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Nicole Aniston and Capri Cavanni are two firm breasts, equally built pornstars. They agree to have it out in a catfight/titfight to prove who is the better woman. Caftight rules include hairpulling, slapping and breast/pussy attacks Titfight on their knees with smashing action. Who wins??
Capri Cavanni

Nicole Aniston
More pictures of our talented titans
This is it Ladies & Gentleman - the eagerly anticipated rematch between the 2 titans & lionesses of the NHB Catfight World, to finally decide the true Queen of the NHB Catfight.

The two ladies have agreed to enter one large, Penthouse room by separate doors, which will then be locked behind them leaving them to fight to a No Mercy finish where the winner will take her spoils of victory & dominance over the loser in a very special way. The room they are locked in will have a shatterproof glass front along one entire side of the room, allowing perfect viewing for those watching and will include whips, handcuffs & other toys that are available to be used by either woman in order to gain an advantage over her rival. Both women will start in lingerie. Just how long that lasts remains to be seen.

It all starts tonight and runs, fitting, right up to and including Valentine's Day - when there will a Bloody Valentine's massacre for one woman!

A reminder of our contestants :

Scarlettrose34L - 5'8" 25yo 163lbs and a 34L;u=76420

MissBustyCarolina - 25 yo - 5'8" and 165lbs and a 34L;u=69541

Celebrity Fights- Polls / Sheena Shahabadi vs Kristen Stewart
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Sheena Shahabadi and Kristen Stewart
Anna, without question
Live practical work best option

I think we should all join up in one common eliminate Leeann.  Who's in ?   ;D

Well Carolann I am used to being single out here at the poll section.  You and anne_cougar. Linftr  Sassy wrestler, and all the other mature women  has been busy picking and buly me as a group for yrs.. ganging up on sweet loveable me . The friendly and nicest woman on freecatfight

Waiting in my room wearing my white teddy lingerie and white stockings.  5  7 140lbs 36d 54yrs blonde  .waiting for the fat ass Carolann to step into my room.or whoever's is foolish to enter the room. Time to start eliminating the so called weaker bitches in this tournament
I'm loving this new style of storytelling, where more focus is on the emotions and reasons leading to the fight than the actual fight itself. First there was rin753 and now Sarah is back with her new series , looking forward to obsession from arranged...

Plus just a question , are you looking to continue "Fight my sister" series as well ?
Sexfighting and Titfighting / FF7 Side Story #3
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Gold Saucer



The two friends regarded each other awkwardly when Yuffie descended the Airship ramp. It had been some time since they’d seen one another after their last meeting in Wutai. In Joslyn’s case it was easy to spot why by the slight bulge around her stomach. Other things had happened as well in that visit…which was why the kunoichi had done her best to avoid coming to the city. Visits, before her friend had begun to show had been…unpleasant. Hopefully things would be different this time around.

“I haven’t heard from you in a bit.” Jo remarked awkwardly, but in a somewhat accusatory tone, as they started walking. The kunoichi’s ears perked up, clearly picking up the undertone, and she bristled. So much for hoping. “Not since I last swung by.”

“Things’ve been happening back home,” she replied stiffly, said visit lasting only a couple of uncomfortable days before Jo departed. “There were some dragon sightings and dad had me organize several hunting parties before they started clashing with the Adamantaimai or Thunderbirds.”

“Sounds like a he’s putting more responsibility on you,” the brunette said lightly. The following silence was uncomfortable as she struggled for something else to say. “How’s Jessica been doing?”

“Don’t you mean how’s Rosa doing?” Yuffie snapped, irritated by the question, thinking she saw through the reason for it. “Last I saw Jess, she and Eight were heading up North to do some exploring. I’m sure her mother’s appropriately lonely by now.”

“Dammit Fie…that's not what I meant.” Joslyn growled, frustrated grabbing her friend by the shoulder and spinning her around. “How many times are you going to go on about it? It was just one night! You gonna stand there and tell me you never thought about it after an enjoyable fight?”

“Damn right I'm going to tell you. I have self control!” Yuffie stabbed a finger hard at her friend. “Do you have idea how awkward it’s been with Jessica since I pulled her off you? She and Rosa are still hardly speaking.”

“Poor Jessica,” Joslyn mocked angrily. “We’re all adults and two of us chose to have some after fight fun. I’m not going to apologize for that. It...was…just…sex! Nothing more, nothing less. Maybe you should drop the innocent girl act and…”

“Maybe that’s why…” Yuffie started then immediately stopped. Jo also quickly halted what she’d been about to utter. Both knew that to finish what they had been going to say would irrevocably, and possibly irrepairably, damage their friendship. And angry as she was with Josy, as frustrated as she was with Yuffie, neither wanted that. Instead they both just stared, angry and hurt, easily guessing what she had been about to say and daring her to finish it. Yuffie, finally, was the one to look away. “Let’s just…no. If all we’re going to do is fight some more then my coming here was a mistake. If I'm quick maybe I can catch the ship for the return flight...”

“No!” Joslyn whispered. Her word went unheard as Yuffie hefted her bag and spun around and started back towards the tarmac. She was losing her…losing her friend. Suddenly fearful that if Yuffie did get on a ship she’d never see the girl again Joslyn lunged forward and grabbed her arm. “Don’t…don’t go…Fie. Please. Don't...”


“I’m sorry…I just…” Joslyn bowed her head. “I don’t want to fight…but ever since she showed up it feels like we don’t hang out like we used to. And any time we spend together all we end up doing is quarrel. You always take her side and…and…you missed my fight with sis, dammit!!”

Yuffie sighed as Jo’s body heaved in unashamed misery. Her friend wasn’t wrong. Not entirely. Ever since her first fight against Jessica the two rapidly became friends and it had distracted her from what the others had been up to. “Nobody’s replacing you Josy,” she said softly, hugging the taller woman. “Let’s go sit down somewhere. Somewhere quiet.”


The old ice cream parlor still stood. Defying Meteor and the change in the scenery the small café stood out starkly amid the larger businesses and shops to be a pleasant spot where people could kick back and relax. Placing their order they sat inside to avoid a crowd and to have a measure of privacy.

“So is that why you slept with Rosa? To get back at Jess because you were jealous?” Yuffie asked. Her bowl already half empty.

“Of course not…give me some credit.” Joslyn sniffled, stirring her own, mixing the chocolate and vanilla into a tasty mess. “Is it THAT hard to believe that people can just act on a mutual attraction. Maybe you should pay more attention to the mood in the club. Besides…it was technically your fault.”


“If when our match ended, and that was it for the night I don’t think anything would’ve happened.” Jo sighed, leaning forward. “Don’t get me wrong, I still think she’s damn hot for her age, but it was while we were watching you and Jessica going at it that I started to get really…really turned on. And from the way she kept pushing against me it seemed she felt the same way. One thing led to another and…”

“For Leviathan’s sake,” Yuffie groaned rubbing her face, then she paused. It was while she was watching Jo and Rosa fight that she also began to feel aroused. And it was at that point she impulsively healed Jessica so the two of them could have a continuation from their match earlier. Her eyes narrowed, allowing herself so sink within to come face to face with said Serpent goddess. “You wouldn’t have something to do with this would you!”

“Please,” Leviathan growled. “I don’t affect people like that. That’s more of Siren’s area of expertise.”

“It wasn’t Leviathan Fie,” Jo gave a nervous chuckle when the kunoichi explained her brief silence. “Like I said, it’s actually more common than you think.”

“Come again?”

“You don’t spectate as often, unless you have a match, so it’s not a surprise you don’t know.” Joslyn finished stirring and lifted the spoon to her mouth. “Don't you feel the mood in the club whenever there's a particularly intense fight?

"I've been there for Tifa's fights against M and Elizabeth, remember?" Yuffie reminded her.

"Not hostile, Fie. Intense." Jo lay down her spoon. "Remember when me and sis first did you feel watching us?”

“I…” Yuffie blushed at that memory. She remembered how flustered she felt watching them roll around on the mats and hear their straining grunts. Unconsciously, under the table, her legs crossed. “It was a bit…uncomfortable.”

“Exactly,” the brunette chuckled. “Sometimes, even when a fight is hostile it's easy to get turned on by how hard they fight to win, but it gets tapered down by the need to ensure no one crosses a line. But when it’s friendly we lower our guards knowing nothing untoward will come of it. Instead we focus on just how hot it looks, how hot they look, how hot the one you just fought probably looks. I mean if we weren’t related...and she and Cloud weren't a thing...just how did you see that night turning out?”

The kunoichi choked on a spoonful, the image of Tifa and Joslyn on the bed together seared into her mind. “You honestly…”

“I’m just being honest. She might be my sister, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admit she’s a looker. And the thought did cross my mind at the time since I had no idea we were related.” Joslyn continued. “Yuffie…you’re... You're not still a virgin are you?”

“I fail to see how that matters!” Yuffie bristled, daring her friend to comment. She knew what she wanted. Maybe she’d never get it, but she’d be damned before…

“I see... Do you think I’ve just been sitting around, hoping that Cloud will change his mind?” Jo said quietly and, to Yuffie’s surprise, ashamedly. “Cloud is the only person I want in the world. But I’m only human. I have needs.”


“After being with Cloud for almost a year, with the amount of sex we had, do you think it’s a switch I can just turn on and off?” Joslyn’s expression begged for understanding. “It was hard after he came back and chose Tifa. They were all just guys I picked up because they bore a passing resemblance, and only when it became too much for me to handle myself.”

“You said yourself…and I quote…I’m coming off a week of heaven.” Yuffie snapped, irritated beside herself. “I saw you Josy. The two of you weren’t exactly quiet. And the way you were acting…I’d be excused for thinking you hadn’t had sex in months.”

“Because I haven’t. What Cloud and I have isn’t sex…” Joslyn’s face softened, turning almost dreamy, and then set defiantly. “And after fighting and watching the two of you fighting I just...needed to take the edge off. I’d always wondered what it was like with a woman, ever since dad interrupted me and Ann, and Rosa was clearly interested and affected as well. I’ll admit I didn’t expect it to be as intense as it was, but by the time morning came it was easy to just get out of bed and leave. Sex was all it was. She understood that, I understood that. Why can’t you?”

“Cause it’s hard to believe what you say as opposed to what I saw.” Yuffie sighed, trying to understand. Learning her friend was…promiscuous was a bit of shock. She knew Jo liked to tease but thought that was as far as it extended. “Tell me this. If I hadn’t seen you, if I hadn’t heard you and if I hadn’t caught you coming out of the bedroom…would you have told me what had happened? Or would I have had to find out when Jessica tried to strangle you?”

Joslyn struggled with her thoughts, clearly expecting, and dreading the question before answering. “No.” Now that she thought about it Jo realized she desperately wished Yuffie hadn’t seen her in such a position. “No. I’d have preferred it just be between me and Rosa.”

Yuffie lowered her head to hide the bitterness in her eyes…and the sudden anger that rushed across her face. “So after being upset with me for not telling you I had a fight against Jessica, something I fucking intended to anyway, you were going to turn around and NOT tell me that you fucked her mother.”

Joslyn’s expression was miserable as she nodded. Yuffie rose, started walking for the door, fully intending to just walk out and get the hell out of Gold Saucer. But she stopped, visibly fighting herself, at a soft sob at her back. She didn't want this, didn't want to deal with it either, but at the same time the thought of ending her friendship with Tifa's sister had the girl panicking. Finally she spun around and sat back down at the table. Her spoon moved rapidly as she quickly finished her ice cream, ignoring Josy who's spoon clinked against the edge of her bowl, before talking again. “After what you just said…how do you expect me to act? What you expect me to think?”
“I don’t expect you to act in any manner. What you saw was me having an incredible one nighter with a milf that was a tigress under the sheets.” Joslyn said quietly, but defiantly. “Why do I have to keep repeating myself? Why does this bother you so much, Fie? It’s not like I'm pining for her or looking for another night together. She knows it was a one off thing and that there’s someone else in my life.”

“Because if it was nothing why were you going to hide it?" Yuffie gritted out. "If it was nothing why pretend it didn't happen?"

"Because I was afraid...okay!" Joslyn snapped, her face angry and sad. "It was a whim, and I enjoyed myself. I won't lie about that. But afterwards I was afraid of how'd you act if you learned about my needs. I was afraid you'd judge..."

"I'm not...judging,” Yuffie lied. The fact that she was, she felt, only right seeing as to what she was learning. “It shocked me…maybe disturbed me a little. But you saw how it affected Jess.”

Joslyn’s face immediately soured and she absently touched the eye the redhead had blackened. Immediately upon waking from her faint she’d rushed downstairs to find Yuffie talking urgently with Jessica. The girl’s expression had turned ugly at her appearance. She hadn’t glared, hadn’t shouted or accused. She’d simply shoved past the kunoichi, attacking the brunette in a fury that left her stunned and barely able to defend herself. “You’d better leave…” The memory those words from Yuffie, and the disapproving look she shot her while holding back the enraged redhead had been like a bolt of fire in her gut to match the pain of her eye.

“I saw…more than I cared to.” She said softly. Her expression was stubborn as she looked at her friend. And also wounded. “I can understand that she’s upset, but it doesn’t concern her. It was between me and Rosie. We had a fight, we had a romp and that’s all it was. If JESS…takes offense I’ll gladly take her on, only this time she won’t catch me by surprise.”

“Josy…” Yuffie started warningly.

"What? Worried I'll hurt your precious new friend? She started it! And when you took her side…told me to leave…” Joslyn said bitterly. She shoved aside the bowl of half eaten, liquid ice cream. “Why didn’t you at least let me try and explain that…”

“That you did exactly what she accused you of doing?” Yuffie sighed, affected by the sad and betrayed look. “Jo…I didn’t take anyone’s side. If you stayed the fight would’ve gotten worse and Rosa might’ve gotten dragged into it. You didn’t see how Jess tore into her after you left. They were both in tears. I didn’t…I don’t want my friends, old or new, hating each other.”

“I don’t hate her…she hates me.” Jo muttered miserably. Then she looked at Yuffie. “Is it safe to assume you feel the same way? Since I’m a damn hypocrite…”

Yuffie reached across the table to tenderly cup Jo’s cheeks, pulling the girl’s face until their foreheads touched. “I could never hate you Jo.” She said softly, stroking her face. “You piss me off at times, and I won’t deny that some of the things you’ve told me makes me think less of you. But…you’re my dearest friend. That will never change. Not unless you want it to.”

“Fie…” Joslyn squeezed her eyes shut, holding Yuffie's arms at the wrist. “I'd never...”

“Well, isn’t this just sweet!” Heads twisted and slowly pulled back at the voice and words. The younger Anguin sister was dressed in a pair of tights and a blouse that clung to her like a second skin, also demonstrating that she was currently bra-less. "Oh I interrupting a moment?"

“What do you want Vicky?” Jo growled around a sniffle, wiping at her face. Showing weakness around this woman was as bad an idea as trying to wrestle a Tonberry.

“Just thought I’d come over to extend my congratulations,” Vicky sneered. “The circuit’s abuzz about their little princess getting knocked up. But nobody seems to know who the father is. Though isn’t it a happy coincidence that your darling sister is also expecting? Makes one think doesn’t it.”

“I was wondering what that burning smell was.” Yuffie grunted, glaring at the brunette, furious at the interruption. They were finally making progress and this cxnt had to wander in. “Now piss off.”

“You keep quiet little girl. The women are talking.” Victoria snapped. She turned her eyes back to Joslyn. “I hope you didn’t forget that you owe me a fight after what happened last time.”

Yuffie knew what the Honeybee girl was referencing. Following a brawl Tifa and Elizabeth had at Edge, that Cloud broke up, they’d fought again soon after in a more...official capacity. But no one had expected a fight at the Saucer to cross the line in such a dramatic fashion. It had started as expected since these were the two Alphas who had a history. But things quickly escalated when, in the middle of a bearhug, both suddenly snarled and bit down on the protruding titflesh hard enough to draw blood. Those close said they heard them whispering something but couldn’t make out what it was.

Screaming in rage and pain the two had attacked each other with a viciousness rivaling their first fight in Wutai. Without Siren though it was no shock that Tifa was hurting the mammoth titted smaller woman. What was a surprise was the fact that she was fully capable of hurting their friend as well. At the end of more than forty minutes Tifa’s reddened and brutalized tits finally punched through Elizabeth’s swollen and bruised monsters. But instead of stopping, it only seemed to enrage the two even more and they ignored the calls to stop, attacking now with fists, nails and teeth.

It took the entire room to separate them and few came out of it uninjured as the fighting femmes violently resisted any attempt to keep them apart. Even Viola was unable break them up, shoved by both with a strength sent her sliding back almost to the wall. In the end Josy trapped Tifa in a sleeper, while Yuffie sat on her legs, until her thrashing older sister almost passed out while Elizabeth was pinned to the floor by a woman on each limb. And then…just like that…it was over. “Josy,” Tifa gurgled, patting at her arm submission, while Liz abruptly stopped struggling and seemed momentarily confused by where she was. With things as they were the night ended early with the Honeygirls forced to leave first. And the hostility between them and the Saucer girls continued to fester since nothing had been settled.

“I haven’t forgotten,” Joslyn sighed in irritation. “But I’m in no condition to participate right now, as you very well know.”

“There’re others I can take my frustration out on,” Victoria replied maliciously. “You’re not the only bitch on my shit list. If you like you can choose who to put on the chopping block. If not, I’ll just pick one at random.”

“You touch any of them and I’ll…

“Do what? Go crying to daddy?” Vicky mocked. “I’m sure he’s very receptive now, learning his daughter is just slag who couldn’t keep her legs shut. Though, even I have to admit, if the rumors are true it’s a new low spreading ‘em for your sister’s hus…”

Fighting to keep her already frayed temper under wraps Yuffie finally leapt up and slammed a clenched fist across the other brunette’s face. The Honeygirl staggered under the force of the blow, then looked up, smiling around a trickle of blood. Storming into the surprised kunoichi she carried the girl back, dumping her onto an empty table and slamming her elbow across the smaller woman’s face and stomach. Body curling, Yuffie kicked viciously across the back of Victoria’s head. When that failed she wrapped her legs around the brunette’s neck and shifted, forcing her to ground. Rolling off the table she kicked the woman savagely in the stomach sending her rolling.

Crawling back to her feet with the help of a convenient chair, Vicky’s hands held tight and swung the piece of furniture into the approaching kunoichi. Yuffie howled as the chair broke across her arm and shoulder, clutching at the wounded limb, retreating. Advancing on the stricken girl Victoria grabbed her by throat, and powered her up against the wall, punching Yuffie savagely across the face repeatedly.

“Fie!” Jo screamed, struggling to her feet as the serving staff rushed to break up the fighting women.

“SHE STARTED IT!!” Victoria shouted, kicking the girl as she sank to the floor, blood leaking from her nose. The last thing Yuffie saw was the sneer on the Honeygirl’s face and the foot she swung.


Consciousness came back to Yuffie, and she immediately regretted it. Her shoulder and jaw ached horribly and she gave an involuntary whimper.

“Fie?!” Jo’s concerned face immediately appeared over her own. She gently touched the kunoichi’s face but pulled back at the sharp hiss. Yuffie shook her head, and forced her eyes shut.

“Help…me…up,” she whispered. Gently the brunette shifted a hand under her back, raising the girl into a sitting position. Taking a deep breath Yuffie reached into herself, calling out to Leviathan. Her shoulder was easy enough but she clung to Joslyn with an agonized sob as her partner worked on her face. Bruises faded and her jaw reset and she finally relaxed…then tensed in a fury. “Where…is…she?!”

“You go charging into the Honeybee all you’ll be doing is causing even more problems.” Her friend warned. “Don’t you think I could’ve convinced dad to kick them out by now if we didn’t need them?”

“I’m not letting her get away with that!” Yuffie snarled struggling as Jo held her in a tight embrace. “You can’t deal with her right now, so that’s why she feels safe talking shit. She knows you’d humiliate her otherwise.”

It took a second to register that Yuffie wasn’t talking about the beating she’d gotten. Rather she was furious at Vicky’s disparaging remarks towards her. Joslyn felt warm at the realization and twinges of shame that her actions had put her friend in tough spot. Twinges of course…she was still going to show Jessica what was what the first chance she got. “If you really feel that way then there is a way to do it without causing a backlash.”

Her face buried in the crook of Jo’s neck Yuffie lips curled into a smile, knowing where this was going. The perfect excuse to hit something to expel this anger inside of her.


“It’s packed tonight.” Ann complained, struggling under the weight of a fresh stack of mats.

“You got Josy’s message.” Emma replied. Ann gave a low growl at that, furious at what the grapevine was saying. “Calm down. I’m pissed too, but starting a general brawl won’t solve anything.”

“Speak for yourself.” The redhead gritted out. “Those cxnts need a kick to the ass so hard they don’t even look in our direction.”

“You know that’s damn unlikely.” Hinata grunted. “We deal with them, Vicky gets involved. Josy deals with Vicky, Liz gets involved. And you saw what she and Tifa did to one another.”

“Speaking of that, who do you think she’ll pick to go against Vicky?” Doreen was nervous. She knew it wouldn’t be her, but fighting Victoria was not something she’d wish on anyone.

“She said it’s a surprise, so all we can do is wait.” The group lapsed into a silence as they lay down the arena, around them the two groups split with the outnumbered Honeygirls on the far side from the door while the rest of the room was occupied by girls and women loyal from Gold Saucer. Off to the side, not mingling with either side to demonstrate her neutrality stood Viola. This wasn’t to say it was entirely hostile as there were those that were friends…or more from both sides. Ann in particular gave a wide smile and a nod at the blonde Maria who blew her a kiss in response. As they reached the middle Gloria shot them a troubled look.

“Do you…do you think the rumors are true though?” She asked, eyes flickering left and right. “About Cloud being the father? I mean…he was the one that popped her cherry.”

“Not likely,” Ann scoffed. “Could be any of the guys that’ve gotten lucky with her. He hasn’t been around since their last fight.”

“I’m not so sure,” Sara replied. “I was working at the Port after her and Tifa’s last match. I saw her sister leave…but she was alone. And quite unhappy looking to boot.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Ann retorted. “Maybe he left earlier, or went by road.”

“No…he was here,” Doreen muttered quietly. When the others looked at her she continued. “I didn’t see Josy for almost four days afterwards. But when I visited the house he was there at the table. And her dad… Well let’s just say I got out of them first chance I got.”

“So…he stayed with Josy…because she beat Tifa?” Hinata spoke slowly. “You realize what you’re saying right.”

“Don’t see how you could take it any other way.” She replied. “You’ve seen how happy and girly she gets when he’s around. She fuckin’ adores the guy.”

"Yeah but..." Ann struggled to understand. "They're still together. Him and Tifa. You're saying she was cool with that!?"

Any further discussion was interrupted when Victoria marched up to them as they finished arranging the mats. “So where’s your girl at?” The arrogant brunette sneered down at them. Ann slowly rose and marched over to the shorter woman. However before she could say anything the door clicked and Joslyn appeared, followed by the Wutai girl, Yuffie, dressed in her traditional battle outfit. “Well, look who decided to show.”

“Have they been behaving?” Joslyn ignored Vicky, speaking to Emma.

“So far,” Emma cast a concerned look at Yuffie. Considering the damage she’d heard the girl had absorbed she didn’t look that bruised. “So who’ll it be? My advice would be Ann. She’s pissed enough.”

“No…she’s not.” Jo inclined her head at the kunoichi that strode past them to stand opposite the Honeygirl. For the first time, Victoria looked confused, and not a little wary. Yuffie’s lack of injury no doubt worrying her. “Not anywhere near enough.”

Casually tearing off the band wrapped around her chest Yuffie bared her breasts to the room. While those from Gold Saucer were familiar enough with the girl, there was a collective intake from the Honeygirls. Graced to her by Leviathan, Yuffie’s breasts were as close to flawless as any had seen. High and rounded, their proportions were too perfect to be random and topped by a thick spike in the center of a surprisingly small areola. Smiling contemptuously she gave the front of Vicky’s shirt a flick with her hand. “Well…you gonna bare ‘em or just quit ahead of time to avoid humiliation?”

“You’re a glutton for punishment aren’t you bitch!” Victoria growled, slapping away the offending hand. “How the hell did youuurk!!”

There wasn’t a Honeygirl with a closed mouth as the smaller Yuffie grabbed the stacked brunette by the throat and hefted her off the ground…one handed. “What is it your sister likes to say?” Yuffie hissed audibly, and viciously. “That’s right…I’m a lot stronger than I look!”

Almost casually the kunoichi dropped the woman to fall onto the mats before spinning around and marching back to Josy’s side. Amused, Viola strode into the center, glancing down at a stunned Victoria. “Are you up to continue?” She wryly asked the kneeling woman. At the furious look Vicky shot her she simply shrugged and held up a hand. The room immediately went quiet and everyone lined up along the border, expectation on faces. “We got ourselves a match, ladies. We’ve got our favorite little spitfire Yuffie, against the number two of the Honeybee, Victoria.”

“Won’t be much of one by the looks of it,” Ann shouted. The Saucer girls laughed loudly while those from the Honeybee seemed to alternate between amusement and consternation. Vicky might be a cxnt, but she was one of them. Meanwhile Viola kept herself interposed between the two combatants.

"So, do we have any preferences ladies?"



Both brunettes smiled coldly at one another over the other's preference. "What's the matter cxnt, scared of another beating?" Vicky taunted.

"I'm standing right here, pussy." Yuffie mocked. "I'm not the one so terrified of humiliation that she waited till Jo couldn't step onto the mats to give her challenge."

"I will happily flatten that little daddy's girl at the first chance." The taller woman snapped, circling left. "This is to send a message. Your body is gonna be the paper and my fists, the ink."

"A message huh. You really are a slow learner. Just how many messages does Tifa have to send you on your sister's body?" Yuffie grunted, moving to the right.

"You shut it! Or I'll..."

"Girls...girls, wait for the signal." Viola pressed a hand against either woman. Victoria snorted in disgust and stepped back while the redhead angled her head to whisper at the kunoichi. "Just so we're clear, your tenant can't interfere. This is just you against her."

"Oh, don't worry about that." Yuffie muttered, the look in her eyes briefly scaring Viola. "I'd have it no other way."

"Okay then." Viola stepped back, raising a hand. "As the challenger, Victoria's choice stands. Titfight is relegated to optional. Standard rules. No martial arts or formal training, nowhere is off limits. You fight until one quits, is knocked out or I decide it's no contest. Understood?"

Both women nodded, impatience radiating from their trembling bodies, eager to begin. As Viola's hand chopped down between them, they lunged together eagerly. Yuffie's fist cracked against Vicky's chin while the Honeygirl's dug into the kunoichi's stomach. The initial cheers quickly of seeing a hot tempered showdown quickly tapered off as the opening salvo quickly proved to be just that...the opening.

As the yells faded the meaty SMACK of slaps, crisp THUD of punches, gasps and squeals of pain from from the fighting women echoed around the room. Victoria was known for her rough fighting. Like her sister she loved dominating other women, but the sight of the smaller and slimmer Yuffie matching her viciousness as they stood toe to toe exchanging punches and slaps surprised even those that knew her.

It was finally Victoria that recoiled first, a sharp blow to her left breast making her gasp. Then she leapt at Yuffie, a clawed hand raking across a flawless boob while the other grabbed her long black hair. The kunoichi yelped at the painful scratch, backhanding the Honeygirl as her own hands dug into the brunette locks. Screaming in rage now they spun across the mats tearing at hair, lashing out wild blows and kicking viciously at shins. Arms then went around necks, holding each other bent over in a headlock as they kept punching. Shuffling madly, Vicky got her leg in front of Yuffie, tripping the smaller woman who fell. But then the older brunette yelled as the girl snatched at hair, pulling her down with her.

"What...what the hell is wrong with her?" Gloria demanded, jumping back as the snarling women rolled close, before briskly moving in another direction. "I've never seen her"

"Angry?' Hinata supplied, staring as the pair rose onto their knees before a sharp slap from Victoria sent Yuffie back down and she leapt onto the prone girl, resuming their furious ground war. "Yeah, when'd she ever get so into it?"

Joslyn gnawed at a knuckle while her best friend fought savagely against the Honeygirl. Was she fighting Vicky for her...or just using the woman to vent? "Do you really care?" A part of her asked. Yeah...yeah she did. The latter would mean that Yuffie hadn't fully forgiven her yet. Or didn't intend to.

Panting heavily, Yuffie glared into Vicky's furious face as they tumbled over and over, hissing and grunting in effort. Maddened by mutual hostility their entire world had shrunk to the woman in their arms that bit and scratched even as they punched and yanked hair in turn. This bitch wanted to hurt Josy, and though she was still a bit angry at her, no one hurt her friend.

Vicky snarled at the woman coming between herself and her target. She'd intended to make an example of whoever the little whore chose, but instead found herself fighting against a very determined Yuffie, whom she'd clearly underestimated. Normally she relished the resistance. Made it all the better when they lay under her begging for mercy. But there was something about the Wutai girl...Vicky didn't want to dominate her. Victoria wanted to crush her, to just see her weeping after she beat her to within an inch of her life.

Viola was just as perturbed as the rest. She knew Yuffie. The girl rarely lost her cool and if not for the fact that she was fighting evenly with Vicky she's worry that Leviathan was the one in control. Instead the women fought in a savage, yet very feminine manner. Yuffie rose to her feet, dragging Victoria, clinging to her waist, up with her. After getting pounded on her head several times the thicker brunette heaved backwards, flipping the ninja girl onto her back, following with an elbow to the stomach.

Yuffie croaked and rolled away, but Victoria had no intention of giving her chance to recover and grabbed a handful of hair. But this proved a mistake as, instead of trying to escape, the kunoichi propelled herself forward, butting the Honeygirl in the stomach and sending them both onto the mats.

One more the furious tangle raged across the mats, the two pummeling and biting. Occasionally they'd get to their feet, punching, slapping, grabbing and kicking before slamming back together and falling back down. Other times they never even got that far as the one trying to rise would be dragged back down by her furious opponent.

"C'mon you ass shaking, no talent...OW...whore." Yuffie's words were for Vicky only as briefly gained control, squeezing hard as the bigger woman shouted in pain. Rearing up she mounted her waist and assailed the pretty, angry face with fore and backhand slaps. The rapid SMACK SMACK of her palms was loud, but not as loud as the screech the woman gave as Yuffie grabbed hold of her breasts and squeezed. "Fight me, you fuck. Big mouthed little...UGH!"

"Nobody talks to me like that, you little cxnt!" Vicky's fist cracked against Yuffie's cheek unseating the Wutai girl who tumbled onto her side. In a flash Victoria sat on her stomach and punching wildly at Yuffie's face and chest. "I'm gonna break you right here in front of your little girlfriend. You're...!"

Bridging violently Yuffie tossed the other woman off to the side to land with a shocked "OOF!" Twisting around rapidly they lunged at one another, wrapping up in a tight hug, drilling the occasional punch into stomachs and pulling hair.

"Gods...aren't they gonna slow down?" Ann mumbled, unable to take her eyes off the fight. Yuffie screamed as Vicky trapped her arm and bit savagely into the limb. In response the kunoichi hauled the Honeygirl's head back by the hair and slammed three sharp blows across her face before tossing her to the ground. Before she even stopped rolling, Victoria was scrambling back to her feet and rushing the smaller woman. After a brief fists exchange they once more closed in, squashing breasts and pulling hair.

On the other side Maria also watched, concerned. But unlike her occasional lover the concern came more from what would happen if Vicky lost. Not that she cared, since she'd always stood on the opposite side from the bitch. Unfortunately right now she represented the Honeybee and, even more unfortunately, was who she was related to. Yuffie was a close friend to the one woman that seemed capable of keep Elizabeth under control. And with her currently out of action things could get messy. Then she stiffened.

Not that it seemed to matter to the fighting pair. Sweating freely from near twenty minutes of non stop brawling they They finally sprang apart after Yuffie butted Vicky and received an uppercut in response. Panting heavily they circled, arms wide in the sudden silence, looking for a chance to gain an advantage. Feinting, they moved forward and jumped back, feet squeaking on the mats. Then Vicky blinked as an errant drop of sweat dripped into her eye and Yuffie flew forward fist smashing across the bigger woman's face.

With an almost animal snarl the Honeygirl countered with a blow that landed with a sickening CRACK, and Yuffie staggered. A second hit and she dropped to a knee, clearly hurt. Grabbing at her hair Vicky hauled back a fist then gave a high pitched screech. Smiling around bruised lips Yuffie ground her fist into the woman's pussy as she slowly sank down onto both knees. Eyes wide and mouth moving silently she could only watch as the kunoichi's fist made the slow circuit to crash against the side of her face. Tumbling over and over she finally stopped rolling on her stomach, body heaving, while the momentum of the blow had Yuffie fall over onto her side, and then back.

Yuffie blinked the sweat out of her eyes, finally coming back to herself after what felt like a nightmare. Shaking her head she caught sight of Victoria's trembling form and felt the rage from earlier return. Oh no...she hadn't suffered enough yet. Yuffie wasn't done beating out her frustrations. Grunting, she rolled onto her stomach and began crawling, just as the Honeygirl twitched.

For fuck's sake. Vicky groaned, twisting her head to glare hatefully at the crawling Wutai girl, who's lips curled into a snarl in response. Stronger than she looked...fine. But how the fuck was that top heavy twig able to take that much punishment. She was sure even the whore would be tottering by now if she had been the one fighting. Well, shoving back up to her knees, Victoria Anguin was always happy to give a beating to a stubborn slag.

Kneeling across form one another fists again flew, digging into breasts, clipping chins and bruising cheeks. No one knew who was the first, but someone called out Yuffie's name, which was then answered from the opposite end by someone calling Vicky's. Both sides now cheered on their respective champion.

"Just stay...DOWN!" Vicky croaked, slamming a hard right that unbalanced the kunoichi, knocking her onto her side. Crawling up the slim girl's body she kept punching and punching. Stomach, chest and face. All were valid targets. She wasn't sure if the screaming was from Yuffie or her own, but the shout was definitely hers as a stunning blow left her frozen. She shouldn't be able to still punch like that, was her only thought before another blow toppled her and now frantically defended against a bellowing Yuffie who banged her head against the mats with one hand and punched with the other.

Desperate to get away from the surprisingly solid fists Vicky grabbed at Yuffie's breasts, crushing and squeezing at the firm, large orbs. The kunoichi shrieked at the pain and, as she was distracted, the Honeygirl pulled, sending the shocked woman sailing over her body.

"I'm going to...fuck you up for that," Yuffie growled, staggering back to her feet. Massaging her breasts she stalked towards the glowering Vicky.

"You have it backwards, you little shit." Victoria snarled, wiping at her lips and spitting. She froze staring at the smear of red on the back of her hand before turning a maddened gaze back to Yuffie. Giving a shriek she threw herself at the girl, slashing nails across her face.

Yuffie recoiled from the burning agony then leapt back in, pulling the woman into a hug. She'd come to the realization that while she was stronger, Vicky was goddamn enduring. Going fist to fist with her could go either way. Of course, this could end up in the same manner, but this way she wouldn't be tempted to use some of Leviathan's power.

"I'm ending this now you flabby assed go-go dancer." Yuffie spat, glaring into the face that mirrored her own fury. "You're gonna be stuffing your costume with paper for the forseable future."

Victoria struggled furiously for a few seconds, hissing audibly before Yuffie's words registered. Throwing her arms around the slim woman she crushed their bodies together. "I'll kill you for that!" She whispered furiously. "I'll have you begging me for mercy when I'm done."

"Your sister's not here to fight for you." Yuffie spitefully retorted, pouring salt on the ever festering wound that was Vicky's inferiority complex towards her sister. She groaned at the angry squeeze from the Honeygirl, shoving her own breasts forward in response. "Without her you can't do shit!"

"I don't need any help to beat you!" Vicky growled, thrusting her boobs out the squash against the smaller woman's. The pressure of the compressed glands was beginning to hurt now, but she was used to pain. Much like her sister, fighting was almost as good as sex. She dug her nails into the Wutai girl's back smiling painfully at the wince. "I'm gonna show you what a real pair of tits feel like."

"Too late for that, Jo's already squashed me several times." Yuffie taunted. She didn't have prominent nails, but she did have strong fingers. And her thumbs now stabbed sadistically into Vicky's lower back causing the taller women to gasp and legs to tremble at the sudden sharp pain. "That's something'd know about isn't it!"

"I'll make you SCREAM!!" Vicky's expression was almost insane with rage, shoving Yuffie back, trying to force the smaller woman to move with her. The girl however proved too strong to control and all she could manage was a shuffling back and forth while they spun slowly, bodies rocking and tilting.

Yuffie didn't bother responding. She merely squeezed her arms and thrust out her boobs, while Vicky crushed and shoved. Breathing ragged they tottered to the side, almost falling before righting themselves, eyes glittering with determination.

"You got this Fie!" Jo heard herself shout as the fighting women staggered past where she stood. "Wreck her shit!"

"Come on Vicky. Smash her flat!" An answering yell from the Honeygirl side. "You've got the better tits!"

If either heard, they gave no indication. Faces full of determination mixed with pain were focused solely on the woman opposite. And the assertion seemed very much in doubt as neither rack gave any indication of giving way. Oh both were giving it there all. When they paused perpendicular to Joslyn she could see the brief release and when they shoved their breasts together and squeezed mightily, the thick meat of their boobs spreading between them.

" said she beat you once, right?" Doreen asked nervously, angling her head so that only those closest could hear. "So...she should win this...right?"

"I've beaten think that means I can take on Elizabeth?" Joslyn muttered back. Her friend's expression fell. Oh she'd take on Liz, if given the chance...and give one hell of a fight, but Jo was no fool. Having witnessed the little monster's fights against her sister, on and off the mats, she held no illusions about taking on THAT woman. If it had remained a catfight or a fistfight she had no doubt her friend would win. But in this kind of contest...she clenched her fist. "YES!"

The reason for her shout was easily apparent. As Yuffie and Vicky squirmed across the mats, the curvy Honeygirl's leg slipped. Whether from tiredness, leg cramp or a slippery patch the end result was the same. Her body fell forward, unbalanced, almost dragging the kunoichi down her until she caught herself. Though she couldn't see it from her angle, a look of fear crossed her face...but Yuffie saw it.

"Scream..." The black haired girl hissed. Holding up the bigger woman up as her legs scrabbled for purchase. She clenched her arms tighter, imagining she heard the creak in the Honeygirl's spine as Vicky's head flew back and a loud, shrill cry burst from her lips. "Scream you fat opportunistic whore!"

"AAAAGGHHHHH!!!" Victoria screamed at the pain in her back and boobs, but the look she shot Yuffie was one of loathing and determination. She had been under her sister's thumb, and subject to her rages, for far longer than anyone else. She could take punishment as both Jo and Scarlet had learned. She wriggled desperately, trying to get her legs back under her even as Yuffie squeezed powerfully, her breasts resting heavily on top of her own. "I'll kill you for this. I swear I'll...AHHHHHHHHHH!!"

"You'!" Yuffie gritted out, piling on the pressure. Her own breasts ached horribly, so she couldn't imagine how Vicky's must be feeling. The sweat made her hold tenuous and increasingly wild struggling of the dancer made it difficult to maintain. Expending more energy than she needed to out of a refusal to let go her legs began to trembled and she slowly sank down opposite with Vicky with almost a sigh of relief. Then groaned as the Honeygirl immediately shoved forward to take advantage of their, once more, even position.

"I can...feel my tits...crushing yours..." Vicky gasped, eyes watering. Rising up on her knees she tried to maneuver her boobs on top of Yuffie's, but the girl thrust her dense rack out, almost toppling the older woman over. "You're...mine now...cxnt."

"Keep...dreaming..." Yuffie panted, following, then overtaking Victoria as the pair rose. Their breasts were squashed almost completely flat by the pressure from the squeezing arms and shoved out chests. "My boobs're...tougher than yours!"

Dropping back onto their knees both screamed as they put everything into one final squeeze. hands grabbing at wrists and pulling. Bodies rocked, bellies pumped together and heads fell back, teeth clenched. But the fight was already decided. It had been for some time. As Yuffie's hands crept up her wrist another bare centimeter, the tense titflesh rippled, Vicky shrieking in horror.

"NO...NOOOOOO!!" She howled, thrusting her tits into Yuffie's in a maddened refusal to accept what she felt. Another squeeze and shove, her boobs penetrated even further by the kunoichi's advancing titflesh.

"Oh flabby fart!" Yuffie snarled, shoving them over. Fighting with frantic energy, Vicky savagely resisted being pinned, those watching confused by what was going on. Had she lost, or was something else happening. Biting at shoulders and protruding breasts, scratching wildly at her opponent's back, the Honeygirl continued resisting ferociously for another three minutes before being slowly forced onto her back. "You ready to quit!"

The spittle struck just above her left eye, which twitched at the affront. Glaring down into hate-filled eyes of the other woman, Yuffie dropped her heavyweights onto Vicky's yielding rack the woman bellowing in clear and obvious pain. Then again. And again, and again. The only thing in her ears was the sound of their tits splashing together. By the seventh bomb she saw Victoria's eyes start to roll back into her head and body spasm from the pain.

Pushing herself off, Yuffie kept her arms up, but instead of trying to resume the fight the Honeygirl simply rolled onto her side, clutching at her chest and sobbing openly. Staggering lightly Yuffie glared down at the woman, part of her hoping that she'd try something, then the almost deafening silence of the room hit her. There was a tension in the air and a pressure coming at her from Vicky's side. Twisting her head to the side she found herself looking into a pair of smoldering dark eyes on a face was just about her level.

"Elizabeth," she cursed under her breath quietly as the other Honeygirls gave the deceptively small woman a wide berth. Yuffie could feel the tension from Jo's side as well. They outnumbered the Honeygirls, but if a general brawl broke out Elizabeth alone would wreak havoc before getting taken down, and who knew how that'd affect Josy's pregnancy. She never averted her eyes as Viola knelt beside Vicky, assessing the woman's ability to continue, then smiled openly and in a friendly manner, raising her arms.

"I submit." She said loudly and clearly as Viola rose next to her. There was silence for a second before noise exploded in the room as everyone started talking at once. The redhead shot her a look at the declaration while glancing down at Vicky. She started to talk, but the gabble of voices drowned out whatever she was going to say.


Immediately there was silence. Coming from such a small frame the loud voice was quite startling. Elizabeth then nodded at Viola to continue.

"Since Yuffie here's submitted...but Vicky is also unable to continue I have no choice but to declare this match a draw." Viola said clearly, to groans and yells. She patted the kunoichi's shoulder, as the two sides shouted at one another, whispering. "You might think you're clever, but I'm not sure it'll work. Being close to Tifa you should know that off the mats, anything goes."

Yuffie nodded, backing off at Elizabeth's approach. Sinking to her sister's side she gently stroked the sobbing woman's head. Coming back upright she snapped her fingers and a couple of girls quickly came to her side, helping Victoria to her feet. "Take my sister home. I have some things to discuss here."

Shooting the kunoichi sympathetic glances the chosen pair quickly got out of the firing line. Yuffie felt her hackles rise at the look Elizabeth shot her, boldly looking her up and down as if trying to decide where to start on. Then she felt Jo at her back and sucked in a deep breath. "I'm sure you've already heard that Tifa's currently unavailable. Give me a couple days to recover and I'll be happy to take you on whenever you want."

Elizabeth laughed.

It was one of genuine amusement and while she felt relieved at the reaction, Yuffie couldn't help but feel insulted at the same time. "Darling, Vicky might not be in your league...but you are most certainly not in mine." Elizabeth chuckled, then glared around ensuring that those moving in close quickly backed away giving the four of them privacy. Then she shot Viola a look, but the redhead merely folded her arms and stared right back unflinchingly.

"Once you're on the mats, you're under my watch, Lizzy." The woman stated, unafraid.

"I heard she provoked you." Elizabeth grunted, looking at Viola out of the corner of her eye. "If you'd toyed with her anymore than you already had then I would've had to step in. But I understand the idea of making a point. So we'll call it even on this one."

"Wait...what do you mean she was toying with Vicky?" Joslyn demanded. "The titfight looked pretty touch and go to me.

"Actually...I felt her rack start to give when she slipped." Yuffie said shyly, around the annoyed stare Liz gave Jo. "She was fighting to try and turn things around, but I could've ended it there...except I wanted her to suffer more."

"I always knew there was a reason I liked you," the mammoth titted woman smiled toothily. "So let's leave it at that. Though, I will not restrain Vicky when she recovers. It took a long time and a lot of beatings before she finally decided challenging me was a bad idea."

"Joy," Yuffie muttered, watching the woman as she swung away. Then she winced as Joslyn touched her face.

"I know Leviathan'll take care of those by morning." Her friend said, fingers tracing a bruise. "But let's head back and give her some help."


Yuffie flinched.

"Sit still, you big baby." Josy teased, rubbing a clear liquid into one of the bites that dotted her torso. "You gave less of a reaction when she bit you."

"Cause I got to sock her for doing it." The kunoichi grunted. "Hurts a lot less when I got knock the bitch hurting me on her ass."

It was said lightly but Jo could feel an edge to words like a knife. She continued applying the salve quietly and, when done, stood up placing it on a shelf and stood before her friend. "Go for it."


"You said it yourself. I hurt you. You're still upset with me. It's a small price to set us right."

"Is she serious?!" Yuffie thought, incredulously.

"She's a warrior." Leviathen responded, and the ninja girl could sense the admiration. "To her this is the only natural way to regain your trust. Did you forget her reaction when Tifa first lost to Scarlet?"

"Course not. WE were right there." Yuffie reminded her. But it did fit. Thinking her sister had betrayed her trust by pushing them away the she provoked Tifa into a brawl aboard the Highwind. Then the kunoichi's eyes narrowed, mind made up, and rose from the bed. She sensed Leviathan's shock at her intention and couldn't help a small smirk at the fact that she could still surprise her state's guardian spirit.

Joslyn tensed as her friend approached her, taking a deep breath. She hadn't lied. She wasn't sorry about what had happened. It gave her a chance to satisfy a curiosity, and who better than someone who understood what she needed and also wasn't from the Saucer where uncomfortable questions might arise. And yet...given the chance...she'd do it all differently, if it meant she didn't have to endure those months when she and Yuffie could barely talk. She waited for the expected blow, but instead she felt hands on her face and a brush across her lips.

"Yuffie!" Eyes shot open to catch the red faced kunoichi giving a sheepish grin before she kissed her again. Jo smiled in response and kissed her back. Then they embraced, lips locked, moaning. For Yuffie this was her first kiss and she was unprepared for the surge of feelings that rushed through her from such a simple act. She could taste Josy, and the more she did, the more she wanted.

With Rosa it had been a maddened frenzy of emotion and lust. Until they'd initially exhausted themselves Jo had been operating on auto-pilot. This was more in line with what she felt with Cloud. Wanting to take her time, make it last for as long as she could. Kissing Yuffie she wanted to savor, to prolong the taste. Slowly they sank to the floor, lips pulling away to kiss or lick necks, ears and cheeks. Murmuring in pleasant delight the younger Lockhart felt her hips begin to slowly jerk as they just lay there together, nibbling at ears and necks. Her hands reached for Yuffie's panties when a firm hand grasped her wrists.


"" Jo's head rose as Yuffie gently, but firmly pushed her away. Was this the next part of the punishment? As if sensing the thoughts her friend kissed her again, dropping her head to her breasts, sucking at the orbs through the thin material of her shirt.

"Not yet Josy. Not yet," the kunoichi whispered. "I've made up my mind. There's someone I want to be my first. Maybe he'll reject me, but I want to at least try before anything else."

Joslyn groaned. Making back up with Yuffie, watching the fight and what they just did. She wished Cloud was around, even at the risk of getting Tifa annoyed. "If he turns you away, guy doesn't know a good thing when he has it." She nonetheless said gallantly, snuggling the smaller woman, fingers caressing the bruises that were slowly fading.

"Problem is though...he already has someone...two someones actually." Yuffie said, her voice muffled. "And they're quite possessive. They even occasionally have issues between themselves over him."

"Yuffie..." Joslyn began to get nervous now. Granted Yuffie preferred to visit Gold Saucer instead of Jo coming to Wutai, she felt like she had a grasp of the number of men in her friend's life. And unless it was someone she'd kept completely secret... "Who's this guy you're talking about?"

Yuffie turned to face her completely her black eyes staring competitively into Joslyn's grey. "You know who he is!" She replied, and the busty brunette's expression turned incredulous.


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