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« on: April 25, 2022, 09:25:36 PM »
The Build Up:

The day had already started strangely, and now I was sitting here with my wife Andrea, her sister Liane and my brother-in-law Christof on the terrace of their little vacation home in the forest. It was still incredibly hot, although the sun had already sunk behind the treetops and the sky was turning red.
While we were already enjoying the third glass of wine, my sister-in-law leaned forward particularly far and presented me her lush cleavage.
She laughed noticeably tipsy and after a perfect dinner, the topics of conversation became a bit more salacious.

"You know last night honey? You almost turned into the wrong hole!" Liane nudged her husband and shook with laughter. Somehow we had gotten on the subject of sex.
He turned bright red.
We had sort of checked in with the two of them.We slept in their backyard in our tent, but shared the bathroom.

Liane kept laughing and couldn't stop. She shook so much with laughter that her right breast slipped more and more out of the dress and something of the areola was to be seen.

Andrea also called out laughing, "Watch your tits sis!"

I had also already drunk properly and so I contributed another bawdy anecdote:
"Well, this morning in the bathroom she didn't care either."

Liane bit her lip seductively and drank more wine. She didn't even think about covering her breasts. On the contrary, she pressed her upper arms together and her tits piled up even more violently in her tight red dress.
My wife leaned back and stretched her also lush breasts towards her brother-in-law. She wore no bra under her tank top and her thick nipples stood out clearly in the thin white fabric.

"Bathroom? You haven't told me about that yet?" Andrea looked at me questioningly before glancing at her sister.
Christof also became curious.

"Well your sister just got into the shower before me while I was sitting on the toilet."
Andrea's jaw dropped before she laughed out loud. "Yeah she's a little bitch."
"Did you like what you saw," Liane asked me.
I gulped and stammered, "Liked it?"
"Yes. Tell me. Did you like me?"
I looked at Christof, but he just drank more wine and shrugged his shoulders.

So I mustered up all my courage, "Yes. You have awesome curves."
"What do you like better, my breasts or my ass?"

I was speechless at my sister-in-law's directness. When I didn't answer, she pulled down one strap of her dress and exposed her right tit to me.
My wife was not laughing now. Christof grabbed his forehead and grinned sheepishly.

I mustered all my courage: "Your tits are bigger than Andreas'. But my darling has the bigger areolas and the hornier nipples."
She gave a played evil look and her mouth opened in protest as Andrea pulled down her top and showed us all her naked tits.
She was a cup size 90DD and Christof seemed to like the sight. He choked on the wine and coughed.

"Horny, isn't it? Liane can't keep up with that."
Andrea twirled her fingertip-sized teats and massaged her breasts for Christof.
From that moment on it became tight in my pants, because Liane also pulled down the second strap of the dress and cradled her big heavy breasts in her hands.

"Do you want to touch?" It was clear who she meant: me!
I gulped.

My sister-in-law looked at me seductively and challengingly. She was waiting for me.
My wife, on the other hand, looked with envy at her only slightly younger sister. Her look said, If you really touch those things now then.... I'll kill you.

But Liane took decision from me. She stood up and staggered over to me. She stood in front of my chair, bent over and brushed her fat natural tits over my face.
I quivered with pleasure and reached out. My fingers dug into the soft somewhat sweaty tit flesh and felt the breasts at will.
Liane moaned out and neither Christof nor Andrea protested. Then my wife's sister sat down on my lap and lifted her breasts in front of my face.
"Suck on it sweetie!"
She must have felt my huge erection because she was sitting right on top of it.

Andrea cleared her throat and when her sister didn't stop teasing me, she got up and walked over to Christof.
She also sat on his lap and I heard him moan. He had grabbed my wife's buxom ass cheeks and had Andrea's left nipple in his mouth.
"Fuck is that big," he mumbled.
"Was just going to say that too." Of course Andrea meant what was rising up into her private parts.

Liane suddenly stood up jealously, grabbed her breasts back into her dress and tapped Andrea on the shoulder.

"Enough! I've gone too far. Sorry. Will you get off my husband's lap now?"

Andrea just grinned and moaned. "Nope, I'm not. He's sucking on my nipple so wet right now. Feels hot!"
It excited me how much my wife was desired by another man. Christof caressed her firm large breasts and licked her nipples sensually and vigorously in turn.

"You guys can mud wrestle! The winner gets both men tonight."
I pointed to the huge puddle that the afternoon thunderstorm had left next to our tent.
Liane mustered all her courage. Even though she was the one who had started with the sex topics and erotic teasing, she was now falling behind.

"Good idea! Come on Andrea! We show the men what we are made of! We fight! Is certainly almost like earlier on Dad's backyard".
My wife turned to her.
"Show what we're made of? I can tell you what else is in me tonight!" Andrea stood up, reached into Christof's baggy pants, and then her hand slipped into mine.
"So the two of them are well endowed. Almost the same size."
SMACK! Liane punched my wife in the bare chest.
"Hands off! Over my dead body!"

"Ouch!" Andrea held her aching bare chest and they both disappeared laughing into the bungalow to prepare her for the fight. Christof and I looked at each other grinning, hardly able to comprehend what a hot night we were in for.


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Re: Sisters
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2022, 10:43:30 PM »
Fabulous start!


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Re: Sisters
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2022, 04:41:53 PM »

Love it so far!  The couples stories are very hot!  Well, all your stories are hot, but you know... :)


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Re: Sisters
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2022, 08:04:43 PM »
"I can hardly believe what's happening right now." Christof looked at me and sat down.
"So honestly...Liane has said many times that she thinks you're hot."
I looked at my brother-in-law, "And that doesn't bother you at all?"
"Actually, no. We've been to a swingers club before, too."
"Christof! We're related!"
He just laughed.

Just then our two women came back out of the house onto the patio.
"Well guys? Do you like us?"
My wife Andrea came outside first. She wore an ultra skimpy red thong swimsuit that presented her almost 100kg incredibly hot. Her big butt was practically bare and her breasts were covered by thin bands that would immediately slip in the upcoming fight. Her big tits spilled out to the sides and Christof couldn't look away.
My brother-in-law and I were both rock hard!

And then came Liane!
She weighed almost as much as her sister and was just as big. Only her bust was two sizes bigger. She wore only a white thong that was almost transparent.
She had apparently oiled herself, because her hot curves shone.
Her heavy breasts swayed with every step. She turned, bent over in front of us and presented me her thick shiny ass.
SMATTTTTTT! I slapped her with the flat of my hand so that her hip fat just quivered.
"AAYYYYYYYYY!" Liane shrieked out while Andrea was already walking to the muddy puddle.

"Stop getting my husband hot! Come to your sis and get a spanking!"

I spun my lawn chair so I wouldn't miss a beat.
"In her sexy red one-piece today Andrea Schröder, 36 years old, 170cm tall and well endowed with 90DD, fights against her wonderful sister Liane...."
Christof took over the rest of the performance:
"Exactly! Today she has to prove herself! Liane is 35 years old, 170cm tall and brings a 90G bust!"
We applauded loudly and cheered as the two sisters flexed their biceps, turned and presented.
Both massaged their breasts for us and slapped each other's thick horny asses provocatively.
SMATTT....SMATTTTT....and then they took position at the puddle.
It was filled with water, grass and some mud.

The two circled the puddle in their midst and Andrea said, "What's wrong now you big mouth! You titty bitch! Just hitting on my husband like that in the shower?"
"And you should keep your hands off my Christof's cock! You just grabbed his pants and got your nipples sucked!"

That was enough of words. The two of them rushed forward and SMACKKKKKKKKK! Rammed together with force. The big natural tits smacked into each other just like their bellies and the two sisters groaned from the force.
Just were 200kg rammed into each other, slipping their feet through the puddle and grabbed each other by the thong and swimsuit.

Andrea's breasts were immediately liberated and the thick udders piled up between them like mountains.
My wife tore at the side of her sister's thong, gave hers a wedgie and threw her into the mud with a hip toss.
The water splashed for meters and Liane's curves trembled at the impact.
She moaned and held her back while the thong disappeared into her labia.
"Well wait you bitch!"
Liane's eyes sparkled with rage, but Anne just kicked her left tit with her foot so hard that my sister-in-law got her own boob on her chin.
SMACKKKKKKKKKK! Dirt splattered and Liane went moaning again to the ground after she had come with difficulty on her knees.
She was already completely covered with watery mud running down her sexy curves.

"Fuck! Are you ok Mausi?" Christof got to his feet and tried to come to his wife's aid.
"Give it a rest Chris. Your wife started all this and now she's going to have to face the music."
He looked at me confused. "She just got kicked in the chest damn it!"

"And it won't be the last....," Andrea said with a grin.
"What did you think? That we'd roll around in the mud for a bit?"

WHAMMM! Liane had suddenly pulled my wife's legs away and Andrea's big ass slapped the mud.
Liane threw herself on top of her, grabbed her hair and wrestled her to the ground.

Both sisters cursed, laughed and moaned as they rolled in the dirt.
"Are you stiff?"
Christof was totally nervous and a little ashamed of his erection.
I looked down and my shorts bulged tremendously as well.

The luscious quasi-naked mud-covered bodies were wrestling with each other, breasts were flying around and buxom asses were quivering.
Andrea had gotten under her sister and moaned as she took several punches to the stomach. She countered by grabbing her sister hard by the tits and thrusting her legs into her stomach.
Andrea had lifted the nearly 100kg and sent it flying through the air. Liane came down on her back with full force and her big G-cup tits trembled for quite a while after the impact.
She got on her knees, wiped dirty strands of hair from her face and grinned at Christof and me.
"Whoo! Exhausting but cool! I wonder what your wife can get off on those boobs?"
She didn't wait for an answer, interlocked her hands and rammed her double fist forcefully into her sister's right tit.
I groaned in excitement as the fist hit the soft breast so hard that my sister-in-law's eyes popped out of their sockets.
She rolled to the side, turning her thick mud-covered ass towards us.
Andrea rolled her further, sat on her back and yanked her up by the chin into a Camel Clutch. Her spine arched and her hanging big udders lifted off and dripped under her.
The property was very remote, but Liane's cries still echoed loudly through the surrounding forest and across the nearby lake.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" They really didn't spare themselves. And as it seemed, my sister-in-law really got some.

Andrea pulled hard on her chin, then wrapped her muddy hair around her right hand and yanked her sister back by the braid.
With that, Andrea had one hand free and boxed around the side of her chest into her heavy left tit.
SMATTTTTTTTTT....SMACKKKKKKKKK..............CLOPPPPPPPPP! Fist after fist thudded sideways into the tit flesh, spraying mud.

Andrea suddenly let go and her sister's rack rammed into the mud, followed by her face.
Liane spit out the mud and tried to clear her eyes. Andrea stood over her and flexed her biceps for us.

SMATTTTTTTTTTTT! "AAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHAAAAAA! A long drawn out scream showed us that something must have happened. Liane had kicked blindly from below and probably hit Andrea's pussy.
Andrea staggered, held her pussy and took heavy slaps in the dangling tits as she bent over...


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Re: Sisters
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2022, 11:54:51 AM »
loved the set up and how they went about it, looking forward to reading more... I am sure these two gonna be a hit
me into wrestling, catfighting, erotic, tagteam, fun , rough tough, all at the same time if possible lol dont matter who win so long its good let me know if ur interested in chatting or more..5'7" 160

BTW it be nice if you can reply to messages


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Re: Sisters
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2022, 01:47:00 PM »
Liane had gained time and got back to her feet. She wiped the dirt from her face and let out a battle cry. My wife quickly found herself in a painful side headlock.
Liane tightened her grip and took my wife's breath away. With her free hand she grabbed the swimsuit and pulled the fabric into a painful wedgie.
She turned Andrea's ass in our direction and we admired the big mud-covered quivering ass cheeks while we saw that the fabric was stretched almost to the breaking point. It parted her labia and squeezed the clitoris painfully.
Andrea screamed and boxed her sister's flanks.
But Liane just laughed, and pulled even harder. Rhythmically, she pulled extra hard every few seconds, and with each new attack on my wife's cleft, she screamed extra loud.
She grew weaker and weaker, and when Liane released her, she staggered and fell down.
"Come on mouse! On your feet! Finish your sister!"
Christof also cheered Liane on:
"Go for her tits! You almost beat her!"
Liane walked up to her bent-over sister and had an easy time trapping her head between her stocky thighs.
Not again! Andrea had just regained enough breath to scream before her head was trapped again.
Her sister was now reaching around her to her dangling muddy tits and soon found the nipples.

Andrea screamed and we could only imagine what was happening. Liane pulled violently on my wife's stiff teats, twisting them and pressing her fingernails into the large areolas.
Andrea screamed louder and louder and desperately grabbed the big ass cheeks of her younger sister. She pulled them apart and suddenly Liane screamed and her entire body stiffened.

Andrea clasped the thighs that held her captive and got to her feet a little, now with her sister on her shoulders.

SMATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!! What an impact! Halfway down, Liane rammed backwards into the mud. Her curves shook and Andrea grabbed her ankles and rolled her in.
Her sister now had her knees almost next to her head and was kicking to get free. But Andrea pressed her into the dirt with her body weight.
Both combatants were very slippery and totally soaked with water, grass and mud.
They gasped and moaned loudly and still there was no clear winner.
SMACKKKKKKKKKKKKK! Liane suddenly closed her meaty thighs and squeezed the neck and head my wife. Her face was pressed into her sister's pussy, which was just turning over on its stomach and dragging Andrea along with it.
You could hear her muffled screams and see what trouble she was in.
She couldn't breathe anymore!

Liane's face was contorted with effort. She was determined to send her sister to the land of dreams with the mixture of pussy smother and thigh choke.
Andrea ran her fingernails over her opponent's body wherever she could grab something.
Liane cried out when her breasts felt the claws and loosened her grip a little. Just enough for Andrea to get free.
The two lay side by side in the dirt, their big tits pointing to the evening sky. They heaved and heaved hard and neither could speak as their lungs burned and they were exhausted.
They looked at each other, turned to each other and grabbed each other's big tits.
Both cried out while they boxed, squeezed and tore at the nipples of their opponent's bosom flesh.
Then their hands found their opponent's pussy and the fight was now on two fronts at once.
Liane and Andrea screamed while they gave their breasts and pussies the greatest torture they were capable of.
They tore at their labia, clawed the insides of their thighs with their fingernails and tore out their pubic hair while their nipples were twisted 360 degrees.
This went on for several minutes and my brother-in-law and I were speechless. If the two continued like this, even the winner would not be able to enjoy her sex with the two of us.

Andrea cried out loudly and when Liane pulled her hand out of her pussy, she held a whole tuft of pubic hair in it.
She laughed out loud hysterically and my wife had to let go of her big tits and held her pubic area. She rolled away and Liane threw her on top of her. She turned the weakened Andrea and forced her onto her back while she sat with her ass on her face.

Andrea resisted, turned her head and tried to throw her sister off. But the weight on her head was too much. SMACKKKKKKKKKKK!

Liane's fists rammed into my wife's big soft belly, giving her the rest. The belly fat shook and Andrea screamed.
Her arms and legs twitched with each impact.
But she simply did not give up. Her face was buried between my sister-in-law's gorgeous ass cheeks and Liane glared at us.
She lifted her ass a little and asked, "Have you had enough?"
Andrea gasped for air and was unable to answer. Completely exhausted, she lay under her sister.

She clenched her fist again, spread Andrea's thighs and pounded her cxnt with full force!
Her body jerked and she convulsed.
But still she did not give up. Liane stood up and grabbed her sister's legs, spreading them wide apart and Andrea's resistance was no more.

"Stop! She's had enough!"
I wanted to stop this last attack on my wife's vagina at all costs.
"Why should I? I want to hear her give up!"
"Andrea! Mouse! You've had enough! Give up!"

But my wife shook her head.
Liane kicked her pussy with her foot. Not once, but five times in a row.
The first scream was still possible, for the next four Andrea lacked the strength.
Her body jerked under the impacts, her big tits wobbled on her chest, but she could not stand against her sister's kicks.
After the fifth kick, she was KO'd on the floor. Her eyes closed, her breathing shallow.
Liane put her foot on her left breast and crushed it under her body weight. No reaction!

Andrea was really KO!
I applauded together with Christof and Liane stormed towards us beaming with joy....