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New York Nightmare Part-3

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New York Nightmare Part-3
« on: February 20, 2021, 03:40:47 PM »
The rest of the night was quite eventful.  Three more matches came and went, including the heart attackers first match since winning the tag team titles.  Much like the Sanada twins, they left their victims bound and passed out after a long fuck session.  Finally though, the main event was about to begin.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” The announcer began. “Tonight’s main event is part of a title gauntlet.  Should the number one contender lose, she will be stripped of her title shot by the winner.”. The crowd cheered.  They knew the match would be good, but they didn’t know about the stipulations.   

“Introducing first, the number one contender.  Weighing in at 136 LBs with a 32 DD bustline, The Latin spitfire: Carmen!”. A Latin R&B song came on as Carmen strode out to the ring.  Ever since her victory over Nia, Carmen's appearance was more to a dominatrix, wearing a scarlet corset that showed off her cleavage and a matching G-string and stockings.  As she stormed down the ramp; the spectators could easily tell that she was not happy.  She had already won the right to face the champion, but now she had to defend that right all because of something she did not do (according to her, that is). 

As the fanfare ended, she took a moment to breathe.  She had faced plenty of the skanks back in the locker room. She was sure she could handle whoever she faced.

That thought quickly vanished and her heart jumper into her throat when the speakers roared and screamed and blared an all too familiar metal soundtrack.  “And her opponent, weighing in at 280 lbs with a 32 C cup, the Mongolian monster: Gan!!” Gan Naiman came strutting from the back, wearing a silky blue bra and panties combo.  The giantess raised her hands and shouted along with her fans before directing her gaze at Carmen and smiling.   

Carmen shook her head repeatedly and looked frantically around as if hoping that someone would tell her this was just a joke, but to no avail.  She realized too soon what it meant to anger Lana.  The woman didn’t intend for her to have a match more than she wanted her to be slaughtered!

As Gan entered the ring, Carmen couldn’t help but back away.  at 6’ 10”, the giantess was over a foot taller than her and twice as built.  She had no clue what to do, but she knew she couldn’t run.  Her shot at being champion was on the line. Slowly, she walked to the center of the ring and stared down (or in this case, up) her opponent.

“I’m going to have lots of fun playing with you, little doll.”  Gan said smiling down at the smaller woman.  “Maybe if you’re a good girl, I’ll let you sit on my lap when the crown me as the new champ.”

This angered Carmen, who finally found her spine.  “The only thing that’s going to be happening is you licking my boots and begging for mercy, you overgrown cow!”  Gan couldn’t help but laugh at the response.  For such a small woman, she did have courage and she respected that.  Enough to possibly not totally ruin her after she won.

The referee called for the bell, and the match began.  Both women circled each other slowly, one cautious about making a wrong move and the other savoring the hunt.  Finally, Gan lunged at Carmen who quickly ducked out of her way.  She lunged again only to find the small Latin woman out of her reach again.  Carmen was smaller and weaker than her, but she was also nimbler.  A trait she was going to use to her advantage.

Frustrated, Gan charged at Carmen who deftly moved to the side and brought her leg up for a hard kick to her gut.  The impact felt like she had kicked a wall.  Carmen hopped away holding her leg.  She saw that Gan herself was doubled over from the pain and wind kicked out of her, so it was not all in vain.  Ignoring the pain, Carmen ran to the ropes and baseball slid into Gans leg on the return.   

Her foot connects with Gans shin and with a scream of pain, the giantess was brought down to one knee.  Smiling wickedly, Carmen zeroed in on the injured spot and stomped her foot down on it several times.  Each blow brings a shout of pain from Gan as she starts to tear up.  “I told you you’d be on your knees, bitch!”  Carmen said before backing up and sending a flying knee right into her face.

Gan was knocked down onto her ass, eyes glazed over and in a complete daze.  The audience was silent at what they saw.  Many of them expected the Monster to rip Carmen apart in minutes.  Instead, the small woman was bringing her down as if she was David facing Goliath.  And she was not done yet.

Strutting over, Carmen brought her foot up again and began to stomp on Gan’s tits.  The blows bringing her back to the waking world and screaming in pain as Carmen pressed down hard after each blow.  With a sinister laugh, Carmen took her foot and pressed against Gans neck, chocking her.   

However, the rush of winning got the better of Carmen who forgot that Gan was way stronger than she was.  After a moment of flailing her legs, Gan grabbed Carmen's leg and pulled it off of her.  A menacing sneer was on her face as she got up still holding onto the leg.  Carmen tried to knock Gan down again by swinging her other foot up and aiming for her head.  Gan saw it coming and easily grabbed the other foot and held onto both of them as Carmen's body slammed to the mat.

Clutching the back of her injured head, Carmen was now helpless as Gan took her by both legs and dragged her to the center of the ring.   Laughing, Gan then began to spin them around in a circle,  Carmen's arms flailing around as she tried not to pass out from dizziness.

“Round and round we go, slut!”  Gan said spinning faster and faster, enjoying the screams coming from Carmen who was close to hurling up her lunch.  Eventually, Gan started to feel dizzy as well and decided to finish it off by just letting go of the small woman.  Carmen's body went flying across the ring and landed near the ropes and almost fell out onto the dirty floor.

Carmen was conscious, but barely able to tell where she was.  The world was still spinning around her and it took all of her effort just to fight the urge to vomit.  She was completely helpless to stop Gan from grabbing her by the hair and lifting her up to her feet.  Carmen just dangled there as Gan cocked her head back and delivered a vicious headbutt to her skull!

Carmen was knocked back down onto the ground, pain now helping her to focus on her surroundings.  She didn’t come to her senses fast enough as Gan pulled her up by the hair again and delivered a second headbutt.   Carmen's skull was now pounding.  How thick was Gans skull that she couldn’t feel anything after two repeated blows.   

The monster stood there unphased at all and grabbed Carmen for a third time.   This time, she did not deliver a headbutt, but instead pressed Carmen's head down onto the ropes and started to rub it across them hard.

Carmen screamed as it felt like her skin was being sandpapered off of her head, but Gan kept going, enjoying the sounds of her misery.   She tucked Carmen's head under her arm and (still limping from the injured leg) dragged her across the ropes to the turnbuckle.  Oce there, she rammed the Latinas head right into the post, having it bounce off like a basketball.

Carmen went flying to the floor again and groaned in pain.  Gan raised her arms to rile up the crowd and bent over to grab Carmen again.   Unfortunately, Carmen had finally come around and Gan left herself open.  She waited until the giantess was close enough, and brought her foot up to collide with her exposed crotch.   

Gan’s eyes went wide from the pain and her mouth dropped open.  She quickly brought her hands down to her damaged privates, but this left the rest of her exposed to Carmen who scrambled up to her feet and quickly sent repeated kicks to the bigger woman’s stomach, tits and head.  Gan was dazed from the blows and staggered on her feet.  Carmen took advantage of Gans position and quickly tucked her head under her arm and (considering the giantesses height and weight) delivered a modified version of her Lone-Star smash DDT.   

Gan’s head slammed into the mat with a thud and her arms and legs sprawled out.  With great effort, Carmen rolled her onto her back and went for the pin.  The referee came in and began the count, but Gan kicked out at two.  She was still conscious, even after that devastating move. 

Frustrated, Carmen let out a scream and went behind Gan.  She lifted the larger woman into a sitting position and wrapped her arm around her neck into a choke hold.  If she couldn’t pin her, maybe she could have her tap out.   

For a while, it looked like it was working, until Gan started to get up.  Desperate, Carmen tightened her grip, but it didn’t stop the Mongolian Monster from rising to her feet with Carmen still clinging to her back.  She stood up to her full height as if the Latinas choke hold had no effect, and grabbed one of Carmen's legs with one hand and the back of her neck with another.

“Oh no...”  Carmen said as the giantess dropped backwards slamming Carmen between her and the mat.  Carmen was crushed like a bug, and her entire body was alive with pain.  Remarkably, she didn’t let go of her grip and was still feebly trying to choke Gan.  Her grip went from painful to annoying though, but Gan couldn’t do anything while she was laying on top of her.   

Slowly, Gan got up again and pried Carmen loose.  She then grabbed the Latina woman by the back of her neck and hurled her off.  Carmen's body went flying across the matt...and collided with the referee.  There was a loud gasp from everyone in the audience and even Gan had a look of shock on her face.  Accident or not, there were strict rules about not harming the referees during matches.

But Gan couldn’t think about that right now.  She had to finish winning the match.  She limped over to Carmen and picked her up by her neck.  Carmen gasped and clawed at the Giantesses arm, but she had a grip like a vice.  Gan brought carmen to her feet and with a sadistic smile raised her up in the air and delivered a devastating choke slam!  Carmen's body bounced off of the mat and landed face-down.  She was knocked out cold from the impact.  Gan had the victory in hand.  All she had to do was wake up the referee.

What Gan was too busy to see though was the busty blonde Nicole run down to the ring.  Nicole planned on jumping Gan after the match, but when the referee was knocked out, she saw the perfect opportunity.  Sliding into the ring, she waited until Gan turned towards the referee before launching her attack.  In her right hand glinted a knuckle duster, and she swung hard right into Gan’s face.   

The blow connected and Gan went falling to the ground like a sack of potatoes.  Her legs twitched slightly from the pain as she was barely still in the waking world.   But Nicole wasn’t done.  Gan had humiliated and degraded her in front of everyone.  She was not going to stop until she did the same.

Grabbing her hair with both hands, Nicole was able to bring Gan to her knees.  She was still in a daze and could barely stand, but Nicole didn’t need her up for long.   At the perfect height, Nicole ran off the ropes and delivered a reverse inseguri (the heel connecting with the back of the head instead of the foot) that she called the bunny hop.  The blow connected and Gan was now on the floor, completely out cold.

Quickly, Nicole rolled Gan onto her back and dragged Carmen's still unconscious body on top of her.  She then went over to the referee and woke him up, playing the part of a concerned bystander and pointing to the pin.  The ref slowly got to his knees and began the three count, finally signaling for the bell.

The entire arena was shocked at what they just saw.   Carmen (with a lot of help from Nicole) just pinned the monster.  The busty blonde for her part stood there laughing as Carmen's music played over the speakers.

“’s your winner:  Carmen!”  The announcer said not sure how to properly respond.  The referee went over to check on the two, but Nicole pushed him aside.  She didn’t care about the rules right now.  She wanted revenge.

“Well it looks like the little Latina is too tuckered out to play with you.”  Nicole said with a wicked smile to a still unconscious Gan.  “Don’t worry.  I have plenty of time...”

In an instant, Nicole pulls a can of pepper spray from her pocket and sprays it across Gans face.  Gan wakes up shrieking and flails her arms and legs wildly from confusion.  Before she has a chance to fight back, Nicole also pulls out a taser and presses it against the monsters left tit and unleashes 1200 V through her body.

Gan is no longer screaming as the voltage courses through her. Her body twitches as her eyes roll into the back of her head.  Nicole is all smiles as she laughs. “How does it feel, slut?!  Tell me how it feels to go through the same pain I went through.”. Nicole did not let up shocking the helpless giant until she finally went numb and pissed her pants.

With her hated enemy now humiliated in the same fashion as she was, Nicole removed the taser and let Gans body lie there twitching.  She felt a surge of power run through her and couldn’t help but want more.  She slid off her tight shorts and panties and lowered her bare pussy down onto Gans face.  She started to gyrate her hips, smearing her pussy juice all across the giant Mongolians face.  Gan was aware of what was going on but couldn’t stop it from happening.  All she could do was whimper and hope it ended soon.   

Nicole grabbed the back of Gans head and pressed her closer moaning loudly.  “Smell my pussy, bitch.  You wanted it so bad before, now take it all in as I fuck your stupid fat face!”. Nicole grinds harder and faster until finally she flings her head back and shoot a huge load of cum across Gans face.   

Nicole holds Gans head for a few seconds as she struggles to stay on her own feet.  She had never cum that hard before and it took a lot out of her.   

Finally composed, Nicole squeezes Gans head between her thighs.  With the vice-like grip in place, she pats the Mongolian monsters head like she was a puppy and coos “Good girl.  That was better than I expected it would be.  Now have a nice rest.”  With a sadistic smirk, Nicole then drops to her knees, slamming the back of Gans head onto the mat and knocking her out.


She gets up and looks around the ring.  Carmen was already gone.  She had come to and decided it was better to just leave the two women to their personal dispute.  Lana for her part, stood in the back watching on a TV with seething anger.  She was sure Gan would win. But instead, she now has one new headache to deal with in the form of a vindictive blonde.  And she would pay for her interference.  Lana would make sure if that.