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Chapter 4 A night with Venus

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Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« on: February 07, 2021, 03:22:48 PM »
Chapter 4 A night with Venus

Peggy was riding high on her win in Greece, she was eager to get another now before we went to our next destination, Joe reminded her about the woman at the club we stumbled on , Peggy asked to see her pic again as she stared at it she saw while the woman was busty she was no match for Peggy’s firm G’s but she saw something her eyes that told her if they met it would be a fight, she hands the phone back to him, ‘Tomorrow night i’ll fight her”, Joe kisses me and jumps in a cab to run him over , he sees Venus and tells her tomorrow , she agrees to be there and he when he gets back he informs Peggy,  she smiles and goes to her room to shower.

Joe and I spoke about what might happen tomorrow he smiles, “Well Peggy will ruin her in a titfight babe, but i think this Venus chick wants something else”, I look at him, “like what?”, he smirks, “well i can see she wants to cat your mom, but i think she is looking to use her womanhood and fuck this out but i might be wrong”, i sat back i was about to inform Peggy then i thought (no i want to see her in a different fight), i lay back a grin as wide as Joe’s he holds my hand, “it will work out babe no worries”, i squeeze his hand, “oh it will”.

The next day Peggy lounged about as was her way to prepare, she was ready after a  close fight that she obviously took her rival for granted Peggy was back in her confident head, ready to fight but not ready to underestimate any woman she faced .

The sun starts to go down and peggy knocks on our door this time, “Amber you ready i need to make a stop before the club”, we open the door and Peggy was in jeans heels and a tight red blouse , other than her make up and hair she looked ready to for a night out then a fight, we all got in a cab and as we drove downtown Peggy had the driver stop and she ran into a store ready to close she was all of 5 minutes then came out a smile on her face.

I look to her “Everything ok?’, she smiles looks ahead “Perfect now”, we drove another few minutes and i could see Peggy mentally getting ready, we had no idea what this fight was going to be but knowing Peggy it wouldn’t be a quiet night, we get dropped off and Peggy grabs my hand and hurries to the side alley, she has me stand watch as she strips her jeans, and top off, i felt my mouth drop then i see she has a red toga under her street clothes, she smooths it out and has a huge smile, “how do a look?’’ I was stunned she hugs me , “ guess that means good’, we walk back to the front and Joe nearly drop his tongue as Peggy looked like a greek goddess , she posed hands on hips for him, ‘So do i match up to this woman?’, Joe stammers a yes and a nod, he opens the bar door and Joe then I then Peggy step in, no one paid much attention till Peggy swaggers from behind Joe and I, then all eyes shift her way.

As everyone gazes at her Peggy’s big G’s stretch the toga and her thick nipples spike it outward, she sways her hips while hands are on them then loudly asks, “where is this Venus Bitch ?”, i see a woman dash to the side and then reemerge after a nearly a minute i see a set of black heels under a curtain then out steps the woman called Venus, her white colored toga dress hugged her tone figure and her 36G breasts swelled in it  her long strong legs stood flexed as she stares at Peggy, she sees Joe and knows why instantly, Venus nods at Peggy then she swaggers slowly to the bar, Peggy does the same, they both order a drink the hem of the togas cup their ass cheeks as the gold waist thin and looped droops at the waist keeping the front closed just enough.

They sip their drinks in silence as their eyes take in every inch of the other, both see a gorgeous rival, a sexy rival, a threat and a blind person can see the jealous lusting tension boiling between them, Venus parts her full lips, “you sure your ready to match me?”, Peggy nods, “oh i am more than sure “, Venus leans to the bartender and she nods, then goes to the DJ, and tells him to announce Venus will be fighting tonight.

She looks back at Peggy, “we are doing right on the floor all will see”, Peggy rolls her hips slow, “how do you want it”?, Venus smiles leans closer to Peggy, her tongue extends as does Peggy’s they swirl and flick them then Venus kisses Peggy , she eases her lips back they stare a second then she purrs to Peggy, “i am going to out fuck you, then fight you winner has her way with loser”, Peggy inhales, “nmmm shall we warm up going to be a long night”, Venus was a little paused at Peggy willing and ready to have at it, but then she stares at Peggy and her nails trace down Peggy’s frame from cheek to cleavage, then as they stare her fingers ease in the front of Peggy’s tiny dress, and she caresses the left breast then right her finger tips tease the already thick stiff nipple, Peggy just smiles as if nothings being done, then she eases her hand in Venus’s dress top and pulls at the broad tip of her stiff nipple and rolls the thick shaft in her fingers.

Peggy slowly extends her tongue and Venus does the same and after they touch tongues both start to swirl and allow their tongues to tangle like two vipers in a fight, they openly deep and tongue duel as all watch , and both pull from the bar and into each other, soft moans between the open mouths as saliva builds around the lips.

The wet tongue duel is messy and goes from fast and intense to slow and passionate but they never break contact, as hands roam thinly covered bodies, the occasional break to suck in a breath Venus huffs, “i am going to ride your face after bitch”, Peggy huffs back, “come try it Bitch, i am going to milk you after i make you cum to many times”, they stab tongues again and now both quickly dart tongues and heads tilt side to side as they press together, moans as they seal lips faster and faster they kiss and swirl tongues, heels click as they try to pin other to the bar.

The tongue duel gets increasingly more arousing but very much competitive, both women hold the others face to her own by getting a good grip on the back of the others hair, saliva runs down their chins, the free hand of each caresses the others as cheek and starts to tug at the others thong, at any tiny break of their lips they either moan, or taunt to make the other cum more than she ever has, after 5 minutes both women are ready for the other, they shove apart, then glare, the D.J. stops the music and announces Venus will be fighting, Peggy .

Slowly each turns and side by side they enter what was once a dance floor, now a thin carpeted area, all the lights dim but the ones directly over the center area, they ease apart and look at the other, then each lowers her wet thong, and kicks it out of the way, the light nearly see through toga dresses stay on but they widen the top half exposing nearly all of their breasts, then each steps to the other and they stand thighs shoulder width apart, no one here needs to be told how venus fights, and Peggy knows a sexfight between women goes till one can’t go on, the winer will then have her way with loser.

they stare a moment then each reaches her right hand out then start to comb their finger nails through the others trimmed fur, their eyes lock but steal glances over the others body, then Venus hisses, “i am going to make you beg to me to stop making you cum, then i will use a strap on you”, Peggy rolls her shoulders and hisses back, “nmm try it, i am going to keep making you cum after you give up then make you worship my pussy”.

They stare as if frozen as their right hands ease lower through the others full bush, then each starts to knead the others folds, neither gasps they just breath in at the touch of another and start to rub other wet fleshy folds, slowly their large clits emerge from hoods and juices start to drip of the clits, Peggy pinches Venus’s and i see her eyes she is impressed, but when Venus pinches Peggy’s she licks her lips as they start to roll the others engorged clit between their fingers, Venus huffs at Peggy, “nmm my big clits to much for yours”, Peggy rolls the tip on her thumb, “nmm your clits no match lets them at each other whore”.

Slowly both women sink two fingers in the other and start to slowly pump in and out, as they do mouths open a bit , they glare and seem not to move as fingers are slowly gaining speed, their free hand rises up others bodies and Venus and then Peggy pinch at the stiff nipples of the other tenting the thin toga dress, “nmmm faster Bitch cmon”, Peggy moans, uuhnnmmm cmon finger me Whore”, they stare as if looking through the other and their fingers start to pump faster, the wet slurp can be heard now as each swallows a bit deeper, their fingers start to get a steady rhythm , lips purse as they begin to pant in others face.

Within minutes both press closer to use others body to stay steady, as knees bend a bit and thighs start to quiver, both moaning and try to swallow the heavier aroused moans, “cmon bitch your there let it go”, “Venus has you Bitch cum for me”, faster then suddenly Peggy uses a third finger and Venus nearly drops in a quiver to her knees, “uuuuhhhhh uhhhhh Bitch ohhhh nmmmmm yesssss “, Peggy licks her lips as Venus goes back at her with a third finger and Peggy shutters, “uuuuuhhhhh yessss you Bitch mmmmm damn you ohhhhh”.

The very bottom of both hems start to darken in their juices as fingers to hands become soaked, faster and then faster the women are pumping fingers in the other, both are panting fast and ready to explode , their muscles are tightening as they get rigid in the stance and uncontrollable quaking, their hips squirm out of desire and to ruin others steady fingering, Peggy is shaking her head and Venus starts to grin when suddenly Venus’s entire body jolts her eyes widen her mouth drops open her knees buckle as all hear her cry, “YOU BITCH!!! OH YESS YESSS I’LL RUIN YOU OHHH OHHHH FUCK CUMMING””, Peggy was able to lodge her thumb under the engorged clit of Venus and the gentle rubbing the shaft put Venus over the edge, as her body bucks Peggy goes to the floor with her rival fingering her through her entire orgasm, “Cum Whore more give it up”, Venus hips thrash then she explodes her hand comes away from Peggy who sneers as she pumping away at Venus and slowly slides her right high on top of her rivals left, “Thats it Cmon lets go Bitch woman to woman”, Peggy huffs and as they squirm into a sitting up position they slide their flawless thighs into a scissor position, their wet fur bush  hairs touch, they pause to glare then with a simple press their wet folds wetly CLOP together.

Venus arches at the wet warm feel of Peggy’s fleshy folds as Peggy does as well, it takes no taunting to get them to start rubbing and smearing , as they both prop up on hands, Venus is still shuttering from the orgasm Peggy forced but Peggy is on the verge of her first and is fighting that and Venus, their engorged clits drenched now and tiny strings of juices sway and snap from between them as they both try to hinder a fresh forced orgasm that is coming to each against the will not to.

The crowd use to seeing Venus this way watch and smirk as they are sure she will again devour another woman as so many times before, Peggy can feel every eye on her as the two of them sit up center room and are using their womanhood to duel, it is a bit outside her realm but i have seen Peggy take on and win i a sex fight but it was work, both of them snort their breathing as they slide their folds and clits through the tacky juices and mi them, both are glaring as if concentrating but they are just relying on pure animal lust to go on, slowly as both were at the height of arousal they get a jolt and stiffen as they nearly lift their ass cheeks off the floor and pressssss their wet pussies tighter to others, “uuugghhhh yessss you Bitch cum”, Peggy gulping, “Cum again i have you Bitch ohhhh yessss fuck yes”.

They start to hump as they grind  and both are near to an orgasm, almost equally, I see Peggy’s arms start to shake as she is determined to not let her first be forced, but she is also beyond aroused at both making Venus orgasm first and how close she brought Peggy, now as they sit up their wet pussies sealed as they grind into the other Peggy is barely hanging on as Venus is swirling her wet floods and clit into Peggy’s, “You cum for me Bitch ughhhh yess your there i feel it in you”, Venus rolls her head and suddenly starts to really smear and press tight to Peggy, Peggy closes her eyes holds her breath then it can’t be stopped her mouth bursts open, “AAAAAHHHHHyesss you Bitch ohhhh yess cumming you Whore”, Venus sits up higher now as each body is losing control, “Venus pants heavily, ‘BITCH ohhh god you Bitch ohhh ohhhhh yess going to cum “.

Peggy looks away as her body feels a new orgasm close behind, her arms start to feel weak as Venus tilts her hips to sit up higher and closer to Peggy, “Cum again you Whore Venus will ruin your weak pussy”, then she reaches to Peggy’s toga dress the opening at the top and shoves her hand in and starts to knead and squeeze Peggy’s tits and pinch her nipples, Peggy wants to get at her rivals tits but at the feel of the added arousal she looks up in awe, “ohhh yesssss yess you Bitch noooo fuck i ‘m cumming “, her cries of lust tell all they are tied now and Venus is slowly working her body to mount Peggy’s , “cum again for Venus Whore i will devour you”, Venus slows then quickens then slows as she feels Peggy’s womanhood she works her rivals breasts pushing the toga top wider and grabbing and kneading Peggy’s breasts and nipples.

Peggy has her thighs wide and her lower back arches off the floor, her breasts are being handled and groped in arousal not pain, and her body is nearly being pinned down, she manages to twist her hips and tilts to her left hip, her right knee bends up and Venus as she is grinding down on Peggy tries to scoop the back of Peggy’s thigh and pull it up to push the redhead to the floor, Peggy snarls a bit as she feels their clits wrestling between them, and her sudden Gasp has Venus tilt her head back in a thrilling smile as she is sure Peggy is about to orgasm again, “Ohhh Yesss Whore Cum for Venus again do it”, Peggy feels her thigh being lifted and as it is Peggy sits up and her left hand grabs Venus by the hair as her right pulls the opening of her rivals toga dress open and grabs onto Venus’s right breast and squeezes as she thumbs the stiff nipple, Venus her head back and to her left gasps, ‘UhhhhBITCH” , then Peggy as they rock hips uses her thigh in Venus’s grip to teeter her to the side and the two women land on  their sides on the floor , long legs still entangled as they  refuse to stop grinding.

Peggy was rolling her head about though i could see she was close to a third orgasm, her body was fighting it as she tried to roll to her tummy in hopes of getting up on all fours to sit back on Venus. As Peggy twists her hips more Venus felt what she was doing, quickly Venus spreads her thighs more and pulls her left leg under herself and rocks up on that knee, she snaps Peggy’s head back by her hair , Peggy’s face both winces and has a look of fear as her mouth and eyes go wide, her heavy G’s swell up between her arms, and Venus starts to pump her wet womanhood at Peggy’s from behind, the slap of flesh is filling the room along with moans.

Venus reaches up Peggy’s back and grabs a fistful of hair and slowly forces Peggy up on her knees from behind, Peggy, grimaces as she pants at the sexual fight, her broad 36 G’s sway outward and stand out nipples stiff as steel pegs, Venus uses her other hand to start fingering Peggy again, she hisses at her ear, “Cum for Venus again Bitch then i will own you”, Peggy struggles as her head is forced to look up her hands grab at Venus’s wrist in her hair, “You Bitch let my hair go and fight my clit”.

Venus was challenged openly to match Peggy and all watching wanted to see these Amazons go to it, Venus eases her fingers from Peggy, then soaked in her rivals juices works Peggy’s nipples pulling them , she then releases Peggy. Peggy is breathing heavy and she turns to see Venus remove the toga and sit up thighs spread nude but the heels she teases her own folds and smiles, “cmon Bitch clit to clit “, Peggy turns fully sits up her thighs spread she removes her toga and slowly they ease together, Peggy slows her breathing now, “cmon Whore i’ll make you beg to stop”.

Each of them slides a thigh on top of the other and the other under her rivals opposing thigh scissoring them as they bring their wet pussies closer, they glare in others eyes then slowly they presssss their folds and clits against the others, both women as they stare gasp inward then as they hold their upper bodies upright  they start to slowly grind and smear their folds , sealing them to the other.

Both gasp in and try to find the perfect rhythm, easily sliding together as the slow rubbing gets faster, their thighs flex the muscles as they both lift hips and asses to push to grind against the other, their soaked engorged clits swipe and flick and roll against the others, both are feeling the sexual effect but are in a fight to make the other orgasm not just first but till her own body can reign over her rivals.

Both are having trouble hiding the effect they have on the other, moans and hot breathing fill the room as they still glare licking lips and swallowing heavier gasps or reactions, Venus again as she sits up more is looking to mount Peggy they are soaked at the crotch and she pulls herself to Peggy using Peggy’s top legs knee, Peggy nearly is pressed back but instead she pushes her hand to Venus’s neck and rocks her own hips and torso at her, they struggle as they grind faster then Peggy finally gets Venus on the floor on her back, a few of those looking on eyes wide that Venus was just controlled, Peggy gets up on her and pulls her rivals top thigh up between her breasts and quickly finds that rhythm and glares down at Venus and is taking control, “nmmm nmmmyessss fight my clit Whore cmon ohhhh yessss nmmmm “.

Venus reaches up trying to break the hold but as Peggy finds a steady grind she looks up and back mouth open , “ohhhh you cxnt ohh yess yess fucking bitch nmmmm more yeesss “, Peggy is getting faster and the wet slurp between their soaked pussies is making it easier to grind and Peggy is working on her rival , she reaches for Venus’s tits and starts to knead and squeeze and work the nipples, Venus rolls her head on the floor , “uuuhhhh uhhhh hohhhh yesss fucking Bitch my cummmming ohhh you Bitch”, suddenly Venus’s body jolts as if electrocuted , her hands grab her own hair then she starts to quiver out of control, Peggy sneers and rides her rival faster and faster, ‘Cum whore i own you and your weak cxnt”.

Venus grips her hair tight, “uuuhhh uhhh yesss ohhh god cumming you Bitch”, Peggy is pumping her hips down as they drag up and down Venus, their folds and clits locked and sealed as juices splurge from between making their upper thighs glisten , Peggy glares down as Venus now reaches up and cups her right breast and kneads it deeply, Peggy reaches down and grabs Venus’s right breast and as the constant grinding and undulating carries on they are working the others large breasts to hurry more arousal and orgasm from the other.

Peggy holds her spot atop Venus and has made her rival orgasm two more times, her smile is a mask however as her own body fights to slow having her third , Venus as she pulls and kneads at the breast pushes at Peggy, Peggy grips the breast of Venus as well her thigh she holds up, but Peggy is really struggling to stay atop as her orgasm and body being drained has her weaker.  Venus suddenly starts to pulse her body and slowly she props up on her arm Peggy starts to get a fear that the greek goddess was playing possum and now has had enough, Peggy is trying to her upper thigh on top of her rivals chest to keep her under, but Venus has had to many of these erotic fights to let her, as Peggy shifts to pull her knee on the chest of Venus , Venus cups the knee cap and as she sits up pushes the leg up and bucks her hips up into Peggy, they teeter and struggle then Peggy is rolled off and onto the floor, Venus scrambles to mount Peggy, they each grab two fistfuls of the others hair and start to pull.

The switch in tactics was much needed for both women as they rip at others scalp and roll, looking like two vipers  tangled in a heated fight , their legs snaked around as are the arms and heads are torn at, faces grimace and wince in pain turn red , growling panting as they are face to face, their large breasts mushrooming between them, but as the heated sex fight carries on by hips rolling they are grinding their breasts between them , Venus and Peggy are both becoming exhausted as first one the other loses some self control and each has the other in yet another orgasm, moaning , cries and taunts spit in others face as they fight across the entire floor.

Many among the crowd comment on how this woman is giving Venus her toughest fight , and no one has matched their greek goddess so much, at one point the women stop rolling as they are on their sides , heads are stretched back, mouths wide open gasping as they grind clits then both reach another orgasm, the cries of pleasure, pain and exhaustion screech out and fill the club.

The two Amazons hold onto hair as they squirm as one then somehow manage to scissor their thighs and it starts again, sweat dripping from them as neither wants to give or give in, they sneer as they hiss and curse the other, Venus is looking like she has to be on top , it is a desperate stare and attempt, but Peggy must know her rivals not only wants the top position but must need it to fight better, she refuses to let Venus take the top spot, after a few more minutes Peggy uses her body to buck her hips and roll Venus on the floor , she quickly mounts her rival and has to ride the flailing hips of Venus.

The wild bucking forces Peggy to kneel over her but their soaked crotches separate if only a minute then as Venus tries to get her knee between their bodies Peggy pushes the heavy leg back onto Venus and her torso a cry from Venus is heard, “AWWWWWW Bitch my leg”, Peggy pins her rivals thighs apart then places her knees on the inside of Venus’s knees and she sets her body up so her knees force Venus’s knees apart , pinning her legs wide open, Peggy sits up and puts pressure on the spread thighs and then stabs her engorged clit into Venus’s, Venus eyes wide in shock mouth drops open as Peggy starts to literally fuck her rival.

She starts slow but as Venus feels the effect her head shakes no as her body betrays her and she has another orgasm, then another and as a third is building Peggy finds the perfect rhythm and like a machine now is making her rival explode over and over, “nmmmmm cum you Whore i am going to out fuck you bitch not beating me honey mmmmm yess yess cum “, Venus is basically limp on the floor as she cries out her orgasms and knows her reign is ending, “uuhh uhh you uuhhhh bitch ohhhh fuck you i am cumming bitch , i can’t i ..i ..i ohhhhh yesss you Bitch “.

After 4 more screams of her release Venus has stopped struggling her bodies only movement now is from Peggy’s body pumping against her own, and the soaking wet slurps and clops , Peggy in total control tilts her head a bit and smiles, “nmmmmm i feel another one cumming for you Whore ready for it hmm?”, Venus head against the floor, “No ...n...n ohh you Bitch no more Please i give i give Stop “.

Peggy a vengeful smile slows but doesn’t fully stop her grinding, Venus gets worked into another orgasm ready to explode then as Peggy both feels it ready and sees it in her rivals eyes she stops and climbs up on Venus and eases her wet Pussy on to Venus’s face , her hands grip the woman’s hair and slowly Peggy smears her juices on Venus’s face, she gives a tight tug at the hair , “eat me cxnt now”, i couldn’t see it but obviously Venus eased her tongue in Peggy as she arched her back eyes shut Peggy massages her big G’s as she moans then her body shutters and she moans, “aaahhh uuuhhh yesss yesss make me cum nmmmmm ohh ohhh ohh fuck yesss thats it nmmm Cummmingggg”, Peggy smears her rivals face in her juices again then eases off her , she grabs her toga and smiles at the messy woman she left on the floor  Peggy swagger from the fight area as every woman watching is in shock, she orders a drink and smiles at us, “i just beat a greek goddess”.


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2021, 03:31:54 AM »
What a hot story  8)
But what a pity, i wanted to see queen peggy getting fucked with a strap on  ;)


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #2 on: February 08, 2021, 05:13:08 PM »
It was funny when Venus said: “we are doing right on the floor all will see”  ;D She knows probably 99% women would be very scared to fight nude against her in an unknown and hostile place, but Peggy is far from normal. Having a crowd being able to see you defeated and humiliated it is not easy for most, it increases a lot nerves and anxiety, but Peggy is unique. I never see her frightened despite her very hectic life and she is a bit exhibitionist she loves to flaunt her body so there are zero chances she is afraid to have that fight.


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #3 on: February 08, 2021, 06:22:54 PM »
Love a good sexfight story and you certainly delivered one there


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #4 on: February 08, 2021, 06:47:29 PM »
Love it!  What an awesomely hot story!  I loved when Venus mounted Peggy from behind and also Peggy's finishing move.  Peggy is so hot in sexfights!  Great job!


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #5 on: February 13, 2021, 09:16:38 PM »
Awesome! Peggy should definitely dominate another busty Mediterranean Greek goddess before leaving Greece!


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Re: Chapter 4 A night with Venus
« Reply #6 on: February 15, 2021, 02:29:08 PM »
Totally Awesome!  I litterally just got done practically begging for a sexfight and saying that you do them very well. YOU DO NOT DISAPPOINT!  I am bowing to your greatness!
You could do a whole series on a sexfighter and send me to the gave a very happy man!  You're the best Dotti!