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Artificial Inteligence Program-predicts events & outcome of cat/fist fights

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For many years i have been working on an artificial intelligence program that predicts the events & the outcome of cat/fist fights between 2 woman. The program asks many questions about each woman that is going to fight, then it compares the answers to the answers of the woman that have had real cat/fist fights, & predicts the events & the outcome of this fight to the events & outcomes of the real fights. The real cat/fist fights that have been used are
1-pro wrestling when the two woman slugged it out rather than just wrestled.
2-real fights that i have seen personally
3-fights that seem realistic from letters, web sites, video's of real fights

there has been 3 real cat/fist fights that have happened after the program has predicted the events & the outcomes
the program predicted the correct winner in all 3 fights
the program predicted how easily the winner of the fight would win in 2 fights.
the program predicted approximately 75-80% of the events in 2 fights
the program predicted how & why the fight would be won by the winner in all 3 fights.
the one fight which was a lot shorter than anticipated was quite clear that the loser had either overestimated or lied about some of her answers to some of the questions

i propose that we have a tournament, & perhaps settle some of the disputes of which woman would win a fight.