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The Fight and Conclusion

Twinkle pushed Ritika on her back towards the wall and squeezes her breasts with her rivals.  Their bras mesh together as they squeeze to see who has the strongest tits.

"Eeeehhhh,  Mmmmmmm?Eeeehhhh,  Mmmmmm,  bitchhh..... Bitch......... "

Both mumble expletives at each other. They don't want to be loud and catch the attention of the staff. Ritika wraps her arms around Twinkle giving her a tight hug. Twinkle bumps her breasts repeatedly towards Ritika's melons, hoping she would give up soon.

They soon realized this was pointless as the fabric prevented any pressure or pain from the boob-to-boob squeezes.

"TAKE THIS OFF, RITIKA!!" Twinkle grumbled in frustration as she unclipped Ritika's bra easily came off easily. Ritika struggled as Twinkle's bra was a bit more tougher. In her frustration, she pulled down the front bra pads covering Twinkle breasts this popping them out.

Both were topless, Ritika without her bra and twinkle with her on but boobs plopping out. Twinkle was right, hers we're bigger. Ritika was too, hers were firm and curved to perfection. Both of their areolas had the same color and their nipples were erect in excitement Twinkle's bigger than Ritika's.

Twinkle aggressively held Ritika's hands up and push her against the wall. With her enemy now where she wanted her, Twinkle bumped and thumped her bigger melons smashing Ritika's boobs in the process. Twinkle's breasts were more softer than Ritika's but it was Ritika, surprisingly, who gave up quickly.

"Aaah, aaahhh, chod. I give. Give up.!!!" She surrendered. Twinkle was a bit surprised as her soft tits hurt with each tit smash but she silently took the victory.

"Ab who outfit mera hai!!" Twinkle announced turning her back on her opponent who did like like to lose nor give up. With a bruised ego, Ritika jumped on Twinkle and got a hold of her panties, giving it a good pull up.

"Aaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!" Twinkle jumped as Ritika wedgied her. Her panties were spread away and not in a thong so the pain was restricted but it still hurt. Ritika was behind her giving it a few months are good rips, pulling it with harder tugs.

Rikita hands were over Twinkle waist holding on to Twinkles bottoms pulling them higher and higher. Each pull giving Twinkle a shock in her pussy.

Both girls pants were unzipped,  their panties showing. Twinkle's jean had come a bit lower thanks to the relentless wedgie pulling, her butt exposed.

Ritika's teeth were clenched in fury.  She hated losing. She had Twinkle faced to the wall with her pushing her towards her hurt rival "Ok bitch.  Give up.  That outfit is mine.  Your pussy won't last long for you to wear it."

That taunt was enough for Twinkle to snap and push her body away,  pushing Ritika towards the other side of the room. Ritika falls on the other side but doesn't lose balance. 

Twinkle takes a few seconds to check her wounds.  Ritika goes after her without giving her any time.  She gives Twinkle a tight hug and pushes her again but doesn't get any leverage as before.  Twinkle is fighting back.

"Saali kutti,  bhenchod (bitch,  bitvh fucker) "

"Saali Rand,  kutti (Bloody whore,  bitch) "

Ritika ups the ante by using her left hand to grope and squeeze her left exposed tit and her right hand to pull up Twinkle's panties from the front.

"Aaiiiiiieeeeeeeeee,  OWwww!! "

Twinkle moans and groans as Ritika keeps squeezing her tit and wedgying her.  Twinkle tries to trip her but fails.  She tries to remove Ritika's hand and force it away but fails again.

She is in a lot of pain.  Tears fall off her face messing up her makeup. She is desperate.  Her hands try to go after anything than can get Ritika off her body. Her hand go down and finally catches something that Twinkle a bit a relief. Ritika's pink thong

With one quick pull,  Twinkle grabs the front of Ritika's thong which was exposed from Ritika's unzipped denims and give it a rip. 

"AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! " Ritika screams

Her thong wedgies rips up her cxnt lips and squeezes pulling up her clit.  The material is fine and because it's a thong it hurts a lot more than Twinkle's panties.

A couple of more pulls and Ritika let's go and screams "I give,  I give.  Chod, Leave... "

Twinkle,  however,  isn't there to relent.  She keeps pulling Ritika's thong a few more times,  making that bitch feel the pain,  giving her a taste of her medicine.  "Abhi Teri chut woh outfit kaise pehenegi (How will your pussy wear that underwear?)? "

Tears now fall off Ritika's face,  "Chod,  Chod,  please.  I give up. " Twinkle finally let's go.

"No,  I know you haven't given up.  Fucking whore. " Twinkle says.

Ritika checking her wounds looks back and says "Fine. Maybe not. I want that outfit.  But you beat me in what you are strong at.  In this.  In fighting.  Bitch ......................
But you can't beat me in my strength.  Being a whore.  "

Twinkle smiles and laughs "Being a whore.  Bitch, I am Twinkle Kapoor.  I am the biggest whore in the industry.  Bigger and better than you.! And that outfit is mine! "

With that Twinkle pops her lips and mashed it with Ritika who was not prepared for that.  Twinkle pulls her underwear down as well as Ritika's. Their bottoms just fall to their knees. 

Breasts and bruised pussies exposed, Twinkle ups the ante and tongues Ritika in the mouth.  Ritika is still taken aback and a bit out of breath.  Twinkle fondles her breasts and moves her hands around her areolas,  gently rubbing and twisting her nipples.  She proceeds to aggressively kiss her neck. 

Ritika tries to fight back and grope Twinkle's breasts.  Twinkle doesn't give her that chance. She holds her hands and spits at Ritika's face.  "You want to be a whore.  I will make to a whore.  " Twinkle slaps her face and pulls her hair and proceeds to use one of her hands to choke her,  slamming her off the wall. 
With Ritika facing the wall,  Twinkle proceeds to spanks her bum hard.


Ritika moans and tries to fight back but the bigger woman is too strong for her.  She tries to get a squeeze of Twinkle's ass. 

"Bitch,  you want my ass.  You think you can handle my ass. "Twinkle taunts her.

"I am a whore,  bitch.  I can take anything.  "

Twinkle plants another kiss and squeezes her ass.  Ritika also reciprocates with her rubbing her hands all over Twinkle's wholesome bottom.  Ritika ups her attack as her hand goes up Twinkle's ASS crack and her fingers rub Twinkle's asshole.

Twinkle moans and starts to kiss Ritika's breasts.  Both women grope each other like sex animals trying to beat each by getting the other off.

Ritika fingers Twinkle's asshole.  Ritika is a bit shocked that Twinkle can take it.  That she loves it.  Twinkle moans and kisses Ritika's nipples arousing her further.

Ritika can't believe this bitch is as much of a whore as she is.  She moves her fingers from her asshole and starts to fondle and pinch Twinkle's breasts.  She tries to push the buxom away but can't as she is too strong.

Twinkle pushed herself towards her rival,  not giving her any space to move.  She wanted to dominate and finish this bitch off.  Soft moans could be heard from the changing room.  The staff were stunned in silence but couldn't say much as they were the only 2 paying customers in the place. 

Kissing her neck,  Twinkle moved her hands lower to Ritika's exposed cxnt and began to stimulate it.  Ritika too moved her hands lower and did the same.  Both women realized that their pussies were almost an identical match in shape.  Their clits were a bit elongated and pussy flaps were meaty. Not a smooth surface.  A good amount of pussy flesh to play on.

But Ritika was tired now and her, strength was wading.  She wanted to orgasm Twinkle quick but being a slut,  she was turned on and close to orgasm herself.

Twinkle was also turned on with Ritika's fingers playing their magic on her cxnt and clit. Drips of puss juices glided off their thighs and soft squishy noises following as both women finger-drilled each other. Each was horny slut moaning for a climax. 

They had stopped abusing and moaned loudly in unison supporting each other from falling from the intense pleasure streaming from within.

A couple of hot spurts and Ritika cummed followed immediately by Twinkle.

"Aaaaahhh, AAAAAAARHHHHHhhhhh, Aaaaaaah,  Mmmmmmmhhm,,    AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! "

Ritika soon fell down on her ASS Completly, tired and wasted off strength.  This fight took a lot of her and she lost.  Lost all 3 fights.

Twinkle was victorious and stood beside her rival with a smile. "Ab yeh sab meri hai (Now this is mine,  bitch)!! "

But she was not done with Ritika.  She wanted to teach this bitch a lesson.

Twinkle pushed her throbbing wet pussy and pushed Ritika's face towards it.

"Chhoos le,  Kamini.  Lick it.  You are my bitch now. "

Ritika had no choice and she was too drained and demotivated to fight back. Holding whatever pride she had,  she began to lick and slurp her way to forgiveness. 

Slurp....... Slurp...... Slurppp.....

"Mmmmmmm,  yessssss,  Mmmmmmm...... "

It wasn't long before Ritika got a good face covered with Twinkle's cum juice squirted on her.

Ritika was humiliated and laid her back on the wall not aware that Twinkle has positioned her bare bum towards her face.  Cleaning her face off the cum juice, Ritika opened her eye to be greeted by Twinkle's grandiose bum.

"Noooooo.............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! "

Twinkle pushed her butt towards Ritika giving her a Good Stinkface, twerking her bum straight towards Ritika's face which is immersed in it.

A few more shakes and twerks and Ritika was let go after close to near breathlessness. She was humiliated and she got a good cocktail taste of Twinkle's butt and pussy.

Ritika laid there,  faced makeup messed up and almost nude.  Twinkle stood there vindicated.  With her foot on Ritika,  She took a good few photos and selfies as proof to show anyone of her tiff in the clothes room. This would up her sex appeal among the producers during auditions.  Spitting on her rival, Twinkle put on her clothes and left the nude travesty that was Ritika in the changing room.

The staff was flabbergasted as Twinkle came out of the room and took her winning order.

"Bill this pls. And I will take a few more stuff.  And as for that, ....." pointing out to Ritika "You can dispose of that in the trash. She is not worthy of a refund. "

The End..........

I stand toe to toe with this new girl. Knowing Christina for years as a good fighter in this club makes my anger rise. Also towards the ref. My tits are straining the leather triangle bikini to the max which is decorated with skulls on each cup, my toned ass just covered in a matching black leather thong. I shove her hard, pushing my hands into her tits. Fake or not...who knows? She stumbles back but shoves me similarly hard. I grin and then kick my right foot extremely hard into her belly button knocking her over and making her groan. Taking her into a headlock and knocking her skull into the ring floor with a reverse DDT. Clong! The audience go berserk with the action!!! "The Punisher is here...."
Jenn is knocked out cold as I untie her bikini top and help and leave her KOed and toples on the ring floor. Meanwhile the ref is back in the ring but I grab his throat again: " I want a piece of this American cxnt and if You might be the ref in our fight you better not interfere like today!" He nods silitently with fear in his eyes as I lift him by his throat a choke slam hin into the ground making the ring shake!
I slide through the ropes leaving the arena...
Sexfighting and Titfighting / Re: Showdown at the Saloon
« Last post by R_u_alive on Today at 06:05:49 PM »
Nice story,  and even better an awesome poster.  ;D
Both fighters meet in the middle of the ring once again. As they engage into a tight hug, trying to push the other one into a corner to finish her the crowd goes to their feet as it seems the fight is coming to a conclusion.

Being the referee I stand close to them and watch their embrace. Then I see Christina's face switching from a determined facial expression to a painfilled one, her arms stop hugging Jenny's body and start hanging powerless to the sides of Jeny's body. After a long hard fight all strenght has left the once powerfull body of the italian demolisher that is now trapped in the hug of the tennessee girl. As Jenny feels the resistance of Christina breaking adrenalin runs through her body and so she stops pushing her prey into the corners direction but tightens the crushing hug in the middle of the ring even more. With Christina unable to offer any resistance Jenny's arms start to dig themselves into Christinas body trapping her very tight while her bigger bust engulf Christinas in the process. Christinas facial expression now turns from painfilled into one that shows helpnessless and screams for help, the only thing keeping her from screaming out her surender is that she has no strenght nor air left to do so.

After a short time I after Christinas legs spasmed short twice I tap Jenny on her shoulder and signal her to stop it because she has won the fight. She gives the audiance a satisfied smirk, then looks one last time in the face of her conquered rival and released Christina whose body slumps lifeless to the ground. As Jenny walks around the ring with raised fists to celebrate her victory I immediately check Christina to see if she needs medical care because in the last mercyless hug her ribs could have got broken.

I order the medics to bring a stretcher that puts Christina up and head into Jennys direction to congratulate her. However I'm not able to because I see another fighter from the club coming from the backstage, heading to the ring. I immediately know there will be trouble as I recognize the fighter coming to the ring as punisher Pia;area=pictures;u=60928;view=152695!

It seems the show Jenny put up grabed the attention of Pia who sees a rival in Jenny and now wants to approach her in a weekened state. As Pia enters the ring I get in her way telling her to leave the ring but instead she grabs my throat and pushes me out of it over the top rope.

Everything happened in Jenny's back but she now has turned around and sees the powerful Pia approaching.

YT (Jenny or Pia)

beautiful post but completely out of time. when the poll is working is better to write an interlocutory post. Now only 6 votes between me from my opponent and I think it is really inelegant to anticipate my defeat. Also the description of my defeat is in charge of me and not in charge to an other person. There were still 10 hours to the end of the competition. I can't find the words to describe my discomfort.

I think you are absolutely right X-Tina. It was too early.
Rosita is sexier and she will win
Fictional Catfight Polls! / Re: Spanish rivals
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Mariana by ko
 Mariana is hotter
Maria wins after a long fight and rips off Kayla's hair until she cries
 Kayla (the blonde) is prettie
Blonde wins after a long fight
 Blonde hotter
Brown wins after long wrestling match.

 Brown is cutest.
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