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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 93

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 93
« on: February 16, 2021, 05:56:15 PM »
Our opening match is Kelsi who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a snake skinned two piece. Her opponent is Kelly who weighs in at 120 and is wearing a orange and green two piece. Both girls would shake hands before they locked up. Surprisingly the rookie Kelly would gain the upper hand. As she would trap Kelsi in a wrist lock. But that would be the only offense that Kelly would get in. Because when she went to throw Kelsi in the ropes. Kelsi would reverse it and nail Kelly with a big dropkick. From there Kelsi would quickly pounce and slap on the arm breaker. Kelly would scream and struggle for a few moments. But once Kelsi started to bend the elbow back Kelly had no choice but to tap out. After the match Kelsi would pose for the crowd she would then check on Kelly who was on the mat and holding her elbow. Your winner of the match is Kelsi.

Our next match is Julie who weighs in at 125 and is wearing a grey two piece. Her opponent is Mitzi who weighs 165 and is wearing a yellow and black one piece. Mitzi was her usual sadistic self. As she would brutally attack Julie from the beginning. First she would drive Julie into the corner and ram her shoulder repeatedly into Julie’s midsection. Then she would whip Julie into the opposite corner and attempt a splash. But Julie would move out of the way. With her opponent in trouble Julie would go to work as she would land several forearms. Unfortunately for Julie the rally wouldn’t last. As when she would go for suplex Mitzi would reverse and land the swinging neck breaker. From there Mitzi would quickly go for the kill and apply the spike. Julie would begin to violently shake and scream out to Mitzi that she was giving up. Mitzi would eventually break the hold and then laugh hysterically as she stared at her thumb. While Julie would lay on the mat as her legs still twitched. Your winner of the match is Mitzi.

Our main event is Tasia who weighs in at 150 and is wearing a white two piece. Her opponent is Becca who weighs in at 165 and is wearing a camouflage one piece. Becca would win a test of strength to begin the match. From there she would take control for several minutes. As she would use her strength to trap Tasia in chin lock. But Tasia would eventually get free when she would get to a knee and drive her elbow into Becca’s gut repeatedly. Then with Becca reeling Tasia would connect with several clothesline’s. Tasia would then stand in the corner and wait for Becca to get to her feet for the superkick. But Becca would duck the kick and reach around and slap on the Full Nelson. Tasia would begin to scream out as Becca clamped down on the hold. However for Tasia she would be able to break free when she was able to some momentum and drive Becca back first into the turnbuckles and break the hold. Then as Becca was favoring her back Tasia would get back into position. She would then quickly strike and connect with the superkick directly to Becca’s jaw. From there Tasia would hook Becca’s leg and grab another victory. After the match Tasia would celebrate with the crowd while Becca laid on the mat while she tried to rub the pain out of her jaw. Your winner of the match is Tasia.

Next time on LPW it’s Gretchen vs Hailey and if Hailey loses she has to take five lashes from Gretchen to her bare ass. Plus we will see Rachel in action.