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Annual thank you and top five

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Annual thank you and top five
« on: December 31, 2020, 06:57:33 PM »
Each year I do this and this year with 14 fights written there was some process of elimination.  There were seven fights that stood out more than the other seven so two had to go.  My best story of the year won’t be a shock.  I want to thank everyone for the views and likes.  2021 I’m hoping for 24 stories with some big ones.  The final fight between Renee O’Connor vs Victoria Pratt and for those back on K&G board they know that was my first real fight I wrote.   Most people are likely looking forward to Emma Watson vs Miley Cyrus and I am as well to be honest I love that pairing especially now that Miley is more respected.  I always thought they match up well. 

So, thank you all here is in my opinion my top five of 2020 with editorial notes
5) Eva Greene vs Katie Mcgrath:  When I thought of this match up, I thought it would be the most fun one to write but I couldn’t quite figure it out.  Part is Eva is so perfect looking imo.  I prefer Katie but holy crap Eva Greene oozes confidence.  I think this ended up being a solid fight that had the right ending.  You need to be special to beat someone like Eva Greene and as good as Katie is she simply cant quite do it.  I don’t think I have anything else planned for either
4) Kristin Kreuk vs Rachel Stevens
Same British Fight pit series and this fight delivered just what I wanted.  Two of my long-time favorites to write with completely different styles.  Rachel won and defended her friends honor in doing so but Kreuk was game the entire fight.  Like a wrestler vs a striker was what I wanted, and I think this went well for that.  Each woman will continue on in my writing
Less views than Greene vs McGrath but more likes
3) Chloe Bennett vs Emma Watson
My most views, my most likes and in a lot of ways my best executed story.   Exactly what I wanted in the story.  A strategic Emma Watson knowing she didn’t have the skill level but had the experience.  What happened after the fight though is what has me eager.  I loved writing Miley vs Emma the first time and the rematch what is written so far I love.  I love it like I loved writing others who have numerous fights.  It’s a narrative that I think will have a lot of fights with them and I hope its unpredictable each time

2)  Jessica Lowndes vs Vanessa Hudgens rematch

I had to give these two a quick shot because that tournament bummed me out.  This was a fight like Kurylenko vs Alexander I wanted to give more time to and boy howdy did I like the result.  Was it the longest…nope.  Did it need to be…nope.  It was two women who liked fighting to hurt trying to hurt the other.  I like writing them and can’t ever see them getting that crazy length some others get.  Quick, hard and violent is these two when they fight along with back and forth.  I’m hoping for two fights each with these women in 2021 maybe not against each other but interested in watching the other.
1)   Aubrey Plaza vs Janet Montgomery
Shocker that this takes top spot.  Really it shouldn’t be using the number 1 but instead !.  Lots of work went into this and I love writing them.  From the first fight to this one this has been my all time favorite pairing.  I thought it would be Rose Leslie as Janets all time on sight rival but nope.  I thought Jena Malone for Aubrey but nope.  Anytime I write these two I love it.  I flip flop on a winner and to this day with the many Janet Montgomery fights I wrote its Aubrey plaza who has the cleanest win over her.  They wont match up in 2021 and they will be both getting other opponents but the on sight hate they have.  I cant replicate with other opponents.  The back and forth equality and refusal to lose has been damn near impossible. 

Lots of views and likes for this one.  That truly was appreciated

In 2021 the Curry vs  Keibler rematch will happen.  The top five I hope will be even harder to pick