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Tit busting battle - Ex vs Girlfriend

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Tit busting battle - Ex vs Girlfriend
« on: January 31, 2021, 07:27:51 PM »
This is a story based on  input I received from one of my buddies. Avatar pics below as usual.
My client asked to replace "his girls" by look alikes. But trust me, he`s blessed.
His Ex is a beautiful blonde G-Cup, his current girlfriend an DDD. What would happen if they both clashed? :-* :-*

Brittany entered the gym of her wrestling federation for the first time after many months. It felt like ages since she had to stop wrestling after the doctor told her she was pregnant. It was pretty much one year ago and since that, she had gained 30lbs in weight and at least a cup size from nursing.

„Hey Moose! Wow you look great!“ She aimed at her former boyfriend and wrestler. Moose was a massive guy, basically a wall of muscle. He grinned at her and hugged her.

„Are you kidding beautiful? YOU look awesome!“ It felt strange and familiar at the same time to feel up his ex girl,  Brittany. She’s 5’9” 190lbs. 36yrs and a mouth watering 38G. He simply grabbed her big right breast and jiggled it for fun.
„Damn I almost forgot how big you have gotten. Do you nurse?“

Britanny sighed, pointing at the wet spot Moose had caused in her white tank top. She didn't wear a bra at her big veiny breasts seemed to be quite engorged. „Make a guess!“

Both laughed and although they had split, they were still friends.

Suddenly they heard a noise behind them...

„Ehem...honey? What are you doing with these cow's udders!“
Cassandra, his girlfriend went bright red in her face and the anger was growing. Cassandra sneaked in from behind and reached around his strong sweaty breast. Her 38DDDs pressed against his upper back in her black sports bra. The active wrestler was about 3 years younger and 20lbs lighter than her predecessor but an equally attractive blonde.

„This is your new bitch? I thought you are a tit man. Why do you date this flat chested bimbo?“

Both of them went suddenly tit to tit and their foreheads clashed. Cassandra gulped when she noticed the ex was about 3 inches taller and her already rather big chest was flattened by this beautiful pair of G-Cuppers.

Moose tried to separate them but they didn't move one single inch. They snarled at each other and started to shove the other around. Although Brittany had temporarily retired her fight career due to her pregnancy, she was far away from loosing her fighting spirit.

„Moose honey I would have never imagined you are into such fat cows!“

Brittany was not fat at all but was a bit out of shape after giving birth. She had a slight belly and a thick ass. Moose got pretty hard down in his shorts when he finally stepped between them, one of his hands placed on each of their chests pushing them apart.

„WHOO...HOO...HOOO! Enough! Be nice to each other or clarify this in the ring!“ He was waiting for an answer taking turns looking into their eyes.

„Fine for me!“ His current girlfriend Cassandra was the first to agree and made her way to the ring. Brittany followed suit but kissed Moose before and was running her hand over the bulge in his pants. Before Cassandra could notice she hurried to climb between the ropes as well.

Cassandra was all sweaty from the previous training, clad in a black sports bra and speedos and Moose soaked in her sexy frame. But when Brittany leaned over and her big ass nearly burst her jeans hot-pants and her big orbs slipped out of her tank top, he remembered all the beautiful dates they had and her massive udders pleasing him in any possible way.

„Do you even remember what it means to be in the ring Miss fat ass?“ Cassandra, although being smaller, was the current women's club champion and was more than eager to teach her boyfriend's ex a lesson.
But also Brittany was taunting her upcoming opponent although they were already circling: „Shut up champ! I have never seen a reigning champion so out of shape like you!“

More wrestlers gathered around the ring in anticipation of the upcoming brawl when both suddenly went at each other. Cassy was about to clothesline Britt, but the speed of the top heavy mama surprised her. She dodged her attack and both turned 180 degrees. Instead Brittany`s shoulder met her like a steam train. WHAM! She was tackled into the corner post with a force that would break many male wrestlers.

She folded forwards and her DDDs mashed against Britt's upper back. She groaned and her head was taken in a side headlock, her speedos hooked and she left the ground under her feet. A fast executed snap suplex was catapulting her sexy body into the middle of the ring. WHAM! „AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!“ Damn, she is business! Her big sweaty tits wobbled and her head was spinning.

Brittany re-arranged her top since her big milkers had nearly escaped. „How is that Moose honey?“
„Beautiful! You haven't lost much of your skills.“

Cassy was fuming. First her boyfriend fondled Britt's ugly milk tits and then the two of them were talking is if they were still together. Her fists bashed the canvas and she rolled to the side. She got up and while Britt was rising her guard and waiting for her attack she aimed her thick belly. SMATTTTTT! „AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!“ She had hit her untrained post baby belly with a fast kick, causing the ex to bent over and fold her arms across her midsection.

Britt's engorged breasts were forming a massive cleavage which every of the wrestlers around the ring noticed and formed a nice target: SMATTTT...the next snap kick landed across both tits and uppercutted them against her chest. Also Cassy had noticed and smirked.
„AAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!“ Brit clutched her bust and stumbled backwards, stinging pain spreading in her tits. She held onto the top rope and two big wet spots were forming where her teats had opened the gates and were staining the fabric with breast milk.

“You are dead bitch!” Brittany looked at her opponent and then at Moose. But those seconds were wasted and Cassy aimed a series of chops at her heaving chest.
SMATTTT...SMATTTT...SMATTTT....her full tits quivered with every impact that hit home. Unlike in a real match Cassy had aimed not the area above her tits but directly her boobs. Britt was gritting her teeth but answered with some chops of her own.

SMATTTT....SMATTTT....damn those were so hard that Cassy was howling in agony and driven backwards. Although her boobs were well protected in her sports bra, they took all of her opponent`s anger. Britt was heavier and stronger and had a punch that nearly lifted her from her feet.

Moose was gently rubbing the bulge in his pants as a war of breast chops started: His ex and current girlfriend were simply beating the shit out of their tits. Their orbs were shaking and it was a battle of wills.
While Cassy`s tits were hurting as hell and she had almost tears in her eyes, Britt`s were leaking so much now that her top was totally wet.
They cursed at each other until Cassandra aimed a fast high kick at the right breast and lifted it out of the top.
BAM! The big reddened orb was brutally pancaked and lifted while Britt let out a deep moan and stumbled into a corner.
She was embarrassed of being partly topless and every watching fighter of the league let out a sound of surprise.

Cassy smirked and while Britt tried to flop her huge G-Cup leaking tit back into the top, her opponent was already gaining momentum in the opposing ropes. The sports bra had to do a damn good job to limit the movement of the hurting  assets when Cassy jumped into the air and delivered a devastating drop kick into her tits.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKK!” Both boobs were brutally flattened and Britt had trouble to breath properly. She was sinking to her knees partly holding the top rope for support. But Cassy was fast, got hold of her tank top and pulled it over her head.

“Wooooooohooooooooooooooooooo!” Cassy was laughing and hollering together with the other wrestlers. Britt was left topless, tried to cover both of her leaking udders and yelled at her opponent to get her top back.
Moose was ready to blow a load into his pants. His girlfriend was trowing the milk stained piece of clothing over to him and as he caught it he could smell the arousing odor of mother's milk.
Brittany was angry but stood up proudly presenting her big engorged tits to everybody. They were already bright red, her nipples stiff and constantly dripping. “Get here cxnt and I will wipe the floor with you!”

Cassy closed in and they locked up in a collar and elbow hold. WHAM! Britt hit home with a knee strike into her opponent's midsection, followed by two more driving all air out of her.
Cassy was holding her slight belly when Britt got hold of her sports bra and pulled it over her head. It was tight and she stopped half way, blinding the younger blonde. Her tits were bouncing free but her arms were trapped and she was partly blinded.

WHAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” Cassy had just received a low blow. She was sinking to her knees, struggling to remove her bra. But the topless Britt was already running into the ropes and returning with a massive drop kick of her own. “WHAMMMMMMM!” Those yummy DDDs with that big shrinkly areolas and thick strong nipples were totally crushed under impacting 190lbs  of female sexiness.  Britt`s own mammoth tits were flopping around and Moose had pulled out his phone starting to take slow motion movies of their breast attacks.

Cassy was not only brutally floored, but was also sliding backwards several feet until her upper body was hanging half way out of the ring with her big tits almost in her own chest.

“Fucking Jesus!” Moose wanted to interfere when Britt was climbing through the ropes. His current girlfriend was an easy target lying on the apron when the bigger wrestler climbed the middle rope, blowed him a kiss and JUMPED onto her opponent's dropping tits and chest.

WHAM! The impact caused a screaming Cassy to leave the apron and land neck first on the mats in front of the ring.
All spectators were in shock by the brutality and high risk of that move. Her half naked body was lying on the floor in an awkward angle, while Britt had stabilized herself during the fall and landed more or less properly.
Moose feared some ribs might have been broken, but Britt already approached, picked Cassy up by her hair and pulled her back to her feet.
She hammered bare knuckle punches into her DDDs and Cassy was barely able to stay on her feet.
Her tits were pancaked and flopped around and her last chance to stop her butchering was a blind head butt. BAM! “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” She hit Britt full force and both landed on their sexy big asses.

Moose would never have imagined his two ladies going at each other like hellcats, but now they both struggled to get back to their feet ringside and whoever was first, had a good chance of turning the fight.
Britt was first back on her feet and grabbed Cassandra`s golden locks to pick her up. WHAM! Cassy was just on her knees when she landed a pubic bone crushing low blow on her opponents pussy covered only by the fabric of her hot-pants. Britt was stunned holding her kitty.
“GGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!” A roar erupted from Cassy`s throat when she shot to her feet and threw herself at her heavier opponent, flooring her with a clothesline across her engorged tits. SMACK!
Her arms hit her milk covered chest and caused her to fall backwards.

Those huge globes were pointing at the ceiling like the Rocky Mountains only that it wasn't snow at the mountain top, but milk erupting from her nipples.
Cassy was back on her feet aiming her wrestling boots at her opponent's breasts and belly now.
Stomps rained down on her chubby belly and tits, crushing her glands under heavy stomps. Milk sprayed more than 3 feet high and every spectator watched in awe.

Britt groaned with every impact but could not shield her self properly. Her arms were hit equally hard by those stomps and she turned to the side to avoid more pain.
Cassy gained momentum and made a baseball slide across the mats. Her own big DDDs flopped wet with sweat when she impacted in Brittany's back and made her arch her spine after the impact. “AAAARRRRRRRRRRRRHHHHHH!” She grimaced in pain but had no chance to recover when Cassy stood up, positioned one boot in her back and pulled back her golden hair and ankle.

Britt was forced in an unhealthy angle putting immense pressure to her spine. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK!” Cassandra wanted to hurt her big time, but before her planned finale, she had to wear the bigger opponent down.
Britt was howling with agony for minutes and soon both were surrounded by spectators. Moose was closest filming everything. And suddenly Cassy let go.
Brittany was released and lay there, breathing heavily with her big sweaty globes rising and falling.

Cassy went over to Moose and both kissed with battling tongues. She winced when her groped her naked tits but let him continue.
When Britt made some attempts to go back to all 4s Cassy focussed again on her. She took hold of her hair and one arm, flinging her into the metal steps leading to the ring.

CLANGG! Britt, with her huge tits flopping across her broad chest, barely turned to let her spine impact first instead of her ribs and face. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” She slumped to the ground but Cassy helped her up for more destruction.
“Come here fatty! This is payback for the earlier attack!”
She shoved Britt forward and dropped her heavy opponent front first on the steps. Britt moaned and suddenly felt her thick legs being lifted.
Before she could react she was pulled backwards and both of her mammoth engorged tits were impacting on each single step on her way down:




Her fat tits were cushioning her fall and were flattened by her body weight and dragged across the metal. Each time her forehead followed the impact of her naked chest.
Britt was down and beaten at the bottom of the steps, clutching her reddened orbs that had left a trail of milk where she had landed. She was dazed and moaned while Cassy had a satisfied grin on her face.

Moose stepped in between the two tigresses and hugged Cassandra.
“I think that was enough. She can't take it anymore. Please think about her breasts. She has to nurse and...”
But Moose was interrupted when Britt balled her fists and slowly got to all 4s. Seemingly there was still fight left in her. Moose had to hurry to get oud of the was.
Britt came in like a steam train: She charged into Cassandras midsection and rammed her spine first into the outer post of the ring.

“GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Cassandra arched her back but Britt did not let her drop. Instead she put her into a bearhug. Their tits mashed together: Gs against DDDs.

Both had taken quite some damage in the bust department and Britt was still able to take it and bring some fight back to her opponent. She bear hugged Cassy until her feet left the floor. Her biceps and leg muscles were bulging when she lifted her and SMASHED her cxnt first onto her outstretched knee.

Cassy was dropped like a bag of rice and held her aching sweet spot.

“Hey Moose! No sex for a week it seems!” Larry was mocking him but the worst thing was that he was right. Britt had seemingly overcome her numbed state  and nothing would stop her to destroy a weakened club champion now.
She lifted Cassandra up, held her in front of her chest while her big reddened and bruised tits were mashing against her back like big cushions. She had put her neck in a painful headlock, clawed her pussy through the fabric of her speedos and started running towards the corner post.

SMATTTTTTTTTTT........SMATTTTTTT.....a double tit buster met Cassandras chest that folded painfully around the unforgiving metal.
She tensed up and screamed in agony when Britt turned the power lift into a devastating Power Bomb. Cassandras body impacted on the hard mats and re-bounced – tits rocking on her chest.

She had not much air left and moaned with closed eyes. Britt had turned her onto her belly and pulled her tight speedos down leaving her completely naked.

WHAM! Britt dropped her mighty ass on her spine and took both of her legs to bent Moose's girlfriend into a Boston Crab. Cassandras ounce proud breasts were mashed under the combined weight and pancaked out to the sides.
Her cleanly shaven cxnt was facing the ceiling and her pink was open for everyone to see. Moose was not the only one sporting an massive boner.

But he was filming every single moment the this epic sexual destruction would be saved for eternity.

Cassandras scream were getting weaker and she tapped out.

Britt dropped her legs and the pressure to her spine was gone except for her sexy 190 lbs still sitting on her back. Brittany lifted her big bruised tits and jetted out torrents of milk over the mats.

Moose offered her a hand and a beaming smile crossed her face. They hugged and her firm reddened globes mashed against his naked chest. Britt had a new boyfriend but he still regretted what had happened in the past and he noticed that she was thinking almost the same.
The kissed slowly as if the other wrestler were not existent.

But then Brittany turned back towards her beaten opponent and leaned down.
She gently tapped her shoulder and rolled her over onto her back. She took her head into her hands: “Are you ok dear?”
Cassy weakly nodded.

“I am sorry but there is one thing left.”
Without waiting for reply she pressed her big tit onto Cassandra's face. She twisted it left and right, rubbing it across her face. Milk was erupting over Cassy`s face but she led it happen...she had to let it happen.


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Re: Tit busting battle - Ex vs Girlfriend
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2021, 11:10:34 PM »
Can’t thank you enough for writing this for me! Long time I’ve dreamt of Britt and Cass going at one another and what real life wouldn’t give you delivered in spades RPG! Thanks again!!! I give it 10” WAY WAY up. Ha ha  :-*  ;)


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Re: Tit busting battle - Ex vs Girlfriend
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2021, 07:59:30 PM »
Love it as well