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Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Paffy vs Zoey boxing to finish
« Last post by paffy on Today at 12:04:13 AM »
You hit violently my boobs, i step back,  but i advance again, and i go to hit your boobs with two uppercuts,left right

I groan, my boobs are punched out of my bra by two clean uppercuts, "You little bitch, i'll finish you for that" I jab at your face with my left then swing a vicious uppercut at ya jaw with my right.
You destroy my jaw, i spit my blood and i finish in my corner in disarray and defenceless

I see I have you in bad trouble, leaning in the corner spitting blood, i'm in no mood to show you compassion so I close in and hammer lefts and rights to your belly before sending another right uppercut at your jaw.
Your hits in my belly break me in two ,  your uppercut crush me on the mat, i'm beaten, but i bravely get up, and i invite you to give me your best
Catfight Connection / Re: Irl fight - southern UK
« Last post by capperhollie on Yesterday at 11:53:07 PM »
Could travel for the right fight
General Discussion about Titfights & Sexfights / Re: Erotic Orgamsic Hold?
« Last post by sexxyApril on Yesterday at 11:52:48 PM »
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Although I only do it in cyber, haven't IRL yet I have my "Cuba Libre" rack, which is a torture rack with a crotch claw, or sometimes my fingers wander around and inside a certain area  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D while my other hand claws a boob.

Wow Our first Match did Leave an Impression ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
This is a really great battle! Bravo. Rematch?

Behalf of the ladies, thank you.  :)

It's too early to talk about a rematch. I also think that The Boss will want to get in on the action.  :)

Am I right that the winner of this fight will be taking on The Boss next, and the loser is going to fight a new girl?

If so, have you decided which of those two fights will happen first?

Regarding a rematch of Kitty vs Pandora .. it definitely needs to happen! The fight was even right up to the moment one of them started to run out of gas, and I thought the eventual winner was on the verge of submitting herself at one point, and probably would have done, if there hadn't been so much pride on the line!

Yes you are right that The Boss is very keen to get back in action against the winner of the Kitty vs Pandora catfight and prove that she is the legitimate lightweight champion!

We do have a couple of new ladies waiting for their chance. The problem is that the others are really in a league of their own, and any new lady will find it incredibly tough to get a win out of any of the other ladies.

Just to clarify the situation, yes I am in talks with The Boss about fighting the winner of Kitty vs Pandora. Let's hope both ladies can agree a date!
Live Action Clips / Re: Novice MMA girls in a boxing ring
« Last post by HumiliationOne on Yesterday at 11:08:29 PM »
Fantastic. That big left hander just walked that little girl down and then choked her out.  Totally playing with her.
Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Paffy vs Zoey boxing to finish
« Last post by zoey on Yesterday at 11:07:21 PM »
You hit violently my boobs, i step back,  but i advance again, and i go to hit your boobs with two uppercuts,left right

I groan, my boobs are punched out of my bra by two clean uppercuts, "You little bitch, i'll finish you for that" I jab at your face with my left then swing a vicious uppercut at ya jaw with my right.
You destroy my jaw, i spit my blood and i finish in my corner in disarray and defenceless

I see I have you in bad trouble, leaning in the corner spitting blood, i'm in no mood to show you compassion so I close in and hammer lefts and rights to your belly before sending another right uppercut at your jaw.
General Discussion about Catfights / Re: Who's Ready for GLOW?
« Last post by jondo53 on Yesterday at 11:06:00 PM »
All set to binge watch this whole series Friday night. I've been a fan since the 80's! Although by the looks of it it seems to be loosely based off of the show... but who cares lol. My favorites were Jungle woman, all of The Cheerleaders, Ashley and Tina, and Hollywood. I also loved those funny housewives LMAO!

Was Ashley the busty brunette who wore a gold outfit?
Men vs Men / skype match
« Last post by maturebob on Yesterday at 11:05:30 PM »
tomorrow morn EST
bostonbearhug1 on skype

mwm 53 5 10 195 6 cut

prefer straight guys around my age

leave id here or PM me there
Mike is a young tourist guide from Kentucky. He is completely dedicated to his job and very succesful too. He met Gabby on a trip he had, and they both fell in love. Gabby is sexy 23 yo Latin girl, 38-26-38 , long red hair, 5`7 height,  139lbs. After a short time in a relationship, he proposed Gabby and they started to live together. As they were still young and they couldn`t afford their own place, they stayed in Mike`s house, together with his mother Amanda. She is 47yo, short black hair, 5`5 height, 168lbs.

From the moment she saw Gabby, Amanda became jealous, not only about her beauty, but also about the love that Mike had for his fiance. Although he hoped that they will agree well, Mike`s mom Amanda felt free to show that she hates Gabby, and that she doesn`t like her son`s choice. To be more complicated, Mike had to travel a lot and he was often absent from home, in order to improve his job. That way, Amanda had a free space to make pressure on Gabby and to spoil their relationship. On the other hand, Gabby was very sweet and polite girl, she was well brought up, and had respect for elders. Of all arguments, she returned with a smile and an apology. That was making Amanda even more angry.

Mike went to Canada for 3 weeks. He knew that it will be hard, but he was well paid for that and as he needed money for their own house, he accepted it.  It was Tuesday afternoon. The door bell rang. Gabby opened and she saw a man in his 50`s holding a small suitcase.
Hello, how can I help you ?   -    asked Gabby
Hello, who are you? -  asked the man with a strange tone
I am Gabby, and you ?
I am Tom, and isn`t this Amanda`s house? – asked the man again
Yes, it is, but I live here too.  -    said Gabby
Really, and how comes that?   -  asked Tom
I am Mike`s fiance, he is her son.  -  said Gabby
Oh, I see… -  said Tom smiling , Is Amanda here ?
She went to buy something, but she will come back soon, come inside if you want to wait for her. – said Gabby.
Sure, thanks – said Tom
Would you like a coffee?  - asked Gabby
Yes I do, I haven`t tasted a good coffee for a long time. – said Tom
Gabby brought the coffee, sat on the sofa and had a nice conversation with Tom. He observed her great body shape and beauty.

Mike has a great taste, you are a wonderful girl  -  said Tom , waching at Gabby`s legs
Gabby just smiled and went to the kitchen to get some watter. Meanwhile, Amanda arrived.
She entered the living room , and when she saw Tom, she was shocked.
Oh my God, is that you? Tom, is that you dear? -  asked Amanda
Yes, it`s me. Have I changed a lot? – smiled Tom
I missed you so much…   -    said Amanda with an excitement and she hugged and kissed Tom
Gabby was completely confused and felt uncomfortable…
It`s ok Gabby, I am Mike`s father.  -  said Tom, I guess he never told you about me..
Oh, I don`t know what to say…  -  said Gabby
She is nobody, you don`t need to explain  Tom!  -  interrupted Amanda
No, I want her to know. I was arrested in Miami, while I was trying to make a robbery, and I was in jail for 8 years. Mike is ashamed of that, he never came to visit me…-  said  Tom
I`m really sorry to hear that, I hope things between you two will get better… – said  Gabby
GET LOST AND LET ME SEE MY HUSBAND  – yelled Amanda at Gabby
Gabby apologized and went to her bedroom. Amanda and Tom were talking for hours and hours. It was time for dinner, so Gabby went to the kitchen to prepare something.  Unwanted, she heard the conversation between Tom and Amanda:
Why do you hate her so much?- asked Tom…  She seems like a good girl. 
I can`t stand that bitch anymore, I have to put her away from Mike –  said  Amanda.
But I think she loves him, given that she agreed to live with you in the same house and to listen your insults every day. – replied Tom
Everything will end up really soon, I just need a good plan – said Amanda

Gabby was really concerned after  hearing that, she couldn`t sleep all night long. She was thinking about Amanda`s intention, and was afraid of the consequences. Next morning, Amanda went to work, and Gabby and Tom stayed alone at home.
Look, I really like you , so I have to tell you something… – said Tom
Yes, tell me… - said Gabby
Be careful with Amanda, she hates you and wants to hurt you. Last night she told me that she will do whatever is needed to make you leave. – said Tom

I know that she hates me, but I can`t understand why ? -  asked Gabby
Because you are everything that she always wanted to be.  – answered Tom
And that makes me her enemy ?  - asked Gabby
You don`t know her, she is jealous of women that are better than her, and you are definitely one of them. But don`t be afraid, I will inform you for every single step she will take. – said  Tom
Thank you Tom, I really appreciate that..  -  said Gabby thankfully.

In the evening, while they were having a dinner, Amanda suggested to have some fun before going to sleep.
Gabby, we will make a little show for my husband tonight! – said Amanda
And what`s that?  - asked Gabby
We will have a “ fake fight’’ , just you and me in the living room. – answered Amanda
What???  No way! -  said  Gabby
You are in my house, you will do whatever I tell you to do!  - yelled Amanda
But, that`s crazy. How do you mean a fight??  - asked Gabby
Yes, a fight! We will fight until some of us submit to the other, and after that the loser will be forced to do whatever the winner wants! And Tom will watch that and enjoy!  - said Amanda
I can`t do that! – said Gabby
What`s wrong bitch, are you afraid???  - asked Amanda
No, I…. I just….  – said Gabby
Shut up and get prepared!  - yelled  Amanda and went to change her clothes and put something more comfortable.
Relax Gabby, she has an intention to beat you up, but she is not a perfect fighter! – whispered Tom
What should I do??  -  asked Gabby
Nothing, just fight to win!  - answered Tom

Amanda came into the living room wearing tight leggings  that marked her fat legs, and a t-shirt. Gabby was wearing white shorts and pink t-shirt. 
Are you ready slut?  -  asked Amanda
Yes I am.. – said Gabby with a quiet voice
Ok, lets  fight! Tom , you can`t interfere, no matter what happens ! -  said  Amanda
I understand  -  said Tom while he winked at Gabby
The fight started. Amanda pushed Gabby on the sofa and jumped on her.  She started pulling Gabby`s hair and shaking her head. Gabby had a difficulty to get Amanda off of her, as Amanda had a weight advantage. 
What`s wrong bitch?  Do you feel helpless?? HA HA HA -  laughted Amanda giving a  hard slap to Gabby`s face.
Gabby was constantly trying to pull Amanda`s  hands away from her hair and during that she remembered what Tom told her: ‘’ She is not a perfect fighter’’ .  Gabby threw a hard  fist directly to Amanda`s nose.
OUCH, AWWW ! – yelled  Amanda, who fell on the floor, holding her bloody nose in pain
Gabby got on top of Amanda, and held  Amanda`s arms under her knees.
Get off me slut! – said  Amanda
Oh, no way! This is your show, and it`s about to begin! – said Gabby with a pleasure in her tone
She started slapping Amanda`s face CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP. As the slaps were harder , Amanda was screaming louder and louder. Gabby and Tom looked at each other and smiled.
Let go off me bitch ! I am gonna kill you ! – screamed  Amanda
I doubt you can do it! – replied  Gabby sending another fist into Amanda`s nose
OOOOOUCH , it hurts a lot!  - screamed  Amanda crying
Well, this is your game, you fat cow!  - laughted Gabby and she kept slapping Amanda`s face.
Amanda was exhausted and layed terrified under the agry Gabby.
Who is helpless now, ha??  -  yelled Gabby
Tom, help me Tom…. Please help me!  -  begged  Amanda
Sorry darling, you said not to interfere no matter what happens, so I have to respect that!- said Tom
Gabby got off of Amanda, who was obviously incapable to fight back and dragged her to the bathroom.
I`m not done with you yet! -  said Gabby
She took Amanda`s shirt off, and saw Amanda`s big tits shaking, as she wasn`t wearing a bra. 
Gabby started scratching Amanda`s tits with her long red nails, placing her knee on Amanda`s neck.
Amanda tried to scream from pain , but she couldn`t as she was choked by Gabby`s strong knee.
After making her tits red, Gabby threw Amanda in  the bathtub and put Amanda`s head on the edge. She was almost unconsious, barely succeed to talk.
Wow  -  reacted Tom, as he jumped  of excitement.
Amanda started licking Gabby`s tattoed feet, and Tom and Gabby laughted while she was sucking those sexy pink varnished toes, as a little kid licking an ice-cream.
Before Amanda passed out, Gabby took off her panties and put those in Amanda`s mouth and stucked her mouth with a tape few times, so she will keep chewing them.
Gabby left Amanda unconcious in the bathroom and locked the door after she took few pictures of her, beaten and humiliated with panties in her mouth.
I`m impressed. I knew you can be good, but I never tought you will be so mean! – said Tom
Well, your words woke up the beast in me! – said Gabby with a victory smile
I`m jealous of Mike. He chose a perfect woman to be his wife!  - commented Tom
Shut the fuck up,  and let`s have sex!  - replied Gabby , grabbing Tom`s cock with her hand.
As you command! You are the winner after all, right!? – they both laughted, kissed and went to the bedroom.

Catfight , Boxing & Wrestling Stories / Re: my first story
« Last post by fightape on Yesterday at 10:44:43 PM »
Great story can't wait to see if there's another fight night maybe a little nude boxing
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