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Back to basic - part 2, Saturday (the first half)

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Back to basic - part 2, Saturday (the first half)
« on: December 28, 2021, 08:20:36 AM »
After the pleasantries of the previous evening today would be an altogether more serious affair, at least the afternoon would be. We were here to fight and that’s exactly what we’d be doing. Sian had billed the contest as “north vs. south” with NBFC hard women Sian, Jane, Evie and Mandy taking on us soft southerners, Jan, Tee, Lesley and myself. I think we were all looking forward to it with a mix of anticipation and trepidation. Now read on…

The next morning, with Shannon and Jill busy setting up in the barn and Sian helping Jan with the catering, it fell to Tee to give me a guided tour of the farm and its surroundings. Along the way she explained how, as a young woman some thirty years ago, she had wandered in off the moor one winter’s afternoon and ended up staying almost four years, delivering baby Shannon and joining the NBFC in the process. She also told me about her travels before arriving at the farm. How she’d got into fighting while living in Austria and how one of her regular opponents there had been the very girl I’d beaten when I joined CLAWS a year earlier and who had also been my most recent opponent, Lesley. She also told me how, after leaving Sian’s, she had continued to fight to earn money to fund her college course, only stopping when she graduated, got a job and had a child of her own. The conversation inevitably turned to the fights we would be having that afternoon. Tee said to me: “I understand we are both having grudge matches today.”

“I’m not sure mine is really a grudge match,” I replied, “more of a bucket list item. Jane took the CLAWS title off me years ago. I’ve never had a chance to fight her again and get my revenge. I’ve wanted to do this for 30 years and now we’ve managed to arrange it, albeit under rather different circumstances to the way we met the first time.”

“So, what happened in that first fight with Jane?” asked Tee, “How come you lost?”

“Well, it was embarrassing really. Back then we fought naked at CLAWS as well and there was a lot of sexual activity went on in fights. I was proudly straight in those days and thought I was above being stimulated by anyone but somehow Jane managed to get me to a point where I came in the ring and was counted out. She won by a sexual knockout.”

“Just be aware she hasn’t lost ability to stimulate an opponent in the ring." Tee warned me. She went on: "She was my first opponent here, probably not long after she’d beaten you at CLAWS. Our fight on that occasion was a fairly straight affair and I beat her narrowly by three falls to two. But I fought her more recently and I’ve felt the power of her fingers. She knows how to give a lady pleasure and she beat me pretty easily last time out. The girls at the NBFC call her G-spot Jane, I guess you can understand why and I bet you’re a bit more sensitive to that sort of thing then you were 30 years ago

“Yes, that is a bit of a worry to me. Back then I was definitely pretty straight. I never reacted to being fingered by the likes of Sian, Leah and Christine but Jane was somehow different. These days I’ll admit I’m a little more susceptible to woman’s charms. Anyway, you mention grudge matches. You’re fighting Mandy today. What’s the story behind that?”

“Well, we fought each other a few times when we were in our mid-twenties. They were pretty good-natured encounters and the honours are about even. We weren’t exactly friends, I only ever saw her at NBFC meetings but we got on pretty well, despite her being one of Sian’s exes. Our ‘dispute’ is more recent, it goes back to that night when you fought Mitzi up here. Mandy had recently turned 50, I hadn’t seen her in years and I didn’t know that she’d turned into a fat, miserable bitch. As we said last night, I’d been in a fucking contest with Jill and, at the end, I was completely out of it. I’d cum about ten times and I was lying on the mat outside the ring completely exhausted. Mandy came over to me, stuck her fingers in my pussy, gave me a good fingering and then dragged her nails across the inside of my cxnt. I was in agony and she kicked me in the pussy and left me there, screaming, while she climbed into the ring to fight Jen.

A couple of the girls helped me into the changing area and I took a few minutes to recover before walking back in to watch the fights. When I came back in Mandy had just knocked Jen out and was showboating around the ring. I was livid with her so I just jumped into the ring, smacked her with a hard right hook and knocked out cold. Since then, she’s been determined to give me another good beating. I’ve been putting it off but I guess now is as good a time as any. How about you? I understand you want to take Mandy on as well?”

“Yes, I hope to face her in a couple of months’ time. It’s the same story as Jane, but without the orgasm. Mandy took the title off me and then left the club before I had a chance to get even. When Sian told me they were both still fighting and asked if I wanted rematches with them, I thought maybe I could finally get my revenge.  I waited until I’d retired from the tournaments before contacting Sian and asking her to set something up. To be honest I thought this weekend would just be me against Jane, it was only when Jan called me and offered me a lift that I found out Sian was planning an event.  I’m impressed that you’ve decided to take these girls on while you’re still fighting in the tournament.”

“Yeah,” Tee chuckled, “sometimes I think I’m a little crazy like that. I love to fight. I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it over the years when I wasn’t fighting. Now I think I’m just making up for lost time. But you’re right, I should be focusing on the tournament and retaining my title instead of coming up here and taking on some fat old blonde bitch.”

We were drifting back towards the farmhouse and the conversation started to die. We wished each other good luck in our matches and then went to re-join the others.

Around midday a silver Mercedes SLK made its way up to the farm and out stepped the willowy Irish redhead who had come so close to beating me at Marshall’s a few weeks previously. She greeted Tee like a long-lost friend which, of course, she was, and hugged everyone else, including me.  Shannon led her into the farm house and up to her room. Watching her go I was still a bit miffed that she had her own room while I was sharing with a couple of middle-aged lesbians.

I was alone outside when the next vehicle arrived, a large 4x4 SUV with three women in it. I recognised the driver immediately. She was older than when I last saw her (aren’t we all?) and her hair was now dyed platinum blonde, but there was no mistaking the aquiline features and elegant poise of Jane Forester. She reminded me a bit of Emmylou Harris. Sat next to her was another very attractive looking platinum blonde, somewhat fatter in the face than Jane, with a pageboy haircut and in the back seat was a younger woman with long dark hair tied back in a ponytail. The three women stepped out of the car and walked towards me, Jane leading the way.

“Hello Jane.” I said, extending my hand in greeting. To my surprise she ignored my outstretch hand and gave me a warm hug instead.

“Hello Ellen, how lovely to see you again after so long.” With that, Jane made the introductions.

“Ellen, this is Evie.”

The other platinum blonde extended her hand “Evelyn Walker, please to meet you.” I shook it “Ellen Shaw, likewise.”

“And this is my daughter, Jasmine.” Jane continued, indicating the younger woman who had just emerged from the back seat. I smiled at the pretty brunette before turning back to Jane in mild surprise.

“But I always assumed…”

“That I was gay?” Said Jane, completing my sentence for me before continuing: “No, not at all, I’m happily married, or at least I was – Barry died two years ago, with two lovely children. Jaz here is 27 and her brother Harry is 26.”

While we were stood chatting another sports car was making its way up the farm track. This one was rather less impressive than Lesley’s Merc, it was an aging gold Mazda MX-5 and at the wheel was a rather plump looking blonde – Mandy.

Hearing voices and the sound of cars pulling up, Sian and Shannon appeared to greet their guests. Shannon suggested I go to my room to get ‘changed’ for the fights. I headed back up to the room to find Jan and Jill already undressing. Three while towelling robes had been laid out on the bed. I quickly stripped off and we all put on a robe and headed down to the kitchen where Tee and Lesley were already waiting for us, dressed in similar robes and nothing else.

Shannon joined us a few minutes later and led the way to the barn. As we entered the barn I was reminded of my last visit. The space was divided up using hay bales so you entered a sort of ante-room, where you could take off your robe, before entering the main area. Tee later told me that this mirrored the old NBFC setup in the city where there had been a separate room to undress in – the rule was no one entered the ring room with clothes on. There were already five robes there and, when we’d all slipped off our robes and walked into the main area, we were confronted by five naked women – Sian, Jane, Jasmine, Mandy and Evie.

Blinds were drawn on the two huge, floor to ceiling windows on either side of the barn and hay bales stacked six high against them to protect us from prying eyes. (Although if anyone was interested, they could have walked straight in – the door wasn’t locked.) The ring was set up in the centre but, for space reasons, slightly offset toward the south window. On the side we entered from, the west side, a table was set up with Jill’s video equipment on it and a simple bell and stop clock. Seating, both by the table and on the north and east sides of the ring, was just a line of hay bales set about six feet back from the ring itself. The ring was smaller than the CLAWS one, probably 15 feet by 15, and stood about 2 feet above the floor. It was surrounded on all sides by crash mats.

With everyone assembled, Sian bid us all to take a seat on the hay bales. Then she climbed into the ring, stood in the centre and announced the afternoon programme.

“Ladies, welcome to our little soiree. Please make yourselves comfortable. We will have five fights this afternoon. All matches will be the best of five submissions or a 10-count knockout with no time limit. Evie will fight Jan, Ellen will fight Jane, I will fight Lesley and Terri will fight Mandy. Shannon will be our referee. But, before that, Shannon will fight Jasmine. Ellen, will you do us the honour of refereeing our first match?”

I was surprised to be asked but graciously accepted. In hindsight I was the logical choice. I had refereeing experience and no affiliations to either girl beyond knowing their mothers. I climbed into the ring and was quickly joined by the two young brunettes. Both girls wore their long, straight hair loose, cascading down to their breasts, and both sported a thick triangle of dark pubic hair. Both had inherited their mothers’ figures. Jasmine slightly taller, around 5’8”, pale and slim but with large, full breasts – probably 34D. Shannon, shorter and plumper, but far from fat, and tanned from her outdoor lifestyle, probably 5’5” and 36C. Both girls probably weighed around 135-140lbs. They were definitely well matched and promised an exciting show.

We met in the centre of the ring and I reminded the girls of the rules. It seemed unnecessary, they’d both been fighting at the NBFC for years and had probably notched up around seventy or eighty fights between them including, so Jasmine told me later, at least three previous encounters with each other. They knew the rules better than I did.

Briefing over they returned to their corners and, when Evie rang the bell, charged out to lock up in the centre of the ring.  I was amazed at both girls’ speed and agility. They may have been a lot younger than the rest of us but neither were in their first flush of youth. Both had been fighting since they were 18 and both had already spent more time with the NBFC than I had spent at CLAWS in my league years.

Watching them in action I was reminded of a match I’d seen at CLAWS more than 10 years ago when youngsters Chloe and Francesca fought for the third time. The fight ended badly for both girls when Francesca misjudged a jump over a rising Chloe and received a headbutt to the pussy. Neither girl managed to beat the count. I hoped a similar fate wasn’t going to befall these two amazons.

Shannon took an early lead when she locked Jasmine in a Boston crab after about two minutes but the taller girl came back quickly in the second fall. At the sound of the bell they advanced on each other and locked up in a trial of strength. Jasmine used her height advantage to force Shannon to the mat before wrestling her into a grapevine. After a brief struggle Shannon accepted that she was trapped and tapped out to bring the scores level.

The fast, athletic pace continued through the third fall with both girls showing off their power moves. The fall ended after about two minutes when Shannon effectively did a cartwheel, unleashing two snap kicks at the taller woman. The first caught Jasmine in the belly and, as she doubled up, the second caught the side of her head, knocking her face down on the mat. Shannon quickly applied a figure four leg lock to the prone girl before sitting down and using her legs to role Jasmine onto her back into a pretzel hold. As the pain coursed through her calves, Jasmine screamed submission and Shannon moved into the lead.

The fourth fall started more cautiously with both girls circling for a good minute, looking for an opening, before locking up, elbow and shoulder style. Another minute of worrying each other resulted in stalemate and, eventually, they separated again. Jasmine offered her hands in a trial of strength and, despite her earlier defeat, Shannon accepted. Once again Jasmine used her height advantage to press down on the shorter girl but, this time she twisted behind her and trapped her in a scarf hold. Pulling tightly back and placing her left foot in the small of Shannon’s back, Jasmine forced her to her knees before sitting down behind her and deftly switching the scarf hold for a full nelson and body scissors combination. Rocking backwards Jasmine hoisted Shannon into the air and Shannon cried out her submission, levelling the scores again.

With all to play for in the final fall neither girl was willing to give an inch. The action was fast and furious with the girls taking the action to the mat several times only to get back to their feet to trade throws and slams. They may both have been young and fit but they couldn’t keep this pace up indefinitely. Something had to give and, after about seven minutes of relentless struggle, it finally did.  The end came when Shannon got behind Jasmine and ran her into the ropes. Holding the taller girl’s waist Shannon sat down, pulling Jasmine with her and rolling back, taking Jasmine over her head and landing astride her. Jasmine was folded up, her legs under Shannon’s and her arse on full display, with Shannon’s bum in her face. Jasmine was trapped, she slapped futilely at Shannon’s buttocks while Shannon did the same to hers before pushing her thumb firmly into the younger woman's rosebud. Jasmine squealed and, realising there was no escape and her sex was likely to be Shannon's next target, slapped the mat to signal her submission.

I waved my hands to indicate the submission and the bell sounded. Shannon rocked forward onto her front releasing Jasmine who uncurled and they lay for a moment, pussy to pussy, legs either side of their opponent’s body.  After thirty seconds or so Shannon pushed herself to all fours and shuffled forward and stood up leaving Jasmine on her back, right arm over her face, where she remained for another few seconds before rolling over onto her hands and knees and getting to her feet. They had been fighting for the best part of twenty minutes and both need a while to recover. After another minute I brought them together in the centre of the ring and, raising Shannon’s hand, I announced “Ladies, your winner by three falls to two – Shannon!”

The ladies applauded politely.

“And your gallant loser – Jasmine!”

Again, polite applause. Jasmine slipped out of the ring and was met by her mother, who gave her a big, reassuring hug while Shannon remained in the ring, sitting on the middle turnbuckle in her corner, hands on her knees, catching her breath. Jasmine made her way round the ring and took up her position as timekeeper, relieving Evie. Referee duty done I joined Sian on the hay bales while Jan and Evie made their way to the ring where Shannon was now rubbing herself down with a towel. After the furious pace of her fight, Shannon needed a few moments more to recover and the two older women stood patiently in their corners until she walked to the centre of the ring and announced:

“Ladies, our next match is between two old friends and rivals – Evie and Jan!”

Of all the women fighting here today, Jan and Evie had the longest history together. They first met in Spain back in the 1980s. Jan, the queen of La Cantina, had been pregnant with her daughter, Paige, when Evie first arrived on the scene and established herself as the new girl to beat. The following year Jan was back fighting and the pair got to meet for the first time. During that summer they had several matches with each other. After Jan’s husband was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident, the two became firm friends. Back in England a few years later, Evie formed the NBFC with Sian and a few years later she invited Jan to join them. Over the years Evie and Jan fought many times and knew each other’s styles inside out.

As the limbered up I was reminded of the video Jan had shown me a few years earlier of her fighting Evie at the NBFC back in the early 90s. Looking at the two women in the ring I could see that, while Jan’s had swapped her long hair for a pageboy bob and she looked considerably older, Evie looked almost the same as she had 25 years earlier. She was without doubt the most attractive of the older women fighting this afternoon.

Compared to the previous match, the fight between Jan and Evie was a more sedate and measured a fair, at least to begin with. There was much giggling, light-hearted slapping, grabbing of boobs and other parts of the body and a fair amount of tickling. The pair were obviously happy to be reacquainting themselves with each other’s bodies and I wondered for a moment whether Evie was quite as straight as I’d been led to believe.

Things got slightly more aggressive as they progressed and it was Evie who took the first fall with a well-executed STF. Jan fought back determinedly, first equalising a camel clutch and then taking the lead with a Boston crab before, after about 15 minutes of action, she started to fade. Evie took command and scored the equaliser with a grapevine.  The fifth fall quickly degenerated into a sex fight as Evie dominated the smaller brunette, eventually straddling her in sixty-nine pose and urging her old friend to tongue her while she licked Jan to the inevitable climax. As Jan exploded in a shuddering orgasm, Evie matter-of-factly stood up and crossed to a neutral corner to allow Shannon to count the older woman out.

After the bell rang, Jan remained on her back for a few seconds, enjoying her post-coital euphoria before Evie crossed from the neutral corner, knelt down on Jan‘s shoulders and proffered her pussy to the brunette.

“While you’re down there Janet, perhaps you could help me with a little unfinished business?” she asked, lowering her pussy onto Jan‘s face. The brunette willingly obliged and Evie began to moan, leaning back and sliding her left hand into Jan‘s snatch. Seconds later both women came in unison.  Evie knelt panting over Jan for a few seconds, her love juices dripping in Jan’s face, before getting to her feet, looking down at the brunette and saying: “Thank you Janet, a pleasure as usual.”

As I suspected, Evelyn Walker was no different from the rest of us. In her more mature years, she had discovered the joys of lady love as well, and who better to discover it with and Janet Somerville. After a minute or so Jan got to her feet and Shannon brought the two women together in the centre of the ring to announce:

“Ladies, your winner by a knock out, Evie.”

I glanced at Sian, who looked absolutely gobsmacked.

Eventually she found her voice and called out: “Evelyn Walker, you dark horse. Now I’ve seen everything.”

But it was far from the last revelation the weekend had in store.

Next it was my turn. Almost 31 years ago Jane had taken the title from me and made me cum in public in the process. She was the first woman to get me so aroused in the ring that I lost control and was counted out. It was our one and only encounter as she left CLAWS just a few months later. This was my big chance my opportunity to get even with Jane, the chance to redeem my honour and I made a complete mess of it.

It started well for me. After circling briefly, we locked up and I trapped her in a side headlock taking her to the mat. I worked the headlock for a minute or so, trying to weaken her neck, but it wasn’t going to produce a quick result. So, keeping the lock on I got to my feet and ran her head first into the turnbuckles of the red corner. Her head hit the middle turnbuckle and she dropped to her knees, dazed. As Shannon counted, she pulled herself to her feet using the ropes. I positioned myself behind her and, she turned to face me, I took her by the arm and whipped her into the ropes.

As she bounced back towards me, I side stepped and tripped her so that she slammed, face first, to the mat where she lay dazed for a second. Before she could collect herself, I bent down, grabbed her ankles and flipped her onto the back. Straightening up, I stood above her as she lay there and delivered a stomp to her pussy. She screamed out in agony. I called on her to submit but she refused. I stomped her pussy again. Another scream and another refusal to submit.

I let go of her right leg, kept hold of her left ankle and dropped across her right thigh, splitting her like a wishbone. She screamed out in agony but still no submission. Still holding her left leg, I got to my knees and then grabbed her right ankle, rolling her on her front. Shuffling my bum backwards, up her thighs and onto the small of her back, I tucked her calves under my armpits, trapping her in a Boston crab. Rocking forward I came to my feet, applying pressure to her back. The hold produced more screaming still no submission.

I inserted a free hand in her pussy. It was wet but so was mine. Having seen Evie’s behaviour, I wondered if Jane had also developed wider tastes in her old age. Could I pay her back and win the match by giving her an orgasm? I gently massaged her clit while pulling back on her legs and eventually, through sobs, she conceded the submission.

For some reason I thought taking on a 61-year-old woman would be a breeze but I’m nearly 60 myself and I guess I’d forgotten what a strong powerful fighter Jane was back in the day. It didn’t take her long to remind me that she was still as powerful now has she been back then. I was on the defensive pretty much from the opening bell of the second fall and very quickly conceded the equalizer.

At the start of the fall, she charged across the ring and whipped me into a corner post. Before I had a chance to react, she grabbed my wrists, stuck her foot in my belly and fell backwards, flipping me over her. I landed heavily and we both lay on our backs for a moment before rolling over and coming to all fours while Shannon counted over us. At six we stood up. As we came to our feet she charged and caught me with something between a throw and a sliding tackle, her hands grabbing my shoulders while her right leg scythed my left one out from under me as we crashed to the canvas.

I found myself face down on the mat with her behind me, her right leg pinning my left one to the canvas and her hands on my right ankle. She swung my right leg over her head and placed it on her left shoulder. I was powerless to prevent the fingers her right hand as they found their way into my pussy. I was trapped and, once again, in danger of being stimulated to submission. I was also in a lot of pain in this wishbone hold. Realising there was no way out I slapped the canvas and called out my submission.

At the sound of the bell, she swung my right leg back over her head and rolled me onto my back before standing up and walking back to her corner. I lay on my back trying to compose myself for a moment before sitting up, getting to my feet and returning to my corner. No seconds in these matches, just a towel and bottle of water in your corner. I rubbed myself down with the towel, taking care to avoid my aroused nether regions, and turned to face her as the bell sounded for the third fall.

In the third fall we both demonstrated our power moves and I was, once again, impressed by her strength and fitness as we traded throws, slams and clotheslines in equal measure. At least we weren’t grappling at close quarters and, for a while at least, those probing fingers weren’t in my pussy. After a few minutes I was starting to fade and she saw her chance. Trapping my left arm in a hammer lock she ran me front first into a post. I groaned as she slammed in behind me and then squeaked as her free right hand found its way between my legs. In desperation I slammed my right elbow into her breast and she staggered back, taking me with her. Still pinning my left arm behind my back she delivered a chop to my right shoulder, knocking me to my knees. Before I had a chance to react, she sat down behind me and trapped me in a body scissors. While still keeping the arm lock on, she leaned back and I knew I was in trouble. She snaked her right arm around me and her right hand went for my pussy again. My free right hand grabbed her wrist and tried to pull it away. I’d just about succeeded when she rolled to our right and I found myself face down on the canvas. The body scissors was quickly converted into a reverse grapevine and the arm lock into a half nelson. Now I was underneath her I couldn’t reach her right hand as she freed it and slipped it between my thighs. At the same time, she pulled back on my left arm, bending my back and lifting my tits from the mat. It was no good, I had to concede a second fall before she stimulated me too much.

She quickly released me and returned to her corner while, once again, I stayed on the mat trying to control the urges coursing through my nether regions. Rather than return to my corner I just rolled over and lay on my back, staring at the ceiling and trying to think of anything other than sex.

All too quickly the break came to an end. Shannon bent down to check I was OK before Jasmine rang the bell. I used every available second to try and calm myself, only getting to my feet as Shannon counted “nine” but it was futile. We locked up and Jane quickly took me to the mat in a side headlock, her free hand going straight between my legs. I grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. For the next minute or so we writhed around on the canvas, her seeking to penetrate me and me desperately trying to stop her. My thoughts of stimulating her had gone out of the window, I just needed to stop her fingering me. Finally, she succeeded in rolling me into a ball and leaned cross my calves, putting all her weight on them. I was trapped in a kind of small package with my arse in the air and my fanny exposed to all. Once again, the fingers of her free hand went to work on my sex.

I couldn’t escape and I couldn’t submit without losing the fight. My only hope was that if I orgasmed, she might release the hold and I might be able to get myself back together quickly enough to beat the count and take the fight back to her. It was the longest long shot imaginable but it was all I had left. I tried to hang on as her fingers worked me ever closer to a climax. Then, suddenly, she lifted her body off my legs and rolled me away from her, wrapping her left arm around mine again. As I desperately tried to regroup, she got to her feet, hauling me up with her. Still trapped in her half Nelson I was steered towards my own corner post and, once again, that right hand of hers found its way between my legs. I tried another elbow to the breast but I was already too weak and it had little effect on her. I knew I was finished and started to sob.

“No, Jane, no!” I pleaded but it was no use. Menopause or no, I was coming and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I felt the wave break over me. My legs buckled. Jane removed her fingers. I slumped face first against the turnbuckle. Jane grabbed me by my pony tail and slammed me down onto my back on the mat as I moaned in ecstasy. Then she jumped out of the ring, grabbed my ankles and yanked me forward, driving the corner post into my cxnt. Intense pleasure was followed by agonising pain. I screamed and passed out. When I came to Shannon was standing over me counting: “eight…nine…ten…out!”

It was meant to be my moment of vengeance but, once again, Jane had managed to make me cum and, in the process, knocked me out. It took me a few moments to collect myself before I sat up facing the corner post and pulled myself to my feet, joining Shannon and Jane in the centre of the ring as Shannon announced:

“Ladies, your winner, by a knockout – G-spot Jane!”

Polite applause and some mutterings of ‘way to go’ and ‘well done Jane’ from Evie and Jan.

“And your gallant loser – Ellen!”