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My Mom vs the neighbor

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My Mom vs the neighbor
« on: September 26, 2021, 08:01:06 PM »

When I was in highschool and my sexuality was turbocharged I had to constantly test my will power.  As a teenage boy my attraction to women was out of control and constantly in my mind.  I found women of all types sexy and being pre internet I utilized my mind for all sorts of fantasies.  How was my will power tested?  I had an incredibly hot mom and her looks were constantly thrown in my face.  My mom, Heidi, had a beautiful face, was athletic, curvy and had tits and an ass that any red blooded man couldn’t take his eyes off of.  After school my friends would come to my house to play video games and the comments were never ending: “Jon, will your mom be there, what will she be wearing.”  “Tell Heidi her tan lines show and she needs to sunbathe in her bikini like last time.” My friends would crack.  Of course they were joking but there was a serious tone to their comments.  In response I would simply dismiss them as any son wools about sexually charged comments about his mom.  But secretly I liked the comments and would actually get turned on by them.  Anytime a friend would crack a joke about Heidi I would immediately adjust the crotch in my pants to prevent a painful erection and make sure it was not visible,

In my teenage years I also discovered that I got excited and extremely turned on by women wrestling or fighting each other.  I liked to match up different women I thought were attractive, teachers, family friends or the other neighborhood moms.  One woman in particular, Pam was a frequent participant in my fantasies.  Pams son, Phil was an offensive lineman on our highschool football team.  I always thought his mom was attractive and the more I paid attention the hotter I realized she was.  She was a tall brunette with big tits.  She was somewhat narrow in her frame but carried her weight well.  She was a former college volleyball player and her athleticism was still evident now in her early 40’s.  As we carpooled to school I began fixating more and more on the details of Pam: how pretty she was, how large and round her tits were, I noticed the tone and muscle in her arms.  Most impressively, on the few occasions she wore tighter jean shorts I noticed how her ass was dense and fairly big for a woman who initially looked slender.  Her legs and ass resembled those beautiful volleyball players I had seen on TV.

Our neighborhood had a community pool that we all used to go to in the summers.  One day when I was there and in the pool I took notice that a lot of people were looking in moms direction.  As I looked over at her I noticed she was sunbathing on her stomach wearing a thong!  I was in shock and clearly others were too.  My heart was racing: my god what will people think? Nobody was around me but my face was blushing.  After a few minutes of walking around the pool my mind felt a rush of excitement.  I wanted to get a better look at moms legs and ass but I was in public.  What if I got caught checking out my own mom!?!?  I waited for the cost to clear and when I noticed nobody else looking I got a good long glance and tried my hardest to remember it.  The rest of that day I felt dirty. Like a pervert.  Who thinks about their own mom sexually???  I was very conflicted: on one hand I knew it was wrong to think about my own mom sexually but on the other I couldn’t help how attractive I found her.  I was actually debating in my head what it would be like to imagine mom in a catfight against Pam.  I had had this thought prior,  but I was always able to suppress it.  However, after getting home from the pool on this boring afternoon and not able to get moms gorgeous ass out of my head I relented.  What proceeded was BY FAR the most satisfying fantasy and jerk off session I had ever had.  Inserting mom into my rotation of women catfighter’s was so sexually satisfying that I noticed my ejaculations were entirely different.  They were more robust, harder and I came longer and more. 

As the weeks went by, I couldn’t wait to get home from school and enact my fantasy.  I looked forward to the days Pam drove me to school and I was becoming shameless in checking out mom whenever the cost was clear. Then something strange happened. I began to sense tension between mom and Pam in real life!!!  First I heard from some neighbors that Pam was not happy about mom wearing a thong at the pool and she had told her so privately which I guess mom took offense to.  Then there was an incident where Pam broke her carpool date so that mom had to be late to a work appointment because she had to drive Phil and I to school.  This real life tension had my imagination go wild. I always wondered who would win between the two of them and I played out every catfight scenario imaginable in my mind until one day everything changed and I wouldn’t need to wonder anymore who would win in a fight between Pam and mom.  It was a Friday morning when mom came rushing into my room: “hurry up let’s go, that bitch forgot it’s her carpool day again.”  Mom was so angry that she didn’t bother to pick up Phil and only took me to school.  When I got home that afternoon I heard a knock on the door, it was Pam.  “Did you purposely decide to not pick up my son today!?!” She said angrily. Pams face and tone showed clear anger.  “Yes, I’m tired of your shit” mom spat back.  I took in Pam, she was wearing tight jeans and a very tight white halter top showing off her superior tits.  It was a warm day and mom was in tight Jean shorts and a t shirt.  My heart raced as I suddenly saw mom shove Pam “get off my property bitch I’m tired of your BS.”  I looked at Phil’s face, he was in shock as was I.  Pams face dropped in surprise that mom wild get physical.  Mom then shoved her again “GO, leave NOW.”  Mom yelled.  Pam raise her voice: “get your hands off me slut!!” I noticed a few of the nearby neighbors opened their doors to see what the commotion was about.  When Pam called mom a slut within a second mom wound up her arm and landed a VERY hard stinging slap to Pams face.  Pam looked at mom in shock and put her palm on her own cheek which was red.  Pam looked like she was going to cry when mom pushed her again this time walking outside….

I followed mom as she shoved pam a few more times as the women were squared off chest to chest on the lawn.  Phil also followed standing behind his mom as I did mine.  I got a nice view of moms ass and legs as she pushed Pam backwards.  Pam then burst into a violent attack launching two full handfuls of moms hair, she twisted and turned as mom tried to control the direction.  Pam was finally now in fighting mode.  She pulled moms head down and slapped her back.  Mom tried clawing at Pams stomach but being taller with longer arms Pam kept moms head down with mom on her knees as Pam stood over her.  He’s slaps turned into punishing punches.  Mom tried to then use her hands to free her scalp from Pams attack.  Pam kneed mom in the ribs sending her to her side.  Wasting no time back stretched here long athletic legs around moms midsection on her side.  “Slap her mom!!!” I herd Phil yell.  Pam heard him loud and proceeded to slap the shit out of moms face before twisting her to her back.  Mom on her back throw a few slaps that connected with Pams face but that only further sent Pam into a wild rage.

Pam had mom in a school girl pin and was tightening her powerful thighs around moms head.  Moms face was reddening as her feet kicked in the air aimlessly.  Mom was twisting her torso to free herself.  Pam inches back a bit grabbed moms hair on both sides of her head and yanked moms head up and down pounding her head into the lawn.  “Great job mom, whoop her ass!” I heard Phil yell.  I was thinking about stopping this fight, mom was getting her ass kicked.  Just as I stepped closer Pam tore moms shirt In her assault exposing moms tits.  Moms tits looked amazing exposed.  I stopped my mouth open at this shocking site.  I was so aroused seeing moms tits I could no longer stop the fight.  My mind raced as my mom was getting her ass whooped hard. A sense of guilt overcame me as the enjoyment of watching her lose was only furthered by also noticing how Pams tits were better than moms, and at this moment she was also prettier and more attractive than mom as well.  Within a minute Pam turned around sitting on moms throat and face while she pounded punches into moms belly.  I again felt guilty at the site of Pams gorgeous ass sitting on moms face as she punched away.  Mom was now crying loudly and after about 3-4 minutes of a thorough beating Pam got off her.  Looking down at her Pam said “keep your hands to yourself next time.”  I admired Pams body and beauty, as she slowly and gracefully walked back to Phil and hugged him.  I stared at her ass in wonderment as she walked back to her house.

I took my breath in before walking over to mom to check on her.  She was laying on her side crying lightly.  I was a few inches from her bare tits!  I examined her body: her hair messed up, make up smeared from tears, red marks on her face, a large scratch on her left breast and a VERY red belly.  I was in shock over how much damage Pam did in a few minutes.  “Here let me help you up I said.”  In this moment of weakness I couldn’t help but “accidentally” grab her ass as I helped her get to her feet.  “I’m sorry mom” I said.  I was pretty sure she felt my erection as I hugged her.  Once inside the house mom went into her room.  She never talked about this fight again.  As for me, I no longer needed to rely on my imagination:  I had the catfight of my dreams happen before my very eyes. 


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Re: My Mom vs the neighbor
« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2021, 12:12:31 AM »
Excellente histoire !! Bravo !