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Carrie Underwood vs Selena Gomez 2

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Carrie Underwood vs Selena Gomez 2
« on: March 07, 2022, 04:08:12 AM »
   It had been a few months since Selena Gomez and Carrie Underwood had their wrestling and Selena sat on Carrie’s face.  Carrie felt a bit embarrassed at losing to her and then having , to worship her after the match.  Carrie picks up the phone and calls Selena up to challenge her to a rematch:

   “Are you eager to get smothered under my ass again?” taunts a confident Selena.

   “Oh please Selena, it’ll be you under my ass this time.  Besides, I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself in front of my husband and I’ve got some toys for you for the post-match.” Said Carrie.

   “Your husband is going to be there?  Too bad I’ll sit on your face in front of your husband and then use your own toys on you afterwards.” Smirked Selena.
“You’re delusional Selena if you think you’ll beat me again.” Said Carrie.

      “Oh, poor Carrie, not only will I beat you again but I’ll give you a good fucking in front of your husband and I’ll enjoy your worshipping my sexy body too.” Smiled Selena.

     “There’s no way any of that is happening, Selena.  I would love to see my husband’s reaction when I fuck you doggy-style.  I’ll see you next week.” Smirked Carrie

     “I’ll see you then.” Smiled Selena as she hung up the phone.

     As they had agreed upon, the two of them met at the same gym that they had fought in previously.  Carrie and Selena went to the ring that they fought.  Carrie takes her rain coat off to reveal her green bikini outfit, takes off her sneakers and puts her hair in a ponytail.  The bag with her goodies sits next to Carrie’s husband, Mike.  Selena took her own coat off to have her swirly black and white bikini outfit.  She too put her hair in a ponytail.  Both girls smile at Mike before heading into the ring to face each other.

    “Just make this easy on yourself and get on your back.  I bet Mike will enjoy seeing me sit on your face, then fuck you senseless.” Smirked a confident Selena.

    “That’s not going to happen, Selena.” Replied Carrie as she brings her fists up and sends a pair of jabs to Selena’s chin and a kick towards Selena’s ribs, all of which Selena blocks.  Selena sends a pair of her own hooks to Carrie’s head which Carrie blocks.  Carrie sends a front kick to Selena’s stomach connecting with it and making her double over in pain.  Carrie smiles seeing Selena bent over and sends a roundhouse kick to Selena’s chin sending Selena stumbling back a few feet and down to the mat.  Carrie presses her advantage with a few stomps and kicks to Selena’s ribs making her grunt in pain.
After a few stomps, Carrie leans over and grabs Selena’s hair pulling her up to her hair.  As Selena gets to her feet, she sends a punch to Carrie’s gut making Carrie puff her cheeks.  Selena then sends a pair of punches to Carrie’s chest.  Selena jumps up and sends a front kick to her chest making Carrie stagger back and fall to her back.  As Selena steps towards Carrie, Selena sends her foot down to stomp on her stomach and chest.  Before Selena can land her foot, Carrie rolls away making Selena hit the mat with her foot.  Carrie gets to her knees and gets ready to leap at Selena when Selena sends her right foot to Carrie’s jaw snapping her head and sending her to the mat.  Selena smiles seeing Carrie on the mat and steps to her, stomping on her back as she gets closer.  Selena continues to stomp on her making her grunt with each grunt.  After nearly a dozen stomps and kicks, Selena leans over and grabs Carrie by the hair, pulling her up to her feet again.

     “How are you feeling, Carrie?” taunts a smiling Selena as she slaps punches Carrie’s chest a few times followed by an uppercut to her jaw.  Carrie grunts with each punch and staggers back with the uppercut.

    “I’m feeling fine, Selena.” Groans Carrie as she gathers herself and sends a pair of punches to Selena’s head and a pair of kicks to her sides. Selena is able to block the punches and one of the kicks, but the other kick gets through making her grunt and stagger back a couple steps.  Carrie sends a front kick to Selena’s gut and roundhouse kick to her head.  Selena blocks the front kick and ducks underneath the roundhouse kick.

     “Still got some fight left in you I see, Carrie.  I know you’re just putting on a good show for your husband Mike.  I know we’ll both put on a good show too when I beat you and fuck you in the ass.” Smirked Selena as she slapped her ass cheeks and thrust her hips.  Carrie growls at Selena and charges at her sending a handful of punches.  Selena steps back and blocks the punches before sending a punch between Carrie’s breasts, then a knee to her gut making her hunch over.  She follows that up by grabbing Carrie’s hair and brings her knee up to Carrie’s head.  Selena pulls Carrie’s head down and puts her in a headlock.  Selena winks at Mike as she sends a handful of knees into Carrie’s stomach.  Carrie’s body jolted with each knee to her gut.  After the knees, Selena releases Carries head and steps back smiling as Carrie staggers around a bit holding her stomach.  Selena sends a pair of bitch slaps to Carrie’s face snapping Carrie’s face from side to side followed by a jumping to Carrie’s face making her ground and stagger back a few steps and falling to her ass.  “You’re going to be under my ass soon, just like last time.”  Smirks Selena as she struts over to Carrie, brings her right knee up and slams her sole down on to Carrie’s face.  Carrie grunts as falls flat on her back.

     Selena struts around Carrie with a big smirk on her face, smacking her ass cheeks as she walks around Carrie.  She steps on Carrie’s throat with her foot and presses down for a few seconds before stepping onto Carrie’s chest and then pressing both her feet on her stomach.  Carrie groans and flails a bit as Selena stands on Carrie’s stomach.  Selena looks over her shoulder and smirks seeing the pain in Carrie’s eyes before stepping off and straddling Carrie’s body.  Selena then thumbs her bikini bottom and slides it off and steps out of it.  She slaps her ass cheeks again as she slowly sways her ass cheeks while lowering it down onto Carrie’s face.  She wiggles her ass on Carrie’s face and looks over to Mike.  She sees him smiling and touching himself.  His cock is rock hard under his pants and Selena waves to him and blows him a kiss.  Carrie barely moves under Selena as her nose is pressed up against Selena’s ass.  Carrie inhales a bit of Selena’s scent.  It only takes a couple more minutes before Carrie is unconscious below Selena’s ass.  Selena keeps her ass on Carrie for a little bit more and wiggles her ass a bit before standing up.  She turns to face Carrie, places her foot between her breasts and flexes.  Selena takes off her own top tossing it with her bikini bottom before leaning over and stripping Carrie naked.  As she strips Carrie naked, she has her ass turned to Mike and wiggles it as she strips Carrie tossing them to the side as well.

    After she strips Carrie naked, she walks out of the ring and struts to bag that is next to Mike.  She winks at him as she gets to the bag and starts looking inside of it: “I can tell you enjoyed the fight. I’m going to have some fun now with her now with her own toys.”  Selena grabs the bag and heads back into the ring shaking her ass along the way making sure Mike got a good look at her ass.  She tosses the bag inside and then slides under the bottom rope.  As Selena walks up to Carrie, Carrie starts to stir.  Selena smiles seeing Carrie opening her eyes and places her right sole over Carrie’s face.  “Worship my sole, Carrie.”
Carrie groans a bit as Selena places her right sole on her face.  She puckers up and starts to kiss Selena’s sole and lick it as well.  Selena grins feeling Carrie’s lips and tongue and she slowly slides her foot all over Carrie’s face.  After a couple minutes, Selena takes her right sole off and puts her left sole on Carrie’s face making her go through the same process with her left sole.  Selena slowly rubs and grinds her sole on Carrie’s face.  Carrie groans as Selena grinds her sole on her face.  Once Selena was satisfied with Carrie’s sole worship, she takes it off and stands above Carrie: “Flip over and kiss my foot.  Suck my toes, too.”  Carrie groans as she flips over, getting on all fours before Selena.  She looks up at her before she puts her head down and starts to kiss Selena’s feet, licking them as she goes.  Selena moans as Carrie worships her feet and sucks on her toes.  Carrie takes her time doing all that and licks her toes, including in between each as well.  “You look so nice down there worshipping my feet and toes.  It won’t be too long before I’ll be fucking you with your own strap-on.”  Carrie whimpers as bit as she hears that from Selena and finishes up worshipping her feet and toes.  “Start kissing up my leg and get to my pussy.  Then you’ll get to worship a superior pussy.”

    Carrie slowly starts to kiss and lick up Selena’s legs.  She takes her time getting up Selena’s legs and when she gets to Selena’s pussy, she pauses for a second.  Selena reaches out and grabs Carrie’s hair pulling Carrie’s head into her wet pussy.  Carrie instinctively starts to lick and suck on Selena’s pussy making Selena moan in pleasure.  Carrie slowly sticks her tongue inside Selena’s pussy and suckles on her lips.  Selena presses and grinds her pussy against Carrie’s face as she moans and her pussy gets wetter with each second. Carrie brings her hands up and holds onto Selena’s hips.  Selena’s eyes flutter as the pleasure courses through her body.  Carrie slides her hands back to Selena’s ass cheeks and gently holds on to them.  Selena bites down on her lip as Carrie’s tongue and lip work gets her even more excited.  “You like my ass don’t you, Carrie?” moans Selena as she grinds her pussy a bit more.  It was only a matter of a couple more minutes before Selena climaxes, sending her juices onto Carrie’s face and chin.  Carrie does her best to lap up the juices coming out of Selena as Selena does her best to hold Carrie’s face against her pussy.  After a moment or so, Selena finally calms down from the climax and pulls Carrie’s head away from her pussy.  Selena turns around and looks over her shoulder with a smirk: “Since you seem to like my ass, go ahead and worship it.”  Carrie leans in and starts to kiss and lick Selena’s ass.  Carrie is both embarrassed and excited by all that is going on.

    After Selena had enough of Carrie’s ass worship, Selena steps away and steps to the bag that Carrie brought with her.  She looks to Carrie as she goes into the bag grabbing the strap-on dildo: “Get on all four and open your legs.”  Carrie nods and does what Selena wants while Selena puts the strap-on around her waist.  Selena steps in behind Carrie and gets to her knees.  Selena grabs onto Carrie’s hips and slides the dildo into Carrie’s pussy.  Carrie moans as Selena slides the dildo in and out of Carrie’s wet pussy.  Selena starts off slowly and with each thrust, slowly increases the speed, her hips slamming into Carrie’s ass.  Selena reaches out and grabs Carrie’s hair pulling it with her left hand as she slaps Carrie’s cheeks with her right.  She enjoys seeing Carrie’s ass jiggle with each slap to her cheeks and the sound of her yelps as she holds onto her hair.  Soon Selena starts to speed up the thrusts into Carrie’s pussy.  Carrie starts moaning louder and louder as the dildo goes deeper and deeper inside of her pussy.  A moment later, Carrie’s body shakes and her pussy climaxes on the dildo and mat below.  Selena thrusts a few more times before she stops with the dildo deep inside of Carrie and waits for her to stop climaxing.

     As Carrie finally calms down, Selena pulls the dildo out and walks around Carrie.  She reaches down to grab Carrie’s hair pulling her up to her knees.  She commands Carrie: “It’s time you cleaned off your mess from the dildo.”  Carrie nods as she leans in placing her lips on the dildo.  Selena pushes Carrie’s head down on the dildo as she starts guiding it up and down the dildo.  Carrie used both her lips and tongue to clean off her own juices.  In addition to sliding Carrie’s head up and down the dildo, Selena thrusts her hips back and forth driving the dildo into Carries throat on a few occasions.  It doesn’t take long before Carrie cleans the dildo off and Selena pulls it out.  Selena promptly sways her hips from side to side a few times while holding Carrie’s head forward making the dildo slap into Carrie’s cheeks with each sway of her hips and Carrie grunted each time the dildo hit her cheeks.  It was a show of dominance on Selena’s part.  After all the dildo slaps to her face, Selena stops and smiles down at Carrie who is now holding her cheeks.  Selena keeps the hold on Carrie’s hair and quickly brings it down while raising her knee up slamming it hard into her face before letting go of her hair.  Carrie grunts and her head snaps back from the knee.  Selena keeps her knee up in the air and slams her foot down on Carrie’s face forcing her down onto her back in a dazed state.

     “I’m done with her if you want to help her out of here.” Chuckles Selena as she takes the dildo off and dumps it in Carrie’s bag.  She then picks up her bikini and puts it back on.  Mike slides in the ring, gathers Carrie’s bag, bikini and finally helps Carrie up and out of the ring.  Selena watches as Mike has his arm around Carrie as he helps her out of the gym.  He looks back at Selena who winks at him and mouths to him: ‘Call me.’  He nods to her as he leaves the door.  Selena smiles seeing his nod and heads out of the gym soon afterwards, confident in herself as a fighter and so much more.

     After a couple of days after that match, he ends up calling Selena and shows up at her place after one of his practices.  Selena smiled seeing him at her door as she wore only a nightgown with a plunging neckline and barely went below her ass.  “I was wondering if you’d ever call me after the match.” Smirked Selena as she let Mike into her house.  She turned and swayed her ass as she guided him to a couch before sitting down and crossed her legs.  Mike followed her staring at her ass and legs before looking up and down her legs.  His cock hardened as he looked at Selena’s pussy and could tell it was shaven.  “You like what you see down there, Mike?” smirked Selena as she untied her nightgown. 

     “I do, Selena.  That’s not all the only thing I like about you.” smiled Mike as he stepped forward.  Before he got too close to her, Selena raised her leg that she crossed over and placed her toes against Mike’s stomach.

     “That’s close enough.  If you want to get any closer, you should kneel before me and kiss my feet.” Smirked a confident Selena as she twirled her hair.
“Kneel and kiss your foot?” asked Mike.

    “Oh yes, I can tall that’s what you want to do.  You wish to kneel before me and worship me like a princess.” Said Selena as she looked at Mike.  “So go ahead and kneel before me and kiss my feet, worship them.  Maybe I’ll let you worship other parts of me too.”

    “As you wish, Selena.” Nodded mike as he dropped to his knees, taking her right foot in his hands and started kissing it.

    “I knew you’d see it my way.  Just keep worshipping my foot like a good boy.” Moaned Selena as she watched Mike kiss her foot.  “You’re doing a good job.  You can suck my toes and worship my sole.  My foot’s a little sore too, so go ahead and massage it too while you’re at it.”  Mike nodded at Selena as his mouth moved towards her toes.  Starting with her big toe, he sucked on her toes slowly bobbing his head up and down, even licking it as well.  As he went from toe to toe, he licked in between as well cleaning them as he went.  After he finished with her toes, Mike lifted her foot up a bit more and started to massage it.  As he massaged her foot, he leaned in and started to kiss and lick her sole.  Selena moaned as she watched as Mike worshipped her foot.  “You’re doing a good job Mike.  When you’re done with my right foot, start on my left foot.”  Mike nodded as he continued working on her sole for a couple more minutes before placing it down on the ground.  He then picked up her left foot and started doing the same as he started to kiss and lick the top of her foot.  Selena smiled as Mike worked her left foot like her right foot, seeing his erection growing inside his pants.  She slowly moves her foot around as Mike worships it with his mouth.  She lets out a few moans as he sucks on her toes, enjoying his lips and mouth on her toes and in between them.

    Selena takes her right foot and starts to rub it against his cock making Mike moan. Mike takes his time finishing up with her toes before going on to lick and kiss Selena’s left sole.  Mike moaned more as he worshipped her sole and as her foot rubbed against his cock.  He knew he should try and stop her but it felt too good.  He takes his time worshipping her sole and moans as his cock is now rock hard from Selena’s constant rubbing.  His eyes look up at a smiling Selena as he finished worshipping her sole, locking eyes with her.  He places her foot down on the ground before placing his hands on her knees.  Selena pulls her right foot back and twirls her pointer finger of her right hand down to his cock: “Unzip your pants and show me your shaft.”

    “As you wish, Selena.” Replied Mike with a soft moan as he takes his hands down to his pants and unzips his pants.  He opens up and slides down both his pants and underwear revealing his erect cock for Selena.  He moaned once again as Selena brought her feet to his cock and started to rub her feet up and down his shaft.

    “I know you like this.  You want this.  You enjoy this so much.  Show me you accept my dominance by taking my hands and letting me please your shaft.”  Smiled a confident Selena as she extended her hands out to Mike.  He moans more as he hears her words and it only takes a few seconds before extending his hands to her and takes a hold of them.  “That’s a good bitch, submit to me.” Smirked Selena as she increased the speed of her stroking his cock.  It didn’t take much longer before he climaxed sending his cum onto her legs and the couch.  Despite making him climax, Selena continued to stroke his cock.  She smiled seeing how much he enjoyed her foot rub and his growing submission.  “You want to eat me out, don’t you?  Get a taste of a real pussy by burying your face between my legs.  Just nod if that’s what you want, knowing that once you get a taste, you’ll want more.  It is very addictive.  Just be sure it’s what you want.”
Mike looked up at Selena and nodded: “I want it Selena.  I want to taste you, eat you out.  I’ll pay whatever consequences when the time comes.”

    “That’s a good boy, Mike.  You sure are learning quickly.” Smirks Selena as she takes her feet from his cock and opens her legs to show him her wet pussy.  “Come and get it, Mikey.” Winked Selena as she released his hands.  Mike smiled as he brought his head forward into her pussy.  He licked and kissed her pussy as he brought his hands up to caress her thighs bringing them closer to his head.  Selena moaned at his touch as she placed her hand on Mike’s head to keep it in place.  She quickly leans her head back as she feels Mike’s tongue slide inside her pussy.  Mike continued working her pussy with his tongue and lips faster with each passing second.  With Mike’s help, Selena drapes her legs over his shoulder and tighten her thighs around his face.  Mike enjoys the taste of Selena’s wet pussy as he suckles on it and flicks his tongue inside of her clit.  “Keep it up Mike.  Make me cum all over your face.”  Moaned Selena as the pleasure built up inside her.  Mike keeps working her pussy with increasing tongue speed and sucking with his lips.  After a couple more minutes, Selena bites her lips and arches her back as she climaxes sending her juices all over Mike’s face and into his mouth.  He swallowed up what he could before Selena grabs Mike’s hair and pulls his head away.  She opens her legs again and pulls him up to her lips kissing him deeply.  She quickly sends her tongue inside his mouth mingling her tongue with his as she got a taste of her own juices.  A moment later, Selena pulls his head away and smiles at him: “You were good and I taste damn fine too.  There’s just one more thing that I want you to do before you go back to your precious wife.  Kiss my ass.”

    “I will do that for you Selena.  You do have a sexy ass.” Smiled Mike as he sat back on his knees; and watched as Selena got to her feet and turned around.  He sighed happily as he looked at her ass before leaning in and placing kiss after kiss to her cheeks.

    “You sure do like worshipping me, Mike.  Just remember that from now on, you’re my bitch.  Carrie will learn that the hard way if she ever decides to go against me again.  Maybe I’ll even make her my bitch too.” Selena moaned as she felt Mike’s lips on her ass cheeks.  She let Mike continue to kiss her ass for a couple more minutes before turning back around to look down at him.  She puts a finger under his chin to lift it up before offering it to him: “Clean yourself up; then go back home to Carrie.  I look forward to future meetings between us and unless I say otherwise, it’ll be Miss or Mistress Selena.  You got it?”

    “Yes Miss Selena, I understand.” Nodded Mike before kissing her hand.  He then zipped his pants back up and went to the bathroom to wash his face.  Before heading out the front door, a still naked Selena met him there.  The two of them embraced for a kiss.  Mike took the opportunity to gently caress her ass cheeks before the two broke off their kiss.  After their kiss, Mike got in his car and head back home to Carrie.