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Cristina really did it, I'm impressed! °O°
Producer Announcements / Bondage Wrestling: VeVe vs Little Rampage
« Last post by vevelane on Today at 08:52:59 PM »
An unexpected bondage match against visitor Little Rampage!

VeVe Lane vs Little Rampage
Female Bondage Wrestling

Little Rampage was signed up to dominate in a squash match, only to find at the last minute that her opponent was delayed and would miss the shoot. But adventurous and totally undaunted, Rampage had no problem jumping into a bondage match with VeVe instead! In fact, she even throws out a challenge -- she wants to see if VeVe's bondage reputation is really all she's heard it is. Uh-oh!

The ladies spring into action, and Rampage's boisterous, cheery, and powerful style make her a delightful opponent for VeVe. The match begins with a spirited struggle -- but there's that challenge... It's not long before VeVe's gained the upper hand, and she gets down to business binding Rampage into an especially snug, secure, and artistic hogtie.

And now, although she's been soundly defeated, Rampage endures her bondage punishment like a real champion. She bears the tight bind, head scissors, foot tickling, a mouth-stuffing panty gag, and a neck-stretching ponytail hogtie with admirable endurance not to mention flexibility!
VeVe allows her a final minute to struggle, but escape is out of the question, and so the Rope Queen returns to celebrate with a victory pose over her latest captive.

Total video running time: 23 minutes

Preview images:

Available via clips4sale:
720 version:
1080 version:

Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Genesis_booty vs Sarah
« Last post by Genesis_Booty on Today at 08:39:24 PM »
Trying to make you fall when I suddenly feel your hand on the side of my thight. This is not sensulal at all, I think to myself feeling your fingers curl up and dig into my skin and deep down into the muscle tissue of my toned legs! "You nasty ... pale..." snarl in your face feeling the grip over my leg only tigtens and then I notice your other arm moving up towards me. "Get off and lay down where I want you!" both arms grabbing yours when it's still away from my neck and we begin to struggle, grinding more and more, tummy to tummy, hips on hips and chest to chest! Look down in between our bodies to check how my girls are doing against yours when you suddenly shift your body, causing both of us fall down over the bed on our booties! However we still remain tangled with legs crossed, and our bodies touching all over. MMMhhhmmm... gasp since it feels really well now when my pussy presses into yours! But it won't last forever, since I have ambitions regarding your sexy body! "Told you, you are my toy! I will subdue you!" hoo quietly, almost whispering while grabbing your hair with one hand and shoving my forearm against your upper chest! My whole body leans into you to force you down where I can do a split in between your legs to show off my booty for spectators and press my pussy into yours using as much of my weight as possible! "You want to go pussy to pussy? Really?"
Producer Announcements / Sexy Fight Dreams --> Was that wrestling or sex?
« Last post by SFD on Today at 07:05:12 PM »
Hi all!

You can go straight to the preview and more photos:

Picture this: Lara and Andrea, their bikini clad bodies pressed into each other, heavy breathing, lips barely touching each other, breast on breast, crotch to crotch.
They both seem to be close to lose control, and turn the wrestling into something even more intimate…

Take a look:

SFD Team
Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Genesis_booty vs Sarah
« Last post by falcon17 on Today at 06:39:36 PM »
Voted for Sarah she's hot
I remember you and your stories. This one was probably the best. I still like it, even if I prefer the original (no death).
I hope you'll keep on writing.
When I was in high school, I gave  several beatings  half a dozen of those snobby and fake hoes who wear mini skirts, tight leggings and underwear thongs.
I am a tomboy and so what? When I was in high school and I was annoyed by  snobby girly girls at school or in my neighborhood, I just made a mess of  their faces and gave them a good beating and they stopped bothering me.
When I was in high school, there  were  some snobby girls who liked to show off with their sexy thongs in the locker room ( They were very sexy but so vain), most of them made fun of my underwear that was very conservative ( boxer panties )so I beat up about 4 of those daring girls in my high school time ( Some of them were kind of faked and like to laugh, talk shit about me) then the other girls became more careful to no to annoy me afraid that I kick their sexy asses.
my first fights happened when I was 11 years old (although I had already had fights against my older brothers and male cousins), I wore clothes as a boy then a girl older than me about 13 years old a typical hoe (who wore mini shorts and mini skirts ) I started to see me in an ugly and weird way, together with her friends, who were as sluts as she was, one day I waited for her in the bathroom, I took her by surprise, I pulled her by her hair and threw her against the wall, I quickly gave her  like three quick solid blows in the stomach of that sexy and irrespectful hoe, the poor bitch fell to the ground without air and barely cried, then I gave her a big slap in her face and the poor girl was on the floor crying, I did not want to get any blood out of her for a badly given punched so then ended up suspended for it. Then I took reprisals against her other scoffers and friendly sluts, one of them, during a sports practice, I took her in the lobby of the locker room, and I gave her a strong blow in her flat belly that left her crying on the floor, the next day, it was the turn of the third bitch friend, at the school exit, also took her by surprise and I also gave a couple of quick and strong blows on her soft belly, she also cried and without air lying on the floor, suddenly I did not realize, a friend hoe of this painful girl on the floor attacked me from behind pulling my hair, I turned quickly and gave a strong direct blow to her mouth, which sent her almost knocked to the ground and with all the broken lips and a lot of blood, the silly slut was also lying on the floor, but for that quick beatdown, I was suspended for three days. The rest of the year nobody try to bother me.
When I was twelve years old in a soccer game I pushed a girl from the opposing team to the ground, a teammate from her own team came to claim me saying rude words at me, I lost control and I gave a hard and direct blow to the face of that bitch that left her almost knocked out on the ground, the other bitch, the one that I had previously pushed, arrived to help her friend knocked out,with the intention to attack me,  and  I didn´t wait and I also gave her a good blow on her face that also sent her almost knocked to the floor, they kicked me out of the game and they suspended two other games.
In another soccer game, the referee expelled me for committing many abuses against the opposing team players, when I left the soccer field, a silly girl from the other team, came to me making fun of my expulsion, I got mad like crazy and I pulled her hair to the ground, she felt sitting on the grass and  I came and I gave her a good blow on her face that left her knocked on the floor, I was suspended for another game because of unnecessary violence
I was a hard and strong player of soccer in middle school and highschool, but finally in one highschool I was expelled because I was a brawler and a bully  I was in a couple of fights against other female player from opponent soccer teams. When I was 12 years old, three blond soccer girls from a private school challenged me to fight in a park near the soccer field of our neighborhood because they said I was dirty and rude  playing soccer, the tallest of the blonde girls pulled me out my hair, but I dropped a rain of punches to her cute face that left her with dark bruises and blood, she cried and surrendered, I just pushed her away, the other girl seeing that her friend came out with her ass kicked  big time, fled from the fight, but I managed to catch her, throw her on the ground and I gave her a couple of good blows on her face that left her crying and bleeding from her nose, the third  girl was so scared for what happened to her two friends, suddenly she got down on her knees crying asking for forgiveness and clemency I gave her a solid slap and she started crying and let her go with the other two beaten female players.
When I was 13 years old there were two classmates who were super sexy hoes but super bad and snobby bitches (July and Paola); these two hoes what they liked to do the most  was to steal the boyfriends of other girls from the school just for annoyance, and they never lasted  two months with the boys these sluts stole; in reality those hoes were real players with the boys feelings: My friend Rosa and I saw July and Poala in the bathroom  while they dressed in mini shorts or mini skirts watching themselves in the mirror speaking of their misdeeds with the boys they took away. One day Rosa told me that one of those hoes had her older brother as a boyfriend and that the poor guy suffered a lot because one of those sluts ( July) had done a blowjob and now she did not want to see him anymore; Rosa and I decided that after school  We would go to look for those bitches and to give a good beating both sluts. When the two hoes left the school, Rosa and I were waiting for them at the bus stop, Rosa and I wore baggy sport pants and the hoes were wearing one mini skirts and the other leggies, Rosa took  July, the one who had done a blowjob to her brother and latter broke his heart; Rosa threw her to the ground and made a schoolgirlpin on her and then gave her three good blows on July's face leaving her with some bruises and her mouth bleeding, while I took Paola's hair, I threw her on the floor and sat on her stomach. gave her a couple of good blows on her cheeks, she was crying with two bruises on her face. After that beating neither July nor Paola had boyfriends in school again, the bad thing was that Rosa´s brother was very angry at us because we beat the shit out of her ex girlfriend July and her slutty friend Paola.
when I was 14, two sexy cheerleaders (one year older than me) from my neighborhood, who never spoke to me, suddenly they became my friends. One day both sexy girls invited me to play the house of one of them who had a pool, these cheerleaders were from families with much more money than my relatives, then made fun of my bathing suit, which was a long shorts jeans and a Red T-shirt; of course these two cheerleaders wore mini bikinis that looked like thongs, they made me challenge in the pool, but the challenge was a trap and a joke, because one of the sexy girls would be filming me while I made the challenge, when I made the challenge I slip and fall completely backwards giving me a strong blow on the back on the edge of the pool, both girls who were filming me and exploded with laughter and did not help me in my misfortune, I discovered in that moment lying on the floor, that the curb of the pool was smoother than it should be, then realize that it was a trap and joke, I became so furious with those girls, that I immediately jumped up and I went against them giving them the worst beating of their lives, so they lay there on the patio floor, sobbing, with black eyes, bloody noses and mouths. I left that house and never spoke to them again, although those girls avoided me because they were afraid that I would kick their sexy butts again. The bad thing is that my grandmother had to pay some medical expenses of these teasing girls because her parents went to complain to my poor grandmother that I had beaten their daughters with excessive fury. My grandmother paid the medical bills of both girls but my old lady congratulated me for not letting me bother about those malicious girls
in my time as a teenager  ( around 16 yrs old) I got mad at the beauty queens of my city. Because my poor cousin who was a dwarf worked in the utility area of the company that made the beauty contest, and there was one beautiful and sexy girl who was candidate for the beauty contest that year, but  this girl was very bad and she mocked my cousin when she saw his work loading things. While this  girl dressed in her mini bikinis and wore her sculptural body, my poor cousin had to go from side to side carrying things of utility. My cousin told me about the abuse of mockery of this hoe candidate for beauty. I waited for the beauty contest to pass, when the contest ended, I went to look for this beautiful but mocking hoe candidate, and I told her sexy contestant, today you are going to pay a good lesson for making fun of my cousin dwarf who works for utilities in this beauty contest, the sexy girl was silent of the fear, I started to punch hard solid blows to this sexy girl giving the beating of her live the so called beauty, ended up on the floor sobbing, with her face with bruises, her mouths full of blood and her nostrils also bleeding. Then hoe girl put criminal charges against me, anyway I had to spend 3 months in the  juvenile jail, but at least I gave her a good lesson to that mocking and smug girl.
I am a butch ( tomboy ) or dyke girl, I had a relationship with a super sexy girly girl very very femme, during 8 months when I was 22yrs old; she wore very sexy clothes, mini skirts, mini shorts and leggies; she has a very thin but athletic and Hot body, she looks super good in her thongs and min bikinis (she only has thongs as underwear and sleeps dressed in a mini t shirt). After half a year I realized that she was only interested in having a good time ( getting her pussy and butt strapon ) and getting some of my money. One day I found her in bed with another  girly girl, making out, I was so angry I threw against the two of them, and gave them a tremendous beating, let the two girls crying and lying on the floor with their faces bruised and blood, and I then kicked them out of my house. A butch girl has to be careful that girly girl or femme choose as a couple
yea i got scratch in differtent catfights, I was like in 8 brwls, maybe half of them, i got scratch and slaps. For example, in my last brawl, I was 21 years old, I was in juniour  college, my girlfriends , Kisha, Rosa and I were on vacation in South Padre Island for spring break, one day, very late at  night 5 drunk racist skinny white girls started to bother my black friend Kisha calling her names like Monkey, Niggra..., the three of us, We got angry with those disrepecful white racist girls and decided to kick their white asses, I took one of those white girls from the hair and threw her to the ground, on the floor I gave her  three solid blows to her pale face and knocked her out, while one of the other white bitches attacked me from behind and she scratched my arms and neck and started to slapping me, I turned around and took her by her arm and threw her to the floor and gave her four hard blows in her face and left her very well KO; my girlfriend Kisha kicked  the other 2 white girls and my girlfriend Rosa gave a solid beating to only one of the white girls who was left from the group of 5 annoying and racist bitches, Rosa punched that bitch like 5 times on her skinny face.  I can assure you that those 5 skinny white girls all were left with their noses broken, the five girls were left with their noses and mouths bleeding, the brawl, I do not think it lasted too long maybe 6 or 7minutes, the beatdown was super fast, after the fight we  fled from that place and we even changed hotels early in the morning, evenmore  we were locked up all day in our room, finally we left the following night South Padre Island to avoid problems with the police
I had 3 very amateur boxing matches when I was 23. my first match resulted with few bruises on one of my cheeks, lasted the 3 rounds and it was a very close fight (it was a draw) and other 3 matches were very easy, ended in the first or second round with my opponents were knocked out.

Somebody has got to take this chick, Gabby, DOWN!!!   Grrrrrrrrr

I completely agree!!!!!!! I'm sick of her winning these things!
Catfight Web Sites & Sources / Re: Asian Connections / Tina Antman
« Last post by DJP60 on Today at 04:07:37 PM »
any links available? tyia
General Discussion about Catfights / Re: Deviantart stories?
« Last post by tupelo36 on Today at 03:51:47 PM »
Unfortunately I didn’t save any of them. But they are about a pro wrestler and single mom who starts her own wrestling company. There are stories about her in ring pro matches and then she has conflicts and catfights outside of the ring as well. The stories are right in my sweet spot of what i like and i wish i had saved them some way. If someone contacts me and i find them somehow i will let you know.
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