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« on: February 24, 2021, 01:29:00 AM »


I am very sorry to report that we will be closing our streaming site on March 1st do to a contract dispute with our 3rd party streaming service provider.
In a Nutshell,  our service provider has gotten greedy and intends to charge us thousands of dollars a month to provide the same service we have
enjoyed over the last 2 years and this would have the potential to cause us to incur an operating loss during some months of the year which we find
these terms unacceptable.  So barring an 11th hour compromise, which appears very unlikely,  our site will close at midnight on March 2nd.

We ask that if you wish to make any streaming purchases, that you do so by February 28th as any purchase made on March 1st may have less than the
Usual 24 hour access to stream a video as the site will go down as soon as the clock strikes midnight on March 2nd.

In the meantime you can enjoy nearly 1600 videos by visiting us at or by clicking on the graphic above.

Please also note, that our credit card portal is no longer working and that you can ONLY use PAYPal to make streaming purchases.
If you try to use a credit card it will automatically decline,  so please only use PayPal.

Thank you for all of your past support of our streaming services and should you have questions please let me know.