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Hannah Spearritt vs Jennie Garth in beauty contest and catfight (Part 1 of 3)

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30-23-31 British actress Hannah Spearritt squares off against 34-26-36 American actress Jennie Garth

Prelude:  It is one of those entertainment events where actresses in particular try to go wild with fashion.   On this particular occasion, Jennie Garth who spends most of her time in Los Angeles is in New York for this particular one while Hannah Spearritt, a London resident normally, is also attending.  As it turns out, their choice in fashion for this particular event is very similar which doesn’t go unnoticed by the two beautiful, sexy actresses.

Jennie {walking up to Hannah}:  “Oh God, it isn’t bad enough that a lot of movie and television roles go to Canadian actors and actresses in Vancouver, but now we have Limeys showing up in New York for entertainment events, and you can’t even find a dress that isn’t similr to mine.”
Hannah {moving closer to get into Jennie’s face}:  “I try to check what the A and B list actresses might be wearing, but I didn’t think to check the G list of overrated actresses like yourself, Jenn.”
Jennie:  “Ooooohhhhh realllliiiieee, is that so.  I’ve had tens of millions more viewers of my television shows than you have, baby.  Plus, I’m made a lot more money than you have, and BTW, that is real money like US dollars not the pounds or Euros or whatever Monopoly currency you are using this week!”
Hannah:  “I think a lot of people might tune in to your newer shows to see how far you have fallen as far as quality of what you would appear in.  The first Beverly Hills, 90210 wasn’t bad, but the latest takeoff crap on that show and that other show with that ugly younger girl that the WB had mercy on a f ew years was downright embarassing to any actress….well other than you of course.”Jennie:  “You’re one to talk with SClub whatever that did squat in this country and then that dinosaur show where you filmed 23 shows in like 3 years and has now been axed.  Exactly how many tea breaks do you have while filming, honey?  We do that many shows in 1 year!  But then again, maybe you aren’t tough enough to go the distance and actually work for a living”
Hannah:  “That’s it, bitch….you and me right here and right now in a catfight.  I can’t wait to kick your Yankee butt.  Oh, and let’s have a beauty contest before that because I might as well humiliate you for the ugly tramp you are.”
Jennie:  “Bring it here, British bitch!  I’ll be sending back to your inferior country soon enough.  And speaking of inferior, I guess you can probably use Halloween masks as bras, huh?  Honey, do you even have any tits!!”

Beauty Contest:  Hannah and Jennie agree to 8 anatomical areas with the winner of more of these areas than the other being judged the overall winner.  The areas will be facial beauty, tits, midsection, pussy, legs, arms/armpits, backs, and butts.  The other interested attendees will be the judges for the beauty contest and they will move to a secluded room inside for all this action.  The women get to the room and with the interested spectators in tow, and the contest begins with the comparison of facial beauty.  Neither woman has glamour model beauty but clearly both women are far above average.  Apparently, there is no significant built in American bias because in a close contest, Hannah is judged the winner to take a 1-0 lead.  The next competition gets verbally ugly as Jennie continues to ride Hannah about her lack of a chest.  Jennie’s 34” chest measurement indeed looks like a mountain range compared to the flat-chested 30” circumference measurement of Hannah’s bustline.  Jennie routs Hannah in this one to tie up the contest 1-1.  The next area is not particularly a strength of either blonde hottie.  Jennie’s 26” waistline is a little large for a petite girl and although Hannah’s is only 23”, it is only about 7 inches smaller than her other measurements, which is also below average.  And each woman has a little midriff bulge.  However, the deciding factor does end up being Hannah’s 3” smaller measurement so she takes a 2-1 lead with a victory in the midsection contest.  The next area of competition is the pussy area.  Once again, neither woman blows away the judged with a pornstar like pussy, but Jennie’s looks larger and more sensual than Hannah’s which looks more like a girl’s than a woman’s.  That ties up the overall contest at 2-2 halfway through the beauty competition.  The next area will be a judging of leggs.  This is one of Jennie Garth’s worst areas and always has been with heavy thighs and not really that tapered legs either.  Hannah’s are far from perfect with a little bowlegged appearance of her own but easily wins this one due to less heavy thighs and better tapering of her lower legs down to her feet.  Hannah takes a 3-2 lead into the final frontside area…arms/armpits.  Surprising to many of the judges, this turns out to be an area of quality for both women who have beautiful arms with nice shape, good firmness/muscularity, and above average armpits.  Hannah edges out Jennie in this one with a little thinner arms with perhaps still better muscularity and slightly better or even armpits.  Hannah now holds a 4-2 lead as the women turn around for the backside assets of backs and butts to be compared.  Jennie has to win both to force a tiebreaker and Hannah just needs one tie or one win to take the overall beauty contest.  The womens’ backs are compared, and this is one of Hannah’s weaker areas.  Not only doesn’t she have a well delineated back as far as muscularity or shape goes, but she simply doesn’t project a gorgeous back by any stretch.  Jennie’s is rather ordinary looking herself but compared to Hannah Spearritt, it is judged superior as Jennie takes the must needed win in the back area to cut her deficit to 4-3 with the ass contest left.  Unfortunately, for Jennie, this is down there with her legs as being a little too heavy and a little too spread out.  Her hips measurement is 2” bigger than her bust measurement for a reason while Hannah’s 31” hip measurements predicts and provides a compact ass, actually one of her overall better features.  So, in one of the bigger routs of the entire comparison process, Hannah easily wins the butt contest which gives her the beauty contest 5 areas to 3 areas won by Jennie.

The women are giving the opportunity to redress a bit but neither woman really has access to any other clothing and besides they are ready to rip into each other.  With these hot blondes being from different countries, that adds in an attitude factor that seems to even surpass the animosity you find between a brunette going up against a blonde…although in this case, both women are supposedly blondes.  Anyway, the women are ready to move on to the catfight which will be a no holds barred, submissions or unable to continue only to determine the winner.  The judges for the beauty contest are invited to stay on for the catfight as spectators only and won’t interfere in the action.


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Re: Hannah Spearritt vs Jennie Garth in beauty contest and catfight (Part 2)
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Catfight:  The women who started with some animosity have worked it up a few levels after the beauty contest.  Needless to say, Hannah is wearing an arrogant smirk on her face while Jennie’s teeth are gritted due to her frustrating loss.  The women circle each other as they maneuver their arms to try to get the first hold of the match and gain the initial advantage.  Neither is able to penetrate the other’s defenses so they end up just ramming their sexy bodies together and each wraps her arms around her rival’s waist in a mutual bearhug contest.  Usually, upstairs is pretty interesting with tits clashing with tits but neither of these women have boobs that are going to do much damage.  So in this instance, the action is in the midsection of each blonde as arms try to squeeze the breath of the opponent and gain a lasting edge.  After a couple of minutes of pressure and grunts and obscenities all around, Hannah gains a little advantage with her stronger arms but nothing that really forces Jennie any real problems.  Thus, the women decide simultaneously to stop that competiton as their hands push their foe’s body away.

Now, both women have smirky smiles on their faces as they think they have just gotten the measure of their opponent by this initial test of strength, and so far it has come up fairly even with Hannah a slight edge.  The spunky Brit puts her hands on the top of her head and flexes her biceps and shows off her beauty contest winning armpits for her opponent’s benefit.  Jennie is not about to be outdone as she strikes exactly the same pose for Hannah as she doesn’t want her rival to get any kind of psychological advantage.  Hannah brings her hands even higher as she puts them forward in front of her body as a challenge to Jennie for a classic test of arm strength.  Jennie obliges as she raises her own arms and hands to mirror Hannah’s.  Opposite hands of the women clasp together and the pushing begins with each sexy blonde’s body anchored by their legs.  Arms tremble under the strain of the other’s arms pressing against theirs, but after about a minute or so, Hannah clearly gains the edge by bending back Jennie’s past vertical and in fact bending back the lithesome blonde’s back also.  Hannah continues her advantage and sends Jennie Garth down to her knees in front of her.  As an added bonus for Hannah, the British blonde is getting a laugh as she bends back her foe’s hands in an awkward position as she continues to overpower her.

Hannah continues to dominate Jennie from her now leveraged position of standing over a kneeling opponent.  Hannah suddenly lunges towards Jennie’s body and sends her beautiful blonde foe down flat on her back and makes sure her own body falls hard right on top of Jennie’s body underneath.  Hannah pins Jennie’s arms to the floor as she grinds her body on top of the trapped American blonde.  Jennie’s arms struggle to come off the floor but Hannah’s superior arm strength continues to contain them and have them trapped flat on the carpeting.  Jennie also is squirming her body to try to somehow get Hannah to slide off her body and break the schoolgirl pin type situation she is currently in.  But that is also failing and Hannah is having too good of a time to change much in their positions.  Hannah’s face is located just above Jennie’s, and the American blonde does a desperate move to try to change the status quo.  She literally spits into the beauty contest winning face of Hannah Spearritt, which surprises her blonde tormentor so much that for an instant, she relaxes her strength just a bit.  That precious time is all that Jennie needs to slip her hands away from Hannah’s and throw a quick right fist to the Brit’s face.  Jennie then bucks her body to dislodge Hannah from her form and quickly rolls away from that form to escape.

Jennie is furious at her rude treatment in this catfight so far as the English actress Hannah is dominating this match at this point.  Jennie thrusts off her feet in desperate fashion to just try to hit anything she can at this point.  Jennie gets a lucky shot into Hannah’s pussy and for the first time in the match, Hannah is the one in the unfavorable position as she reaches down with both her hands to protect her most private asset.  That is the opening that Jennie Garth needs as she moves quickly to do a flop of her own body to land on top of Hannah’s, which currently is resting on her side.  Jennie rolls Hannah’s body underneath her so that Hannah is face down.  Jennie mounts her rival’s back and grabs Hannah’s head and scrapes that beauty contest winning face across the carpet area where is lies…not disappointed at all when some of the carpet comes up and her hated foe gets some rug fibers in her mouth and sticking to her sweating face.  But Jennie is after more than just some very localized punishment and humiliation.   She hops up and down on the Brit’s back to send her foe’s frontside harder into the carpet and to try to take the breath out of so far appears to be the stronger girl.

Jennie releases Hannah’s head and therefore stops the scraping of the pretty face across the carpet but moves a-head with another hold in that area.  Jennie cups her hands underneath Hannah’s firm jaw in a nice chinlock and pulls back to strain the sexy actress’ head and neck areas.  Jennie continues to bounce up and down on Hannah’s back to also give her that to think about.  Hannah screams and slaps the carpet with her hands while being tortured by both maneuvers Jennie is currently employing.  But Hannah regains her composure and focus and moves her hands to engage Jennie’s which are still cupped underneath her chin.  Hannah is able to isolate some fingers of her tormentor with her own hands and begins to bend them awkwardly back.  That endangers Jennie’s digits to possible dislocation or even broken ones so the pretty American actress knows it is time to release that hold and bring back her own hands away from danger.  With the end of the chinlock to help anchor her body, Jennie is bucked off by Hannah as the sexy American actress falls off to the side of her rival’s body.

The sexy blondes face each other on doubled up legs as they don’t even bother getting to a standing position.  Hannah and Jennie go for each other’s hair and begin a violent hairpulling contest where each woman is able to yank hair in a well enough fashion to pull the foe’s head along with it…becoming so pronounced in the movements that the women can’t even remain on doubled up legs.  They end up lying down on their sides facing each other, two sets of fisted hands still intertwined in the opponent’s tresses.  Hannah and Jennie begin to roll around the carpeted area, with first one woman being on top and then the other one.  Jennie is able to stabilize herself on top long enough to lower put her now sweaty and smelly right armpit across the beauty contest winning face of the beautiful Brit and gets a lot of pleasure rubbing that unpleasant pit around her rival’s face.  Not only is it torture with the sweat and body odor but also humiliating and restricting as far as Hannah being able to breath when Jennie’s armpit flesh contacts her nose and mouth.  But that only lasts so long as Hannah pulls hair hard enough to switch positions with Jennie and now it is the former Beverly Hills, 90210 sexy blonde star who is suffering at the right armpit of Hannah Spearritt.  And Hannah’s underarms are supposed to be even sexier and more beautifully shaped than Jennie’s which is why she won that area of the beauty contest.  Hannah not only gives Jennie Garth a taste and smell of your right armpit but gives her the doubled barrel treatment by switching over to the left armpit after doing her foe with the right one.  Jennie gets the worst of this exchance of smothers both in quantity and quality but is also eventually able to sling Hannah off her body by pulling hair.
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Re: Hannah Spearritt vs Jennie Garth in beauty contest and catfight (Part 3)
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Jennie and Hannah arise to their feet for the first time in a long while, and each is pissed at the treatment suffered at the hands {and pits most recently} of the other.  Their bodies still look fit but sweat is now saturating their bodies which makes their skin look even sexier with that oil wrestling type look but doesn’t do much for the body of their hair which is beginning to look matted and stringy due to all the perspiration on their scalp.  Hannah’s pussy area is pretty clean shaven so there is not much pubic hair to get wet but Jennie does have a thin forest of hair to get moistened in addition to her tresses.  The women approach each other again, probing with their arms and hands as they did in the initial stages of this match.  This time, Hannah is able to break through Jennie’s defenses and is able to get her competitor in a headlock.  The effect on Jennie is proven by the grimace on her face and the screams she is uttering as Hannah uses her stronger arms to ratchet up the pressure… raising and dropping Jennie’s head merely by the movement of her hands and arms, which can’t be making Jennie’s neck feel good at the moment.  Jennie moves her hands up to engage Hannah’s to try to remove her head from that grip but the Brit beauty’s hold is tight and firm around Jennie’s head.  Jennie begins to slam her fists into Hannah’s side and stomach area to try to break the hold that way, and that strategy does indeed force Hannah to release her head or suffer more fists into her undefended body as she works the headlock.

Hannah rushes towards Jennie to try to reestablish a hold she just had the advantage.  But Jennie moves aside from Hannah’s body as it lunges towards her form.  As Hannah’s body moves to the side of Jennie, the American actress grabs her foe’s left arm as she slides by her and initiates a hammerlock using that trapped limb.  Jennie pulls that left arm harder behind Hannah’s body as she gets behind her tortured rival.  Hannah utters a low level scream due to that awkward bending of that arm.  Ocassionally, Jennie’s lifts up the bent arm higher against Hannah’s back and makes it more of a chickenwing.  Jennie uses the leverage of the hammerlock to force Hannah down to the carpet at which point the American woman gets even better leverage.  Hannah is on all fours with Jennie straddling her back still in a standing position and continuing to hold Hannah’s arm in that painful hold.  Periodically, Jennie brings up her right leg from the floor to drive her heavy lower leg into her rival’s back near where Hannah’s arm is still captive.  Hannah waits for one of those extra punishments since that means that Jennie only has the left foot touching the floor, making her less balanced.  Hannah pushes her body off the floor with her legs and her free right arm and hand.  That surprising, forceful move makes Jennie’s already unstable body even more so as she tumbles backward, dropping Hannah’s left arm in the process.

Hannah is still essentially on the carpet as Jennie approaches her again to try to pick up where she left off.  But as Jennie gets within range, Hannah swings her legs in an arc to undercut her blonde opponent and sends her foe to the carpet beside her.  Jennie lands hard on her back, and Hannah is the one quick to pounce now.  Hannah flops down on Jennie’s prone form, and does a schoolgirl pin of the American beauty, holding down her foe’s arms with her own hands and locking her thinner but stronger legs around Jennie’s at the ankles.  Hannah and Jennie are about the same height so Hannah has no problem with her body covering Jennie’s.  Hannah at first grinds her body across Jennie’s to try to take some of the energy away from the opponent but then does some pushups by raising her upper body and then allowing gravity to pull her form down hard on Jennie’s trapped body.  That proves especially effective this late in the match when neither is at top form at this point and since Hannah’s body is filled out but yet firm.  On every downcycle of the pushup, the spectators know when Hannah’s body crashes onto Jennie’s without even looking….Jennie’s groans and screams provide quite the clue to contact of the bodies.

Hannah Spearritt thinks she has Jennie Garth softened up so she quickly gets up and rolls Jennie on to her back.  Hannah grabs Jennie’s two arms by the wrists and pulls them vertically up behind her body in an awkard and painful maneuver for the American actress.  To keep Jennie’s body from being pulled up by her lifting of her rival’s arms, Hannah puts her left foot forcefully into her competition’s back.  Hannah has a surfboard type hold on her foe, and it is obvious from Jennie’s screams and other audible sounds that Miss Garth is in real trouble.  Hannah has a wild look of satisfaction as she continues to torture Jennie from a hold that looks unbreakable.

Hannah:  “Ready to give it up, American slut?  I’m just disappointed you weren’t more competition so that I could make your punishment last even longer.”
Jennie:  “You British bitch!!  Let me go, and I’ll show you why we won our independence from your lousy country!”
Hannah:  “Oh, I don’t think you will have your freedom today unless I give it to you.  Time for you to give up before I really hurt you, honey.”  {increasing the pressure by stepping with even more with her left foot and leg on her foe’s back and pulling up harder on Jennie’s arms}
Jennie:  “I give….I give….let me go, you bleached blonde tramp.”

Hannah gives Jennie another couple of tugs on those arms and another stomp or two with her left foot in response to the derogatory name during the concession.  But the main thing is that Jennie conceded to her and she can’t wait to do a little postmatch humiliation to her foe.

Postmatch:   After Hannah lets go of Jennie Garth’s arms, they flop down flush against the plush carpet by Jennie’s almost motionless head.  Hannah at first simply stands over her defeated victim’s body as she catches her second breath before starting again with some more humiliation and torture.  Hannah lies her body on top of Jennie’s form as the defeated American blonde is still lying on her stomach at this point.  Hannah reaches around Jennie’s head and establishes a chinlock to wrench back Jennie’s neck, thus proving apparently that the catfight isn’t completely over.  Jennie taps her hands against the carpet to signal she has already conceded along with “I gave up, Limey….back off!' Hannah quits that hold not due to Jennie’s request for mercy probably but because she is ready for some other kinds of actions against the former 90210 star.  Hannah turns around on Jennie’s body and gives that large ass of the beaten blonde some spanks, hard enough to leave some red handprints marks residually on her alabaster skin.  Hannah moves off to the side and rolls over Jennie on to her back, most likely so she both do more to Jennie’s helpless body and to make sure that Jennie can even see some of it.  Hannah lies down on top Jennie in almost the same schoolgirl pin form she had during the catfight at one point.  And she duplicates the doubled barreled armpit smother, first the right one and then the left one.  And if Jennie thought those areas were full of sweat and foul odor before, they clearly at much worse now in those regards after so much more strenuous and sweaty action since then.  Normally, a titsmother would probably follow this up but Hannah Spearritt doesn’t have any tits to speak of, so she bypasses that humiliating action but has another popular one in mind.  Hannah moves her body into a sitting position just in front of Jennie’s face, her legs doubled up over Jennie’s arms to make sure her foe’s movements are minimized.  Hannah pulls Jennie’s beautiful face flush against her very sweaty and smelly pussy and grind her defeated rival’s face all around that perspiring and most private of areas.  Hannah’s pussy is almost cleanly shaven with just a tiny muff of hair surrounding that most precious of regions.  Hannah gets her satisfaction with using her own pussy as a weapon so she switches to exploiting Jennie’s.  Hannah moves down towards Jennie’s which has more pubic hair protecting hers and doesn’t even ask for a dildo to be tossed.  Instead, the beauty contest winning Brit pushes her right hand hard into the American woman’s most private area and vigorously explores it.  It doesn’t take long before Hannah strikes the mother load and removes her hand with lots of cum covering some of it.  She takes that right hand and moves up to Jennie’s face and wipes as much of the whitish cream across the actress’ face and has a great laugh while doing it.  Since Hannah is now so close again to her rival’s face and head, she can’t resist doing perhaps the most humiliating act at this point.  She squats her tight, beauty contest winning ass right over Jennie Garth’s face and then drops it down and begins to squirm and wiggle it around her trapped victim’s face…sometimes slower and sensual and sometimes faster and with more force being applied.  Regardless, it can’t be too fun at this point being Jennie with her own cum all over her face, having lost the beauty contest, having lost the catfight, and now getting that cum of her rubbed all around her face.  And Hannah enjoys the classic winning pose as she puts her hands on the top of her head and flexes those fit arms and great armpits, the same appendages that won her the category judgment during the beauty contest.   Hannah finally stands up and moves the bottom of her right foot across Jennie’s beautiful face in yet one very humiliating and disrespectful act towards her rival and then has a final warning to Miss Garth as she walks away.

Hannah:  “Bitch, I guess I just proved who the hotter and stronger woman between us two is.  Don’t make me ever do this again"