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My whole body shivers as I try and resist the urge to puke as Terry continues to abuse my poor privates squeezing kneading and pinching the head of my now super sensitive dick. Unable to try any sort of counter Terry easily spins around rising up only to drop her nice plump buttocks down rubbing it against my crotch stretching her leg out rubbing her foot across my face. Now kiss my beautiful foot or I’ll make sure you will be singing soprano for the next couple of weeks my not so tough guy “the big boned brunette orders which I obey slowly licking to then kiss her foot ending by sucking on her well-manicured toes.
Damn boy if it’s one thing that you do know how to do is worship your master’s feet “Terry coos releasing her hold on my now aching balls standing stepping back motioning to rise which stupidly I do as my bruised male ego would allow me to do nothing else.

 Ok lard ass you got lucky you know the only reason you got me down was because of the low blow “I taunt not knowing when to keep my big mouth shut which once again gets me into more trouble. I’m knocked off my feet onto my back compliments of Terry’s standing drop kick which puts me flat on my back the perfect position for my dominating rival who once again takes to the air this time to deliver a leg drop Ala Hulk Hogan across my chest. 
 The force and added weighty of Terry forces my body up off the mat landing a crumples heap gasping for air trying to catch my breath as my mercifulness abuser continues her assault. I take a glance at the clock on the wall and realize that only fourteen minutes have past dreading that Karen has paid for a full thirty minutes which unless Terry tires of beating my ass (which somehow I doubt) or takes mercy on her ignorant little punching bag of an opponent and ends this charade of a contest.
Now I’ve got to give it to Terry she could’ve continue to beat the crap out me who at this point is a true believer that any woman can defeat any man in hand to hand combat but instead she simply slithers up my body entwining her thick legs around mine capturing me in a tight grapevine. Now I’, going to give you a choice of how you’re goanna experience the last couple of minutes of this so called match. You can stay locked in my clutches for the next ten or so minutes” she informs me of this widening both hers and my legs until I feel as if I’m about to be torn in two. Or you can suffer under my twin peaks until I deem you rehabilitated and just to let you know you’ve only felt a small portion of my power of which  I’ve only used about 20 percent of.

 I wisely choose the breast smoother or so I think that is until Terry releases her mammoth jugs which spill out of her top engulfing my face. I took a deep breath trying to outlast the brunette’s  boob bash only to discover that it’s much harder than it looks on those video’s or maybe those some’s are just gifted with huge lung capacity.

 On the verge of blacking out Terry lifts her heavy sweaty breast up allowing me to suck in much needed air only to plop her heavenly assets back down again smothering me into oblivion which I’m awaken from by a splash of cold water . Tammy’s laugh cuts thru my head lie a hot knife bringing me back to the here and now as she lifts her heavy globes up allowing me to breathe again. Head still spinning I try to stand only to collapse into the arms of his roommate who has come to his aid. Told you to release him now look he’s all dizzy and discombobulated just because you wanted to be a bitch” Karen hisses handing me over Lucy and Olivia who drag me to my feet.

  Held up as my rubbery legs give out forcing the two to help me over to the edge of the mats where all of us sit on the wooden bench one on each side making sure that I don’t topple face first to the floor. Still in the twilight zone fading in and out of consciousness the fiery haired BBW pulls me into her soft body telling me “ Come on big mama will take care of you “is the last words I hear as I lay my head against Olivia’s huge rack once again slipping into dream land…

Chapter 4
Karen Vs Terry

 Well guess you’re next loud mouth imagine you talking shit about me smothering your little wimp of a roommate when I took it easy on him , hell I didn’t even use these pythons on him which I promise you won’t be so lucky “ Terry taunts turning her back on her soon to be opponent something that she’ll soon regret .

AAARRRGH YOU FUCKING CHEATING cxnt “ scream’s the big breasted brunette as Karen attacks from behind grabbing a two fisted hand hold of Terry’s hair whipping her around in a circle. She then releases her rival sending Terry tumbling to the mat where Karen pounces once again going to the hair before bouncing the brunette’s head off the floor. Thankfully Terry didn’t cheap out when outfitting her fighting studio vying for the higher priced thicker wrestling mats which probably saves her from receiving a concussion and although she may be saved from a head injury the boastful dark haired grappler is still in hot water as Karen frags her to her feet sinking it into her face. AAARRRGH “again Terry cries out as Karen blinds her gouging her eyes.
 Stumbling around blinded Terry never sees the knee heading towards her mid-section landing with a thud which her blonde foe follows with two more belly busting bashes into her soft tummy dropping the big boob battler to her knees. Winded vision temporarily impaired unable to stopped Karen who attacks from behind sinking in a double breast claw jabbing her short but sharpened thumb nails into the brunettes thick dark nipples. Again Terry cries out grabbing her assailant’s wrist trying to pry them from her prized assets as Karen rams her knee into her trapped enemies back executing her version of a surf board hold. That’s right cxnt cry like the little bitch you are don’t worry this is only the beginning I’ve got plenty more payback in store for you” Karen laughs jerking her trapped foe back bending Terry to the point that she’s looking down into the brunette’s wrestlers eyes.

Ah somebody take that damn toy away from Erin and slap the shit out of her for even bringing it!
Catfight Art / Re: The Dream Master
« Last post by jow9 on Today at 05:31:25 AM »
Where can we see more of this???
As the guests all enter in ..... Off in the distance lightning flashes .. Thunder begins to roll.
Soon the road will be flooded, unable to travel. No one can leave for now.

I make sure all the guest rooms are ready. The mansion completely for the ladies to use.
The winding staircase, to the upper floors.
Along with the guest rooms. A main entertainment, sitting room. A fireplace against one wall. Large screen tv, chairs, and a plush sofa.
Kitchen, dining room. Several of the guest rooms having private baths. With a few community bath rooms, scattered about.

A library, game room with pool table.
A grand ball room, indoor pool. (Although someone has complained about something floating. Needing to be cleaned from the pool. Checking into that soon.)

With so much new life around. The denizens of the nearby cemetery have begun to wake and grow curious. As off a ways. A wolf howls, before seeking shelter, to the coming storm.

Lower stairs, a wine cellar, even a small crypt.
Red heads are tough, especially this one but Katie will show that they can be beaten.
Celebrity Fights- Polls / Re: Match no 4 urvashi Rautela vs nora fatehi
« Last post by master on Today at 04:38:59 AM »
Urvashi is sexy and tough and will win,
Poll Challenges! / Re: Pollfight Challenge
« Last post by Summer_Cummings on Today at 04:37:29 AM »
I would love to give it a try
The JMR Arena subscription site has been updated for October 25   
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Here's what you will find in The Arena's latest update:

Part 2 of the new Arena feature:
It's all like a bad dream...
Busty Brit GOLDIE BLAIR puts up her fists and goes at it with
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The preview continues for a new upcoming 3000 Series download release: 
Two sleek and sexy adult/fetish stars, KENDRA JAMES and
JMR newcomer BUNNY COLBY, wear only socks and their gloves
in a brutal naked boxing introduction for Bunny.                   
A third gallery has been added for the future 2500 Series release: 
Buxom British babe GOLDIE BLAIR in topless fistfight action vs. CHRISTINE DUPREE
and ANASTASIA PIERCE, with all three women's ample breasts taking
as bruising a beating as their faces.         

A new gallery of clips and stills has been posted for the 3000 Series download release: 
JEWELL MARCEAU and TANYA DANIELLE show off their taut, fit physiques
as they batter each other in a great stripdown fistfight.     

Bonus fighting clips:     
STACY BURKE and DEE WILLIAMS boxing in the nude, action taken from JMR-2572.   
Also: From JMR-175, the complete AMBER MICHAELS vs. CARISSA MONTGOMERY topless fistfight. 

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Poll Challenges! / Re: Looking for a pair of tits to beat.
« Last post by Summer_Cummings on Today at 04:34:58 AM »
I would love to try
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