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VR Boxing Bois: Lord Dimitrescu

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VR Boxing Bois: Lord Dimitrescu
« on: November 18, 2021, 05:41:25 PM »
Part of a new series where a gamer girl suits up for a VR boxing game against genderswapped Nintendo ladies. More available soon on the hentaifoundry and Patreon.

Nicole Hawth, known around the internet as “Oh yeah her, i think i’ve seen one or two of her videos, didn’t she do a collab with so and so?”, usually quite the modest gaming tuber. Although she hardly showed her face in her normal playthroughs, it seemed like today was a bit different as she was setting up her camera.

“Hey hi! Today I’m gonna be starting up a bit of a different play through, I got this VR set sent to me, supposed to be really realistic, like you can really feel it. The sender said it was free but they wanted me to try some…fangame they sent out with it?” she explained.

Her voice was pretty quiet and lowkey but had a sweetness to it.

“Well, who am I to say no. I’m sure it’ll be great. You guys can even laugh at how weird I'm gonna look in this dinky thing, I set up a little real world cam!”

She excitedly stood up in front of the set up as she continued recording.

“Looks like it's some boxing game so…look forward to some ‘Knockout Nikki!”

She gave a little snicker as she finally put the headset on. They were right, it really did feel real alright, no menus no tutorials nothing, it just loaded her right in, she wouldn't be able to see it but her character looked just like her, it all sort of sucked her into the experience, she’d look down, noticing her clothes and even her body type had felt different, low and behold she was in a blue robe, covering up most all of her figure, waiting in a corner. She wasn't quite sure how this game was gonna start, the ring was in a completely blank void for the moment, waiting until the opponent and the accompanying setting was done loading all in

A menu appeared in front of Nikki, offering a few different choices. It didn't explain what any of them meant so she went for the most obvious.

"Testing, Trade-Off, Endless Mode... let's just do Championship. That must be story, right?"

She reached out and tapped it with her glove, but rather than explaining the menu vanished and a bell rang overhead. A rapidly changing list flashed by before showing familiar names: Hunky Kong, Sir Zelda, Prince Peach... all slightly off characters she recognized.

Then with a flash, the top one revealed Lord Dimitriscu at the top of what she realized was a ranking. Easily stepping into the ring by stepping over the ropes came a huge, gray-skinned man. A genderswapped Lady Dimitrescu with bulging biceps and a pendant in between his chiseled pecs. He flexed one gloved arm proudly and smirked at her, flashing a fang.

"Another morsel sent to the slaughter," he commented wryly.

Nicole realized she’d signed to face the game’s full on champion of the game, and the e-boxer looked about as small as a morsel in comparison, even while he was still in his corner. The crowd suddenly appeared, all cheering for him, a few stragglers for the challenger, but she wasn't quite sure why or how she even was starting out like this. She figured things must have had a plan at least, giving a little determined smile, even bopping her real-feeling gloves together. She giggled to herself as she made her way to the center.

“This morsel is about to cut a bite out of you!” she tried to smack talk back with her same little clueless smile.

"Don't tempt me," Lord D chuckled as he moved in at the sound of the starting bell.

The crowd was joined by a chat window over the crowd popping up as fans started trickling into the stream as well. The tall and muscular noble set his hat on his ringpost as he gave a surprisingly graceful feint for Nikki's stomach, just to hammer her with a huge gray glove to the face to ring her bell.

Nicole, fighting idiot that she was, was completely clueless to even an obvious feint, as she moved her fists down to try and block the incoming gray glove. She found her entire vision completely covered with grey leather, head snapping back as she took a good few steps back from the force of the blow. She groaned as she rubbed her face, thinking how real this game felt as she ran right back in to throw a few amateur swings to the tall vamp

Dimitrescu backed off in long, slow strides, arms out and laughing mockingly at the clumsy challenger.

"Small and slow. Such easy prey," he gloated.

He flexed an arm until his bicep swelled, showboatingly choreographing his next blow as he leaned low and went for a huge swinging gutbuster to Nicole's belly.

She probably should have seen that tell coming a mile away, but she tried to step in for another swing while he taunted. Her fist went right over where it needed as his longer reach leaned on in and slammed that big glove into her tummy. Nicole’s eyes widened as her cheeks puffed up nicely, a spray of slobber getting forced out as he knocked the wind out of her sails. She clutched her tummy as she tried to retreat.

Lord D smirked as her wild swing grazed his grace's cheek, but didn't get him to do any worse than a momentary flinch. His offence was as mighty as his defense, it seemed. Nikki looked goofy in her bent over stumbling in and out of game, and Lord Dimitriscu stalked after her. He shot a few swift jabs at her, knocking her head and tits around before Dimitrescu had her bullied into the ropes. He braced himself a moment before unleashing a barrage of punches like dual jackhammers aimed at her open tits.

The champ was easily overpowering the new player, head smacking back over and over again, along with smacking into her relatively flat chest. Nicole blushed and let out squeaks and squeals as she found herself stumbling right into the ropes. Her chest took the full on assault, letting poor Nikki scream and squeal as it seemed like the ropes might snap at how hard he was slamming her into them.

"I'm disappointed. I've had punching bags put up more of a fight!" the lord of the ring gloated.

He shoved the palm of one glove into her chin, bending her backward over the ropes. With her fully trapped between the ropes and his strong grip, he licked his lips and leaned in to bury his fangs into the flesh just beside one of her shoulders. Nikki felt the sharp pain, of course, but worse it was sapping the strength from her already weak and weary arm.

Nikki was bent back over the ropes and squirmed and flailed to get him off her. It wouldn’t exactly be much to the champ, but the mid-fight snack definitely was. Her right arm went completely limp, leaving her without it to defend herself when she was already struggling to keep up with him.

The lord rose back up, licking his now ruby lips and swinging a heavy backhand with his glove.

"Pathetic, womanthing," he boasted as he sent her spinning with it.

Nikki was left bending over the ropes like a ragdoll before winding up one long leg and swinging it into a heavy kick right between her legs with his massive boots.

The crowd cheered excitedly as Nikki shrieked out. The vboxer fell right to her knees, whimpering and holding her poor crotch to try and soothe the pain.

The viewers were piling into her chat to watch her get her ass beat on stream. The lord laughed proudly at his dirty work as he grabbed her by the neck and one leg, lifting her up even with his gloves on and holding her over his head.

"This is what I do to challengers, peasants!" he boasted before throwing her completely out of the ring with a comical "ZINGGG!" noise.

She'd land roughly among the crowd before being warped back into the ring with a couple seconds of invincibility, not that she could do much with it.  She used her momentary invincibility to… fall right back down. Exhaustion took hold as she fell to her back like a cut down tree.

 "1! 2! 3!" The booming voice of the audience counted down towards ten, but Lord D returned to grab her by the hair and drag her back up to her knees.

"A miracle! She lives!" he mocked loudly before holding her up by the hair and swinging a back and forth barrage of backhands and hooks to knock her head around like a speedbag.

The brunette’s mop of hair whipped around, coating Lord D’s glove with slobber as she was sent back n forth, back n forth, leaving her a punch drunk mess by the end of it

Dimitrescu laughed deeply before lifting her up to her feet as best she could, tossing Nikki into the corner to slump there like a scarecrow. It was a momentary feeling of relief before the lord barged in after her, throwing the full force of his charge into a huge straight that blasted into her abdomen like it was trying to punch right through her. Nikki couldn't even notice through all the pain and dizziness that the donations and subscribers were pouring in lately.

The charge slammed her right into her stomach, nearly splitting her in damn half. Were she actually in the game, it very well might have. The force of the blow was enough to snap the damn ringpost, but all Nikki could do was let out a muted, voiceless shriek. Her breath was completely taken away as she was stuck between his glove and what was left of the pole

The chat loved seeing her slender figure bent all the way over in reality as Dimitrescu withdrew his glove slowly. It let the fans watch her crumble completely without his support, falling flat on the mat as he planted a big boot on top of her and flexed for the crowd. The digital outlines of fans cheered and whistled as he flexed his arms and chest, making his meaty pecs bounce.

"First blood goes to me. As always," he chortled.

Nikki was just a complete ball of a mess on the floor, twitching and whimpering being the only signs she was still conscious as the champ used her as a podium. She was pretty much all but out as the ref went on to count, a little distracted herself even at the champs flexing form and the growing puddle of drool under Nikki’s face.

Lord D pretended to check his nails through his gloves as the ref took their time counting Nikki out.

"You could count to a hundred and that fool would still be asleep," the count boasted, and he was right.

The punchdrunk Nikki was woken up by the sound of the bell and the ring fading from view. Everything fell into darkness and she almost thought she had blacked out. Instead, a menu appeared in front of her again along with the rankings. Her username was on it now, and skyrocketing down from the top after such a devastating loss. She rubbed her head as the simulated pain faded and she could feel the carpet beneath her knees instead of a mat.

Nikki saw her ranking completely plummet after her failed championship match. Looking through the menu, it seemed about 20 names preceded her. At the very bottom seemed to be a…Prince Peach, reading through the bio was the former champ. She was really going to have to fight through all these to beat the game, wasn't she? Well, it was an interesting roster, that was for sure…she might like going through this again.

The various flirty and fit femboys posed and flexed as she drifted over the roster, and the variously fit and hunky boxer boys were catching her interest. Plus, the donations and new subscribers were pouring in on her account.

“I guess he really WAS the top fighter… I bet I could warm up and get back to the top with enough practice. If all of y’all like it that much...”

The chat blew up in fresh donations and requests on who she should fight next. She blushed at all the attention and a few screengrabs popped up from them catching her in particularly embarrassing poses reacting to the virtual beatdown. Maybe it really was worth it… especially with how excited she was after her first match. She’d have to give it another try after all.
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