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The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales

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The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales
« on: October 23, 2021, 08:14:21 AM »
The Clarks – Mommies Tales
One day after the fateful initiation fight of her son Benny to the family fighting circle, the buxom 42 year old knocked at her son`s door. Clad in her night-gown only, Benny made big eyes when she entered.
Her big boobs swayed gently under the silky material and her big nipples were clearly visible.

“May I come in darling? I wanna talk to you.”
Benny tapped at the place in his bed next to him. “Come here mommy.” He had a wide smile on his face.
Monica nestled next to him, and Benny clearly felt her right breast brush his upper arm and giving him goose bumps. “What`s up?”
“Well…ehm…I just wanted to ask if you are alright.”
The front of her red gown slipped slightly, revealing quite a bit of cleavage. Under his sheets Benny felt getting stiff.
“Yeah….well kind of. My belly still hurts after all those heavy punches that hit me there.”
“OHHH…really? Let me check!”
Monica lifted the sheets and his shirt, finding several bruises on his abs.
But what she also noticed, was his growing boner. Her hand brushed as if by accident over his boxers, making him moan.
“Well it`s not only the physical pain I wanted to talk about. What we did…well…I mean the sex within a family…..” Monica gulped, although she had made this talk almost a year ago with Suzy, Benny`s sister.
“It`s alright mom. I mean it`s anything but normal, but we are for sure not the only ones doing it. And I really hope we will do it again.”
Benny got a bit more risky, taking the edge of the gown and slipping it further open. The silk rubbed across Monica`s nipple, giving her goose bumps and making it painfully hard. Inch for inch of her big left G-Cup tit was revealed, the parts of her bumpy areola until the silk stopped at her big nipple.
“AHHHMMMM….” Monica moaned and the erotic tension between them grew with every second.
“Yes….ehm….so a lot of families do it in our fighting circle now the kids are older. It is hard to separate foxy or erotic boxing from other….let`s say sexual activities.
Benny turned more towards his mom and his fingertip ran across her warm tit meat, following the shape of her scars around her areola. Her hand had found the way to his cock under the sheets, grabbing his stiff boner through his shorts.
“Does mommy make you hard? Your old silly mom…”
“Monica you are the hottest mom in the world! How could I not….”
Then he had to stop talking since his mother pressed her hot wet lips on his mouth and he answered the kiss full of love and lust. After they separated, both were breathing hard and tried to calm down.
“Mom….during the fight dad said, that you will tell me about the scars and dents one day…”
Monica nodded and smiled. “That`s a long story….”
“It`s not too late mom. Can you tell me? Please!” Benny grabbed the gown and opened it completely, revealing the big natural G-Cup. He grabbed the firm tit meat and started to kneed it softly, noticing the bruises his mom had.
“I did quite a good job on them it seems….”
Mommy said in a husky voice: “Oh yes darling. And I hope you will do it again. Although this is nothing compared to the attacks they had to withstand in the past.”
Monica had grabbed his trunks and pulled them down, revealing 7 inches of hard young cock that bounced free. She cupped his balls and shaft while she fell into his arm. He could feel her warm body against his, and moaned from ecstasy.
“Where should I begin….”
Monica suddenly stood up, took her gown off and towered with her bare pussy and spread legs over his manhood. Benny could now see her big glorious tits from below. She lowered herself as bit and his glans ran through her pussy lips, parting them and spreading the wetness.
She pointed at her tit that was having a fold running from the areola down to the bottom:
“This one was caused by dad long long ago.” Benny ran his fingers over it, feeling the deeper tissue of the breast. Monica lowered her pussy onto his cock, enjoying every single inch that entered her horny cxnt. She did it very slow and Benny enjoyed the warmth that spread over his cock as he cupped her big tits gently.
Mommy continued:
“AHHHH… good little boy….It happened when you were two years old. We had been boxing for several years already and I had to stop due to pregnancy of course. Daddy continued to fight other men, but also other woman in private rings all over the county.
When you were born, milk shot in and the twins grew from DDD to G.”
Monica looked down at her tits laughing. She ground her hips on her son`s lap, massaging the inner walls of her pussy with his fuck rod gently. It was a very slow fuck, while the hot mommy continued with her tale.
“I must have been a bit envious on Kent, since he had the possibility to fuck his opponents while I stayed at home and nursed you.”
Right in this moment Benny pulled his mother down so her big tits were dangling in front of his face. His lips latched around her right nipple and sucked gently. “Oh yes baby! Drink from mommy’s titty…..” “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!” Both moaned in unison and Monica had trouble to continue with her story.
“So I offered myself as his opponent in the state I was. My abs were still flabby and my tits so engorged and sensitive. But I noticed how much daddy was turned on by my leaking udders and so we did some sparring in the ring.”
“He punched your tits while they were engorged?”
“Yes…ahhhhhhhh…darling…..he did. We did several sessions with each other. Some light sparring while he enjoyed my naked bouncing tits. This alone hurt like hell. But then he started to punch my tits. They started to leak and squirt milk when being hit harder. I must admit although it hurt like nothing I had taken there before, it also made me incredibly wet. I wanted to prove to him that I am still sexy and adorable.”
“I bet he liked it a lot….” Benny grabbed his mother`s ass and squeezed it while she fucked his cock slowly. He took turns in sucking on her big sexy tits, making her nipples big and hard. His tongue licked over the huge globes dangling right in front of his face, lubricating the whole front with his saliva.
“He loved it! He was permanently hard and each fight led to the hottest sex. We fucked like rabbits in the ring. One day, he tied me to a corner post with my gloves on. I was totally naked and exposed for his punches. Daddy hit my body all over and I hadn`t nursed long before. My breasts were so massively engorged that it hurt! He boxed my belly, even my pussy…..ahhhhhhhhh……and then he boxed my tits like never before!”
Benny moaned louder and started to fuck his mommy harder. Her sexy ass smacked on his lap while he entered her deeper and deeper.
Monica`s words were interrupted by moan and screams of lust while she fucked her son.
“He smashed them flat on my chest, ahhhh….., connected with haymakers that…..oh my gosh…..tore at them….ahh….dragged the tit meat across my chest……aaaaaaahhhh fuck…..deformed my milk filled glands and made the milk jet out and drench his hot body……ahmmmm….he uppercutted them until they hit my face……”
“Oh god mommy……” Benny was moaning close to a climax and also mommy was not far away. She bent further down and SMACKED her tits in Benny`s face from left to right and back. SMATTTT….SMATTTT…SMATTTT
“He used me at his punching bag slave…..ahhhhhhhh…..working my tits over for almost 15 full minutes……ahhhhh…they were swelling…..angry red…..ahhhhhhh…dripping and squirting milk…..when a uppercut smacked into my tit and finally popped a gland and milk duct!”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDDD!” Benny and mommy were cumming together. Endless jets of his hot young seed pumped deep into her womb, filling her up while her pussy clenched around his shaft and she yelled her lust out for all in the house to hear.
The slowly calmed down and she fell forwards, collapsing with her G-Cups on his chest. They kissed and enjoyed the fading feeling of their climaxes panting hard. Benny stayed inside her, fully hard while his amazing amounts of cum oozed out of mommy’s pussy.
“What happened then?”
“We went to hospital after we fucked. They said there is nothing they can do about it, and we were having trouble to explain how it happened. In the end we had to tell the truth and that it was agreed by me and not domestic violence. It is still in the file of the hospital I guess.”
“Oh my gosh….” Benny grabbed around his mother, threw her to the left on his bed and turned her. He entered he flooded pussy again in spoon position, reaching around her and grabbing the tit with the scars. He slowly started to fuck her again, causing more moans.
“Tell me about the scars…..”
“I had a feud with a woman named Barbara. The Miller`s lived not far away from here, and we enjoyed their company twice. I boxed her husband and we fucked, Kent fought her and they fucked. But it all turned during the second fight where I had to face this cxnt.”
“AHHH…SMATTT…SMATT….!” Benny fucked his mommy fast now kneading her big tit and kissing and biting into her shoulder blade.

“It turned out she envied my big tits and had a huge argument with her husband about me after the first fight. She was not flat chested, but lean and fit. She was ranging between a C-D cup and her husband was lusting after my G-Cup tits. So the entire fight…ahhhhh….yes fuck me Benny….she focused on my chest rather than my face or belly.
We had fought for already 8 rounds and my tits were all red and swollen as were her`s. Neither of us was giving in, so she took her gloves off and we switched to bare knuckles.”
“Fuck mommy! A bare knuckle fight?”
“God yes……hmmm….it was 10 years ago and this bitch was the hardest I ever faced up to that point. We smacked our tits around and I wanted to prove to Kent, that I was still the champ and ready to outclass this bitch. But the weight of my big tits was a handicap, and since they were getting puffy and swollen, the skin tensed up as well. I was screaming honestly while my arms were too heavy to punch back. After three more rounds of breast punching I was in the corner and she flattened my tit basically each second with a new blow. Kent wanked off and had already cum three times throughout the match, while my sweaty tits had been turned to Barbara`s punching bags.
She lifted my left boob, and smacked her right knuckles into them repeatedly. SMATTTT….SMATTTT….SMATTTT…ahhhhhh….directly onto my nipple. Since they were worked over for almost half an hour……ahhhhhhh Benny yes……..fuck mommy……the skin came to a breaking point……”
Benny groaned and grabbed her tit extra hard: “So it was a technical tit KO?”
“MMMMHHHH….yes…she had caused a small cut and your dad threw in the towel… he said it needed stitching.”
Mom and Benny changed positions. Monica bent down on his bed, presenting her sexy muscular but big ass to him. Through her cheeks he could see her glistening aroused pussy lips with his cum still oozing out. He thrust his cock into her doggy, pushing her upper body into the sheets and making her big tits mash under her. He grabbed her hair and fucked her harder.
“You are turning me so on mom! Fuck this is so hot! Such a tough fighter you are! Tell me more!”
His lap SMASHED against her wobbling ass cheeks and turned her into a begging mother slut, unable to continue with the story. SMATTTT….SMACKKK…..ahhhhhhhh…ahhhhh…….yeahhhhh…..until he slowed down a bit.
“I wanted revenge and we agreed to a kick boxing fight only two months later. She said: “This time I will bust up your tits even harder!” I can still remember this sentence as if it was yesterday.”
Barbara was more than ready and had a lot of experience in kick boxing that I was not aware off. We boxed five rounds where I withstood her skills pretty well. I knocked her face and belly up pretty well, once even smashing her boob with my knees in the corner.”
“And how did the match turn?”
“With a low blow. She had kicked my poor pussy, then got control over me and at the end of the sixth round she connected with a high kick to my left tit, that nearly ripped it of my chest.
SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT… was such a loud noise when her foot sunk into my tit meat and the force of the blow turned me another 360 degrees before I collapsed in the corner, barely holding onto the ropes to stay on my feet. Big mistake! As long as you are on your feet, you can be attacked!
This wicked cxnt basically draped me in the corner with my legs spread wide over the middle ropes, allowing her husband a perfect view to my bare pussy. She had my wrists fixed with my torn underwear. She aroused me by sucking my nipples until they were hard, and then went to town on my tits ignoring the break. Not even dad stopped her! He was too horny to save me. Instead he was shaken by intense orgasms, while he jerked his big cock in front of her. I knew she would fuck him after she was done with me.
She knocked my breast around, luckily with gloves this time and not bare knuckled. I was not able to count the uppercuts and crosses that turned my tit into a purple swollen ball.
But once it was swollen enough, I felt again the tightness of my skin like in the first fight right before she had opened the cut. I knew my tit could not take much more.”
Benny was now pumping into his mom harder again, grabbing her ass cheeks and spreading them wider to enter even deeper. Mommy and Benny were drenched in sweat by now from the fucking.
“Cum in my mouth love!”
Monica turned, kneed in front of her son and lifted her big perfect tits presenting the scars to him.
“This bitch took position in front of me, several feet away to have the best possible stand to throw a Chuck Norris kick into my tit. I did not beg her to stop, but looked defiantly into her eyes. She was wearing boxing boots, so the following kicks were the hardest my breasts ever had to endure.”
Benny could feel his sperm rise already in his shaft when he aimed at mommy`s face and tits wanking his wet big cock.
“Yes mommy…tell me…..!”
“She started spinning 360 degrees and first hit my right tit with absolute sick force! SMACKKKKKKKKKK! She sent my heavy udder flying and it exploded in pain! Then she aimed the left which was looking worse and had already the scar from her as a trophy. SMATTTTTTTT…..SMATTTTTTTTTT………WHAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! She had such a precision, that either the toe of the boot of the heel RAMMED into my nipple and areola. In this swollen state the skin simply opened up in two more cuts.”
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” Her son exploded into her face, sending shot after shot into her eyes, nose and mouth! The jizz was running down her cleavage and drenching her naturals as if two or three men had blown their load.
“HMMMMM….you taste so good darling!” Monica drank some of the sperm, while the rest was decorating her tis.
“Well of course the fight ended there and then. Barbara fucked dad right in front of my eyes and I needed more stitching to my areola. She had busted my tits again and was satisfied with the result. We never met again, since she had reached her goal. While all our fights for the past twenty years stayed more of less competitive but friendly, this was the only feud I had.”
Benny slowly calmed down and his cock got limp while his mother left the bed in the cum drenched state she was in.
“I hope your daddy is still awake. I need more cock.”
She winked at her son and closed the door behind him….
Kent looked up from his book he was reading in bed.
“I could hear you scream! I hope it was good!”
Monica basically threw her cum soaked and sweaty body on her husband. “Oh fuck it was good! But I need another orgasm love!”
Kent kissed his wife and pulled her closer. Her big fat tits mashed against his chest and she could feel his cock harden between her legs.
Daddy chuckled: “Damn how much cum can Benny produce! You are filled and drenched as if having had a gang bang!”
“Yes he was so…..aaaahhhhhhhhhhh…she slid her aroused vagina onto his shaft……horny and exploded twice when I told him….ahhh…about the damage you did to my glands…and Barbara and how she busted by tits twice……”
She could feel her husband harden even more when the memories came back and she switched to a missionary positions with wide spread legs. Monica`s mature pussy was lusting for cock and Kent was having plenty of it. His 9 inch tool hammered into her and caused her tits to slap across her chest like two big pillows.
“Fuck me …yeahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Monicas Pussy tingled, then suddenly exploded in another climax. She knew her shrieks would be recognized by their kids as well. Kent took both her tits hard, adding some pain while his wife came hard on his shaft.
“It is almost a year ago since I have seen you so horny.”
“Slap them!”
SMATT….SMACKKK….Kent slapped his wife`s tits hard and extended her orgasm.
“Exactly when we introduced Suzy to our little hobby.”
Kent fucked her harder now and Monica had her eyes closed, riding on a wave of climaxes caused by the massive cock inside her and the dirty talk about their boxing.
“OHHH…..hmmmmmm…she knew about it for years but never admitted. She must have found the tapes.”
Kent moaned and agreed: “Yea this little big tit slut knew it…and the fight we had on her birthday……”
Monica finished his sentence: “Was the hottest shit in years! HMMMM……We both boxed her and used her afterwards…..”
“As a fuck toy! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!” Kent filled her up and came so hard, adding another 7 shots of semen to his wife`s cxnt!

It did not take long that somebody knocked on Bennies door again.
“Come in!”
Suzy had a big grin on her face. “Mom`s orgasmic screams woke me up. Have you two finished? May I join you?”
Benny couldn`t believe his luck. Suzy was just in her old sleeping shirt and panty with her big tits swaying braless underneath. When she came closer, he noticed the big whet spot on her pussy.
“Are you horny big sister?”
“I am! His sister seductively puller her shirt over her bust and the titty drop looked as if in slow motion for him. Benny gulped and his mouth was dry.
Suzy came under his sheets and pressed her nearly naked body against Benny who was still a bit sweaty from fucking his mother.
“You room smells like sex.” Suzy said in a husky voice.
“Yes mom told me some old stories. How she got her scars and how dad fought her while she was breastfeeding me.”
He felt Suzy`s nipples getting hard and her hand was searching for his cock. Benny came easily back to life and his young penis hardened again.
“How was your initiation fight? Were you surprised how it went?”
There was silence for a moment and the black haired buxom 19 year old, bite her lip.
“Well it was the weekend where they sent you to grandma for a visit. But I must admit, I knew about their sex- and fight life for years. I have been masturbating so much since I found those old tapes and even some newer clips on the laptop.”
Benny imagined his busty sister sitting in her room, her fingers or a dildo sunk in her wet pussy. He went for her big left breast and massaged it.
“Are your tits alright after yesterday?”
She chuckled. “Still a bit sore. I can not that much in the tit department like mom does.”
“Tell me about the tapes….”
Suzy took her brother`s right hand and guided it into her slip. He felt her soaking wet lips and played with her rapidly swelling clit while she worked with her hand on his shaft.
“HMMMMM….yes little brother…..” Benny turned his head sideways and started to kiss and suck gently on his sister`s big tit, making her even hornier.
“The first tape I found was….was…hmmmmm…….”
“Go ahead Suzy please…..ah!”
“…was a fight against granny.”
“Granny? Granny is doing erotic boxing?” Benny got even stiffer since he knew how huge grannies tits were. She even dwarfed mom in respect of tit size.
“Fuck…maybe I shouldn`t have said that….”, Suzy regretted instantly after dropping the bomb.
Benny inserted one more finger to her pussy which slipped into her tight hole.
Suzy deeply inhaled and groaned from ecstasy. In the room next door they heard their parents fucking like rabbits.
“Yes Benny. She does…she is still active but I am not sure she knows about our incest….
It was a maybe seven year old tape where mom and she fought in bikinis. Grannies huge melons were barely covered at the beginning of the fight, and soon she was topless after some serious hits in the bust department.
It was a rather short fight with four rounds only, but mom was way faster and younger. She knocked granny around in the ring as if she was a victim.
Mom was wearing a leopard bikini and thong and dad and grandpa were hard all the time.
Unfortunately, after granny ended tied up in the ropes and dad joined the ring for a penalty, the tape ended. I could just see that dad had put on a set of gloves as well, pulled his pants down and took turns with mom working those big tits over even more. Then the film ended…or there is a second part I never found….”
Benny had his eyes closed and listened carefully. Unless his sister, he had never found out. He knew his mom looked hot as fuck in her normal boxing gear, but all the sex…the naked fighting….the filthy fucking within the family….he had no idea!
Suzy pulled him over her and let him enter her wet sex moaning out loud. “Yes Benny…satisfy me! I need your cock so bad! It is almost as big as dad`s….”
Benny pushed his rod into her, comparing her tight secretly to mom`s. Suzy was tighter…much tighter….”go on sis..please….”
“Well there were many more tapes. In some mom was my age. She fought many women and men, sometimes in lingerie, bathing suits or fetish clothing. AHHHH….YES…..smatt…smat….smattt…smattt….! But the hottest ever, apart from the granny one, was a massive handicap match mom fought some years ago.
She entered in a pair of leather chaps and a boob harness, leaving her big tits on full display. It was held in a ring I did not knew, it must have been far away.
Dad was her corner man and she had to face 12 different opponents, each for long five minute rounds….a.h…….fuck…fuck…..yessssss………”
While Benny fucked her, Suzy gripped both her big tits and pressed them together on her chest, offering them for him to suck and lick her teats like he wanted….
Suzy was moaning louder than her mother and it seemed it was a family fucking contest who is louder during sex. They still could hear mom and dad taking each other next door.
“Mom had by far the most beautiful boobs. Her first opponent was a man. A real bull! She hit her already so hard, that she would have been knocked out if there weren`t any ropes. He bashed her body with heavy rights and lefts, aiming her tits and belly…..ahhhh…smattt….smattt……bapppp….mom was panting hard after that round. Then his wife took over. All women in the contest were topless, so mom scored some fine boob shots on her own.
Dad had a tough job since he had to focus on the cornerwork although being surrounded by so many beautiful women. After the third opponent, mom was warmed up and shiny with sweat…..ahhhhh…..”
“I wanna see that tape!” Benny stopped fucking his sister and took her by the hand. She moaned when his cock left her pussy but they went silently into the office of their dad and got their laptop.
They sat down on the old leather sofa and Suzy found the file instantly and pressed play.
Benny could now see his Amazonian mother clad in the hottest fetish outfit he could imagine. Suzy sat down on his lap and started fucking him while Benny was in heaven.
“AHHHHH….see mom`s thighs are glistening with pussy juice! She is leaking!”
“Fuck…ahhh…yes… are right!”
Benny skipped to the twenty minute mark where mom was trapped in a corner and another male opponent worked her over. The whole ring was shaking with the impacts. He was sending his gloves into her lower abdomen and lifted her tits with uppercuts while he was rock hard. The black guy had a massive cock, bigger than anything else Benny had ever seen.
At the end of the round, mom had no chance to rest. He simply turned her, leaning her over the lowest rope and took her doggy. The huge black cock was too big for her to take the full length. Mom`s eyes were closed and her huge G-Cups tit were already reddening and swayed heavily with each thrust into her pussy.
He filled her up and maybe even made her cum twice, but for the next round she was not ready at all.
A wicked little girl, barely 18 and maybe the daughter of one of the other couples, had no trouble taking her further apart. Benny exploded into his sister`s wet fuck hole without warning. She felt his cock filling her up while she was riding him and when she touched her clit, Suzy came hard as well. “FFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKKK….CHAMP!”
Her world was spinning and she sunk down on top of him. They held each other`s sweaty bodies and kissed while still watching the rest of the long fight.
With each round, mom was barely able to stand on her feet. She had to box for a full hour, her tits and belly taking hundreds of shots for sure.
“How can she still be on her feet after this? She is amazing!”
“Look how bruised her tits are! And her belly is all red!”
Benny and his sister watched in awe mom`s last three opponents. All busty women between 20 and 50 themselves, they focused on mom`s big assets.
In the meantime her eyes were swollen, her nose bloody and her lower lip burst twice. Blood was running down her cleavage and her pussy had been taken four times by three different men.
The last three fights she mainly remained in her corner, her arms too exhausted to be lifted. Her opponents used her as  human punching bag, sinking their leather into her soft curves.
Again and again she collapsed when her abs were busted, her huge tits were massively swollen and straining the material of the breast harness.
The last two opponents now took also her pussy as a target. Mom`s arms were trapped in the ropes and she was spread wide open in the corner. The chaps allowing perfect access to her sperm filled pussy.
Both girls aimed her vulva, SMASHING their leather into it. Those screams were giving Benny and his sister goose bumps. All the time dad was hard but not allowed to cum until the torment for Monica was over.
Her pussy was swelling now rapidly as well and she had her eyes closed, taking again dozens of breast and pussy shots.
“AHH…..leave…….ahhh……where ….I am….ammhmm…please….” Mom begged, trapped in the ropes. She had no power left even to rest during the last break after 55 minutes. Her body was glistening under the ring lights, soaked in sweat and cum.
The last girl had quite some muscle, bashed her gloves together and continued to pound mom`s boobs to pudding. SMATTTT…SMATTTT….SMATTTTT….sweat was spraying during impacts and the horny crowd, yelled for her.
5 minutes have 300 seconds, and almost every second her opponent scored a new tit-shot.
Her G-Cups never came to a rest, acting as horribly swollen punching bags.
Benny was hard again, and Suzy had leaned forward and taken his cock into her mouth working it with her tongue.
Mom`s tits had swollen so much, she must have had trouble to fit in any of her bras. The leather harness framing her tits made them even more a target.
BAPPPP…sMATTT…..SMATTTT…SMACK….her head was hanging forwards, sweat dripping from her forehead and nose. She was just moaning taking punch after punch to her boobs.
Benny felt his last orgasms coming closer, his mind being in a totally oversexed state.
His mom had taken almost another 300 boob shots on top and was barely awake. Dad entered the ring and freed her from the ropes, helping her to sit down on the stool. Mom was a mess! Beaten up, but luckily her tits hadn`t been busted again. When dad tried to pull the harness off her tits, she winced in pain.
He had to go for a pair of scissors, to cut it from her sweaty skin. A sight of relieve followed when the pressure was gone and her huge tits were able to drop onto her belly. This is where the tape ended.
“Oh my god Suzy….that was….”
Benny couldn`t speak….he was dazed from an earthquake like climax, all those sexy pictures still in his head……


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Re: The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales
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Wow!!! Even better then the first story.  Keep up the amazing work.



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Re: The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales
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Wow!!! Even better then the first story.  Keep up the amazing work.

Thank you so much. I really got hooked by this family tale and we will soon see where it leads Benny.


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Re: The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales
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My goodness so hot! My glasses kept fogging up!
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Re: The Clarks 2.0 - Mommy`s Tales
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My goodness so hot! My glasses kept fogging up!

Lol. Part 3 is in work...