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LeatherFighter - Punishment

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LeatherFighter - Punishment
« on: January 17, 2021, 05:32:15 PM »
Punishment. Video # LF051

Product length: 19:19 minutes

This story begins at the moment when a dancer brings a rich client to her house, solders him to drink in order to take possession of his money and things. She takes gold, money, watch and pours acid on his face.
From a handsome man, he turns into a creature that is scary to look at. Now he is forced to escape his work, home and hide and hide from human eyes in basements and abandoned houses, and on the street to appear only at night in a mask.
He promises to find her and avenge the harm and suffering caused to him.
And our dancer, meanwhile, lives an ordinary life and is still looking for the same rich clients in order to twist them and take all the money.
After a while, she gets punished as her client finds her. But she does not immediately recognize him and the harm that she caused, but then she remembers and laughs loudly right into his twisted face. She takes pleasure in the sight of his suffering and the sight of a destroyed man. She punches on him furiously again and again.
But although he lost his attractiveness, his strength remained. He manages to turn away from her last blow and inflict multiple retaliatory blows, one by one. Now they have reversed roles and she turns out to be his victim.
He delivers crushing blows to the body, face, stomach. The girl screams, moans and falls eventually, so that he finished her unconscious.
But he is not going to stop, everything wakes her up and shakes her while she lies unconscious. She wakes up only to experience new blows on herself, new pain and again lose consciousness.
He punches her in the stomach, kicks her multiple times in the crotch, punches her in the chest and face, she keeps coming to her senses and trying to break free and scream until he hits her body with crushing blows, eventually suffocating her.
In the end, she is violently attacked and completely unconscious.
A police siren is heard outside the window … He runs away leaving her lying on the floor, completely out, with his arms and legs spread wide, but he promises to come back for her and take revenge.

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