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Producer Announcements / Tindra's Brutal Domination of Lucy
« Last post by FEMMEFIGHT on Today at 09:51:57 AM »
Tindra's Brutal Domination of Lucy

Dominant Brunette Tindra Frost approaches a vulnerable and naked Lucy Lauren. Lucy can guess that this may be somewhat of a challenge for her but she is determined to give her best but it seems this time, Tindra is just too powerful, too good, too dominant, too brutal for the pretty Blonde bimbo
Producer Announcements / Charn vs Raven Lee
« Last post by FEMMEFIGHT on Today at 09:41:31 AM »
Charn vs Raven Lee

Raven Lee is stood alone, naked & vulnerable when Charn, the booted bitch, enters the room and grabs hold of Charn’s nipples, squeezing them hard as Raven shrieks and squeals before Charn then goes for her crotch, grabbing it and controlling Raven. raven attempt’s to fight back but it seems a lost cause against Charn’s ferocity
Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Kimmy Kat Vs. Kierstyn. NHB fight
« Last post by User1 on Today at 09:15:40 AM »
“Better then having no ass!”

So ladies and gentleman, now you better take some steps back for your own safety. Such a sentence can easily envolve the battle into a war...
Cyber Fight Section / Re: P.W.O. (Pussy World Order)
« Last post by Anne84 on Today at 08:25:51 AM »
I might be intersted in joining your PWO. Maybe a league of real women with real curves and tits to dominate those skinny teens or porn star monster titters...
Celebrity Fights- Polls / Re: Richa Chadda vs Huma Qureshi
« Last post by Archie on Today at 08:19:45 AM »
Richa got no Chance against Huma, Huma has biggers arms, thighs, boobs, even huma is heavier than richa, Huma will lift Richa on her lap and wrap her Python like arms around her back and squeeze her unconscious in a tight bearhug.
Catfight , Boxing & Wrestling Stories / Re: Adult Games 1
« Last post by Marion Minx on Today at 08:07:06 AM »
Coole Story. Und trotzdem habe ich dich im Poll fertiggemacht! 8)
General Discussion about Catfights / Hollywood Losing!
« Last post by ivbn2cavalier on Today at 06:59:54 AM »
     Hi everyone, I am a huge fan if Hollywood, especially,oh in defeat, I don't think anyone is better seeking a loss than Hollywood!  So which video is the absolute best of her losing?  Please tell me why!  I am looking for something really awesome, and her losing , looking sexy would be the best!
well well well….BEATY CONTEST….WON....and this was the real challenge in this poll….sorry for all the italian people that have supported my adversary...clear a lot of people voted for the silicone valley….but the main part of people know who is the real natural beauty...thanks to my supporters I won...sorry Antonella...that's life
Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Kimmy Kat Vs. Kierstyn. NHB fight
« Last post by Kimmy Kat on Today at 06:31:20 AM »
“Grr!” I groan from the hark knee to my lower back. I arch my back and hold my back in pain before falling forward on the mat, over your face. “Better then having no ass!” I respond after I fall to my side.
Live Action Clips / Re: UFC - Female Fights for this weekend
« Last post by G Star on Today at 06:02:15 AM »
Barber did some nice damage, the other girl ate some decent strikes though and had a pretty good chin.
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