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Wilma Flinstone vs Miss Stone

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Wilma Flinstone vs Miss Stone
« on: November 23, 2021, 05:12:03 PM »
Wilma Flintstone vs Miss Sharon Stone

For quite some time, Fred Flintstone's steaming hot secretary, Miss Sharon Stone, has been flirting with him at work. Miss Stone liked to tease him, brush her hips and tits against him every time she can. Fred's wife, Wilma Flintstone can't take it any longer. She confronts Miss Stone making moves at the office.


"Sit back, Fred." Wilma said, "I want you to watch me beat this bitch."
"Really?" Miss Stone replied, "And what does the housewife think she could do to me?"
"Come here, office slut. I'll show you who's the alpha female around here."

{alt}  {alt}

"Once I beat you, bitch, I'm going to fuck Fred right in front of you." Miss Stone said with a smile, but daggers in her eyes.
"Let's see if you can, whore." Wilma shot back with a light smirk, "I wont lose to a... lesser woman."
"We'll go woman to woman if you want. I got the better tits, hips, and face, bitch!"
"In your dreams! I'm more of a woman than you'll ever be!"

The two were now a breath apart. Their glistening breasts brushed against each other, separated only by thin pieces of leather. They muttered insults as nudges turned to shoves, their tits colliding. Clothes ripped apart, bellies smacked together, and their legs coiled and wrapped around each other.

Who wins?