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Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Rookie vs Rookie
« Last post by Ameliabor on Today at 01:11:55 PM »
It seems it will be an interesting and hot fight here! Can't wait to see more !
Hi guys

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In the end, the loser, acknowledging the superiority of her opponent, offered herself to the victor, who celebrated her well-deserved win with triumphant victory poses.
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Message Board Fights / Re: Alpha vs Alpha
« Last post by Silke on Today at 12:44:41 PM »
I'm focused on warming up and the upcoming fight when I suddenly hear a noise behind me.
I turn around and see that Deb has arrived and is already taking off her top and shorts.
What is revealed underneath is a little impressive.
She's an athletic, trained woman and I realize that this is going to be a really tough Alpha vs Alpha fight.
Don't let on that I'm impressed because I intend to win this fight and fuck Deb.

I slowly walk up to you, hold out my hand and say
"Hi Deb.
I'm pleased to meet you.
Here's to a tough fight, may the better one win!"

Try to cover up my nervousness, keep breathing calmly and appear relaxed
I give you my enchanting smile and take another closer look at your body.
You look damn sexy in your bikini.
But that won't matter until the decision is made.
I want to beat you in this dirty catfight.
Members Catfight Polls! / Re: Rookie vs Rookie
« Last post by Danny Hard on Today at 11:06:55 AM »
We land hard on the floor of the cage, you grab my hair, wrap your legs around me and try to turn us around.
I loosen my grip around you, grab your right tit, dig my fingers in and try to stop your efforts. With my right fist I start punching towards your head, hoping to land a few effective blows to your face.
Catfight Art / Re: AI Images - Women's Wrestling
« Last post by sehnaaz9988 on Today at 09:20:16 AM »
Faceoff situation before COMBAT

Awesome, which tool did you use
Message Board Fights / Re: Alpha vs Alpha
« Last post by Catdeb on Today at 09:04:36 AM »
This German fighter Silke and I have been back and forth for the couple of weeks to see who’s the best between us.
The problem was we had a difference of opinion but it could only be settled one way by us having a fight to see who was  dominant with the winner fucks the loser.
I agreed and was giving the address where to meet.
The day has arrived and I arrive at the destination.
I walk in and see a room covered in mats and I see silke is already there warming up.
I take off my shorts and top revealing my sexy green panties and red bra.
I enter the mat room 5’7” 145lbs toned and muscular.
Office Catfight - Frankie Babe vs Charlie Monaco

Lesdom Female Wrestling Clothes Destruction Catfight
  Although some producers sell directly from custom made sites, one of the most reliable sources to purchase to my knowledge has become clips for sale.  Prior to clips for sale, it was standard to use a forum like this, see what producers are out there, then go and purchase from their sites.  Its how I would have been exposed to Cal Wild, Napali, CatfightHaven, DWW  and different sites like that.  Eventually these sites started becoming outdated or defunct and clips for sale started becoming a main source to purchase.  We had our own category but then it got lumped into a generalized "female fighting" category and thats where one of my first thoughts about not having a voice as consumers kick in.  We are our own fetish, catfighting/sexfighting is its own category.  Going through clips for sale, the female fighting category is filled with all types of vidoes that are not catfights.  I often think to myself, who are they producing these fights for? Are they making money?  Catfight fetish seems niche, but surely some of these non catfights are even less popular?

  Not sure if anyone here games, but wish clipsforsale could operate more like steam, where we can leave reviews and ratings on videos, or even warn off potential buyers of shady sellers.   It would be nice as consumers if we had some power, a voice basically. Thats one reason why I like steam so much for games.  You can get a feel for what you are buying, and if you're satisfied you can leave praises.  I also feel under the current regime of producers can be really vague with previews. 75% on purpose, 25% of the time due to lack of time or technical know how.  I made those numbers up but thats what it feels like.   I end up with Dud videos often, because I liked the way the girls look, but then the video ends up being crappy.  Wish I could warn my fellow fans like " hey this video is misleading and has 5 second of breast grab". Stuff like that.

 My next issue I wish we had more say on was cost of videos, especially with the rising cost of everything going on.  I feel like as fans an consumers we have no say in whats charged, which is crazy because we're the ones paying, or in a lot of cases not paying, due to cost.  Currently as of 2024 its seems to be standard for producers charge 1$ per minute of video, regardless of how much fight it has.  Props to Suitefight who seems to charge for time fought, and discounts fights that are duds.  Most producers don't do that though.   
  Now I understand it being a fetish and porn, it doesn't pull in the same money other stuff might, but the production cost and models are much cheaper than making an actual movie or tv show, not only that a video can sell for decades.  So I get it we are charged a 1$ per minute for new videos and lately some are charging even more than that.  Not even going to get into the insane prices GirlFight-Club charges, like no I'm not paying 100$ to watch 2 fat ugly pregnant girls fight. Insane.  Ok so I briefly dipped, but things need to be said.
  SO we are charged top dollar for new vids, but why are these older companies with videos 10-30 years old also trying to charge those prices?  Like do they not want to make money? Do they purposely make fans pick and choose instead of just being able to buy a whole collection at an affordable price?  Sometimes I feel like the producers are the catfight fetishes own worst enemy, because they make purchasing videos and clips unaffordable. 
  So I doubt I'll stop being a collector and buyer of fights, but I really just needed to rant because at times I just feel milked as a consumer and I feel the greed of some producers keeps what we all love in obscurity.  And if we had more ways to say what we like and don't like then we could overall get better content and a larger community and fans of catfighting.   Sorry for the long post, been gone awhile so had words to get out.
Poll Challenges! / Re: Open Challenge
« Last post by Slowakei222 on Today at 08:07:16 AM »
All 3 in one match I would totally dominate you

I Hope i can win against your
Threat or promise?
General Discussion about Catfights / Re: catfight stare downs/ comparisons
« Last post by Matt on Today at 08:02:16 AM »
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