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Chapter 5 A New Destination

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Chapter 5 A New Destination
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Chapter 5 A New Destination

Days after Peggy broke Greece's sex fight Queen, we were ready to leave and take on Germany, we decided to use the train as we didn’t want to miss the sights, Peggy rested most of the ride, she so needed it after that long fight with Venus, as we see the rolling mountain scape of Germany we get our things ready and then head to our hotel, Peggy was strutting proudly with a lot of cleavage on display but one thing she noticed as we did in her confident pride was Germany had a lot of busty women but none were eyeing Peggy up, it was as if they sensed she was to much to take on.

We get to the hotel and check in same room styles, Peggy was sore but so ready for more, she stood on the balcony and inhales deep as she looks out over the rustic village and snow capped mountains and castles.

She was in a simple spandex style top that was forced to mold to her bust and tight body, the slight chilly air had the tiniest hairs standing  and her thick nipples were as well, as her 36G’s swelled over the tops cups, her slow long inhale breath fills her body with the thinner air as she smiles at what she has accomplished on the trip.

The first few days are for once a normal sight see and relaxing vacation, but i can tell Peggy is getting  hungry to fight , she is eyeing nearly every woman we pass but they barely glare back, i look at Joe and he smiles i nod to him and we are out to find her a fight with an equal.

That night Peggy wanted to go out so we headed to center of town and found the beer tents were up and open, we quickly went in and sat, the barmaids slinging steins were all very healthy women but none were as big  as Peggy if they were they were no where near as firm and they knew it, as the tents fill up and the lights come on the crowd gets larger and among the singing and toasts, there are more red noses than i have ever seen.

We lose track of the crowd and who has entered so i whisper to Joe to take a walk around the tent see if we have anyone can match her, he nods and heads off, Peggy asks if all is ok i smile “great mom thanks for this trip”, she smiled and rubbed my thigh, “your welcome dear and i appreciate you dealing with my desire “.

Joe is nearly ready to give up when he sees a gorgeous blonde woman with the perfect hour glass figure, he approaches her and she smiles as he asks if there are women near by that engage in competition with other women, she smiles as her broad chest swells, “i know one that does, my names Gretchen, who is it that is looking for for some”?, he smiles, “she is here care to meet her?” Gretchen Smiles “love to”, they stand up and Joe gets the full frontal of her a 5’9” 148 pound Blonde with 36G bust 28-38 figure and 57 years old with ice blue eyes, she inhales for him,”lead the way” wearing heels jeans and a tight tee shirt with the front cut to her deep cleavage, she follows Joe.

As they approach the table we are at he shows me huge eyes then the busty blonde emerges from behind him and my eyes bulge , Peggy sees my reaction then turns and slowly stands as they catch each others eye , the instant jealous dislike is so obvious, as both women inhale for the other.

Peggy asks, “who is this?”, Gretchen simply purrs, “my name is Gretchen i heard you want competition this right ya?”, Peggy looks her over, “thats right you think you can match me tit to tit?”, Gretchen slides her covered bust across Peggy’s , “nmmm i can but i want more”, Peggy slides hers back , “name it”, Gretchen smirks, “i want to fight you as well”, Peggy takes a breath in, “when and where?”, Gretchen stares at her, “now away from the tents we can be left to finish it ya?”, Peggy sees the crowd is getting even larger then looks back at Gretchen, “lead the way”.

joe and i stand and follow mom, she follows Gretchen, we exit the tent and Gretchen comes off as a sweet heart as she smiles at Peggy, “your American ya?”, Peggy smiles back , ‘i am yes”, as they chat and we walk to where no one will see or hear them, Gretchen explains that the castle off in the distance was once her 3x grandmothers who was a baroness, and that Gretchen would still be if not for the modern times changing the rule of order here, Peggy is impressed then tells her rival that back in America she is looked at as a Queen for ability to titfight and fight, Gretchen needed it explained more then nods,  she tells Peggy with a smile, after tonight she and Peggy should meet at the castle and fight tit to tit, Peggy now knows she and this woman aren’t going to titfight its a real fight, “well i would love to titfight you, i thought that was wha we are doing now”, Gretchen smiling, “ya i want to as well but i see that we hate each other and are how is ...jealous and i want to Fight you like bitches”.

Peggy never one to get out of a fight, “well as long as after tonight are still able to titfight i love to fight you”, Gretchen a less smile, “you are a bitch no?”, Peggy a lesser smile, “oh i am Bitch are you?”, Gretchen nods , “i am very much, so we fight then tomorrow we go in my grand mothers castle yes or you to weak?”, Peggy gives a glare, “i will fight you tomorrow with tits as well then”, Gretchen nods , “Good now  follow me we go right over here”.

Both are in heels and jeans and Peggy has her red spandex top no bra and Gretchen a tight tee shirt no bra as well, jeans and heels her blonde hair about Peggy’s length enough to put up which she does as they step into a gazebo near the park with tiny lights surrounding the railings.

They step aside from the other and each stares at the other as they tie their hair up at the top, nipples on both are tenting the tops  as if ready to rip through, Peggy sets hands on hips and looks across at Gretchen who is still smiling, “so Peggy , we fight like bitches Ya?”, Peggy breathes in “sure anyway you like name the rules and stakes Gretchen”,  Gretchen stares back, then softly says, “no kicking other than that we fight  it out, loser worships winner tits ya?”, Peggy breaths in as does Gretchen, “Fine with me we ready?”, Gretchen slowly eases her top off and poses for Peggy, then Peggy takes her top off and poses for Gretchen they see the titfight will be a long one as both are so full and firm.

Gretchen smiles and starts toward Peggy as she heads to the blonde, they circle once as they smile as if its a friendly  fight  coming, Joe and i watch a bitt feared for her yet excited this might be the bitch to break Peggy and make her give, they come closer and still grin then Gretchen and Peggy collide, their large heavy firm tits CLOP together but their hands stab into others hair, “Bitch”, “whore” are spit at the other as they yank with hate on others scalp.

Both women are pressed chest to chest and their thighs widen for balance, th smiles are long gone now as they grit teeth and snarl in others face, the degree of hair pulling is one i have not seen Peggy in since Gina years ago, these two are trying to literally rip other bald as hair floats to the ground, they spin and stagger about growling like wild cats released.

Peggy is tugging yanking then shaking the blonde by her hair and slowly is gaining the upper hand as Gretchen is is getting her head tilted to the right and her body has to follow she stumbles a bit, Peggy quickly rips her left hand free of the hair and delivers a crisp slap across Gretchen’s face, it lands perfectly and Gretchen stumbles , Peggy using the one hand spins the blonde by her scalp and Gretchen slips and lands on her knees, Peggy doesn’t hesitate a second , she pounces on the blondes back and using the hair hold she still has bends the blondes head fully back making her look up, her neck stretched back Gretchen lets out a squeal, “Aaghhhh Bitch my hair”.

Gretchen face red and wincing tries to reach up behind her to get at any part of Peggy, Peggy smiles down at the attempt then takes Gretchen’s left wrist and twists it up behind her back, the blonde cries out, “AAAAWWWW uughh Bitch”, Peggy applies more pressure , “want to give hmm ? cmon Bitch say it”, the blonde shakes her head no, and has to place her free hand to the cool grass as her left is being tortured her large breasts sway under her  it is clear she either under estimated Peggy or Peggy was more than ready to fight.

Peggy now pounces on the small of Gretchen’s back and lays her large breasts on the smooth back of her rival she smiles as her lips near the blondes ear, “Give up or i will break your arm Bitch ya?”, Gretchen has tears as it hurts to be trapped in such a move and Peggy isn’t giving an inch to go on in such pain, Joe and i look at each other in shock as Peggy with in minutes has full control of this large blonde.

Gretchen refuses to give as i hoped and she squirms and fights to throw Peggy off, as she does Peggy uses her free hand releases the hair and delivers a loud sharp SLAP to the blondes breast, it quakes and sways into her other breast, Peggy snarls, “give or i’ll rip those tits apart bitch”, Gretchen has tears run as she spits, “get off me cxnt and fight me face to face ya cmon”, Peggy stabs her nails in the blondes breast and crushes it in her claws, Gretchen yelps, Aiiiieeee my tit”.

Peggy still miles as she is dominating this German fighter, “Cmon bitch give now”, Gretchen widens her knees lowering her torso nearly to the grass, as a result she frees her other arm and stabs her nails in the red hair of Peggy, and yanks and pulls hard, Peggy grimaces and shouts, “let go of my hair cxnt i’l rip your tit off”, Gretchen rocks her hips then as she pulls bucks forward, Peggy slides up her back and face first on the grass, Gretchen squirms and kicks to get free, her wrist still in Peggy’s grip she turns Peggy upside down and then drops her tits on the redheads face as she lays on her Gretchen stabs her fist in to the side of Peggy, thud after thud rings out as Peggy starts to stab her fist up into the blondes side.

Both women throw jabs in the others side as they grunt and breasts smother faces, slowly they kick and the rolling starts but as they roll they become dislodged and they push apart then both stand up ready to fight on.

Gretchen puts her hands up and makes fists, “you like to punch cxnt ya lets punch”, Peggy does the same, “anyway you want it cxnt bring it”, they draw closer as their large breasts rise and fall heavy nipples like steel they glare at the other ready to escalate the fight .

The night is silent then they each start to punch and the clack of fists landing rings a loud, they stand face to face and start to fist fight taking and giving the heavy blows, both grunt and spit Bitch and other insults at each other as they land blows to face, ribs and breasts, the fleshy thuds ring out as they get more heated, “cmion bitch fight” Peggy spits as Gretchen spits back , ‘put your fists up cxnt cmon fight me”.

They exchange more blows each getting her moment of advantage as they get heated and hit harder, grunts spew out from lips as first Gretchen then Peggy give each other a bloody nose and cut lips and bruises form on cheeks and breasts, the anger in which the blows are exchanged is like all of Peggy rivals in one woman.

They still exchange a few blows but more well aimed now Peggy delivers a 1,2 at Gretchen’s face but they aren’t powerful, as she brings her fist back Gretchen steps in and fires a right upper cut to Peggy’s breast, the blow stopped Peggy in her tracks and she recoils backward, Gretchen drives at her and delivers several tummy blows as Peggy cupped her breast bending her forward, Gretchen then grabs her by the hair and as she pulls Peggy her right fist stabs blows up into her face and tits, “cmon you Bitch i am going to break you right here bitch fight back”.

Peggy is groaning and screeches “let go of my hair cxnt”, Gretchen holds Peggy still and a fist slams up into Peggy’s face, thee blow staggers her and she falls on her back on the grass, as he lands on her back Gretchen a snarl lip pounces on top of Peggy and starts to pound her at her face as she straddles her, “fucking cow fight back cmon “, from the back Gretchen looked like a wand of the grand father clock as left then right fist swung down the fleshy clacks landing as Peggy tries to cover her face and swing up at Gretchen.

Gretchen was beating Peggy bad and slapping most of her punches upward aside, but Peggy never gives up easily,  she stabs a fist up under Gretchen’s left breast and  it bounces up at her face and her face winces in pain, she cups her breast and Peggy bucks her off of her, they roll apart then Peggy scrambles to Gretchen and grabs a fistful of hair from the side then swings her fist into the blondes face, Gretchen gets 3 solid blows then turns and the two women are at each others hair again ripping like wild cats, heads shook by hair and yanked every way they can breasts collide rub and bellow out as they grunt, screech and growl.

Peggy is making a huge come back as i see Gretchen wince and gasp at how Peggy tears her hair but it was not to be her night, Gretchen has her by the top of the scalp and manages to yank Peggy’s down bending her forward then spins her around by the hair, Peggy still had a hold of Gretchen’s hair but as she is twirled around her feet tangle up and she lands on her knees.

Gretchen doesn’t hesitate a second she straddles Peggy’s right shoulder and gathers all the hair she can and pulls up hanging Peggy by it while forcing her torso downward, she spits, “you let hair go  bitch ya and give now”, Peggy face cherry red gasps, “AWWWW my hair you cxnt owwwww Bitch”.

Gretchen savagely shakes Peggy’s head as she screams from the amazing hot burning agony we can hear strands snapping, Peggy stabs her claws in the blondes flawless long thigh and Gretchen grits her teeth and while holding hair in her left starts to  viciously slap Peggy about her face, “let go cow i will rip this mop out bitch”, she snaps Peggy’s head back and forth “cmon say it ya i will hurt you Bitch”, Peggy eyes shut teeth gritted tears running growls, “Fuck you bitch”, Gretchen a evil sneer, “you stupid bitch “.

Gretchen whips Peggy to the ground by her hair on her stomach, then pounces on her back, she gathers fresh hair then pulls back till Peggy is so far bent back her 36’G sway freely and Gretchen a evil grin reaches over and grab her left breast and digs her claws in it, “i’ll rip your tits off  you won’t titfight again you want this ya ?”, Peggy in agony her eyes widen in fear, “ok ok Bitch i give , i give let go”, Gretchen gives an added yank then pushes Peggy’s face in the grass as she stands up, she stares down over her a second then grabs her top and redresses.

Peggy crying from pain kneels up Gretchen smiling again , “we hold the titfight 2 days till you heal ya? then you take a cab to that castle 9pm we settle it tit to tit ya?”, Peggy nods ready to go on then Gretchen swaggers back to the tents,  Peggy gets up and dresses again , “you ok mom?” she nods, “i will be when i fight her again, i’ll beat her tits then claw her to pieces lets go”.
Chapter 6 The Countess and the Queen

Peggy wasn’t as beat up as i thought the next day, I think Joe getting ice on her face was instrumental in that one, but other than a few marks and a black and blue here and there she wasn’t really in need of a big rest, one thing was certain , getting her to wait another day to face Gretchen was going to be a new level.

I knew if we took her out the sight seeing she would be doing is for Gretchen, if they saw each other it would be a fight no doubt. We saw a few of the sights and though Peggy was enjoying the sights her eyes were were on the glare for the blonde Baroness, Peggy gave her a fight for sure, But Gretchen with her innocent smile right up to the fight started was a trap Peggy fell for, she had no idea Gretchen was ready and wiling to go all out , we all not just Peggy thought it was going to be at worse a hair fight or some sort of comparing even a nipple duel but once Gretchen set things in motion it was a street fight .

Having seen Peggy in both arranged and sudden there was always that chance or risk a fight was coming and she was mentally ready, but Gretchen lured her from prying eyes making her think it was to have an erotic style so when the fight started i think she was taken back, then again by Gretchen being so savage and willing to punch it out.

We started to head back to the hotel, for us it was a great time, but Peggy was lost in how or where to find Gretchen, with no one speaking German, to enter a bar and ask about Gretchen would be near impossible without some kind of trouble from either men or women and Peggy wanted all she had for the german Amazon.

The next day was much the same for Joe and I but Peggy wanted to be sure she was a 110% for tonight. Peggy woke around 7 that night she did her stretches and some workout a shower than had a full protein meal sent to her room, as i checked i around 8:30 she was already getting dressed, tonight she wore black heels black thigh highs thong and bra then a black kimono style robe , hair up and make up was perfect, she looked like a model, her cleavage had the bra strained as her veiny G’s were swelling in anticipation, she looked at me as she eased a long coat on, “we ready to head up?”, i smiled “yes mom Joe is getting the car to drive us”, she walked by me, “lets go then”.

I smiled my plan was going as i wanted but i still care for her and don’t want to see her hurt, i  know if we weren’t at the catfight these two had it might have gotten more vicious, and as i shut the door it hits me , it very well still might, Peggy hates to lose any fight .

The car pulls up and we all get in as Joe tells the driver to take us to the old Baronesses Castle i look at Peggy her hand is in her coat and softly massages her breasts to get them ready, her eyes stare out the window as if she is already seeing the fight that hasn’t happened yet and by the look in her eye and not even a smirk as she pinches her thick nipples, it is as if she sees this titfight not being in her favor but i know no matter what Peggy will make Gretchen sorry she took her on win or lose.

It was much chillier as we reach the castle, i felt bad for Peggy barely dressed but she didn’t seem to notice or care, we stepped from the car and told the driver we would call to be picked up, the wrought iron gate was still open and a few lights shinned from the windows above, the castle was still in Gretchen’s family but she had it made into an attraction to help keep it maintained, as we stepped into the courtyard we see a shadow stand by the window hands on hips, Peggy stared back up.

Joe pushed at the front door that were at least eight feet high and what looked like a foot thick, we step in and it was as if we stepped back in time, other than the modern lighting replacing the torches the castle and everything in it was left exactly as it was centuries ago, as we walked in you picture the German Baroness ruling and walking about  the statues of armor, weapons, and the opulence of the detail works of decor.

Peggy looked about admiring the how time seem to have stopped in the building, slowly we starts to hear the click of heels and Gretchen appears in a stone lined winding stair case, her eyes and that smile at Joe and I were so inviting but as her eyes scan to Peggy’s the bright welcome look turned frozen as did Peggy’s, both could see the lightened bruises they left on others face and marks from nails.

They inhale at the other , both ready to wait on the titfight and start tearing into each other again but they swell their busts at the other and need this first, Peggy in a hiss, “Where?”, Gretchen a sneer and hiss back, “the tower we can do this out on the top “.

Peggy knows it is chilly let alone even higher up but both know the night air will numb a lot of pain making the duel go longer, Peggy sways her hips and removes her coat, her body wearing the skimpiest sexiest black bra thong thigh highs and heels he had, “Lead the way”, Gretchen removes her coat to reveal her yellow thigh highs thong and bra and heels her hair up as she wants and is as ready as peggy for this duel, she turns and the slow click of hr heels are joined by Peggy’s.

The long walk up was adding to the tension as the two of them keep glaring at the other as if there were anymore steps the fight would start in the stairwell, but each holds back till finally Gretchen opens a heavy wood door and we step out on to a large wide cement  circle, the edges with the old style points that look outs and archers stood centuries ago, Gretchen shuts the heavy door as Peggy slowly walks to the edge and looks over , the parking lot a lot smaller now from the towers limits, she looks back at Gretchen, “thats a hell of a drop if one of us gets knocked between these”, Gretchen wearing that sexy inviting smirk again purrs to Peggy, “well we will have to agree if one of us gets ..trapped between them we pause and reset, and we will have to watch our footing , now you still want to fight Gretchen ya?”, Peggy glares, “oh very much so and more”, Gretchen glares back, “oh you want the rematch as well?, ya i agree after we go down and fight again as well”.

Gretchen stands by the door to the tower and the steps down and turns a switch on, the entire inner circle of the tower lights up, then she slowly steps to the center , Peggy seeing this is where they will titfight meets her as they stand face to face the very edge of their bra cups shaped in rounded form to their firm breasts hiss as they breath and nipples tent and rub.

They stand this way a few moments then Gretchen says, “What are we agree on for our fight?’, Peggy “No hands just my tits against yours, winner milks loser, and can smother under breasts, face sit or use hands, you?”, Gretchen feeling her covered nipples meet Peggy’s breaths in , “i agree to that but i take that bra from you as well”, Peggy smirks, “not without a fight “, Gretchen breathes in, “then we fight”.

They stand still and eyes locked they both reach back and peel off their bras, they toss them by us and as they stare at the others round firm breasts their nipples rub and despite the dislike they both feel the  arousal, softly they rub, roll and flick others nipples and you can see their stiff nipples grow and get thicker at the feeling, they slide the shafts side by side as if sawing the others as the tips dab into the swollen aureola’s and each licks her lips to not moan.

They flick with more determination now and each can see the others breasts hold firm the Peggy raises her hands to her hair and inhales, Gretchen stares and follows suit, they let nipples still flick then Gretchen presses firm into Peggy, both women inhale at the feel of others equal pair and they hold to each other, after the initial press they both start to rub their breasts into the others, “uuuhhnnn mmm ya fight my tits “, Peggy rolls and rubs back “uuunnnn mmm yes cmon fight my tits”.

Both women are a bit aroused and stunned at how full and firm the other really feels to her own, they stand frozen as they bump, rub , roll and smear their tits to the others , breathing slow but heavy and getting the erotic feeling gone so they can get more intense . as we watch the start of this duel is so evenly matched i start to think it will go he longest ever, but not soon after i see these two amazons really want to fight the others tits and win.

The slow dragging pressing starts to speed up between them, their round full breasts bulge every angle and at times Peggy then Gretchen’s seem to swallow her rivals only to reform by force of the others breasts taking control, they both Pant heavily, “Fight uuhhhh”, then Peggy tries to take control, “Cmon Bitch” she pumps her tits firmly, the Clop is firm and Gretchen gets shaken, “”uuhhh uhhhh mfff ohh you Bitch “.

Peggy felt it and a smirk as she now starts to go at the big blonde, she pulses head on the clops ring out as their flesh turns pinkish from the cold air, Peggy then bumps head on the stabs into Gretchen and drags up and down , “uuhhmmm mfff mff mf cmon bitch fight my tits”, Gretchen pants out as her hot breath is seen leaving her lips, “uuughh ughh mmff mff ohh you bitch fight “, the crisp night airs silence was broken by the warm firm Clops as their smooth round flesh collided over and over, neither of the women made any attempt to shift or dodge the others driving breasts into her own.

The smooth round veiny breasts on both recoiled then instantly reshape only to be recoiled back as they pumped together, the pink chilled skin turning back to the natural color then start to redden as they cause a jostling quake to others breasts, it wasn’t a pain as if hit or roughly squeezed , the pain was coming in the form of a deep ache from the constant contact, and rolling, there was more to come between these two but for now they just needed to cause that ache to go deeper till her rivals breasts grew more sensitive and hurt all around.

They arched almost inhaling offering their full firm round breasts to the other  as if begging for more contact, their panting breath grew hotter and more frequent, as the light steam of their breath mixed in the chilly mountain air, neither woman twists or shifts they stand face to face as this duel is already 10 minutes in and just grunts disturb the steamy hot breath flow.

Neither shows in her face any worry about the other, as they jam head on again it is Peggy that makes a change in the rhythm they had going, the clop is firm then she presses in tight and drags slow but firm into Gretchen’s breasts, Gretchen breathes in, a soft groan, “uuuhhhhh ohhhh”, Peggy hear her and now grinds in slow but with purpose, “uuuhhhh cmon bitch”.

Gretchen curls a lip and then presses to Peggy and drags up and across she stares in Peggy’s eyes as it causes Peggy to groan, “uuuuhhhh mmffff bitch”, each takes her turn then slowly a new rhythm starts as they exchange the slow dragging and grinding across each other, “uummff mmfff cmon Bitch”, Gretchen hisses, “uuuhnn mmff mfff ohhhh you bitch fight “.
The tight duel starts to gain speed now and the clops of flesh ring out faster as do grunts from their full lips, the duel gaining speed and intensity now, the first sign of effect they have on the other their heels slowly scrape the ground then skid on it as they try to drive the other back yet want her close to feel the effect, “cmon bitch, “uuhhh yes fight ya cmon”.

The action now gets faster the clop, then claps, then slaps of their heavy breasts collide and grind away, chests start to get red as they use shoulders to drive breasts harder, they are dead even then Gretchen suddenly is losing ground, she retreats as Peggy uses her breasts as we have sen so often, hurting her rivals and beating her, “uuhh uhh uhh uhh cmon bitch stand and fight my tits”, Gretchen staggers backward , her breasts being bounced and pulled by her rivals breasts, “mmff mff mff bitch ohh uughhh mfff get off my tits ohh”.

Gretchen her face both showing hurt and shock staggers back till her bar back thumps against the castle tower stone , as she hits it her back straightens and her broad breasts stand out and lift, Peggy steps in and delivers a quick but sold upper cut to her rivals undersides, SMACK Peggy lands it but Gretchen stays standing, “Uughhh ohhh “, Peggy not sure she realized her rival felt the move but wasn’t downed stays on her , “cmon cow fight my tits cmon!” she pumps head on and drags smears and grinds at Gretchen, i can see the bulging flesh of the blondes breasts get turned on her chest, “uuhhh uhhh ohhh you Cow uughhhh get off my tits”, Peggy grabs the top of the short wall designed for look outs and archers  and she goes after Gretchen hard smearing, grinding , dragging pumping as if no resistance at all, “yes cmon feel my tits hmm fight me cmon bitch i want more”, Gretchen her back getting scraped up  shakes her head no as her breasts are being worked over .

Gretchen is gasping her, breasts are being rolled out on her chest as Peggy uses her own like a rolling pin, up and down and pumping, I was a bit stunned how she took Peggy’s uppercut but i now realize after she landed the move , Peggy didn’t follow through instead she wanted to go at the busty blonde breast on breast head on and prove to herself and her rival she didn’t need any extreme move to beat her breasts.

Gretchen is being worked but she is fighting back hard as she can, Peggy while in control is panting hard as she can’t seem to put the blonde away, as she presses tighter to Gretchen the blonde grabs Peggy by her hips and pulls her in then arches from the stone wall and stabs her left then right then left into Peggy’s breasts “cmon Bitch you fight me ya umff umff umff “ , Peggy’s breasts get jolted from Gretchen and the clops are firmer and the clops louder, Peggy a bit stunned gets backed up and staggers as her heels scrape but her breasts being almost punched by Gretchen’s, “ohh uughh ughh mmff mff cow ohh you bitch uuhhnn uhnn “.

They twist but Gretchen is working hard to get back in the fight, Peggy is now feeling her rival and is starting to work hard to stay in this fight, “mmff mff mf ohhh ughhhh bitch damn it”, Peggy gasps as Gretchen smears and jabs a rhythm starts she forces Peggy to retreat now till her bare back hits the cement tower wall and Gretchen starts to go at her tits. Peggy hands press at the wall behind her to ease the scraping, arches and rolls her shoulders, Gretchen shoulders back plowing her tits into Peggy’s equal pair, her hot breath on the face of  Peggy, “uuhhh uhh nmmm I am going to hurt you now ya”.

Despite Gretchen getting Peggy on the wall and working at her Peggy was taking it as if the big blonde had no effect on her , she easily was fighting back, then Gretchen turned it on, bringing a rougher version of her fight to Peggy,  Gretchen thrusts head on to start her series, she takes Peggy on three times head on the clops a bit solid , both grunt at the contact, but Gretchen was timing herself to unload on the big redhead, as they gain a bit of space between their breasts Gretchen follows through with a very full left to right swing of her breasts across Peggy’s, the SMACK was solid and i saw Peggy’s firm round set quake and jostle, then before they settle to a stop Gretchen swung back the other way, SMACK rang again, the move was a slower breast boxing move but had a lot of force behind it, Peggy’s G’s were crushed into each other and jostled firmly and quaked from the aftermath carrying them across her own chest.

Peggy at first was taking the assault, her proud firm G’s were being battered but standing firm, and as Gretchen was battering them, her own were standing firm and making for a loud sold collision into Peggy’s.

Both women grunt at the impact but now as Gretchen closes in tighter to Peggy and the wall pressing at her back Peggy can’t swivel her shoulders as often or fast and the power, Gretchen sneers as she feels the returning blows slow, and tightens her chest as she now aims and delivers solid side to side impact with heavy dragging across Peggy’s breasts, she works her rival Peggy rolls her head and gulps as she pants heavy at the attack.

Gretchen her lips a sneering smile spits at Peggy, “feeling my tits ya? want to fight Gretchen hmm? come bitch where are your tits now hmm?”, Peggy is getting red in the face as her tits are turning redder with each THWACK of her rivals heavy breasts, as i watch and wonder if this blonde is about to break Peggy’s breasts the way her G’s are battered is like slow motion as i can see the flesh cave and fold around the firm G’s hitting them then crush together before being forces up and to the side only to have the blondes breasts drive in and drag them further stretching the chest tendons and muscle.

The move goes beyond the painful colliding as her chest is pulled on by the after effect, Gretchen however not feeling it at the moment is suffering , her breasts as they meet the firmer pair of Peggy’s collide together and swell up thinning her thick fleshy globes and turning red, Peggy knows though taking much more of this will hurt her and she has to get out of it but can’t use hair or these two will be in a catfight in a second.

Both are breathing heavy panting, gasping as they both want this win, Peggy feels her rival a bit more now as her breasts get both pounded into and dragged and stretched her back limited to turn allows her chest to take the weight of her rivals breasts , “uughhh ughhh Bitch!, my tits ohhh mff mff mff cxnt”, Gretchen a snarl, “come you Cow fight my tits , your nothing but talk”, Peggy in anger stabs her tits out and while it slows Gretchen’s attack she adjusts easily, “that your best bitch hmm? Gretchen will hurt you now “,  Peggy feeling the wall start to cut skin and her breasts being hurt has one card to play, she waits for Gretchen to deliver a hard hit, she didn’t wait long as Gretchen drags right then the expected left blow never comes instead Gretchen lets Peggy’s breasts settle into place then she dips and thrusts up the SMACK is sharp and Peggy tosses her head back, “AAAGhhh Bitch!!”, the upper cut was heavy and hard and knocked Peggy’s breasts up .

Peggy had the way off the wall she drops to her knees and then hip, Gretchen looking down over her own tits heaving breath, “Get up you Bitch Fight ya come stand and fight”, Peggy was hurting no doubt and the upper cut was hard her eyes welling up as she catches her breath but she was very much ready to go on she needed off the wall, as she rolls on her knees i see her back has white scrape marks but a few cuts as well, she really was getting hurt .

Gretchen was growing impatient her breasts swelled outward red and ready to fight on, Peggy’s were still in perfect shape and a bit redder and a bit more swollen, but she had to go down to avoid anymore damage to her bare back, once satisfied she was ok, Peggy stands up, and sucks in a long breath her breasts out as well, both ladies circle now and glare they both knew this exchange can very well decide the duel.

Gretchen was a bit concerned her rival stood and looked as ready as when the fight began, and she knew deep down the upper cut to her undersides earlier was not Peggy’s hardest, both make sure their hairs secure then hands go atop as they shimmy and head into each other, after nearly an hour both ladies are feeling the others firm breasts and both know the next few minutes will be a real test of ability and endurance.

They move slower as they approach, and as it first started they flick and rub stiff nipples, their eyes locked as chins tilt up in pride, “ready to end this Bitch?”, Peggy hissed at her rival, Gretchen a raised brow, “so ready Ya come fight my tits Bitch”.

They suck in then CLOP! rings out as they crush head on, they press tight and rub and roll and smear tit to tit as hard as they can, both stare then each turns her face as they push and smear and drag hard, breasts are bulging, looking ready to burst open from the tight pressure, breathing turns to grunts as they drive equally into each other, nipples become swallowed in the large veiny flesh as they use their long strong legs to push and press and attempt to drive other back while stand stabile.

Both part their lips as they feel the others true strong round weight and firmness, “uuuhhhh uummfff Bitch “, “uuhhh uughh mmff mff whore fight “, back and forth they see saw but neither is getting that big advantage to hurt the other and take over, the night sky grows darker as midnight grows near, the air chillier , the hot breathing mixing in the air above them, foreheads meet now and they have to look other in her eyes as they bump, push, drag, mash and roll breasts firmer to her rivals.

The fight goes past an hour , both are ready to drop now but the war is not yet settled and the warmth of the others breasts and body is keeping them in tight, as they grind even tighter together breasts are being shoved and ironed between chests and breasts, they smear foreheads as they grunt in others face the threat and reactions, “cmon bitch your tits are done”, Gretchen, “ohh uhhh your tits tired ya? give to my superior tits cow fight me”, Peggy gasps “uuuggggBitch” Gretchen a smirk starts to drag her tits on top of Peggy’s making her take the weight, “uuuhhhhh mmfff you Cow”, Gretchen smirks, “you feel Gretchen now  mine hurting yours i know, give now “.

Peggy leans against Gretchen it looks like she is all but done now, Gretchen rolling her tits on top of Peggy’s is smiling as she rolls her shoulders to try to punish Peggy more, Peggy stutter steps a moment , Gretchen is all over her dropping her heavy tits on Peggy’s i was getting worried this was about over then like Peggy has in her past , she lured her rival into false hope, her knees bend she dips then looks at her rival, “i am going to break your tits”, she pulls her breasts low and then shoots up hard, SMACK!!!, then again SMACKKKK!! SMACKKK!!! SMACK!!!, Gretchen the first two was in shock as she was stood up straight her tits swaying out free as she was so stunned and hurt she forgot to cover, Peggy landed one last driving uppercut, SMACK!!.

Gretchen arches in pain but before she can reset her stance Peggy starts to pump in and up and is destroying the undersides of the big blonde, driving her back and staying in her weakest area, “mmff mmfff mfff cmon Bitch fight my tits FIGHT!!!.

Gretchen has her head up and back,tears start to run from her eyes, her cheeks pink from the cold, and her breasts are now red all around, the blue veins dulled from the swelling mass, her aureolas stand firm but her nipples sink a bit.

Peggy stands her up grabbing her hips and is refusing to stop driving into the undersides, the Clops turn to claps and slaps as she stares in Gretchen’s eyes “Give Bitch say it !”, Gretchen lips trembling and pouted nods , ‘YA I GIVE MY TITS STOP STOP !!!!”.

Peggy jams her breasts one last firm drive then pushes back from Gretchen, the blonde cups her tits in her forearm and sinks to the stone floor, Peggy saunters hips extra sway, til behind her rival and straddles her back, then slaps her hands on to each breast and squeezes as hard and deep as she can, Gretchen rears her head in pain , “ohh owwww you Bitch!!” Peggy works the breasts till she milks her and stands then using her heel on the blondes ass cheek kicks forward and Gretchen lands breast first on the freezing stone soaked in her milk.

Peggy smiles as Gretchen begs for it to stop and stands hands on hips breasts out for more nipples stiff as Gretchen has t weakly stand, Peggy saunters to the robes and bras and takes both as she heads to the door Gretchen growls, “you can’t take my clothes”, Peggy turns on her heels drops everything then walks to Gretchen and jabs her tits into the blondes, “who is gonna stop me?”, Gretchen snarls, “maybe you forget i beat your ass ya?”, Peggy looks her over , “you wanna rematch ?”, Gretchen breathes heavy, “your not taking my things”, Peggy sneers and lands a open hand slap that rings out and turns Gretchen fully around, as Gretchen is stunned Peggy rams into her back and yanks the blondes head back by her hair then her claws stab into the breasts and scratch deep, Gretchen squeals as Peggy snarls, “shut that mouth Bitch”, then slams three right fists to Gretchen’s face.

Gretchen falls on her knees again as Peggy uses her hair to whip and drag the blonde across the stone ground, “cmon Bitch stop me fight me get up”, Gretchen screeches as her hair is being torn by the fistful, finally Peggy pounces on her chest and like Gretchen did swings her fists like a wind mill into the blondes face and head, the thwacks and thuds ring out as we see Peggy sitting up on her rival and pounding away.

Gretchen reaches up to punch back and even rakes her nails at Peggy’s breasts but as Peggy lands a shot to the nose Gretchen drops her arms and shakes her head no more,Peggy gets up and swaggers again to the door grabs everything again then looks back, “Guten tag Bitch”.

We call the driver and as we head back to the hotel Peggy is massaging her sore breasts but is on a high i haven’t seen in a long time, she smiles at us, “that was a great fight her tits were hard but not hard enough to beat the Queens, i wonder should i fought her for the castle?” then laughs.


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Re: Chapter 5 A New Destination
« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2021, 03:47:16 PM »
Just when it seems that Dotti’s stories can’t get more exciting, she writes a new “best ever”!


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Re: Chapter 5 A New Destination
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2021, 01:30:51 PM »
You’re an incredible writer Dotti
The imagination to keep coming up with all these different scenarios and settings is fantastic
Can’t wait for more


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Re: Chapter 5 A New Destination
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2021, 12:53:58 PM »
Great catfight as always. I love Peggy's catfights they are so brutal and real with so much hate and jealousy I can understand why neither one wanted to submit and why they endure so much damage and pain. Gretchen seemed very special, not everyone can do that comeback and defeat the Queen, to make Peggy say the words "I give or I submit" you have to be an amazing woman.

The titfight in that tower simply brilliant as previous comments said your imagination is unbelievable. Gretchen must have had a lot of titfights she clearly dominated Peggy but like many times Peggy got the victory thanks to her famous endurance and never give up mentality.

Till now this series is amazing with those new enemies in Greece and Germany, let's see which is the next country, but one thing is for sure, if Peggy decides to go to Spain she will have very big problems... Women in Spain are feisty and hothead especially in the south, a lot of golddiggers and party women used to fight for men, money or simply attention. Country of sun, beaches and many many hot parties ;D


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Re: Chapter 5 A New Destination
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Cant say anything that hasnt already been said up above. I totally agree with them all.  All I can say is...... Keep going;  you are on fire!