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Celebrity Fights- Polls / Priynka Chopra vs Pamela Anderson
« Last post by mixfighterm on Today at 03:47:35 PM »
Indian actress Priyanka Chopra has already made a mark in Hollywood and acted in latest version of Baywatch movie. But original Baywatch star Pamela didn't like the adopted version of Baywatch and she is specially harsh on Priyanka mentioning she has not enough physicality and sexuality.

Priyanka retorted by saying that Pamela has already passed her prime and she is rather jealous that she has more charm than Pamela. This angered Pamela and she replied that still at 50+ she is both physically and sexually stronger than the Indian bitch. The exchange continues and they challenge each other to settle the dispute between them Woman to Woman

So they met in a lonely Hawaii Island resort to settle the score in absolute secrecy. Only crew members of both along with 3 of the closest friends of each woman allowed to watch as  witness.

The catty encounter starts in Baywatch suites, but soon the suites will be ripped and they will strip naked and fight continues until one is finished ..its viciousness and sexiness combined on the sea beach....

Who will prevail over the other ..Priyanka or Pamela? 

Please vote and comment...
General Discussion about Catfights / No Profile People
« Last post by F4UCORSAIR on Today at 03:45:38 PM »
 What's with the many "full members"  who have registration dates of 10 to 12 years ago, they are still active but have  NO PROFILE ???  All these years and NOTHING ??
Just thought it would be interesting to see other's views...

I'm actually not into nude fights at all. For me, I either want nudity or a fight. Combining them detracts from the fight because a fight is about intensity. Having two nude ladies just makes it seem that the contest is not truly about the spirit of the fight. I see it as sort of a distraction. I simply like to see women fighting. I don't need nudity to "add" to it. The fighting itself is enough.

I also don't like seeing women grab private parts during a fight. Again, this goes against the spirit of a fight and I just see it as a silly little gimmick that takes away from the fight.

Scripted fights, I'll never understand how they compete with the real thing for some people. Scripted succeeds in creating these simulated situations that are indeed a turn on, but the fundamental aspect of one woman TRULY getting the better of another woman is missing.

Slapping is awesome. To me, it's underrated. When both women are standing up, and one slap boxes the hell out of the other, it illustrates loud and clear that she has the better athletic ability. It's also seen as a disrespectful act. I also love slapping when one woman mounts another. It shows that she's not content with physically mounting another woman and holding her down but that she also wants to add insult to injury with the sting of a hard slap. Also, when a woman who is mounted slaps from the bottom it's also kind of a display of desperation or petty revenge, which I also enjoy.

I dislike watching women who, to me, are clearly trailer trash and are there for drug money. I need that "girl next door" appeal at least somewhat. I don't like the idea of a lady being thrown in there because she's stuck at the bottom in life and has to resort to that.

I don't really like the idea of lesbians fighting as much as straight girls. Similar to what I had said earlier, I suspect that the ladies are sometimes treating the event as something primarily erotic/sex based, which again takes away from the spirit of the fight. I want pure competition. This is possible with lesbians, but still if I had to choose, I'd rather straight ladies.

Sexfighting and Titfighting / Re: Chapter 21 The Queens High Price
« Last post by caryn1 on Today at 03:35:33 PM »
it is time for amber to get started maybe not in peggys class but i am sure there are women her size willing to take her on
*I groan as our bodies collide and fall to the sand.  I bite my lips as you sit on my stomach and hold my hair. I kick my legs as you hold me down and I feel the water slowly making it's way closer to me. My hands claw at your thighs. *
Fictional Catfight Polls! / Leotta vs Toniolo Titfight
« Last post by Susanoom on Today at 02:44:41 PM »



Two earthly goddesses.
Two competitive women on the Italian stage.
Two of the most desired women in Italy.
But who is the best woman? Who can boast of her body?
Only one will be able to do so after their clash!
Diletta Leotta (Blonde) vs Melita Toniolo (Brunette)
Who wins?
Cyber Fight Section / Re: The Silk Stockings Girls Lounge
« Last post by Nicole_luvs2_wrsl on Today at 02:39:52 PM »
I am kind of new here ! I might be alittle crazy but I sure do see lots of interesting lovely blondes young and older who seem like they like to think they are wrestlers or catfighters. I would love to get to meet more of you and see what the silk stocking girls is all about. I am not sure whom I have to contact to either join your cliques or be invited to join!

Nicole_luvs2_wrsl or trillian Nicole_darling
OMG..I was horribly wrong by guessing that the match will be dangerously closed...Its seen at the last moment that from the very beginning Dipu has established control and simply destroying Pia ..she is forced to explode time and gain by vicious chance for Pia ..she is totally humiliated...
Producer Announcements / Re: New amateur real catfight upcoming
« Last post by mapumudi on Today at 02:29:56 PM »
The women are beautiful! Could the girls fight barefoot and without the stockings? Maybe have the giving and receiving with stockings on then have the fighters remove their stocking when they fight? Then one round skirts only, then thongs only?
in stockings really sexy!!! great videos
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