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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 109

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Ladies Pro Wrestling Volume 109
« on: February 01, 2022, 10:22:14 PM »
Our opening match is Julie who weighs in at 130 and is wearing a grey two piece. Her opponent is Ashley who weighs in at 155 and is wearing a pink one piece with blue polka dots. The veteran Julie would gain the upper hand at the beginning when she was able to catch Ashley in a arm bar. Ashley however would come charging back when she would duck a clothesline from Julie then she would nail her with a elbow to the face. Next Ashley would scoop Julie up and connect with a back breaker. Ashley would then drop her knee directly into Julies ribs. But all Ashley could get from that was a two count. Ashley would then pick Julie up by the hair and whip her into the rooms for a clothesline. But Julie would duck that and instead land a dropkick that would send Ashley crashing into the turnbuckles. Julie would then ram Ashley’s face into turnbuckles repeatedly. Then she drag Ashley to the middle of the ring and try for a suplex. But Ashley would be able to block it and land one of her own instead. From there Ashley would scream out that she was tired of fooling with Julie. She would then quickly pick Julie up and turn her around and deliver a devastating reverse DDT to Julie. Ashley would then place her hands across Julie’s chest to pick up the victory. After the match Ashley would celebrate and taunt the crowd as Julie would lay on the mat and clutch at her neck. Your winner of the match is Ashley.

Before our next match we go back to last week and see the brutal ending of the tag team match. We then cut to the back moments after the match where Heaven and Mitzi are sitting in the locker room. Both girls were noticeably favoring their sore nipples. But both girls couldn’t hide the smiles from their faces. Heaven would look in the camera and say that she hopes that Hailey savored the taste of Stephanie’s crotch. Then Mitzi would tell everybody that Stephanie is never going to be back in the ring again. Wether it be against some jabroni much less a killer like herself. Heaven would chime in again and mention that Hailey and Stephanie were both on the shelf. But that they are competitors and that they might be sore now but in two weeks they’ll in tiptop shape and back in the ring. Mitzi would end the interview by saying that she hopes that god has mercy on whoever gets in the ring with them in two weeks.

Our next match is Rachel who weighs in at 150 and is wearing a orange two piece. Her opponent is Sarah who weighs in at 140 and is wearing a black and silver two piece. A handshake would start the match. Followed by a lockup which Sarah would win. Then she would trap Rachel in a headlock for several minutes. Unfortunately for Sarah that would be the most offense that she could mount. As when she went to deliver a bodyslam Rachel would slip out of it. From there she would turn Sarah and give her a big kick to the stomach. Next she would whip Sarah in the corner. Rachel would then connect with clothesline in the corner. Then she would wrap her arm around Sarah’s neck and with a running start she would deliver a big bulldog. At that point it was academic as Rachel would hook the leg and get the victory. Rachel would then go around the ring and high five the fans. While Sarah would roll to the apron as she tried to catch her breath.

Our main event is Katie who weighs in at 160 and is wearing a black two piece with green dollar signs printed on the bottoms. Her opponent is Laura who weighs in at 170 and is wearing a floral print one piece. Katie would laugh as the bell rang and ask Laura why she keeps coming back when she always gets her ass kicked? With that comment Laura would lay into Katie’s chest with a massive forearm. Then for the next several minutes Laura would have her way with Katie. Including Laura delivering a huge splash that left Katie in a heap on the mat. But the tide would eventually turn when Katie was able to get her fingers into Laura’s eyes. Katie would then call Laura a bitch as she’s threw her in the corner. From there she would repeatedly drive her shoulder into Laura’s midsection. Next Katie would snapmare Laura over and tell her that the end was near. But Laura wouldn’t have that as she was able to block Katie’s attempt at the silver stretch. Laura would eventually get her knees and land several elbows to Katie’s stomach. Then Laura would stand up and repeatedly clothesline line Katie. Laura would then whip Katie in the ropes and catch her with a bearhug. Katie would scream out in pain as Laura just cranked on the hold. But Laura would make a big mistake. As she left her legs wide open and with the referee concentrated on the bearhug. Leaving Katie the opening to raise her knee straight up into Laura’s crotch. Laura immediately fell to her knees. Katie would then quickly catch her breath and move in and slap on the silver stretch. Laura would howl in pain but refused to quit. Katie would then tell her that she would make Laura give up. As she started to dig her nails directly into Laura’s crotch. That would eventually be to much as Laura would tell the ref that she was done. Katie would then strut around the ring while holding her ribs. While Laura laid on her side and nursed her ribs and sore crotch.

Next time on LPW we’ll see Whitney in action and in the main event Kelsi gets her rematch against Dena. Plus we’ll here from Hailey and Stephanie…