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QOTB 22 RD 1 Pinder vs Trump

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QOTB 22 RD 1 Pinder vs Trump
« on: June 28, 2022, 05:37:42 PM »

In a sport and show full of controversy Ivanka Trump found herself if anything the “Queen” of controversy. Reviled by a majority of fans adored by some Ivanka was no sideshow. Her wealth had provided her training and god (which maybe some help) provided her dangerous curves. Standing a reputed 5’11 Ivanka was of the tournaments largest competitors and made a stunning debut earlier in the year smothering Katy Perry after humbling the pop stars rack.

Lucy Pinder while 2 years younger than Ivanka had spent nearly 2 decades on the beach and was finding herself clearly in the late parts of her career. Pinder suffered a catastrophic defeat at the hands err tits of 2017 QOTB Winner Alice Goodwin. Lucy largely disappeared from the circuit but was making her grand return drawing the big blond Heiress.

Rd 1 Trump used her suprising agility and fitness to run circles around buxom Brit babe Pinder. Ivanka used Pinder H-cups like they were speedbags in her gym workout, punching the left once with each fist, then moving to the right and giving that one a couple of quick smacks, then whirling away before Lucy could set herself to punch back. In and out, left and right, circle and punch quickly, then retreat and repeat. By the end of the first round, the 2 year younger Binder was sucking air while the 40 yr old Trump was just catching her second wind.

Rd 2 and Ivanka was right back in Pinders grill, whiplashing her whoppers like she was chastising a couple of bad puppies for peeing on the carpet. Ivanka kept popping puppy and grinning as Lucys defense was being shredded and her pursuit grew slower and slower until she ended the round just standing in the middle of the ring trying to turn as Trump danced around her tormenting her titties.

Rd 3 opened with Lucy unleashing a wild attack, throwing everything but the kitchen sink into an all-out, last ditch offensive that produced... a sweaty cleavage and little else. After she'd punched herself out, she slumped with her arms hanging limp at her sides, chest heaving, with no hope and no plan as to what to do next. Trump just bounced around her slapping Kelly's big breasts and making them dance. At the final bell, Pinder was bright red, her face flushed, her eyes moist with tears and her expression one of abject defeat.

The fans weren't happy however. They'd come to see action and Ivanka - in their opinion - hadn't delivered the show they thought they'd paid for. Boos rained down on Trump as the foregone conclusion of her victory was announced and her face showed her disappointment at their reaction. Her next opponent AOC would be sure suffer for these fans insolence.

Winner Ivanka Trump 3-0


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Re: QOTB 22 RD 1 Pinder vs Trump
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2022, 03:44:49 PM »
As much as it pains me to say it I’m very much looking forward to trump v aoc if it goes the way I think it will ????