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I just sponsored both matches as well. I hope everyone who likes hairpulling, submission, and/or nude matches decides to sponsor. JC is a rock solid producer and always very quickly delivers what he promises, and he works with some of the most gorgeous women around. He specializes in topless pins-only matches, but I'm hoping if enough of us sponsor we can encourage him to branch out and offer more submission and hairpulling matches!

On that note, if Milana ever agrees to a hairpulling match, you can just go ahead and write me down as a sponsor now. Her submissions match against Ivanie was my favorite ModelsWrestling match ever, and I think a hairpulling match with Milana would be even better. She is gorgeous, expressive, and didn't want to give up no matter what -- a perfect combination.   
Poll Challenges! / Re: C'mon and fight with me!
« Last post by Vanessa on Today at 06:00:48 AM »
Any way Karin. Cat..tit...sexfight or any combination
Cyber Fight Section / Re: THE CLASSY TRAMPS
« Last post by amberjenkins09 on Today at 05:33:52 AM »
I am still waiting on lexi. She challenged me and then backed out. LOL
Cyber Fight Section / Re: Skype voice fight anyone?
« Last post by Sergeant Megan on Today at 05:08:11 AM »
When am I going to get my rematch?
Message Board Fights / Re: Linda and Vanessa: Casino sexFIGHT
« Last post by Vanessa on Today at 05:05:22 AM »
As you begin to grind your cxnt into mine I gasp out loud “ you are right slut...gasp...I do like it rough and....nasty...moan...and dirty. But as much as deny it your....pussy says you do to. You are fucking.....soaking wet whore. Lets just ....see how you do like it” as I reach up and grab both of your nipples, pinching and rolling them between my fingers. My pussy throbbing as I jump back into yours. Twisting and shoving, our lips glued together, I grit my teeth and fuck back into you.

“Maria may have how I like it but truth are just like me. I can feel your clit already slut. And I want to fuck yours with my own” as I let go of your nipples and grab a handful of both of your tits as I begin to knead them, twisting you over as I grunt and moan and crawl on top of you. “Come on, buck you me cxnt, show me what you got”.
After a televised show on which Katy Perry, Keri Hilson and Jennifer Nettles appeared together onstage the three women have a spat backstage over the question of who gave the best performance. Soon the envy between them escalated into a heated and bitter quarrel during which Katy Perry decides to settle matters by challenging her two rivals to wrestle her.
Keri Hilson laughs at her and announces she will be happy to go first. I will mangle you so that there won’t be anything left of you for Jennifer, and you’ll be squeaking your little ditties even worse than you already do! Keri says. Katy tells Keri, Wow, you clearly suffer from a severe case of delusion! When I’m finished with you Jennifer will not even recognise you!

KATY PERRY: 33 years, 5-6, 59 kg

KERI HILSON: 35 years, 5-9, 57 kg

Below: Katy, Keri and Jennifer during their performance together

SIX PICTURES BELOW: Katy, Keri and Jennifer on the night of their performance: Who is the most muscular one of the three women?

Keri Hilson singing live to prove she is the better singer

Katy Perry singing live to prove she is the better singer

2 PICTURES BELOW: Keri showing off her body and flexing her muscles to intimidate Katy before the wrestling match

2 PICTURES BELOW: Katy showing off her body and flexing her muscles to intimidate Keri before the fight

BELOW: Katy Perry

BELOW: Keri Hilson

Keri and Katy agree that the loser will have to kneel and kiss the other woman’s feet in front of the live audience.
When they step into the ring Katy makes sure to parade her bigger bust in front of Keri, and Keri enjoys her height advantage looking down at smaller Katy. Then, the two women raise their arms, lock hands together, and begin the wrestling match with a test of strength...
Might be asking for too much but subtitles would be good if possible.
General Discussion about Catfights / Re: Renee catfighthaven
« Last post by DJP60 on Today at 03:49:59 AM »
not dissing Renee or the Haven but r their matches competitive?
Message Board Fights / Re: Linda and Vanessa: Casino sexFIGHT
« Last post by linftr on Today at 03:42:54 AM »
“Unless your cxnt is rubberized, like your tits, you are going to be fucked, you fat slut!”, and as you position us pussy to pussy, I yank your hair to one side and push myself over with the other arm. Managing to maintain crotch to crotch contact as we swivel  over, I am now on top, where I belong.  Looking down at you,  I can feel my lips smearing over your pitiful twat.  “Buck like the pig you are, bitch”.

Knowing that coarse language and trashiness turns you on, I put aside my ladylike ways to make you squirm.  “C’mon,  cxntlicker, or is it cocksucker, start grunting” as you seem to immediately ‘soak up’ my intensity , as you are sopping. Twitch, twitch, my cheeks pulse and I rub your pussy with my dew coated petals.  “Maria told me how you love having someone take charge, well I own you”.

Thrilled that I had wits enough to lie , I can feel my knockers flopping around, thank goodness little Maria had oiled them.  In the candle light, I see your bruised tits wobbling and think that if I could have held out just a bit, you would have given up.  This time you will howl!

Seeing you tense and shift me, I thrust my snatch into yours “lets make those noises you are famous for” and I watch your mouth purse just a little.  “You buck toothed slut, coo for me, you like it rough, you brag on it” and my wiry curls mesh into your furry snatch, pubes mingling.  I start to flush, my own lewdness having an unexpected effect on me.  “I’ll let you roll over Vanessa, so I can ride you like the cart horse you are”, as your anticipated lurches make me rock.
Just sponsored both fights.  Would it be possible for nude and hair pulling for both?  Also, as much before and after behind the scenes, arriving and changing ect.. is always good. 
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