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DIRTY GIRLS; PythonLegs vs. Bobbi

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DIRTY GIRLS; PythonLegs vs. Bobbi
« on: May 15, 2022, 04:50:30 PM »
Back in February I fought against a super sexy white girl named, Bobbi.  It was one of the hottest matches I ever had here.  She has a figure that makes me want have sex with her as often as I can.  And she also like dirty fighting, especially when her black opponent is working her over, but GOOD!  I hope you enjoy this totally one-sided, Dirty fight! 

February 27 11:03 AM Simone: I am 5'6" tall, weigh around 125 or so, and I have very firm B cup breasts, and legs that can crack a coconut.  I want to fight you nude, topless, or in a bra and thong, and I want to be your DIRTY GIRL!  ????   What do YOU DESIRE?!? 

Bobbi: Nude. Prostyle. Really rough and dirty match.

Simone: YOU GOT IT!  Do you have a venue you want to use, i.e., a ring, mats, or even a steel cage (which could be locked so no one can interfere)?

Bobbi: Just us in a ring

Simone: And finally, are there any watchers?  And I would prefer no supervision from a ref, just fight until someone passes out or surrenders unconditionally, which means the loser is the winner’s bitch.

Bobbi: No. Just us 

Simone: GREAT!  Then we just meet at an underground ring and strip naked. 

Simone: Here we go . . .
I couldn't stop thinking, all day about my match with you this evening.  You are a little older, and teeny bit bigger, but I am lightning quick and use that to my advantage as best I can.  After checking in with the owner of the gym (a personal friend of mine), I get the keys from him and I tell him that I will lock up when we are done.  I strip down to nothing, and I look fit and ready for you, when you arrive. 

Bobbi: Walking out to meet you. 5ft4 145 34D. “Ready to lose Hon?”  I tease as I see that sexy dark body.” 

Simone: As soon as you enter the gym, I lock the door behind you and pull the curtains so NOONE will disturb us.  I can't take my eyes off of you as you walk to the ring.  Your cockiness makes you all the sexier, but I am confident that I can beat you soundly and then work you over until you are my bitch. 
"WELL THEN, . . ." I pause for effect, "COME ON, . . . BITCH!"  I then take a few running steps and using the ropes I catapult myself over the top rope and then wiggle my finger towards you, beckoning you to come at me.  "I am going to teach you a lesson!" 

Bobbi Wrestles: I slip under the bottom rope behind you. “Hope you do teach me a lesson Hon. Let's do this!”   

Simone: I raise my hands and wiggle my fingers, daring you to interlock your fingers with mine, while slowly advancing.  My arms now extended to just within your reach, and there is a huge smile on my face. 

Bobbi: I walk to you. Reaching up I lock fingers with you.   

Simone: My right hand interlocks with your left hand, but at the last second, I slap downwards on the top of your hand and then pull back my left, and then send an open-handed slap at your right cheek.  "AHA BITCH!" 

Bobbi: “Awwwww!”  My head snaps to the side from the slap. I stagger back a few steps. My cheek on fire!!

Simone: "ALL'S FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR, BABY!"  I taunt as my slap turns your cheek!  You take a couple of steps back as I quickly lunge at you now, bending at the waist as I try to wrap my right hand around your waist and pull your torso towards me.  My left hand goes straight for you crotch and I attempt to stick my index and middle fingers up your moist slit!  "MMMMMMM! You are really WET!" 


Simone: I am surprised at how easily I have gained the early advantage, and I am also getting very wet from fingering your pussy!  I try to continue my advantage as I now put my shoulder into your belly and start trying push you like a bulldozer back into the ropes where I hope to really work over your unbelievably sexy body!  "WHO IS GOING TO BE WHOM'S BITCH?!?!?  I taunt.  "I OWN YOUR WHITE ASS!"  As I say that my right hand now grabs your firm and shapely right butt cheek, nails trying to dig into it! 

Bobbi: Driven back to the ropes as you continue to finger fuck me deep!  I moan out, “NOOOO! NOOOO!”, but I desire more punishment from you.

Simone: (GAWD THIS IS HOT!)  I now push you into the corner ropes, next to the turnbuckle, as I push you back into the ropes, you lose your footing and bounce off the ropes and come towards me.  I extend a leg and clasp my hands together as I trip you with my leg and then slam my doubled fist into the small of your back. 

Bobbi: “WOOOAAA!” I bounce off the ropes then trip over your leg as your doubled hands slam. “OOOOOF!” I drop to the mat. 

Simone: You sprawl in front of me face first and skid a bit, coming to a stop, spread eagle, face down.  "I OWN YOUR PATHETIC WHITE ASS, cxnt!"  I then flop onto your back and reach my arms underneath you until you feel my thumbs, index, and middle fingers pinching down tightly on your now fully engorged nipples!  "SCREAM FOR ME, MY WHITE BITCH!", I DEMAND. And after pinching down tightly onto both nipples, I roll under you, your body now on top of mine as I now twist your nipples back and forth as hard as I am able.  "GET READY TO KISS MY PUSSY NEXT, WHORE!"

Bobbi: “AIEEEEEEE! AIEEEEEEE! FUCKKKKK! FUCKKKKK! MY TITS! OH, GAWD MY TITS!  LET GO! LET GO!  I scream as you work on my hard nipples; mercilessly twisting and yanking on them!!! 

Simone: I really start working your nipples now.  The pain must be agonizing as I also start tugging your nipples in different directions.  "WHO'S MY LITTLE WHITE BITCH?!  . . . WHO'S YOUR DADDY, YOU WORTHLESS cxnt?!?"  After working your nipples for a good 5 minutes I finally roll hard to the side and into a kneeling position, form which I stood up.  "IT AINT OVER YET, HONEY!" I THEN LIFT YOU INTO A KNEELING POSITION BY PULLING YOUR NIPPLES UPWARDS!  Then I raise my left hand up behind my ear and throw and open palmed round-hose slap to your cheek!  “*SMACK!!!*”

Bobbi: I am now screaming as you grab my nipples and twist (as in the Pic you posted) “LET GOOOOO MY TITTTTTSSSSS SHITTTTTT OMFG!”  KICKING AND SCREAMING!  “LET GOOOOO LET GOOOOO!!!!

Simone: A big smile breaks out on my face.  You helplessly try to remove my hands and fingers, which now are locked onto your completely engorged, damaged nipples, as if you enjoyed the agonizing pain radiating though your nipples, into your breasts right now!  I am confident, now, that you are my BITCH.  And I start rising, while still pinching and now twisting your nipples from side to side.  I get to my knees and extend my legs as I rise first to my knees and then to my feet.  All the while I am working your nipples, mercilessly.  "You are now my white BITCH, Bobbi!  . . . I own your shapely white ass.  And I demand you surrender to me now, so that you may satisfy my LUST for you as you EAT MY PUSSY!"  Yanking you by your nipples I get you up onto your knees and I then step over your shoulders and immediately squeeze your head into my shaved, wet and sweaty pussy!  "Bon a' petit!"  I then release your nipples as I close my thighs around your head!    "MMMMMMMM!!!"  (I truly wish that you were really eating my pussy right now as I start moaning in DELIGHT!)  “EAT THAT PUSSY, BITCH!  OH, MY GAWD!”

Bobbi: (I'd eat that all day Hon. You would be BEGGING me to stop!)

Simone: (In that case)  I do not even complete the sentence before you mouth opens wide and your tongue enthusiastically takes a tour of my sweaty, moist pussy!  It laps at my fully engorged clit, as you now start sucking and blowing, capturing my fun zone over and over and alternately licking it HARD!  THIS, DRIVES ME WILD, with delight!  I squeeze your head a few times to let you know who is in charge and then open my legs wide and start FUCKING YOUR FACE!    I use your nose to grind my clit against as I rock back and forth, over and over, getting myself into a frenzy!  "OH, MY GAWD!  EAT THAT PUSSY, WHITE BITCH!  EAT ME UNTIL . . . " Soon I can no longer put a sentence together as all I can do is grind your face until I cum all over it!  “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!”

Bobbi: I wrap my arms around your hips and pull you tighter and I eat as you cum on my face. “Mmmmmmmm!”

Simone: After a vigorous FACE FUCK you make me cum in a large orgasmic SPURT!  A loud scream is followed by a period where even though my mouth is open wide, I am unable to utter anything more than a high pitched, low volume SCREAM!  It seems as if my orgasm will never stop!  But it finally does.  You continue to lick my pussy and suck my engorged clit all through my incredible orgasm, licking me clean in the process.  You then demand MORE!  After I regain my strength, I lay back and grab your hair, and pull your head between my legs again as you practically dive into my pussy, FACE FIRST!   All I need do is lay back and you are licking my cxnt like it’s your last meal! 

(OMG!  I LOVE YOU, BOBBI!  So HOT and SEXY, and accommodating!) 
I can lick any woman in the place!  ;)



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Re: DIRTY GIRLS; PythonLegs vs. Bobbi
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2022, 02:50:18 PM »
Very sexy