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Petra Morgan vs Veronica Zemanova in a beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3)

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Two Czechoslavakian hotties, 34DD-23-34 Petra Morgan vs 35DD-23-35 Veronica Zemanova, go out for national pride and supremacy

Prelude:   A costume party is being held with mostly A list models, celebrities, and adult stars the main attendees.  One of the byproducts of this type of gathering is that many of the female guests end up judging their own bodies against some other women at the party.  Perhaps one of the most contentious competitions brewing involves two superstacked women born in Czechoslovakia, 34DD-23-34 blonde bombshell Petra Morgan who has her tits ensured for $16 million and 35DD-23-35 ultrahot raven-haired beauty and internet icon Veronica Zemanova.  It doesn’t take long before they are facing each other from a short distance comparing bodies, costumes, and how sexy they think they look compared to the other.  Petra and Veronica have similar outfits with skimpy black tops and short shirts.  Veronica looks like a pirate princess or some such while Petra perhaps is dressing up as a cowgirl, saloon girl, or something.  Regardless as each incredible woman separates her top, their titanic tits make an appearance.  Their exposed huge hooters not only make an impression on the other but obviously the crowd at the party has taken notice and come to see what is about to occur.

Petra:  “Honey, there is room for only one hottest babe at this party, and I’m afraid that I fill the quota.”
Veronica:  “I don’t think so, you blonde slut.  Not only am I’m the best body at this bash, but I’m the best woman to ever come out of Czechoslovakia”
Petra:  “Well, we will just have to find that out with some old fashionsed ways, won’t we?  I challenge you to a beauty contest and catfight and let’s see how beautiful and tough you are after those contests, whore!”
Veronica:  “I can’t wait to show that I’m much more gorgeous than you and to start yanking on that bleached blonde hair of yours.”
Petra:  “It’s getting late in the party tonight but let’s meet up again tomorrow and these guests here can be there to be the judges for the beauty contest.”
Veronica:  “Fine…I can’t wait until tomorrow night….oh, and wear something you can strip out of because I want to show off how much hotter my body is right as we do the beauty contest.”[/color

The next night comes and they have agreed to meet at a studio where adult films are made since it is big enough to accommodate the crowd and yet private enough for their contests.   Both women show up in casual wear with Veronica Zemanova showing up in a dark pink/red outfit consisting of long pants but with a very provocative “Touch Football” T-shirt top with a white number 69 on it and obviously no bra underneath.  Countering that sexy outfit, Petra shows up in a teal sweater and top and once again no bra underneath as her tits can be partially seen through this flimsy garment.  Add to that Petra Morgan’s very shirt black skirt, and it is obvious that both women have come to seriously play tonight and prove themselves to be superior to their opponent.  Veronica and Petra don’t even want to wait for incremental stripping for the upcoming beauty contest but begin to strip down ahead of that event.  For the most part, the tops precede the bottoms but each woman takes her own sweet time to discard the clothing so that she showcases her many treasured assets.  Finally, the women get completely nude, and the appetizer for the beauty contest is done.  The adult stars probably hope they got an initial advantage from going through this process and gain some points going into the beauty contest.

Beauty Contest:  The women have agreed to 8 individual competitions which will decide the beauty contest winner.  Whoever wins more of these 8 judgments will be the winner of this beauty contest.  The eight areas will be facial beauty, tits, shape/midsection, pussy, legs, arms / armpits, backs, and butts.  Veronica takes an early lead with an easy win in the facial beauty competition.  Her face is absolutely gorgeous with fantastic cheekbones, a sexy pouty mouth, and a great nose.  Petra can’t come close to matching those as her face is above average but not glamour model quality and not one of her better assets.  The next area of competition is to compare each woman’s tits…a battle of DDs according to their measurements.  But the way they get there are quite different which Petra’s facing more straight out from her sizzling bod while Veronica’s slope more out to the side and look softer than Petra’s hard ones.  In a very close judgment, the insurance policy seems to have been worth it as Petra edges out a win to tie up the contest at 1-1.  The third region to be judged will be the shape/midsection of each woman against the opponent.  Each woman claims a 23” waist measurement and each stomach definitely looks to be in great shape.  But Veronica’s seems a little bit flatter as she edges out Petra Morgan to win this area and take a 2-1 lead.  The next area to be judged is yet another great one for each woman….their pussies.  In another close decision, this one goes Petra’s way with her rosy red vagina and firm crotch area as she ties up the overall contest 2-2.  The next area for competition will be a comparsion of their legs.  This isn’t either woman’s best area with Petra’s legs looking more muscular but Veronica’s being thinner.  The brunette’s better tapered legs wins as she takes a 3-2 overall lead with only the arms/armpits area left for a frontside competition.  This is an incredibly competitive battle with each woman having beautiful and fit arms with some muscularity and armpits to die for.  Petra wins the arms portion but Veronica’s armpits simply can’t be matched by even Petra’s awesome ones, so the overall battle is judged a tie.  Veronica maintains her lead…now 3-2-1 with only the two backside areas left to be judged.  The women turn around so that their backs can be compared.  This is a do or die area for Petra to stay in the contest, and she comes through with a victory.  Both women are nicely contoured in their backs, but Petra edges out Veronica to tie up the overall contest at 3-3-1 with only the battle of the butts left to decide everything.  Neither woman is great in this area having asses that are spread out a little more than the hottest rears around, but Veronica’s is more compact that Petra’s, so Veronica wins not only the butt contest but the overall beauty contest by a 4-3-1 margin.  Veronica can’t resist some sexy poses to show off her sweet from while Petra is pissed off with the loss.

Veronica:  “Told you I was the hotter babe, honey!  Looks like maybe I’m the one who needs to insure my entire body with Lloyds of London, huh?”
Petra:  “Not a bad idea, but I think the catfight is about to begin and they aren’t going to insure damaged goods, slut….and I’m going to damage your body really good!”

The women are given the choice as to whether to remain nude or to put on the clothes they came her with, but each is so anxious to light into the other that they decide to remain nude and begin au natural.  Veronica Zemanova is still showing off for the audience while Petra Morgan is still pissed off and thinks she was robbed by the verdicts in the couple of areas.  Her narrow loss to Veronica is small consolation when she thinks she is the hotter Czech to begin with.


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Catfight:  The women stand just a few feet from each other as they peruse their rival’s body one last time before the fight begins.  Petra grabs her humongous hooters to rub in the fact that she bested Veronica’s titanic tits during the beauty contest and is apparently challenging her beauty contest winning foe to a tit battle.  The women collide their bodies making sure that their tits do most of the contact.  They wrap their arms around the opponent’s waist not in a bearhug manner but simply to stabilize their forms as the tit battle takes place.  Veronica’s monster mams already have an outside bias to them and that is exaggerated when meeting Petra’s more forward pointed ones.  Petra’s on the other hand move more upward but also squish out to the sides to some degree.  The women grunt as their bodacious DD boobs crash against the other’s but neither woman gets much of an advantage.  Petra’s silicone enhanced jugs seem to be firmer than Veronica’s surgically increased ones which squares with the appraisal done during the beauty contest, but that doesn’t make enough of a difference to give Petra the advantage.  After the blonde sees that she is not gaining an advantage, she switches the contest over to a combination tit battle and mutual bearhug war.  As she squeezes harder with her arms around Veronica’s waist, her Czech counterpart is forced to do the same.  In this skirmish, Petra does gain a clear advantage with her stronger arms and thicker waist which allows her to dish out more punishment in her own bearhug of Veronica while enduring easier the force applied to her midsection.  Veronica realizes she is losing this particular battle as she releases her bearhug in order to grab Petra’s long blonde hair and yank it painfully to the side, bringing the blonde bombshell’s head with it and bringing an end to the bearhug applied by her rival.

Veronica bends Petra’s head to the side as she takes the advantage by being the first, and at this time only, woman to be grabbing hair.  Petra is too busy feeling the agony and doesn’t have her hands in position to grab her foe’s tresses.  Veronica forces Petra down to her knees as she continues to use the blonde’s hair as leverage to control the rest of her body.  Veronica stands behind Petra whose hands have gone up to her hair to try to dislodge Veronica’s entwined hands in those same tresses.  Petra’s strong arms and awesome armpits are on full display as she extends them upward for that purpose.  Petra can’t get her raven-haired beauty’s hands out of her hair so she decides to go on her own offensive.  Petra swings sharp elbows back into Veronica’s unprotected and thin midsection which punishes the woman who has been dishing out the pain by pulling her hair.  It only takes of couple of these blows to force Veronica to release Petra’s hair and back away from those swinging elbows.  Petra Morgan quickly moves forward and gets to her feet at the same time that Veronica Zemanova is backing up and catching her breath after those hits to her midsection.

Petra and Veronica circle each other like wild cats looking for prey.  Petra raises her hands in front of her body in the classic challenge for a test of arm strength with her foe.  Veronica quickly does the same with her own hands and opposite hands clasp at the same time the women anchor their bodies with their legs to try to get good push off from those appendages.  Arms tremble as each woman tries to push around the other’s sizzling bod in addition of course to bending back her rival’s arms into an unfavorable position for her.  Both women have fit arms, but Petra’s seem to be stronger as she begins to bend back Veronica’s hands and arms from the vertical position.  Now, it is Veronica that is going to her knees as Petra follows up by circling her legs around Veronica’s beauty contest winning face and the rest of her head in a standing legsscissors.  Petra does a lot of entertainment videos where she legsscissors both men and women so she has the technique down pat.  Add in the fact that she has maintained her grip of Veronica’s hands with her own, and that gives the superstacked blonde bombshell quite the advantage at this point.  Petra squeezes her thicker, more muscular legs which elicits screams of pain from Veronica…including some assumed profanities that perhaps only Czechoslovakians could translate.  Petra occasionally twists her legs to the left or to the right to cause increased pressure on Veronica’s head, which is trapped like a grape in a vise.  Veronica tries to pull her hands away from Petra’s so that she can use them to try to pry her rival’s legs apart but Petra controls them well with her firm grips.  Veronica decides to use the rest of her body and lunges forward to push against Petra’s body which has a narrow base with her legs almost together.  That surprise move plus Petra’s lack of a wide base sends the blonde bombshell stumbling backwards which forces her to release Veronica’s head from the legscissors.

As Petra ends up on her back, Veronica is quick to follow the path of her body and get on top of the fallen blonde bombshell.  The beauty contest winning brunette mirrors her opponent’s body and repetitively raises her upper body above that form only to drop it down hard on her foe’s trapped body.  Veronica’s big boobs crash into Petra’s hard ones but this time Veronica has the force of gravity working for her which gives her the advantage in the contact.  She also makes sure that her crotch area hits hard into Petra’s beauty contest winning pussy area as she punishes her most private region.  Occasionally during one of the downcycles, Veronica stays down on her competition’s body and grinds and rubs her body around on top of it to literally use her weight to her best advantage.  Veronica is having her way with her blonde opponent and those titanic tits that Petra has insured for $16 million.  Petra is having trouble finding an opening to try to free herself since Veronica’s entire body is covering her own.  But she turns to the old standby which Veronica used to get out of that punishing Petra bearhug earlier in the catfight….hair pulling.  Petra frees her arms and hands enough to reach up and grab some of Veronica’s long, luscious black hair and uses it as leverage to sling her tormentor off to the side of her own form.

Petra is quick to take the better position as she lays across the upper body of Veronica with her strong legs surrounding the right arm of her beauty contest winning foe.  That legscissors of that appendage takes Veronica’s right arm out of the fight for now and Petra laying across the top half of Veronica’s form immobilizes that part of her opponent.  Petra uses her right hand to pin Veronica’s left arm and hand by pushing down on that wrist.  Petra uses her free left hand to slap that gorgeous face of Petra which irritates the sultry, sexy Czech no end.  Petra perhaps even embarasses more as she firmly kisses the gorgeous brunette, showing her that she is really in charge and can do whatever she wants.  It is hard to tell how much Veronica is really resisting since her facial expression is hidden but Petra is trying to French kiss the devil out of her opponent.  Petra quits this process after getting her satisfaction plus she spends a little time shifting the hand with which she is holding down Veronica’s left arm.  The superstacked blonde now uses her left hand to hold down Veronica’s left wrist which frees up her right hand.  Petra immediately uses it to maul Veronica’s huge hooters, first the right tit and then the left one.  She makes sure she traps the individual nipples between her fingers as she launches her uninvited attack on Veronica’s monster mammories.  Petra is the one celebrating now and laughing as she is torturing her raven-haired beauty foe and loving every minute of it.  Veronica has trouble using her legs since Petra is well away from them at this point.  Veronica therefore concentrates on freeing one of her hands and arms.  The right is well maintained by Petra’s strong legs, but her left arm shows more promise.  Both women are beginning to sweat profusely at this point due to the intensity of the fight.  Veronica uses this to her advantage as she slips her right arm from being pinned and launches a left fist into the right side of Petra’s face, freeing herself.
Although Veronica couldn’t get that much power behind the blow since she was lying down at the time and bringing up the fist from the floor, it is enough to stun Petra and send the sexy blonde off the sizzling brunette.  The women make it up only as far as being on doubled up legs as they sit facing each other from a short separation distance.  Petra didn’t appreciate the fist that Veronica hit her with just moments ago and launches a fist of her own against her raven-haired beauty rival.  That left handed blow strikes Veronica on the right side of her face and sends her head jerking in pain to her left.  She definitely doesn’t want her perfect face marked up and sends a retaliatory message in the form of a backhanded right slap to the right side of Petra’s face.  The blonde bombshell decides she doesn’t want to continue the facial exchange either so lowers her sights to a midsection blow with a fist.  That stuns Veronica and gives Petra the opportunity to grab handfuls of Veronica’s hair.  Petra Morgan gets up and brings Veronica with her using that hair as leverage.  Petra slings Veronica back down hard on her back using the hair once again to perform the act.  Veronica hits hard on the floor, and Petra does a body flop on top of her stricken rival.  Petra is the now the one rubbing her body across Veronica much as the beauty contest winning brunette did to her earlier in the match.  But Petra doesn’t do pushups on top of her foe’s body as was earlier done to her.

Petra moves forward just a little on Veronica’s trapped form and puts her beauty contest winning, jumbo juggs on top of Veronica’s face in the start of a great titsmother.  At this stage of the fight each woman is perspiring profusely, and Petra’s jumbo juggs are covered with sweat and her deodorant, assuming she applied one prematch, has long worn off.  Thus, Petra is dishing out not only a lot of flesh to flesh contact as her beauty contest winning tits smash against Veronica’s face, but she is also dispensing lots of moisture and foul body odor right into Veronica’s nose and mouth areas in particular.  The beauty contest winning blonde screams in disgust at what normally might be delightful exposure to some awesome tits but now is just a very unpleasant experience.  Petra laughs sadistically and turns her attention she guesses to even a more foul area…..her awesome armpits.  Petra lowers her right underarm onto Veronica’s gorgeous face and exposes it to a lot more foul odor and lot more sweat that the beauty contest brunette was just exposed to with the Petra titsmother.  And if one pit isn’t bad enough, Petra switches over and does the same process with her left underarm to give Veronica double barreled exposure to this humiliating and devastating move.  Because not only are these smothers embarassing and very unpleasant but every contact made of Petra flesh against Veronica’s nose and mouth areas restricts that woman’s breathing at the same time.  Finally, Petra’s body uncovers enough of Veronica’s in order to dish out her punishment that Veronica can kick out to send Petra body’s off her own so she can escape the torture.

Both women get up to their feet for the first time in a long while.  Petra is sporting a devilish grin which Veronica responds to with a “you bitch!!”  The women put their arms forward in probing motions trying to get a grip on the arms and another part of their foe’s anatomy to gain an advantage.  Petra rushes towards Veronica hoping to take advantage of that recent humiliation and punishment she just dispensed but as the blonde bombshell gets within range, Veronica brings up her right knee to stick it hard into Petra’s fit midsection.  The superstacked blonde doubles over as she remains standing trying to catch her breath, but her raven-haired, gorgeous opponent is hardly going to allow that.  Veronica brings down a double axe handle blow to Petra’s beauty contest winning back to send the sexy blonde to her knees.  Veronica stands over the kneeling Petra as she reaches around the blonde’s head and puts her two hands in the corners of Petra’s mouth and pulls apart that opening to a painful stretch of that area.  Petra screams in agony as her mouth is pulled in opposite directions while at the same time, Veronica brings up her right knee repetitively into that beautiful back to Petra to punish her in a completely different area.  Petra can’t do anything immediately about the back attack so she concentrates on Veronica’s mauling of her mouth.  The stacked blonde grabs hold of Veronica’s hands with her own and moves them away from her mouth to end that torture at least.  But Veronica is still standing behind the busty blonde and instead of just kneeing her foe, this time Veronica gives a full push with her fight foot…sending her superstacked, bit blonde forward and landing mainly on those $16 million monster mounds of hers.

“Ready to make an insurance claim?”  Veronica rhetorically taunts her fallen foe as she leaps onto her back with her full body and presses Petra’s gigantic gazongas harder into the floor beneath her, eliciting a scream of pain and a mixture of English and Czech profanities no doubt.  Veronica earlier did pushups down on to Petra’s frontside…she now does up and downs on Petra’s luscious back, butt, and legs with her own frontside to continue pressing Petra’s forward assets down hard into the floor.  Not only those beauty contest winning boobs but also her pussy area along with her kneecaps.  Veronica only increases the punishment by moving her right hand up to Petra’s flowing tresses, grabbing a fistful of hair, and then using it to rub Petra’s face into the flooring.  Petra screams again with the rough treatment of her face, the torture being enough to give her a shot of adrenalin perhaps to forcefully bump Veronica’s body from her back and with enough vigor to loosen her raven-haired rival’s grip on her hair.  But that buck took some energy from Petra and she still is lying face down on the floor.  Meanwhile, that rough dismount stunned Veronica who is lying beside the blonde bombshell, but on her back not on the frontside as Petra Morgan is still oriented.


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Veronica stirs first and gives Petra’s body a thrust kick to move it on to her back.  Veronica crawls over to Petra and looks ready to get a little smothering payback for some of the humiliation dispenses to her earlier.  Veronica covers Petra’s body with her own but not perfectly mirrored as she hovers her giant gagonzas over Petra’s face.  Veronica squeezes them together with her hands as she lowers them to contact Petra’s face, making sure that her fleshy juggs occupy her foe’s mouth and nose most of the time.  Just like before, this titsmother not only does a great job of humiliating the victim, transferring sweat, and transfering body odor to Petra but also restricting her breathing which weakens the blonde goddess.  The raven-haired beauty gets her satisfaction with that smother and changes over to an armpit smother like Petra has never seen.  If the blonde bombshell’s pits are fine, then surely Veronica Zemanova’s must be divine…concave, perfectly shaped, and contoured precisely to her shoulder and upper chest area.  Petra’s face disappears in those deep underarms, first into the right armpit and then the left one which Veronica switches shoulders.  Veronica makes sure she grinds and rubs those perfect, beauty contest winning armpits all over Petra’s face but once again making sure her nose and mouth get the lion’s share of the perspiration and foul odor.  Petra is surely protesting as her arms are flailing and what must be protests are muffled to the point of being inaudible.  Now, it is Veronica with the devilish grin on her face and the laughter being heard is hers.

Veronica gets her pleasure with this torture but still has the advantage and plans to take her further pleasures with it.  She goes to the trifecta of smothering as she moves forward more on her blonde foe’s sizzling bod, doubles up her legs on the upper chest area of Petra, and pulls her rival’s face into her very sweaty crotch area.  Veronica has had a dense forest of pubic hair in the past around her pussy at times, but she has trimmed it back quite a bit, so Petra only gets some exposure to pussy hair as Veronica pushes her foe’s face past the muffdive into her throbbing pussy.  It is wet with sweat and smells as bad as any area of her body right about now, and that makes it quite a reward for Veronica to expose Petra’s pretty face to all that.  And once again, every time flesh contacts facial flesh, it hurts the victim’s respiration, so Veronica is weakening Petra even more with this smother.  Veronica’s body however is well up on Petra’s form, and as the blonde recovers even a little, she is able to buck Petra off her body, sending the lighter brunette past her own head and finally getting free of all these smothers.

Petra makes a concerted effort to at least get to her knees quickly and to turn around and face Veronica so the beauty contest winning brunette can’t get the jump on her after having her way the last few minutes.  Petra doesn’t like to get dominated unless she is getting paid for it, and she wants to make the brunette pay for her recent rough treatment.  Petra sees one of the G strings that the women had on during their striptease routines.  She isn’t sure whether it is hers or Veronica’s since both had black bottoms, but it appears to be Veronica’s since Petra’s had more fabric covering her pussy which made Veronica’s seem a lot skimpier.  Regardless, as Veronica comes towards her, Petra dodges the brunette’s lunge and immediately wraps the mostly stringed garment around Veronica’s neck in a blatant and very effective chokehold.  Veronica’s eyes immediately roll back in her head as she loses her capacity to breath as the garment starts to cut into her throat.  Petra has a wild grimace look on her face…her teeth gritted, as she is apparently seeking big time revenge for her recent humiliations by Veronica, including the trifecta of smothers she endured.  Veronica Zemanova’s beautiful neck that might have helped during the beauty contest is a handicap in this catfight.  Petra has the garment well wrapped around that thin, delicate neck and making the choking procedure that much easier.  Veronica moves her hands up to the G- string to get her hands between that clothing and her neck.  She is able to do that but some damage has already been done with the choke as Petra has regained the advantage in the fight.

Petra is behind Veronica with both women still on their knees at this point.  Petra slides her arms underneath Veronica’s and brings her hands back behind the beauty contest winning brunette’s head and clasps them together in a great full nelson.  Petra shows off her strong arms as Veronica initially grunts and screams as the hold is engaged.  But Veronica has shown some biceps of her own during the beauty contest comparsion of arms and armpits and she is able to bring down her arms to break the full nelson.  Petra is surprised but presses on grabbing hair and pulling back on Veronica’s head to have her foe’s head just below her crotch area as she reclines in the meantime.  Petra crosses her strong legs and traps Veronica’s head in a legscissors.  The superstacked blonde remembers how well the standing legscissors went early in the match and Veronica can’t charge her body in her current position as she did to break the earlier scissors.  However, Veronica’s arms and hands are free, the latter being moves up to Petra’s legs to try to pry them apart from their encircling her gorgeous head.  But Petra’s legs are stronger than Veronica’s hands and arms so she is not able to separate them to remove her own head from the scissors.  Veronica begins to hit Petra’s legs in hopes of creating the fear in the superstacked blonde’s mind about bruising or causing a lot of pain with those fisted blows. 

Petra maintains the legsscissors but quickly leans forward and grabs Veronica’s arms with her hands.  Petra pulls back those arms and extends them straight behind Veronica’s still trapped head.  Veronica Zemanova is in dire straits with her head trapped between Petra strong legs at the same time that Petra’s fit arms have her own arms held firm.  And Veronica’s legs are at the other end from where all the action is taking place and rather useless at this point.  Petra increases the squeeze grip of her upper thighs against Veronica’s head at the same time she pulls ever harder than before with her hands and arms on those same appendages of Veronica.  The stacked, beauty contest winning brunette screams in pain and literally is crying as tears stream down her face as the stretching and squeezing is getting to the point where she can’t stand it anymore.

Veronica:  “I give!!!  I give!!!  I can’t take any more of this!!  Let me go, bitch!!”
Petra:  “Hmmm, I don’t know….I don’t think I heard a ‘please’ in there, did I?  And I don’t remember a “Petra, you are the better woman” in there either, did I?”
Veronica:  “Please, let go.   You are the better woman….happy now?”
Petra:  “I certainly am, and I am going to be nice and release you….for now….but I think I may want to play with you a little….to the victor belongs the spoils, baby, and I can already see some spoils I can’t wait to get at!”

Postmatch:  Petra uncoils her legscissors and releases Veronica’s arms after just a little more torture with each hold.  Veronica brings her arms back to rest on her upper trunk while Petra sits up and admires the state of helplessness that her victim seems to be in at the moment.  But Petra is herself spent at this exact moment and will spend a short time recharging her own energy before going after Veronica Zemanova one more time in her postmatch humiliations she must have planned for her.  As Petra recovers from the ordeal she slowly makes her way over to the beauty contest winning brunette who is almost motionless after being defeated by the stacked blonde.  With Veronica still on her back, Petra straddles the defeated brunette’s midsection on doubled up legs and immediately moves her strong arms and hands down to the beauty contest winning woman’s huge hooters.  Suddenly, Petra begins to maul Veronica Zemanova’s jumbo juggs which elicits a reaction from even one so spent as Veronica obviously is.  She moves her hands up in a token manner to try to disengage Petra’s but all that does is to make Petra squeeze those monster mams even firmer.  That sends Veronica’s hands back down to the floor in almost another submission.  Petra continues the uninvited, forceful attack on Veronica’s titanic tits including trapping the woman’s naughty nipples between her fingers.  Her skill and diligence is rewarded soon as Veronica’s nipples begin to give up a few drops of milk which drip a little from her nipples and gorgeous, circular areoles on to the large expanse of her breasts.  Petra sucks some of the precious breast milk off of those tits with her talented tongue but leaves some for the audience to admire. 

Next, Petra turns towards Veronica’s most private part…her pussy.  The blonde bombshell asked for a dildo and she is thrown several to choose from, selects one from the bunch, and begins to vigorously explore Veronica Zemanova’s defenseless vagina with that tool.  Just like with the tits attack, Petra gains a reaction out of her victim, but just like before, she seems too exhausted to really do anything about it.  Instead, Petra is able to continue the assault completely undeterred and just like the breasts situation, she gets exactly what she is hoping for….a discharge of whitish fluid…this time cum from Veronica’s priceless pussy.  Petra gathers some of it on her hands and shows it to the audience watching the match and then takes some of it and rubs it onto Veronica’s beauty contest winning face as if marking her victim.  Veronica’s normally darker skin tone in that area changes from a fleshier color to one that is more pale white as the liquid dominates the areas where Petra puts it.  Petra gets up to stand over her defeated Czech rival just to survey the damage she has done but soon returns to the floor again as she sits on top of Veronica’s milk dotted, humongous hooters.  Veronica gave Petra a taste of her pussy in a smothering during the catfight, and it becomes obvious by the superstacked blonde’s positioning that she intends to return the favor.  She grabs both sides of Veronica’s face and pulls it hard against her pussy, very wet and smelly from the catfight and thus not pleasant, even to a woman who is half out of it like Veronica is at this point.  Petra makes sure she grinds Veronica’s face forcefully around her most private part…at least it is clean shaven so no muffdiving is involved.  Petra gets enough of that humiliation of her defeated brunette rival as she gets up to hover her ass over Veronica’s beauty contest winning face, and everyone knows what is coming next.  Petra Morgan is known as a world class facesitter and does videos with men and women where she shows how skillful she is.  So, it is no surprise that she sits down her nice ass on top of Veronica’s gorgeous face and does a facesit like most are sure Veronica has never encountered before.  The fit blonde squirms and wiggles left and right, forward and back and has that devilish smile and maniacal laughter going the whole while.  And Petra’s ass is foul smelling and wet with sweat just like her tits were earlier, just like her armpits were earlier, and just like her pussy has been.  The blonde victor does the classic triumphant pose by putting her hands on the top of her hair to flex her biceps, show off her fit arms, and display those awesome armpits to the audience.  Muffled mumbles from Veronica can be heard but nothing can be made out by anyone in the room as her protests are falling on deaf ears due to her mouth being up against Petra’s ass at the time.

Petra finally gets up after what must have seemed like an eternity of torture to Veronica.  Petra once again stands over her defeated foe, on this occasion for a longer time as she must be deciding what to do next.  She does collect the clothing that she and Veronica wore to this confrontation and throws them into a pile which apparently she will pick up as she leaves the scene.  She takes her right leg and foot and gets it underneath the left side of Veronica’s body and turns Veronica over on to her stomach using that foot to do it.  Petra Morgan sees that Veronica is still conscious at this time and orders her to kiss her right foot as acknowledgment of her total submission to the victorious blonde.  Veronica abides by the order and uses those sexy, pouty lips to foot worship that right foot of Petra as the blonde smiles and laughs in approval.  Petra looks to be wrapping up the postmatch humiliation as she is tired also from the beauty contest and the catfight, but not as totally exhausted as obviously Veronica Zemanova was in her defeat.

Petra:  “Well, I guess we just found out who the better woman really is, didn’t we?  I will be leaving now and taking your clothes with me.  I already have your pride and now have the audience completely on my side.  Just make sure you don’t cross paths with me again, doll, or I will be forced to put you in your subservient place once again!”