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The story that got me started

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The story that got me started
« on: May 12, 2022, 07:40:00 AM »
Sorry I’ve been quiet for a while; I’ve been busy on other things. That said I am working on five new stories (I have a tendency to multi-task) covering the period from October 2020 to July 2021 and I hope to start posting them soon. In the meantime, I’d like to share this one with you.

I’ve seen a few people posting old stories by other authors on this forum recently. I want to make it clear that the story below is not mine, nor to I have the author’s permission to post it (I have no way of contacting her) but I did want to share it with you. This story originally appeared on back in 2009 around the same time that I was discovering Peggy Tee’s stories and both this and Peggy’s stories had a huge influence on me.

I had been writing stories about the CLAWS league for my own pleasure for several years, but they were basically match reports – no more and no less. The characters were simply fighters and what happened outside the ring didn’t matter. This is the story that really started me writing the ‘proper’ story lines with characters and plots that I have been posting here for the past two years or so. Soon after reading this I wrote the first draft of "the present", my first proper story, and I've been writing on and off over since.

Once again, I have to stress that this isn’t my story but I have taken the liberty of making a few edits and corrections (and anglicised it in the process). I hope that Paula, wherever she is, doesn’t mind. You may notice a similarity between the narrator of this story and my own character in my stories. Certainly, it’s where I got the inspiration for my outfit from. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ellen x

My first wrestling match by Paulabird4

It was a hot summer day as I went to the door as the package was delivered. I quickly took off the brown wrapping paper and opened the box. It was a bathing suit but it wasn't ever going to feel the ocean, the only liquid it would feel would be from my body or my opponent's. I was going to wrestle another woman in it.

I held it up and it appeared to be at least a size too small and was a cut out type suit. I went to the bedroom and opened the door. Taking my jeans off revealing my tiny white panties and tee shirt. I removed my shirt and reached behind unhooking my bra. I stood in the mirror admiring my body. I was 35 but looked, as people told me, 25. My stomach was tight from running and doing tons of crunches in the gym. I knew nothing would hurt my stomach or so I thought at the time. I put my legs into the suit over my panties. It was a python snakeskin print opened at the sides and the front over my stomach. I thought about how it would look to the people around the ring, if there were any.

The night of the big match came quickly. I walked into the door of the gym and to my surprise it was empty, except for the ring in the middle of the largest room. Jim who set up the match, met me at the door.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"Oh, I thought you read the e-mail I sent, we aren't having spectators only the cameras".

I looked up and saw cameras surrounding the ring, from above, looking up and at the sides. There must have been 20 of them. In the back was a large screen.

"Why the screen?"

"It’s for the video we are shooting so we can see what camera to use.”

I was a little leery of the set up but I had already made the commitment.

"Where is my opponent?" I asked.

"Wow you are loaded with questions, aren't you?" he replied. "You can change in the dressing rooms; your opponent is in the one of the left, yours is on the right. Stay there until I come for you".

I opened the door, walked in and began undressing in front of the mirror. I took off my bra and panties and put the suit up over my long legs, adjusting it to fit my breasts and then, bending my head down, put the strap up and over my head. Rubbing my hands, I made small adjustments. I put on my flip flops and waited for the door to be opened. I could hear movement in the room next to me, the creaking of the door letting me know the time was close. I heard a girl’s voice: "What corner?"

Jim must have pointed because I never heard the reply. Finally, the door opened and Jim pointed to the far corner. I immediately saw myself on the screen, my suit far too small for the beach. I looked up and saw a tanned young woman with her hair tied back, stretching and pulling on the ropes. I walked by her corner and she glared down at me and said: "You’re going to wish you wore that bathing suit to swim in".

I ignored the comment and climbed up the steps. The camera lights were already burning my skin. Jim introduced me to the camera. I stepped out put my left hand in the air then moved back to the corner and began to pull on the ropes. I could see who ever was working the camera had it focused on my face and then my body. I turned to watch as my foe was introduced. Her name was Paula, she was 22 and weighed in at 126 pounds which was 3 pounds heavier than me. Her figure was outstanding, her orange and black suit was as skimpy as mine. It was cut high on the hips and low in the front. It was a tiger print and just then I figured it out, it was going to be the tiger versus the python. I didn’t like the sound of that match up but was confident I could handle her.

The referee was a tall redhead wearing a dark blue swimsuit with blond spiked hair with a striped tee shirt over it. She beckoned us over and, as we both moved to the centre of the ring, she told me to put my hands out and spread my legs wide. Then she moved behind me and began to run her hands up and down my sides before sliding her hands inside my bra, her hand grabbing each one of my breasts. My nipples hardened even more from the touch of her palms. Then she pulled the back of my suit. I could see on the screen her eyes viewing my ass; she ran her fingers on the outside of my suit feeling my cheeks and down the crack of my butt, finally dipping between my thighs at my crotch. I went wild as my legs were spread apart and her fingers searched, pushing the suit inside me looking for illegal weapons. I took a deep breath, shutting my eyes imagining who was watching on closed circuit tv. I could see she liked it as she looked me in the eyes.

"Maybe we'll have our own match later" she whispered.

I could have gone back to my corner but didn't. I stood there watching my opponent get the same treatment from the redhead, watching her shut her eyes when the refs hand hit the spot between her legs. I could feel myself getting moist watching the lesbian enjoying a feel of my opponent’s crotch area. Finally, I turned and headed to my corner and pulled on the ropes. I could see on the screen the camera focusing in on my opponent’s tiger covered ass and long tan legs. I turned and leaned back in the corner; the screen switched to the blue suited referee. She motioned us to come to the centre and said in a loud voice: "wrestle."

My heart jumped as I move toward the centre of the ring opposite my foe. My left hand was extended watching her eyes and legs. Suddenly we both locked up at the same time. Our bare feet pushing on the mat each trying to force the other backwards. My face was on her shoulder my right hand around her neck as hers was mine. I tried to put my left leg around her right to trip her but it was I who was off balance and was quickly locked in a side headlock.

For the first time I felt her power as she leaned back and put all she had into crushing my head. My mouth opened and an involuntary scream left my lips. I dropped to one knee my left hand going to her elbow my other to her hands trying to unclasp them. I got to my feet my body still bent at the waist. She yelled: "Come on bitch let's go for a little walk", taking me around the ring then suddenly sticking out her right hip and pulling me over her body to the mat her body following mine and landing on top of me still holding on to the headlock. Now I was on my back looking up at the lights, the left cup of her bra pressed against my mouth.

I pounded my feet and hands on the mat, squirming trying to find a way out, but the more I moved the more pressure she put me under. She rolled on top of me, covering my mouth and nose with her breasts. I pushed my feet down hard on the mat. Finally, with all my strength, I managed to free my head enough to breathe.

I went to grab a handful of hair but the ref grabbed my hand and pulled it away. I reached up with my left hand and cupped it under her chin pushing back quickly; at the same time raising up my left leg and wrapping it up and over her head and attempted to pull it down.

She was stronger than I thought and, as her head went back, my head went with her body as she continued with the headlock. I was being bent in two and if I didn’t get her head back I was finished. I took my right hand and rammed it low into her stomach. Her hands immediately left my head and went to the injured region low on her suit. My legs clamed together and I had her head trapped between my thighs. I got the satisfaction of her screaming as my ankles tightened, her feet pounding the mat and her hands frantically working at my thighs trying to pull them apart.

She rolled to her side as I leaned back on one arm watching her headless body struggle on the mat. I was getting excited knowing her mouth was just inches away from the strip of cloth between my legs. I could feel her breath between my legs coming in tiny gasps as the head scissors was having its desired effect. She began to turn and go to her knees, her head still stuck between my thighs, the top of her head touching the mat. I screamed trying to put more pressure on her.

"Do you give?" the redhead asked.

“Nooooo!" came the muffled reply.

Paula put one leg over my body, straddling it with her legs, then began to pull back, her ass coming close to my face. I managed to hold on, grabbing her left foot and trying to twist it, but lost my grip on her head and she slid out, her ass dropping on my face and smashing my nose. I was stunned as she escaped and rolled to my side holding my face.

Tears rushed to my eyes as I felt my left leg being picked up and wrapped around hers as she pushed down on my ankle. I still held my nose as she pushed my foot down toward my head then took my hands pushing on my leg trying to get it back. My ass lifted off the mat as my shoulders were pinned. I felt the ref drop to her stomach as she reached under my shoulders and hit the mat.


I quickly lifted my shoulders off the mat, then felt the pain run through my leg from my foot to my brain as the girl was bending my toes backwards.

"Stop!" I screamed as she continued to twist and torture them. I lifted my other foot, trying to kick out at her, but she knocked it away with her leg and, as it fell, put her foot on my ankle. Now she was spreading me while still working on my toes. The pain ran though my legs to my crotch which was now spread wide. I could see the camera focusing in on the zebra stripe than ran between my legs the cloth of my suit struggling to cover what it was intended to cover.

"Do you give?", the ref asked.

"Noooooo!" I replied but as the word came out, she spread my legs farther and my screams filled the gym, my arms slapping the mat in pain. The ref asked me again.

"Yeeessssssssssssss!" I screamed but she continued to twist at my toes torturing them. Finally, with a kick to my crotch, she dropped my leg. The first fall was over.

I lay on the mat in the foetal position my hands between my legs. I could see my opponent's hand being raised up by the referee.

"Paula wins the first fall with a leg split submission in 10 minutes 14 seconds".

I got up slowly and headed to my corner. My foot ached from the toe twisting I endured at the end. I could see the camera closing in on my ass now marred with stains from the mat. I put my head down on the turnbuckle and waited for the bell to ring again. I looked over at Paula and could see the smile on her face, more of a smirk. The smirk said: "You are too easy; you should learn to wrestle". I made up my mind: "It’s not going to be that easy this fall bitch".

The bell rang and I move cautiously out of the corner, now aware of the strength my foe possessed. I went to the centre circling slowly opposite of my opponent, keeping my left leg back knowing she would go for it if she could. Slowly, like a minute hand, we moved around the mat, eyes intent, knowing our only purpose was doing damage to the others body.

She came in, going for my foot, but I instinctively knew the move was coming as she went for it. I grabbed her hair, lifting her head up and, for an instant, her body was vulnerable. As she continued her momentum, I ran my knee hard into her stomach. I hoped the camera heard the audible gasp as air and saliva flew from her mouth and lungs. She quickly dropped to her knees holding her stomach, her eyes open wide as her brain tried to figure out what happened. I could see the fear in those eyes as I grabbed a handful of her hair and slowly brought her to her feet. Taking my right arm and putting it around the back of her neck, the other dipping between her legs grabbing the suit over her ass, I then lifted her high in the air. I could see the camera following her body as it slammed into the mat, bounced up and then back down, her tits jiggling under her bra as if slow motion. She grabbed her back, rolling to her side. Once again I picked her up, whispering in her ear: "You should never should have pissed me off bitch."

I raised her up, grabbing more of her suit and hearing a seam rip, and slammed her into the mat again. She was stunned and, as she sat up, I quickly got behind her and put my arm under her chin and squeezed. My face pressed on the back of her head, I could smell the shampoo she used before the match.

The ref quickly came in and said: "It's a choke, break it up.” I could see she favoured Paula.

I raised my arms releasing the hold and slammed my knee into the middle of her back. Grabbing the hold again but this time not going under her chin, instead I put one arm across her mouth and the other over her forehead and eyes. Her nose was poking out from between them, her mouth sucking on my arm trying to get precious air back into her lungs and my forearm doing all it could to prevent it.

I could see on the big screen her eyes shut tightly, her head captured, her hands trying to pull my arm off her mouth. I could see the camera going down between her kicking legs, honing in on the orange and black strip of her suit between them, the outline of her pussy clearly visible in her tight suit, small hairs of her bush peeking out from under it. I twisted her head hard to the side; her feet pounded the mat as her arms flailed in the air, hoping it would help her some way. I was getting excited knowing I was in charge, my nipples pushed harder on the cups that held them captive. A heat began to grow between my legs.

The camera as well as the lesbian ref was enjoying the view of my helpless victim's cleavage as one of her nipples came close to coming over the top of her bra. The brown of her areola was clearly visible, the nipple still tucked on the inside of the orange and black cup. I shook her head again trying to force her tit out but it only did the opposite and put her orb back in its proper place. I could see the look of disappointment on the ref's face as she went back to observing if the suit down below was covering what it was supposed to.

Suddenly I saw her hand come up over her head, grabbing my hair. I tried to resist but couldn't and, before I knew it, I was flying over her shoulder to the mat. I hit hard but managed to get to my feet before she did. I grabbed her around the shoulders and head from the front and pushed her back into the corner. Our breasts smashed together. Once again, the ref came in and told me to break.

I moved back and slapped her hard across the face. Moving back in, pinning her in the corner this time before I moved back, I slammed my fist deep into her lower stomach, then did it again lower than the first. The power of the blow was audible in the quiet gym and I wondered how much of it was picked up by the audio. (Later I was told you could hear every grunt and groan and every whisper and movement of our feet as we fought during the match for submission).

I grabbed her head and, rolling back, pulled her with me. She catapulted over me to the mat where she lay spread out, her hands going to her lower midsection, easy prey for the next hold I intended on putting her in. I moved to her head, putting a knee on each shoulder, my ass over her face and pulled her hands from the spot they were trying to protect. I showed the camera my hand as it made the form of a claw then slammed it into her lower stomach. I could feel her suit rip slightly and what was under it come together as one as my fingers closed.

Her scream filled the arena, as the top camera zoomed in on her face then back to her stomach. As my hand dug deeper, the far camera caught the action through her legs focusing on the spot her suit began to rip at the inside of her left thigh. The blue bathing suit of the referee flashed before my eyes, now lying next to the face under my ass.

Pointing her finger at my opponent she said: "Do you submit?"

She shook her head between my thighs, unable to say no. I squeezed with all my might and with my left hand I grabbed her leg as it flew in the air and pulled it back. Keeping the claw on her stomach I actually lifted her off the mat continuing to squeezing the suit. As I was still pulling back, almost doubling her up, my ass landed on the side of her face. She screamed but it was muffled by my ass. I could feel the tears and sweat flowing down her face to my thighs.

"Yes Yeeeeessssssss"

"Yes what?" I yelled at her.


I released the hold and she rolled to her side. As I walked back to my corner, I put my bare foot across her face and mouth.

"You're not as tough as you thought bitch"

The second fall was over and my hand was raised in victory but now it was time for the third and deciding fall.

I walked to my corner, tired and wanting just to go out and have a drink but it wasn't to be. Jim came over.

"We got a slight problem; Paula's suit is ripped and she doesn’t have anything under it. She wants to finish the match but will have to do it topless, wearing only the panties she brought with her, and she won't do it unless you do. I'll pay an extra hundred if you do".

I thought about it, I have danced in bars so thought ‘what the hell, and $300 instead of $200 is worth it.

“OK I'll do it.” I said.

"Good, go to the dressing room and change".

I climbed down the steps. Paula was already in her dressing room awaiting word on whether the match would go on. I opened the door and looked in the mirror. I was shocked about how much punishment my body had taken. Bruises appeared where I didn't know I was touched. My hair was wild from the pulling and tugging during the match. I removed my suit, tossing it in the corner. The only places that didn't have scratches were where the suit protected me.

I took my panties out, they were black with white polka dots, cut high on the hips and well below my navel. I turned to look at the back, they showed my ass nicely and were just as nice in front as they dipped between my legs. I opened the door and once again headed to the mat, my 34c breasts looking impressive on the camera. A camera man was adjusting one of them and said: "Nice"

I ignored him and walked to the steps and up into the ring. I looked at the mat, small pools of water formed from sweat and who knows what else. The huge screen showed my body as I began to stretch then turned and pulled on the ropes. I could see the ref climb back in the ring, she too had changed into tight red latex panties and she too was topless her small milky white breasts nipples taught turned me on. As I watched her, I kept thinking to myself, "this must have been planned".

Finally my opponent once again climbed between the ropes. Her tanned body was truly impressive without the suit, her breasts stood straight and firm, a sign of her youth. Her legs were even longer than they looked before. She had on shear tiny yellow panties, showing the dark bush that guarded her pussy and the crack of her tight ass. The bell rang and the ref yelled: "wrestle!”

I moved out of the corner slowly, now we both knew what the other was capable of and move opposite each other warily, keeping eyes on each other’s eyes, hands and legs. This was going to be a battle. She came at me quickly with her left leg trying to reach my stomach but I blocked it with my arm, trying a kick of my own but it missed its mark.

"This isn't kick boxing", the ref yelled "wrestle ladies.”

Immediately she lunged for me and I held my ground locking up with her. I could smell the sweat from us both. My hands gripped her neck, which was wet with perspiration, my hand slipping then grabbing on again.  Our breasts pressed together nipple to nipple, as I struggled using my power against hers. I got her back on the ropes, then we turned she had my back to the ropes; finally with all my strength I turned her again and had her in the corner pressing my body against her.

"Break!” Shouted the ref.

I put my hand on her chin forcing her head back as she bent back over the ropes and slammed my forearms across her tits hard, smashing them into pancakes then back again. Her eyes went wide as both her hands went to her chest as she turned into the corner. I grabbed the back of her panties pulling her back then turned her, locking on a headlock and flipping her quickly over my hip to the mat hard.

I turned putting all my weight on her face, now without a bra I smashed my left breast on her face completely covering her mouth and nose. I sat up pulling her head up with me, suddenly I felt her hand snake around over my shoulder and under my chin. Immediately I knew I made a mistake as I saw the shadow of her right leg moving on the mat as it lifted in the air catching me under the chin and pulling back. Now I knew what it felt like as my head for the first time was being squeezed between another woman's thighs.

My eyes opened and focused on the crack between her cheeks covered by her skimpy panties. I tried to pull my head out but to no avail. Whenever I put my hands on the back of her thighs, she would squeeze even harder and I would give out an audible gasp my legs failing on the mat.

After a few times of that I knew better than to attempt it again. I felt her hands go to my hair her legs opening slightly then pulling my head firmly against her pussy. I couldn't believe it as my face rubbed on the nylon of her panties, my nose pressing even more into her ass. I closed my eyes and thought I'm really not here, but more pressure on my head told me differently. My hands went to her sides, one under her and one over. The pressure was still on but when she got comfortable, I made my move quickly, rolling my body, my legs moving and reaching for her head and before she knew it she was trapped between my thighs.

Two women, half naked trapped between the others thighs I wondered what it looked like on the camera but her legs put so much pressure on my face I couldn't open my eyes. We began to try to get the advantage, moving back and forth and shaking each other’s heads violently with our legs. She was on top, then me, as we rolled around the ring in our sixty-nine position, trying to get the other to give up the hold.

My ankles and feet began to burn from the pressure. Sweat beaded on my forehead, pressed against her panties. In the ten minutes I could not get my head any farther away than I started. I smelled sweat and the other odours coming from under the material as I knew she was mine. I tried one last time lifting up, putting all I could into squeezing her into submission, but did not hear her cry out.

As I tried to increase the power in my legs she did even more, putting more pressure on my face as it was being pressed further into her crotch my head and her ass becoming one. I shut my eyes hoping this nightmare would end. The red headed ref came over and tapped my shoulder:

"Since you both seem to be getting nowhere do you want to each release the hold?”

I nodded shaking my head as best I could I'm sure she could see the top of my head move. Evidently, I could feel her face inside my thighs telling me she did too as the red head touched my leg and said: "release the hold"

I slowly opened my legs, as did my opponent. I started to move away from her thighs when suddenly my hair was grabbed and I was pulled back into my fleshy prison between her shapely legs. I hardly had time to breathe before once again my opponents’ limbs began to grind away on my head. I looked though my half-shut eyes as they looked at the ref, pleading to be released but it was to no avail as the ref moved away leaving the hold applied again with more power than I ever could imagine. I kicked out frantically but my legs were captured by my foe's arms and held against her tits. My tits were rubbing on my opponent’s hard stomach as my hands frantically slapped against her ass spit running down my mouth to her legs. Every time my hand hit her the legs tightened even more like a boa constrictor and a mouse. Moisture from my quickening breaths wet the panties and her thighs, my nose pushing the material into the crevasse between her cheeks. I couldn't take anymore I waved my hands frantically but instead of releasing the hold she rolled me onto my back then moved her legs somewhat pinning my head between her ass and the mat her legs on my shoulders. Grabbing my legs which she managed to hold on to tucked one under her arm pit then the other. Her legs moved apart more on my arms as my legs kicked wildly in the air.

My fingers dug into her thighs but that was a mistake as immediately she pulled my legs further down; my feet almost even with my head and, grabbing both wrists with her hands, pulled them up. Her legs spreading farther on my arms, forcing my face to be, once again, one with her shapely ass. I tried to take small breaths but they became little more than gasps, taking in tiny bits of air from between her legs and crotch. She pulled my arms up higher causing pain on my shoulders. I wanted to scream but the material in my mouth prevented it. Then I blacked out.

The rest I learned from watching the video after I recovered in the dressing room as I watched the DVD of the match. As I began to pull my head from between her legs the referee grabbed my hair and pushed my head back between Paula's thighs. After 4 minutes which seemed like forever she moved and I saw myself being laid on my back, her legs releasing the scissors, putting her legs on my shoulders and moving on top of me, the brown of my wet hair sticking out between the stained yellow of her panties and the heels of her feet; a position no woman wants to find herself. I felt embarrassed as I watched the video and watched my legs waving helplessly in the air. As she pulled back, my toes touched the mat and my legs quit fighting. I succumbed to the hold and my movements ceased, my hands and arms went limp.

Finally, after what seemed like hours Paula released my legs and moved off my body. My hair was soaked to my face as my arms and legs were spread wide, my face completely reddened. The camera zoomed in on my body moving from spot to spot, from my face to my toes, panning slowly letting nothing escape its roving eye. Then it moved to the centre of the ring Paula's foot on my face and her hand being raised. The referee announcing in 12 minutes she had won the match with an "octopus hold". I later found out the octopus hold was one that she was paid extra for if she could execute it on her opponent.

The ref came over and lifted my semi-conscious body up off the mat then taking my arm, putting one hand on my shoulder, whipped me toward the ropes. In ultra-slow motion it showed my tits hitting the ropes, smashing them, then as I fell backwards appeared as jello shaking on a dish as I hit the mat. Still in slow motion the video showed them tossing me over the ropes; the last thing I saw was the back of my black panties and feet as they disappeared over the top rope and hitting the edge of the ring. The red head grabbed my opponent and kissed her hard on the lips her hands running up and down her body, then climbing down the steps walked hand in hand back to the dressing room.

I knew this was not the way to end my wrestling career. As soon as I left the dressing room and arrived home, I picked up the phone. "Kathy, I need your help"...this was the end of the beginning.

This story originally appeared in three parts on Seaking’s site but I’ve combined it into one here. As you can see, there is the promise of a sequel. Sadly, I have never seen another story by Paulabird4 but if anyone knows of any I’ve missed, please let me know, I’d love to read them.

(P.S. I have seen some stories by someone called paulabird8 that appeared more recently but they’re not really the same style and not as engaging, to be honest I found some of them a little too graphic for my taste, so I don’t know if it’s the same author or just someone trying to emulate her.)


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Re: The story that got me started
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Great story. Gritty…realistic…intense. It makes for superb reading. Kudos to you, love.
Love all, trust few, do wrong to none......except in the ring.