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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 91

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 91
« on: January 31, 2021, 03:24:26 AM »
Our opening match is Kerri who weighs in at 135 and is wearing a white two piece with orange stripes. Her opponent is Whitney who weighs in at 225 and is wearing a silver one piece. Whitney would look at Kerri and start laughing. She then told Kerri that she would give her five seconds to leave or Whitney could squish her like a bug. Kerri would ponder it for a second and then when Whitney was at four Kerri would run up a hit her with a dropkick. Then for the next few minutes Kerri would use her speed to avoid getting caught in Whitney’s clutches. But when Kerri would went for a cross body block Whitney would catch her in midair and plant Kerri with a giant power slam. Whitney would then bounce off the ropes and land a leg drop across Kerri’s chest that left her completely out cold. But Whitney would not be satisfied with that as she would then drag Kerri over to the corner. From there Whitney would scale to the second rope and flatten Kerri with the Bonzi Drop. After the match Whitney would would stand with her hands on her hips and verbally berate Kerri who was laying unconscious on the mat. Your winner of the match is Whitney.

Our main event is Heaven who weighs in at 140 and is wearing blue two piece. Her opponent is Gretchen who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a yellow two piece. Heaven would spend the first few moments just dominating Gretchen. First she would throw Gretchen by the hair around the ring several times. Then Heaven would put her in the corner and repeatedly kick Gretchen in the stomach. Heaven would then trap Gretchen in a side headlock. Gretchen would get free when she would grab a handful of hair herself and drag Heaven down to the mat. From there Gretchen would go to work as she delivered several kicks to Heaven’s back and legs. Gretchen would then stand over Heavens battered body and scream at her for taking this match and that she hopes that Hailey is watching her kick Heaven’s ass. Unfortunately for Gretchen she took too much time talking. That would give Heaven a chance to recover and she was able to reach up and nail Gretchen with a low blow. Gretchen would immediately reach for her crotch and stumble around the ring. Heaven would get back to her feet and quickly get in position. And once Gretchen turned around Heaven would connect with the rear view. From there Heaven would go for the cover. But in shocking moment Gretchen was somehow able to kick out at the two count. Heaven would then stand up and ask the ref if was sure that it was two count. After a few moments Heaven would turn her attention back to Gretchen who was back to her knees. But when Heaven would reach out her hands out Gretchen would land a low blow of her own. Then with Heaven on her back and gasping for air Gretchen would stand up and apply the half crab. Heaven would immediately howl in pain as Gretchen cranked up on the hold. Then when it looked like Heaven wouldn’t quit Gretchen would take her free hand and attempt to finger Heaven. But before she could violate her opponent Hailey would sprint into the ring and attack Gretchen. The ref would quickly call for the bell to ring. As Hailey would throw Gretchen into the corner and remove her bikini top. Hailey would then land several chops across Gretchen’s bare chest before the referee was able to pull her away and give Gretchen a chance to escape. Gretchen would then walk up the aisle as Hailey would check on Heaven. Hailey would then grab the microphone and tell Gretchen that she wants one more piece of her. And that if she can’t beat Gretchen then Hailey will stand in the middle of the ring and let Gretchen take that belt and she can give five lashes to Hailey’s bare ass. Gretchen would stand there with one arm covering her breasts and the other on her sore crotch. Despite the pain Gretchen would have a smile on her face and tell Hailey that she is on. Your winner of the match by disqualification is Gretchen.

On the next episode of LPW Megan takes on Allie and we will see Caroline in action