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Live Action Clips / Re: Andy Kaufman wrestles women
« Last post by Tom Terrific on Today at 06:39:04 AM »
Nice pics....thanks for sharing.  I remember reading at that time that a girl named Susan Smith beat him fair and square but he made up excuses and never would admit it.  I think she was a stunt woman.
Live Action Clips / Andy Kaufman wrestles women
« Last post by WildAtHeart on Today at 06:11:53 AM »
was doing some mixed cyber and while surfing came across this and thought I'd share.  Kaufman did have a fetish towards wrestling women and I wish I could have the access to sexy women as he did...we do share the same birthday so I wonder if that means anything...

Red Snapper Vs. Andy Kaufman

Andy wrestles the ladies (starts at :38)

Andy Kaufman wrestles a 327 pound woman

wrestles girl in red pants
Andy Kaufman wrestles a 327 pound woman


Jim Carrey who plays Andy in the film also shares a birthday
I was in Iwata Prefecture. I had just arrived, fresh out of Puerto Rico where I'd learned how to spill blood and duck when someone in the crowd was about to glass me, how to fight like a lunatic and pin someone down HARD so they couldn't get up and keep savaging you, to make sure someone STAYED the fuck down. I'd been in the business just over 2 years, and I was pretty confident in myself, rising from my humble beginnings in the Northwest to some pretty good undercard rookie matches in Puerto Rico.

And then I went into Kaientai Dojo and got my face kicked in and received a compound fracture to my self-assurance.

You don't learn anything the easy way in Kaientai. TAKA and the other founders didn't have a single god-damn thing in their lives go easy, and they wanted to make sure that lesson was passed on. You ran laps. You got kicked. You did push-ups. You got chopped. You made rice for everyone. You got armdragged for an hour. You cleaned the mats. You got chopped. You ran for a few miles before bed. You got slapped in the face as a way to say goodnight.

"Fighting spirit is more than just Inoki's way to sell tickets. It is what determines who truly shines in the ring."

Kazma was speaking Japanese, of course. I just remember it in English because I had to learn Japanese pretty friggin' fast, since every time you gave a trainer a confused look you got a smack in the head to get your linguistic skills kickstarted. He was training with me, the two of us doing linked-hands rowing sit-ups, our feet pressed together.

"You will be hit. You will be hit HARD. It will hurt, and it will keep hurting. But you must hit back, and you must hit back HARDER. THAT is what matters. That you take it, and you give it back. Yes?"

I nodded, sweat dripping off my nose. This motherfucker was half a foot taller and 90 pounds heavier than me, and doing sit-ups in sync with him was no joke. But I was listening.

Kazma smiled and slowed us, facing each other with our legs spread, feet pressed together, in our youngboy training gear. Well, young girl for me, which meant I had on a terrible fucking one-piece outfit since that's what young joshi get to wear. And then he let go of my hand and  slapped me in the face, HARD. Lights flashed and bells rung like my skull was a pachinko machine, and my pale cheek burned bright red as I turned my face back toward his, my eyes big as boiled eggs.

"YES?" he said again, a big grin on his face.

I released his other hand - swung my arm back and SLAPPED him back, a flat sound that echoed across the dojo, rocking the big young man back on his hips. When he turned his snapped-around face back to me, his lip dripped blood from a swelling split.

"YES." I growled back at him.

He grinned big, and nodded - and offered his hands again.

I took them, and we kept training.

Toshi. Fighting spirit.

You've got a fuckton of spirit, Rowan. You're more stubborn than almost any woman I've met in my life (Almost. I married the most stubborn), and you're nearly fearless, and you're fucking merciless.

But when you start a fire with me, I just keep blazing brighter and hotter until the fucking world burns. I don't burn out - I burn EVERYTHING.

Each chop you lash into me SEARS into my chest. My black SPLX sports bra takes the punishment and doesn't pop a seam but offers little in the way of protection, just snugly supporting my aching tits as they get slapped and smacked around like NFL wives. Each chop I lash back into you cracks across the Zenith and drives your tarty fucking corset laces into your shamelessly proffered tits as we ROAR into each other's faces.

And then I PLOW one into you that I can FEEL collapsing your happy little ribcage. Dropping you down to breathless to one knee. Remember when you were on one knee with me before, Rowan? Because I sure fucking do. And I bet your black little heart hurts almost as much as I mine did then - just less fucking metaphorically.


I roar after the blow, and the crowd rallies up their chant again as I flex my aching, stinging right hand, the tingles racing to the tips of my fingers, hot low sweet pain pulsing along the knife edge of my hand. "Oh sweet fuckery, darlin' ... it never gets less fun hurting you ... " I hiss as I reach for a grip on your sweaty dark hair, knotting it in my fingers, bicep tensing to drag you up.

And then your leg scythes out, low and whipping at an unexpected angle, and your heel slashes across the outside edge of my battered right knee, buckling it inwards.

"NNNNNYYYYYEAGGGGGGHHHHHH!" I scream a twisted tormented howl of pain as the unexpected agony flares up the swollen tissues and sends fire racing up and down the long nerves in my leg, sending me stumbling and collapsing to my back back on the mat, clutching my right knee in both taped hands with my head arched back, tendons standing out like live wires in my neck as I grit my teeth and dig my fingers into my knee to try to ease the shuddering pain of having my knee swept out from under me.
I?ve been walking around and mingling for a bit now, seeing some old friends, meeting some new ones, and even setting up some things for the future, and it?s been a wonderful evening so far. Looking forward to getting to see a show tonight, I listen in as the first competitor is called, and to my surprise, it?s ME! Stepping towards the announcer as I give the crowd a little show, as I anxiously await my opponent?s name to be called... then I hear it... that sleazy tramp Bridgette? I didn?t even know she was here tonight, and now I have to fight her, again. My mind races as I think back to that first fight, how rough it was, and how controversial the outcome was. Now standing face to face with this skank, and we?re told to change and be ready in 15 minutes, as my eyes never leave Bridgette?s... ?You?re mine, you nasty whore... I?m going to make the first time look kind after I?m done with you, skank!? As I step back and head to change, my heart racing in excitement for the fight...
Men vs Men / Re: Mr Smith and Mr Johnson
« Last post by AuntieTerri on Today at 05:32:45 AM »
I just wanted to say thank you,,, and wow! hope to see more form you
Men vs Men / Re: MAN VS MAN FOOT FIGHT, settle things with our FEET
« Last post by fvffight on Today at 05:32:35 AM »
more like foot of face :)))

With none of the information, that really matters, I select Yasmin over Katy, based solely on the fact that Katy has better (more prominent) places to attack, making HER more vulnerable! 

If I were Yasmin, I would attack Katy's full breasts and pussy.  But I did not see any rules posted either!  So any opinion here is complete speculation. 

I do know that their husbands are going to be very lucky, horny, men, and could probably make a small fortune charging admission, and selling a video afterwards!   :) ;)

PLEASE post a VERY detailed description afterwards, and let us know where if we are able to get a DVD!  LOL

Simone; AKA PythonLegs
Men vs Men / Re: MAN VS MAN FOOT FIGHT, settle things with our FEET
« Last post by cliker on Today at 05:17:27 AM »
Sole to sole ?
Men vs Men / Re: MEN VS MEN Finisheds
« Last post by Cockfight Mike on Today at 05:15:37 AM »
Making your rival suck your cock is hot even during fights, can't tell how many times I shoved my cock into my opponents face. Most of the time they would take it, too. I even ended up in a 69 a few times, I think there is something instinctive to sucking a cock that's pressed in your face.
Live Action Clips / Kabaddi - a fun easy game anyone can play
« Last post by WildAtHeart on Today at 04:41:39 AM »
Now here is a basic and interesting game involving tagging or tackling an opponent.  Here are the rules...

and here is some pro and village games...

Womens Kabaddi Best Match - Storm queens vs Fire birds

Kindra pongal videos 2017 girls kabaddi

Kulathur ladies kabadi match super ride

MKL Match 01 Mumbai Devils Vs Thane Tigers (Women) Second half

Village women playing


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