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Sister Scuffle: Always remember to brush your teeth

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Sister Scuffle: Always remember to brush your teeth
« on: March 19, 2022, 02:57:36 PM »
“Stupid skank, it is my turn to use the bath now!”
“No, it isn’t, dumb bitch! You must leave; I want to be done quickly!”
“Me too, so let me finish my morning routine and then you lame ass can take your sweet time!”
“Says the slut that always takes hours to get ready. I am using the bath now!”
“No, I am!”
“I am!”
“I am!”

Naomi and Lia, the two 21-year-old twin sisters, were engaged in a fierce argument in their shared flats bathroom. Normally, they each take turns day after day to be the first to use the bathroom in the morning, but they just came back from vacation, and both insisted that it was their turn today and both twins were stubborn as hell. So now, two identical looking, pissed off and buttnaked hellspawns were standing before the bathroom mirror, both holding an electrical toothbrush in their hand, demanding to brush their teeth first. This will get ugly.

“Get away!”, Naomi yelled again, slapping her sisters’ boobs. “I am brushing my teeth now!”
“You get away!”, Lia yelled back, slapping Naomi’s boob in return. “The bath is mine and I am brushing my teeth!”
The two hellcats hissed hatefully at each other while violently slapping their rivals’ boobs, leaving red handprints. They both hold the toothbrush up to their mouth, standing before the mirror, which size normally only allowed one person to be reflected in it. This led to a shoving match between the two twins, wanting to stand alone before the mirror. Their big tits and asses squished against the other, trying to push their sister away.  But they were equally matched, and none could move the other even an inch. Their assets pushed hard against their equal foes, ass and tits almost conjoining together. During this constant shoving, both girls were screaming at the top of their lungs, insulting their twin with bloody vigor, threatening the other’s destruction, and demanding them to leave.

After almost ten minutes of fierce shoving, both sisters realized that this lead nowhere and that their stupid clone, which is the way they mostly refer to each other, will not waver. So, both decided to just spring into action. Their bodies still tightly smushed together before the mirror, both opend their mouths, starting the electrical brush and started to brushing their teeth. Both exchanged hateful side-glances, furious about the fact that their behated sister had the audacity to brush their teeth beside them. They pushed their faces sideways into each other, rubbing cheek against cheek. They separated their faces for a moment only to ram it into the other, cheeks colliding viscously. This move repeated itself a few times, both ramming faces violently, while still trying to brush their teeth in the process but getting almost nothing done.

After some time, they stand again cheek to cheek and Lia suddenly hits into her inner cheek with the toothbrush, hurting both her own and her sister’s cheek. Naomi howls in pain, but quickly retaliates, hitting into her cheek as well, caving Lia’s cheek in. Now it was Lia’s turn to squeak in agony. Both hellcats exchanged another angry side-glance and then rammed their toothbrushes with full force against the other cheeks. The brushes collided, only separated through thin cheek meat, creating a huge impact that flung both back, their brushes leaving their mouths and bodies separating for the first time during their scuffle.

Naomi and Lia were now facing each other, toothbrushes still in hand, their faces painted with unmasked fury. “YOU FUCKING BITCH!”, Naomi screamed in Lia’s face. “YOU STINKING SLUT!”, was Lia’s answer. “You will regret this!” “Oh, I think you will!”, Naomi hissed back. In her rage, Naomi spat a huge glob of spit onto Lia’s toothbrush. Lia immediately spat an equally large glob back onto Naomi’s brush. Naomi spat back again and for a few minutes, both just spat increasingly bigger globs of thick spit onto the others brush, just wanting to defile it and humiliate their twin. The unseen amount of spit started to drip down the brushes and flow over the bodies of the sisters, coating their magnificent tits and hardening their nipples. As our two nasty hellspawns saw this, it gave them a devilish idea to get back at their sister.

Both twins stood only inches before the other, as they finally stopped spitting. They flailed the brushes around, getting rid of most of the spit and making sure that the most lands on their sister’s face, enraging the two of them even more. Then, with a rapid movement, both brought their arm down to their sisters’ tits, hitting them with the toothbrush and clinging the brush head onto one rock-hard nipple. Both smiled devilishly at each other, before they both simultaneously clicked the switch and activated the toothbrush. As the fibers of the brush head began to rotate and vibrate on the sister’s nipples, both instantly erupted in howls of unprecedented pleasure. The stimulation the fibers brought onto their nipples was so strong that both twins almost fainted from the excitement. But hearing their sister scream made them keep on, steadfast on holding out longer than their enemy.

The rotating brush fibers continued to assault the erect meat swords with mechanical precision, while Naomi and Lia rubbed them all over the nipples, increasing the amount of dealt pain and pleasure even more. The floor under them was already getting flooded, as big drops of precum dripped down from their wet twats. “Ahhhh, up…, stupid!”, Lia panted between moans of lust and pleasure. “, dumb sl..ut!”, Naomi panted back, moaning equally heavy as Lia and added: “My bru…sh is st…stronger than!” “No, min..e is!”, was Lia’s spat out response. Following this, they jammed the toothbrushes down even harder, maximizing the sensation. Simultaneously, they began to twist and flick at their twin’s other nipple with their remaining hand, doing everything to make their clone regret opposing them and trying to take their right for the bathroom.

Through to the insane pleasure their nipples were experiencing for already half an hour, their nipple holes started to open wider, already leaking a bit of milk onto the brushes. Naomi and Lia realized this and immediately took advantage of the fact. They pulled the brushes away and then, as if they heard a signal, pushed the brushes at once into the others open nipple hole, invading their breasts. Screams of pleasure gave way to cries of pain, as the brushes rammed deeper into the sister’s breasts, raping the insides with their vibrating heads. The two crazy hellcats slammed the brushes against any piece of flesh they could find, ramming them in and out, inflicting as much pain as possible. At the same time, both started to finger the other nipple with their other hand, first inserting one, then two, then three fingers, before finally sticking their entire hand into their twin’s nipple, beginning to furiously fist it. Now all four nipples got penetrated and fucked hard, the sisters literally raping their opponents’ boobs. They got faster and faster, ramming the brushes and their fists deeper and deeper into their clone’s milk-sacks, hurting, and pleasuring every thread they could reach.

After another half an hour of viciously fucking the other’s boobs, their tits finally had enough. Both erupted at the exact same time into a fountain of milk, that shot the brushes and fists with a loud bang out of their breasts and then continued to coat both of their bodies with a thick layer of white cream. Both sisters were immensely frustrated, having tied again with their hated look-alike. This fueled their desire to completely ruin the other even more and as they milk flow ceased and they started to regain posture, they saw their next field of battle. Their wet, precum leaking, fleshy cxnts.

In this situation, Naomi and Lia lost no time trying to take advantage of the other’s milk shaken body. They shot the brushes down to the other’s twat, instantly rubbing it against their dripping labia. Both wasted no time invading the others pussy lips, skidding the other’s labia around through the vibration. The amount of pleasure our two devil Childs felt, outrivaled the assault on their nipples and was unlike anything both ever experienced in their life. Still, neither retreated nor wavered for even a second, hellbent on being the last one standing. Deeper and deeper, they jammed the brushes into the other’s pussy, pleasuring every nook and cranny they encountered. While they did this, the rage both twins experienced was so strong, that they both started furiously spitting into the others face. Giant globs of spit landed on their faces and in their mouths, making them almost gag. Still neither of them stopped spitting for even a second. They just spat increasingly larger globs onto their enemy, trading spit for spit, glazing their opponent completely in their salvia, filling their rival’s mouth as well, creating disgusting mixtures of girl spit, making their battle messier and messier by the second.

Their rotating brushes were now violating the deepest parts of their cxnts, being drenched fully in the other’s juices. Both were very close to an orgasm, knowing fully well that this could mark the end of this brush-battle, so making their rival cum was their absolute priority. While they still spat restless onto the other’s face, they both retracted the brush from the other’s pussy, before stabbing back in and hitting the other’s clit. This finally brought a stop to the spitting because both hellcats scream the loudest cries they ever uttered, exploding into a giant wave of cum seconds after, flooding the bathroom in liters of girly juice.

Now completely tarnished and milked dry, both twins were barely standing. Too groggy to even speak anymore, they just hissed hatefully and exchanged glares of pure rage. Both knew that they could not fight for much longer, they got one final idea. This would defeat their opponent, but it could mean their defeat as well. But as they looked again into the other’s eyes, there was no doubt left. They both managed to mutter a “Bitch!”, before falling into a tight bearhug, arms behind their sisters. For a few moments, they just pressed their bodies as hard as they could before both let the arm holding the toothbrush go and rammed it with all remaining force they could muster into the other’s asshole.

The pain Naomi and Lia felt, was beyond anything they ever imagined, having a rotating toothbrush rammed deep up their ass. They tried to hold on for a few more seconds, before both passing out into the other’s arms at the exact same moment, brushes still deeply buried in their rears. Unnecessary to say, the twins did not finish their morning routine that day.


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Re: Sister Scuffle: Always remember to brush your teeth
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2022, 01:16:17 AM »
Thank you for posting this. A nice concept with the electric toothbruses involved.  Hope these sisters continue to fight each other more often or even fight others as a pair maybe. Your stories are very good! Please do continue writing
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