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Back to basics - part 3, Saturday (the second half)

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Back to basics - part 3, Saturday (the second half)
« on: December 29, 2021, 06:23:29 AM »
The southerners were now two-nil down, with both Jan and I letting our urges get the better of us. Hopefully Lesley and Tee could even things up.

Feeling somewhat dejected, I stepped between the ropes, hopped off the ring apron and walked towards Sian as she got to her feet and offered me her seat on the bales. Sian looked me in the eye and said, “Never mind, Ellen” before giving me a hug and making her way to the ring. I sat down on the bale that was warm from the heat of Sian’s bum.

Jane wandered round from the other corner, sat down next to me, put her arm around me and whispered “sorry” in my ear. Then, before I could stop her, she slipped her hand between my legs again. I let out a small squeak and Sian, who had just climbed into the ring, turned and looked at us. A wry smile crossed her face and I felt another wave of euphoria wash over me as Jane’s fingers worked their magic again. I let out a low moan. Shannon looked across at me from the ring and, in a scolding voice, said:

“Ellen, if you’ve quite finished – we use these bales for winter feed for the animals you know.”

I flushed with embarrassment as Jane quickly withdrew her fingers, leaving my juices to trickle onto the bale.

Until this point the fights had been good natured battles between well matched opponents but that was about to change. Lesley climbed into the ring and Shannon made the introductions:

“Ladies, our next fight is a battle of the Irish redheads – north verses south. Introducing in the blue corner, from County Cork – Lesley! And in the red corner, from country Derry, my mum and your host, Sian!”

Any concerns about Shannon’s impartiality were quickly dispelled as she stepped out of the ring and swapped places with Jasmine, who took over the referee’s duties for this match.

It seemed to me that the match between Sian and Lesley could go either way and the outcome would very much depend on how Lesley played it. Sian is a tactile fighter, strong but not particularly aggressive, preferring to arouse opponents rather than beat them into submission. Lesley, by contrast, is very aggressive and dominant. However, she can also be easily distracted. She has a tendency to showboat and can easily be sexually aroused. In my encounter with her previous month, I felt that she had effectively thrown the fight by showboating when she should have been delivering the final blows to knock me out.

In the end she just got me riled up. I took the fight to her and she lost. I didn’t see Sian reacting in the same way that I had but if Sian managed to stimulate Lesley enough it could turn into a sex fight and Sian might just be in with a chance of winning. On the other hand, if Lesley could keep focused, her aggression and strength would see her easily overcome the smaller woman from Ulster.

I had no particular affiliation for either fighter so, in my post orgasmic euphoria and with my pussy lips numb and swelling nicely from their impact with the corner post, I was happy to just sit back and watch the action.

While Shannon and Jasmine’s fight was fast paced and athletic, Jan and Evie‘s have been much more light hearted and easy-going. As for my fight with Jane, well that proved be quite a sensual experience, for me at least. By contrast, this fight was very physical and one-sided. Lesley dominated from the get go, alternately stimulating and beating her shorter, plumper opponent. Sian never really had much of a chance.

At the opening bell Lesley charged across the ring, grabbed Sian by the hair and tossed her to the mat. What followed was a relentless round of throws, slams, whips, postings and clotheslines that left poor Sian completely dazed and disoriented. Twice she was physically thrown out of the ring by the taller woman and landed heavily on the mats.

Time and again Sian doggedly struggled up, narrowly beating the count, only to be knocked down again.  When Lesley wasn’t hitting Sian with power moves, she was tying her up in various contorting holds on the mat, twisting her boobs and sticking her fingers into her pussy and arse. Jasmine had her work cut out ensuring fair play and, several times, had to warn the dominant woman to back off.

Watching Lesley in action I remembered my fight with her 33 years earlier. Then, just as now, she had eschewed the easy submission hold in favour of subjecting her victim to as much pain as possible. The difference today was that, in between torturing her victim, she took time out to sexually excite her. One moment she would be tossing Sian around the ring like a ragdoll, the next she would have her hand deep in Sian’s pussy, finger fucking the Ulster woman.

The first fall came after five or six minutes of frantic one-way traffic. As Sian staggered to her feet for the umpteenth time Lesley grabbed her arm, hurled her at the ropes, caught her on the rebound and slammed her to the canvas. She then dropped astride her, planting her backside firmly on Sian’s belly and put her hands around Sian’s throat. Jasmine ordered Lesley to break the choke hold and began to count. At a count of four Lesley released her grip on Sian’s throat, placed her hands on the mat above the Ulster woman’s head and leapfrogged forward, landing heavily on Sian’s shoulders. She then grabbed Sian by the hair and pulled her face into her crotch, smothering her with her labia. At the same time, she reached back with her free hand, insert three fingers into Sian’s vagina and began to vigorously finger fuck her. Sian was being simultaneously fucked and suffocated and it took just a few seconds for her to frantically wave her submission.

The bell rang but Lesley kept the hold on, continuing her vigorous assault on Sian’s sex. Jasmine ordered her to break the hold. Lesley refused. Jasmine began to count. At four Lesley released Sian’s hair and her head dropped back to the mat as she screamed out her orgasm. Lesley got to her feet, dragging her fingernails across Sian’s sex in the process, kicked the unfortunate farmer in the cxnt and returned to her corner, hotly pursued by Jasmine.

As Sian lay on the mat clutching herself and sobbing, a heated exchange took place between Lesley and the referee. Jasmine was threatening to disqualify the unrepentant redhead. Lesley, for her part, was hurling all manner of abuse at the young referee, threatening her with the same treatment she was meeting out to Sian. Eventually, Lesley started to calm down and returned to her corner.

Sian remained on her back throughout the break, only sitting up and starting to push herself to her feet as Jasmine counted over her. Lesley positioned herself behind her opponent and, as Sian got to her feet, grabbed her round the waist, hoisted her in the air, dropped to one knee and delivered an atomic drop to the unfortunate woman from Derry. Sian screamed and her hands went to her abused pussy as she pitched forward off of Lesley’s knee and lay face down on the mat. Jasmine began counting again.

Sian struggled to her feet at nine and turned to face her tormentor. Lesley closed on her, hoisted her into the air and delivered an over knee back breaker. Rolling the semi-conscious woman off her knee, Lesley straddled Sian’s back, facing her feet and quickly applied a figure four leg lock. With Sian’s legs tied up, Lesley used her free hand to resume her exploration of the prone woman’s honey pot. Sian lifted her head from the mat, a look of panic on her face, and quickly screamed out her submission.

The bell sounded but, once again, Lesley was slow to release her hold and, by the time she did, the room was filled with the sound of Sian climaxing for a second time in the fight. This time Sian made it back to her corner during the break and sat on the bottom turnbuckle, desperately trying to collect herself.

The short second fall seemed to have given Sian some respite and, when the bell sounded for the third fall, she came out fighting. At the start of the fall, she matched Lesley’s attacks with her own power moves, taking the taller woman to the mat several times and using her bulk to apply smoothers that, in a pins contest, would have resulted in her winning at least one fall.

Sadly, for her it couldn’t last. The beating she’d taken in the first fall had left her severely weakened and, after a couple of minutes, she started fade. Lesley was soon back in control and the one-way traffic resumed, with Sian being repeatedly beaten and abused by the fired-up woman from County Cork.

The end came after a further three or four minutes of action. Another body slam had left Sian on the mat with Jasmine counting over her, while Lesley returned to her corner and took a quick swig of water from her bottle. As Sian slowly got to her feet Lesley charged across the ring and hit her with two forearms to the breasts, knocking her back into her own corner.  Then she drove a knee into her pussy. As Sian’s knees started to buckle Lesley grabbed hold of her breasts and literally held the screaming Ulster woman up by the nipples while she delivered three more knee lifts to her pussy before shoving her back into the corner and draping her arms over the top rope to keep her upright.

Sian slumped in a corner, taking repeated punches to her belly and tits and knees to her pussy from the taller redhead. Dazed and almost unconscious, Sian slid down until she was sat on the bottom turnbuckle mumbling “please, no more”. But Lesley was determined to finish her. Unable to strike at Sian’s sex any more she focused on raining blows on the unfortunate woman’s breasts and, occasionally, an illegal strike to her face.

Shannon was screaming at Jasmine to stop the fight but, under NBFC rules, there was nothing the poor referee could do until Sian’s body hit the mat or she submitted. Eventually, Sian’s bum slipped off the turnbuckle and landed on the canvas. She sat completely out of it in the corner as Jasmine steered Lesley away to a neutral corner and started to count. It was clear that Sian was finished and she wouldn’t be getting up again.

As the count reach 10, Shannon rang the bell before quickly climbing into the ring to come to the aid of her beaten mother. Meanwhile Lesley, in her usual showboating fashion, paraded around the ring, arms raised in victory. After a minute or so Shannon helped Sian to her feet and supported her in the centre of the ring as Jasmine raised Lesley’s arm and announced:

“Ladies, your winner by a knockout, Lesley!”

After a few more moments and with Shannon’s help, a tearful Sian left the ring and took a seat next to me. I gave her a gentle hug and comforted her quietly while Shannon resumed her role as referee and Tee climbed into the ring to face Mandy.

None of us were the women we’d been in our primes but the years had been less kind to Mandy than most of us. At 54 and 5’ 5” the blonde was now a rather flabby 180lbs or so, probably 25lbs heavier than her opponent. Tee would have a work cut out again such a large woman. Suddenly I was concerned for my new friend. I knew Mandy had made short work of Jen on the night that I’d faced Mitzi and Jen, of course, had beaten both Tee and me just last year. But if Mandy weighed as much when she faced Jen as she did now, she would’ve outweighed the buxom brunette by 35-40lbs so it’s unsurprising Jen lost.

As I suspected, Mandy used her weight advantage from the opening bell and Tee was soon taking quite a pounding at the hands of the bigger woman. But it wasn’t all one-way traffic and, much to my surprise, it was Tee who won the first fall. After five minutes of action where the brunette was on the receiving end for much of the time, Mandy clotheslined Tee, knocking her flat on her back, and went to follow up with a splash. Tee rolled clear and the big blonde slammed into the mat.  Tee locked Mandy in a figure four leg lock before straddling her back and applying a camel clutch which had the big blonde tapping out the first submission of the match.

Tee released the hold and quickly return to her own corner. Mandy did not look happy when she got her feet. In fact, she seemed outraged at Tee taking the first fall. At the sound of the bell, she came charging out of her corner, clotheslining the brunette to the mat. For the next minute or two it was all one-way traffic. Tee regaining her feet only to be thrown, slammed or clotheslined back to the mat by the larger, heavier blonde. Each time Tee took an eight or nine count. Eventually, as she struggled to her feet for probably the tenth time, Mandy grabbed her, hoisted her in the air delivered and over the knee back breaker. Rather than rolling Tee off her knee, Mandy hoisted the unfortunate brunette up onto her shoulders. Tee found herself being bent over Mandy’s back and quickly screamed out her submission. Mandy literally threw the brunette back to the canvas as the bell sounded.

Tee remained on the mat throughout the break, only rising to her feet when Shannon began counting at the start of the third fall.  Things didn’t go much better for Tee in this fall than they had in the last one. Although she initially tried to keep it open, she was soon in serious trouble. Unlike Lesley, Mandy made no attempt to bend the rules, relying simply on her size and strength to overwhelm her smaller, although far from petite, opponent.

After throwing Tee around the ring for a couple of minutes, Mandy invited her to engage in a test of strength and they linked fingers. Initially Tee’s height advantage worked in her favour and she began pushing the big blonde to the mat. But Mandy used her superior size and strength to force her back. Eventually Tee collapsed onto her back on the mat and Mandy was able to get on top of her and use her bulk to pin her there in a grapevine. Mandy pressed her big flabby tits into Tee’s face and her powerful legs spread the brunette’s thighs wide. Tee did her best to resist but it was futile and, after almost a minute of struggling, she was forced to tap out.

This time, Tee made it back to her corner during the break and managed to compose herself. As she came out for the fourth fall, she was wearing that famous Tee look. The one that says: “I am not finished yet”. And she set about taking the fight for the larger blonde. Mandy wouldn’t be a pushover and Tee’s power moves were sapping her strength as much as Mandy’s but, eventually, they paid off.

Tee delivered a drop kick to Mandy’s mid-section which dropped the big blonde to one knee. Scrambling to her feet, Tee grabbed Mandy’s right arm and spun her into a corner. Mandy slammed back first into the post and took a staggering step forward. Tee was quickly at Mandy’s side and a two-handed chop to the blonde’s belly doubled her over. Tee grabbed the back of her head and slammed the large blonde face first to the mat. Dropping to her knees alongside the fallen blonde Tee quickly wrapped her arms around Mandy’s neck and ankles before hoisting the big woman into a bow and arrow hold which quickly saw the big blonde screaming out her submission. Tee release the hold and lay on her back recovering her breath. Both women stayed on the mat, Tee on her back and Mandy face down, for a good 30 seconds before getting up and returning to the corners.

Tee had managed to even the scores but the fourth fall the taken a lot out of her and she seem to be running on empty as they came out for their final encounter. As they came together in the centre of the ring Mandy fired off a straight right, which pancaked Tee’s left breast. As Tee’s hands went to clutch her abused mammary a kick between the legs dropped her to her knees and an arguably illegal right hook connected with her jaw and knocked her to the mat. Tee made it up at nine but walked straight into Mandy’s open arms and was hoisted in the air and body slammed. Once again, she made it up at nine but she was clearly dazed and disoriented as Mandy grabbed her arm and spun her into a corner. A series of postings followed, leaving her slumped in a corner. Mandy moved in for the kill.

Grabbing the brunette by the calves she lifted her feet off the ground stepped back and pulled Tee away from the ropes. Tee dropped heavily to the mat on her back with a groan. Mandy dragged the fallen brunette to the centre of the ring before deftly stepping across her, keeping hold of her legs and sitting down on her face.  She tucked the brunette’s ankles under her armpits, folding Tee in half and pinning her firmly to the mat. I winced. I knew what was coming next. I’ve been there myself. At CLAWS it would have been a simple three count pin but here, in a submissions only match, Tee was helpless with her sensitive parts exposed to all. It was just a question of how Mandy went for the submission. With her victim fully exposed, the dominant fighter has simply to penetrate a sensitive spot to illicit a submission. A crotch claw, a sharp tug on the pubic hair or finger or two in the bum would do it. I watched as Mandy savoured the moment. Victory was just seconds away. Surely this was it for Tee?

But no. Just as Mandy’s hand moved toward Tee’s exposed rosebud, a jet of golden liquid shot from her pussy into Mandy’s eyes. Intentionally or not, Tee was pissing in her tormentor’s face. It took no more than a second. Mandy threw herself backwards, trying to avoid the stream of piss but, with her legs still tucked under the blonde’s armpits, Tee rolled with her. Suddenly it was Tee on top, still pissing in Mandy’s face, as the big blonde choked and slapped the mat screaming: “Stop pissing on me!”. Seeing the tapping hands Shannon signalled a submission and Jasmine rang the bell.

There wasn’t much Tee could do to stem the flood but she rose up on her knees allowing Mandy to cover her face and the last of her wee sprayed over Mandy’s tits as she rolled off to one side. Tee staggered to her feet with her back to the corner post. Mandy scrambled up and turned to face Shannon, her hair soaked in Tee’s pee.

“Fuck you, Shannon!” Mandy screamed, “That was never a submission! She was pissing in my face. She was trying to drown me!”

“You tapped out. It was a submission.” Replied Shannon firmly. Mandy snarled at the younger woman and turned to Tee.

“You cheating cow!” she screamed, driving a fist into Tee’s gut, knocking the brunette back into the corner. Two savage knees to the pussy set Tee’s knees buckling as Mandy grabbed the back of her head and threw her face first into the puddle of urine. Mandy stormed across to her corner and grabbed a towel, leaving Tee unconscious in a puddle of her own piss. As if this was an everyday occurrence Shannon calmly announced:

“Ladies, your winner, by three falls to two, Tee!”

Sian climbed into the ring with a towel and went to aid the fallen brunette, who was just regaining her senses. As Sian helped Tee to sit up Mandy charged back across the ring and shoved the redhead out of the way.

“Fuck off Sian, I’m not done yet!”

With that she hauled Tee to her feet, hoisted the dazed woman into the air and body slammed her back to the soaking mat. Satisfied that the brunette was out cold again she stood with her feet either side of Tee’s head and released her own bladder, pissing into her opponent’s face. Tee came to, coughing and spluttering but unable to move out of the way of the stream of wee cascading down on her.

When Mandy had finished, she stormed out of the ring again leaving Tee flat on her back sobbing gently. Sian ran after Mandy and raised voices and slaps could be heard coming from the ante-room. Sensing her mother was in danger, Shannon headed after her only to be met by Sian coming flying back into the ring area, backwards. The two collided and ended up in a tangled heap of flesh on the barn floor as a loud voice with a Stockport accent screamed “Fuck the whole fucking lot of you whores!” from the ante-room.

A door slammed as Sian and Shannon picked themselves up. Sian staggered back to the ring and climbed back in.  Finally, she was able to go to the aid of her distressed, embarrassed, beaten and yet still victorious friend. It may not have been the ending Tee had wanted but, despite Mandy’s protests, she had won the match. Her somewhat unorthodox victory made up for my loss and the afternoon end northerners 2, southerners 2 – an amicable outcome.

With the fighting over, we all showered, dressed and reconvened under a gazebo in the paddock for a sociable buffet of Jan’s excellent food. Needless to say, Mandy was conspicuous by her absence.

The evening was a convivial affair and a chance for me to get to know some of the other ladies a bit better than I knew them already.  Jan’s food was excellent as usual and, despite the beating she’d taken earlier, Sian was a vivacious and bubbly host, tending to everyone’s needs. (Although I did notice that she seemed to be avoiding Lesley, or was that the other way around?) 

Jane came up to me and apologised for beating me again and reminding me that she was still ‘G-spot Jane’. I asked her why she’d left CLAWS when she did, depriving me of the chance of a rematch. She explained that at the time she was living in Bristol and working for the highways department, having trained as a civil engineer. At a conference she met her future husband Barry, who also worked for local authority further north and, with his assistance, arranged a transfer to work with him in Manchester where they subsequently married.

“While I was still keen to fight,” Jane told me, “CLAWS was too far away for an evening of action, so I had to find another club. As luck would have it, Sian and Evie were just starting the NBFC at the time. So, for me, it was a no-brainer to join them. I’m sorry you never got the chance to face me again but, from memory, you lost your match the night that I fought for the last time at CLAWS – it could have been a while before we met again in the ring.”

She was right, of course, my loss to Pauline put me down into fifth place in the rankings while Jane remained the champion. It would be almost a year before I got another shot at the title, by which time Pauline had taken over from Jane and Sammy had taken the title from Pauline.

Jane‘s daughter Jasmine told me how she ran a fashion shop in the city. Being in retail myself, albeit in a different line, I was interested to hear how she’d got on through the pandemic. She told me that, like most of us, she also had an online shop and she simply ramped that up during the lockdown period. We had a lot in common in that respect. I knew how it was for her because I’d been there too. The biggest challenge for all of us was not selling stuff, because people were at home online buying from our shops all the time, it was getting the stock. In Jasmine’s case that was even more challenging as a large amount of her sales came from selling vintage second hand clothing and, with charity shops closed, her main sources of stock had pretty much dried up.

Jasmine was a third-generation fighter, following in the footsteps of her mother and her grandmother, Mary, both of whom had been founder members of CLAWS in the late 70s. Like her mother, Jasmine had been fighting since the age of 18, both at the NBFC and in private matches. Although she rarely ventured out of her local area, she said she was considering paying a visit to CLAWS in the future.

Evie proved to be something of a revelation. Watching her in action against Jan earlier in the day I had already concluded that I would’ve liked to have met her when we were both younger and to have had a chance to get to grips with her in the ring. Talking to her I also found her in engaging personality. I felt we could become firm friends and, again, regretted not having got to know her earlier. I said as much to her and she simply said:  “It’s never too late, Ellen.”

Like my new found friend Tee, Evelyn Walker had been something a tearaway in her youth. A teen spirit that could not easily be tamed. She left school at 16 and drifted for a while doing various jobs, including earning a little money as a professional lady wrestler, before arriving at small club in Andalucia called La Cantina in the summer of 1987. At the time the house champion and the owner’s wife, Jan, was heavily pregnant with her daughter and was not fighting so the crown was up for grabs. Evie wasted no time going after it. She told me of epic fights with Jan, Peggy and other girls club, and how she became the new queen of La Cantina.

Jan had always told me that she suspected the 19-year-old had been pleasuring her husband while she was pregnant. Evie didn’t volunteer any information on that front and I didn’t press it but I picked up a sense Jan and Evie shared a lot more than a love of fighting and a long friendship.

Back in the UK, Evie continued to work as a professional wrestler on the club circuit in the north of England while, at the same time, building up a reputation in the female apartment wrestling scene. It was through this she met Sian and together they form the NBFC after Sian left CLAWS in 1988. Like Suzi and Clare at CLAWS, and unlike the majority of girls on the female fight scene, Evie grew up a straight heterosexual woman although, as she had shown earlier, she was starting to waiver in middle age. She never married but, over the years, she’d had many male companions including a guy called Richard. by whom she had a twin daughters, Helen and Carole, in 1994. She told me that although she didn’t work out on a regular basis she’d like to keep fit and, together with her daughters, was still very active in the local fight scene – far more so than Sian.

Like Jan, Evie is a self-made woman. She told me how in the early 90s she started a mini-cab company (“I liked shouting at the drivers over the radio”) before spotting a gap in the market. With a growth in the ‘gastro pub’ market many city restaurants were seeking reliable supplies of locally sourced produce. Evie switched her business from mini-cabs to a local food courier service, collecting fresh produce from farms and delivering it restaurants and delis in the city. The early stages of lockdown had killed her business but with restaurants reopening and adapting to the ‘new normal’ things were picking up again.

Talking to Shannon was also something of a revelation. I’d met her before but I didn’t know that much about her. She started by confirming pretty much what I already knew. Yes, she was born up here on the edge of the moor and Terri had been there to deliver her. Yes, she’s never met her father and yes, like her mother, she was a lesbian. She’d been going to NBFC meetings as long as she could remember and she told me wonderful stories of the young offspring of the fighters scurrying around naked in the meeting room while their mothers got to grips with each other.

Shannon had had her first fight at the NBFC shortly after she turned 18 and had never missed a meeting since. She’d fought all of the girls who are currently active and several who are now retired. She helped her mother out, running the family business, but also had several other jobs. She’s a self-confessed countryside lover, trying to avoid the city as much as possible and works as a park ranger in the local National Park, leading guided walks and helping to maintain the environment, as well as helping out a friend who runs an equestrian business. The impression I got was of a girl who was, perhaps, unusual by mainstream standards but well-adjusted and happy in her life. Her mother could be proud of her.

One thing I had been looking forward to this weekend was to get to know Lesley a bit better. Our last meeting had been interesting to say the least and I had high hopes that we would become firm friends. However, that evening, while she was sociable enough, she seemed somewhat aloof and distant. I congratulated her on her victory over Sian but she seemed to dismiss it out of hand, suggesting that Sian simply wasn’t in her league. My hope that we might pick up on from where we left off in the chillout zone at CLAWS a month before were also dashed when she excused herself around 9pm and opted for an early night.

Around 10pm Jane, Jasmine and Evie headed for home leaving the six of us to carry on socialising together for another hour before heading for bed. Back in our room was clear that Jill and Jan wanted to carry on partying. I was relaxed and there wasn’t much I could do about it so why not? More wine was produced including a bottle of champagne and soon all three of us were naked again and exploring each other’s bodies. Jill proved particularly adept with the empty champagne bottle. I’ve had some dicks in my time nothing has ever felt as firm or delicate as Jill slowly screwing me with a champagne bottle.

Suddenly Jan looked at Jill and said: “Champagne shower.”

Jill looked at me and said: “You’ll like this, Ellen.”

Jan lay down on the bed and bid me kneel above her face with my feet either side of her head. Jill straddled Jan facing me and reached for an unopened champagne bottle. She popped the cork and shoved the neck of the bottle into my pussy. The sparkling wine shot up into my vagina, up through my cervix and into my uterus. The sensation was amazing. I came immediately and started to faint. Jill pulled the bottle out and hugged me to keep me upright while the champagne and my love juices poured down on Jan’s face and open mouth. Jill took a large swig from the open bottle; French kissed me and filled my mouth with champagne before sticking the bottle back between my legs. I came again almost immediately and this time I did pass out.


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Re: Back to basics - part 3, Saturday (the second half)
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2021, 06:18:22 PM »
Superb! Fabulous writing giving the characters real depth and personality. Naturally I hugely enjoyed Lesley’s complete physical and sexual domination of Sian and hope to see her tested by a more competent opponent in the not too distant future. Keep up the good work, it’s greatly appreciated. BB