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Looking for fem for wrestling photos

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Looking for fem for wrestling photos
« on: September 26, 2021, 08:49:53 PM »
Hi guys I hope this is OK for me to do here, if its not I understand. THIS IS NOT FOR ME OR ANYTHING TO DO WITH ME. Beside the fact this person is a friend , he's a photographer and he has been asked by a woman who's hubby LOVES woman's wrestling and she wants to get 3 or 4 photos of herself and another fem in a posed wrestling hold , making it look real.
Its not a big deal and its for fun and would most likely take a hour or so for most likely $20 or $50 bucks for you. Its in the Kansas city area , looking for a fem say around 5'5 or so that don't mind wearing a swimsuit ,NO NUDE NO TOPPLESS . if interested you can get back to me here and get you in touch with him , he's very legit. Send your info ,size whatever you want and I'll send on to him and you can get in touch with him. Thanks clara