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Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed

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Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
« on: March 04, 2021, 01:14:00 AM »
Blake looks impatiently at his cell phone every second, waiting for it to finally be 7 pm. Because today he has a special fight coming up. Emma, his best friend, is fighting for him again and has to face his girlfriend Nina. Usually the two women always offer each other merciless fights, which so far have always ended with an unconscious Emma. Emma has never been able to win a fight against Nina. That is exactly the reason why she has challenged Nina to a fight for Blake in bed. This time it's not about hurting the other with punches and kicks, today it turns out who is more talented in bed. Blake's girlfriend is already in the bathroom getting ready.

Emma told him that she will be there at 7 pm. He only has to wait 5 more minutes before the battle in bed will finally take place. It feels like the longest five minutes in his life. When the doorbell finally rings, he quickly goes to the door, he can't wait to see Emma. He opens the door and the brunette smiles at him. She is wearing a long gray coat and her slightly curly hair reaches her chest. She hugs Blake and says "Today I will win and then I will drag Nina out of your apartment myself". Directly a hot announcement at the beginning of this fight. She enters his apartment and he closes the door behind her. She takes off her coat and is already completely naked underneath.

Emma sees Blake's look of surprise and smiles at him. "I thought to myself that anyway I don't need clothes today". Emma has a strong body. Her body is toned and her abs are something to behold. Still, Emma doesn't lose any of her femininity because of it.

Blake already wants to fuck her in bed, but then the bathroom door opens and Nina presents her naked body. Compared to Emma's body, Nina's body is rather slender and untrained. Nevertheless, Nina looks fit and is definitely in shape, but she is not as well trained as Emma. Nina wears her straight blonde hair down, her hair reaching her nipples. Nina faces Emma and the two engage in a fierce staredown. Nina is a head shorter than Emma, yet her look is no less threatening. Her tits are pressed together, Nina has stronger breasts than Emma, she has already exploited this in her countless fights. "Ready to lose again, bitch?" asks Nina.
"This time you will lose and Blake will be mine".
They both continue to stare at each other with hatred.
"Shall we move this to the bedroom?" asks Blake, but the two women are still facing each other and won't stop having a hot staredown. Blake waits and remains anxious to see what happens in the next few seconds. A little later, Emma is able to take her eyes off Nina and goes to Blake. He opens the door to the bedroom and hears the two following him.

His bedroom offers a 3x3 meter bed, a custom made one that Blake had made at first just for having fun with Nina alone, but is now perfect for this fight as well. This bed should be enough in size for the two of them to let off steam and show him their talents. He put the nightstands in the living room for safety. Blake lies down in the bed and Emma lies down to his right, Nina has to step over Emma and Blake to lie down to his left. Emma starts kissing his neck and Nina does the same. The two are already showing him that it's going to be a hot fight here. The first minute the two still behave peacefully, they lick his neck and Blake already gets into the mood. Then he already notices the first hostilities between the two. Nina tries to push Emma's head away and have Blake's neck for herself, but Emma resists and tries to push Nina away. Both become more and more aggressive and try to push the other away. Nina uses her hands, but Emma pushes Nina away in anger. "HE WILL BE MY BOYFRIEND" Emma screams in rage.

Blake says "Okay ladies, now calm down. I have thought of a very special fight for today. Before you fight for me in the final round, you will face each other in three duels. Depending on the final score, there will then be an advantage for one of you in the final."

"In what shall we compete sweetie?" asks Emma sexily, having calmed down from the aggressive beginning of this fight.
"You two are going to kiss and you have to try to dominate the other one with your tongue".
"A kissing duel, I see" replies Nina, smiling at Emma.
Emma knows exactly what that smile means. A few years ago, Emma once had a crush on Nina and really wanted to be in a relationship with her. But Nina was unfortunately only into men and so a relationship never developed between the two. Emma hates Nina by now, and couldn't imagine having a relationship with such a sneaky and dirty bitch, but damn Nina is still as horny as ever. If they would kiss intensely, a horny dream of Emma would come true. Nina knows that and now thinks that she will easily defeat Emma, but Emma won't let that happen. She has been fighting to be with Blake for at least a year now, he would be much better off with her than with Nina. Emma left her boyfriend for this rivalry, she will not lose Blake to Nina.

Nina says "With my experience I will win with ease against you, with your one relationship you are no challenge for me".
"Just because you put your tongue in everyone's mouth doesn't make you better than me. Besides, unlike you, I've kissed a woman before," Emma replies. 
Emma has only had one long relationship with a man, but before that she often took the opportunity to sleep with women.

Then the two embrace and press their mouths against each other. They stick their tongues in deep and let their tongues dance with each other. Emma runs her hand through Nina's slick hair. As expected, Nina takes ice cold advantage of Anja's past with her.  She doesn't try to push Emma's tongue back with her tongue or otherwise force her to give up, Nina tries to make Emma horny and she succeeds. Nina can kiss even better than she ever dreamed of. But Emma does not allow herself to surrender to this horniness. "Well are you getting horny already, cxnt?" moan Nina. "Shut up" Emma snorts back and tries to focus again. Nina is all about winning this fight. Nina doesn't really want to kiss Emma out of passion. She can't give in to Nina's dirty tricks. Emma tries to cling to that thought and shows a little more fight back. Emma knows her business and is able to push Nina back again, but the blonde recognizes the danger and follows up. Emma is overwhelmed by the fact that Nina can go one better and Emma is already getting wet. She can't and won't fight back anymore. Nina brings Emma on her back and kisses her further. She presses Emma's hands against the bed. Emma feels Nina getting rougher and not focusing on making her horny anymore. A little later Nina maneuvers her tongue under Emma's and then pushes Emma's tongue towards her throat. Emma moans loudly in pain. Nina has prepared all this to now mercilessly hurt Emma. Emma screams from the pain in Nina's mouth. Emma moans desperately "I give up", Nina makes Emma suffer for a few more seconds before she ends the ordeal.

With this, Nina has won the first duel. She lets go of Emma and sits down on the bed.  Nina puts her hair back and smiles sexily at Blake. "I hope you enjoyed the first duel" says Nina. Blake noticed the tricks she used to get Emma on her back. He just loves Nina for that. Emma is a nice and attractive woman, but Nina's mean and already sadistic side turns him on even more. Emma is on her knees again, fingering herself through her hair. "You dirty bitch," she says. Nina just smiles sardonically at Emma, "Why are you getting upset? You liked it too, didn't you".
Blake realizes how angry Emma is and that it won't be long before she goes after Nina. That's when he gets the idea for tonight's second duel.
"Emma, you might like the following: The second duel will be about you trying to push each other off the bed.
" As you wish sweetie," Nina replies smiling at me, but she is tackled by Emma in the next moment and lands with her back on the bed. Emma, with her strong body and regular training, should actually push Nina off the bed with ease. But Nina has won all the fights so far, and so the outcome is open here as well. Emma rolls with Nina on the bed, their hands interlock and the two wildcats get into a catball for dominance.  Emma brings Nina to the edge of the bed, her well-toned body pressing Nina against the mattress. Nina tries to push Emma off the bed, but Emma's muscular arms give Nina no room to move. Emma smiles at Nina, "Well slut, how do you like that?". Nina wriggles around, trying to get free, but no chance. Blake likes seeing Emma dominate her rival, however from her position it is difficult to push Nina off the bed.

Emma doesn't seem to care though, she enjoys her dominance. Emma had a lot of fights against Nina, which she lost despite her strong and trained body. She has been waiting for her victory against Nina for a long time, so she would love to enjoy this moment of dominance forever, but Emma knows that she has not truly dominated Nina until she wins this fight.

Emma lets go of her dominating position and kneels back down on the bed. Nina also kneels back down and puts her hair back again.
"Why don't you come over here and try to push me off the bed," Emma says, confident of victory.
Nina moves on her knees toward Emma and the two bodies collide in the middle of the bed. Nina's slight body presses against Emma's trained body. They wrestle with each other for supremacy in the bed, Nina's is strong despite her body and a tough competition for Emma. They use the entire bed as their battlefield. Emma is able to put Nina in a headlock, but the blonde is able to wriggle out and overpowers Emma from behind. It doesn't take long until Emma has the upper hand again. The next three minutes follow intense and fast wrestling in bed, which Blake likes very much. Every few seconds the upper hand changes, the two really give everything in this second duel. Emma has Nina in her grip again, but the skillful blonde is able to break free again. She kneels on the bed again and looks like Emma quite sweaty and exhausted by the long minute wrestling. Nina doesn't notice that she is dangerously close to the edge of the bed. Emma immediately sees her chance and moves to Nina and pushes the blonde off the bed.

Emma finally managed to defeat Nina, it was only the second duel, but it gives her motivation for the further fight. Emma falls exhausted on the bed. Nina also lies exhausted on the floor.
Blake hopes that the two of them still have enough energy for the rest of the night, because there is one more duel and the grand finale to come. Emma slowly crawls to him and wants to get her reward for the second duel. She lies down on top of him and starts kissing him. Blake feels her sweaty body. That was a really strong performance by Emma. They didn't give each other anything and Emma was able to get the victory. "This is the proof sweetie. I am the stronger, the better woman for you. I can defend you. Choose me and I will throw this bitch out of your apartment". Emma makes Blake really horny, he is already looking forward to what Emma will offer him in the finale. Nina meanwhile is up again and goes to the bed. She pulls Emma away from Blake and says "he's mine". Emma boasts again and presses her body against Nina's. Their tits collide and both women engage in a fierce staredown.

Blake says "Before you attack each other again, I better tell you what your next duel is: You're going to satisfy each other. Whoever comes first loses". "Oh I can see you getting horny just thinking about it" Nina says smiling at Emma.
"Fuck you."
"Your dream is coming true sweetie, I'm going to give it to you so hard".
"Oh no, with my experience I will make you come very fast".
They both immediately go into a 69 position and work their rival's cxnt.  Emma sucks on Nina's vagina and uses all her experience, but Nina is not idle either. Emma enjoys already after a few seconds how Nina's tongue satisfies her. Emma would love to lie down and let Nina play on her vulva, because for Emma really a long-awaited dream comes true. But she has to cling to the thought that Nina is not pleasuring her for her own sake, but that she is only interested in winning Blake and embarrassing Emma in front of him. So Emma follows up and uses her fingers in addition to her tongue to make Nina come faster. Nina moans louder and has to let go of Emma's vagina for a moment, but the blonde is highly motivated and clings to Emma's cxnt again a little later.

Nina also follows up and additionally uses her fingers. For Emma it is now even more difficult not to give in, Nina's tongue skills are better than she ever dreamed of. Every woman in her place would understand if Emma would give in now and let herself be satisfied. But this is about Blake, with whom she has been friends for years and with whom she finally wants to have a relationship. Nina doesn't want a relationship with Emma, Emma is trying to think clearly, and fight for the relationship with Blake. But Nina at this moment puts her foot down again and Emma can't help but moan loudly and let herself fall on the bed. Immediately the blonde takes the chance and lies down on Emma. She continues to work Emma's pussy and with her tongue makes Emma moan louder and louder. Emma has lost the will to fight and at this moment only enjoys Nina's satisfaction. Nina licks Emma's vulva again and again from top to bottom, Emma moans. Then Nina writes Emma's name with her tongue, first the E, followed by the long M, then Nina draws the second M and writes extra slowly the A. The brunette is about to climax. Nina then makes Emma come with the help of her fingers, Emma moans loudly and then lies on the bed breathing heavily and exhausted. Nina gets back on her knees and puts her long blonde hair back. She wipes Emma's juice from her mouth and smiles sardonically at Emma.

This was the second win for Nina, so she goes into the final with an advantage. Nina lays back down to Blake and kisses him. "I flattened Emma like this, and in the final I will win too".
"So ladies, you are already all sweaty. I would suggest you take a shower and then it's off to the finals in 90 minutes".
Nina kisses Blake again and crawls across the bed, on the way to the edge of the bed Nina gives Emma another provocative kiss. A little later, Emma also gets up, her disappointment over the defeat visible on her face, and retreats to the other bathroom.

To be continued…?
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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
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Hot! Please, continue!
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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
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amazing story


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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
« Reply #3 on: March 10, 2021, 12:13:14 AM »
Emma lets the hot water flow over her skin, her mind is only on the fight. She challenged Nina because Emma was convinced that Nina wouldn't stand a chance against her in bed, but it's 2:1 for Nina. Now her rival even starts the final fight with an advantage. Nothing is lost yet, because only who wins the final will win Blake. Now it will be about who can offer Blake more, and there Emma is definitely superior. He will lose interest in Nina and her dirty tricks very quickly. 

Blake is waiting again for the fight to start. However, he definitely needed this break so that he can recover from the hot fight so far. Moreover, he wanted to give the two women the opportunity to refresh themselves.
But already 2 minutes before he expected one of them, Nina enters the room again. Her body and hair are still slightly damp from the shower she took. She walks up to Blake and smiles at him as she sits on him. She starts kissing him.
"Hey wait the fight isn't going on yet" Blake says lightly pushing Nina away.
"I'm your girlfriend, I can kiss you whenever I want", Nina presses her lips to Blake's again and kisses him intensely.
Nina is right, she has to defend him right now, but still she deserves to kiss him at any time. After all, she often has to fight for him, so she is entitled to her reward at any time. But then Blake hears the door open again.

"Enjoy your last few minutes with Blake before he's finally mine," Emma stands in the bedroom and smiles sexily at the two of them. Her body is still wet as well. Nina lets go of Blake and kneels down next to him. She puts her blonde long hair back and says "oh so you still think you can beat me in this battle?". Emma gets back on the bed and faces Nina on her knees.
"You may have an advantage for the final round now, but I still outclass you".
"Sweetie, keep telling yourself that. As we saw earlier, you don't manage to resist me any more than Blake did". Nina licks Emma's mouth and smiles dirty at her again. "Well are you getting horny again right away?" she asks.
"Fuck you" Emma says and pushes Nina. Emma has to concentrate on winning this fight, she doesn't want to be provoked by Nina anymore.

"So ladies, are you ready for the final round?" asks Blake. He realizes that the situation is already too tense again to wait.
"Yeah sure, honey," Nina answers, Emma also signaling her readiness to him.
"To win the finale, you have to make me cum. The woman who gets my sperm wins. Since it's 2:1 for Nina, she gets an exclusive minute with me at the beginning, in which you Emma are not allowed to interfere."
"Trust me honey, already after this one minute with me you won't want Emma anymore".

Emma gives Nina a hateful look as she gets on her knees to Blake.Emma grabs her smartphone so she can time it, she doesn't want to give Nina a second more than she has to Blake.  She's glad the advantage is so slight for Nina, even if Emma would rather have gotten that minute. She would put him in a better mood than Nina ever could.
Nina starts kissing Blake and Emma starts the timer.
Blake fingers through Nina's long blonde hair. He caresses her body, which has defeated Emma so many times. Although he has already fucked with Nina every day lately, it still doesn't get boring. While he would have been happy to spend the first minute with Emma, doing it with Nina is at least as horny. Blake grabs Nina's ass and Nina starts moaning. Nina moans "Grab it even harder. My ass is yours, yours alone". Blake follows Nina's wish and the blonde moans even louder. "I'm much better than Emma, do you really want to be together with a woman who has never been able to defeat me? It won't be long before she loses you again. She may look good, but she's not good enough for you" Nina moans. Emma just watches unnerved and looks at her timer. Thirty seconds left and she can finally show Blake her talent.
"How do you want me to make you come, honey? Do you want me to suck your dick or do you want to fuck my tight cxnt?", Blake gets even hornier and grabs Nina's ass tighter. Nina says " If you ask me...I would love to feel your cock in my mouth today". The blonde kisses Blake again and he can't believe how sexy Nina is. He thinks it's impossible for Emma to top that right now.

He enjoys kissing his girlfriend but then he feels Nina being pulled away from him, Nina's minute is up, now the real fight begins. Emma gives Nina a slap and then pushes her far away. The brunette sits down on Blake and smiles sexily at him. "For a long time you had to wait to finally feel me naked on your body, but now I am more than ready to show you that I am the better woman for you". Emma looks at Blake erotically, literally hypnotizing him with her gaze. He reaches through her still damp hair.
"Come on sweetie, kiss me now" Emma says and Blake pulls her head towards him and kisses his best friend. Emma shows him her full talent and they let their tongues play with each other. Blake grabs Emma's trained ass and makes her moan. Emma reaches back and grips Blake's cock. "Your cock is so big" Emma moans and starts to jerk his cock. "So many years you had to wait for me to jerk your cock, now it finally happens" she says and enjoys this situation as much as Blake. But then Blakes girlfriend Nina intervenes in the action again. She pulls Emma off him by the hair. Emma resists and a little later the two wrestle again. Emma is able to gain the superior again, but a little later she is dominated by Nina. It is a wild fight that the two are having here for Blake's cock. At the end of this little fight, Nina is able to throw her rival onto the bed, right under Blake's cock.

Nina sits on top of Emma and starts sucking his cock. Nina moans, but while she enjoys the blowjob, she has to fix Emma lying under her, who tries to get free. Emma tries to throw Nina off herself with her arms. Nina continues to fight against it, trying to suck Blake's cock at the same time, but Emma is able to free herself from Nina. She grabs Blake's girlfriend by the hair and pulls her off his cock.
The brunette tosses Nina away with ease and turns her attention back to Blakes cock.
"Nina is really struggling to accept that your cock is mine" says Emma. She licks his cock and massages his balls at the same time. Blake is very taken by Emma's talent. She is definitely a strong competitor for Nina. Emma starts sucking harder, but before she can really get going, Nina has recovered and pulls Emma off her boyfriend's cock. Nina immediately surrounds Blake's exposed cock with her mouth and continues sucking. Nina has to follow up now, and prove to him that she is better woman in bed. Nina licks off his cock, meanwhile Blake watches Emma get back on all fours and focus on Nina. As much as he enjoys the competition and fighting over his cock, he's had enough of the constant changes, he'll never climax that way. He wraps his legs protectively around Nina.

Emma understands the message. She understands that he doesn't want her to just drag Nina away again. She smiles at Blake and lies down on his torso. Emma says "All right, sweetie. You don't want us switching involuntarily every 20 seconds. After all, this isn't really about who's on your cock when you come, it's about who's the better woman in bed. Let Nina have fun with your cock, I will show you who is the better woman". Emma lies down on his upper body and kisses him. She puts his tongue deep in his mouth. Emma caresses his body. He grabs his best friend's well-toned ass. Blake enjoys kissing Emma so intensely and for so long. His hands continue to knead Emma's ass and Blake feels Emma hitting Nina's head again and again with her butt. At first he thought this was accidental because she couldn't hold herself back anymore. But Emma rams her ass harder and harder on Nina's head, it seems like she wants to chase Nina away from his cock. But Nina doesn't let herself be provoked for long. She grabs Emma by her ass and pushes it forward several times. This causes Emma's head to bang against the woody headboard each time. Emma has had enough and gets off Blake to get away from Nina's offense.  Emma puts her hair back and says to Blake "That's enough for me. I'm going to get your cock now". She crawls over to Nina who continues to suck his cock. Emma pushes Nina away and licks Blake's cock. Nina immediately tries to win his cock back and so they both suck his cock. The two women lick Blake's cock with their moving tongues and try to push the other away. Blake rests his head on the pillow and blindly enjoys the two of them fighting over his cock. Emma continues to try to push Nina away, but then Nina sticks her tongue back into Emma's mouth and rolls over to the other side of the bed with her. Emma is able to pin the devious Nina underneath her on the bed.

"You really can't resist me, can you?" says Nina.
"Hey, you kissed me".
"Don't believe a word she says, honey. That bitch is horny for me", says Nina.
"That's not true".
"Then prove it, let's see who can satisfy the other one first", says Nina
So that's Nina's plan, Emma thinks to herself. She wants to embarrass Emma in front of Blake again.Blake seems to believe Nina that Emma started the kiss, so she has to face Lucie in this duel again.  This time Nina will not have it so easy. Emma already had one orgasm from Nina, a second one will not succeed her rival.
"As you wish" says Emma and they lay on each other again in the 69 position. Emma immediately starts working Nina's vagina again. Nina also uses her tongue to make Emma come as fast as possible. This duel will bring the decision, Emma is highly motivated to win this time. Both of them could already get in the mood and they start moaning, but this time Emma is even more focused and wants the victory. She licks Nina's whole vulva, then it's time for revenge and Emma starts to write Nina's name with her tongue. Nina still seems firm after the 'N', but already at the 'I' she starts to moan. At the 'N' Nina moans even louder and after drawing the 'A' Emma feels even more confirmed to do everything right. This time she is going to make Nina come. Emma continues to lick and Nina lies on the bed moaning. Emma feels confident of her victory and gradually leads Nina to climax.
But then the blonde jumps again at Emma's vagina and sucks herself tight. Emma is surprised and completely overwhelmed. Nina uses her tongue additionally to satisfy Emma. Nina slaps Emma on her ass and makes Emma moan. Emma can still win this fight, she doesn't want to give up, although at this moment she is very horny for Nina again. Emma continues to lick like Nina, but now Nina additionally uses her fingers to stimulate Emma. This woman can multitask. It is getting harder and harder for Emma to resist Nina. She thinks about the fact that she is just being satisfied by the woman she always thought would never lick Emma's pussy. Emma doesn't want to resist anymore and just enjoy Nina's incredible skill. She lets go of Nina's cxnt. Nina gets Emma on her back and Nina turns around quickly so that Nina is now lying between Emma's legs and thus has a better position. Moreover, Emma can't oppose Nina anymore now.

Nina quickly wipes with her big tongue again and again from left to right and back again. Nina uses her fingers again and notices how Emma slowly comes. Nina continues and Emma is in seventh heaven. Emma feels how she climaxes and doesn't want to resist. Emma comes and moans loudly, announcing Nina's victory in this new duel, but Nina doesn't seem to let go of Emma's cxnt. Nina sucks herself again, works Emma's vulva with the tip of her tongue, Nina wants to make Emma come again. Emma has never had a multiple orgasm, but as good as Nina is, it will probably happen today. Nina continues to use her tongue fantastically and makes Emma come again. Emma moans echo through the room. Nina straightens up again and puts her long blonde hair back. Emma is lying on the bed completely exhausted, Nina shouldn't expect any more resistance from her.

Nina puts her hand to Emma's vulva again and moistens her hand with Emma's pussy juice. She crawls over to Blake and rubs it on his cock. Nina uses Emma's juice as a lubricant to fuck Blake with her tight cxnt. Both are already extremely horny from the fight so far. Blake just saw the hottest fight between the two women so far, and Nina just got almost satisfied by Emma. Emma can only watch as Nina fucks her dream man. Nina moans, refers again and again to Emma, how weak she is, and that Nina is much better, and so it does not take long until Blake cums in Nina. Nina has thus won this battle and is directly rewarded by the orgasm she gets. It was a hard and exciting fight between the two, but finally Blake's girlfriend won again. Nina lies down on Blake and cuddles up to him, enjoying her victory. All three have to recover from this fight.

After a minute Nina says "See honey, she gave up the fight like in the duel before, only to be satisfied by me. You don't want to be with a woman who gives up the fight for you so quickly, do you? Oh no, you want to be together with me. I'm your girlfriend and I proved to you tonight why. I've come to believe that Emma only wanted this fight for you so she could be satisfied by me. Do you want me to throw this bitch who wants to sabotage our relationship out of our apartment?".
"Yes throw her out honey," Blake says. Nina crawls over to Emma, who continues to lie on the mattress, overcome by orgasm. Nina gets up from the bed and grabs Emma by the hair. "Move bitch, then it will hurt less" says Nina accompanied by Emma's screams. Emma gets up and moves with her. She goes with Emma into the hallway and opens the apartment door. Nina throws Emma into the hallway. A little later Emma gets her coat thrown in her face. Emma would love to attack Nina, but she is still too exhausted.
"Only one of us can be Blake's girlfriend. You should start to realize that I'm the one woman who's going to be together with Blake forever. I'm the better woman of the two of us. The competition is too strong for you, you better go back to begging Sven to take you back."
"Fuck you, you're not getting rid of me. I'm going to get Blake off you".
"Whatever you say. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to fuck Blake", Nina smiles at Emma and closes the door.
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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
« Reply #4 on: March 13, 2021, 03:47:09 AM »
I loved the story. The girls are very focused on showing Blake who's the better woman, and the image of them pushing each other out of Blake's cock is hot. It feels that at any moment this "sex fight" might devolve into a vicious catfight. The only disappointment was seeing the girl I was cheering for losing.


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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
« Reply #5 on: March 14, 2021, 10:25:58 PM »
Thank you for your comment.

I think Blake would have been happy too if his best friend had won the fight. The only problem with Emma is that she had a weakness in the fight that Nina was able to ice coldly exploit several times. Still, the hope was there that Emma could resist Nina. The finale was designed in such a way that it is not he who decides who wins, but the woman who can assert herself better in bed wins. This was due to Emma's weakness regarding Nina Blake's girlfriend.

I had also considered letting Emma win, but then decided for Nina.


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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
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Extremely well written... Keep posting more...


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Re: Best friend vs. Girlfriend – battle in the bed
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I really like that Emma didn't win.