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Cory Everson vs Kiana Tom in a beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3)

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36D-24-24 rivals Cory Everson and Kiana Tom love to strut their fitness before millions of television viewers

Prelude:  Cory Everson and Kiana Tom both have had fitness shows on ESPN for years, and both have sizzling 36D-24-34 bods.  Although Kiana Tom lists Cory Everson as one of her idols, both thought her competitor's show was just fluff compared to her own production. Thus, it is not surprising that when ESPN decides that there is room for only one fitness show for their new schedule, there would be only one `fit`ting way to handle it…a fight to a submission with the winner’s show being renewed, and the loser’s show being canned.   The duel between these sexy, beautiful, strong women is set up at a promotional boxing ring at ESPN studios in Bristol, Connecticut.  It doesn’t take long after the women arrive for the match before the sniping begins. 

Cory:  "Kiana, are you sure that we’re not tearing you away from a silicone surgeon’s appointment?”
Kiana: "No need to worry, honey.  Mine actually worked unlike some fitness woman I know.  But hey, I’m just glad you could fit your body and your ego through the door.  I heard you put on a few pounds, and I know you think you are the biggest thing going!"
Cory:  "You know, you Asian slut, I’m going to miss your juvenile banter that seemed to always distract the audience from realizing that your fitness show had about the same positive affect on their bodies as eating a box of bonbons.
Kiana: "I heard many people say about your show that it was pretty confusing.  When you mentioned ‘dumbbell’, they didn’t know if you were talking about weights or just the peroxide blonde airhead starring on the show.”

Obviously if the women weren’t already motivated enough by the cancellation of one of their shows, the verbal barbs back and forth rules just made each more determined to humiliate the other.  The rules are pretty simple -- boxing, wrestling, and uh, "other actions" are allowed with the winner being the one who can force her rival to submit.  Kiana, a former 'Ms. Fitness America' winner and some believe the more gorgeous of the two, enters first wearing a bikini showcasing her silicon-enhanced breasts. Cory, six-time winner of the 'Ms. Olympia' contest and a bodybuilding legend, arrives immediately afterward also in a bikini. The most noticeable features are her vein-visible arms and muscular legs.   The women are about ready to begin the fight when Cory Everson hears the beauty comments made by some of the spectators.  She does not concede that Kiana Tom is more beautiful than her, so she demands a beauty contest first to try to make her point.  Thus, the women are ordered to put on some more clothing so they can strip one area at a time and make the judging fairer for each anatomical area.   The women retire briefly to dressing rooms and reemerge with more clothing on for exactly that purpose.  The spectators will now not only get to witness the upcoming catfight/wrestling match, but also will first be the judges for the beauty contest.

Beauty Contest:    The women have agreed upon 7 areas to be judged, each counting exactly the same with the winner of the most areas winning the overall beauty contest.  The first area to be compared is facial beauty, and this one goes easily to Kiana Tom, since she has that gorgeous Polynesian look, better cheekbones, and a nose size that is more appropriate to her face.  Kiana thus begins with a 1-0 lead.  The next comparison will be of their chests.  They both are 36Ds, but while Cory has perhaps the more expansive from side to side, Kiana has the harder ones, which are better delineated and more compact.  Kiana is judged the winner here, with her suckable nipples being perhaps the real tiebreaker.  Kiana is ahead 2-0 with midsections the next area to be compared.  Both have 24” waists, and muscularity is not normally the main factor here.  However, in a tie, the spectators turn to that, and Cory’s several Ms Universe titles are no more apparent than looking at her sculptured stomach.  Cory gets her first win by being judged as having the better abs.  The fourth area will be who has the better legs.  This one is a runaway, because even though Cory’s legs definitely look stronger, the main criterion to win this battle is to have model-like and svelte ones.  Kiana does, and Cory doesn’t, so Kiana extends her lead to 3-1.  The women put their hands on their heads to show off their arms and armpits, the next category to be decided.  Both women are obviously incredibly fit in these areas, but Cory’s armpits are absolutely amazing, and her arms are just too gorgeous to be denied.  Not only are her arms and pits shapely, but also the muscularity makes them even sexier.  Kiana’s lead has been trimmed to a narrow 3-2 lead with only the backs and butts comparisons left.  The women turn their backs to show the audience, and Cory’s bodybuilding prowess carries the day again.  Now only is her back much wider near her neck than her waist, but those muscle groups are delineated in such a sexy way.  Cory Everson has now come back to tie this match at 3 wins apiece with only the ass comparison left.  As the women thrust their asses to the audience for this final comparison, it becomes obvious that Kiana was not the runaway beauty winner that many had thought before this contest was held.  However, Kiana does have the hotter, more compact butt, which wins the ass contest, and thus Kiana Tom edges out Cory Everson in the overall beauty contest tally by the score of 4-3.  The women reestablish their original clothing by putting back on their bikinis after ending the beauty contest totally nude.


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Re: Cory Everson vs Kiana Tom in a beauty contest and catfight (Part 2 of 3)
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Catfight:  Kiana Tom is obviously excited to have been judged the more beautiful woman, but that contest has nothing to do with who will get the ESPN program slot.  That will be decided by the catfight, and as happy as Kiana is with her beauty contest victory, Cory Everson is just as unhappy and angry that in her opinion the more gorgeous woman did not win the beauty contest.  In fact, Cory is so upset she doesn’t’ want to wait until a drawn out catfight is decided.  She decides to make a programming change of her own as she challenges Kiana to an arm wrestling contest and a legsscissors battle before the catfight.  Kiana Tom jumps at the chance to compete in another couple of battles against her rival.

Armwrestling:  Cory and Kiana lay down on their stomachs facing each other, their left hands grasping their opponent as their right hands form an arch above that.  An official holds their clasped right hands in place for the start of the contest, the signal is given, and he moves his hands away to begin the arm strength contest.  Hands tremble, biceps become more pronounced, arm veins appear move visible, and grimaces appear on their normally calm faces as powerful forces push against each other.  Normally, each woman would put her opponent away in a few seconds, but these women are far above the normal strength of women.  The hands remain in the vertical position for what seems to be an eternity, but in reality is only a few seconds.  At that point, Cory Everson begins to take control using her superior muscularity and arm strength to bend back the fit arm of Kiana Tom.  The grimacing on Kiana’s face increases as she utters “Ughs".  It doesn’t take long before the thud of Kiana Tom’s right hand hits the mat, signifying Cory Everson victory in the armwrestling contest.  Now, it is Kiana that is not smiling while Cory has a smirk on her face.  Both women get ready for the final preliminary contest to the catfight…. the legsscissors contest.

Legsscisors:    Cory and Kiana lay down facing each other, this time on their backs.  The contest will be started with each woman’s legs encircling her rival’s midsection as each woman squeezes at the same time until one woman gives up.  The battle begins, and the initial squeeze of each woman brings a corresponding reaction of grimacing and ughs from her rival.  Leg muscles are very apparent as each woman’s fit legs display their strength.  But just as in the armwrestling contest, one set of legs seems to possess more strength and her midsection more resistant to the force of the other woman’s powerful legs.  That woman is Cory Everson whose muscular legs are beginning to cause Kiana Tom stress in her midsection including hurting her breathing.  This battle lasts longer than the armwrestling contest but not more than a couple of minutes pass before Kiana Tom has to concede that Cory has the stronger legs.  The women break their legsscissors holds with different attitudes by each woman.  Cory is now the one on a roll after two preliminary wins of physicality after losing to Kiana Tom in the beauty contest.

The main catfighting action starts with each muscular, sexy woman circling her rival inside the boxing ring.  As expected from two combatants that consider themselves stronger than the other, they raise their arms above their heads pointed towards their opponents, lock opposite hands and fingers in the classic test of strength posture, and begin to push their opponent with the goal of driving her down to the mat. Triceps and biceps strain as these muscular fitness goddesses contend for the advantage. After several seconds, Cory's superior muscular development and bulk forces Kiana to her knees, the Asian beauty’s hands bent awkwardly back. Cory stoops to get under Kiana's upper body, lifts her off the mat and dumps her back down with force to the mat.   With Kiana lying on her back, Cory stomps her right foot repetitively to Kiana's muscular abs causing "Ughs" exclamations from the Polynesian beauty.   Cory grabs Kiana's legs and starts spinning Kiana's body around only to release her after several cycles of that airplane spin. Kiana's head goes crashing into one of the corners. Cory follows Kiana’s missile flight to the corner and shoves her right foot under Kiana's chin, forcing the fallen brunette's head against a turnbuckle in an obvious effort to choke Kiana.  The gorgeous former Miss Fitness America coughs as she tries to breathe and to remove Cory’s foot with her hands.  Cory stops that attack, reaches down, grabs Kiana's long, luscious brown hair to lift her up from the mat, and snapmares her to the center of the ring.  Kiana comes to rest on her beauty contest-winning butt.  Cory brings her right knee into the sitting Kiana, smashing it into her beautiful, well developed back.  Cory reaches her hands under Kiana's chin to perform a "hangman" type maneuver as she applies upward pressure on the smaller woman neck and head. Kiana is in desperate shape when she quickly moves her arms behind her to grab Cory's ankles, pulls them towards her which causes the former 6 time Ms. Olympia to crash down onto her back.

Kiana moves quickly towards her larger opponent and decides to take a shortcut. Her kicks don't go into the abdomen as Cory's did, but instead vicious blows to Cory's pussy occur.  Cory shrieks in pain as her most private area is assaulted.  Kiana follows up by grabbing Cory's bikini bottom and ripping it off to uncover Cory's fit, shaved pussy. Kiana inserts her strong fingers into Cory's orifice, paralyzing temporarily any Cory resistance.  Kiana probes deeply and forcefully as Cory writhes in a combination of pleasure and pain.   After accomplishing that attack, Kiana drives a knee into Cory's crotch on her way up Cory's body. The former Ms. Olympia's pussy feels like it's on fire as Kiana performs another knee drop, this time to Cory's well developed, ripped midsection to knock the breath out of her.   Kiana grabs Cory's bikini top and rips it off to expose her medium-sized, but firm, bodybuilder-type tits. Kiana grabs Cory’s hard orbs with her hands and gives them firm squeezes as if she is trying to check the ripeness of grocery story melons.  Kiana bites Cory’s ever extending nipples to show the 6 time Ms Olympia that she is now in charge.  Kiana throws herself across Cory's upper body, placing Cory's left arm between her powerful legs and pinning Cory's right arm down by using both hands.   Periodically, Kiana removes her left hand to fondle and massage Cory's right tit to further humiliate the ex-Ms. Olympia.   Cory is displaying frustration in addition to anger. When Kiana does her fondling routine the next time, Cory powers her right arm free to apply a headlock on Kiana. Her viselike grip causes immediate pain to Kiana who relinquishes the leg scissors in a reflex action.

Cory uses her headlock to pull Kiana up at which point she slams one of her legs into Kiana's crotch to avenge Kiana's earlier low blows. Kiana's eyes are blank and her pain is also evidenced by her incredibly loud shriek as she crumples to the canvas. Kiana is now laying on her back with her impressive, silicon-enhanced boobs heaving underneath a skimpy bikini top as she tries to catch her breath. Cory reaches down and peels off Kiana's top revealing a pair of firm, tanned and far more impressive boobs; albeit due to better breast augmentation, than Cory herself can claim. Jealously, Cory mauls Kiana's tits, grabbing and twisting the sculpted mounds of flesh with her powerful hands and Kiana cries out in pain as her prized possessions are badly mistreated.   But Cory wants to make Kiana as nude as she is, so she moves down Kiana's lithe body, grabs her bikini bottom and jerks it up so hard it causes the crotch to be pulled up forcefully into Kiana's pussy - another painful experience. Cory rips the cloth off of Kiana to reveal a strip of black pubic hair, quite a contrast to Cory's aforementioned shaved pussy. Taking advantage of the pubic hair, Cory grabs a fistful and lifts, shooting pain through Kiana's body.   As Kiana is writhing in pain from attacks directed at multiple private parts, she does have enough presence of mind to throw a hard right against Cory’s face to force a release of her pubic hair and a Cory Everson retreat from her body. 

While Cory’s recent acts against Kiana were humiliating, the Polynesian’s hard right punch actually was the significant blow of the sequence.  Thus, Kiana is able to recover more quickly and stalks Cory who has tumbled to the mat on her stomach.  Kiana delivers a couple of elbow drops to that very muscular back of Cory Everson.  She follows those blows up to some footstomps to the same area.  All of these blows press Cory’s frontside hard into the canvas, especially her great boobs, which gives Kiana a lot of satisfaction.  Kiana reaches down and grabs Cory’s wrists with her own hands and yanks Cory Everson’s arms up into the air behind her back in an awkward position.   The beautiful Polynesian fitness queen places her left foot on Cory’s back to put a strain on that area by lifting her upper body using those arms at the same time she is pushing down with most of the weight on her own body onto the back of the 6 time Ms. Olympia.  It is Cory’s turn to yell out to display the pain she is suffering.  With Cory’s arms in that awkward position, it is hard to use her superior arm strength, but she can still move her body from side to side and try to squirm free.  Her movements do make it hard for Kiana to maintain the foot in her back, and the gorgeous fitness queen loses her balance and her grip on Cory’s arms.


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Re: Cory Everson vs Kiana Tom in a beauty contest and catfight (Part 3 of 3)
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The women arise at about the same time and face each other only a couple of feet apart.  Determination still show on their faces, and perspiration has obviously saturated their bodies due to the long and strenuous match.  Kiana starts the action with a slap to the left side of Cory’s face.  The muscle woman Cory Everson responds with a much harder slap of her own to Kiana’s face, the force sending Kiana Tom stumbling a bit to her right.  Kiana returns fire with a closed fist to Cory’s abdomen, forcing the muscular 6-time Ms Olympia to bend over from the blow.  But Cory recovers to deliver her own, more powerful right fist into the gut of Ms Tom.  Kiana doubles over even more and stays that way long enough for Cory to seize the advantage.  Cory delivers a double ax handle blow to Kiana’s back, sending the Oriental beauty to the mat on all fours.  Cory reaches down to grab Kiana’s hair and using it as leverage, she sends Kiana’s head down to the mat with the rest of her body flat on the canvas.  Cory drops her right leg across the back of Kiana’s neck, eliciting a bounce of Kiana’s head off the mat.  Cory mounts Kiana’s back, reaches around Kiana’s head to grab her wrists with the opposite hands of her own, and pulls Kiana’s arms up against her own throat in a great choke hold.  Just as earlier in the match, Kiana’s coughs prove how effective the chokehold is.  Kiana tries to pull her wrists free from Cory’s hands, but those muscular arms of Cory are too much for Kiana to contend with to do that.  Fortunately for Kiana, the sweat that covers that body now works as a slick lubricant for her wrists.  So although Kiana Tom doesn’t have enough power or strength to break the holds on her wrists, the perspiration allows her to slip her hands free.  Kiana uses those hands to pull Cory’s hair and employs that leverage to fling Cory off her body.

A stunned Cory lands on her back, allowing Kiana a little time to recover.  As it turns out, she actually is able to move over to Cory’s form before the sexy, muscular blonde can get up.  Kiana moves from behind Cory’s head and lowers her right shoulder over Ms Everson’s face.  Kiana employs the always-humiliating move of the armpit smother, especially effective when you have the great pits that Kiana possesses plus the amount of sweat and odor present after this long, hard fought match.  Kiana grinds her deep and wide right armpit across the nose and mouth area of Cory Everson, the unpleasantness obvious from the mumbled protestations of the former Ms Olympia.  Kiana has so much fun doing her right armpit that she switches over to the left underarm giving her double barreled torture both in the moisture rubbed off on Cory’s face and the smelly odor that Cory must endure.  However, Kiana really doesn’t have Cory covered in any way to keep her down, and after recovering from Kiana’s hairpulling sling of her, Cory is able to shove Kiana away from her body.

The women don’t even bother getting fully up as they make it only to doubled up legs before contact is made again.  The women start by grabbing their rival’s tits, using their strong hands to twist boobs while their fingers trap nipples.  This battle seems to be heading towards a draw since neither woman gains an advantage, so they then turn to grabbing their opponent’s long hair in a vicious hairpulling duel.  The muscular women go prone on the canvas as they continue to pull hair, their rival’s head being yanked around in the process.  First, one woman in on top, they roll over which puts the other woman on top, and then their positions reverse again and again.  Kiana ends up on top as they near the ring ropes on one side, and she utilizes them to remain on top.  She puts her hands on her head to flex her muscles and show off her great armpits, but that boastful posturing allows Cory to buck her off.  As Cory gets up, Kiana grabs her right arm and uses it to sling her against the ropes.  Cory rebounds right to Kiana’s position, and the ultrasexy Polynesian princess greets her with a flying drop kick.  That force sends Cory Everson crashing backwards against the ropes, and a random unfortunate event occurs.  The two middle ropes flip over one another trapping the 6 time Ms Olympia’s arms in their hold.  A devilish smile comes to Kiana’s face as she slowly struts over to the rope-captured Cory.  Kiana slaps her face in the most humiliating way several times as Cory struggles to free herself.  Kiana continues her dream scenario by moving her left hand deep into Cory’s pussy to vigorously explore that orifice for the second time in this fight.  With her right hand, she begins to roughly massage Cory’s left orb.  Cory is once again experiencing both pleasure and pain, but at this point in the match, the latter is becoming dominant.  Kiana gets her pleasurable fill of these humiliations as she shoulder blocks Cory’s very muscular abdomen repetitively, each time eliciting groans from her very fit rival and knocking the breath out from her superdeveloped bod.  But the violent collisions finally result in the dislodging of Cory’s arms from the ropes.  As Kiana moves in for yet another shoulder block, Cory moves aside, and Kiana’s upper body goes between the ropes.

Cory quickly recovers from her midsection blows in order to get behind Kiana’s sizzling body, trapping her against the ropes, her lower body on the inside ring apron, her upper body between those two sets of ropes.  Cory grabs her head and pulls it back against the upper rope and lays a forearm smash against Kiana’s well-endowed chest.  Cory grabs Kiana’s head, steadies it with her left hand, and drops a hard right elbow smash against the top of it.  With Kiana’s legs still on the inside of the ropes and her upper body between the two middle ropes, that position gives Cory a perfect opportunity to grab Kiana’s arms and pull towards her.  Cory hurts Kiana even more than just bending her body back as she plants a knee in the small of Kiana’s back. The conflict of pulling on Kiana’s arms at the same time she is pushing on Kiana’s back puts the Polynesian beauty in a lot of pain.  Especially after each body has taken so much punishment and soreness has begun to set in, this is a damaging maneuver, particularly when the punisher is the very strong Cory Everson.  Kiana is finally able to pull her arms away from Cory’s grasp, partially due to her own strength, but mostly due to her sweaty arms being too slick to hold for a long period of time.

Cory pulls Kiana’s body completely back into the ring.  She armwhips the gorgeous Asian beauty into one of the corners, her shapely form smacking hard into the turnbuckles.  Kiana is holding herself up by leaning her arms on the ropes in the corner as Cory Everson stalks her prey.  Cory delivers some fists to Kiana’s developed midsection, knocking the breath from the beautiful Ms Tom.  Cory gives some open-handed slaps to Kiana’s beauty contest winning face as retribution for some earlier disrespectful slaps that Cory suffered at her hands.  Cory shoulder blocks Kiana’s fit midsection, with each blow delivered making Kiana’s sexy body sink closer to the canvas.  She eventually hits the canvas with that beauty contest clinching hot ass sitting on the mat in the corner.  Cory Everson seems ready for the kill as she slides her legs to each side of Kiana’s body and wraps them together around the corner post.  Cory begins an excruciating legsscissors around the abs of steel stomach area of the former Miss Fitness America.  Cory won the earlier legsscissors contest and apparently is hoping this will be her finishing move in this catfight.  Cory continues to squeeze her powerful legs around Kiana’s midsection, bolstered even more by the hard metal post behind Kiana that is digging into Kiana’s back as Cory’s legs compress. 

Cory:  "Kiana, you fitness fraud, are you ready to give up and concede you aren’t woman enough to do30 second commercials for any show that I might do?”  
Kiana: "Go to hell, you Ms Olympia has-been.  Fuck you, you steroid bitch!  I could quit working out for six months and still be more fit than you!”
Cory:  "Great answer slut…guess that means you want a lot more of my python legs squeezing the life out of you, so here it comes.”
Kiana {in obvious pain as the pressure is cranked up}: "Ooooooohhhh, uuuuugggghhh, please stop!”
Cory:  "I haven’t heard a concession yet and your admission that I’m the better woman”
Kiana: I give up!  I give up!!  You’re the better woman!!!  Let go…you’re breaking my back and ribs.”

Cory gives an extra couple of squeezes on her legs, but even she is tiring from the long, strenuous match and is relieved that she can quit expending energy after Kiana Tom’s submission to her.  But that doesn’t mean she is too exhausted to take some postmatch pleasure in humiliating her fitness foe.

Postmatch:   Cory stands up first followed by Kiana Tom dropping forward away from the corner post and resting on all fours.  Her position quickly changes to resting on one forearm as she uses her other hand to rub her back and her luscious midsection to try to get rid of the soreness.  Cory isn’t faring much better as she is leaning on a nearby top rope, but her body seems to have less redness and soreness associated with it.  And the guess of the spectators is Cory will find a second wind if it means punishing and humiliating her fitness rival in her postmatch celebration.  Cory moves over to Kiana’s still down form, pulls the defeated beauty up by the hair, and implements a bearhug to give Kiana Tom’s midsection yet more pain and suffering.  Kiana again is screaming for it to stop, but Cory apparently isn’t in this for the midsection torture this time.  Cory simply is setting up Kiana for a titsmother as she removes one of her arms from around Kiana’s waist in order to grab Kiana’s head and force it into up close and personal contact with her 36D tits.  Her chest isn’t awesome as much of her bust measurement is related to her incredibly developed, muscular back, and cleavage doesn’t rival the Grand Canyon, but her boobs are firm and sweaty, giving Cory the satisfaction of transferring a lot of sweat onto Kiana’s beauty contest winning face, of which the Polynesian woman is so proud.  Cory makes sure she grinds Kiana’s beautiful face all around her wide chest area to get as much moisture as possible, along with the body odor that is associated with heavy perspiration.  Cory finally releases the other arm wrapped around Kiana’s midsection and watches her collapse to the canvas on her back. 

Cory Everson wants to take her satisfaction of Kiana Tom in a different setting, so she walks Kiana out of the ring onto a nearby set at ESPN.  Cory lays Kiana down on a sofa and mounts the fallen fitness idol, sitting on her abdomen. Cory begins to fondle Kiana's great, surgically enhanced globes with her powerful hands, kneading and pinching her nipples between her fingers.  Cory is obviously trying to get a secretion of some precious Kiana Tom milk from those jumbo juggs of hers, and it begins to work.  A few drops of the whitish liquid seep from those enticing nips of the former Miss Fitness America.  Cory sucks a quick taste of her reward and lets the other drops to where they may on Kiana’s sizzling bod.  Cory then moves her haunches higher up Kiana's body until she's sitting on Kiana’s gorgeous face. She takes Kiana's beautiful face and slams Kiana's collagen-enhanced lips against her wet and smelly pussy lips.  Cory laughs, "Kiss this Kiana! I want you to get some benefit since you went to the trouble to have yours lips done."  Next Cory moves Kiana's face into first her odorous, sweaty left armpit and then under her right arm.  Cory beauty contest winning armpits are showcased as most of Kiana’s face disappears into the deep recesses of Cory’s awesome armpits.  Cory brags, "I though you might want to see what true fitness looks like you slut."  Cory finally moves up even further, dropping her perspiration-soaked butt squarely on Kiana's beautiful face and rubs it back and forth over the Polynesian Princess' gorgeous features in a fantastic facesit, smearing her lipstick extensively away from her lips. While she is doing this, Cory puts her hands to her head and flexes her biceps, displaying her championship quality arms and her perfect, gorgeously concaved underarms in a classic victory pose.

Cory moves to the other end of Kiana’s lithesome form and digs her fingers deep between Kiana's pussy lips and probes for an extended time until Kiana starts to climax, and then removes her cream-covered hands to wipe Kiana's own cum on Kiana's face. Cory briefly gets off Kiana’s sexy, prone form to admire her work and Kiana Tom’s helplessness.  With drops of milk still very visible on those siliconed mammories of Kiana and Kiana’s own cum smeared around her mouth by Cory’s hands, the 6 time Miss Olympia Ms Everson is thrilled to see her fitness rival being at her complete mercy.  As if these acts aren't enough, for a final humiliation, Cory lies on top of Kiana in a spread-eagle manner and humps her muscular pussy on Kiana's now sensitive one causing her great discomfort.   Cory pulls Kiana off the soft and onto the hardwood floor and does a dozen push-ups on Kiana's upper body, letting her heavily muscled form crash down on Kiana's depleted body with each one. When Kiana can barely move and is almost unconscious, Cory at last decides her victim has had enough. She gets up, walks over to the boxing room set again, grabs a bucket of water and throws it onto Kiana's prone form.
Kiana reacts slightly, and Cory says, "Well, let's see now, that means your pseudo-fitness show will now have reruns scheduled for 3AM on ESPN2, and MY new, true fitness show will be seen in a good time slot on ESPN. That's fitting since I wiped the floor with you in this contest proving who the true fitness queen is and who is little more than an infomercial fitness fraud. Oh, and if I ever hear of you going behind my back to try to lobby for your own show again, I will be back to finish the job.  There isn’t room enough at this network for the both of us, and quite frankly, hon, YOU are gone!!! " Cory struts out of the room with a smirk of victory on her lips, walks back into the gym where the audience has reconvened, and shows off her undefeatable body that won her the Miss Olympia title 6 consecutive years.