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Baewatching Beatings Ch.2: Battered in Baltimore (interracial)

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Baewatch Beatings Ch2: Battered in Baltimore
By Stone Kidman

Things started out rough for the Baewatch babes. After they spent a day recovering from their match against their Japanese opponents, Sandy and Tammy drove up the east coast. They arrived in Baltimore and spent the next forty eight hours getting ready; some of it in the gym, doing cardio and lifting weights, and the rest running drills in a practice ring. The pair had decided a strategy like their previous opponents, keep one wrestler isolated in their corner while working the bitch over with quick tags.

“If it worked for a couple of schoolgirls it should for us,” Sandy said when they arrived at the League club in Baltimore. The pair couldn’t help but notice a kind of grime throughout the whole city, especially inside the arena, which felt more like a rec center due to its flat one level size. Either way, the pair put it out of their minds and got changed, intent to focus on the match. The crowd was extremely raucous when the two women came out in their form fitting red swimsuits. Donna and Connie, the two black women who had been scheduled to be Team Baewatch’s opponents, were already in the ring. They wore black one piece swimsuits with the letters BB in gold over their chests.

Donna was twenty seven, 5’06” and 141 pounds with a 34C cup; her hair was in short braids just past her ears with a light coffee complexion. Her partner Connie was more dark skinned, with short hair that stopped above her ears. She was the bruiser of the two at 5’09” and 155 pounds with a 40E cup ballooning the front of her swimsuit. The twenty nine year old woman was the cousin of the local women’s champion and wanted to make a name for her team, The Baltimore Butchers. Not even waiting for the referee to finish introducing their opponents, Connie ran across the ring and brought her fists together to club the busty blonde on the back of her head while Sandy was entering the ring. Donna meanwhile followed suit and nailed Tammy with a kick to the head as she was stepping through the ropes. The hometown team leapt out onto the floor as the League crowd cheered, despite the obvious heel tactics.

Sandy was lying on the floor mats, rubbing the back of her head, when she felt Connie’s black lace up boot dig into her ribs. Each member of Baewatch had fallen onto different sides of the ring due to where they had tried to enter. Sandy was kicked in the ribs and breasts while Connie mocked the blonde by calling her another white girl she was going to have to take to school. Tammy meanwhile was pulled up by her hair and whipped into the guardrail where she was held in place by the crowd as Donna charged in to bury her boot into the brunette’s belly.

Sandy crawled along the floor, hoping the referee would come to her aid, as Connie kept calling the blonde a wimpy cxnt. “Just another entitled white bitch who thinks her tits can win matches for her,” the ebony amazon shouted while she pursued her opponent who crawled along the floor mats. Connie pulled Sandy up by her long hair while she reached down to yank the white girl’s red swimsuit up her ass with a wedgie. She rammed the blonde into the ring post, her skull made a hollow clang as it bounced off the steel pillar.

Sandy leaned against it, groaning and holding her forehead after it collided with the metal post. Connie held Sandy in place by her hair while verbally berating the blonde. She positioned Sandy so her D cups were around the post on either side. “There, just like how your white ass be titty fucking every ref to help you win,” Connie commented bruskly. The black woman kicked her boot forward, flattening Sandy’s breast against the post.

Tammy could hear her partner’s screams from the other side of the ring while she had been picked up off the floor, after getting kicked by Donna, only to have her crotch dropped across the guardrail. She tried to scream from the pain but already had all the air knocked out of her; she ultimately fell off onto the floor mats, holding her pussy. While she was down, Donna went over and grabbed the microphone from the ring announcer as he sat at ringside.

Sandy had fallen to her knees, cupping the breast her opponent had squashed against the post. Connie pulled the blonde up with a wedgie while also tugging on her hair. “It’s time to go for a ride,” she told the white bitch. Connie ran Sandy bent over into the ring steps so her boobs smooshed against the steel stairs. She laid there, holding her sore breasts, while Connie went to grab a steel chair from where the ring announcer sat.

Donna meanwhile had wrapped the microphone cord around Tammy’s throat and choked the brunette. The white woman tried pulling the garrote from her windpipe while Donna laughed and mocked the brunette. When she finally dropped the cord, her opponent fell to the floor coughing and wheezing.

“How’s that white ass feel now,” Donna asked as she used the microphone cord like a whip. “Now your ass is the one in the cotton field, bitch,” she said while cracking the cord on Tammy’s ass and lower back. The brunette tried to crawl away while Donna followed. “What? Can’t take it? C’mon bitch, say, ‘Please massa, don’t hurt me no more.’”

Connie meanwhile had folded the steel chair up while Sandy sat on the floor mat, resting with her back against the step. The black woman swung the chair like a golf club between the blonde’s legs. The backrest of the chair made a loud smack against her crotch as Sandy froze up in shock. Connie reared the seat back again to smack the blonde flush in the chest. Sandy screeched while the amazon planted her boot on Sandy’s long hair, as it hung back across the ring steps to hold her in place. The busty ebony wrestler swung the chair into the blonde’s breasts again after Sandy had her hands behind her head, trying to remove Connie’s boot from her hair.

Tammy had crawled away on all fours to escape the whipping when Donna reached into her boot and pulled out a pair of brass knuckles. She grabbed the brunette by her hair and threw Tammy against the stiff edge of the ring, already hurting her sore back further, when the black woman swung the adorned fist into the brunette’s abdomen. She made a loud oomph sound and bent over wheezing when Donna pulled her opponent’s head upright by her hair.

“Aww, does the wimpy white bitch have a sore tummy,” the black woman said in a mocking voice. “Let me help soften up them titties too,” she sneered. Donna drove hooks and uppercuts into Tammy’s breasts while the brunette screamed with each blow before a final punch to the breadbasket made her legs go out from underneath her.

While she was on the floor, holding her stomach, Donna put the knuckles back in her boot before she began stripping off Tammy’s swimsuit. The crowd whistled as Connie had likewise incapacitated Sandy by drilling the steel chair into the blonde's ribs before she likewise began tugging off her red one piece. "Show the good people of Baltimore what a pair of pretty white tits feels like," the busty black woman said as she pulled Sandy up with a handful of hair before locking the naked blonde into a full nelson.

Sandy winced as her already bruised breasts were squeezed, slapped, pinched and punched by the various League members in the front row. Donna held the blonde in her firm grip while she dragged Sandy down the front of the guardrail, allowing the audience in the front row to grope her D cups roughly.

"Hope you enjoy it, bitch," the black woman hissed in her ear, "it's just a taste of the action you’re gonna get later." Tammy likewise was pulled to her feet and had her arm twisted behind her back in a hammerlock while the fans on the other side of the ring pinched and twisted the brunette's stiff nipples. The bell finally rang to officially start the match after both members of Baewatch were rolled into the ring. Donna stood on the floor while Sandy lay on the mat, clutching her sore boobs, when the busty black woman reached into the ring and grabbed the blonde’s ankles.

“Kiss your coochie goodbye,” Donna shouted before she pulled Sandy’s legs on either side of the ring post and slammed her crotch flush into the steel pillar. Sandy bellowed in agony while Donna stepped into the ring.

After posting Sandy, Connie made Tammy ride the top rope with her bare snatch, bouncing her at first before her partner got there. They ran Tammy down the length of the ring with the rope burning her pussy until she finally fell onto the canvas. Donna stepped out onto the floor only to pull Sandy’s head out of the ring by her long hair. She had been curled up in a fetal position on the mat, holding her twat, when Donna held her head back over the edge of the apron so she could ram her elbow repeatedly into Sandy’s D cups.

In the ring, Connie was crushing Tammy in a bearhug before she bounced the brunette up in her grasp so the black woman could suck on her opponent’s nipples. They were still sensitive from the audience pulling and twisting on them so Tammy squealed when Connie stuffed the Baewatch babe’s entire C cup into her mouth.

Back outside, after softening up Sandy’s breasts, Donna dug her claws into the blonde’s orbs. She buried her sharp fingernails in and twisted the nude woman’s melons until Sandy started sliding out while she thrashed around on the mat. Her boots got hooked on the bottom rope, leaving her flat abdomen exposed to more punches, kicks and kneelifts to her breadbasket until she finally fell to the floor.

“Better not move until we get done with your slutty friend,” the black woman said before she spread Sandy’s legs and stomped her boot down on the blonde’s snatch. Donna went back around the ring, while Sandy laid there, whimpering in pain as the crowd shouted vulgar things at the nude blonde. Meanwhile the busty black woman rammed Tammy into the corner, squashing her opponent against the turnbuckles.

Tammy was trapped as Connie tagged her partner in, the useless ref acknowledged the hand slap as the two black women went to town on the brunette. They decided to edge Tammy; Connie sucked the white woman’s tits and fingered her while Donna molested the brunette’s other breast and made out with her. Just as she began to moan and pant, saying she was going to cum, the Baltimore Butchers abruptly stopped to setup their finisher.

The burly Connie flipped Tammy up across one shoulder. The limp white woman dangled with her face pushed down between Connie’s enormous E cups, wedging the brunette’s face into her cleavage while she backed up near the corner the Baewatch babe had been just assaulted in. Donna stood on the second rope and planted her mouth on Tammy's clit; sucking it hard while she fingered the white woman.

When she began to squeal from her orgasm, Donna smothered her opponent, wrapping both thick arms around the brunette’s head, before she charged forward. Connie pushed off from the second rope, giving her partner some extra momentum, to perform an intense powerslam; knocking the white bitch out cold.

They moved across the ring to grab Sandy, who had crawled up to sit on the edge of the ring in her team's corner. The blonde was still whimpering and rubbing her sore pussy when they yanked Sandy in by her long hair. The busty black woman held the blonde upside down, with Sandy’s mouth against Connie’s crotch while standing near the corner. The ebony amazon buried her face between the blonde’s legs, Sandy began to gasp and pant as the big black woman’s tongue lapped at her opponent’s clit.

Over near the ropes, Donna went after Sandy’s ass; rimming her while shoving her middle finger in and out of the blonde’s pussy, until the white bitch screamed out her own orgasm. Just as Sandy squirted into Connie’s face, Donna leapt off the second rope and used her weight to add to her partner’s strength as they knocked Sandy out by driving her head into the canvas.

The hometown team stood triumphant over their unconscious opponents after the referee raised their hands while the crowd went wild with applause and cheers. After The Butchers basked in adulation, both Sandy and Tammy were picked up and carried back into the locker room over the black women's shoulders. Each League arena has a special set of showers, equipped with closed circuit cameras that record any post match pleasure. Since the losers were required to satisfy the victors for five minutes after a match, Tammy and Sandy either had to forfeit the money they made from competing, by refusing to please the winners, or go along with whatever the black women desired.

"Wake up, slut," Connie said as she slapped Sandy on her bare ass a couple times before making the dizzy blonde stand against the corner. She turned on the faucets as jets of warm water sprayed from all three sides of the white tiled cubby. Tammy had come to while Donna had carried the brunette back through the curtain.

"Don't struggle sweetie," Donna said. She grabbed a handful of the brunette's hair as she hung over her shoulder like a load of laundry before the black woman slid Tammy down so they stood face to face. The ebony wrestler pulled down the straps of her own swimsuit and reached out to pinch Tammy's nipple.

“Let's not pretend this ain't your first time," Donna said and shoved her tongue into the white woman’s mouth. Tammy had opened her lips to squeal from the nipple pinch when the black woman began french kissing her. She sighed when she felt Donna's fingers slide between her legs as the warm water sprayed over their sweaty bodies.

"Oh god...," Tammy gasped as her body was still weak from the match. She had to hold onto Donna's shoulders as she came from having her clit played with. "That's right, honey, now your turn," Donna purred as she gently pressed Tammy's mouth to her exposed black breast. The brunette moaned as she eagerly sucked her opponent's nipple. Tammy shuddered as Donna continued to tease her clit, until the white woman pulled down the rest of the ebony wrestler's swimsuit.

She knelt before Donna and moved to run her tongue through the black woman's trimmed bush, tasting her horny cxnt, before Tammy had her face shoved tighter against her pussy. Sandy meanwhile had spent the last few moments pinned against the tiled shower wall by Connie getting her sore tits smashed by the black woman's huge E cups. The ebony amazon had stripped off her own swimsuit before she trapped Sandy's wrists above her head to the tiled wall.

"You think your weak white titties are tougher than mine," she asked in a deep smokers voice. Connie would swing her huge black udders back and forth, bashing Sandy's sore breasts like wrecking balls, before she smashed their chests together. She was strong enough to hold both of the blonde's wrists above her head with one hand after Sandy had been weakened, not only during their match but also from the tit abuse. Connie alternated teasing the white woman's nipples before pinching and pulling them while Sandy tried to stifle her screams.

"Let me hear you say you got weak titties, bitch," Connie said bruskly before she went back to smashing their melons together, drilling her thick black nipples against Sandy's sensitive ones.

"Oh god, yes, you have stronger tits than me, please I can't take anymore," the blonde broke down sobbing.

" worship my strong black breasts you wimpy white bitch," Connie commanded. When Sandy hesitated, either from confusion or exhaustion, Connie went back to repeatedly slam their orbs together, flattening the blonde's D cups as she sobbed.

"Please! I'll worship your superior black tits, mistress," Sandy said with tears running down her cheeks. Her boobs were in agony as Connie leaned forward, pressing her weight so they were squashed against the blonde's sternum.

"Show me, slut, use that nasty tongue of yours," Connie growled and released Sandy's wrists. She fell against the black woman, her legs from the breast bashing, before the blonde knew to follow up on her task. She cupped and kneaded the brown orbs as she kissed, licked and ran her face along the heavy breast lovingly. She was made to suck Connie's nipple while she could see her partner was on her back.

Tammy had finished Donna off on her knees before the black woman laid the brunette down on the shower floor. She wiggled her pussy over Connie's enthusiastic tongue while Donna used an available bottle of shampoo. It was shaped like the letter C, made to be used for stimulation, as Donna leaned forward and fucked the white woman with the bottle.

"Oh fuck yes, get your tongue in deep bitch," Donna moaned as she writhed her ass around while Tammy spread her legs wide. Her thighs began to shake like a dog as the brunette came with an excited squirt while Sandy was pulled between Connie's big black breasts.

"Finger yourself, slut," the black woman commanded. The blonde pumped her first two fingers in and out of her wet pussy while she kissed and licked the boobs that were suffocating her. When she began to moan and tremble she passed out briefly from being smothered and didn't realize she was lying on the shower floor when she felt her hips being lifted up.

"Better hold on," Connie said as she stepped between Sandy's thighs. The blonde tensed up as she felt the busty black woman grind their pussies together. "Gonna break that weak white coochie," Connie said between gasps. Sandy could see her E cups undulating above her while she was pushed back and forth on the tile floor like a mop.

She heard Tammy squeal from another orgasm as Donna had switched to be in an almost a sixty nine position but looked more like a reverse headscissors. She reached back with one hand to pull Tammy's face tight against her crotch while the black woman fucked the brunette with the shampoo bottle until she popped like a bottle of champagne; squirting over the pair of tribbing women.

"Ugh, yeah, gonna break that pussy goooood," Donna moaned as Sandy screamed while her body thrashed around as if she were being electrocuted. The black woman continued to grind their clits together until the blonde broke down again in tears, begging the black woman to have mercy on her weak pussy. She ended up getting facesat where Sandy was only happy to satisfy the winner until she was suffocated by the black woman grinding her snatch until she was smothered unconscious.

Tammy had helped her partner up after The Butchers were done; they staggered back to their lockers while the rest of the locker room hooted from the steamy post match sex streamed on all the tv's backstage. Neither Baewatch member spoke a word as they picked up their discarded swimsuits, carried back by the ref; donned a tank top and shorts, before they limped back to the plymouth they had been riding around the country in. Tammy opted to drive, since Sandy's crotch wasn't in any condition to handle the stick shift. They made their way back to the motel and passed out on the beds with their clothes on, certain they wouldn't be attending any rematches in Baltimore for a while.