression of relieved fascination was rapidly giving way to one of glee and spite.

Finally lifting her gaze to her rival's face, Sabrina made a show of pushing her tits forward in one last gentle, steady thrust and impaling the buxom housewife's pride and joy with her own pair. Patricia's big, plentiful teats obliged, welcoming the brunette's set in without much opposition and appearing to collapse almost completely.

"Well? How do you like my firm, young boobies now, bitch?" Sabrina whispered, her face a mask of clearly discernible vindictiveness. "They just pressed your arrogant old hangers flat."

"Or maybe you'd like to feel it again?" she asked venomously, now smirking. "Your weak, mushy sacks giving up the fight and pancaking against mine?"

Patricia's dazed gaze drifted back down as Sabrina pushed her boobs into the blonde's malleable chest, spearing the larger set of mammaries and causing their flesh to spill around her own tits. She slid her boobs from side to side, rubbing in her dominance by forcing the milf's beaten udders to conform to her every whim. My girlfriend's grin was positively menacing as she positioned her breasts underneath Patricia's, making them jiggle for a moment before shoving up. She kept them there, the older woman's best assets lifted in the air by a superior pair of college-babe boobs, before suddenly pulling away.

The cougar's tamed mammaries fell back with a wet slap, each mature breast looking red, droopy and lifeless. They sagged on her chest much more obviously than before, emptied of their lush, meaty fullness and abundance, and appearing far less attractive than Sabrina's own, bruised but still relatively rounded teats.

"Now, describe to my boyfriend what you're seeing," the brunette snarled, her voice sharp and malicious as she brought her dusky orbs against Patricia's once more, thrusting forward just enough to elicit a muffled grunt from the beaten woman.

"Your firmer teen-tits are burying themselves into my soft and yielding chest," the blonde replied, gritting her teeth but playing her part dutifully. "Your perky breasts outlasted mine and turned these big, fat jugs to jelly."

"Too fucking right."

Sabrina surprised the cougar - and me, for that matter - by sending a small jab into Patricia's left teat. As the brunette's tan right boob landed against her defeated rival's flesh, a pronounced shockwave originated from the center of the reddened, droopy-looking mammary, appearing to spread outward in a storm of wildly-shaking ripples and wobbles. Sabrina landed another quick punch with her other tit to the blonde's corresponding breast, and snickered as she watched the older woman's best assets shake like two partially emptied water balloons. Patricia's face was frozen into a grimace, but she seemed determined not to award the brunette with a vocal reaction.

"And tell us, just why did my boobs flatten your wrinkly meat-sacks?"

The full gravity of her loss gradually settling in, the mature female sighed, narrowing her eyes at the dark-haired tormentor but also giving her a small nod of acknowledgement.

"You beat my overconfident udders because your young, firm boobs are stronger and nicer than mine. They squeezed the life out of my big, fleshy tits and reduced them to this liquefied mess," the blonde muttered, looking down and cupping her mammaries gently.

"I was a fool to think that these ripe old jugs could take on such an impressive pair as yours."

"Yes, you definitely were," Sabrina sneered, the corners of her mouth tugging slightly as she regarded the housewife with a smug, imperious expression. "Truly, with age does not come wisdom."

"Now, on your knees, granny," the brunette commanded, her voice smooth and silky. "You'll pay my boobs the proper homage with your tongue before I let my boyfriend shoot his spunk on those weak, droopy udders. Judging by the way he's squirming, he's been ready to go for a while now."

"If you so much as try to come near him after tonight," Sabrina added sharply, her tone gaining a harder egde as she leaned in towards the blonde. "I'll give your sad skank-udders the kind of beating they'll never recover from. I will pound your precious big tits to a pulp right in front of all your toy-boys, and make them watch as I make you crawl around the room on all fours like the floppy-titted cow you are, your loose, mangled mammaries drooping down and scraping against the floor."

"And believe me, the resulting carpet burns will be the least of your worries compared to all the other things I'll have on store for you," my girlfriend hissed, her tone low and her dark eyes flashing dangerously. She looked like a veritable goddess of vengeance just then.

"Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," Patricia replied curtly. Though her face was impassive, I could tell she took the brunette's warning seriously.

"Well, get on with the show then. You have a lot of licking and sucking ahead of you. My sore boobs deserve a serious apology for the way you've treated them."

"If you make it good enough, I might even consider letting Kristian use his second load of cum to coat your face once we're all done. As a last farewell, you know," Sabrina smirked. "Bet your wrinkles could use the nutrients, too."

"Hmm, his second load? You seriously think he won't be on his fourth or fifth charge by then?" the voluptuous older woman murmured, sliding down languidly and starting to unbutton my girlfriend's jeans while her lips brushed against the skin of the brunette's left breast. "In fact, why don't we have a small wager?" she suggested in a purr, giving the dusky, sensitive tip a kiss and eliciting a breathless gasp from my girlfriend.

"If I can get both you and the stud off with just my tongue on your boobs, you'll let him fuck my pillowy-soft loser boobs with his big, hard cock afterwards?"

Without waiting for a reply, Patricia proceeded to begin ravaging Sabrina's teat with her mouth, the younger female's grunts and moans confirming that the milf was every bit as talented at licking breasts as she was at fighting them. The busty blonde suckled on my girl's tan orbs with gusto, leaving strings of saliva hanging off each one as she switched from one to the other with more and more vigor. She had Sabrina panting in no time, and I could see my girlfriend's sleek thighs begin to quiver slightly. My painfully engorged member, for its part, was pulsating like crazy in my pants, and I knew I wasn't going to last more than a few seconds longer.

"Oh fuuuuuck," the college girl groaned, her hoarse voice sounding just as unsteady as her legs looked. I couldn't blame her. The mere thought of spurting my seed into the cougar's deep, ample cleavage was almost enough to throw me over the edge.
"You've got... yourself... a deal..." Sabrina managed to utter between shaky, rapidly intensifying gasps. "You fucking.... slippery... tongued.... o-old... w-whore..."

Oh yes. This was, without a shadow of a doubt, going to be the best night of my young life.


Happy holidays to all my esteemed readers!


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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Wow very nice happy holidays Augur
Looking to talk an find like minded friends and possibly have some good cybermatchs and im also fine with roleplay matchs


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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Epic as always.


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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You haven't gotten enough praise for keeping this series going. Thank you for the gorgeous stories - I really do love seeing how they proceed and how the various women joust for Alpha status. I thought Sabrina was going to fall a notch here, but it appears she had different ideas. Happy New  Year!


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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Excellent job, once again! I was rooting for the MILF, but this time Sabrina was just a little too much. Hope to see the Cougar making come back soon!


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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Cheers everyone, I really appreciate the feedback!

So this is how you imagine Sabrina from Jon Greys series? Nice. I like it. I am curious how you imagine Tiffany and Michelle.

I'd say she looks roughly like Sabrina as I've pictured her overall, but the most important area (boobs, obviously, lol) are extremely similar: a pair of natural, very firm and nicely-shaped 34Ds.

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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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do you have pictures of tiffany and michelle?


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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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Very close to what I call a perfect body. Who is this model?
Btw. I would love to know how you imagine Tifanny. Do you have some real life model who looks like Jons Tiff?

She's done some modeling under the name "Julia Assange", but is probably best known as "Kim-Ly" at Fighting Dolls (and DWW before that). And fully agreed on the perfect body note!  ;)

Unfortunately I haven't really come across a good 'double' for either Tiffany or Michelle yet.

(This girl, however, is pretty darn close to how I imagine Ginny from TA. If she had a bit more muscle on her, it'd be a match)
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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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You know Iris from Fighting Dolls? Nice boobies. A bit saggy but a pretty girl.

Oh yes, she's definitely got an impressive pair! Breasts don't need to be perky to be attractive...

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Re: A Tribute to Best Friend's Sister, Part 16
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congrats on job well done i like see patrica if anything form her own club for cougars
 just saying