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daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.

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daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.
« on: May 24, 2021, 01:33:38 AM »
One of my favorite tapes is a 2 part. The moms wrestle in bikinis and than the daughters do it topless. I always thought about how the mothers must feel seeing their female child in such intimate competition with another young female. Losing to another girl is one thing, but being beaten half or fully naked must be another. The video's are great and just involve some aggressive wrestling. This is my dream of how the next battles would have gone. 

Crystal and Megan had just had a competitive topless wrestling match in front of their mothers. The moms had battled and it was all filmed. College wasn’t cheap and both 23 year old young women had needed the money.  The two sets of mothers and daughters had retired to the large shower complex in the studio and as the mothers left they soon heard a commotion.  The mothers returned to see megan and Crystal standing toe to toe “ You might be stronger than me, but I’m more women than you are.”
Crystal smiled and looked first at her mother and then to Megan’s.  She stepped forward allowing her breasts to lay on top of Megan’s. “ You really want to do this, again? Didn’t I embarrass you enough, already?”  Megan noticed the mothers attention on her and she hesitated until she heard her mother say “ Get her baby.”
Megan backed up a foot and with both hands she went straight to Crystal’s breasts and dug nails in causing Crystal to howl and back up trying to bat those nails away.  She heard her mother yell “ don’t let her get away with that. Grab her tits!”  Crystal backed away until she just about ran into Beth. She gave up on trying to get those claws off her breasts and brought her hands to the outside and grabbed a fistful of Megan’s c cup sized titties.
The two Locked eyes as each attacked the others chest. The moms cheered their daughters on as the previous match was an aggressive but ruled wrestling match. Now, the cameras where gone and they fought for more than pride.  They staggered around until Megan slipped losing a hold of one breast. Crystal kept up her attack and Megan tried to bat the hands away from her chest.
Crystal pressed forward and Megan grabbed her rivals red hair and pulled downward.  Crystal let go of her breast hold and soon had her hands tangled in blonde hair. The mothers watched as each daughter staggered around the shower bent over. Legs spread apart for balance they couldn’t help but notice the firm but dangling breasts of the young women and as each circled into view the lightly trimmed crotch of each daughter.
Crystal was the first to kick. It went wild but almost made contact with Megan’s crotch.  “Don’t let her do that to you.” Beth yelled. Megan kicked back making partial contact. Both stepped back trying to keep out of distance from the feet that where flying as each tried to c*unt kick the other.
They danced around the shower for over a minute pulling hair and trying to kick. Their thigh was brought up to deflect each hit and they were breathing heavily.  Megan broke off the attack and Crystal paused. Both looked to their mothers for approval and received it. The made eye contact again and charged each other slamming stomachs and breasts together as each crashed to the shower floor.
Wet bodies made contact as they rolled back and forth.  The mothers watched sometimes not sure of their daughters shapely ass was on top of their rivals was. Pretty bare feet and legs tangled as they twisted together with arms wrapped around one another. Wet stomachs pancaked together as bare breasts where pressed together. 
They ended up side by side until Crystal ended up on top. She spread her legs wide and sat on Megan’s stomach and began inching herself up until she felt Megan’s breasts brush her inner thigh.  She felt the hands yank her hair as she turned to see Beth was trying to pull her off her daughter. She fought to get those hands out of her hair and was relieved to see Linda was now fighting Beth.  The mothers had been in bath robes but soon those where thrown open as the mothers took their fight to the ground.
Crystal was about to regain control of Megan’s hands when she felt a burning in her crotch area. She looked down to see Megan had wiggled out enough to jam a hand in her crotch. Crystal let out a shriek of pain and tried desperately to slap at Megan. Finally grabbing with both her  hands to pull the hand that was violating her.
Crystal fell to the side and both girls hurried to their knees but paused for a moment to notice their mothers still in battle. The mothers lay side by side pulling hair and trying to knee and kick each other’s crotch area.
Linda let out a yelp and soon Crystal watched as Beth mounted her mother and quickly pinned her. Crystal went to help her mother but was attacked by Megan, from behind.  Megan wrapped her arms around Crystal and dug both hands into breast flesh pulling Crystal to the ground.  Through the pain she could not help but feel the hard nipples of Megan’s breasts against her back and feel Megan wrap her legs around her and begin to spoon.
She tried rocking back and forth but couldn’t get the smaller women off of her until she head butted her.  She managed to twist herself to begin facing Megan and slowly inched herself up so that again they were breast to breast with Megan on the bottom. Instead of trying to fight for hand control Crystal thrust a hand down and grabbed Megan’s crotch and dug deeply with two than three fingers.
Megan howled and began to try to kick herself away from Crystal.  Megan went faint from the pain and Crystal noticed movement just in time to meet the oncoming rush of Beth. She noticed her mother laying exhausted on the floor just as she turned to meet the attack of her rivals mother.  The feel of the naked body of a women equal in age to her was one thing, but now she was embracing the aged breasts of someone old enough to be her mother and she was repulsed.
She was surprised at the strength of her older opponent and soon they were in a mutual catball rolling over each other. She noticed Beth’s strength was wearing thin and soon was about to mount her when Beth ,in a desperate move, got a knee into her crotch.  Crystal cried out in pain and Beth began to mount her.
Megan cheered on her mother and noticed Linda getting to her feet and met her just feet from her trying to attack Beth. Megan grabbed Linda’s hair and soon the two naked women went to ground.
Beth was struggling with Crystal but managed to notice her daughter in battle with the other mother. “Get her, baby. I got this little red head.”
Megan quickly pinned Linda and called Crystal’s attention to it by causing Linda to howl in pain as she began mauling Linda’s breasts.  Crystal looked over at her mother in pain and Megan and Crystal made eye contact.
Crystal mustered all her strength and bucked Beth off and quickly mounted her. She began attacking Beth’s 40-ish year old breasts and turned to see Megan’s concerned look.  Both daughters where on their rivals mothers and soon they got off and stood facing each other. “ Ready to end this?” Crystal asked. Megan smiled and the two rushed together to a hail of slaps and punches.
Hands went to hair and soon they tumbled to the ground. Side by side they began attacking their rivals breasts and soon, locking eyes, turned to crotch attacks.  “ Are you women enough?” Megan hissed and lifted her leg wide.  Crystal excepted the challenge and soon positioned herself with legs spread and they mutually mauled the most intimate of female parts of the other.
Crystal felt she was winning until the slightly smaller Megan flipped herself around and got between Crystals spread legs. She watched as Megan brought her crotch to Crystal’s and grunted “ I know your stronger than me, but I’m more women. Megan forcefully brought her p*ssy lips down to touch and rub against Crystal’s. She grinded her pelvis into Crystals for a moment until she noticed Crystal not trying to retreat, but push back.
They made eye contact and Crystal hissed “I’ll beat you any way you want. I’m more women that you.”  They locked hands and they began to trib deeply feeling the others clits dance as the wetness from the shower was  now mixing with their inner juices. They bumped and grinded for several minutes until Linda and Beth both noticed Crystal’s toes began to curl.  Crystal let out a long and guttural moan and Megan milked her and then released her own howl.
The mothers watched as both their daughters climaxed and Crystal lay limp on the floor with Megan on top. Megan rolled off and they lay side by side.  “ Your right, I’m stronger than you, but you are more women….this time.”  Megan smiled and said “ we’ll have to try again, when our mothers aren’t around.”
Crystal chucked “ ok, deal. But can my boyfriend watch?”  Megan smiled and said “ only if mine can.”
“We should make them fight for us, first.”  Megan laughed “ I’ve found that if we go first they will be so hard when they wrestle it’s like watching a sword fight.” Crystal turned to her and said “ You’ve done this before?” Megan looked up at the ceiling and said “ I told you I’m the better women.”



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Re: daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2021, 05:51:07 AM »
Very nice !


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Re: daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.
« Reply #2 on: May 27, 2021, 10:48:11 PM »
I have that video and always enjoyed the mother/daughter vs mother/daughter aspect of it myself.  Nice take on what may have happened after the cameras were gone.


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Re: daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.
« Reply #3 on: May 28, 2021, 04:11:28 PM »
I have that video and always enjoyed the mother/daughter vs mother/daughter aspect of it myself.  Nice take on what may have happened after the cameras were gone.

Mind telling us the name of the video?


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Re: daugher vs daughter and mother vs mother.
« Reply #4 on: May 29, 2021, 08:35:18 PM »
Vera vs Domino, from FoxyCombat.

Vera is better in all ways.

Fine fight and girls.