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Back to basics - part 5, Monday

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Back to basics - part 5, Monday
« on: December 31, 2021, 07:50:55 AM »
The unexpected events of Sunday morning meant I would be spending a few more days at the farm. It was time to experience everyday life here. But every day can bring new surprises…

The next morning all four of us were up early and, after breakfast, got on with the daily routine around the farm. I played my part, with Tee and Shannon both excitedly educating me on the various aspects of animal husbandry.

Around mid-morning, with the farm chores out of the way, we headed to the barn and prepared to clear away the aftermath of the weekend’s activities. We paused silently in front of the ring, each woman reflecting on her personal experiences of the past few days. After a moment or two Shannon said: “It seems a shame to pack it away so soon after all the effort of getting it out.”

“Really Shrimp,” said Tee “Do you have something else in mind?” Shannon said nothing but looked coy.

Sian said: “We’ve all fought this weekend, Ellen Has fought twice and she is in no fit state to fight anyone else. I’m not ready to fight Terri again so what did you have in mind Shannon? A mother-daughter fight? I’ve whipped your arse before remember?
“Yes, I’ve whipped yours as well, mum. But, no, I don’t want another mother-daughter fight. I want to fight Terri.”

“Shannon! She’s old enough to be your mother!”

“Yes!  But she’s not, you are. Right now, she is the biggest rival I have for your affections and she has been for much my life. I’ve wanted to fight her for years. What do you say Terri? How about you and I have it out?”

“Oh Shrimp, I really don’t want to hurt you.”

“I don’t want to hurt you either Terri. I love you. Like a sister. But we are fighters remember? We need to sort this out. We need to know who is the better woman. Who deserves mum’s love most?”

Sian tried to speak but Tee shushed her.

“OK Shrimp, you’re on. Let’s do it right here, right now. Just like Ellen and Lesley yesterday. No holds barred, first one to submit loses the match. Ellen, will you do the honours and referee for us?”

‘Wow’ I thought, this really is a fighting family. Tee seemed to have no reservations about taking on an opponent who was little more than half her age. Shannon, for her part, seemed determined to prove herself against the woman who brought her into the world some thirty years before.

Sian said nothing but I could see the anguish in her eyes. She clearly loved them both but there was nothing she could do now but watch and see who came out victorious.

The four of us quickly stripped naked. Sian picked up the bell and took a seat on one of the hay bales and the three of us climbed into the ring for one final fight.

Absently I noticed that both women had their long brown hair tied in plaits either side of their heads and thick pubic thatches. Although shorter than her opponent and with a slightly fuller figure, Shannon looked for all the world like younger version of Tee. Compared to them I made a stark contrast with my shoulder length frizzy blonde hair hanging loose and, thanks to Lesley, my pubic region virtually bald.

To be honest I wasn’t sure the girls really need a referee. They were fighting to a finish and anything would be allowed.

“First one to submit loses, right?” Asked Shannon.

“Or fails to beat Ellen’s count.” Replied Tee.

“How long is your count, Ellen?” Asked Shannon.

I remembered my fight with Mitzi and immediately said: “I’ll do a fast twenty count, like Sian did when I fought Mitzi.”

That seemed to satisfy everyone, and it gave me a purpose for being there. Sian rang the bell and the two women circled each other warily. There wasn’t much for me to do so I just stood aside and let them get on with it. I glanced down at Sian sitting on the straw bales. She looked as flummoxed as I was. She looked up at me with big, sad eyes, smiled sweetly and shrugged. I was totally confused about what was going on here.  These two women loved each other. They were fighting over the love of a woman who loved them both dearly. If Shannon won this fight Terri wasn’t going to go away and Shannon didn’t want her to either. It made no sense but, as Shannon had said, we are fighters and fighting is what we do.

The fight was an altogether gentler affair than the action we’d seen from Shannon and Tee in their fights two days earlier. Nonetheless, these girls really were out to win. Long periods of action on the mat were interspersed with power moves and knockdowns. I found I was counting over Tee probably twice as often as I was counting over Shannon but, with such a long count, neither was ever in any danger of being counted out.

When the action was on the mat, I noticed Shannon’s hands were often straying into Tee’s more sensitive regions and I began to wonder whether what she really wanted to do was to make love to Tee, not war. Certainly, I didn’t see Tee doing the same to Shannon but I didn’t see her objecting either.

The fight could have gone either way. Both girls were brave, determined and skilled fighters. Each trapped the other in seemly inescapable submission holds only to have them (allow them to?) escape. Each threw the other around the ring with abandon. Each took their share of blows to the breasts and pussy. Each looked, at one point or another, to be finished only to fight back and put their opponent under pressure. It almost seemed like they wanted to keep fighting forever.

After almost thirty minutes of relentless combat, fifty-two year old Tee was showing signs of tiring and Shannon began to dominate the proceedings. Much as I was secretly rooting for her, I sensed that Tee was, ultimately, going to lose to her younger, more athletic, opponent.

The end came when Shannon spun Tee into the ropes. As the older woman bounced back, Shannon turned away and aimed a left footed kick at Tee’s belly. I’d seen her use a similar move against Jasmine, a sort of cartwheeling kick where the left foot struck her opponent’s midsection and, as her victim doubled over, her right foot struck the side of her head, sending her sprawling.

Unfortunately for Shannon, on this occasion Tee anticipated her and deflected the move, grabbing Shannon’s left ankle in both hands and pushing her aside. The youngster was committed to the move and kept spinning. Even as she headed face first to the mat her right foot lashed out and hit home, not on the side of Tee’s head but deep in her triangle of pubic thatch.

Tee collapsed to her knees, both hands clutching the offending area, while Shannon landed heavily, face down on the canvas. As I started to count, Tee looked up at me, an expression of horror on her face, as a stream of pee flooded out between her legs and soaked the mat. For the second time in two fights Tee’s bladder had let her down.

Dazed by the impact, Shannon lay face down on the mat, unmoving, as the count rose. Tee’s expression, a mixture of anguish and misery, summed up her predicament but there was nothing she could do to control her bladder. As I continued to count, she stayed rooted to the spot, the puddle between her legs growing larger, and burst into tears. As I watched her I wanted to scream ‘get up you silly bitch, before I count you out’ but I knew she couldn’t. I’ve been there myself. When you start peeing involuntarily your legs go to jelly. She couldn’t do anything until she’d emptied her bladder – and it seemed pretty full.

“Oh Shannon.” Cried Sian, “Now you’ve made Terri wet herself, we’ll have to dry the ring out again.”

On hearing her mother’s voice Shannon stirred, pushed herself up on to her knees and turned to face her opponent, a shocked expression on her face and a trickle of blood coming from her left nostril. Tee’s predicament seemed to root Shannon to the spot as well. She could easily have stood up and claimed victory but she didn’t, she just stared at her helpless opponent as I counted:


Finally, as I reached twenty, the stream of golden liquid jetting from Tee’s nether regions subsided. Tee buried her face in her hands. Sian rang the bell, breaking the spell that had frozen her daughter.  Shannon shuffled forward into the puddle and hugged the weeping woman, bursting into tears herself.

“Oh Terri, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She cried desperately.

Eventually Tee broke the embrace and placed her hands on Shannon’s shoulders, looking the youngster in the eye as they both sniffed back the tears.

“Well done, Shrimp. You got the better of me and my weak bladder. You’re the better woman here, I’ll leave your mum alone.”

“Oh no Terri! Don’t do that, she loves you. And besides, you’re the better woman here, so brave for taking on a much younger woman. If it hadn’t been for you know what you’d almost certainly have beaten me.”

Sian entered the ring clutching some towels that she dropped on the puddle of pee as the two brunettes got to their feet. Then we all enjoyed a four way embrace before Sian said, pragmatically:

“Well, we can’t put the ring away wet. You two go and get cleaned up. Ellen and I will clear up here and then we’ll have lunch while we wait for the ring to dry out.”

Everyone nodded in silent agreement before she added: “Oh, and Shannon, stop bleeding on Terri will you, she looks a big enough mess as it is.”

We all looked a Tee and saw that the blood dripping from Shannon’s nose had mixed with Tee’s sweat for form rivulets all over her right breast that were trickling down her cleavage to form a red river down her belly.

The two brunettes climbed out of the ring, wrapped towels around themselves and headed for the farmhouse, leaving their clothes behind, as Sian and I set about mopping up Tee’s pee and scrubbing the ring clean again. Job done we dressed and I gathered up Tee and Shannon’s clothes (black midi briefs, a white lace bra, long sleeved tee shirt and dungarees for Tee; a black thong, jeans and a sweater for Shannon) and boots while Sian took the pile of sodden towels and we headed for the farmhouse kitchen.

The towels went into the washing machine and we sat quietly enjoying a coffee while we waited for the warriors to claim their clothes. Tee appeared first, wearing a bathrobe, and quickly changed back into her dungarees and shirt (I noticed that she balled up her bra and knickers and shoved them in her pocket rather than putting the back on). Shannon came into the kitchen already dressed, wearing identical clothes to the ones waiting for her (obviously I couldn’t tell if the thong was identical, at least not until she squatted down later).

The afternoon was spent dismantling the ring, putting it away and tidying the barn. Sian explained that, while ring could be handled by two people, it would be easier to put it away as there were four and suggested we work in two teams of two. Tee paired up with Sian and I worked with Shannon on the other side of the ring. As we worked, I asked her a bit more about how much action the ring actually saw.

“Oh, not much really, we’ve had it out maybe two or three times since you were here fighting Mitzi. It’s quite hard work to set it up and take it down again so when guests come to fight, we usually just do it on mats in the barn.”
“Wait! You have guests to come to fight here? Is this another secret society you got going?”

“No, it’s just that some of our friends stop by once in a while for a weekend and we are fighting ladies.  We like to fight and other many of our guest like to fight us too. Your friends Erica and Stacey have stopped by quite a few times.”

“Really?” Erica had never mention that to me.

“Yes, they stay here when they visit the Marshall’s clubs up this way and they’re always up for a little action when they do.”

Of course, I’d forgotten that Gabi owned clubs in Leeds and Manchester. It was Erica and Stacey who routinely came up to check on them. It didn’t surprise me that they might stop in to see Shannon and Sian, Stacey in particular, because she’d admitted to me that she fancied Shannon, but I was a little surprised they had fights with their hosts when they did.

“Actually, don’t tell Terri, but I think mum has a thing for Stacey – she sees her as bit of a toy girl.”

Wow! Sian and Stacey. Who’d have thought it? Well, I thought about it for a moment and I could picture it quite easily so, perhaps, it wasn’t such a surprise. After all, I had a similar thing going on with Erica and the age gap between us was a good five years greater.

“Do you have any other fighting guests?” I asked.

“Yes, quite a few. The NBFC’s been going for 30 years and many old hands who come back from time to time. The older ladies prefer to fight here than down in the city.  Terri came here to train before she fought with you and she had a few opponents who came to visit as well. Lesley and a German girl were her sparring partners for boxing. Mum and Evie wrestled her and Jane helped on the cat fighting front.”

So, despite telling Erica that she hadn’t fought in years when she challenged me, it seemed Tee had been getting a little practice in up here – and with some very worthy opponents.

It was late before we sat down to dinner, all tired but happy. Everyone was quite subdued and after dinner and couple of glasses of wine we headed to bed for what I thought would be an early night.

I turned out the light but I couldn’t sleep. My head was buzzing with the excitement of the past few days. It had been a revelation to me in so many ways and so enjoyable as well. I lay there in the darkness, savouring the moment and wondering what would happen next. After about half an hour I heard the bedroom door open.

“Ellen?” Said the quiet voice. "Are you awake?"

“Yes Tee, what can I do for you?”

 “Ellen I’m sorry to disturb you. I just wanted to have a quiet moment to say thank you…”

“What for?”

“For everything really.  For refereeing today’s match. For inspiring me to get back into fighting. For being such a worthy opponent and for being such a lovely person. Really I just wanted to thank you for being you.”

The voice was quivering and started to break up on those last words. I called out softly in the darkness: “Oh Tee, don't be so daft, come here and give us a cuddle.”

She slipped under the duvet and I felt the touch of her naked body against mine. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close. Her lips brushed mine and her hand moved instinctively between my legs. I kissed her, long and hard. Her fingers found their way into my pussy and I responded in kind. For a while we lay locked in each other’s embrace, our fingers working each other sex until a small whimper from my bed mate indicated she had peaked. I wasn’t far behind, my orgasm muffled by a full French kiss from the brunette who, until now, had only brutalised my sex.  We lay in silence for a moment until we were startled by another voice in the dark.


“Shannon?” Said Tee in reply.

“Terri! Oh, Ellen, I’m sorry to disturb you, I didn’t realise you had Terri with you.”

“That’s OK Shannon. We were just getting to know each other better. What can we do for you?”

“I just wanted to thank you, in fact thank both of you, particularly Terri. Without her I wouldn’t be here. Terri – I love you, I’m sorry I hurt you today, please forgive me.” With that she began to sob uncontrollably.

“Come here Shannon, why don’t you join us?” I said, throwing the duvet aside. Tee and I shuffled over and soon Shannon’s naked body was sandwiched between us. For the next 30 minutes or so the three of us explored each other’s bodies. Eventually I found myself lying beneath the two brunettes. Shannon’s pussy was in my face and I was licking it. Tee was caressing Shannon’s neck while fondling her breasts and rubbing her own pussy against mine. Suddenly Shannon climaxed with a cry. Tee and I weren’t far behind her but our own outbursts were muffled. Tee’s by Shannon’s kiss and mine by Shannon’s pussy.

Orgasms over, the pair slipped off me and the next thing I knew Tee was licking Shannon’s juices from my face while Shannon’s tongue found its way between my legs. Instinctively, my right hand found Tee’s pussy and it wasn’t long before she came again.  Shannon shuffled round and planted her pussy in my face again and we tongued each other to a climax. Finally sated, she climbed off me and the three of us lay side by side, gently fondling and kissing each other

“Oh Shrimp, look at you! In bed with two older women. What would your mother say?” Joked Tee, playfully.

A voice from the doorway answered: “Normally I’d say ‘go for it, girl’ but on this occasion I’m going to say ‘move over and let your mother in’.”

And with that Sian joined us. For the next hour or so four women writhed around on the bed switching partners and pleasuring each other to climaxes until, exhausted, we fell asleep.


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Re: Back to basics - part 5, Monday
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2021, 01:54:07 PM »
Wonderful stuff. Both Lesley and I are loving the way you’re developing the characters at the same time as presenting graphic descriptions of the  contests between these superb fighting females. And then after they’ve given their all in physical combat they unwind by engaging in beautifully tender lesbian lovemaking, as gently arousing each other to orgasm as they mercilessly overpowered each other to submission. Thank you.  BB