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Chapter 3 First night in Greece

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Chapter 3 First night in Greece
« on: February 03, 2021, 12:32:21 AM »
Chapter 3 First night in Greece

We had adjoining rooms and before i even unpacked i knocked and enter Mom’s room, she was in her thong and the same blouse open to just cover her stiff nipples, she was getting her stuff put away and her phone was out ,she looks at me, “Whats up Honey?”, I stepped in more, “mom are you going to fight and if so when?”, Peggy smiles “listen honey i plan to enjoy my trip and i want you both to as well, so don’t worry about me and what i might or might not do, you know about me well enough to know i won’t bother if its not worth my time or to to dangerous, but hey cmon your mama is aQueen you know i need it as much as these Euro bitches , so i have a little extra fun taking bras who will it hurt “ she winks then nods for me to go as she picks up her cell.

I started to shut the door then i hear her, “Yes i am looking for Helena please’, I pretend the door shuts then i open it just enough, “Yes Helena, I am an American here on vacation but i am so in need of some shall we say Woman to woman competition, and  a cab driver said to call you, ..Oh yes i can agree to ANY style any place as long as neither of ends up in prison....yes i have a laptop we can definitely chat on line and discuss ANY style if not more than one... i love stakes of course.. that will be fine 9 pm tonight ..yes i have a pen go ahead, wonderful i will talk to you then”, she hangs up and is already humming.

I sat by Joe on the bed and he asked what was up, I told him he was hard in seconds, I was both ready to see Mom break these euro women , a bit curious if they might break her, and a bit concerned she might end up in bed for weeks or worse the ER here somewhere, Joe just told me what I knew, “it’s Peggy babe she wants a fight she is gonna fight , we can either spy on her later or just go take in the sights, besides she hasn’t cam chatted yet with this woman, so we have hours, lets go enjoy Greece, and knows maybe we can find a fight your mom, you have her bikini pic right, we see a woman measures up we can arrange it”, I laughed cause mostly Peggy would love that, but she had a date to cam and if the other woman was her equal or bigger Peggy was gonna fight, if not she is going to be on the hunt”.”

He was right  Peggy will if she wants or needs a fight will and if any woman while we are here dares challenge her she will get her fight so we might as well enjoy the time, we knocked on her door, “Mom? we are gonna go hit the sights you coming?”, Peggy was arched laying on her bed her top barely covering her stiff nipples, “nmm not today , you go have fun momma needs to rest a bit”.

We left her to nap i knew her cam chat wasn’t till 9 tonight but if this woman wanted at Peggy as hot as Peggy was to fight they could very well meet later and fight and she would need to be ready, Joe and i went bout our day and saw as much as we could lunch and then a late dinner we still were loving the first day and still had so much to see, as we headed back to the hotel we walked along the streets and realized we were getting into the bad area, we were in the cab, Joe saw a taxi and we got in, as we drove about Joe asked the driver if there was a place where fights took place, the cab driver with no clue who we were held out his hand , Joe gave him a 20, then opened my cell and showed Peggy’s picture, the cab driver got wide eye then nodded , he drove us to a late club called the Olympus, we went in and as we paid the driver he said to Joe, “you want to find Venus” he left and we went in, as we get a drink the bar was dimly lit and the center was like a ring minus the ropes , in greek the DJ announces a name Maria, then this sexy blue eyes woman about 5’7” 135 pounds walks out, she drops her robe and her figure was easily 38D-26-36, she walked as if on a cloud, she raised a hand and was wearing a toga, then he says “Venus” I was stunned, a woman 5’8’ 145 pounds blue eyes and  light brown hair walks out she looked to be as busty as Peggy and so curvy Joe even was looking at me and mouthed, “she is as big as Mom”, I nodded.

A bell rang and both women dropped their robes , they collided into each other and fell in the dusty pit style floor, they pulled hair and rolled a bit then being nude instantly started to trib, the woman we were told to find was on top and instantly was grinding the other woman , they were locked at the crotches and despite all her efforts the woman named Maria was being easily out tribbed, Venus was making her rival orgasm easily after the first two and she never lost top position.  Maria went from trying to beat  Venus, to being dominated and forced to lay under Venus as she continued to rule over her rival and make her force orgasm after orgasm, at 20 minutes Venus peeled her wet folds off Maria’s and stood over her, Maria was crying, slithering and every time she tried to get up had another orgasm, the bell rang and Venus smiled and grabbed her toga and changed then went to the bar.

Joe decided to approach her and after a brief intro he was talking to her about how she takes on other woman, Venus explained it often had to do with taking another woman’s man but she was willing to fight any woman, Joe showed her Peggy’s picture the woman stood straight up and asked where she was, Joe smiled and said he could have her here in a day or so but was it ok he took a picture of her to show Peggy, Venus opens her toga  and Joe clicks one then he tells her he will see her soon with Peggy.

We went back to our room and after a drink I went to check on Peggy, I softly opened the adjoining door and peak in , I see Mom at the desk in the room and she is wearing her ritual red robe and a thong , her firm full G’s are pressing the robe out to their shape and her nipples are already starting to tent , as she sends an email to the woman she was talking to earlier a simple , “i am on and ready when you are”, Mom looked over and smiled and asked how the day went,  i showed her a few cell pics off Joe’s phone and as she swiped through them she stopped at Venus’s pic, she stared her lips curled a bit, ‘’ Who is she?’, I smiled , “oh thats A woman we saw at a club , Joe found her and she saw your pic , she is eager to meet you, in case this other woman doesn’t workout “, Peggy hands me the cell back, ‘’Oh you tell Joe i am ready and willing, let me handle his one first”.

I am not sure what it was but as i returned to our room i shut the door and looked at Joe, he looks at me, “What up?, she ok with that other woman and her?’, I nodded slow then i purred, “Honey I think you just gave me a great idea, what if since Mom refuses to stop fighting still, you and i arranged her fights from here on out, make sure she doesn’t get in over her head but still has to put up a solid fight, I think if we find the right woman I can get Mom to hang her bra up and settle down with her title in tacked”, Joe stared at me, “Isn’t that the same as what your Dad did though/’, I shrugged, “Not really , i mean, he found cats for her to fight yes but he wanted her to lose or be ruined, I just want her to win now and find that achievement,  where she can say (i am done) or she will meet her match and want to, the difference we aren’t using her or cheating just finding equal quality fighters”, Joe sat up pulled me on the bed and devoured me as we  giggled he thanked me over and over then asked one favor of it, i said name it, he softly asked, “can i set your mom up to fight Beverly again, not for a town, or me or anything just the two of them for bras and milk?’,  i thought a second and nodded, “ of course baby”.

Peggy was in her room , i knew i distracted her but she was going on with her cam session with this woman the driver informed her about, I think like Joe and I mom was sure this woman wasn’t going to be a match or put up much of one but we both were wrong in the end, the computer screen flickers then clears and sitting there was a blonde woman very very sexy looking,  her name was Iris, she had dark roots and a few streaks through the blonde hair but her face was tight and cheek bones were sharp, her lips were tight over full and her neckline was as long as Peggy’s , her blue grey eyes looked at Peggy as Peggy stared back, each silently accepted the others very young features.

Iris clears her throat and in a greek accent , “How did you come to find about me?’, Peggy a smirk, adjusts her self in the seat, her heavy G’s still covered give a firm jostle enough for Iris to notice, her chin rises as she patiently waits for a reply, Peggy softly says, “we took a cab to the hotel and i asked where a woman like me could find the right kind of action to , match up to my own tastes he quickly wrote your number down and here we are”.

Iris smirks she knows the cab driver well , she met with his wife once and ruined her as he watched, “well i must remember to thank him next time i see him, that is if you are worth my time shall we discus this then?”, Peggy smirks sexy at her new rival, “oh well that is why i contacted you please by all means lets get this going i am eager to meet if all is what we hope”, Iris adjusts her camera and her tight olive skinned cleavage swelling in her white lace robe,she raises a brow as she shows Peggy she is busty, but Peggy thirsty of any busty woman ,she loves to have her G’s destroy any size, she adjusts her camera, her own tan but paler skin cleavage as tight and  full is swelling to be free in her red satin style kimono, her own brow raises and Iris sees the fleshy mountains with in the robe and knows the driver knew exactly where to send her to.

Peggy her confident grin purrs, “Still want to go on?”, Iris feels her cheeks get flush then inhales deeply, “of course”, both sit up more then Iris unties her robe and eases her robe down the shoulders and eases then off fully, her round olive colored breasts stand out, the veins a duller blue from her skin color, her dark aureola’s seem to pull out to a point, browned nipples thinner and sharp looking stand stiff, she shows them off modeling for Peggy, then she caresses her breasts, “nmm hope you can compare”, Peggy unties her robe and rolls her shoulders as the robe slips behind her, her 36G’s sway outward and her light tan aureola’s bumpy as her thick nipples stand out stiff, after showing all sides she caresses hers for Iris, “oh i think i more than match up don’t you?”, they glare at each other as Iris swallows her words.

Iris inhales , “have a tape measure Dear?”, Peggy eases one into view as Iris shows hers, they eases the tape around their bodies, Iris straightens her frame and pulls the ends in,  she slides the tape through her finger then aligns and shows Peggy the numbers as she slips the tape off she purrs, ‘well a full 38F”, Peggy aligns her tape shows the numbers and as her tape slides off she smirks, “well a full 36G”, Iris swallows , she can give Peggy a duel but the round fuller G’s look and seem firmer at the chest wall, Peggy has that  winners smirk, Iris does a sexy slow shimmy showing her firmness, as they jostle a bit,  Iris smirks in pride but when Peggy shimmies back and hers barely move as well, Iris shows a little concern but then Peggy arches and flexes her breasts as they lift then lower Iris couldn’t help but drop her lips open, Peggy purrs now, “nmmm how about you just have that bra dropped at my hotel”.

Iris knew she  was going to be in a fight but she was still a proud woman, she inhales and her tone has more of a hiss, “why would i do that ? i have fought larger busts before, when shall we do this?”, Peggy accepts her reply, she herself has beat fuller and if Iris is as good  as she says it will be interesting fight, “nmm sooner the better, how about Tomorrow night my hotel room around 8 pm?”, Iris breathes in, “that will be fine rules and stakes?”, Peggy breathes in , winner takes Bras and milks loser, rules no other contact than breasts to breasts, no hair no hugs agree?”, Iris tilts her chin up, “i agree, what Hotel are you in?”, Peggy tells her and the room number, Peggy asks, “attire?”, Iris stares a moment, heels and G string and bra under what ever you like”, Peggy nods , “see you then “.

The next day Peggy took in the sights with us, we had an amazing day, mom was smiling and showed no concern for the fight she was facing tomorrow or the one she wants with Venus at that club, she was here for a reason and was ready.

Friday Peggy lounged at the pool , then took a nap, her red g string, heels and bra were laid on the desk, she hung he red robe on the bathroom door, at 7:30 she was dressed and did her make up and hair pulled back, her body was ready as were her strong breasts , her nipples were tenting the bra and robe as she paced about then looked out over her balcony at the hills of Greece , her room phone rang, the desk calling to ask if a guest was expected, Peggy told them to send her up and she unlocked the door and opened it just enough Iris could enter.

Peggy waited by the sliding door of her balcony, then a soft knock, before she could say it is open, a black heel steps in, then a long olive skinned leg and finally the fur coat hiding the sexy outfit under it, Iris enters the room shuts the door and latches it to Do Not Disturb, then she enters and sees Peggy is dressed as agreed on and ready, Iris  sheds her coat near the door and exposes her jet black G string and bra and her fit figure though not nearly as fit as Peggy, her thick bush showing from the G string, her nipples like tiny dagger points tent her bra as her 38F breasts swell in the cups, Peggy strips off her robe as she shows her tone figure both women are mature and they stare reading the others eyes.

Peggy drops her robe behind her and steps the center of her room , Iris does the same, they compress against the others bra cups , breasts mushroom and swell up as then each reaches around the others back and unclasp the others bra, as they feel the straps go slack , their fingers ease the straps down to others elbows, then each eases away to allow the bras to be removed, they toss the bras to the side as they pose topless for the other, and eyes scan every inch of the others breasts.

I heard the door shut when Iris entered and i listened a moment, not hearing much i waited before i inched the adjoining door open to see, finally when i could,  i saw that they were standing on an angle and i could see both of their full breasts, Peggy eased her hands on her hair and did a slow shake showing the weight and firmness, Iris follows suit then she dares Peggy to start this fight nipple to nipple, i wanted yell no, but Peggy knowing she wasn’t the best at this area accepts, Iris inhales and they ease closer and start to rub and drag nipples at the other.

I watch but more so i watch their faces , each looks between them and at the other, the slow rubbing goes on, then Iris inhales and she flicks Peggy’s each way, then Peggy inhales and does it back, they sharply flick and each of them can feel the added arousal and tension as Nipples seem to grow longer, Peggy huffs, ‘cmon more’, Iris curls a lip, “Lets go then “, and she lines up to Peggy then stabs those thinner pointed nipples into Peggy’s.

Peggy straightens her body as her nipples are stabbed and pressed back, Iris instantly sees she scored going head on into Peggy, Peggy sucks in a breath, her cheeks swell out as she holds it in to avoid a reaction, but Iris knows she scored again as Peggy couldn’t stop from rolling her shoulders back to try to ease the pressure, Iris smirks she stabs in again then this time steps into Peggy, i saw her sharp nipples buckle Peggy’s thicker shafts in on themselves, Peggy purses her lips as she blows out the hot breath she was holding with an added, “uwwww ohhh”, Iris sneers now and hisses at Peggy’s face, “ohhh something wrong big girl hmm”?, “is Iris already hurting you? mmm cmon give so my tits can hurt yours”.

Peggy tries to squirm her shoulders to peel her nipples from Iris, but the greek fighter presses tighter and soon walks Peggy to a wall, her back on the wall, Iris slowly rolls, grinds and pins her nipples into Peggy’s, “i thought you could fight cow?, give now before i puncture your pathetic nipples”, Peggy turns her head slowly, “uuuhhhh Bitch ohhh uwww ssss oh your hurting my nipples ...uuughhhh ok ok i give your nipples are better”, Iris stabs in one last time then pulls free and turns to step back center room, she massages her stiff nipples as she watches Peggy have to coax hers back out, Iris smiling purrs, ‘sure you want to fight my tits? i don’t lose titfight Bitch, and i won’t stop till i hurt yours”, Peggy eases off the wall “oh you Bitch i want to fight your tits i don’t lose either and my tits are going to crush yours cmon”.

They set hands on hair again and arch pushing their tits outward, then it comes the sound i know as well as mom, CLOP, they jam tit to tit and start to grind and drag, unlike other breast battles Peggy has done where it took minutes to hear groans, as these two women grind breasts and refuse to ease up, Peggy and Iris are groaning from the feel of the others breasts pushing and pulling to force the others up,or back or to either side, Peggy huffs hotly ,‘Uuhhnnmmfff Bitch”, Iris rolls her head, “uuhhh mmfff ohhh you Bitch”.

Their bodies tighten as they swell,press,push,and stretch their firm round breasts across the others, both are breathing heavier than should be so soon into the duel, heels widen the long legs take a  stance as they try to force the other off balance to gain any little advantage, the veins of their breasts seem to bulge, get brighter then dull as flesh warps into giant mushroom shape and back to firm round shape.

Peggy seems to be struggling getting a good move on this new rival and Iris seems to strain to push Peggy’s bust, both are a bit stunned at the give and take over either getting an advantage, Iris huffs out heavy, ‘You Bitch bring your tits on cmon”, Peggy rolls her shoulders and uses them to drive her firm bust into Iris, “Cmon Bitch waiting for you to fight my tits before i beat you”, Iris eyes flash, “YOU BITCH”, she jams her tits head on into Peggy’s but Peggy’s breasts were off to her left side as she was dragging across Iris’s chest, the move caught Peggy’s breasts together at the side wall, and Iris plows in and as Peggy GASPS,  ‘UUUGHH OHHH YOU BITCH”, Iris steps into Peggy and starts to really press and drag and grind, “Cmon, More Bitch Feel my tits now hmm, Fight me”.

My eyes widen as did my mouth, but some how Iris was starting to bully Peggy bout the room, and Peggy while fighting back was feeling her rival and her breath was becoming heavier as she was doing all she could to stop Iris from pinning her to a wall or a corner where she could very well break Peggy down in under the typical hour she can fight, Peggy was retreating as they rolled and dragged their breasts as hard as Peggy did to Iris , she was going after Peggy harder, “You stupid Bitch fight my tits stop running like a school girl you cow”.

Peggy was angry more at herself , her rival was dominating this fight and very early into it, if she didn’t turn the tables soon Iris was going to beat her tits and solidly.

As i watch the fight going all for Iris i see Peggy is ready to drop her hands and defend her breasts, but there isn’t enough separation from Iris to get much of a hand on her rival without breaking their agreed on rules, Peggy shakes her head in disbelief, “uughh ughh mfff mff Bitch my tits ohhhh “, Iris hears Peggy , “thats it Cow give up say it or i’ll pound your fat tits with mine cmon give”, Peggy steps back again her big G’s are being shoved about and i see they are being worked looser as Iris is relentlessly attacking, Peggy starts to pant harder, “mmff mff mff mff ohh ughh ughh aghhh uumfff you Bitch oh my tits “, as Peggy retreats to keep the heavy pressure off Iris wants a straight up face to face titfight she grabs Peggy by the hips and starts to pump her tits left then right hard into Peggy’s, the clops are loud and solid as i see Peggy’s breast meat quake, “nmm yesss i am going to hurt your tits cow cmon “, Peggy steps back but this time her back bumps the wall, it was what Iris wanted.

Peggy gasps at the feel of the wall, her hands come apart to drop but Iris was ready for it , she grabs Peggy’s wrists and pins them on the wall, her right thigh steps in between Peggy’s thighs and she grits her teeth, “i am going to ruin your fat tits Bitch”,  Peggy squirms on the wall her mind is reeling it is all over her face how she is losing fast and easy to this woman, Peggy against the wall snakes her calf around Iris’s calf , Iris feels the leg and knows it can break her attack, she rolling pins the side wall of Peggy’s right breast with both her own, the right breast on Peggy looks to go near flat as it is ground at, Iris sneers, “uuhnn mm your breaking bitch i own you soon”.

Peggy was being handled for sure, something she was not use to at all, her head shook side to side against the wall as iris was smearing her breasts against Peggy’s, and getting them loose on her chest, it was obvious Iris knew how to titfight as well if not better than Peggy, slowly Iris starts to do a oblong roll up against Peggy, and the effect was stretching her breasts now, i saw her face and she was feeling the move as her lips purse, Ohhh uuughhhh Bitch”.

Iris in her motion against Peggy,  was taking her time beating the Queen at her own game ,the oblong up and down rolling drag was pressing every part of Peggy’s large breasts , the weight of them was helping Iris as the tendons were being stretched in all directions, Peggy was hurt i saw it on her face and in her eyes, it was all but over, she pulls her calf in to buckle Iris’s knee and throw off her designed motion, Iris was ready for it as she had her stance apart and one leg forward, Peggy let her shoulders droop a bit as her attempt yielded no effect, and instead Iris pressed tighter to her, “nmmm I own you Bitch”.

Peggy was breathing hard, her breasts were turning redder each time Iris smeared again, her struggling squirming pinned to the wall was getting weaker, Joe was behind me and softly whispers at my ear, “I can’t believe this Babe, she is going to break your Mom’, I swallowed as i looked on, my mind was sure he was right but i whispered back, ‘It isn’t over yet, she has her but thats Peggy”, as Iris arches toward her,  it was clear her next move ,she was going to go after the undersides of Peggy, if she pulled this off, Peggy was going down without much of a fight back into her rival.

Iris stares at Peggy watching her squirm and can feel the red heat off her breasts, Peggy again tries to pull her leg in and buck her hips at Iris, her rival smirks, “i hurt you now bitch”, Peggy wasn’t sure what Iris was going to do till her rival drags her tits on top of Peggy’s downward stretching them again till her own pop under Peggy’s as they settle under mom’s i had to turn my face a bit, i knew what she was about to do, Peggy inhales a much needed breath and then Iris crushes her, a wide open upper cut to Peggy’s undersides, Peggy tosses her head back , mouth open , “aaahhhhh Bitch my tits, oh you cxnt”, Iris was smiling as she pumped her tits in the undersides then delivers a second uppercut, SMACK, Peggy went pale and her knees buckled as she slumped to the rug hard.

Iris rolls her back upward ,her hands on her hips as she smiles and looks down over her tits at Peggy,  on her hip and her forearms cradling her red tits Peggy was hurting, Iris walked back from Peggy, and was acting as if the fight was over already.

I was worried for mom but i have seen her take a few uppercuts to the undersides and come back to tear a rival apart, Iris slowly swaggers to the other side of the room, her sharp thin nipples steely stiff, and her breasts are red but more from designed dragging against Peggy’s then her own being worked, she was  firm and still looked it and was so ready to win or go on, she was beyond confident as she watches Peggy hurting on the floor, “What do you say Bitch hmm? you ready to give or you want Iris to hurt your tits more hmm?’’.

Peggy was swollen and red, the weight of those G’s now loosened up had to be a deep deep pain in her chest to hold, they maintain their shape and as Peggy slowly rolls up on her knees she eases her arms from her breasts and though they sway , they sway outward and look round and ready to fight on, she stands up and Iris’s face loses the smile, she got a jump on Peggy and she knew she had to work to get the big red head down, now unless she could get Peggy in a spot again a fight was coming for sure.

Peggy stands fully and she rolls her back as she sucks in a deep breath her breasts rise and Iris arches off the desk front “oh you want more”, Peggy turns to her and somehow manages to still flex her breasts , instantly the cocky smile Iris had was gone, “oh i want a lot more Bitch”, Peggy hisses back.

They slowly close the gap again and slowly Peggy eases her hands up on her hair and sways her breasts slow, “cmon Bitch”, Iris watches the heavy full pendulum sway and she swallows as her own sway it is clear hers aren’t as heavy or still have the firm round shape, but she has to finish the fight and she knows if Peggy took that much and wants more she can deliver a lot as well.

Iris comes at Peggy again ready to go after her as fast as before, Peggy now has learned her rival though, she is not as full and knows how to titfight with what she has and can beat a fuller breast, Peggy knows it all to well as she has beaten fuller , they circle once then Iris thrusts at Peggy who pretend to tense for the impending collision , she sees Iris lean in thinking she will crush into Peggy’s stiff body, but at he last second Peggy drives at Iris lower and the CLOP of their breast flesh fills the room, but as they both curl a lip and grind at the other slowly Peggy is working upward as Iris can only press head on, “UUghhh you Bitch’ Iris spits as Peggy can see her move is causing Iris’s breasts to ride up and back on themselves, Iris was so close to winning she refuses to let up on Peggy ,but her demand to beat the redhead is blinding her to what Peggy is doing to her now, Peggy closes tighter to Iris and as they grind and press breast together, Iris being higher than Peggy thinks making her rival hold both their breast weight will wear her down fast, but she doesn’t realize Peggy is folding her breasts over on themselves and exposing the red undersides ,allowing Peggy’s to freely work them with her own.

Finally almost with their shoulders touching Peggy grabs the back of Iris’s hips and pulls her in, Iris loses her stance as she is stood up in Peggy’s grasp, Peggy feels the weight ease off and she smirks as she now stabs her breasts into the white undersides and as she sets her stance begins to drag and plow ahead a perfect X drag motion, Iris feels it , she knows she made a crucial error as the feel of her tits being dug into and pulled in such extended pattern is getting her loose, her hands grab at Peggy’s arms then push at her shoulders, “uuuhhhhh mmff get the fuck off my tits”,Peggy snarls, “Fight or give up you Cow cmon”.

The two women grunt and gasp and as they step,  i see between them and Iris’s breasts are nearly pointing up and are pinned so tight between them both she has no idea or no way out of her undersides getting mauled or to stop the intense stretch on her chest muscles and ligaments, her nipples are up at her chin nearly as Peggy pumps the exposed undersides then drags up and then shimmies into each breast pulling down, Iris feels Peggy now fully and her mouth drops open as she shakes her head, her hand goes to Peggy’s face to push her away but Peggy shakes her head, “keep your hands from my face Bitch or i’ll claw your eyes out”, Iris as Peggy jam pumps at the flush undersides looks up, “AAghh uuughhh Bitch my tits ohhh umff umfff owwww get off my tits you cxnt”, Peggy spits at Iris, “want it to stop just give up”.

The move Peggy had on Iris went on and the fight reached into 40 minutes, now i saw Iris was not conditioned to fight long, Peggy was draining the strength from her rival as she slowly beat her, Iris knowing she was in serious trouble now starts to thrash and squirm, as they start to sweat her body is getting free from Peggy’s grasp, finally as she shoves at Peggy and pulls herself backward, she manages to spin free, Peggy follows though and as Iris turns to face her, Peggy is in her face and again gets a hold of Iris , this time she wraps her arms around her body, her hands slip under the arm pits and she hooks her hands onto the shoulders of Iris and pulls down.

Iris feels the weight of Peggy on her shoulders and as Peggy pulls down her breasts are under the greek woman’s bust and instantly Peggy starts to punch her breasts upward into the reddened under sides of Iris, “cmon uummff umff umff fight me bitch lets go””, Iris tries to twist and press down on Peggy’s bust but all it does is add to the punishment.  Iris gasps “uughh ughhh ohhh owwww my tits you Bitch stop i am done i can’t do it”, Peggy is now punishing Iris’s undersides, ‘i said Fight Me Bitch”, Iris starts to slump she is beaten, Peggy stands her up eases her hands off the shoulder grip then totally unexpected thrusts up fast and the heavy SMACK fills the room, Iris throws her head back , “AWWWWWW STOP I GIVE”.

Peggy lets her rival go and watches her sink to her knees , instantly Peggy gets on her back and sets Iris on all fours and goes to work milking her loose tits now, Iris can only groan and cry as she shakes her head no and pleas to stop the torture, Peggy twists, crushes, squeezes and pulls at her rivals breasts then as milk starts Peggy gets off her and places her heel on the ass cheek of Iris and shoves forward.

Iris falls face first on the rug, Peggy paces looking over her red big G’s at her rival, “Get up and get out Bitch “, Iris sore swollen red stands she grabs her coat as she reaches for the bra, Peggy snaps it from her hand, “oh no Bitch i earned this”, Iris runs out tears streaming, the next day as we all went to the pool to sun, i asked mom how was last night as if i didn’t know, she smiles, “well it went my way dear but apparently these euro women know how to use their tits i’ll be in for a few real fights.

Peggy spent the day strutting about showing off her tone body and huge firm bust in a bikini but no one here was even thinking of taking her on.


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
« Reply #1 on: February 03, 2021, 06:56:14 AM »
Another outstanding story, but somehow it feel's Peggy is ready for a lose.
Don't take everything so seriosly does not mean you have to be unkind!


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
« Reply #2 on: February 03, 2021, 12:15:13 PM »
Im anxious to see Peggy and Venus in the Olympus, that place seems very interesting...


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
« Reply #3 on: February 03, 2021, 01:02:36 PM »
Lovely story as always
Appears this is going to be a trip to remember


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
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Iris is a pretty tough fighter. Peggy almost found her match. Very close.
Great story again.


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
« Reply #5 on: February 03, 2021, 08:43:07 PM »
Love these stories.  Peggy milking a defeated opponent is always hot.  Looking forward to more sexfights and more erotic domination from Peggy!


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
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wow what a story

Thank you thank you thanks for sharing

so love how she won and finished her opponent off
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages


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Re: Chapter 3 First night in Greece
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I wonder if Peggy will ever do another sexfight?
You really do a great job with those too!  You are amazing!