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QOTB 22 RD 1 King vs Khan

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QOTB 22 RD 1 King vs Khan
« on: May 16, 2022, 06:35:33 PM »

Hunter King vs Chloe Khan

Most of the crowd for this fight didn't come to see a famous celebrity, instead they came mainly out of curiosity about two (relative) unknowns. Hunter King had begun to earn a reputation as an up can coming beach battler and bettors couldn't help but notice her athletic 5’5 frame and absolutely stacked bust.

Chloe Khan was also participating inter first QOTB tournament match coming from the ever competitive UK scene
Despite her long career in front of the camera, the 31 year old Khan looked unexpectedly jittery getting to the ring and almost tripped over the bottom rope entering it. Not surprising, given this is her first tournament match although rumors of an on set or two) have circulated of Khans serious catfighting credentials

Rd 1 Chlore suprisingly pushing Hunter around as King has trouble with her footing in the soft sand, falling several times as she tries to elude Chloe’s grasping hands plucking at her suit. Twice Charlie manages to pull down Hunters top, exposing her tanned breasts, both time King reflexively covers them with her hands, leaving her belly exposed for Chloe to target with punches, kicks, knees. But then Chloe backs off and gives Hunter time to adjust her suit, blushing furiously as she does. It's all play for Chloe King who quickly realizes she can do pretty much anything she wants to the overwhelmed blonde who looks totally lost in the ring.

Rd 2 more of the Brit bullying the younger American, adding some playful spanks that land with a SMACK on jiggling buttocks (sounding anything BUT 'playful'). After wrestling Hunter down, Khan unties the blondes top, forcing her to attempt to wrestle with one hand holding her top in place, the other slapping helplessly at Khan's fingers plucking at her fleshy bosom like a baby bird with a worm. By the end of round two, Hunter's face blushing bright red, her cheeks streaked with tears of humiliation as Chloe wraps her in a bearhug, trapping her hands between their chests, At the bell, when Khan finally releases her, Hunter stumbles to her corner and falls onto her stool, then bursts into tears, sobbing on the shoulder of her sister Joey King.
Hunter proves she's simply too young, too naive, too inexperienced - and not anywhere close to being in the condition she has be in if she wants to compete with the likes of Chloe Khan...not to mention the top tier women like Upton, Goodwin Daddario, Mckinney et. al.
Winner: Chloe Khan, Rd 2, TKO, Submission (Hunter King quits on her stool)