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To the clique wars a note from the Admins

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To the clique wars a note from the Admins
« on: February 25, 2022, 11:56:21 PM »
I have been getting a lot of complaints the last couple of days from different members of the cliques. From what I am seeing and hearing  there is a lot of she said - she said stuff going on here. I've also been hearing and seeing that some members of the cliques have personal issues with one another. My STRONG advice for all members of these cliques is to ignore anyone you don't get along with and if it gets to be to much in the form of harassment or breaking any of the other rules let one of the admins or mods know the problem and who is causing it. We will handle it. No one here is permitted to tell anyone where they can and cannot post on the forum again if someone is causing a problem let one of us know.

I will personally be watching these threads more closely from here on out.
I truly hope you all can calm down and go back to having fun here. After all that is what this forum is for.
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Have fun and tussle.