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Fighting Ex Wife

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Fighting Ex Wife
« on: June 05, 2021, 02:42:25 PM »
I had someone one yesterday ask me if I even had a serious fight with  my ex wife Angie, that brought back some good & bad memories of when we split up and got divorced. When I was married to Angie we use to love to brawl back then I was 5'10 255 and Angie was 5'10 285. When I found out she was cheating on me I got divorced and wanted to move away so I left her with the house all the furniture I just took my stuff.Two days before I was to move out of state I had to go back and sign the divorce papers when I got there Angie was wearing a sexy pair of shorts and a sports bra she gave me a hug and we agreed to part as friends, she asked me if I was gonna miss out wrestling and I told her yes and she suggested one last match, now I was not in the best of moods with her so a fight with her was not a good idea but she insisted so I agreed to give her one last match she'll never forget.

I think we both had the same idea to hurt each other as much as possible and I have to be honest Angie packed a mean punch, I stripped down to my underwear no shirt and we grabbed hold of each other laughing like old times trading little body shots back and forth. I had noticed her punches were harder so I also went harder as I could tell the expression on her face as I punched her back, as the fight went on it got rougher and rougher and it tooka turn fo rthe worst when I grabbed her arm pulling her towards me and she quickly rammed her knee into my balls. I doubled up dropping to both knees cursing as she started to laugh as she again rammed her knee into my chest sending me backwards on my back looking up, I was shocked to see this viscious side of her as she quickly stood over me dropping her knee down over and over into my stomach each knee hurt worst then the last one.

It was obvious she had set me up as she just kicked away at my back ribs and belly everytiem I tried up get up, I managed to pull her leg as she lost balance and fell giving me time to ger up. As she got up I grabbed her sports bra ripping it off exposing those sexy huge tis I loved so much as she cursed me in spanish, as she grabbed for my hair I took both fists punching both sides of her tits as they bounced al over the place as she screamed holding her tits. I grabbed her my het tits pulling her up and she had some fight left in her as a hard left to my lower belly doubled me up as I let go of her tits, as she straightened up I rammed my head hard into her belly her eyes and mouth opened wide in shock and pain. Angie staggered back against the wall as I rammed into her splashing my body into hers as I rammed my knee up into her big belly each knee made her cry out in pain/

My balls were sore as I grabbed for her hair she grabbed my balls squzzing as I lowered my head biting her tit as she screamed ,she grabbed her tit as I pulled back my right fist burrying it deep into her lower belly below the  bellybutton as each one of my punched bounced her up off her feet. I had decided that's enough as I shoved her back hard into the sofa and started to get dressed, as I was getting dressed she grabbed a baseball bat from behind the sofa swinging it at my body as it hit my ribs as I held onto the bat so not to get hit again. My ribs were hurting bad as I grabbed the bat putting it under her chin pushing her back against the wall sending my righ tknee over and over into her belly until she screamed "please stop ", I finished getting dressed as I helped her up as she again tried punching me in my balls, I lost it taking the bat ramming it hard into her belly over and over about 6 or 7 times until she collapsed on the floor rolled in a ball crying.

I grab my clothes walked out leaving he ron the floor crying as I got in my car and headed for the highway on my trip to a better life. On the drive out she kept texting me cursing and swaring to cal the police but she never did and that was over 20 years ago & the last time I ever spoke to her. To this day I have no clue where she is or what she looks like and who she's with I have a new life now with my new wife and that part of my life is over. I will always remeber the fun fights we had as we'll as the last fight we ever had and part of me feel sorry for what I did and part of my was happy to give her someting she's always deseved for cheating on me.

                                 THE END !
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Re: Fighting Ex Wife
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2021, 09:11:36 PM »
You were kinder than I would have been...