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Looking for a story by fightForIt

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Looking for a story by fightForIt
« on: August 31, 2022, 02:00:12 AM »
Hello everyone. I'm looking for the sequel to "Class Reunion - Cool vs Uncool" by fightForIt. I posted the first story below. The second story has a fight between Dean's ex-girlfriends Lena and Scarlett. It would have been posted on FreeCatfights in late 2021 or early 2022. Thanks. Here's the first story:

class reunion - cool vs. uncool
by fightForIt
August 10, 2021

Dean has been waiting for Lena and Scarlett for ten minutes. Together they will go to the class reunion, but already he doesn't want to. In his school days, his class was never really a community. There were the "cool" students, and the "uncool" students. Dean had a nice circle of friends with Scarlett and Lena and other former classmates, but he still missed the feeling of being a united class, as it was in the parallel classes. He disliked the cool students and avoided contact with them. His circle of friends within the class also avoided contact for the same reason. With such a divisive class, a class reunion seemed rather pointless to him. Nevertheless, he let himself be persuaded to come along because Scarlett insisted. Maybe the "cool ones" have changed in character, Scarlett thought. That might be possible, after all, their school days were several years ago.

He didn't believe he would go to one of these reunions. Just as he wouldn't have believed two years ago that Lena and Scarlett would meet with him at the same time without hitting on each other. There was an argument a few years ago that led to the breakup of their friendship.
They both wanted Dean to be their friend. They could not agree and so they settled it in a fight. Lena had won at that time and was with Dean for a year. Both of them had focused too much on their studies and thus neglected the relationship. After the breakup, Lena became friends with Scarlett again, and the two have been best friends ever since. A relationship even developed between Scarlett and Dean a few months later, which Lena tolerated. Scarlett had fought for me several times in the relationship, and won it with her strong body. But after our relationship was almost half a year old, Scarlett lost me to Sophie, a woman from Scarlett's sports club. Scarlett's defeat was a little over a year ago.

Dean had no contact with Lena for a long time; he is still good friends with Scarlett. Of course, Dean checked on Lena's relationship status before this date. Lena, like Scarlett herself, is single. One reason he agreed to the reunion is that he hopes something will develop between him and Lena again, if only for one night. But Scarlett also seems to be interested in him again, at least that's how he interprets her ambiguous messages that Scarlett sends him. Maybe she wants to thank him in the evening with a fuck for accompanying her to the class reunion.

After a few minutes he sees Lena and Scarlett walking towards him. Lena looks impressive. She was already sexy three years ago, but has been able to get a lot more out of herself in recent years.

Her straight blonde hair reaches her shoulders. She wears her hair loose and laid back. But what stands out, as always, is her massive body. Lena is not a fat woman, yet she has a massive body. Lena wears a sleeveless t-shirt to show off her strong arms, which don't look muscular but have won many arm wrestling competitions. She grew up on the farm and pitched in from the beginning, which led to her tremendous strength. His gaze moves from Lena's arms to her chest. The T-shirt isn't particularly tight, yet Lena's breasts stretch the T-shirt in his direction. His ex-girlfriend has enormously plump breasts, much larger than Scarlett's. Lena has already used her breasts in the fight against Scarlett to defeat her. These two weapons are among the reasons why Lena has won all of her fights.

Scarlett, as always, looks fantastic as well. She wears her long black hair loose. She is also wearing a belly top and skimpy jeans. Scarlett also has every right to wear this skimpy outfit. Her body is well-toned. He knows from her that Scarlett goes to workout at least 6 times a week, Scarlett is a machine. That was also the reason why he expected Scarlett to win the fight against Lena. But Lena was able to prevail better with her fighting experience and hard punches to defeat Scarlett. But Scarlett also told him that she had locked Lena into some holds that almost made her give up. He would have loved to be at the fight to see Scarlett struggle against her best friend, but the way she told it, Lena's victory wasn't as dominant as usual. Scarlett's body looks strong as always, her leg muscles can't be ignored. He feels a stirring in his pants as he imagines the two women fighting.

Lena smiles at him and greets him with a hug. "Nice to see you again," she says and continues to hold him. Hopefully she doesn't sense his erection.

He feels Lena's hand slide down his back and then grab his ass tightly. Wow. Lena has no inhibitions about expressing her interest to him in the first few seconds. Lena lets go of Dean, Dean is still surprised by the ass grab, which Lena likes judging by her smile. If all goes well, he might end up in bed with the blonde again tonight. The next moment Scarlett hugs him, but she doesn't directly try to make him horny. She probably hasn't seen Lena's grabber, because if she had, Scarlett would certainly have shown him her interest as well. After all, Scarlett has been writing him messages for weeks that can clearly be interpreted as flirting attempts.

Scarlett says "thanks for coming along today".

"I hope it won't be too bad," Dean replies.

Together, the three make their way to the reunion, which is being held at the home of a former classmate.

Dean opens the gate and enters the front yard with Lena and Scarlett. He walks along the small path that leads to the terrace. To his left is a large green space.
Most of the former classmates who have announced themselves are already there.  He is not particularly surprised by how most of them have changed externally, after all, you get to see how everyone changes on Instagram.
Katie greets all of them warmly.  Dean has always found Katie attractive. The brunette wears shoulder-length curly hair, which really suits her. She's wearing a white blouse and short jeans with it today. As fantastic as Katie looks, her character is difficult. She used to be one of the "cool ones" in class and the confidence she took from that is still evident today.Dean had also talked to her from time to time when she was in school, Katie was still the most pleasant cool student, but he always felt that Katie was just playing her niceness.  That hasn't changed either.

Then Katie's best friend Skye comes along. Dean feels the same way about her. Skye looks good with her brunette hair and quirky bangs, but her niceness feels played. As Katie's friend, Skye was also bound to be one of the "cool ones." Skye greets everyone with a hug and asks them to sit right next to her at the big table.
Dean looks around; already seated at the large table are all those he had previously counted among the cool students as well. Maybe it's easier to talk to them now.  He's about to find out, because Katie is looking to talk to them directly.

They sit down and Lena, Scarlett and Dean talk to the Skye and Katie. It's about general things, the work, the boyfriend and so on. The conversation is going well, but then it turns into a dialogue because Lena and Skye have the same interest in studying psychology.

Lena is pleasantly surprised to be able to talk to Skye about psychology, previously she had always held a grudge against Skye, but she seems to have become nicer. Skye seems genuinely interested. Lena has already heard that Skye was not admitted to this program because of her grade point average, but Lena was. Lena therefore tells Skye about the contents of the study program.

"Your study program sounds so great," Skye says after a few minutes.

 Skye goes on to say "too bad they admitted you and not me, I deserved it more".

"Excuse me?", Lena worked so hard for her degree to get admitted into the psychology program, and Skye degrades her like that in front of her former class? This comment surprises Lena, Skye seemed to have been nice until now, but apparently she hasn't changed.

"I worked hard for my grade point average".

Skye says "Are you saying I didn't?".

"Apparently not hard enough," Lena provokes her.

Skye slaps Lena in anger and says "You must think you're better than me". This quickly escalates.

Lena gets up from her chair. She grabs Skye and throws her on the ground.

"Hey bitch," immediately Katie gets up from her chair and charges at Lena. She punches Lena in the face.

Lena staggers backwards slightly. She watches Katie help Skye back to her feet.

"It looks like there's going to be a fight today. We're going to beat some respect for us into you," Skye says, and she joins Katie in walking out onto the large grassy area in front of the house.

Lena follows the two of them. If Katie and Skye want a fight, they shall have it. She faces the two of them. It is difficult to fight two women at the same time. The two have fighting experience, but from what Lena has heard, Skye is not much of a threat. However, Lena has to be wary of Katie. She is a strong opponent, but still beatable for Lena.

Katie and Skye seem to be in collusion. A few seconds later, Skye walks up to Lena. Lena smiles and says "Is Katie sending you ahead because she's too scared of me?".

"I asked her to beat you up by herself first so I can teach you a lesson in person".

Skye walks up to Lena with her fists raised and punches her in the face, and follows it up with two punches to the stomach.

Lena just smiles at Skye and says "You've had years to train, and that's the best you can give me?".

Lena grabs Skye and kicks her several times in the stomach. After that Lena punches her bent opponent in the face and Skye falls to the ground. Now Katie comes into play. Katie and Lena approach each other and Katie wants to strike, but Lena blocks the punch with her arm. The blonde then wants to strike herself, but this punch is blocked by Katie. Katie then raises her knee and rams it into Lena's vagina. The blonde staggers back and has to take several punches in the face from Katie, which seem to have more effect than the punches from Skye. Katie now focuses on Lena's big belly and lands several hard punches. Katie literally punches the air out of Lena. Lena is taking a lot of punches, and slowly she should fight back if she doesn't want to lose. No sooner thought, Lena fights back and in turn rams her knee into Katie's vagina. Katie moans, but a few seconds later finds herself in a hail of blows to the head.Katie can't fight back and takes punches until Lena takes her down to the grass with a powerful kick.

Lena takes a breath and her two rivals are down on the ground. As expected, Skye is really no challenge. Katie on the other hand could land a lot of good punches, she could still threaten Lena's victory, but Lena won't give up her upper hand so quickly. Meanwhile Skye is back on her feet and runs to Katie. She lifts her friend up and they both start to confer again. No matter what tactics the two come up with, Lena will still win.

Dean is curious to see what tactics the two will use in the fight this time. Again Skye steps forward from the two. She raises her fists and beckons Lena to her. Lena apparently sees no threat in Skye and casually walks up to her. Lena stands in front of Skye, but she does not strike. Lena herself doesn't lift a finger either and so the two just face each other. But after a few seconds this becomes too stupid for Lena and she wants to strike, but Skye ducks and gets behind Lena. She jumps on the blonde's back and puts her arm around Lena's neck and starts to choke her.

After Skye executes her hold on Lena, Katie moves in on the blonde and again smashes fists mercilessly into Lena's face and stomach. Lena has problems to fight back because of the low air supply and in general because of the ballast. She can't do anything at the moment but take the blows. She tries to tug on Skye's arms, but with a punch to Lena's face, Katie gets her to stop again. After half a minute of punches, Lena then drops to one knee. She looks forward and sees her chance to break free. She punches Katie's vagina and her rival puts her hands to her cxnt and moans. Lena takes advantage of the brief moment and tugs on Skye's arms. Lena is able to catch her breath, but Skye is still tightly clinging to her. Lena manages to get up. She drops backwards and Skye has to endure not only the fall on the grass but also Lena's massive body that is now on top of her.

Lena takes another breath but can barely recover as Katie is already charging at the blonde again. Katie lands a few punches to Lena's face, then Lena is able to get Katie on her back and sits on top of her. Katie tries to get free, but once Lena sits on her rival, there is no escape, that Dean knows from the many fights he has already seen from Lena. Lena starts to punch Katie alternately with her left and right fist. Katie grabs Lena's breasts and somehow tries to stop Lena from hitting her further. But Dean's ex-girlfriend is not dissuaded, she enjoys finally being able to punch Katie. After a multitude of blows, Lena stops her offensive. Katie lies woozy on the floor, still trying to hurt Lena with her hands on Lena's breasts, but Lena just smiles it away. She grabs Katie's hands and throws them on the grass.

"So you bitch want my boobs so bad? Then you shall have them".

Lena takes off her tank top and shows her black bra, which can barely hold Lena's breasts. She puts the straps off her shoulders and then undoes the bra clasp. Lena throws away her bra and presents her plump pair of tits to Dean and her former classmates. Dean already knows what is going to happen now. Lena loves to finish the fight with a tit smother. She grabs Katie's wrists and presses them on the grass. "Good night," Lena smiles at Katie and puts her breasts on her rival's face. Katie moans, desperately trying to free herself. After a few seconds under Lena's breasts, Katie is able to free herself, but only thanks to the help of Skye, who has again put her arm around Lena's neck and forced her to let go of Katie.

Skye lies on her back and chokes Lena with all her might. But the blonde grabs Skye's arms and with a lot of strength is able to release Skye's arms from her neck. Lena headbutts her opponent with the back of her head. Skye screams and Lena rolls away from Skye.

Lena's performance in this fight against both women is incredible. Lena's victory is far from assured as Katie is already back on her knees and about to get back up. Lena seems to be still fit, yet she will surely be already weakened by the fight. It remains exciting to see whether Lena will still win this fight.

Lena is meanwhile back on her feet. She looks at Skye, who is trying to get up again. But she doesn't want to take on the two of them again at the same time. She kicks Skye in the face and the brunette slumps to the ground again.

Lena puts her hair back and looks at Katie. The brunette is back on her feet and already raising her fists.

"Let's finish the fight," Katie shouts.

Lena smiles. Katie really believes that she will still win this fight. She walks up to her rival and punches Katie's face. Katie is still standing and hits back. They both grab each other's hair with one hand and start punching each other. Punch after punch hail into the faces of the two.

Dean can't see who is going to win this slugfest. He knows that Lena can take a lot of punches, but maybe Lena is already so battered that Katie can get the upper hand.

Lena continues to beat Katie mercilessly, hoping that her opponent will give up soon. Katie is doing better than expected, but her punches are getting weaker. Katie's punches are getting slower, losing punching power. Lena continues to pound fists into Katie's face until Katie stops punching and Lena continues to pound her opponent without resistance. Lena shows no mercy even on the nearly unconscious Katie and continues to land punches to Katie's face until the blonde grabs Katie and throws her against the nearby terrace pole.

"Skye tried to save you from my breasts yet, but you can't escape from me," Lena smiles at Katie.

The blonde presses her breasts into Katie's face and holds onto the pole.

Katie wriggles around and still tries to free herself with punches on Lena's back, but no chance.

"You're being ridiculous, Katie. Accept your defeat now", says Lena.

Katie's movements become weaker and weaker, Lena continues to press her breasts into Katie's face.

Katie weakens more and more until her arms fall and she shows no more movement.

Lena waits a few more seconds until she releases Katie's face from her tits and throws her unconscious rival onto the grass. Katie is defeated. Lena just has to defeat Skye, but she hasn't even managed to get back up in that time. Skye is on all fours trying to get back to her feet. Lena has to smile at the sight of Skye. Just a few minutes ago, Skye was claiming that she deserved to take Lena's course of study more than Lena did. Skye was conceited and thought she could blame that on Lena without consequence. And now Skye is weakly down, her defeat inevitable. Lena humiliated her in front of the entire class.

Lena grabs Skye under the arms and lifts her back to her feet. She throws Skye to the same pole where she defeated Katie. Lena is going to punish Skye for her arrogance. She punches Skye in the face several times. Skye moans with each punch, which in turn makes Lena smile. Lena then launches a combination of punches to Skye's stomach. Lena puts extra force into the last punch and the brunette starts coughing. Lena grabs Skye's head and smashes it against the pole. Then Lena follows up with two more hard punches to Skye's face.

Skye's eyes are still minimally open. Lena has completely humiliated and degraded her. But even with such a bitch like Skye Lena still feels pity, it's time to finish the fight. She makes Skye's head sink into her breasts. Skye resists, but Lena almost doesn't feel her weak movements. It doesn't take long for Skye to lose consciousness as well. Lena throws Skye onto the grass next to Katie.

Lena goes back to the grassy area and grabs her bra and top. Still topless, she walks over to Dean and smiles at him. "Did you like his fight?" she asks.

"You were fantastic," he replies.

Lena says "I think they both deserved their lesson".

Lena gets dressed again and sits down at the table. The other former classmates still seem shocked by the fight so far. They probably didn't expect a fight today any more than Dean did.

Lena says "sit back down." Lena has gained respect from this fight, everyone goes back to the table and sits down.

Dean looks at Katie and Skye who are lying unconscious next to the house. Then he looks at Lena. His dick would be stiff now if it wasn't already.
His ex-girlfriend has proven her dominance in this fight again.

"No one will ever be able to defeat me," Lena says.

"Are you still undefeated?", I ask.

"Yes of course, I have accepted every challenge to fight and I have never lost either," says Lena.

Dean thought that Lena might have faced too big a challenge in the last few years, but apparently Lena is the too big challenge. Incredibly, Lena has never been defeated. He knows she's had at least 80 fights. A hot record.

An hour has passed since Lena beat up Katie and Skye. Dean hears Katie moaning behind him. He turns around and sees Katie holding her head. They haven't given Dean and his ex-girlfriends a glance and have moved to the other end of the table to talk to the cool part of the class. Lena and her friends probably won't hear another word from these two for the rest of the evening.

Another hour has gone by, but after that fight, the mood is weird and the reunion feels as pointless as Dean expected. He suggests the two of them leave now since nothing is going to happen here.

The three of them stand up. Lena stands in front of the big table and says "We're leaving, we have to go back to work tomorrow".

"Ridiculous," Poppy tries to stifle a laugh.

Lena says "what's your problem?".

"What you guys are doing is not work. I'm self-employed, I have my own penthouse. You and Dean are studying, I can really see you guys being lazy students. That's not work what you're doing. And Scarlett is training to be a ballet dancer or something? She is the most pathetic of the three of you".

It seems Poppy was listening as they talked about what they do.

Scarlett says "Shut up. Who pays the rent your penthouse? Your parents. You couldn't have started your own business without their money. You get everything shoved up your ass by them and you call that work?".

 "How are you talking to me bitch?" - Poppy stands up and faces Scarlett.

Scarlett says "I think we should settle this in a fight".

Poppy turns to the class and says "Hey guys, seems like there is another fight today, the stupid cxnt challenged me".

Slowly everyone gets up and gathers on the grassy area. Dean walks up to Scarlett and ask "are you really going to fight Poppy now?".

"Oh yes, you heard how she insulted all of us. She hasn't changed in all these years, she's still as cocky as ever. It's time for some punches in the face".   

The two women walk to the center of the grassy area, and everyone else stands back to the side.

"It's hard to fight in that dress," Poppy unzips her dress and stands in front of Scarlett dressed only in a bra and thong. Even though Poppy just insulted Dean, he still gets horny at the look of Poppy. This woman has kept herself fit. Poppy's body looks toned and her abs are also impressive. Her straight black dyed hair reaches down to her chest. Poppy has plump breasts. These could not compete with Lena's huge breasts, but they would be superior to Scarlett's. She smiles confidently at Scarlett.

"Well Scarlett, do you dare to show your body here?".

Scarlett takes off her pants. Then she gets rid of her top so that she is only wearing a black bra and thong. Scarlett has a strong body and Dean loves her body. However, she still exudes a lot of femininity.

Dean wants to enjoy this fight, so he puts aside his grudge against Poppy for a moment and looks forward to what the two ladies have to offer.

Scarlett puts her hair back again and looks focused at Poppy. Scarlett raises her fists as Poppy does. She runs at Poppy, looking to strike, but Poppy ducks away. Poppy, on the other hand, lands a clean hook to the chin, Scarlett staggers backwards and immediately follows up with a punch to the face, followed by a kick to the vagina. Scarlett grabs her thong and falls to her knees. Poppy's attack has done it's job.

Scarlett looks up and has to endure Poppy's sardonic grin. "I fight regularly, you have no idea who you've gotten yourself into," Poppy says.

Scarlett takes advantage of the pause and pushes Poppy away from her. She athletically rolls backward and gets back to her feet.This is where Scarlett's dance training pays off. Scarlett raises her fists again, Poppy does the same.  They run in circles facing each other until Scarlett approaches Poppy again and punches her twice in the face before the black haired girl can fight back with a kick, Poppy rams her fist into Scarlett's face and then punches her in the stomach, but she seems to hurt herself on Scarlett's trained stomach.

"AHHH," Poppy moans and holds her fist. Scarlett smiles, her hard training is paying off. Scarlett takes the opportunity to strike back, Poppy counters with a slap with her other hand. The previous fight, which consisted mainly of punches, turns into the catfight. The two grab each other's hair and give each other face slaps with their other hand. For half a minute they slap their opponent's cheeks red, then the two part ways again.

Scarlett takes a breath, those slaps just had to be, she hates Poppy so much for her comment, it had to come out. But Scarlett will not be satisfied until Poppy is defeated.Now Scarlett has to recover from this short intense barrage of bells.  Poppy fights better than Scarlett thought. She knows how to move and could land good punches, but Scarlett's muscles and fighting experience will carry her to victory, she is convinced.

Dean watches as the two are far apart, waiting for the others to attack. Then Scarlett runs towards Poppy, Poppy does the same and both sprint towards each other. What are the two up to?

Just before the two collide, Scarlett ducks slightly and is able to grab Poppy around the chest and lift her up. She continues running with Poppy ahead and lets the black-haired girl's body hit the wall of the wooden hut. Poppy screams and subsequently takes three knee strikes to her vagina. Scarlett turns Poppy to face the wall. She grabs her rival's head and rams it against the wall several times. Poppy moans and Dean notices Scarlett smiling as she does so, but a little later Poppy lands her elbow in Scarlett's face, managing to get free.

Poppy takes a brief moment to recover. When she turns back around, Scarlett is still slightly woozy on her feet. Poppy sees this as her opportunity and wants to strike, but an athletic bridge allows Scarlett to avoid the blow. Poppy moves forward a few feet due to the momentum. As she turns back around, Scarlett lands a dropkick on her and Poppy flies to the ground. The two don't take a break and get back up, they run at each other and at the last moment Scarlett goes for a cartwheel and her foot lands in Poppy's face. While Scarlett stands with her legs gracefully on the grass again, Poppy falls back-first on the ground.
Scarlett's fighting style has greatly improved with her dance training. Her athletic actions are very awesome and effective.

Scarlett doesn't waste any time and sits on Poppy and punches mercilessly, but after only a few punches Poppy throws Scarlett off again.Poppy crawls right up to Scarlett and sits on her rival's trained body, now throwing a few punches herself.  Scarlett grabs Poppy's hands fairly quickly and they both get caught in a catball. They roll across the grass, their hands interlocking, creating a showdown.This is going to be exciting to watch.

Scarlett really works out a lot, but Poppy has a considerable body as well. The humiliation for the loser will be even greater than usual because of their trained bodies. They lie sideways opposite each other and look into each other's eyes. Scarlett has to make an effort to gain the upper hand.From this position, it's difficult to use her strength, plus Poppy offers good resistance.  Neither woman gives in, but then Poppy manages to swing on top of Scarlett and is now sitting on top of her. She tries to fix Scarlett's hands on the ground, if she manages to do that, Scarlett has lost the test of strength.

 Despite her effort, Poppy doesn't miss the chance to smile dirty at Scarlett. "I'm better than you" she moans into Scarlett's face. They both continue to tense their muscles and their arms are already shaking slightly, but then Poppy has to give in and Scarlett gets Poppy off of her. Scarlett sits on her rival and now tries to fix her hands on the grass. Poppy doesn't surrender without a fight and again offers Scarlett strong resistance despite her weak moment a few seconds ago.

Dean can see Scarlett's motivation. She doesn't want to embarrass herself in front of her former class. She presses Poppy's hands down and manages to pin Poppy to the ground. Win! Scarlett has shown Poppy who is stronger. She sits on Poppy's body and alternately punches left and right into Poppy's face. Poppy has to take the consequences of her weakness. Scarlett lands a flurry of punches until Poppy uses her legs to throw Scarlett off of her. Scarlett quickly gets back up. Poppy, on the other hand, takes longer to get back up after those punches.

Scarlett shakes her arms and relaxes her muscles again after this exhausting test of strength. She was able to prevail against this bitch, showing her former class how strong she is. Scarlett is happy at this moment that her years of hard training paid off. Winning this showdown was already the first humiliation she could give Poppy in front of her former classmates. Poppy, one of the cool ones in the class, humiliated. This feels so good.

Poppy is on her knees first, but Scarlett gives her time to get back on her feet, Poppy won't last much longer anyway. Poppy puts her hair back down. She looks at Scarlett and undoes her bra clasp. She takes off her bra and throws it away, smiling at Scarlett. Poppy apparently wants a tit fight, but Scarlett won't go for that. The fight is going well for Scarlett so far, she's not letting this victory get away from her. As much as she hates Poppy, Scarlett must admit that she would lose to Poppy's boobs. Because of this, Scarlett charges at Poppy again, but on the punch, Poppy is able to dodge and get Scarlett behind her. She quickly takes Scarlett's bra off and turns her towards her to clutch Scarlett and make her suffer under her breasts.

Dean wants Scarlett to win, but he still likes the look of Poppy making Scarlett suffer with her massive breasts. Poppy smiles dirty at Scarlett and says "you can't win against me". Scarlett is hopelessly at the mercy of Poppy's breasts.

"Give up," Poppy says.


Scarlett is certainly not going to give up this fight. Poppy squeezes even harder, causing Scarlett to scream.

"GIVE UP", Poppy gets angry, but Scarlett continues to endure the torture. Scarlett has an incredibly strong will, Dean doesn't think Poppy can make Scarlett give up. Poppy lets her rival suffer for another half minute, then she lets Scarlett go, Scarlett falls to the ground exhausted. Poppy also has to take a breath.

Scarlett can get up again, but still feels the pain in her upper body.  That's enough, this fight will end now. Poppy smiles at her again. Oh how she hates Poppy, such a fucking bitch. She walks up to Poppy and they both engage in the final battle.

They each land punches and kicks. Scarlett can land good hits, but has to take a lot herself. Poppy is not easy to bring down. After a flurry of punches, Poppy manages to get Scarlett to the hut wall. Here Poppy again lands hard punches to Scarlett's face. Scarlett hears one half of the class chanting "Poppy", the other half is for Scarlett. Scarlett kicks Poppy away from her and lands one, two, three punches to Poppy's head, sending the black-haired girl crashing to the ground. Scarlett sits Poppy down and slams her head into the grass several times.

Then Scarlett turns Poppy on her back and puts her hands on Poppy's neck. It's time to finish this fight. Poppy immediately grabs Scarlett's arms and tries to get her hands off Poppy's neck. Scarlett feels Poppy trying to break free with her strong arms. But Scarlett trains at least as much as Poppy and can counter her a lot. Poppy recognizably uses her remaining energy, but no chance, Scarlett is too strong. She keeps choking and hears Poppy desperately gasping for air. Poppy's eyes begin to flutter. Scarlett hears her rival gasp. Scarlett soon reaches her goal. She continues to squeeze, no one can take away her victory now. Poppy's resistance is getting weaker and weaker, Scarlett is only seconds away from her victory.  Scarlett continues to squeeze the windpipe and sees Poppy's face turning red. This bitch has too much will to win, but it won't do her any good now. Scarlett continues to squeeze until Poppy's arms fall to the floor. Scarlett has done it, Poppy is unconscious. Scarlett has defeated her in front of her entire former class.

She gets back up and enjoys her victory. Most of the crowd here was apparently for Poppy. Scarlett, however, doesn't need applause to know how much impact today's victories leave. In the past, Poppy, Katie, and Skye and so on were among the cool students. Whom these women did not like were also ignored at school.

Usually this behavior ends when they leave school and everyone goes their own way, but this class still lived by that pattern. Scarlett proved to everyone today that those days are over. She won't be ignored anymore.

Dean is excited. This fight was great and Scarlett the deserved winner. He has never seen Scarlett win a fight by choking. She usually goes for her brutal leg scissors or knocks her opponent unconscious. Scarlett must really hate Poppy. Meanwhile, Scarlett is getting dressed again. "Let's go. The reunion is over," she says to Dean. It's really time to leave the reunion, as he already suspected, this event didn't end harmoniously.

Dean hears Scarlett recording a voice note on her way to the bus stop, and it's not hard to guess to whom it goes. "You should beg your daddy to pay for a fighting class sometime, you pathetic whore".

Dean has never seen Scarlett so aggressive, in Poppy she has truly found a mortal enemy.

"How did you like the fight?" asks Scarlett.

"Very good, there was incredible how you incorporate dance and acrobatics in the fight, very hot".

"Yes the dancing made me progress, since then I also win more fights", Scarlett says.

"How many more fights do you do?"

Scarlett casually replies "At least once a week".

"You should fight Sophie again with your skills, I'm sure you would win this time".

"I don't know, thats chapter is actually closed for me, but maybe I'll reconsider".

Dean immediately feels a strong movement in his pants. Sophie is Scarlett's archenemy, Scarlett could never defeat Sophie.... Scarlett hated Sophie as much as Poppy hates her now.

"You really need to tell me about your other fights".

"I'd love to, be prepared for hot and long tales," Scarlett replies.

But then Lena also joins the conversation, "And what did you think of my fight?".

"Impressive how you took on two opponents at once".

"Skye wasn't really a challenge, Katie was a good challenge, but it was clear in advance that I was going to win," Lena replies.

Dean talks with both of them during the bus ride to the train station about the fights they've had lately. As it seems both are in top shape and have won all their fights, believable after their performance today.

After half an hour Dean is with the two at the train station where they part ways.

Dean says "that was an interesting reunion today".

"That's true, but I never could like most of the women in our class anyway, it felt good to finally kick their asses," Lena says.

Scarlett says "And especially Poppy, oh how I hate Poppy. She's such a conceited bitch. I don't think she will change, but she will think twice about insulting me next time".

Then Lena smiles at Dean "Hey, if you want we can both celebrate my victory tonight if you understand".

Scarlett adds "Hey, I delivered an incredible and very hot fight today. If any woman deserves to be fucked tonight it's me".

Surprised by the situation, Dean doesn't get a word out. Both of his ex-girlfriends want him tonight, and it seems he has to choose.

Who should he choose: Lena, who defeated Katie and Skye in dominant fashion and buried them in her breasts, or Scarlett, who got a hard-fought victory against strong competitor Poppy?


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Re: Looking for a story by fightForIt
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Who should he choose ?
Both of them !


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Re: Looking for a story by fightForIt
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Who should he choose ?
Both of them !

Because this is a catfight site

I do remember the sequel existing but don't know how to find it

Unfortunately fightForIt's post have been deleted from the site. I'm hoping someone might have saved it and will re-post. I remember the sequel picked up after the first story ended. Lena wins the fight and throws a badly beaten Scarlett out while Dean looks on. Hope someone has it and will post it here.
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