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Anna Amore vs Petra Morgan in a fantasy beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3

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38DD-24-36 superbusty ebony pornstar champion Anna Amore matches anatomical areas and physical strength with ivory Czech and fellow wrestler, the stacked and sultry 34DD-23-34 Petra Morgan in contests to get a fetish video job

Prelude:  Anna Amore is on the top of the world as she is an incredibly hot pornstar, a sought after wrestler being the pornstar champion for quite a while now, and a fetish model that seemingly is just about unmatched in that arena.  She shows up for an “audition” for a fetish model shoot and thinks this is just a formality with all of her “assets” and “qualifications”.   The audition gets more interesting when she finds out a British model with also a very sizzling body is being invited to audition for the lead in the same fetish model video.  They meet away from the casting people for a few minutes while the production people make preparations to “audition” them.

Anna {sizing up the competition with each woman having their clothes on at this point}:  “Hmmm, not bad for a Czech, but quite frankly I don’t see you getting this video over me.  I’m more attractive than and certainly the more physical woman.”
Petra: “I’m not sure that having more body odor than me really qualifies you as ‘being more physical”.  I’ve competed against tougher women than you and left them begging for mercy.”
Anna: “Perhaps they just found you unattractive and boring and simply wanted you to go away…did you ever think of that?”
Petra: “You’ll certainly wish I never showed up today after I get the video and you are left crying about it on the cutting room floor.”

The casting people come out and order them to strip nude so that they can see their bodies up close and personal.  This confrontation gets very sexy very fast as neither woman is used to competing for a job against a rival as hot as the competition is in this case.  A discussion is made as to the criteria to decide the ultimate winner and those include winning a beauty contest and a catfight.  If the women split those two events, a tiebreaker will be judging fetish type poses to break the tie and decide the winner.

Beauty Contest:  There will be 8 anatomical areas compared with the winner of the majority of these competitions being declared the more beautiful woman and halfway to earning the fetish model video job.   The eight areas will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and ass.  The beauty contest begins with the faces of each woman judged against the competition.  Facial beauty is not the strongest asset of either woman, but Anna’s superior cheekbones and luscious lips give her the facial beauty win to take a 1-0 lead.  The next battle will be which woman has the better boobs, and this area is obviously a “huge” strength for both women.  Petra’s tits are fine, but Anna’s are downright divine as her 38DD chest overmatches Petra’s 34DD.  Anna’s seem to have less sag in them than Petra’s also giving her the edge and helping her to a 2-0 early lead in the beauty contest.  The next area of competition will be midsection or better shape.  Petra gets in the winning column as her smaller waist and more fit abdomen allows her to edge out the black supergoddess.  Anna’s lead is now cut to 2-1 as the women’s pussies now become the object of focus.  Yet another area where each woman excels, but it has always been hard for any woman to compete against Anna Amore’s great pussy lips and that deep red vagina against her black skin when those lips are spread.  This is no exception as Petra finds out with another anatomical area loss to drop to a 3-1 deficit against the sexy porn star.   The next asset to be judged is which woman has the better legs.  Anna does have a weakness here with rather thick legs, much like her midsection.  Petra’s legs defeat Anna in this area to reduce the deficit down to 3-2 with three areas left to be judged.  The next area will be arms/armpits, yet another strong area for each woman.  Each woman has silky smooth arms but with some muscles, and each woman has great armpits.  However, the difference as usual in all of her arms/armpits battles is Anna Amore’s incredible armpits which gives her the win and a 4-2 advantage with only two backside areas left to be judged.  She has clinched a tie in the beauty contest with a tiebreaker being used if a tie exists at the end.  The women turn around and let the casting people judge their backs, yet another area where both women are above average.  However, Anna’s back is a little thicker than Petra’s more defined one, thus Petra avoids the beauty contest overall defeat the time being with a back victory to cut her deficit to 4-3.  The last category is which woman has the better ass, and this is one where neither woman has a dominant butt that would defeat most women easily.  In a close contest, Petra Morgan edges Anna in this backside competition also to tie the overall beauty contest at 4 wins apiece.  The judges have written down their exact 1 to 10 scores for each woman for each category and go to that for the tiebreaker.  Using those total numbers, Petra Morgan comes back with a victory in the beauty contest after being down 4-2 with only two categories to go.  The superstacked former Czechoslovakian and now England resident is thrilled with her comeback while Anna Amore suspects a little hanky panky between Petra and the judges.  But she knows the next contest will be a submissions only catfight, and Petra’s extracurricular activities with any parties can’t save her in that one.  The casting people will be spectators only as a submission or someone becoming incapacitated are the only ways to lose the fight.  Thus, Anna Amore is pissed to have lost the beauty contest but knows that if she takes the catfight as she knows she will, it will come down to fetish posing, yet another great area for a supergorgeous, ebony beauty who has muscles that even some bodybuilders would like to have.   Petra Morgan on the other hand is letting Anna who the superior woman in the beauty contest was judged to be as she shows her a victory pose directed right in her face.
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Catfight:  The women are given the option to reclothe, but they decide it would be a waste of time since obviously their rival would be quick to rip them off to gain a psychological advantage of superiority.   Anna Amore looks very determined after being bested at the wire in the just completed beauty contest.   And after all, she is the pornstar catfighting champion and has been such for quite a while.  Thus, she is the aggressor as she puts her hands forward and above her head in the classic test of strength challenge.  Petra knows she herself is quite strong in the arms so shows no resistance or hesitancy at doing the same with her hands, and opposite hands of the very fit women lock fingers.  Arms begin to strain and deltoids become visible in both womens’ arms, and they move their legs into a better pushoff type position so that they will not stumble in their lower body area during the contest.  Hands and arms tremble for a while with first one woman getting the edge a little and then the other woman recovering to push her rival’s arms past vertical.  Finally, Anna Amore as might be expected does gain the final advantage and puts the superstacked British blonde Petra Morgan down to her knees.   Anna Amore steps forward enough so that she can straddle Petra’s head with her strong, thick legs and clamps on a standing legsscissors on her blonde opponent.  But Petra is no catfighting and wrestling novice having been in many matches herself, and having won most of them.  She quickly begins to pinch and fist punch Anna’s legs with enough force to make Anna release the hold and retreat slightly away from Petra.

That distance allows Petra to get up and face Anna Amore again on even terms, which is both in a standing position.  Petra makes the first move this time, a hard righthanded slap to the left side of Anna’s face sending her head sharply to the right and the cracking sound heard throughout the room.  Anna rubs her face as this was one of the harder slaps she has felt in her catfighting career but does nothing to deter her retaliation.  Anna moves forward into a solid right fist into Petra’s abdomen with the “oh” audible to everyone.  Petra however quickly comes back with her own midsection attack, a knee brought up into Anna Amore’s perhaps most vulnerable area since it is less developed that most of the rest of her body.  Anna is doubled over giving Petra easy access to her hair.  The superbusty, ivory blonde takes advantage by grabbing the hair and slamming her down to the padded floor using her tresses.  Anna lands on her back with her head and throat in a perfect position for a Petra Morgan leg drop against those sensitive areas.  Anna Amore’s head bounces off the padded floor in a recoil to the blow.  Petra drops to the floor next to Anna and blatantly chokes the black goddess with her strong hands.  Anna begins to cough signifying how effective the choke hold is working.  Petra keeps her right hand choking Anna’s throat while she moves her left hand to maul Anna’s defenseless beauty contest winning tits.  Finally however, with Petra’s hand divided between multiple Anna body parts, the pornstar champion is able to dislodge Petra’s right hand from her throat and buck Petra from her body.

Neither Petra nor Anna attempt to get up, but instead just sit doubled up on their knees.  Apparently, they have the same idea as they each wrap their arms around their rival, not so much in a bearhug contest, but more to stabilize themselves for an upcoming battle of titanic tits.  The women swing their monster mams against their competition, but although Anna won the better boobs battle during the beauty contest, this encounter ends up pretty much a draw.  Each woman has obviously had implants done, and their chest is harder than normal and certainly their juggs protrude far from their body trunk.  With that contest obviously neutral, the attention does indeed turn to the squeezing of each woman’s midsection via the bearhug.  And to no ones surprise, Anna does get a significant win here since not only are her arms stronger but Petra’s beauty contest winning midsection hurts her with its thinness.  Anna thus begins to literally squeeze the breath out of her rival Petra, and the blonde’s upper body begins to slump due to the duress.  That is perfect for the black superwoman Anna and her priceless treasure chest.  She is waiting for Petra’s head to slump down to contact her tits, and she gets her wish.  Anna uses those massive mammories to perform a great titsmother of the buxom blonde, and the punishment is increased by Anna’s huge hooters being saturated with sweat and starting to emit some body odor due to the strenuous exertion of the match up to this point.  Anna laughs as she grinds her mountainous mounds around Petra’s face, sometimes seeing it disappear to a large degree in the chasm that is her cleavage.  The casting producers are taking good notice of the action and obviously earning some points in their minds with Anna’s domination of Petra using her best assets.

Anna uses her bearhug to swing Petra’s body down flat on the floor and keeps the bearhug locked in order to come down on top of the supersexy British blonde bombshell.  Anna continues to grind her large orbs across Petra’s smaller, trapped ones, but this time she has the advantage of her body weight being behind both the tits rubbing and her beauty contest winning pussy area smacking loudly into Petra’s crotch area.   Anna really has an advantage at this point, so what better time than to use one of the most awesome weapons in her champion’s arsenal…her awesome armpits.  Anna moves her body position slightly in order to dangle her right shoulder above Petra’s face.  She then lowers that incredible right underarm of hers over the mouth and nose of Petra’s face, that cavernous and very fit area dominating the beautiful blonde’s face.  Just like her tits, except perhaps even more so, this area is laden with perspiration and a foul smell.  Anna grinds unmercilessly her fantastic right armpit area until most of the sweat has been transferred, but she only stops to move her left shoulder and armpit into the same position that her right was.  Anna gives Petra perhaps one of the most punishing double-barreled armpits smothers around as she rubs the moisture and odor onto Petra’s mouth and nose yet again.  Besides the humiliation and the unpleasantness of the episode, each time a smother occurs, Petra’s breathing is adversely affected.  Anna completes this punishment but remains in a mirroring position on Petra Morgan’s body, and begins doing pushups above and (on the downswing) on her body.  Every downswing ends with Anna Amore’s muscular body crushing Petra’s trapped form, and Petra’s “oh”s and “ugh”s attest to the success Anna is having.  Petra is getting desperate and can’t take too much more of this uninterrupted assault on her body.  Fortunately, Anna gets a little too arrogant and careless and doesn’t pay enough attention to Petra’s body.  The stacked Czechoslovakian blonde who now makes England her home brings up her knees on one of those pushup downswings and catches Anna right in the rib cage, sending the black muscular woman tumbling off to the side and holding her midsection both due to the pain and trying to get her breathing proper again. 

Anna Amore is now the one on her back, but Petra is slow to get up herself since she has been suffering an onslaught for several minutes via varying attacks by Anna.  However, Anna expended energy launching those offensive maneuvers, and the hard blow to her midsection which is considered her weakest area has stunned her into almost a motionless condition for the time being.  Petra finally gets up herself and is smart to produce the most amount of punishment with the least amount of effort, a series of footstomps.  Petra lets her beauty contest winning legs get help from gravity to produce a hurtful force in stomps to Anna’s tits, pussy, and of course midsection areas.  Petra especially seems to enjoy the smashing down of Anna’s tits since the black beauty was so proud to titsmother Petra such a short time ago.   But the pussy stomps and the midsection blows probably are doing the most damage, the former being such a vulnerable, sensitive area and the latter being a relatively weak and already attacked body section.  Petra maximizes her attack on Anna beauty contest winning pussy by spreading the black pornstar’s legs wide and delivering a vicious crotch kicks against that defenseless and most private region.  After softening her up and putting her into almost a motionless state due to the pain and punishment, Petra turns over the pornstar champion onto her stomach.  Petra grabs both of Anna’s legs around the back of the knees or so and cradles them in her arms as she squats over Anna’s body, leaning back as far as she can without losing her balance.  Petra is implementing a nice Boston Crab and putting the pressure on Anna’s back and her stomach also.  But Anna is a reasonably heavy woman, not some razor thin model, and her legs, arms, and back are rather strong and resistant to pain to some degree.  Plus, the Boston Crab puts a strain on the arms and body of the person implementing the hold, thus Petra can only hold it for the better part of a minute before she has to release Anna’s legs.  Anna swings her now free legs around in a circle and catches hard the pins of Petra to send her down in a heap beside her. 

Both women are moving slower than they have been due to the strenuous nature and punishment dished out during this fight.  Anna Amore moves over to Petra’s body and grabs the superbusty blonde by the hair and slings her to the sofa using those tresses.  Petra’s body is trapped on the sofa as Anna delivers short range fists to those huge hooters of the Czechoslovakian and her fit, beauty contest winning midsection.  The effectiveness of these attacks is proven with Petra’s audible expressions of pain and the smile coming across Anna’s face as she pummels the trapped blonde.  Petra Morgan knows she is in a desperate position but has her legs relatively free.  She coils them up between Anna’s body and her own and uncoils them to shoot Anna’s body away from the sofa and the torment of her. 


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The women get up and walk in a menacing manner towards each other.  For the first time in the match, a full blown hairpulling episode erupts with each woman obviously serious after pulling out some hair by the roots from her opponent.  Anna Amore and Petra Morgan go down to their knees for a brief time, but the force is too much and quickly sends them to lying positions on the floor.  Soon, their bodies begin to roll around the floor to the delight of the casting producers who run for a better view when they bodies threaten to bump into them.  Whenever a woman is on top and feels the opportunity is right, she begins to titsmother her trapped rival to deposit sweat, foul odor, and a humiliation to her opponent.  Even armpit smothers are utilized, including Petra’s introduction to Anna of her own superb underarms and the large capacity of sweat and odorous smell that they can generate.  But of course, when Anna does her armpit smothers, Petra knows she is in the presence of the true master with those perfect pits delivering all that punishment in addition to hurting her respiration with the flesh to face contact.  As Anna gets Petra more in the center of the room during this episode, Anna delivers the first pussy smother of the fight and once again deposits large amounts of perspiration and foul odor to the nose and mouth of Petra Morgan, in addition to the humiliation and respiratory distress.  Anna turns around her body even more and with her body on top of Petra’s, she is now facing the busty Brit’s feet.  Anna uses her very strong arms to wrap them around Petra’s extended legs, binding them together.  At the same time, Anna extends her own legs past Petra’s head and crosses them just behind that area and locks on a great legsscissors.  Anna’s legs may be a little thick, which is why she lost that area in the beauty contest, but they are still powerful.  Anna squeezes Petra’s beautiful face and head like a grape in a vise while she continues to incapacitate her stacked blonde’s own legs with her bearhug of them.   However, Petra still has her arms free, and those pulling on Anna’s legs in addition to the sweat acting like a freeing lubricant allow Petra to escape the legsscissors.  And despite Anna’s strength in her arms, Petra’s legs are powerful also and begin to pull apart Anna’s arms which then free those appendages from bondage.  

Although Petra did escape the holds, Anna has had the upper hand for a while and thus is the first one to move aggressively.  Anna partially pulls up Petra’s body, turns her back to the supersexy Czech blonde bombshell, and reaches back with her right arm to hook Petra’s head in order to execute a great snapmare.  That sends Petra’s body flying in front of Anna, ending with a hard landing on that beauty contest winning butt of hers.  Anna moves in quickly with a hard right knee to Petra’s exposed beauty contest winning back and follows up on that by grabbing Petra’s arms at the wrists and pulling them back painfully behind her in a harsh overextension of those appendages.  Petra is screaming in agony both due to the knee putting pressure on her luscious back and her arms being almost hyperextended behind her back.  However, in the vein of “if someone gives you lemons, make some lemonade”, Petra decides to go with the flow on her arms being pulled.  Petra braces her own feet and legs against the floor and suddenly pushes back towards Anna.  That surprise and forceful moves sends Anna Amore tumbling backwards and allows Petra easy escape from the painful combination holds.

Petra and Anna grab each other arms in an upper body struggle, but the lower body carries the day on this battle.  Petra has better braced herself and walks Anna back against one of the walls in the room.  Petra lowers her head and like a bull charges into Anna, her projectile head ramming hard into the soft belly of the black pornstar and catfighting champion Anna Amore.  Now, it is Anna who yells out in pain from this surprise onslaught on her midsection, already attacked several times during this matchup.  Petra has apparently also tired on the many uses of Anna’s arms and armpits in the match and is ready and able to punish these areas.  Petra moves both her hands near the pectoral muscles of Anna, precisely where they contact the shoulder area in her front and implements two strong claw holds.  It is easy to tell these are working their magic as Anna’s facial expression becomes contorted with agonizing pain, some screaming ensues, and those mighty arms are not moving and wrecking havoc as they have during the match.  Anna’s eyes also roll back in her head some as the paralyzing nature of the holds are taking their toll on Anna’s focus and ability to resist.  Some of the casting producers are beginning to wonder if this is not only the end of their search since a win by Petra would clinch the fetish video deal, but also if Anna Amore’s pornstar champion title is about to change hands.  Fortunately for Anna, the same slippery perspiration that has saved Petra from some of Anna’s holds helps the black superwoman in this case.  Petra’s hands begin to slip their grips of Anna’s pectoral muscles, and her arms strength does the rest.  Anna is finally able to recover enough from the attack to move her own hands to grab Petra’s and move them away from her body.  However, Petra still has the position advantage with Anna’s body still stuck against the wall.  Petra takes this opportunity to give Anna more exposure to her cavernous armpits, this time from a standing position.  Petra grinds and rubs her magnificent underarms across Anna’s beauty contest winning face as her humiliation and embarrassment of the superstacked ebony goddess continues.   Petra follows that up with a forceful and uninvited exploration of Anna Amore most private asset, her beauty contest winning pussy.  Anna’s eyes once again roll back in her head some due to a combination of pleasure and pain.   Finally, Anna ends this prolonged onslaught of her by pushing Petra Morgan’s body away from her own.

As Petra tries to force the action again by moving towards Anna, the pornstar champion proves why she is indeed the best.  Anna’s right fist meets Petra’s face in a hard collision with Petra’s face getting the worse of the encounter.  Anna thrustkicks a stunned Petra in her beauty contest winning midsection.  Petra is relegated to all fours from the contact, and Anna is quick to continue the fight to her blonde opponent.  Anna mounts Petra’s body and wraps her legs around her midsection with another great legsscissors.  The tangling of bodies and Petra trying to support Anna’s weighty from sends both women to the floor.  Anna is able to maintain the legsscissors and in fact improve the hold now that she has the floor to help stablelize her own body.  Anna adds an armbar to Petra’s predicament by grabbing the superbuxom blonde’s left wrist and painfully extending that arm yet another time as Anna did earlier in the match.   Anna continues to maintain both holds, either to try to get a submission or to soften Petra up for a future submission.  

Anna Amore maintains the midsection legsscissors, but does indeed switch the use of her arms.  By maneuvering her body where she is more behind Petra Morgan, she changes over the armbar into an effective full nelson of her competent opponent.  It now becomes a test of strength as to whether Petra can pull apart Anna’s clasped hands from the full nelson, because with her legs useless as of now, Anna’s legs are carrying the day as far as the legsscissors goes.  Petra strains with all her might and remaining fight as proven by the grimace on her face, the audible “ugh”s and “oh”s as she tries to escape, and the muscle strain that is evident in her arms and hands as she attempts to break the full nelson.  But Anna’s arms are so powerful that it appears that Petra will not be able to escape this time.  Anna realizes this and begins to ask for a submission:

Anna:  “Hmmm, appears your supersized juggs aren’t going to get you out of this one, are they?  Might as well concede and pray you can win the fetish modeling session, because I have just tied this contest up at 1 win apiece, whore!”
Petra {continuing to struggle to escape one or both holds}: “I’m not done yet, bitch”
Anna {squeezing even harder with her legs and pulling tighter with her hands:  “Uh, babe, I hate to give you the obvious bad news, but I should just stick a fork in you, because you’re done!”
Petra {now in extreme distress due to the legsscissors hold and the full nelson}:  “I give….I give…you oversiliconed slut!  Let me go!!”

Anna doesn’t appreciate the slut comment nor the verbal criticism of her magnificent mams, so she gives a few more tugs with her arms in the full nelson hold and a couple extra squeezes with her strong legs to leave her mark on Petra Morgan’s psyche.  She has now tied up the overall contest 1-1 by winning the catfight after losing the beauty contest.  The star of the fetish video will be decided by fetish modeling to come.

Fetish modeling contest:  With Petra Morgan’s win the beauty contest and Anna Amore’s victory in the catfight, the selection of the star of the fetish video comes down to one more matchup, each woman modeling with her own poses in a fetish type manner.  The winner of this contest as judged by the casting producers will get the part, and the loser will have expended a lot of energy and suffered a lot of humiliation for what ended up being no gain.  This contest will have each model select 5 varying poses showing their ultimate sexuality in bondage or other type fetish activities, limited to solo action.  The casting producers will decide which woman has best portrayed the attitude they want for their fetish video and be declared the winner.  That woman will have fulfilled the obligation of winning 2 out of 3 related to the beauty contest, the catfight, and the fetish modeling and thus win the video job.   Anna Amore will go first to be followed by Petra Morgan.

Anna Amore begins with a basic stretched out pose with arms almost in a pinned position and then moves on to a nurse’s outfit with a great touch of appearing to want to milk her huge right tit/nipple.  She the changes over to more bondage photos with her hands chained, her mountainous mams squeezed by a vise-like device, and then the classic hands tied above her head while ball gagged.  Anna sets a high standard with her sexy and gorgeous display of many of her assets in fetish type scenes.  Petra Morgan counters with a great armpits/classis winners pose of her own and then switches to a mostly clothed bound shot to be followed up with a rope bound shot of her entire body being tied up.  She then finishes up on a strong note of bondage with bright red ropes tying her body at the same time she is ball gagged.  Add to that a great touch of a chain connecting those luscious nipples of hers, and she is proving to be all the competition that Anna Amore might dread and even more.  Petra responds to the challenge of Anna with a strong set of fetish modeling of her own, but in the end Anna gets the role in the video by winning the fetish posing contest and the symbolic whip to show her superiority over her superstacked, blonde bombshell rival.

Decision:  In a very, very close split decision by the producers, Anna Amore is judged to be the winner, not so much due to her specific poses which they gave the edge of originality to Petra Morgan, but due to her superior tits and those awesome arms of hers.  Petra is visibly upset with the outcome but Anna is obviously pleased with herself.   They give Anna the trophy, the symbolic dominatrix whip for proving herself superior in 2 of 3 contests, while Petra Morgan leaves dejected out the door.

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