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Members Catfight Polls! / MissBustyCarolina vs Bustymilada
« Last post by neofiyte on Today at 01:42:49 AM »
Happy weekend everyone and welcome back to the Pit. After the last amazing fight was set up away from here, we are back home and we have a great fight for you tonight. Milada has challenged Carolina to a NHB catfight. This one should be good. Carolina has had a chance to recover and has agreed to the challenge.

So everyone sit back and enjoy these two amazing women fighting for the chance to win. As always, only the winner will be able to walk out under their own power. The loser will need assistance to get out.

Let me introduce the two contestants

MissBustyCarolina  -  5'8" 154lbs -;u=69541


Bustymilada - 5'8"  150lbs;u=76493

Thank you all for checking in and please comment on who you think will win.

Good luck ladies and may the better woman win.


1) UNDER MY TOTAL CONTROL: The white girl Adriana ( 1,70m - 68kg / 5´57" - 149 lbs) loves to pin people. They quickly fight but Adriana dominates Thaina in a very easy way. She sits on the chest of Thaina (1,74m - 60kg / 5´74" - 132 lbs). All her weight will be over her skinny body for a long SGP. The thin brunette tries to escape but is useless. Adriana has total control of Ju. She loves to proves her strength and superiority sitting on the chest of people and that makes her very happy, (Length: 14 minutes)

2) ALWAYS ON TOP: The blonde big tits Agatha vs the hot Suzie. These two girls will fight to knows who will sit more on the other's chest, trying SGPin. Agatha wears a dress and glasses, Suzie wears two tight-fitting pieces in black. The blonde Agatha is more agile and strong than Suzie, so she dominates her easily and submitting Suzie in the rounds on the bed sitting in her chest. (Length: 20 minutes)

Price: $15.99 USD - Length: 34 minutes


Catfight Web Sites & Sources / Re: Emma Rae vs Alexa Kiss
« Last post by jackrr on Today at 01:38:11 AM »
Sexy husbands twitter has completely disappeared. Hope nothing has happened
Catfight Web Sites & Sources / Re: SlapCity
« Last post by jackrr on Today at 01:37:38 AM »
Wow I’m pretty shocked at all the hate.

How can you blame the producer for the last fight being short when one of the girls broke her thumb? And the other had a bust nose.

Some things from the real world have got in the way recently but he hasn’t took peoples money and not given anything? He hasn’t made promises that he didn’t do everything in his power to keep.

Looks like he’s getting more girls signed up. Maybe my advice would be to try and film a few fights at once to avoid himself being out of pocket like bitchfight uk did.

Although I do know it costs a hell of a lot more these days to get fighters due to how easily they can make money online these days.

Poll Challenges! / Re: Request for volunteers for a story
« Last post by Sinful Senorita Carmen on Today at 01:28:42 AM »
I am interested   
Boxing and fistfight / Re: Anke vs Janina - Erotic Garden Boxing
« Last post by ThumperAlpha on Today at 12:39:50 AM »
Awesome battle.  would love to hear about the next round lol as well as their next fight
Thank you so much for writing this!!!
Live Action Clips / Re: Prehistoric Women - 1950
« Last post by TheRef on Today at 12:33:22 AM »
Yep. That's an oldie but a goodie!
Well, lets see now...
This is supposed to be one of the combattants.  8)
General Discussion about Catfights / Re: Historical Fights
« Last post by CatfightsAreFun on Yesterday at 11:50:41 PM »
I will be working on a 3D comic story for a western fight soon, using 2 Red Dead Redemption 2 characters, very excited about it! I've always thought about doing a pirate one too and might do at some point. I know Charlotte Blanche has a pirate fight story, but I'm not sure of any other medieval ones, I've toyed around with the idea a bit but the closest thing I have made is a Sorceress Catfight between Yennefer and Triss which is up for sale on my store, not so much a story though more of just a photoset.
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