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Celebrity Fights- Stories / Re: One Sided Celebrity fight stories!
« Last post by ernest31 on Today at 08:34:06 AM »
Tiger76 if your going to do 2 UK celebs would you consider Emma Watson as one please I love reading about her I  fights win or lose.
Clique Wars / Re: Cat, Wrestle or Sexfight the person above...
« Last post by Beth on Today at 08:29:22 AM »
I lay against the mat too busy hearing Eva's moans and the excited growls of the audience to hear Carmen until its too late. I turn to look at her only receive face full of Carmen's tight butt covered in tiny thong full in face. MFFFFFFGGG I cry out and wrap my arms around Carmen's slim waist trying to pull her off me when the fence behind me groans with our combined weight.

My hands flail as my body falls back into the crowd taking Carmen with me except she has a my bigger body for cushion while I land on some of the poor folks in first row.
A close fight my wife has been leading all way through and is the sexier more superior women, the members of the site can see the superior structure of my women, she is stronger and fitter that Dougs wife,

Doug wife is now tiring due to her size, my wife is going to humiliate dougs wife and get her to worship her sexy soles as Doug a watches on in disbelief,

Come on guys you can agree that my wife is the more superior and sexy lady.
Celebrity Fights - General / Re: Celebrity Sexfight League Groups
« Last post by Vitezislav on Today at 08:18:13 AM »
Just a reminder, they will all be wearing the same. I clearly posted don't post three different outfits.

Everyone in the team will be wearing the first posted outfit.

No teammember changing please, if one does it, others might as well.
Sonja reached for the ankles of her now pinned opponent, raising her feet upward she slipped them under her armpits, Kelli's bare sex facing Sonja, she dropped her hairy bushy pussy on the beautiful blondes face, grinding as she ordered her to lick it!  The fans erupted in delight. As she was being teased up b the face sit, she began to spank the blondes kitty!

Oooh, that was sensationally hot!  :P ;) Finally, subduing you, Kelli ... and forcing you like a slut to lick me to orgasm ... shuddering & squirting my juices over your sexy, defeated face ... glorious victory is mine!  :P ;D ;)

- Sonja
Poll Challenges! / Re: looking for a poll fighter
« Last post by Dvbfire1987 on Today at 08:05:23 AM »
My wife is interested in this.
Catfight Web Sites & Sources /
« Last post by WPT on Today at 07:44:19 AM »
Does anyone know if they’re still active. Haven’t had a new video in months which is unusual. Hope he’s alright.
WHY would anyone vote for loser elodie? 
Both are fit & sexy females.
But my vote goes to                    Elodie!
Live Action Clips / Hairpulling catfight
« Last post by WildAtHeart on Today at 06:39:33 AM »
like country line dancing but with hairpulling

it's like Christmas

Melina, pulling hair over ropes, love this

Emma - Deathlock Hair Pull & Curb Stomp

who needs a can when the Hair Pull Express is running

practicing hair pulling, it's art


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