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Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)

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Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« on: January 29, 2021, 03:53:25 PM »
Chapter 2 Taking the Fight to them

The days after her and Gina fought again, Peggy was sure the knock on her door was coming any day, but Gina was beaten and though she never refused a fight either ,Gina was like Peggy and the thought of her rival winning another catfight and tearing her nipples again, well Gina needed to rethink her desire especially after yet another loss to the Queen, Peggy was lost in thought when Joe and I came by, i saw something was up and she and i went to the patio to talk.

I knew instantly by how swollen her breasts were mom had a fight recently, “So mom before you start i just need to ask, who was she?”, Mom smirked, ‘well i can’t hide what i do or when from you , it was Gina”, i nearly fell off my seat, my mouth dropped open, she smiled and purred, “ohhh its ok my tits beat hers again and i milked her like the cow she is”, i still was stunned i saw how much Gina was like mom when a fight or chance to came, she wouldn’t just stop, “so mom when are you both settling it again?”, Peggy looked out in the yard then back at me, “well Amber thats the issue i been waiting 3 days now , she promised she and i were going to fight again, but since i beat her tits she hasn’t come back , yet anyway”.

My eyes widen , “but mom thats a good thing isn’t it? i mean i know you really kicked her as last time but why be upset if she wants more or not?”, Peggy breathed in deep, “well Sweetie i been thinking with all the money i have from the club now and i won , i was going to travel some and have fun, but if i leave her and i settle it we both know what i will come home to, and there is no one i know that can handle that wild bitch like i have even in my loss to her i gave it back”, i saw mom’s point , the women she would leave to watch her town just in case were worthy fighters but against gina none would last long, and for mom to travel an come back home to fight to get her town back would be a lot at her age now especially against a crazy bitch like Gina, but yet i felt like this recent loss unannounced took to Gina like  deep gut punch and she was off licking her wounds , whatever the case i had to convince mom to take this trip while she was still both young enough fit and on top.

We chatted about it a while and i could see Peggy was waiting for that door bell to ring and Gina waiting to for her to step out and fight, i knew it was something that Bitch would do and mom expected it , thats why she was dressed to fight not to go out, after a while i explained to her that she can’t wait for the Gina’s of the area to come looking and expect the Queen home , you earned all you have you deserve to enjoy it, these jealous women will either move on or be here when you get back, she thought a moment then looked at me, “i have one other issue”,  i thought mom was going to say another fighter but she stunned even me.

She looked at me and called Joe out to join us and then said, “i have the money i want you to join me , we are going to visit Switzerland, Greece, Germany Italy, please say you will come”, Joe and i were stunned and smiling as we burst out , “YESS WE Will”, now yes i knew my mother might have a spat or two while away but i never expected this to become a trip to find her hardest fights thus far, to be honest it was tucked way in the back of my mind as i could only dream of the Europe travel we were set to go on.

We knew the trip was going to be warm and Peggy made sure to pack her best bras, and outfits and bikinis as well as lingerie , i can’t wrap my head around her knowing where or who to look for but i was sure if a woman was out there wanting to fight hard and an equal Peggy was the one that was going to step up, we all get on the plane and take off i was beyond excited and Mom was smiling as well, Joe had seen a few places over here while he served so he was happy but not over the top as much as i was, the flight was long and  Peggy was reading a few areas she wanted to visit the most, during the over night flight Peggy got up to use the ladies room her tight zip front sweat jacket and red bra under it were making her swelling bust ready to be set free, i was listening to  music and nearly everyone was else was asleep.

I didn’t notice at first but when mom didn’t return right away i started looking at the curtain between us and first class i saw mom’s heels as she was standing just behind it and her right hands claws were holding the frame of the cabin, i saw another set of heels not exactly mom’s style but then it hit me they were of the stewardess for first class, i watched and waited then the curtain parted and Peggy a smirk was heading back, i looked past her and i saw this busty brunette stewardess pulling the curtain back, she watched Peggy return to her seat then Peggy unzipped her hoodie top her red bra was strained to the limits she turned to look back at the stewardess, who looked about then nodded.

Peggy opened her carry on fixed her hair a bit then pulled her ticket for the return flight home out, i grabbed her hand, “what are you doing ?” in a huffed whisper, Peggy a smile now leans to my ear, “her and i are going  to chat a bit if i win we are flying home first class courtesy of  Cara up there”, i look at mom, “and if you don’t win?”, Peggy swallowed softly , “well lets just say i will owe her the price of airfare home and i’l have to service her, be back in a bit”, Peggy carried her jacket her red bra cups were being over flowed, as she walks toward the curtain i see the stewardess un button her white blouse her cream bra was over flowing as well, she inhaled in pride as she showed them off to Peggy both women pause at the curtain and bump their bra cups then i see the airline worker offer Peggy to walk up the steps to the jets suite, as Peggy heads up Cara looks back at me and smiles then winks, she shuts the curtain and heads up as well.

I was beside myself i saw Cara for a second but she was at the very least an F cup if not more, i had to try to see if this woman was as good or better than Peggy, i eased up and snuck to the curtain , no one else was about so i eased up the steps , as i get to the top landing i see al the other female stewardesses in the suite and in the middle was Peggy and Cara, as i get to the top one sees me and she whispers, “you know her?” i nodded , “yeah that my mother”, she smiles, “stay out of it and stay quiet and you can watch, by the way our Cara there never loses”, i look at the stewardess and i grin , “neither does my mother”, she looks at me then licks her lips and slowly i see her whisper to one other about mom then it goes around he room.

I stood just behind her as i looked in at the two fighters standing staring, Peggy in her red bra and jeans and heels and the stewardess in her skirt and cream bra , they were discussing rules and how the fight would go and the stakes and Peggy was so ready i think should would have agreed to any thing to fight this woman. the other stewardesses were smiling and al were expecting Cara to have Peggy weeping on the rug in minutes, Cara i learned later was 5’8” 145 pound and a very full firm 38F, with jet black hair that was to her shoulders and up at the back of her head, she also was only 40 years old to Peggy’s 59 turning 60 before the trip was to end,  the age difference had me concerned but then again Peggy only looked 45 at best herself, i heard Cara say to mom, “so we agree tit to tit and then hands on till one gives, loser pleases winner and gets milked agree?”, Peggy a smirk, “agree and we also agree to start with nipples and hair holds are allowed yes?”, Cara breathes in “Agree “.

Cara was greek on her return flight home and as both women agreed to the rules and style after agreed on they both start to strip to their thongs, once done each woman reaches back and starts to unclasp her bra, they stare with that (i got her beat ) look as each clasp is popped open , then the elastic sides spring open and slowly they both ease the bras off and show them off then hand their bra to the closest woman to hold, their large round firm breasts sway free and both take a moment to pose their proud assets off to all watching and each other, then both caress their mighty weapons in hand as they massage the bra lines free and then each sets her hands on her hair as Cara smiles, “Fight me”.

Peggy was always a bit sly at first meetings and she arches up her round firm 36 Gs stand out as they draw in , both widen their stance and Peggy shimmies slow, “Fight me”, they breath in and Peggy takes a risk and starts the war, she doesn’t try to tease her new rival she stabs her nipples head on to Cara who sharply breathes in, “oohhhh” then Peggy starts to flick and dab her stiff nipples at her rivals, “mmm uhnn uhn uhn cmon “, Cara watches and feels the instant attack, “mmmm ohh uhmmff mff ohh cmon then”.

Everyone looks on as Peggy is bringing the fight to Cara and while i hate seeing it , inward i am screaming for mom to beat her, almost as much as i am worried as mom rarely did well in nipple duels, the suite cabin was quiet as all watch and the only noise was the hot breathing of both women, and the feint fleshy sound of nipples flicking back and forth, both women started excited but as the minutes click off both start to feel and see their nipples get stiffer and redder , their aureola’s are now so swollen as well they seem to grow outward extending their nipples out more, Peggy is squirming a bit and  i can’t tell if she is doing any harm to her rival, Cara seems to be in a slow motion as if letting Peggy do her best and waiting to end the duel once she is worn out a bit.

both women groan as they flick sharply then poke their broad tips at the others nipples and the base, you have to look to see the effect it has ,b ut if you catch it you can see as the time passes each jabbing poke at the nipples base gets a more defined dimple at the base, causing the stiff nipples to point off to the left or right or down, it isn’t super painful, but as your nipples ache it can make you feel it as well as loosen the stiff pegs to be bent back or inverted, the groans are louder as they whisper at the others face, “uuhh Bitch fight’, Peggy right back, ‘Uwww ughh cmon then fight mine Bitch”.

The flicking and head on stabbing gets a bit faster as does the breathing, both women straighten their frames up right and arch pushing out their breasts and stiff nipples to take on the others, the quicker they flick they become more intense and now they start to shift about the small room never easing off the other, they grip their own hair as the duel picks up pace and soon they are jamming their nipples  into the others and both of them pant heavy, looking at their faces while both grimace Peggy is easily forcing Cara about, the other women seem to be a bit concerned and the one i am next to smirks, “your girl looks to be in trouble”, i purred softly, she leans to me, ‘ohhh she does but yours is trying to hard”, i look back in at th duel and i see Peggy press Cara to a wall and she inhales as her nipples are jabbing in at Cara’s , i see Cara suck in a deep breath and she manages to spin Peggy and pin her to the wall then she seems to let loose , “Cmon bitch i’ll push your nipples in”, Peggy pants back, ‘uuuhhh ohhh you Bitch uuggnnn “.

Peggy arches on the wall her breasts rise and press out Cara rolls her shoulders and has a look of it is over on her face as she lines up her nipples to Peggy’s and they touch they both freeze then slowly Cara presses into Peggy, they press and press till aureolas meet then seem to seal together then both women let out a hiss at the feel , they glare in the others eyes then everything stops, other than their equal breathing and bodies tense up as they bulge their big breasts at the aureola’s , everyone watches to see which was inverted now ,then softly and slowly it is over as Cara hisses at Peggy’s face, ‘Shall we see ?”, Peggy nods, ‘Love to”.

They lock eyes as each sucks in a deep breath, then Cara slowly eases from Peggy , more and more their aureola’s come to view then the base of the nipples, they Cara steps away as Peggy arches of the wall, they listen to the women watching before looking, as they glare both in pride as if they won, they hear a few murmurs and a gasp, then Cara and Peggy caress their breasts to the nipples and both are stunned so much so they both look down and see each is partially inverted not fully but no doubt about it, Cara inhales with what pride he can, “well its a draw”, Peggy both angry and relieved “Seems it is”.

All the stewardesses are a bit taken back their so called champ was just matched in her fight and they are not use to it, Cara was a bit red in the cheeks obviously she wasn’t either, Peggy knew she wasn’t great at this duel but she was use to a win or loss not a draw so she was a bit put off by it as well, they pull apart fully and take a minute then stare at the other again, Cara inhales “well Bitch you want that titfight now?”, Peggy inhales, “oh i so do Bitch” then she shimmies sexy and slow , Cara does the same, hands go to hips now as they point their breasts ahead at the other and walk into each other.

The Clop is solid and neither pauses as they instantly start to drag their breasts hard and firm, both grunt as it starts so fast, Peggy is rolling and pressing in and up as Cara is dragging to the sides, “Bitch fight my tits”, Cara “ohhh uumff cmon bitch put those tits up”, every one watches as if they are seeing their girl fight for the first time ,yet as if Peggy was expected to be dominated right out of the gate, but as the two fighters stand face to face , their large round veiny breasts bulge, swell, splay, and get either pushed or pulled on their chests, the only movement are shoulders and backs driving their full heavy mass into the others and trying to cause reddening , swelling, soreness and that undeniable deep ache that comes from a extended breast fight.

Neither will allow a gasp as first then the other drives, drags and presses firmer and more often to her rivals breasts, after 15 minutes the deep constant abuse while slow and timed is every bit taking a tol on each of their glands, tendons , ligaments and chest wall, breathing increases into moans and faster tha each hoped groans as they refuse to retreat  step, the firm clops of breasts colliding is filling the room as the rest watch eyes wide and brows up, you can look at each one and se in their eyes the silent cheer for who they want to see win, my own eyes and clenched fingers do the same as i am telling my self ( cmon mom ruin her tits go at her), the stress is nearly unbearable.

Slowly now as the jealous hate builds between these busty women you can see the age vs the experience come to light, Cara starts to put more effort into going into Peggy’s tits while Peggy allows a certain amount of attack but still keeps her rival at bay, both women start to react more as breasts get swelled and red and looser as they go as firmly against the others as they can, Peggy starts to roll and lift her shoulders now and her firm heavy G’s are pushing Cara’s across her chest , Cara can feel it and is looking to get under Peggy but Peggy is to well versed to let this younger woman play her that easily, Peggy pumps firm and head on into Cara as he drags low, ‘CLOP rings out and Peggy groans ,”nmmmm ohhhh yess feel me Bitch my tits are ready to hurt yours’, Cara gulps inward and pants hotly outward, “Uuhhh Bitch oh you cow”.

Peggy is timing her attacks now and each starts to shift Cara on her stance, as he forces her to step and spin and retreat her breasts are left open to regain her stance and each time Peggy is in her space and is plunging, pumping and shoving her fuller tits in hard, ‘’ nmmff mmff mmfff Fight Bitch cmon”, Cara rolls her eyes back, “Uuggg Uughhnn Ohhh Bitch my tits uunnn’’, their flesh starts to glisten and the thwack and clops of flesh are louder, firmer, and become even more frequent, Peggy is becoming the aggressor now , ‘Cow? you silly Bitch i am the one going to milk you and smother that over made up Face Bitch’’.

Cara is being pushed about and the other women who have watched her destroy busty women look on in awe as Peggy is bullying her about the suite, faces are wide eye and mouth shock as they see Cara is being worked, Peggy staying so close to her retreating rival is getting in solid drags, smears, pumps and side to side dragging collisions, Cara is panting hard and her shoulders are rowing forward as the touch is hurting, Peggy huffs deeply, “cmon Bitch give or fight lets hear it”, Cara is in trouble and knows it, “uughhh uummfff Bitch not to you Cow ohhhh mmff mff”, Peggy gives a sharp side to side and Cara digs deep, she steps at Peggy unexpectedly their big tits crush into others then as they pull apart a bit Cara starts to shimmy and sway her big tits , mmff mfff mff put em up Bitch lets use these tits”, Peggy inhales, “ohhhh you wanna titbox as well , nmm cmon put em up Bitch”.

Cara sucks in a deep breath then head on her breasts crush into Peggy’s the move forces Peggy back a step then Cara starts to pummel her tits across Peggy’s, Peggy rows her back as her tits being hit fill the room, SLAP CLAP,CLOP,SMACK, Cara is going at Peggy like a boxer hammering in rib blows, “Cmon,Cmon fight now Bitch”, Peggy is now moving about in retreat but still fighting and after another 15 minutes of even exchanges both women end up center room and pull hands behind them and start to go blow for blow with there breasts, the room fills with grunts and aches,and pained collisions, the exchange gets furious and both are giving and taking a lot of damage, Cara manages to back Peggy up now and Peggy has a mask of doubt and fear as her rival is going at her hard.

Cara suddenly twists her hips fast and her tits sway out and seem to double pound the open outer walls of moms breasts the collision had enough force Peggy was reared up and stutter steps backward, i nearly gasp as i hear a few stewardesses suddenly urge Cara on, “yesss get her honey beat her tits up go get her”, Cara fills with confidence as she knocks Peggy back, “Bitch stand and fight”, Peggy is swelling and its starting to hurt her deep, as Cara steps in Peggy braces everyone is sure another solid exchange and Cara has her rival, she storms at Peggy qwho sets her stance , Cara lifts her breasts and shimmies the as the women come into each other SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!!!!!!!, rings out, Cara is frozen in her advance her knees buckle and as she screeches out, “AAWWWW my tits!” her body falls forward from momentum, she drops on her knees and is on all 4’s Peggy breathing heavy struts around her rival, “Get up or give up Cow now”, Cara looks down, gasping in agony and doesn’t reply, Peggy grabs a fistful of hair from the top and hangs her rival by it, “wanna titfight me or not?”, Cara winces her breasts sway and droop freely “awwww no no more i give  i give” Peggy sneers and mounts her back, then roughly starts to grope, knead , squeeze and abuse her rivals breasts as deep as she can, loudly she humiliates Cara as her friends look on in shock,  ‘Give me that milk COW CMON”.

All Cara can do is rear up on her knees and take the abuse as slowly droplets start to fall from her nipples ,she winces and rolls her head about in aching dee pain ,”Ohh owwww you Bitch My tits stop aaghhhhh uughhh Let go”, Peggy a savage smirk, ‘Say it Bitch or ill keep going”, Cara nods as tears drop, “OK OK I GIVE YOUR TITS ARE BETTER PLEASE STOP”, Peggy drops her rivals breast and stands up and hands up over head smiling struts about the room, her full firm red slightly bruised breasts standout and ready , then she sets hands to hips as she waits to see if Cara wants to go on as they agreed.

Cara slowly stands as milk runs down her breasts and tummy she is red in the face as she opens her hands to go on, Peggy shakes her head then opens her hands as they step into the other, hand slap on to breasts and instantly hey are kneading, squeezing and twisting breasts deep as they can, Peggy breaths in, it hurts her swollen breasts but Cara stiffens her body as she shakes her head no, “aaaghh owwww Bitch my tits”, Peggy grabs tighter, “Give or ill hurt your tits Bitch cmon”.

They walk each other about for just under 15 minutes as Cara has more milk running down her body , her tears start as she winces and tries to last then she pulls free and turns from Peggy, Peggy grins and presses her warm tits to Cara’s bare back and her hands cup Cara’s as she starts to pull deep and hard, “Cmon Bitch give or i’ll hurt your weak tits’,  Cara shuts her eyes the pain is to much , her breasts turn purple as finger marks turn black and blue, her hands try to pry Peggy’s off, her co workers ar stunned and hint for her to stop, finally Cara cries out, “OK OK ENOUGH I GIVE STOP MY TITS OWWW I GIVE”, Peggy crushes Cara’s tits together and drops them then struts about again a huge smile hands over head as her firm G’s jostle in place.

Cara slips to her knees cupping her hurt tits as her co workers start to leave and shake their heads no as if Cara was just lucky or fought lesser women before tonight her reputation stripped as they watched, Peggy with full pride starts to get dressed as she takes Cara’s bra for herself along with her own, as her jeans are on Peggy smiling looks at Cara get up and ease her skirt on the slight sway of her loose breasts hurts as she glares at Peggy and she back.

Both are still topless as all the women leave and Peggy waits she knows Cara has a desire just what she has yet to know, the suite empties out as i hold thee door partially closed but still see in, Peggy cocks her hip, “something else on your mind Honey?”, Cara inhales slow as it hurts, “you might say that one last round?”, Peggy drops the bras, “name it”, Cara shakes out her hair, “till one gives?”, Peggy shakes her out, “mmm love to”, they snarl lips open hands and lunge into each other the CLOP of breasts crushing is solid as they stab fingers in others scalp and are ripping at each others scalp,

They growl in others face, “cxnt Bitch cmon “, grunting snarling through the torrid hot and burning agony in scalps, they stagger about the room now in a fight, shaking each others head like rag dolls as their swollen sore tits rub and smear , Cara grabs deep at the back of Peggy’s scalp and YANKS , Peggy forced to stare up gasps, ‘AAwwww aghhh Bitch”, Cara shoves and pulls Peggy in reverse as Peggy grabs at the temples of Cara’s hair and pulls down, both women gasping as they curse the other”fucking bitch cmon, ‘bring it cxnt i’ll bald you”.

Cara was not ready for Peggy , and worse she was tired and drained already, Peggy was to strong and ready for this fight, as they yank each other about, Cara starts to weaken fast, Peggy grabs her rival by the top of her hair and spins her the momentum causes Cara to fall on her knees and Peggy pounces on her back, Cara loses her grip to try to stop from being shoved face first on the rug, Peggy smiles evilly as she looks at he back of Cara’s head and twist a fist full up and pulls back and up bending Cara in half and her mouth drops open in pain as tears start to run she whimpers out, “STOP STOP I GIVE PLEAE STOP”, Peggy gives her head a savage shake and releases then stands up, she takes the bras and puts her top on and hisses at Cara, “Have my upgrade by the time we land bitch or I’ll finish this Got it?”, Cara holding her scalp nods as she cries. Peggy softly swaggers back to the seats, her nipples steely stiff tent her blouse as she has both bra’s in her hands, she smiles and winks at me, “First Class on the way home Sweetie”.

We landed and as we departed the plane Cara took our return tickets and stamped the upgrade on all three, they glared at each other and Peggy purrs, “Thank you i do hope the flight back is as well equipped as this one or maybe better?” Cara turned red in her face as every other stewardess knew as well as she did Peggy just openly humiliated her again and Cara had to swallow this one, we took a cab to the hotel and on the way Peggy asked the driver about some of the less touristy spots a woman might find action, the driver took a detour to downtown and slowly drove by a few alleyways and clubs that were obvious on the rough side, Peggy smirked then told the driver she wanted a more refined status but one that wasn’t afraid to get rough, the drive nodded his understanding as she flashed her veiny abundant cleavage, and we soon were at the hotel and the driver wrote down a number and a name and said to call her and arrange what you like, Peggy added 10 to the tip and we checked in.


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Re: Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2021, 06:42:25 PM »
"...and smother that over made up Face Bitch’’ As always Peggy's classic catty remarks, no one like her can offend and insult other women. So glad to see the amazing Peggy back!


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Re: Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2021, 05:49:33 PM »
Very good. Looking forward to this European tour of titfights. Then finally Peggy vs Gina fight for all the marbles.


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Re: Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« Reply #3 on: January 31, 2021, 12:49:09 AM »
Im looking forward to peggys europe tour   ;D many girls with big titts there ???? its another world


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Re: Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2021, 11:22:25 AM »
Great job! I loved the fight against the stewardess in the flight. Maybe there is a busty receptionist at the hotel welcoming them... what an interesting trip this would be.


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Re: Chapter 2 take the fight to them ( Peggy)
« Reply #5 on: February 02, 2021, 03:37:56 PM »
Brilliant story
A flight to remember
Can’t wait for more