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The blowjob in the swimming pool - part 2

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The blowjob in the swimming pool - part 2
« on: March 11, 2022, 03:31:53 AM »
Hey, this might be more of an erotica story, but since I'm 'fighting' for a prize from Delilah ,I still wanted to post it here. Feel free to leave feedback.

It has been two weeks since I spent the night with Delilah that I never thought I would get from her.

I didn't know if it was just a one time thing for Delilah or if she is open to more nights. I didn't want to ask her that over WhatsApp, after all, her boyfriend might see this message. But this question will be cleared up today, because I was invited to come over again. Although I got the message from Sven, I hoped that the invitation was from Delilah. I am even more horny for her after our last night than before.

A little later, I am again standing in front of the apartment door of the two. Sven opens the door for me and invites me in. As I enter the living room, I see Delilah in front of me, wearing blue jeans and a seductive top. Her black blouse offers a wide view of her breasts. Normally, Delilah only ever wore tops that completely covered her breasts. Delilah knows very well that I like her breasts. I can't imagine that she didn't put on this top without a purpose. Her hair has tied into a dot so that the view of her breasts is not disturbed.

"Hey," she says, standing up. She hugs me, again my cock is close to her cxnt, but unfortunately separated by too many layers of clothing. I feel her body and have to think about last night again.

She steps back again and smiles at me.

However, our togetherness is quickly ended by her boyfriend, I have to be patient to find out if Delilah is interested in more nights.


"I've already bought the ingredients, I'll go to the kitchen and get dinner ready," Delilah says and leaves the living room. Sven engaged us in a long conversation. It was hard for me to actively participate in the conversation, after all, I was only thinking about the next night with Delilah. But now that she's in the kitchen, it's the best opportunity to find out if she wants another night.

"I'll give her a hand," I say to Sven, hoping he won't follow me. But he seems to be fine with it.

I go into the kitchen and see Delilah just cutting the vegetables.

I put my hands on her ass and lean lightly against her back. Delilah grabs my hands and places them on the kitchen counter. Then she turns to me and says "Can I help you?"

Delilah looks at me and I have to restrain myself from kissing her. I look down at her breasts and am again frozen by the fantastic view.

"You are really taken with my breasts".

"Yeah and you know it. That's why you put on that top. Otherwise you always wore sweaters or t-shirts that didn't show anything"

"I don't know what you mean. I would have dressed like that today anyway. Don't think I put this on because of you" Delilah smiles at me.

She whispers sexily to me "Do you want to touch my breasts?"

I don't waste this offer and directly I reach under her top to feel her breasts. I knead them for just a few seconds as Delilah takes my hands again and ends this short excursion to her breasts.

"I think that's enough. You know what you have to do to earn more of my breasts."

So Delilah wants another night. I can't wait to see what reward she'll offer me this time.

"I'll be happy to make sure you get fucked hard. But the reward has to be more than just touching your breasts."

"And what reward do you have in mind if you manage to convince me that you fuck better than my boyfriend?"

"I...wait you already said last time that I fuck better than him".

"That was a weak moment on my part. Don't take so seriously what I said to you last time. You had earned the reward, yet my friend fucks better than you. But this time you better really convince me that you are better than him, otherwise there will be no reward."

Delilah can't seriously still be saying that her boyfriend fucks better than me. I fought hard for Delilah's words during our last night together, she can't just deny me this success now. But I don't let that irritate me, it only motivates me even more to get her to say those words again.

"What reward do you want?" Delilah asks me, snapping me out of my thoughts again.

I was already thinking about that. Although I didn't expect to be allowed to choose it. But among Delilah's many horny actions, there was one that particularly did it to me.

"I heard that once your best friend got into bed with you two."

If I believe Sven's words, he mentioned to Delilah that he would like to have a threesome together with Lisa and her. Any other woman would have probably reacted rather disapprovingly to that, but Delilah liked the idea. She told him that Lisa was in a relationship, but that she would do her best to convince Lisa of that. In fact, Delilah then managed to get her best friend to join her for the night.

A dream has already come true for me when I ended up in bed with Delilah, but it would be even more awesome to be in bed with Delilah and another woman.

"He told you that too? Lisa is taken, actually this should have stayed between us. But anyway. I'll see if I can get Lisa to join in again. You can still book a place for us to stay on Friday, if Lisa cancels I'm sure we can find another reward, if you even manage to convince me."

"I will also make you say those words a second time"

"We'll see about that"


I am sitting on the couch in the large hotel suite that I booked especially for Delilah and me. This time without swimming pool, which made this much cheaper. I still hope that Delilah is satisfied with this suite. We had a 5:00 pm appointment, so she should be there soon. She texted me that Lisa would be joining in on the reward.

When the doorbell rings a little later, I sprint to the door because I can't wait to spend another night with her. I open the door and Delilah smiles at me. I take a step back and let her enter the suite. She takes off her coat and puts it in my hands as if I were her butler.

Delilah looks around the suite.

Later she returns to me and says "I like it here. I hope the bed is big enough for Lisa and both of us to fit on at the same time. Although I don't think it's going to happen anyway."

"That's what you said last time, yet I still got the blowjob."

"That's true, but this time the reward is worth a lot more. I owe Lisa a big favor when it comes to that reward. What that means for you is that you're going to have to work even harder. You'll have to fuck much better than my friend, and you won't be able to do that. But I'll be happy to be entertained by your attempt."

Delilah has once again managed to provoke me even more than last time. I'm going to fuck her hard for her comments. I want her to feel how wrong her words are. But I think that's also exactly what Delilah wants to achieve with her words. I'm going to get that reward.


I lie on the bed exhausted, once again I have given everything to hear Delilah say the words. She should say that I fuck better than her boyfriend. It was a horny feeling last time to see her looking at me pleadingly and saying the words. I didn't just want the reward this time, I wanted to see Delilah's look again, the moment she knows she can't avoid saying the words.

I was sure, despite Delilah's provocations, to get her to tell me again that I fuck better than her boyfriend, yet I was aware that my victory would by no means be a given. I could also leave the bedroom as a loser, Delilah would surely only give me the reward if I spoiled her really well and broke her will not to tell me those words. I knew I couldn't rest on my last victory. I approached this night the same way I did the last one, and really gave it my all to get the win again.


I entered the bedroom. I had developed a plan for the night on how I would definitely manage to get Delilah to give up again. First, I was going to remind her of our last night together, and the moment she gave up.
Last time, I had fucked Delilah against the wall, delaying her orgasm as she spoke the long-awaited words. That's why when Delilah would enter the room, I will bring her back to the wall and give her the first climax.

A little later Delilah opened the door and presented me her naked hot body again. I saw her naked plump breasts, without any annoying top. Unlike our first night, this time she entered the bedroom completely naked. She had put her hair back again.
I walked right up to Delilah and pressed her against the wall. I put my hand to her cxnt and prepared her for the fuck.

"Oh, are you going to fuck me against the wall again? How creative," Delilah said.

"You liked that last time, didn't you," I replied.

"Come up with something new."

"You want something new? Fine by me."

I changed my plan and went straight to the second action I had planned. I threw Delilah on the bed.

"I'd recommend you get on all fours."


I noticed Delilah's smile and immediately she followed my instruction. I took the lube from the table and knelt down in front of her ass. I spread the lube on my cock and on her cxnt, then I put my cock in her cxnt. The brunette moaned. Then I began to penetrate her. I held on to her hips and rammed my hips against her ass again and again. It was Delilah's own fault that this fuck was harder than I intended, but she seemed to like it.

She lay with her head on the bed and enjoyed every single push. I mean to have looked at her that she missed it just as much as I did, that we were spending a night together again.

We got closer and closer to climax, Delilah moaned harder and harder and finally I squirted. After a few more pushes, Delilah's moans died down. Her mouth opened, she seemed overwhelmed by the orgasm. Then I let go of her and Delilah threw herself on the bed, smiling contentedly. She propped herself up on her arms and looked at me. Just seeing Delilah naked and slightly sweaty in front of me, smiling at me, made me horny.

I moved towards her and started kissing her. The brunette responded and we lay down on the bed. I ran my hands through her long brunette hair, then slid my hands down her back until I firmly grabbed her ass afterwards. Delilah moaned again. I felt her hands on the back of my head, wanting to intensify the kiss. After we kissed for a few more minutes, Delilah whispered in my ear.

"What else do you have to offer me today? You're still very far from your reward."

I didn't know if Delilah was serious or she was trying to provoke me again, because that long kiss doesn't speak to the fact that I still have a long way to go. But I was still highly motivated to get her to give up again anyway.

I took Delilah and got down on my knees. Delilah faced me on her knees and put her hair back.

"And now I..." but then Delilah fell silent as she felt my fingers on her outer labia. She gave a short moan and focused no longer on trying to provoke me, but on my handjob. My cock wasn't ready for the next round yet, but I knew other ways to satisfy Delilah. I slowly felt my way in and also stroked her thighs to prepare Delilah.

Then I penetrated her cxnt with my index finger. Delilah moaned and gave me the sign that she liked what I was doing to her. I stimulated her until later I added my middle finger and made Delilah moan even louder. Later I added my second hand. Delilah got hornier and hornier and put her head on my shoulder and held on to my back with her arms.

Delilah later straightened her head again and looked me in the eyes. I understood immediately. She wanted me to give her her next climax. I intensified my finger work and I felt Delilah's cxnt contracting. Delilah put her head on my shoulder again. I continued and finally made her come. Delilah lay down on the bed again. She probably needed a break again, but I didn't want to give it to her. It was finally a matter of breaking Delilah's will not to tell me the words.

I reached under the mattress at one corner. Delilah still had her eyes closed, so I could surprise her. I took the restraint and put it on Delilah's wrist.

"Hey, what's this?" asked Delilah, opening her eyes.

"Are you tying me to the bed?" she asked.

"You said you wanted something new."

Delilah smiled at me. She liked the idea.

"I'm not going to make it that easy for you, though."

I grabbed her other arm, but this time it wasn't so easy to put the restraint on her wrist. Because Delilah resisted. But after a bit of wrangling, the second restraint was also closed. Delilah clutched me with her legs and threw me to the side. I tried to escape her leg scissors. When I succeeded, I immediately lunged at her legs and tried to restrain her while I got the leg shackles out from the other corner of the mattress.

Delilah resisted in a playful way, trying to keep me from putting the shackles on her, but at least she didn't kick with full force.

When the leg restraints were finally in place, I lay down on top of Delilah. She hadn't made it easy for me with the last three restraints and I was glad that she was finally tied up under me.

Delilah asked "And what are you going to do with me now?"

"Now you will pay for your provocations."

I wanted to fuck her directly again, but my cock was not ready yet.

That's why I licked her neck first. I later moved over to her breasts and licked around her nipple, which excited Delilah. I went over her upper body with my tongue until I lay back on top of her and kissed her. I reached through her hair and Delilah returned the kiss.

When I felt ready again, I rubbed my hand against her cxnt. I could feel that Delilah was still wet. I guided my cock into her cxnt and Delilah moaned. I didn't want to give her anything less than the best fuck she had ever gotten so far.

When I felt that we were getting closer and closer to climax, I did miss Delilah's hands on my ass, with which she always urged me to fuck even harder and make her come. But the fact of seeing her tied up in front of me made up for it.

I noticed how Delilah pulled at the bonds, how she tried to free herself. She was certainly going to put her hands on my ass again and make me let her come, I thought to myself. She looked pleadingly into my eyes, full of desperation to have to wait for climax again. But it was my choice when to make her come, it was the perfect opportunity to get the confession out of Delilah again.

"Please," Delilah moaned.

"You know what I want to hear."

But Delilah resisted. She didn't answer and she continued to have desperation written all over her face. I was reluctant to drag it out any longer, because I also wanted to finally come inside her. I had to make her give up quickly now. I went back to her breasts with my tongue, circling Delilah left nipple as I continued to slowly fuck her.

"Fuck," Delilah moaned, I knew she couldn't resist much longer.

"Say it or I'm going to lick your right nipple too."

Delilah said nothing again, she had far too much to fight with herself.

I made good on my threat and turned to her right nipple, but without neglecting my work on her cxnt.

"Fuck," Delilah moaned.

I had to realize that her will was still too strong. It also made no sense from my point of view to continue trying to get the confession out of Delilah now. She obviously didn't want the night to end yet, and I also didn't mind prolonging this night and fucking Delilah further, even though a quick victory would certainly have done Delilah's provocations good.

I let go of her nipples and focused completely on the fuck again. I could see the relief on Delilah's face, she seemed glad to have endured the ordeal. I only needed a few quick intense thrusts to make her come. I was also close to climax and squirting.

I lay down next to Delilah.

"Are you opening the clamps again?"

"Do you admit that I fuck better than your boyfriend?"

"Nice try, but I'd rather stay tied up then. You're not getting those words out of me again."

"We'll see about that."

I loosened the bonds again. I would still get Delilah to tell me what I wanted to hear, she didn't have to be tied up for that. Delilah then got up and went back into the bathroom.

I thought about trying again and intercepting Delilah at the door like last time and fucking her against the wall, but she told me she wants something new, so she'll probably turn it down again.


After half an hour Delilah enters the bedroom again. She stands at the edge of the door and smiles at me. She stops and looks at me questioningly.

"What are you waiting for?" she asks me.

"What do you mean?"

Delilah puffed and stood against the wall. She smiled at me and waved me over. So she wants to be fucked against the wall after all. I immediately stood up and pressed her against the wall. I first made sure that Delilah got wet again.

"Come on, get your victory," Delilah commanded me. In response, I pushed my cock into her cxnt. Delilah smiled, knowing what was in store for her now. I penetrated Delilah again against the wall as I had done on our last night. 

I felt Delilah getting weak on her feet, I held her tight. These moments are why I like these nights with Delilah so much. Now showed me her vulnerable side, the side that demands that I let her come. Outside of the bedroom, she was almost showing disinterest in a night with me. She let me think that she didn't need the fuck. But when I looked into her face, I realized how much she liked the fuck.

Her look expressed the desperation in her to finally let her come. I would have liked to see how Delilah would react if I had stopped the fuck at that point, if she would still insist that she didn't need this night, or if she would actually beg me to stop this fuck. But to be honest, I needed this night as much as she did.

"Say it."

"You fuck better than my boyfriend," Delilah moaned in exasperation.

This time she didn't delay the concession as long. She didn't want to wait any longer for the orgasm. I started penetrating her harder again and I saw the corners of Delilah's mouth go up as she continued to moan. I guess she couldn't wait for the coming climax. She made me fuck her even harder with her hands until I finally came inside her. Shortly after, Delilah fell silent with her mouth open, she was getting what she wanted.

I turned back to the bed, Delilah's ass firmly in my grip, and threw her onto the mattress. I fell on the bed next to her and had to recover from this fuck myself. That desire in Delilah's eyes drove me up to full speed, I was desperate to show her I was better than her boyfriend.


I'm lying on the couch in the living room wrapped in my bathrobe. In my hand a cocktail I mixed myself. I think I deserve it after managing to convince Delilah twice. She's currently in the bathroom freshening up for the reward she promised me. Delilah has also already called her friend Lisa to come over. Delilah said to me that she told Lisa to be ready because yes, it's not sure yet if I'll be able to convince her of me again today.

I'm still not sure if Delilah really thought that I won't be able to do it again today, or if all this is just to provoke me to give more. But anyway. I made Delilah come several times and showed her how wrong she was with her provocations.

Then Delilah enters the large suite again. She wears a white bathrobe, her long brunette hair is wet and combed back.

She also goes to the kitchen and pours herself a glass of water. Then she comes over to me and sits down next to me on the couch.

Delilah asks, "Have you recovered?"

"Yes. Although I should be asking you that, since you're the one who's just been fucked to pieces."

"I've recovered," she says, smiling at me.

I still can't believe that Delilah is really sitting on the couch with me in a bathrobe. I also never thought I would get to bring her to climax several times.

"You're looking at me again like you did on Tuesday. You've had your fun with me again now, isn't that enough for you?"

"I'm honestly always horny for you."

"Is that so?", Delilah stands up and opens her bathrobe. Again I see her naked body in front of me. She sits on top of me and reaches under my bathrobe. Delilah grabs my cock and starts to jerk it. At the same time she starts kissing me. I don't understand what is happening, but I go along with it. I put my hand to her head and enjoy what Delilah is doing to me.

But a little later the doorbell rings. Delilah finishes her kiss and stops the handjob.

"Lisa is here. Then the reward can start. Too bad she's already here," Delilah says.

Delilah gets up from me and leaves me aroused and with my robe open. I am overwhelmed by her. This wasn't part of the deal. She did this because she wanted to of her own accord.

I quickly tie my robe and head for the door.

Delilah has already opened the door and greeted her friend. Delilah has an attractive girlfriend. Shoulder length blonde hair, she is as tall as Delilah. I am impressed that Delilah managed to get Lisa for this reward. Delilah is just amazing.

"Hey," I say curtly.

"Hey, nice to meet you. Delilah has already told me quite a bit about you."

I'm surprised, I didn't think Delilah would talk about me.

"I hope only good things" I look to Delilah who seems rather uncomfortable with Lisa's comment.

"Well I..."

"Hey Lisa, we should get ready now," Delilah interrupts her.

I was eager to hear what Delilah said about me, but as long as she's around, I probably won't hear anything from Lisa.

"Lisa and I still have to get ready. You can go ahead and go to the bedroom. We'll catch up with you."

I go into the bedroom and get undressed. I can't wait to have these two attractive women in bed at the same time. Now I just have to wait for them to be ready.


I see the door open and the two of them enter the bedroom naked. Lisa's physique is very similar to Delilah's. She also has plump breasts, although they are not as plump as Delilah's pair.

"Stand up and join us," Delilah orders me.

I follow her instructions and face Delilah. I feel Lisa approach me from behind and the two of them grab each other's shoulders. The two press their bodies against me.

"Can you feel my breasts, can you feel Lisa's breasts in your back?"

"Yes," I reply.

I like to feel them both, I like Delilah's look even more. This horny look makes me crazy. I would love to fuck her now again on the wall, but now it's me who is spoiled.
Delilah and Lisa press their breasts against my body again.
I kiss Delilah, but directly Lisa grabs my arms and holds me tight.

"What are you doing?"

Lisa takes me to the bed. She sits down at the top of the bed, I sit in front of her, my arms still tightly gripped. Delilah goes to the nightstand and grabs the lube, spreading a load of it on her hand. She approaches the bed and then slowly climbs on top of me. I enjoy every second of it.

She smears the formula on my cock and smiles at me. She mounts me and again I feel her wet pussy engulf my cock. She puts her long brunette hair back and starts riding me. I try to free my hands but Lisa continues to hold them.

Delilah says "Look to your right. I think with a kiss you can convince her to let go."

I tilt my head kiss Lisa with tongue. After an intense kiss I can convince her to let go of my arms. Immediately I put my hands on Delilah's body and now I can completely enjoy the wild ride. I put my hands on Delilah's body, kneading her breasts again while she rides me completely uninhibited. I did not know that in Delilah is also this wild side.

I feel Lisa caressing my upper body with her hands, while every pushing motion of Delilah makes me feel Lisa's tits in my back again and again.

"Nobody fucks as good as Delilah," Lisa whispers in my ear as she continues to caress my upper body.

Lisa kisses my neck as I play with Delilah's breasts. Delilah moans like crazy and fucks me harder and harder. The two provide a real flood of stimulation.

I get closer and closer to climax and Lisa and Delilah finally make me cum. Delilah gets off me breathing heavily and falls on the bed. That was incredible.

I straighten up and move to the edge of the bed.

"Have you had enough yet? Lisa and I aren't done with you yet."

"I'm not going to miss out on the rest of my reward after all, I just need some water."

Delilah smiles in satisfaction. I guess she feels vindicated in fucking well. I leave the bedroom for a moment to recover from these two horny women.


My cock is ready again and I return to the bedroom.

"Are you ready to go on?", Delilah asks me.

"Yes. Have you thought of something yet?"

"We have an idea of what we want to do to you next. I know it's your reward, but Lisa would be interested in what you can do to her cxnt with your tongue."

"Have you told her about that?"

Delilah says nothing. She stands up and faces me.

"If you do that, I'll take care of your cock while you do it."

"I'm in."

"Very well, then you'd better get into bed now."

I follow Delilah's instructions and lie down on my back in bed. Lisa sits down on my stomach. "Thank you for doing this, even though it is your reward."

"I'll give him an adequate reward," I hear Delilah say. Then things start to happen, too. I can feel Delilah slathering like lube on my cock and my cock entering her cxnt. Lisa sits on my face and I have her cxnt before my eyes.

I lick Lisa's cxnt and hear from her moans that she likes it as much as Delilah did last time. It's hard to concentrate while Delilah fucks me hot again. I would love to watch Delilah ride me again, but then again I can't complain looking at Lisa's cxnt either.

I satisfy Lisa for some time and notice how Lisa moans harder and harder and moves her hips. I knew she would come soon. Delilah notices this too and fucks me even harder, aiming for me to come as simultaneously as possible with Lisa. I also put on another effort and finally brought Lisa to climax. My work was done and Delilah made me cum a little later too.

Lisa threw herself on the bed next to me. Delilah gets off my cock and then came at me.

"Did you like it?"

"It was very hot," I replied, kissing Delilah.

"Delilah was right when she said you could handle your tongue."

"Shh," Delilah hisses at Lisa.

Delilah says "I'm glad Lisa that he didn't bore you too much with his tongue."

"You better watch out or I'll make you come again too," I say in response to Delilah's provocation.

"You better get some rest, because there's a third round waiting for you with both of us."

Delilah lies down on top of me and kisses me again. This woman is so incredibly good at kissing, Delilah really does master every craft perfectly.


My cock is ready again and Delilah and Lisa made sure I didn't get bored during the wait.

"It can go on for all I care."

Delilah says " alright, are you ready for the final round?"

I nod, then Delilah and Lisa stand up. Delilah's friend stands against the wall, just as Delilah did earlier.

"You know what you have to do," Delilah says.

I stand up and face Lisa. I get her wet and then penetrate her. If Lisa wants the same fuck that Delilah got, I am very happy to give it to her.

I penetrate Lisa and notice how Delilah nestles against my back. She kisses my naked and caresses me. Lisa has her hands on my ass and sets the pace.

I like fucking Lisa, especially when I have Delilah on my neck during the process, whispering sexy words and motivating me. Lisa is hot, but no one can top Delilah. I imagine that I'm not fucking Lisa but penetrating Delilah again and I get hornier. This woman has done it to me. Even an attractive woman like Lisa can't stop me from thinking about Delilah.

Lisa moans more and more as time goes by, she signals me similar to Delilah earlier that she wants to come. But this time I have no interest in delaying the climax. I give Lisa what she wants and let her come a little later and cum in Delilah's best friend.

I bring Lisa back to the bed and fall next to her on the mattress. Delilah, on the other hand, can still stand on her feet after this final round.

"You two were great," I say, exhausted.

"We know," Delilah says.

I remain lying on the bed while Lisa and Delilah slowly get up and leave the bedroom. Delilah has told me that she won't be staying the night. She promised her boyfriend that she would be back home late at night. But I don't want this night to end with Delilah just yet. But before I try to convince her to stay, I have to wait until I'm back to full strength.


I leave the bedroom and see Delilah coming out of the bathroom. Her hair is tied up in a bun, she looks so innocent, even though I know exactly how wild and uninhibited she can be.

"Delilah, can we talk again for a minute?"

"Um ok," Delilah says and makes her way over to me. I didn't want to get this close to Lisa trying to convince Delilah.

I grab Delilah's ass. I pressed her against me and whispered in her ear what else I could do to her tonight. I looked at Delilah's face and realized she was biting her lower lip. She gets horny at my words, hopes rising that she'll stick around.

But then she pushes me away from her. She smiled furtively at me again.

"Sorry but a full night with you was not part of the agreement."

"Fuck the agreement!"

Delilah undoes my belt. She reaches into my pants and starts jerking my cock.

"Is this what you want? Do you want me to stay here still and we'll fuck all night?"

"Yes," I say as I go back to enjoying Delilah's handjob skills.

But then Delilah takes her hand away again.

"Then you know what you have to do. You can book us a place to stay again and feel free to try and convince me that you fuck better than my boyfriend"

"But I convinced you of that a second time an hour ago"

"Did you? I don't remember that at all"

"You've got to be kidding me"

Delilah smiles at me. "Just write me again where and when. I'll let you know if I have time then."

Delilah grabs her coat and leaves the apartment with Lisa.

I am really amazed how angry but also how horny her arrogant manner makes me. I saw exactly that she would have liked to spend this night with me, but only renounced to provoke me again. For that I will delay Delilah's climax even longer next time.