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Live Action Clips / Re: Another good fight
« Last post by Goodluck on Today at 07:25:42 PM »
No way Brooke would lose, she likes to fight and isn't a paid model, wish we could get more like her involved in these matches. 
Catfight Art / Manga naked battle
« Last post by sugoishadow on Today at 07:03:00 PM »
It has been a hard fight but finally the italian takes the credit. Jessica ends up triumphant over the french who fall down at her feets stunned after a final brutal punch....Jessica looking on the rival smiles satisfacted while Audrey praises the Italian to let her go. Jessica decides to be tough with her opponent and grabs her by the hair saying into her ear: "It's time for the humiliation bitch". Adrey follows Jessica with a humiliated face and she gets more angered when she sees what her rival had prepared for her: a PILLORY. Audrey goes in the stocks crying and Jessica takes a wood paddle with the script "bitch" on it before starting to spank her rival's ass. What a humiliation for the french...Audrey is forced to count every spank and in her face starts to appear a ferocious expression of revenge as she is taking the punishment
Again Cromin, your artwork is amazing. The latest one has gotten the writing juices flowing and I may pen a tale of these two busty starlets meeting. I am thinking that red carpet event would be for the Society of Women with Back Problems... sort of tongue in cheek.
Catfight Art / Re: New Comic by Cromin "RED DRESS DISTRESS"
« Last post by crominhismnt on Today at 05:33:52 PM »
Thank you for your interest Guy, and your right, belle vs Cinderella seems faily common but diversity is the spice of life my friend lol. Anyway I like your idea Guy I've been working on several projects right now one of them a personal fantasy of mine, is a celebrity fantasy match tween a be-witched tv star and a certain lovely genie.???? be on the look out later this week Guy I might have something special for u.
Cyber Fight Section / Re: Looking for a cyberfight
« Last post by Px4936 on Today at 05:32:23 PM »
We are fairly new at cyber fights but would love to take you on. Also very flexible here but no rules is our favorite. If your having a fantasy fight why have rules? Just a fistfight in a living room or backyard.
Hard decision... but went with Ling in the end, her huge tits are looking powerfull towering over her slim waist.
 Nothing is sexier than begging.A blonde beat my wife easily, than had her begging the blonde not to spank her. My wife's big black ass was jiggling as she squirmed on the floor and begged not to be spanked. It was extremely erotic!!!
Cyber Fight Section / Re: THE CLASSY TRAMPS
« Last post by Lindsay_Fights on Today at 05:01:22 PM »
hi   has anyone else having trouble with trillian?  I received an invite to update trillian….I clicked  "not now"

but now  it won't accept my id or password..i may have to start over :(

i have to take a look when i'am back at home...  but start from 0 ??? that would suck
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