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Eighteen - the brawl against mommy

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Eighteen - the brawl against mommy
« on: March 18, 2022, 07:42:12 PM »
The next morning was fierce. Everything hurt me. Especially my lateral abdominal muscles had suffered from the leg scissors and my left eye was blue from the impact of my opponent's heavy tits.
I couldn't possibly go to school like this. I dragged myself toward the bathroom where I could already hear the shower water running and knocked.
"Mom! I really need to pee."
There was no answer and it wasn't locked, so I went in. The whole room was full of steam from the hot shower and while I sat on the toilet, I couldn't help but keep peeking at the shower with one eye.
My mother was just washing the foam off her luscious body and again and again her butt and big teardrop shaped breasts touched the glass of the door.
Oh my God! What a horny body! For being in her early forties, she could keep up with any twenty year old.
Then the water went out and Mom came out completely naked with a smile. The water beaded over her incredible curves and her heavy breasts bounced with every step.
"Good morning honey! "How are you? Didn't hear you come in."
She gave me a kiss on the forehead and stroked my swollen eye. Her soaking wet tits hung right in front of me, dripping all over the floor.
I winced briefly at the touch. She was serious? She had never been so revealing. She virtually demanded that I take the initiative.
Unasked, I took the tits hanging in front of me in my hands and cradled them.
" you like them?"
My mother's voice became smoky and her nipples hard from my touch.
I nodded silently. In the toilet bowl my cock got hard and so I had to stand up. As I did so, however, I did not let go of her wet thick things, but lifted them and kneaded at will.
"Not quite as big as the opponent's you got me yesterday, but gorgeous mom."
She blushed a little, but pressed her wet body closer to me. Then she pulled my shirt over my head and pushed me towards the shower. My thick cock had grown into an enormous morning wood and she gave me a slap on my bare bottom before saying:
"Jules? I want to fight you like that sometime."
My grin grew wider.
"Sure mom. But first I need to recover and train a bit. And if we're going to fight, let's do it with all the consequences."
She bit her lower lip sexily and her eyes sparkled.
Still, she asked, "Consequences?"
I just took my thick boner in my hand and she understood.
"You have five days. Then I'll fuck you up!"
The bet was on!

After three days I could do some sports again without it hurting too much. I went running a little and did some light weight training and the scale already showed two kilos less than before the fight with Cheryl.
My mom was very open-hearted throughout the week and kept showing up in very nice bras that had trouble holding up her plump breasts.
When the day of the fight finally came and I was waiting for her on the wrestling mats in the basement, my breath caught in my throat. I was wearing my swim trunks again, but Mom came down the stairs in a bodysuit that was nothing but leather straps.
Red straps laced her in like a very sexy present and her big F cups swung freely in the openings. My jaw dropped and it didn't take ten seconds for my cock to be filled with blood.
One of the straps went through her cleft and ass crack and so she really left nothing to the imagination.
"Oh my god mom! You look like...."
She came closer and reared up in front of me, bracing her hands at her sides and interrupting me:
"Like your worst nightmare!"
She kicked me in the balls with her knee, ramming my erect cock against my belly and I went down moaning.
"I'm going to fuck you up you little fucker!"
Her suddenly dominant voice gave me goosebumps as waves of pain, caused by the kick to my weakest spot, ran through my entire body.
Mom grabbed me by the hair, pulled me to my feet and flung me onto the mats.
I fell and rolled across the floor until I came to rest lying on my back. But Mom reared up next to me, jumped into the air and landed on top of me with a body splash.
SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! "UNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!" Nearly 70 horny kilos slammed into me and her quasi naked body slammed into me tits first, driving all the air out of my lungs.
Then she hooked my leg and pressed me to the floor. Her left tit slapped my face as she pinned me like that and I was anything but ready to give up. My tongue searched for her nipple and as soon as I found it mom moaned in pleasure. She got hard and big between my lips and the grip on my leg weakened as she was distracted.
I kicked free and rolled to the side, but my horny opponent was immediately on me and took me in a headlock.
I felt her upper arm like a noose around my neck and groaned.
Mom tried to control me and I couldn't get free, but at least I struggled back to my feet with her in tow.
WHAMM...BAPPPP....SMATTT.....I punched her hard in the stomach and felt my fist sink in even though she was trying to tighten her stomach muscles.
I was free and mom held her stomach while I lashed out with the flat of my hand and backhanded her a breast chop that was a wash.
SMACCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! GAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWD! I whipped my hand across both tits and yanked them into the air.
Mom staggered back and when the tits came to rest again, a distinct handprint was visible.
My cock throbbed and was completely hard again. It excited me immensely to hurt her breasts and I hoped for many more opportunities. But for now, it was more important for me to avenge the low blow from earlier.
I grabbed the leather straps of her bodysuit, pulled her towards me and RAMMED my right knee smacking into her horny mature pussy.
SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTT......FUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK! Mom's eyes were wide open and she sucked the air into her lungs. She staggered back and got down on her knees.

Her body shook and every few seconds a new moan came from her lips.
I stretched and gave her some time to get back on her feet.
Only then I noticed that the strap of the body was now surrounded by her labia. My kick had rammed it into her cleft.
"You little lousy wanker...." There was anger and lust in her gaze at the same time.
I grinned at her and took off my swim trunks, which were way too small anyway with my cock erect. My lance stood off me hard and ready for battle.
And then I attacked. I took my mom in a Bearhug and grabbed the straps of her body to it in the back.
I naked horny tits slapped against my chest and my big hard cock against her belly.
And then I lifted her up.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" I lifted her by the bodysuit and mom got a violent wedgie from the hard leather in her cxnt.
She moaned loudly and slapped my shoulders, but I managed to hold her like that for five seconds before dropping her, juicy little cxnt first, onto my outstretched knee.
SMACK!"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" She yelped loudly and her scream gave me goosebumps.
I continued to hold her so she wouldn't fall off my knee. And then I kissed her. Demandingly I pushed my tongue into her mouth and she returned the kiss like a willing lover.
She trembled with pain emanating from her pussy, but at the same time rode my knee with gentle movements of her pelvis.
She got it on myself while I grabbed her fat tits instead of the straps in her back. I clawed downright into her now sweat-damp bosom flesh and she only acknowledged the hard treatment with even louder moans.
"AHHHH.....Yes....Yes....." She was about to climax when I pushed her violently off me and she landed on her back in front of me with quivering tits. "Not like that mommy! You little bitch cum when I tell you!"
I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees, but suddenly an uppercut came from below my testicles.
SMATTT.....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SMATTTTTTT.....AAAARHHH! right the second blow after that drove me to a new level of pain.
The whole match had somehow turned into a low blow match.
I also got down on my knees and held my balls while mom lashed out and whipped a chop across my chest. SMACKKKKKKKKKKKK!
Fuck! That hurt even a man. But I countered immediately, slashing my flat hand and forearm across her tits.
SMACKKKKKKKKKKK! Her udders quivered and so we exchanged blows with the flat hand on our chests.
It burned like fire and I found it harder and harder to breathe. After six hits I could hardly breathe. And yet I always hit just as often over quivering and now reddened tits in the same hardness. I had respect for the fact that my mother with the sensitive female breasts took at least as much as I did. And yet, I clenched my fist and dealt out one powerful swing into each fat tit.
SMAPPPPP....SMATTTTTT.....the kilo heavy meat flew up to her chin and the force put her on her nearly naked ass.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHhh FUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK!" Mom was lying on her back holding her breasts.
I crawled over to her, wanting to spread her legs and expose her pussy, but instead I got my legs kicked in front of my chest and it threw me back onto the mat.
My opponent had recovered quickly and threw herself at me in 69 position.
Suddenly her hot butt threw right above my face and she literally rammed it down on me.
"AHHH...MMMPFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF....." Suddenly there were 70 kilos sitting on my face and whoever says that is erotic can only have tried it with a very light partner.

I was immediately in panic, smelled her horny juices and felt the weight on my face.
First the breast beating of Cheryl who had given me blue eyes and now mom sat on me and rode me into respiratory distress.
When she then also boxed in my belly, I could only give muffled choked screams from me.
HMMMMM......AH..MMMMMPF....I hit the mat desperately and gave up.
So lifted her hot ass off my face and threads of her pussy juice trailed down to my nose. I was still gasping for air while she grabbed my cock and jerked it hard again.
I moaned in pleasure as her sweaty hands slid over the glans and just seconds later she leaned over and sank it between her greedy lips.
"AAAAHHH oh my god!"
My mom gave me a blow job! I had had physical contact and sex with a woman for the first time ever with Cheryl last week, and now to get the first blow job of my life was incredible.
Mom sucked hard and slow while her tongue circled the glans and drove me crazy.
Her hot ass was spread and I opened the leather straps in her crotch on snaps that had held out amazingly so far.
Her horny pussy was suddenly exposed and it was the most beautiful I had ever seen. Delicately pink with perfect labia, it stood aroused open and just waiting for a penis or an inquiring tongue.
I licked her sex with pleasure and tasted for the first time how good an excited cxnt smelled. My tongue penetrated her and mom moaned. My cock popped out of her mouth and she gasped hoarsely at me:
"The little lump at the end of the labia is the clitoris. Please lick it! Please!"
YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Obviously I was doing everything right and she continued to suck my cock. We were both moaning harder and harder and a contest had broken out to see who could make the other come first.
I wouldn't last much longer, but eagerly kept licking and sucking her clit between my lips to then let my tongue play and drive mom crazy.
And suddenly she came like a force of nature! "GOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTT YESAAAAAAAAAAAAAA FUCK ME!"
She squirted all over my face while her abdomen twitched, she threw her head back and she kneaded her breasts.
No sooner had her orgasm subsided than I threw her off me, quickly got to my feet and jerked my cock right in front of her face. She willingly opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out at me.
And then I exploded! I hadn't done it to myself for almost a week, and so I came with an amount of cum I've never experienced myself.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH YESAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" The white cum shot down her face, hitting her open mouth, eyes, forehead and cheeks countless times. Trickles of my juice dripped onto her horny tits and as soon as no more supply came out of my tube, she grabbed my balls hard and pulled me down onto the mat.
Mom overpowered me and pressed me to the floor. Without warning she sat down on my still hard cock and rammed the full length into her greedy cxnt.
I remained completely stiff while her horny cum covered tits hung in front of my face and she urged me to lick them clean. A little reluctantly at first but finally with growing lust I licked my own cum from her horny teat.
She began to fuck me with slow deep movements of her abdomen and then she came even closer with her face and kissed me.
The kiss was wet and also tasted like sperm which I slurped her again and again on the face.
The fight was almost forgotten and we were only wild on each other. She rode me with bouncing tits and my cock worried her like none before.
"Was Dad also so well endowed?"

Mama Tina threw her head back and screamed and moaned. " not even close!"
Mama rode herself from climax to climax and our sweat of struggle and sex mixed. I couldn't think straight but just enjoyed her tight wetness and willing cries. No one could hear us here in the basement and it seemed like mom was making up for years of lack of sex on me in one evening.
I came two more times deep in her ripe cxnt until we collapsed exhausted and my fuck tube wanted no more.
We lay on the wrestling mats looking at each other exhausted and happy. It didn't take many words to describe what had just happened.
Mom was very exhausted from her orgasms and lay panting on the floor. But I forced myself onto my knees turned her onto her stomach and before she could fight back I was sitting on her lower back.
I grabbed her sweaty hair and pulled her upper body backwards until her thick F-cups swung freely. She groaned and I reached my hands under her chin. The Camel Clutch arched her spine painfully and Mom began to scream in pain. She tried to free herself but was powerless as I was much stronger and she pressed my face to the floor.
"Are you giving up?"
Mom shook her head and so I enjoyed her screams for another full minute until my hands slipped and she crashed into the mats with her rack glistening with sweat and cum.
I felt the power I had and the resistance of my opponent.
I had to break her and I had the feeling that she wanted it too. Part of her wanted to be dominated!
I picked her up ungently, yanked her hair and arm to her feet and rammed my knee into her stomach, smacking. UNNGHHHHH! The force lifted her onto her toes and I immediately followed up with a kick to her dangling tits.
SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I thrashed the tit meat hard against her rib cage and felt her heavy bells give way.
Mom moaned and held onto me.
She only breathed her words, but it was clear to me what she wanted.
So I put her in a headlock and pumped my knee into her dangling breasts over and over.
I counted to ten, then to twenty and mom moaned and grabbed her pussy. She did it to herself while I worked her tits and my cock slowly got hard again and pressed against her cheek.
She moaned and came violently while I had reached 34 hits by now. Then her legs gave way and I let her slide to the floor. Her big tits were bright red and began to swell. When I touched them and squeezed them I felt how hot they were.
Mom willingly spread her legs and invited me to another round and so I knelt between her legs and rammed more than 25cm of cock deep into her again.
This slut was incredible and my potency with only 18 years was hard to break. We still fucked almost the entire afternoon on the mats and mom let me take her still in all possible handles, work the breasts and take like a willing mare.
Whether it remained the only time that we fought together? No!
Whether it remained the only time that it drove mother and son together? No!
But how the whole thing went on, I'll tell you another time.