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Diamond Foxxx vs Petra Morgan in a beauty contest,sexfight,catfight (Part 1 of 4

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Superstacked 32G-24-36 blonde bombshell makes a move on 34DD-23-35 Petra Morgan’s fiance and the confrontation begins

Prelude:  Czech supermodel Petra Morgan is getting ready for her wedding day and looking for her fiancee.  He is working on an advertising account and has gone to Diamond Foxxx  the client’s home to get some input.  Petra has heard this woman has the nickname “black widow” with the reputation of taking other women’s men away from their wives or girlfriends and leaving the women devastated in her wake.  But then again Petra is a gorgeous, busty blonde of her own and has those world famous tits that are insured for $16,000,000 with Lloyds of London.  Anyway, a decision about the wedding can’t wait and quite frankly she wants to inspect the competition for herself so she heads over to Diamond’s place for the showdown.  Unfortunately for her, Diamond has had quite a head start and the meeting has already begun.  She is let in to the home by a servant and is told that Diamond’s office is upstairs in a converted bedroom.  For the first time, Petra gets a bad feeling about the entire situation and quickly climbs the stairs to the hallway where the office is.  Petra notices that there seems to be a bathroom next to it and another bedroom and guesses that might be a shared bath.  So, Petra goes into the other bedroom and then steps into the bathroom, a nice place to crack a door and look into the office/bedroom without being noticed.  Fortunately, the bathroom is empty and her plan works perfectly and she is able to see and hear everything between her fiancee John and Diamond Foxxx.

Diamond {wearing a low cut black two piece business suit}:  “Well John, what do you have to show me today?”
John:  “Yes, I have some things to go over with you and need your feedback.”
Diamond {getting up from sitting position and moving over to John and putting her huge hooters in his face}:  “Baby, perhaps I should show you a couple of things I think you might find amazing.”
John {his clothes being taken off by Diamond}:  “Diamond,….uh…….I don’t know about this.  I’m engaged to a great woman named Petra Morgan and you must have better options than me.”

Petra {whispering to herself}: “Hear that bitch, he isn’t interested!!  You are indeed nothing but a man-stealing slut, but you can’t take my John.  He won’t fall for your siren song.”

Diamond {continuing to strip John whose resistance is becoming weaker}:  “Now aren’t you getting more comfortable.  I know I can’t wait to see your big dick which seems to be giving me a salute as I speak inserted into my luscious mouth and precious pussy .”
Petra {whispering to herself}: “I can’t believe this shit.  John is letting her strip him down and he is enjoying the hell out of it!”
John {his clothes almost gone and looking down on to Diamond’s still mostly covered humongous hooters}:  “Oh, I have to admit, you are sooooo sexy!  That gorgeous face….that treasure chest that I can’t wait to plunder…and those legs!!!!  I’m getting sooooo horny!”
Diamond {for the first time noticing a woman voyeuring from the bathroom and she knows who that is}:  “But I thought you have a fiancee.  Are you sure you want to cheat on her?  But then again, I am sooooo incredibly hot and horny and am irresistable for sure!”
Petra {whispering to herself}: “I am his fiancee, and I’m twice the woman you could ever be.”
John {submitting to Diamond’s seduction}:  “Let’s just call this an early bachelor party.”
Diamond {amazed at the size of his tool but now  stands up to strip herself to make it even}:  “Time for me to take off my skirt and unbutton my top and let you see the best womanly assets on this planet.  You won’t even remember your fiancee’s name after this.”
John {seeing those perfectly shaped and G sized monster mams}:  “Oh my God….what a set of tits you have!!!”
Petra {seeing those perfectly shaped and G sized monster mams and saying to herself}:  “Oh my God….what a set of tits you have!!!”
Diamond {looking towards the bathroom as she moves back towards John and grabbing for his evergrowing shaft}:  “You know, baby, my body can turn on not only your dick but also any woman in the world.  I challenge any woman to pit her body against mine!”
Petra {right on queue getting turned on herself into masturbation mode but still whispering}:  “Ummmm…..ohhhhh….what a arrogant bitch but oooohhh myyyy Goddddd, she is hot!!”

Diamond grabs hold of that huge cock and puts it into her luscious mouth and does one of her many expert functions….sucking for a perfect blowjob.  The superbusty blonde bombshell gets up and gives John a great look at her ass to keep his shaft at full attention as she continues to strip off her clothing including her G string.  She moves towards John yet again in a sexual attack like John has never seen.  And for that matter neither has Petra Morgan who has stripped off her dress, then her lingerie until completely nude, and now is fondling those $16 million insured titanic tits and alternately probing her precious pussy in a frenzy of masturbation.  Meanwhile, Diamond is continuing her incredible seduction of Petra’s guy John with her overwhelming tits and awesome pussy as her primary weapons.  Petra hears the pleasurable sounds coming from the very next room just as Diamond’s sexy body has her turned on as much as her fiance John.  Petra Morgan is almost hyponotized by Diamond’s irresistable performance.  Finally, Diamond and John climax, and that results in a strong stream of cum sent forth by John to cover some of Diamond’s face and a small portion of the blonde goddess’ gigantic gazongas.  Petra is also emitting her own stream of cum as her fingers have brought herself some ejections of her own from her pussy.  Diamond collapses on to her back in exhaustion from her sexual adventure and John is lying right beside her.  At the same time, Petra Morgan’s proximity and her own former whispers of ecstasy have now turned into screams of pleasure, much of which can be heard via that ajar door to the bathroom.  Of course, none of that surprises Diamond since she knew long ago that Petra Morgan was witnessing this entire episode, but John for the first time becomes aware of someone having watched their performances.  

Diamond slowly gets up from her energetic sex with John and sensually walks over to the bathroom door and flings it open to reveal an also exhausted Petra…worn out by the masturbation she was doing in the bathrrom while the intercourse was taking place in the bedroom office next door.  Diamond grabs Petra by the hair and walks her into the room near John and begins a little more activity.

Diamond {using the hair as leverage to pull Petra’s face into her own for a passionate kiss}: “You look like you feel left out so let me transfer some of John’s cum that is on my face and lips to yours, honey!  And baby, no woman kisses like I do as you are about to find out”
Petra {being French kissed by Diamond at this point and her hands go up in feigned protest”: “Hmmmm….. ummmmm…… stop….please….don’t…..please don’t stop!  My God, you are so incredibly sexy!”
Diamond {pulling Petra’s face into that vast expanse of 32Gs known as her tits}: “Oh, and let’s not forget another area where he cummed on….my gigantic gazongas.  I would have said something about how little he covered of them with his sperm, but quite frankly that is clearly impossible considering how huge they are!!”
Petra {titsmothered at this point by her superstacked rival}: “Ohhhhhhh…mmmmmmm……my God!”

Petra is obviously torn in this episode also….knows she is being humiliated but drawn towards Diamonds great assets while both being kissed and even titsmothered.  But finally, Petra pushes Diamond away and issues a challenge!

Petra:  “Listen slut….I’m ready to take you on in some contests and we’ll prove once and for all who the hotter woman is.  It is just you bad luck for you that I showed up when I did.”
Diamond {laughing}:  “Bad luck?  Bad luck?  I don’t think so, baby.  I know that you are his fiance!  And who do you think paid off your wedding planner to get you to have to come here and supposedly ask him about some wedding details that are already done?  Me, that’s who!  You came here today because I wanted you here.  I knew you would find us fucking like rabbits because I knew that John couldn’t possibly resist my charms.  No other man ever has been able to walk away from my sizzling bod, and I’ve faced many women.  I’m too much woman for you just like I was for those other women!  Whatever Diamond Foxxx wants, Diamond Foxxx gets, doll!”
Petra:  “Oooooohhhh realllllyyyyy, then let’s have a beauty contest followed by a catfight and I’ll show you that you won’t be undefeated anymore after this.  I’m going to kick your slutty ass in both battles!”
Diamond:  “You’re on, honey, and just because I feel so confident, we will let your fiancee John, or maybe he is your ex-fiancee at this point, huh, be the judge!  Let’s have 8 areas for competition….facial beauty, tits, shape, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, back, and butt.  Whoever wins more of these judgments wins the contest, ok baby?  I so look forward to taking down your $16 million tits, bitch!”
Petra:  “Fine, and I’m going to beat you down in both of these contests.”
Diamond:  “You’ll forgive me if I need to shower first.  Your ex-fiancee really creamed me good!”
Petra:  “Very funny, baby….I’ll shower with you just so you don’t run away.”
Diamond:  “I knew I was turning you on, and it was killing you that you couldn’t stop looking and masturbating.  My guess is when John was licking my pussy, you were wishing it was your tongue and your lips doing the deed”
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Beauty Contest:   The women remain nude after their shower since there is no reason to hide anything at this point since both women have seen each other nude already and John has seen both of them nude.  But before the beauty contest begins, the women seductively pose, perhaps for John but more likely showcasing their talents for the competition to admire.  The contest begins with a comparison of facial beauty, not particularly one of Petra Morgan’s best assets while Diamond Foxxx is well above average so she easily wins this battle to take a 1-0 lead.  The next area to be compared will be tits, and that is great for John as he gets to see both woman thrusting out their treasure chests for his perusal.  Petra has those titanic tits that she has insured for $16 million with Lloyds of London, but her DDs are actually dwarfed by Diamond’s Gs.  Perhaps hers should be insured for $32 million as she embarasses the supertitted Petra Morgan by winning once again easily to up her advantage to 2-0.  The next area of comparsion will be midsections/shapes on each woman.  Neither has a concave abdomen but both are fit in their middle.  But Petra has a more defined stomach plus her move of a curvy appearance since her bust circumference, not her cup size, is larger with a 34” vs 32”.  That causes more of a difference making her shapelier and gives her the midsection win to cut her deficit to 2-1.  The next area to be judged is the pussy on each woman.  Like most areas, each is well above average with a nearly irresistable pussy.  In the closest comparison so far, Diamond takes this most private region with a larger and even sexier pussy than Petra possessed.  This give Diamond a 3-1 advantage halfway through the beauty contest.  The next area is a comparison of legs, which is not particulary a strong area for either woman.  Both have heavier legs than a glamour model would with Petra’s perhaps a little more muscular than Diamond.  But in this case, her muscularity doesn’t really help her that much, and Diamond’s legs are judged a little thinner and shapelier and tapered to give her a fourth victory in the first five battles to give her a huge 4-1 lead.  Petra must win the next contest to avoid losing this contest…the next area being arms/armpits.  This ends up being a rout for Petra who not only has more beautiful arms than Diamond in both firmness and muscularity but has absolutely awesome armpits versus Diamond’s pretty ordinary pits.  Petra cuts her deficit to 4-2 with the frontside areas finished.  The women turn around so that their backsides are now right in front of John.  Both women have beautiful backs with neither being able to distinguish herself as better than the other.  That results in a draw which is all that Diamond Foxxx needs to clinch the overall victory as the tally is now 4-2-1 with only the battle of the butts left to decide.  This area is not the strongest area for either woman with neither possessing a bubble butt.  However, Diamond’s is larger and more spread out than Petra’s which gives the Czech the ass triumph due to her more compact rear end.  Diamond does win the overall beauty contest in a squeaker with the final score being 4-3-1 over her blonde bombshell foe.

Diamond {bragging over her victories}:  “Too bad, baby, I believe this makes you 0 for 2 for today.  First, I fuck your fiancee and then he prefers me over you in the beauty contest.  Not a great day for Czechoslovakia is it, but then again, what day is?”
Petra {furious at the insults}:  “Listen you oversiliconed bitch….I should have won this beauty contest but John nor anyone else is going to rate the catfight.  It is no holds barred, submissions only, and I can’t wait to get you trapped in a hold you can’t escape from and take your ego down with your body.”
Diamond:  “Let’s make this even more of a competitive event and before the catfight, let’s have a sexfight with a kissing duel with each other, tit battle, pussy war, and I’ll even throw in a arms/armpits battle to give you an actual chance to win one.”
Petra:  “Bring it, baby….I can’t wait to make you submit to my will!”

Sexfight:  This 4 stage battle will start with a kissing contest and the women lock lips and see who can’t handle the seduction of the other sex goddess.  Both have nice lips but Diamond’s seem even fuller than Petra’s hot ones, but tongues are also involved as regular kissing turns quickly and without warning into French kissing.  Diamond also seems to have the advantage there, and her dominance today over Petra continues as she has the Czech sex goddess reeling from her seductive kisses.  Petra ends up on the floor with Diamond on top of her and still pouring it on as Petra as evidenced by the motion of her arms concedes the kissing duel to Diamond.  The second battle begins as each woman contacts the other up top in a tit battle of gigantic proportions considering Petra’s DDs and Diamond’s G cup size boobs.  Petra wants to go woman to woman against Diamond’s supposedly invincible tits without someone else judging the American superstacked blonde’s to be superior.  Tits smash against tits and each woman knows she is up against humongous hooters of her opponent, far better ones than each is used to competing against in other boob battles.  Each woman occasionally swings her titanic tits from side to side to try to produce additional force but mostly they simply maintain pressured contact against their rival’s treasure chest.  The intensity of this battle is evidenced by “oh my God”s and “oh fuck” and other exclamations being made by both women during this incredible skirmish.  Juggs overflow to the sides as the center of the breast contact is intense.  Finally, Diamond’s Gs seem to have Petra’s DDs on the run as Petra moves her hands to the sides of her own tits to try to keep them from being pushed to the side too much.  But Diamond Foxxx’s gigantic gazongas continue to dominate the action and prove to both women and to John that if Petra’s chest is worth $16 million, then Diamond’s must be worth about double that!  Petra’s exclamations get to a louder volume “Oooohhhh Goddd, what tits you have….aaaaiiiii….I give….I give…your tits win!!”  Diamond uses her own hands to squeeze her tits together and give Petra’s bountiful boobs one last assault and completely destroys her rival’s juggs in the process.  Diamond finally breaks contact after the concession with Petra obviously devastated that her rival Diamond now has a commanding 2-0 lead with only two areas left in this flesh to flesh war.

The next area will be a battle of arms/armpits in which the women will take turns following the directions of the other woman to worship those areas.  Petra and Diamond flip a coin to see which woman gets the first opportunity to try to make the other woman concede.  Diamond continues her winning streak by even winning the coin toss.  Thus, for a limited period of time, Petra must do whatever Diamond orders her to do related to worshiping her arms and pits.  That period starts as does Diamond who demands that Petra caress her arms and then tells her to kiss her armpits and the rest of her underarms.  Diamond’s arms and pits are not enticing enough to force Petra to keep contact when the time period expires so Diamond fails in this particular attempt to win this contest at this time.  Now, it is Petra’s turn to try to charm Diamond into a concession.  Just like Diamond did, she demands that her rival caress her arms, which are more muscular than Diamond’s and more firm.  But the real advantage comes when she orders Diamond to kiss her armpits.  And Diamond soon finds out why Petra Morgan has among the best armpits around.  It is Diamond’s turn to utter exclamations of ecstasy just like Petra did during the boobs battle.  “Oh shit!!  My God!!  I can’t believe I’m kissing your armpits and I just can’t stop.  They are sooooo sexy and perfecty!”   The time limit comes up where Diamond must break contact or she will be declared the loser, and Diamond doesn’t have the willpower to move away.  John declares Petra the winner, and the Czech honey can’t resist letting Diamond worship her armpits that much longer.  Petra has had few bright moments today, but clearly this is one of them as she is humiliating her superbusty blonde bombshell opponent.  Petra cuts her deficit to 2-1 with only the pussy war left to be contested….where a each woman inserts one end of a double dildo into her own pussy and sees whose pussy can exert more pressure on the other.  This is a great contest with each woman having superb pussies and although Diamond won the pussy portion of the beauty contest in appearance, she has to earn it the win again on functionality.  This most sexual of all the battles is so hotly contested that giramces quickly overtake their faces as the normal expressions during this pussy fight.  Grunting also accompanies the womens’ efforts as they both know how important this is….if Diamond Foxxx wins, she is victorious in the overall catfight while if Petra Morgan wins, some sort of tiebreaker must be held to determine the winner.  But as the contest continues, Petra seems to struggle to maintain her end of the competition as Diamond is able to push harder than Petra, which forces the dildo to go deeper into Petra’s pussy.  The incredibly superstacked Czech blonde isn’t accustomed to being on the short end of the dildo so to speak but that is exactly what is occuring.  Petra audible protestations prove her desperation…… ”Oooohhhh bitch, your pussy can’t be stronger than mine” and “Ooooohhhh…..aiiiiiiiii……shit……” until finally she utters those fateful words “I give….I give up!!  She reaches down and removes the dildo end that is in her pussy and finds it covered with cum.  Thus, Diamond not only won the pussy war to finish off a 3-1 sexfight win but also got the bonus of making her competition climax with cum at the end of the process.


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Catfight:  Diamond is pleased with her performance so far this day with triumphs in taking away Petra’s fiancee, her deception in doing so, her beauty contest victory, and now her just completed sexfight win.  Petra on the other hand has found out the hard way why Diamond Foxxx is one of the hottest women on the planet, so far having been proven superior to the Czech beauty in every way.  But Petra is more confident about the catfight than any other because she believes both her arms and legs to be more powerful, and she has done quite a bit of wrestling fetish videos and photo shoots and knows some basic wrestling holds to boot.  And she believes her legscissors hold is devastating if she can get it locked in…and can’t wait to get Diamond Foxxx’s head trapped inside so she can squeeze it like a grape in a vise.  Petra also has her sights set on those humongous hooters of Diamond and would love to get those mountainous mammories trapped in that same legscissors.  Diamond and Petra are given the option to put on some skimpy lingerie or bikinis but they are anxious to get started and thus remain nude as they have been for most of this episode.  Diamond is still sporting her victorious smirk and Petra her angry expression as the Czech blonde bombshell raises her hands in front of her body in an obvious challenge for Diamond to match up hands with her in the classic test of strength.  Diamond engages her hands with the opposite hands of Petra and the push is on.  Arms and hands tremble as each woman attempts to bend back her rival’s.  It doesn’t take long for Petra’s stronger arms to take command as Diamond’s arms are pushed back towards her own body and away from vertical.  In fact, Petra gains such an advantage that she puts Diamond down to her knees in a fairly short time, testifying not only to her superior arm strength but also her more powerful legs.

Petra sees the opening to take advantage of a kneeling Diamond as she continues to hold the beauty contest winning blonde’s hands.  Petra straddles Diamond’s head and squeezes her legs together in a standing legscissors.  Keeping hold of Diamond’s hands stabilizes the hold and allows Petra to maintain her balance as her strong legs continue to compress Diamond’s thin neck in a torture of her hated rival.  Diamond screams out in pain and frustration as Petra’s legs are dishing out the punishment as Petra’s arms painfully extend Diamond’s weaker arms away from her body.  Diamond’s body is still magnificent and some might consider it even more sexy than usual as her gigantic gazongas hang and shake as she is on her knees and those humongous hooters still almost seem to defy gravity.  Petra has a maniacal smile on her face as she is really relishing getting some revenge on the vixen who stole her fiancee and then defeated her in the beauty contest and the sexfight.  Diamond can’t free her wrists from Petra’s strong hands but she still has her body to use as a weapon.  Diamond begins to push forward using her free legs as the impetus, and Petra’s standing position finally becoming a disadvantage.  Diamond’s forward movement throws Petra’s balance out of whack, sending the stacked Czech stumbling backwards and releasing the legscissors on Diamond Foxxx’ head in the process.  The end of Diamond’s torture can’t come too soon to the superbusty blonde as her neck is not the strongest part of her anatomy.

Petra Morgan is still the aggressor as Diamond tries to recover from her headscissors.  Petra crawls back over to Diamond’s position but her rival keeps her at bay by thrusting out her legs.  Petra attempts to grab those legs but they are moving too fast for the sexy Czech to ever grab hold of either of them.  Diamond is able to get into more of a standoff position as she now faces Petra, both women still on their knees at this point.  Hands flail away at their foe’s body as each tries to get a hold that she can turn into an advantage, and hopefully one that will also dispense pain at the same time.  But each is adept at fighting off her rival’s probing hands.  Frustration builds in each superstacked woman as neither can get a good hold of her foe.  Diamond vents out her own impatience with a quick, hard righthanded slap against the left side of Petra’s face.  The Czech beauty’s head jerks to its right in response to the blow as an expression of anger reigns over it.  Petra briefly rubs the left side of her face but quickly follows up the attack on her face with a likewise assault on Diamond’s beauty contest winning face, but she hits with the back of her left hand in an unexpected move.  That hits the target of Diamond’s right cheek sending the sexy blonde’s head hard to the left as a response to the blow.  Neither woman seems to want to continue this skirmish since each thinks her face is too beautiful to be potentially market up by blows to it.

But the women remain in close proximity to each other and they can’t resist getting down and dirty with their rival.  Each goes for her foe’s golden hair and fistfuls of tresses begin a full blown hairpulling event.  Heads are violently yanked from side to side as each woman must follow the direction her hair is being pulled.  Petra’s stronger hands and arms along with perhaps her firmer neck gives her the advantage after this goes on for a while.  Finally, she is able to force Diamond to try to defend her own hair instead of continuing to yank on Petra’s blonde locks.  Petra gives one strong yank to send Diamond flat on her back on the plush carpet.  Petra quickly covers her hated foe with her own body mirroring the beauty contest winning bod of Diamond Foxxx.  Petra extends her hands to pin Diamond’s arms out to the side of her body as she drops those $16 million insured boobs on to Diamond’s beauty contest winning face.  Petra swings those titanic tits, which at this point have become saturated with sweat, across the face of Diamond making quite the unpleasant experience for the trapped blonde.  Besides the perspiration she is being exposed to, Petra’s body odor is also making its way into Diamond’s face along with those humongous hooters restricting Diamond’s breathing anytime they establish good flesh to flesh contact with her nose and mouth.  Petra continues to deliver a devastating titsmother with those world record insured tits of hers, perhaps in revenge for her rack being judged inferior to Diamond’s in the beauty contest and losing out again in the sexfight when she herself conceded Diamond’s were better than her own.

Petra lets up on the titsmother but not her occupation of Diamond’s sizzling bod.  Petra changes over to armpit smothers…using her world class ones that easily won the beauty contest region and lowers first her right underarm and then her left underarm for even more humiliation, transfer of sweat and foul odor, and restriction of breathing against the competition.  Diamond’s protests are muffled as Petra’s priceless pits wreak havoc with Diamond’s beautiful face and her chance to fight back.  Petra’s perfect tits do a real number on Diamond Foxxx as her concave areas are perfect for securing a great dock with her blonde rival’s face.  And if Diamond thought that Petra’s tits had a lot of perspiration and some foul odor associated with them, that was a picnic compared to the smell and sweat delivered now by the sexy Czech’s armpits.  Petra grinds them around Diamond’s face in a humiliating way that even is turning on her ex-fiancee John who is watching every minute of this match.  Petra ends that torture only to deliver on the third of what is looking like a trifecta, a pussy smother.  Petra moves her prone body forward so that her precious pussy is above Diamond’s face and drops it security down on to that targeted area and just like with the armpits and the tits episodes, she isn’t shy about grinding it hard into her rival’s beautiful face.  Petra pounds that great pussy of hers into Diamond, almost forcing her foe to lick it if nothing else.  And to make matters worse for the foxy Foxxx, Petra squeezes her strong legs together in the area of Diamond’s head, once again locking on a legscissors around her rival’s head just like she did at the beginning of the match.  But fortunately for Diamond in this case, she has her arms and hands free.  With Petra’s main body located past her head at this point, she is able to push Petra’s lower body off hers with the aid of a kickout using her legs to generate some of the dislodging force.

Petra is lying on her stomach as Diamond quickly gets up from her recent punishment, much more humiliating than it ever was dehabilitating.  Only the restriction of breathing was physically punishing as the other aspects was simply her being disrespected by her opponent.  Before Petra can get off the plush carpet, Diamond leaps on to her back and smashes Petra’s pumpkins hard into the carpet.  Diamond grabs Petra’s hair and uses it to rake her face across the carpet at the same time.  Diamond has a vengeful look at her face as she gets to a sitting position on Petra’s back and rakes her fingernails down that beautiful back.  Now it is Petra’s turn to protest with a combination of Czechoslovakian and English language profanities served up Diamond’s direction.  Diamond reaches back with her right hand and spanks Petra’s very accessable ass as she continues with some humiliating moves of her own.  Diamond moves her hands to clasp together underneath Petra’s right shoulder as she lays her body on top of Petra’s left shoulder and arm pinning it.  Diamond pulls on the right shoulder as she performs a painful stretching of her foe’s body while she is still lying down.  Petra lets out a scream of pain as the right side of her body is bent backward from its previous spot of being prone on the carpet with the rest of her.  Diamond’s body weight keeps her rival’s left side still flush on the carpet, so this is almost an abdominal stretch hold, but from a lying down instead of a standing position.


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Diamond is the one who is laughing in a maniacal manner as she continues to use her own body weight and her arms to maintain the painful and awkward stretching of Petra Morgan’s body.  Diamond uses her free legs to bring them down on top of Petra’s to not only dissuade her competitor from trying to use her own legs to rock her body but also to bring down her feet to try to bruise Petra’s legs with her heels.  That process brings even more screaming from Petra’s mouth, not even related to the punishing stretch.  Diamond looks John’s direction as if to look for his approval of her punishment of his ex-fiancee.  But Petra’s body is hard to hold forever and she is able to rock her body enough to dislodge Diamond’s body from her left side which allows her to roll to that side and relieve the pressure on her left arm.  In fact, it allows her to slip that arm out and she shoves out her ass to push Diamond’s body away from her own.  Diamond does get a couple of parting thrust kicks against Petra’s body as she is shoved away by Petra’s movements.

Petra and Diamond get to standing positions for the first time in a long while.  Petra Morgan is anxious for revenge…perhaps too anxious.  She rushes towards Diamond who raises up a knee to contact Petra in her most private area, her pussy!  Petra collapses to her knees, and Diamond is quick to take advantage as she gets behind her foe and reaches around Petra’s head to grab the corners of the Czech’s mouth and painfully stretch them out to the side.  Petra screams in agony as her mouth is extended farther than it should really be pulled.  Petra reaches up with her own hands to engage Diamond, who in the meantime has also thrust a knee into Petra’s back to up the pain index.  But Petra’s hands and arms are stronger than Diamond’s so she is able to remove the beauty contest winning blonde’s hands from her mouth and end that agony.  With only a knee in her back, Petra lunges forward to get away from that punishment and quickly rolls away from her tormentor as Diamond can’t catch her with that sudden move.

Petra quickly gets back to her feet so not to be at a disadvantage while facing her rival.  Petra is the one again making the first move as she more slowly this time approaches the beauty contest winning, superstacked blonde.  Petra cocks back her right fist and hits Diamond with a hard right that clearly stuns the diminuitive blonde.  Diamond is temporarily motionless due to the stunning blow which allows Petra to approach Diamond’s defenseless body.  Petra wraps her arms around Diamond’s midsection and immediately institutes a bearhug using her strong arms.  As soon as Petra begins to squeeze, a grimace comes across her rival’s face and Diamond begins to scream.  That only encourages her Czech opponent to crush her stomach even harder with her arms.  The effect on Diamond becomes obvious with the slumping of her head which ends up flush against Petra’s hard tits.  Petra knows she has Diamond on the rocks but apparently wants to finish her off with another.

Petra suddenly releases the bearhug but quickly gets behind Diamond and puts the beauty contest and sexfight contests winner in a full nelson.  Petra’s strong arms are highlighted once more as are her awesome armpits as her arms and hands have Diamond Foxxx’s arms trapped as she pressures her thin neck.  Diamond can’t escape as she tries to pulls down her own arms to separate Petra’s stronger hands and arms.  But she knows that Petra has her in a hold she can’t get out of, but maybe she has an ace in the hole.  Diamond appeals to John to help her, and this is the moment of reckoning in this entire triangle.  Will John continue to distance himself from former fiancee Petra or has his attitude changed with her impressive apparent defeat of his more recent lover?  John makes the quick second decision and indeed it will define the end of this catfight.  John quickly moves behind Petra and puts on his own full nelson on the Czech beauty.  Petra screams profanities at John but his hold forces her to release her hold of Diamond Foxxx in order to try to break his full nelson of her.  Diamond stumbles forward away from Petra Morgan and works her neck briefly to get back her focus and ease the pain.  Meanwhile, Petra can’t break John’s hold on her which gives Diamond her opportunity to work over a captive Petra.

Diamond {squeeing Petra’s cheeks in her hands}:  “Sooooooo, you’re a tough little Czech chick are you?  Well, let’s just see how you can take the punishment, doll!”

With John still holding Petra as a stationary target, Diamond answers Petra’s earlier right fist with one of her own…rocking the sexy babe as that blow hits the side of her face.  Diamond follows that up with a right and a left to her fit stomach, worn down to some extent by all the activities of the match and certainly the earlier strains of the catfight.  Petra’s body slumps even more in John’s arms as Diamond moves forward and does a titsmother of her own on Petra’s slumped head.  And if Petra can put on a fine titsmother, then Diamond’s is surely divine.  Those gigantic gazongas make Petra’s face disappear in the chasm that is her cleavage as the standing titsmother takes its toll on the sexy blonde foe.  With her own hands free, Diamond is able to squeeze her titanic tits from the side and really make her mounds even more mountainous than usual.  Petra gets the same sweat and foul odor that Diamond took when Petra earlier titsmothered her, but Diamond’s juggs are superjumbo sized which makes the cutoff of breathing even more complete.  Diamond is sapping much of the remaining energy of her rival out with this ultimate hold and follows it up with a couple of armpit smothers of her own….not nearly as effective as Petra’s because her pits aren’t as well formed and concave as the Czech’s.  But at this stage, any disruption of Petra’s breathing is a major hit. 

Diamond tells John to let Petra’s body flop to the floor on her tits and stomach, and that is exactly what occurs.  Diamond wants John to keep his ex-fiancee’s legs pinned to the carpet which he does.  Meanwhile, Diamond reaches down with her hands and pulls up on Petra’s arms by grabbing her foe’s wrists at the same time she literally stands on some of the long hair which is flowing away from each side of her rival’s head.  Thus, Diamond is pushing down with her feet and pulling up with her hands while John helps keep Petra’s body from moving by holding her legs.  Petra’s screams reach the loudest volume of the match, and Diamond knows that she is now in final control of this catfight after John’s intervention.

Diamond:  “I do believe this is it for you, baby…yet another loss in what must be considered the worst day of your life…lose your fiancee to a better woman….lose a sexfight to the same better woman….and lose a catfight to the same superior woman with the help of your ex-fiancee….doesn’t get much worse than this, honey!  Ready to give up or do you want me to humiliate and punish your some more?”
Petra:  “I give, bitch!!  Of course, I had you in this fight before you had to get some help to win it.  That cowardly ex-fiancee of mine not only has to have sex behind my back but also has to stab me from behind in your catfight!  Let me go, cxnt!”

Diamond gives Petra a little extra punishment due to the way Petra Morgan conceded but she can’t wait for the postmatch fireworks, and Diamond Foxxx has it all planned out.

Postmatch:   Diamond is ready to implement her plan apparently as she whispers some instructions in John’s ear.  Her new lover leaves the room for a short period of time but soon returns with quite a bit of rope in his hands.  Petra is still very much aware of what is going on but is in such a weakened state that she can do little to resist.  Diamond takes the rope and begins to wrap the gorgeous Czech sex goddess with it to bind her arms to her body and to generally tie up the rest of her very fit form.  The good news for Petra Morgan is that she is probably not going to have to endure the standard postmatch humiliations of a bunch of smothers as performed by her victorious opponent.  But she also knows that Diamond Foxxx has so much disdain for her that she is probably going to be enduring some other forms of humiliations that might make the normal smotherings look tame by comparison. 

Diamond {finishing up the binding of her defeated rival}:  “Well now, let’s take a count of what I’ve done to you today.  First, I get you over here under false pretenses about your upcoming wedding, just in time to see my fuck your fiancee’s brains out and let you watch as he worships my titanic tits.  Then, I’m judged the more beautiful and sexy woman by your own fiancee…pardon me, ex-fiancee.  Then, I prove myself superior to you yet again in the sexfight contest.  And to top it all off I beat you in the catfight, albeit with a little help from John.  Oh, and I almost forgot the obvious…I’ve just tied you up like a Thanksgiving turkey, but then again I guess you don’t know what Thanksgiving is, huh?  Guess that about sums it up, huh doll?”
Petra:  “You oversiliconed bitch!!  I would be having you bound and gagged by now if not for my traiterous ex-lover!  I wish I could get my hands around your throat and choke you until your eyes popped out.”
Diamond {laughing while responding}:  “Now don’t strain yourself, baby!  Wouldn’t want you to get any rope burns or anything, and I certainly don’t want you to miss act 2 of me fucking John your ex-fiancee.  But hey honey, think of the good news….you don’t have to hide in the bathroom and look through a crack in the door.  You are going to have a front row seat this time as I prove once and for all why I’m the hottest woman in the world, and you are just an overinsured street whore!”

Diamond Foxxx and John begin to have sex that makes the initial episode that Petra voyeured from the bathroom seem like a preliminary warmup.  As Diamond is doing such acts with John as titfucking his big shaft and sucking on the same in a fantastic blowjob, Petra is still tied up tight with those strong strands of rope.  She tries to escape but she has no chance as she first stands and later lies down, a forced witness to the superstacked G cupped Diamond as she continues to have animal sex with Petra’s former fiancee.  Even Petra has to admit to herself that Diamond’s gigantic gazongas are irresistable as she found out during the sexfight, just like she found out that Diamond’s pussy is priceless to say the least.  John has found that out, and he several times during his sex sessions with Diamond that hers puts Petra Morgan’s to shame, just like her jumbo juggs are so much more pleasurable to squeeze and milk than his former fiancee’s.  And it isn’t just the visual evidence of how Diamond is more of a woman than Petra but also the sounds of pleasure coming from both Diamond and her former fiancee John.  The end of this sexual intercourse seems to be on its way as Diamond sucks John’s dick making it larger and larger as she excites him.   No surprise that soon he is ejaculating on the impossible task to cover a decent amount of those G cup sized tits of Diamond Foxxx.  Petra has a mixture of anger and disappointment to see the huge hootered platinum blonde having sex at a higher level than she could ever approach.  The Czech babe herself found out how sexy and hot she is when she failed badly in the sexfight against her rival. 

Diamond:  “Well Petra, looks like I have once again proven to be the better woman tonight, just like I did in all the other contests against you.  But think of it this way….you may be less happy but John is much more satisfied with me than he could ever be with a slut like you.  Maybe I should check into having my superior tits insured for say $32 million since they seem to be twice as good as yours.