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Chapter 7 East to Conquer

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Chapter 7 East to Conquer
« on: February 22, 2021, 10:50:05 AM »
Chapter 7  East to conquer

WE ended our tour in Germany two days later, Peggy was on a high and the chilled mountain air she fought in seemed to rejuvenate her entire body, she looked as if glowing, though swollen she wasn’t as sore as some of her other fights left her, she was feeling like a real Queen again, but what would Poland bring to the Queen to match against was the question.

Joe was looking out the train window as we traveled and I asked if he was ok, he nodded but said in a whisper , ‘You know Poland has some of the bustiest women right?”, I swallowed , “What do you think?”, he looked at Peggy smiling and then me, ‘Well if we get a fight with one she will be her size maybe bigger, if we find her size you can bet it will be a knock down drag out titfight, these women are farm raised and strong and their chests are powerful”, i sat back a slight sign of worry and  a smirk, as i thought (her reign ends here or she becomes the toughest by far).

As we gently are rocked by the train and its whistle , that sounded like a woman’s scream, we pas the eastern border , as we continue on the ticket agent is checking pass ports as we cut through Russia, Peggy was nearly awake from a nap when our compartment door slid open, Peggy looked up and the mature soldier held out his hand we knew what he wanted and handed the passports and tickets to him, he looked at al of us but his eyes couldn’t stop looking at Peggy.

Couldn’t blame him to be honest her purple top was a V cut to her lighter purple bra and it was over stuffed for sure the veins were nearly ridged over the smooth round surface, her green eyes batted at him as she swelled her amazing 36G’s in that top and bra and they wanted out, the man handed our passports back then in a very rough broken english looks to Peggy, “you enjoy vodka and games of chance?”, unsure what he meant Peggy simply winked smiled at him then flexed her tight breasts and the guards eyes nearly fell out of his head, she sat up perfect posture and her thick nipples start to tent out, he nods  as he says, “can you join me”, Joe stood up and explained anything she is going to do he and i must be there to set terms, the guard looks at us all, then says, “you come you two wait here”.

Joe nodded i knew he would only agree with Peggy’s best interest at heart so Peggy took a breath, “well i wasn’t counting on a Russian fight but when in rome “ she smiles, i take a breath in as i lean in a bit , “Mom do me a favor ? don’t be quick to jump at a fight with who ever they have we might end up in a winter prison”, Peggy her palms on the seat her shoulders up and her breasts weighing on the bra , “oh honey i know better than to get in that type of trouble but if she wants a titfight she will get one”.

Joe suddenly appears and slides the door open “ok so he has a woman about 50 looks 30 and she’s busty not sure how big, but it is up to you Peggy, i told him you have to agree and then you and she decide on rules and stakes that ok?”, Peggy smiles “when do i meet her?” Joe eyes widen they are the way here now so you can meet her and she you, he said you both can use the empty compartment next train car “, Peggy licks her lips, “i can’t wait to meet her”.

Peggy waits looking out the window so not to seem nervous when the guard appears and looks at Joe, he nods as if to ask if its ok, Joe nods and the guard opens the door fully, a woman appears in a grey fur coat a hat and her hair put up under it and red heels , she enters the compartment and the door shuts ,Peggy stands up as the two cats glare at the other, then her heavy accent comes from the full red lips, “my name is Sasha i am best in the area of Russia”, Peggy steps closer , “i am Peggy the best in America and soon Russia”, their eyes stare then Sasha undoes her fur and parts it, a red tight dress hugs her frame and her 36G’s swell in a red bra  her nipples already tenting, Peggy undoes her top as her purple bra is strained they eye each other up then she closes her fur, “you and i fight tit to tit Da?”, Peggy buttons up, “Agree, winner takes bras and milks loser?”, they stare and Sasha nods , Peggy looks to Joe , “i’ll fight her”.

Joe looks at the guard and nods he nods back and says “follow us please”, Sasha swaggers out first then the guard then Joe then Peggy and myself, we cross into th next train car its empty as many got off at the last stop, we take the double compartment and he unlocks the door, Sasha steps in then Peggy does, she hands her fur out to him and he shuts the door then locks it.

As  the lock is heard engaging both women ease their tops off as they glare the benches folded up the compartment is a small ring now for a fight, they get to their thongs and bras and heels, Sasha is 5’10” 150 and a 36G, her hat off her thick black hair is up  her grey eyes narrowed red full lips and her bra comes off to reveal a cone shape breast , i look at Joe in fear he raises a brow as i mouth, “she was beaten by a woman with that shape breast”, Joe shrugs, “to late now baby let them fight”.

Sasha’s nipples are molded into the bullet shape like breasts her aureola’s are flat to the shape , but they stand out firm and her upper chest is barrel like to hold them up, the veins are deep dark and only three thick veins map into her aureola’s she breathes in proudly and says to Peggy, “rules for fight”.

Peggy breathes in her round veiny tits stand out and look more swelled as she sees this woman is going to be a fight, “rules? mine no hands no claws , anything else you?”, Sasha nods then breathes in slow, “we pull hair Da?”, Peggy nods, Sasha then says, “i feel claws i fight back Da”, Peggy smiles “count on it, biting?”, Sasha stares, “you bite i bite agree”?, Peggy smiles “Agree ready to fight?”, Sasha nods and smiles, “Ready to Fight”.

The guard watches intently, as Joe asks him, “how long you know Sasha?”, he smirks 15 year now she my wife , best fighter in Russia, you?”, Joe smiles 12 years and Best fighter in my town” they smile and nod as Guard says, “going to be a tough fight then”.

We look in at he two women posturing their heavy firm breasts outward, the look of jealous hate was one i hadn’t seen in Peggy in a while and from the look on the guards face he hadn’t in Sasha, they slowly come to attention hips roll up into torso then breasts as they step together and then they ease their breasts together, both stare as they fel the full warm firm mass compress into another pair, then as they get the feeling they instantly begin to rub and smear their breasts.

Sasha a stone face glare lets her eyes flutter at the feeling, while Peggy parts her lips a bit and they slowly rub and smear then start to push not  full pump but they do recoil the others mass as they start the fight, hands on hair as they begin, the shape of their breasts becomes mangled then instantly re forms into the natural look and neither woman shows an ounce of doubt or fear that her new rival is matching her in every way at the moment.

The slow duel is mesmerizing as they push together their breasts bulge then push back, swell and lift and recoil, each woman tilts her chin to the other with every slow deep touch as if daring her for more, but these two see the potential to lose from the other and are being cautious to not make a wrong move and be broken and milked.

The fight goes on for a good 15 minutes as slow s it started and each woman breaths in deep as they once again make contact, I look at Joe and he at me as we shrug thinking maybe this is how they do things here, we certainly weren’t going to question the methods, as of right now we all were happy to see it and watch it and the two combatants were happy to be engaging each other.

Slowly after another few minutes Sasha starts to show signs of advancing the duel, she slowly wipe her more cone shaped breasts at Peggy’s then presses the pointed shape breasts int other side walls of each breast of Peggy, the move with little motion still shows how the cone or bullet shape breasts easily concave the rounded side walls , Peggy trying to not react breathes in rather sharply and Sasha grins, ‘I break you Bitch”, Peggy not wanting to seem worried smiles as she lightly bumps each side wall of Sasha’s breasts then presses in easily pointing them to the opposite side, “no i will break you “, they start to press to each other with more emphasis and as each pushes in they try to push past the other, softly they grunt, “uhh uhh uhh”, “mmff mff more” Sasha breathes out.

both women start to press their breasts with more determination now as the slow motion duel gains a bit more speed but still very slow and erotic to watch, but you can see in its slow style they are both pushing with strength and effort, Sasha breathes in and bumps Peggy, left then right Peggy does it back then Sasha arches and she aims her right breast into /peggy’s and pushes in tight recoiling Peggy she holds it then does the same to the left on left as she purrs to Peggy, “we fight right on right then left Da?”, Peggy then arches and mimics the two presses to Sasha, “nmm lets do it “, Sasha alters her stance enough they line up their right breasts head on they rub slow s they glare.

Sasha a slight smirk, “Fight “ and she presses hard head on, Peggy arches into it but as Sasha pushes in Peggy has to step her right leg back, ‘uuuhhhh ohhh”, Sasha a smirk “cmon Cow” Peggy feels the odd shape breast press hers in and back then as Sasha rubs at hers lifts it at her chest, “nmmm your tits can fight no?”, Peggy breathes in and slowly slides her breast around Sasha’s then lifts up at hers , “uuuhhhnn  can you fight ?”, Sasha breathes in as Peggy matched her and snarls at the taunt “oh i fight you extra  and not just tits “ Peggy breathes out, “cmon then fight .

Sasha gives a dare me glare to Peggy’s then as they roll and bump their right breasts, Sasha runs her nails off her hair and down Peggy’s shoulder as 4 white lines like scrapes show, “i’ll take your tits and eyes “, “. Peggy just curls a lip as she smears her right breast under Sasha’s then presses in under then pumps sharply her hands come from hair and she drags 4 lines on both shoulders of Sasha, “ohh i will claw you to shreds “.

They snarl at the others face as they grind short but rougher up and down and side to side just the right breasts, their left breasts stand out free, both women glare as they slowly and roughly push smear and drag right to right breast, Sasha brings her fingers to peggy’s left breast and as she cups it in her palm her fingers and the nails close in around it, she stares at Peggy, “Fight like a Bitch then?”, Peggy cups her rivals left breast and does the same grip, “anyway you like Bitch”.

They press their right breasts nipples head on then crush the breasts together and Sasha and Peggy then clamp the grip on the left breasts tight and as claw tips sink in they squeeze as hard as they can, the left breast on each bulges and bubbles of flesh are swelled between finger opening as they clench down others breast and both sneer at the others grip as they rub the right breasts a bit faster now, “Fight Sasha come bitch”, Peggy “yesss i will Bitch give me your best fight “, they crush the others breast in hands as they grind the free right ones , slowly their legs shift a wider stance then they are stepping in a circle as the hands on other breasts are twisting, puling, squeezing and pushing the mass about .

They refuse to cry out as they grunt and each is torturing the others breast as they rub, press, push, pump and drag their right breasts together, chins tilt up and Sasha is getting rougher with her grip, “uuhhnn mmm cmon bitch “ then she rakes her nails along peggy breast as her fingers slide off she stabs a fist into the left breast  short quick then a second, Peggy a bit stunned “uuummmffff Bitch” then she rips her nails along the Russians breast then two quick jabs one gets the under side and Sash winces, “uuuggggg you Bitch”.

With the rules clear NONE Peggy starts a rhythm to beat the woman at her own game she jabs jabs claws squeezes over and over and quicker, Sasha gets a little stunned her rival can adapt quickly and is being knocked backwards, Peggy is getting her breast jabbed and clawed but retreating her rival there is less effect, Peggy with her right breast to Sasha’s shoves the Russian woman back into the corner of the Cabin, then pressed tight to her rivals right breast Peggy starts to jab the left breasts underside faster and harder, “Cmon Bitch fight me’,  Sasha grunts and shakes her head “Umff mf fmmf mmf ohhh uggg”, the guard her hubby watches as his eyes go wide “Sasha No”.!

Peggy then digs her claws into Sasha breast and as she stares close into Sasha face she curls those pointy nails in then twists the breast as she squeezes deeply , Sasha’s head goes back then she winces “Aawwww uugghhhh my tit”, Peggy starts to step between her thighs when suddenly Peggy winces with a gasp, “AAghhhh Bitch!!”, Sasha stabbed her fist hard into Peggy but it landed in that weak left spot, as a result Peggy pulled away suddenly to cover, Sasha cups her breast checking damage then as Peggy is turned away she charges at her back and pulling Peggy hands away stabs her fingers into Peggy’s breasts and crushes deeply, Peggy tosses her body up and back as she turns we see the red nails sink in Peggy’s breasts as they are squeezed and twisted deep, “Ahhhh bitch my tits !!”.

Peggy is trapped and Sasha pushes Peggy to the cabins window and as she presses Peggy against she pulls her breasts to the sides then removes her hands, Peggy has her G’s crushed to the glass, Sash grabs the back top of Peggy’s hairs to hold her there then starts to jab her fist into both the breasts of Peggy and her lower back, “not such a big mouth bitch now are you Whore” the blows while short and sharp are jabs the thuds against Peggy’s body tell us they are hard and have power.

Peggy tries to turn and swing backwards , as she does Sasha releases the hair hold and uses both fists at the bare back, the thuds ring out, and Peggy is being battered , after a few more jabs Sasha spins Peggy as they glare at each other she makes two fists “Put them up we titfight like this now”, Peggy breathing heavy her side sore balls her fists, the two women in just thongs and heels circle and each starts to stab a fist into others breasts,  the CLOPS ring out as do grunts and their breasts get jostled, bounced, flattened and battered side to side, both women groan and grunt as they get even more angry.

Peggy wasn’t prepared to get her breasts punched, not that she never went through it but she was a titfighter above anything else and traveled here to titfight, add to that Sasha was a street fighter for sure she went from flesh on flesh to claws to fists without missing a beat a sign she was  gutter fighter over a specific style , it was obvious as well she won more being able to add those ruthless styles on a dime with no fear of soreness.

Peggy as they circle uses a trick to break this street fighter, “Well Bitch your tits to weak?” Peggy her right fist balled arches as her Gs stand out, Sasha snarls and arches her bullet Gs out , “fight them”, Peggy steps at her then unleashes her right fist deep into Sasha’s tummy, the Russian bomb shell coughs out a Gasp hen curls over, Peggy grabs a fistful of hair in her left then pounds uppercuts up into her breasts, Sasha screams at the pain as Peggy turns on her ruthless street fighter, “Cmon cxnt hmm wanna use hands hmm? i’l bash your tits in bitch fight me”.

Sasha is now being controlled her hanging breasts are being beaten , signs of bruises already shine o the surface, Peggy whips Sasha about the tight room like a rag doll, Sasha’s legs give out she lands on her knees, cups her breasts as she weeps, Peggy rips her head up and back by the hair then slams her fist into each breast hard, the WHACK of her fist into the fleshy breasts is audible and deep, Peggy smiles a sick smile as Sasha’s breasts are beaten badly, the woman crying and unable to do a thing screams out, “STOP HER PLEASE I GIVE I AM DONE!!,  the guard slides the door open but Joe grabs his arm, then Peggy shoves her on all 4’s and pounces on her lower back and abuses her breasts as she milks the Russian champ, twisting the breasts as her milk spews freely, “Don’t ever look for a titfight again Bitch”, Sasha in tears nods and drops on the soaked rug, Peggy grabs the silver fur and smiles as she swaggers from the compartment then goes back to ours.

Peggy re dresses and sits Joe was right here with ice in a rag from the bar car, Peggy was upset but glad she won, ‘you ok mom?”, she wipes a small tear, “yes dear fine , i thought we were going to titfight i just wasn’t ready for that, but i showed her”, i smile “yes mom you did, just make sure ready and heeled before another please” she nods as we all take a nap.


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Re: Chapter 7 East to Conquer
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2021, 02:30:48 PM »
Amazing chapter! I love when a woman breaks the rules and the fights turns very gross and violent. All is fair in love and war so I find very realistic when a hateful and jealous woman does whatever it takes to win. Sasha was great as Amber said she is a gutter fighter but Peggy is never afraid she is a street fighter as well so this fight was absolutely amazing.

I really liked when Sasha pushed Peggy to the cabins window with her G’s crushed to the glass, I don't know if it refers to the outward facing window with the observers watching Peggy's back or the cabin door window with the viewers watching Peggy's front. I imagined the second option with Amber, Joe and the guard watching Peggy's amazing big tits squished against the glass and her pain filled face in front of them.
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Re: Chapter 7 East to Conquer
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That was an unexpected twist
Loved it


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Re: Chapter 7 East to Conquer
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Omg... Peggy in Poland... the land of massive mammaries. Our champion facing a opponent that entirely eclipses her legendary bust. The head swims and swells at the possibilities!


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Re: Chapter 7 East to Conquer
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Sasha is a joke but pretty sure not the best Russia has to offer.


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Re: Chapter 7 East to Conquer
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2021, 10:38:16 PM »
And yet another angle!  I am starting to believe that the breadth of your imagination has no limits!
Totally Amazing Dotti!!!!