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Carrie Underwood vs Selena Gomez 1

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Carrie Underwood vs Selena Gomez 1
« on: March 07, 2022, 03:45:43 AM »
   After a few years being in the music industry and hanging out at parties together, Carrie Underwood and Selena Gomez have had a friendly rivalry going on between them.  They even went to the same gym to work out.  They wanted to see who the better fighter was between them so they decided to put their fighting abilities to the test.  They decided to have a private wrestling match in the gym that they working out at.  They have both been preparing for a few days for the fight against each other.  They finally arrive at the gym and change into their fighting outfits.  Carrie changed into jean shorts and tank top.  Selena had a pair of spandex shorts that rode up her ass and spandex top that barely went below her breasts.  The two of them went to the ring barefoot and began stretching.

   “Like what you see, Carrie?” smiled Selena as she bent over a bit shaking her ass for Carrie.

   “Please, Selena, I’ve seen better, starting with my own of course.” Smirks Carrie as she rolls her eyes while stretching.

   After a couple more minutes of stretching the two approach each other in the middle of the ring.  Selena extends her hand: “May the best girl win.”

   “Agreed, but that’ll be me, after all.” Smirks Carrie as she shakes Selena’s hand.

   The two then squat down, bring up their fists and start circling each other.   They send a pair of jabs and hooks to each other with each blocking the other’s attack.  They then move in and lock up with each other.  They struggle against each other, pushing with all their might, their muscles straining.  Selena then rolls back, places her foot on Carrie’s stomach. As she fell to her back, Selena flips Carrie over and onto her back.  Carrie grunts as her back hits the mat.  Both of them soon get to their knees, but Selena is a bit quicker.  She leaps to Carrie reaching for her throat driving her back to the mat.  Selena straddles Carrie’s body and keeps her hands on Carrie’s throat with her left hand.  She starts to punch Carrie’s face making her grunt with each punch.  Carrie brings her hands up and starts to push against her breasts.

   “You like my breasts, don’t you?” taunts Selena feeling Carrie’s hands on them as she continues to punch Carrie’s face.  Carrie groans more as Selena keeps punching her face.  She decides to change tactics and start to punch Selena’s chest and stomach.  Selena groans as Carrie is hitting her and she feels the pain.  Carrie then brings her knee up and hits her between the legs.  Selena screams in pain and stops punching Carrie.  Carrie takes the opportunity to push Selena off of her and onto the mat.

       Both girls groan as they recover from the other’s attack.  After a moment, they each get to their knees.  The two take turns punching each other’s heads making the other grunt in pain.  Selena quickly grabs Carrie’s throat and tightens her grip making Carrie do the same to Selena.  They each hold on to the other as they get to their feet, groaning and grimacing in pain all the way.  They take turns kneeing the other’s side punching the other’s face.  One of Selena’s punches finds Carrie’s solar plexus.  The punch makes Carrie gasp for air and let go of Selena, taking a couple steps back.  Selena smirks seeing this and sends a few punches to her face followed by a kick to her gut.  Carrie groans in pain stepping back from the punches and doubles over from the kick.  Selena steps in and knees Carrie’s head making her snap up.  Carrie stands upright after the knee.  Selena sends a few punches to Carrie’s torso followed by a jump kick to her chest.  The kick sent her flying back into the corner.  Carrie holds onto the top ropes to keep herself upright in the corner.

     Selena smiles seeing Carrie in pain in the corner.  She charges at her and jumps in the air for a body splash.  As Selena comes in for the hit, Carrie moves out of the way making her hit the turnbuckle and groan in pain.  Carrie turns to face Selena sending a few punches to her head and a knee to her gut.  Selena groan as she gets hit and then doubles over from the knee to her gut.  Carrie grabs Selena’s head and knees her making her stand upright.  Carrie presses her hands against Selena’s chest as she climbs up to the second set of ropes.  She looks down and grabs Selena’s hair with her left and starts to punch Selena’s head with her right fist.  Selena grunted with each hit.  After a handful of punches to her face, Selena brings her left fist up and slams it into Carrie’s stomach a couple times.  The punches Carrie stop punching Selena and hold her stomach.  Selena smiles before sending a left-right punch combo to her Carrie’s pussy, making her scream in pain.  Selena then grabs Carrie’s hips and pushes her off the ropes.  Carrie groans as she hits the mat.  Selena steps forward to stomp and kick on Carrie’s prone body making her grunt with each stomp and kick.  After a handful of stomps and kicks to Carrie’s body, Selena leans over and grabs Carrie by the hair, pulling her to her feet.  Selena grabs Carrie’s hands and pulls them away from her body.  Carrie was still trying to recover from Selena’s recent attack and couldn’t stop Selena.   Selena rapidly sends a half dozen punches to Carrie’s torso followed by a pair of hooks to her head making Carrie grunt with each hit.  Carrie looks a little woozy on her feet making Selena smile.

        “You look hurt.  Perhaps you’re in just over your head in the fight against me.” Taunted Selena before rapidly sending another half dozen punches to Carrie’s torso, followed by a left kick to her ribs, then a right kick to her ribs.  Selena then spins around sending a kick to Carrie’s chin sending her stumbling a few feet to her side and falling to the mat.  Carrie groans as she holds herself in pain as she is on the ground.  Selena struts over to Carrie and once again pulls her up to her feet by her hair.  Selena smirks seeing Carrie staggering a bit on her feet.   Selena guides Carrie to the ropes with her back a few feet away from it.  Selena punches Carrie a few times before bringing her foot up and slamming it into Carrie’s chest.  The kick sends Carrie back into the ropes bouncing off of them and back towards Selena.  As Carrie comes back off the ropes, Selena gives Carrie a deep gut punch.  Carrie’s cheeks puff up and she doubles over from the punch.  Selena quickly takes her fist and puts Carrie in a headlock.  She then slaps Carrie’s ass with her free hand as Carrie weakly grabs onto Selena’s waist.  As she holds Carrie in the headlock, she sends her knee into Carrie’s gut a few times.  After that, Selena keeps a hold on Carrie’s head and takes a step back before sending a knee up to her forehead.  Selena smiles seeing Carrie stagger around a bit on her feet after letting go of her head.  Selena then takes a couple steps back before coming to Carrie and hitting her with a side-kick to her chin making her stagger back and fall to her back.

         “It’s time to end this match, Carrie.” Giggles Selena as she struts over to Carrie and straddles her torso.  Selena grabs her shorts and slides them off revealing her bare ass.  She turns her ass towards Carrie and slaps her cheeks as she looks over her shoulder: “Time to get an up and close look at them.”  Selena slowly brings her ass down and sits on Carrie’s face wiggling it a bit to get full coverage.  Carrie is too weakened to fight back against this as she lies there and accepts her fate.  Seeing that Carrie is not fighting back at all, she presses her ass down even more onto her face.  Selena runs her hands up and down Carrie’s body before she slides her hand under Carrie’s bra and plays with her breasts: “You do have a nice face to sit on, Carrie.  You should have submitted and let me do this at the beginning of the fight.”  Carrie lets out a slight moan as Selena sits on her as Selena wiggles her ass a little more.  Carrie’s nipples become harder the more Selena plays with them.  Selena was enjoying her time on top of Carrie’s face.  It takes a couple more minutes before Carrie goes limp under Selena’s ass.  Selena keeps her ass on Carrie for a moment longer, wiggling it a bit before standing up.  She places her foot in between Carrie’s breasts and poses over her.  She then puts her foot on Carrie’s face, posing over her again.  She then leans over and strips Carrie naked tossing her outfit to the side.  “You’re shaven down there.  I bet that’s your husband likes you when he’s fucking you.”  She squats over and Carrie and starts to gently slap her face.  Carrie starts to groan as she starts to come back around.

       “You sat on my face.” Groans Carrie as she looks up at Selena. “And then you stripped naked.” Continued Carrie as she looked at herself.
“I’m guilty of both.  I do have a sexy ass and your outfit is my prize for beating you.  Besides, I think you enjoyed it just a tiny bit.” Smiled Selena as she steps to the side.

      “Give my outfit back to me, please.  I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Groaned Carrie as she gets to her knees.

      “Of course you don’t, Carrie.” Chuckled a knowing Selena.  “If you want your outfit back, you’ll have to do a few things for me.  Stay on your knees for now if you want to hear my offer.”

     “On my knees, really?” scoffed Carrie.  She then rolls her eyes and slaps her thighs: “Fine, what do you have in mind?”
Selena smiles down at Carrie as she caresses Carrie’s hair: “First, you’ll kiss my feet, suck my toes and then followed up by kissing the sexy ass that smothered you out.”

     “Fine, let’s just get this over with.” Sighed Carrie as she bowed her head down.  Carrie starts kissing Selena’s feet making Selena smile.  Carrie slowly kisses Selena’s feet completely.  As she gets closer to her toes, Selena wiggles her toes for Carrie and in a few seconds, Carrie’s mouth is around her toes starting with her big toe.  One by one, Carrie sucked and licked each toe and went so far as licking in between each toe as well.

     “You’re doing so well, Carrie.  Who knew you were so good at this?” chuckled Selena seeing Carrie worship her feet and toes.  After Carrie sucked each of Selena’s toes, Selena turned around and patted her ass cheeks.  “You know what to do.” Smirked Selena as she looked over her shoulder at Carrie.  Carrie leaned in and placed a handful of kisses to each of Selena’s ass cheeks.  A confident smiled came over Selena as Carried kissed her ass.  After a moment, Selena stepped away and pointed: “You’re outfit is right there, just a few feet away.”

     “What about all that stuff about worshipping your feet and kissing your ass?” asked a slightly embarrassed Carrie.

     “I was just having a little fun with you.  I wanted to see how far you’d go to get your clothes back.  I was going to let you have them anyway but it was fun and enjoyable seeing you do all the things you just did.” Said Selena as she grabbed her shorts and put them on.  “I’ll see you around, ta-ta.” Smirked Selena as she strutted out of the ring and to the locker room to change and leave.  Carrie took a couple minutes to get up and put her outfit back on, sighing in a bit of embarrassment before heading out herself.